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So we know all the inside details & all of Trump's contacts & who actually got the three released?
The Chinese:"Suck our dicks & we will release the three."
Trump probably made a deal & Americans will be performing fellatio.
Swallow! Yankee Dogs!
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When SHTF the masses will know where to find the 1%.
Didn't the poor find the rich during the Revolution?
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Wonder if all the Democratic & Republican perverts will be forgotten about when Mueller finally finishes his
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How many more dickheads will be outed?
This may have just gotten started.
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Free speech-banning,ignoring,incivility jail.
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This weeks assignment,write an essay on one the following.
1.- Don't like a lock-down,then police your own neighborhood.
2.- Don't like getting shot by the pissed-off,don't piss them off.
3.- Someone wants you dead,your dead.
4.- Good guys with a gun don't have a clue.
5.- Total cost of settlements for police state action.

Are your tender sensibilities bruised & battered?
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I thought this might be about the total each Socialist Republican is scamming from the govt.
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TwoScoopsMcGee says
To ignore with you, Anonymous Coward.

The only proper use of "ignore" is that the world ignores all patnetters.

Someone turn the fan towards me,I got a bucket of shit to throw.
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I want to moderate #STFU.
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Great informed Democratic & Republican voters research & know that they never elect a lying,pervert
that gets paid by the same dumbass taxpayers' dollars.
Could a legitimate Third Party create a bigger FUBAR?
Touch a woman once without permission-public caning.
Second time - lose some fingers.
Third time - castration & penis reduction.

I know! I know! This offends Snowflakes.
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Overpayers have to overpay with money they don't have.

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Now,how do I register my new email?
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Is there any honesty & truth left in the world?

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