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Can't fix stupid.

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"alleges ,"claims"
We don't have any substantial evidence but we want to search for unknown evidence that we have no proof

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So how's that technology(lack of privacy) everyone worships working out?

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Patrick says

I hope can be a place for anonymous but civil dialogue between people of all opinions.

I'll take on this challenge.

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Why would anyone play any lottery when they can become rich in the stock market?
One can lose a dollar or two,with self control,to the lottery.
How much have people lost in the market?
There are only winners!

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Any President can pardon anyone.

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Any President can pardon anyone.
Does that eliminate civil suits?

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"In the United States, a pardon can only be granted by an Executive of the government. In the case of the Federal government, that means the President of the United States, and in fact, the President's right to pardon individuals is denoted explicitly in the U.S. Constitution. However, for offenses against the state, the right of Presidential pardon does not apply. In these cases, the power of pardon rests with the Governor. To get a pardon in a particular state, you will generally need to receive a Governor's pardon. However, in some states, the Governor's wishes may not be sufficient to earn a pardon. Depending on the state, an agency like the parole board may be in charge of pardons, and may decide pardons independently or in conjunction with the governor."
State charges against Arpaio can't be pardoned by Trump?
Democratic Governors can pardon anyone that commits a crime against Republicans?
What's the saying about a snowball & a hill?
What's the saying about "What goes around?
What's the saying about Karma?

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Rew says

—Mueller on Flynn and Manafort

I waiting for Mueller on Trump & family.
How many state crimes might be uncovered in Blue states that won't pardon any of the convicted?

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TwoScoopsMcGee says

Sheriff of a State bordering with a 99% Latino country, and he aggressively turns back illegal immigrants from that country. Horrible!

Any Republicans employ any illegals?

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Ability to make things look real?

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Will you mark this as uncivil?
Clinton has not been found guilty of the rape of anyone.
How can you allow anyone to post this crap against a past POTUS?
If you want a civil site you need to step up.

"Broaddrick is one of many women who come forward with tales of the former democratic President making untoward advances, and worse, to her."

Got any evidence? Hidden agenda?

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BlueSardine says

"Civil" might be easier to implement than it appears.

Build up a database of words and phrases that will be automatically deleted from posts.

Simple code, simple to implement. simple to add to with a little button on your end to add highlighted words/phrases to the database.

ie: "you lilttle shit", "your mother", "your father", "fuck", "shit", "bitch", "bastard", "nig**r".


What would "your mother", "your father", think about your desire for infringement of free speech
prior to any words being posted.

Patrick says

I hope can be a place for anonymous but civil dialogue between people of all opinions.

@ comment #2

How can Patrick allow this?
Not nice
The posters handle even has an unnecessary word.
Allowing banning & clicking uncivil & yet people get away with this language.
Horrible! Horrible! Horrible!
Such an uncivil site!

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Tenpoundbass says

People want to buy a house,

Those with mortgages are dependent.
Cash or sleep on the streets.

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North Vietnam kicked America out of the South with their tails tucked between their legs.
N.V.-Great military powerhouse.

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Trump-Emperor for Life.

Stone just painted a big red target on his forehead? "would be endangering their own life".
The Tree of Liberty could use some water from the blood of those dying.

"Both sides are heavily armed... There would be violence on both sides."
None on the Right would be harmed,Ten feet tall & bullet proof.

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SpecialSnowflake says

Stop it: you'll go blind and hair will grow on your palms.

Doctors medical description of Patnetters.

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Everyone knows how "Those" people are.
The Alt-Right must not know of his ancestry.

Quigley says

Hell, I'm married to one!

What did your bride marry?

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Strategist says

All conflicts end up hurting innocent people with no exception. But it's only the USA that gets cursed and called murderers.

Is that right Dan?

That's what murderers get called.
What some other country does, does not wipe the slate clean for American murderers.

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" However, the President cannot pardon a state criminal offense."

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mell says

TwoScoopsMcGee says

Latino/Hispanic is not a race.

Any more than Anglic or Anglophone is a race.


