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For some here,you do know that Hillary & Barack aren't the President.

I believe in political correctness,The Republicans & Democrats are fucking idiots.
Sounds politically correct to me.
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justme says
@HEY_YOU, you are randomly getting singled out for posting a bad thread with no reference that nobody can understand unless they know the topic already. You can do so much better, I know you can!

Several points:
I don't give a shit!
I've always been my own asshole.
I've followed a different drummer but kicked his ass,I didn't like the beat.
I'm amazed others before you caught on. Critical thinkers? I think not!

The best way to improve Patnet is ban Republicans & Democrats.

I tried taking myself seriously.It didn't work out. A man needs to know his limitations.
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Life's good for me! Anyone that doesn't agree with me is an idiot & should forced to spend the balance of their lives on Patnet.
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Women,Blacks,Illegals,Muslims/ISIS,The Poor have never held a majority in govt.
Every problem America has is on the Useless,Stupid,White Male Republicans & Democrats.
Ds & Rs are FREE! to place the blame on someone else.
America's great because Americans have the Right to Die Dumb. This should be the First Amendment.
Rs & Ds have nothing,so sit there & STFU.

Einstein,Suck My Dick!
Doing the same thing over & over is not insane.It's fucking RETARDED.
There are mentally handicapped,here,that are riding on the ignorance wagon.
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I'm investing $4.00 in the market. It will hit 30,000 before Christmas.
Merry Christmas to me. I will have so much fiat currency.

When an economy financializes the most important human need,water,could there be a problem in the future?
Running out of ways to turn a quick buck?
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Ceffer says
Mommy, Mommy, can I be a sanctimonious consequencor when I grow up, pronouncing dark judgment on everybody else on the internet and pissing on them from a lofty perch as if I am above it all?

Some of us are already there.
Thank you! Thank you very much!
HEY YOU just left the building!
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Fuck Kelly! A lifetime of living off the taxpayers dime & still enjoying his govt. dole.
Yes.I read his history.
Someone get Kelly a crying towel!
The mother can leave any call on speaker phone. She can choose to let anyone hear all or part of any conversation.Stupid has to say stupid things. It's about an American not about a stupid president & his ilk.
President Retard & Socialist Kelly left an American soldier in limbo for 48 hours.
How many days did it take to talk to a Black serviceman's mother?
Did the White servicemen's families get a response earlier? The answer might prove Racism.
Did Retard tell the mother that he would use all the power of the U.S. to find her son,the moment he went missing? Was he killed at the same time as the whites,or left to die later?
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Another thread that can be blown apart by any beginner troll.
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I can use some after being fucked by Republicans.
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"But the real problem in this nation is the dictatorial illiteracy that has allowed modern presidents to commandeer far too much power."

As intended by Democrat & Republican voters,they could have stopped this?
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Kelly talks about women being sacred & works with a pussy grabber.
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re. 7
Republicans "really don't do themselves any favors by having the "leaders" they have."

White Trash gotta elect White Trash.
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Kelly tell us about the sacred RAPES in the Military.
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"Fox News was forced to run a correction last night: "

and admit they are liars.
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WookieMan says
Lot's of people have bad opinions though.

Today's trolling lesson for all Patnetters,pay attention:

So that's your opinion.Wonder if the other 11,157 registered users think that your opinion is bad.

WookieMan says
It's points like this where many active users here just drag it down into the gutter.

Any Patnetter that's not in the sewer should be banned for life. I'm sick of all the snowflake gutter residents.
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jazz_music says
For starters, get your priorities in order. As long as Americans are more inclined to be offended over the fate of a Confederate statue rather than the government’s blatant disregard for the Constitution and human rights, then the status quo will remain.

How dare you expect critical thinking from redneck white trash. lol

TwoScoopsMcGee says
The first and only comment at the article.