Then the right is not racist. They are bigots?
": a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (such as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance"-

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Any Presidency can end.
One can never know by what means.
Some are more extreme than others.
The simplest is resignation.
Another is Boycotting all Republican businesses.
Shuttered Rep/Con/Nazi businesses would demand his removal.
There are other ways.
None are impossible.
Waiting on Mueller.

Fucking White Male says

owning guns

There are a few reasons in history for certain people not owning or having access to guns.
John Wilkes Booth.Lee Harvey Oswald,Charles J. Guiteau, Leon Czolgosz,John Hinckley Jr.
John F. Schrank
The Right to keep & bear arms trumps all American lives.
Collateral damage is just an unimportant detail.

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Who cares about Sanders? He ran as a Democrat.
Democrats lost!
Hell! Their greater numbers gave us Trump.
Now that crap is confusing!

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TwoScoopsMcGee says

HEY YOU says

" However, the President cannot pardon a state criminal offense."

Arpaio was charged in Federal Court for disobeying the demands of a judge to stop profiling people based on their ethnicity, disregarding the fact that most illegals came over the border from the country Arizona borders on.

Interestingly, Bill Clinton like Obama, pardoned many FALN members for no good reason.Hardly a peep was heard from the same people pulling their hair out over Arpaio.

The freedom fighter excuse falls flat when you realize Puerto Rico has had several referendums and has always voted for the status quo on Independence. It's not like violence was the only recourse because the US Government wasn't allowing a vote.

And of course, Bill Clinton pardoned numerous bank fraud and other White Collar Criminals, like Marc Rich, the only connection seeming to be big donations to...

No disagreement here.

Are there state crimes that can be brought against Arpaio?
Accepting a pardon is an acceptance of guilt.
Bring on the civil suits!
Cost Arpaio & the county taxpayers.

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PHAT Chicks are fine with me.

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Bernie was dumb enough to run as a Democrat.
Hillary declared herself Empress so she would do anything to grab the golden ring.

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6 people incapable of critical thinking but in absolute control of Right Wing ideology.

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This is why coal fired cars are inevitable and the last hope for energy independence!

SILENCE! The Great Oracle speaketh!
A man should not laugh so hard at his own jokes.
Life can be great if one has a sense of humor
if only to laugh at one's self.

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WorkInProgress says

You need help.

Yes I do! Boycotting all Republicans.
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To parapharse Sam Kinison:
We have flood plains in America but you don't have to live there,ASSHOLES!

What's the future economic effect after if it rains as much as predicted?
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Those that hate have to be met with violence,
or Boycotting them & their ilk.

Fuck the U.K. & their Monarchy.
America don't play that!
Emperor Trump won't be around long?

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How much outsourced imports have Trump & his family's business brought into America from China at the cost of American jobs?
How much imported crap have Republican labor bought in the last 8 months?

We need to declare a national Emergency!
Republicans are in the midst of a Hypocrisy epidemic.

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errc says

It's because they have nothing positive to support on their side.

It's Obama's fault!
It's Hillary's fault!
It's the Left's fault!
It's Antifa's fault!
It's LBGTQ's fault!
It's abortionists' fault!
It's brown peoples' fault!

Still sounds like nothing to me.

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Trump is monitoring the situation!

!Dan8267 says

One one hand we have hard-core peer reviewed science showing tens of thousands of independent lines of evidence that man-made climate change is real and that severe storms and flooding are some of the results of climate change.

We'll be having none that on Patnet.
How dare you upset deniers!

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Dan8257: "It's just bad economics."
If it doesn't have a dollar value,it doesn't matter.

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Just got off the phone with Putin,he said they hacked the election but no one would find the evidence,Dumb Americans!

" Do you also believe The Inquirer that Trump is an alien unfrozen from area 51."

Definitely a different life form.
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TwoScoopsMcGee says
You mean pepper sprayed, knocked down and beaten with sticks by multiple people, etc?

Go ahead Rep/Con/Nazi's piss-off the left.
You might find out that they will only tolerate so much of your stupid crap.
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Terminators already exist in numbers.It's called the GOP.
They will allow a few of their own to terminate American Democracy.
From this point forward the new phrase is "American Fascism" courtesy of Rep/Con/Nazis.