"Globalist will have nukes used to end the current world order."
Can one start something they can't stop?
Why do Americans buy imports from the global economy (Trump & his Republican ilk)?
Fuckers need to DIE from radiation burns.
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Iraq has WMD BS by Bush,Republicans & FOX.
Evil,Liars or both?
Stupid Republicans swallowed!
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Trump was correct about being too politically correct.

The death of Kelly's son kept him from living a Socialist life on the backs of taxpayers like his father.
Fools need to DIE when they invade the wrong country.
Saudis "drove" the planes on 9/11.

Stupid Republicans like being slapped in the face with their dumminess.
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CBOEtrader says
TDS is strong in HEY YOU

Thanks for the compliment! HEY YOU is Too Damn Smart!
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Only 9 down votes!
You snowflakes afraid to click?
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I'll always wonder if Hillary Clinton as President would be as much fun,making fools of the Democrats.
It surely wouldn't be more difficult.
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Lies can be really loud.
John "The Barrel" Kelly
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Everyone is a liar.
HEY YOU only misspeaks!
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me123 says
He genuinely believes his own fantasies.

Another requirement to post on Patnet!
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Rolling Stones- Sympathy for the Devil
I shouted out
"Who killed the Kennedys?"
When after all it was you & me
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Bannon was a full time Socialist from 1976 -1983.
His checks came form Redistributed Taxpayers' Dollars.
He be so brave to ride around on a boat.
Great way to avoid facing the enemy in jungles & deserts.
He might get dirty & have to eat MREs in a monsoon or dust storm.

Barron's got nothing!
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Patrick says
But does Trump deserve 100% bashing all day in every corporate newspaper, TV stations, and NPR?

This continuous drumbeat of negativity exposes the overwhelming corporate media bias with embarrassing clarity.

There has not once been even a single NPR story that was positive about Trump, in spite of good things he has clearly done, like ending TPP (a position Bernie also held).

This is what happens when voters don't know that there are other options besides The Two Parties.

Criticism of Trump is Pissed-Off payback for how the Right treated Obama for 8 years.
Leftist revolts are never pretty.
Lao Tzu:
“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”
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Ceffer says
Fuck the collateral damage.

New Republican motto?
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Can you explain,to me,what you are talking about?
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Republicans & Democrats are organized to abuse Independents & Progressives?
I & P deserve what they get.

Boycott Democrats & Republicans!
Remember that family & friends that are friends of your enemy are your ENEMY.
Why would anyone have any contact with those that have voted against your best interest?
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Hillary is not President.
Everything is on Trump & Republicans.

Russia is a major nuclear power & Trump hasn't taken away their nuclear weapons & ICBMs.
He's done nothing about China,either.
He doesn't care about the safety of America.
He can't stop a little rogue nation,North Korea,from it's nuclear ambitions.
What a FAILURE! His failure will not protect Republicans.
Watch the drone videos of California's fire devastation & if Trump doesn't disarm all the nuclear nations,
all of America will look like that,only worse.
Wish we had a Commander -in- Chief.

President Nero will be playing golf while America burns.
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Tenpoundbass knows about being a SOCIALIST.
He hasn't paid enough in taxes to support his use & benefits of all the miles of the Interstate Highway System or even build just one of America's great fighters,bombers or ICBM.
Socialist are happy to let someone else pay & then bitch about paying taxes.

Putin needs to show a little socialism.
When Trump backs out of the Iran deal,Putin needs to send Iran nuclear ICBMs.
When did sharing become a vise?
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Shut up! Macron!
America has a president that can't even get rid of all the illegals
especially those that are working under the table for Republicans.
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Is there a difference between a function of racism & being a racist?

Liberals LIE?
Iraq has WMD!
Brilliant conservative media coverage.

Rep/Con/Racists have nothing.
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National debt under Trump & Republicans sets record & continues climbing.
Cutting taxes eliminates debt at the same time.

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Discriminatory Organization!
Freedom of Speech Haters!
You can't be in our den!
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PCGyver says
Like you know shit about me.

The secret's out!
Everyone on the Internet knows Patnetters are piles of shit! lol

The Housing Trap
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