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SCOTUS, take away abortion/Roe/Wade!
Everyone likes things taken from them.
Consequences can be exciting.
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I give a shit about what States' AGs have up their sleeve.

Fuck you stupid Republicans!
Not personal enough? If one is a brainwashed Right wing trash no names are necessary. One's name doesn't doesn't protect them from their delusions.
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"But what a fool believes... He sees
No wise man has the power to reason away
What seems... To be
Is always better than nothing" - Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald
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“Increasingly, climate scientists and organisations from the UN to the Met Office are changing their terminology, and using stronger language to describe the situation we’re in,” she said.

I'll give them stronger!
The Clever Apes are destroying themselves.
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A fool is known by the multitude of his tweets.

2 years & 4 months in office & how many illegals are still in America?
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Rep/Cons are such a sad group of hypocrites.
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Rep/Con idiocy cracks me up!
The Right is so stupid,defending a nation of fetus killers.

"According to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics report from 2004, in 2003, most abortion requests were granted, with 19,500 legal abortions performed and 200 requests for abortion denied"

"It was reported in 2012 that about half of all abortions in Israel were performed in private clinics, i. e., without committee approval. Women who undergo such an abortion do not face criminal penalties, but physicians who perform them face a fine or up to five years' imprisonment; however, there have been no known prosecutions of physicians for performing non-committee-approved abortions.[6] It was also reported in 2007 and 2011 that about 40,000 abortions take place in Israel every year, about half of the committee approved.[5][7]"


So easy to make bigger fools of big fools.
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So how many illegals are still roaming America under Trump/Rep/Cons?

The Rep/Cons just don't have anything but their stupidity to fall back on.
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How long will it take for unregulated free market capitalism to collapse?
I don't have a clue but I'm looking forward to a fubar created by Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

"Now it's take and take and takeover, takeover
It's all take and never give
All these trumped up towers
They're just golden showers
Where are people supposed to live?

You can arm yourself, alarm yourself
But there's nowhere you can run
'Cause a man with a briefcase
can steal more money
Than any man with a gun"

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Get ZH a crying towel.

As long as the students do not make physical contact,they can speak out & make demands.

The 1st Amendment gives me the Right to say FUCK THE FIRST AMENDMENT! (paraphrase of Jim Jefferies)
Time for Rep/Cons to defend the 1st.
While you are doing that,GET FUCKED!

Wonder how many of the founding fathers thought these laws will really bring out the hypocrisy in future generations?
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A little question.
I've been on here for a while,what's my comment?
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Abortion is not in the Bill of Rights!
The GOP DAMN Republicans' Red States force me to pay a tax to get a gun license,submit personal info & carry a piece of paper to carry an "arms". What corrupt views! No better argument for abortion than these haters!
None of that 2nd Amendment America hating,Rep/Con slime,crap is in the Second Amendment!

Die! Fascists!
A lot of Rightwingers will die when they start their Rep/Con/Fascist Civil War.
All clouds have a silver lining?
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Fucking Rep/Con trash survived!
Get me a crying towel!
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Proverbs 28:18 18 Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.
The election of Trump is a great example of "no vision".
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Rep/Cons keep pissing off the Left so the Left's answer could be Trump's 2nd Amendment Solution.
Of course he didn't invoke violence with the use of such passive measures as hot lead?
The Right wing wants war until the physical part is in their faces. Hope they continue the partisanship.
Rep/Con have the right to run their mouths but the 1st Amendment doesn't protect them from consequences of their actions. Keep pushing.
Let's see if their great moral values can protect them.

Love the stupidity of Republicans.They can start a civil war & they think that all the bad parts of war won't be at their front door or their wallets/jobs/income. It will be sad to see Republicans' love of war/violence lead to funerals of their children.
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What are all the possible consequences to this election?

Anticipation of future events keeps life entertaining.
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House Committees,State AGs -Shit can happen.
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She should have been on campus when Republican's crook,Nixon's military National Guard slaughtered unarmed Kent State students. She sounds like a perfect reason for abortion.
A lot of guns have been taken from cold dead hands.
So many don't have real life experiences that they might want to STFU!
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Why has Trump & Republicans allowed Lopez to be here illegally?
Why can't a Republican ICE do it's job?
How many more illegals still roaming the streets of America?
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To solve the problem,continue to vote for Republicans & Democrats. They have almost fixed all of Americas problems.

Brainwashed voters are hilarious.
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Boycott all Republicans!
They are free to vote & make laws as they please.
Democrats,Progressives,Extreme Leftist,Independents are free to not spend one cent in a Republican business.

How's that freedom going to work out as Republicans shutter their broken dreams?
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Tenpoundbass says
I would love to hit ho-house but I'm too chicken shit I would get busted.

I heard divorces suck! ;-)RC2006 says
I just tell my wife she is like my favorite old pair of shoes, even though they are loose and I don't even tie the laces anymore I still like to slide them on and wear them every day.

Sooner or later an old pair of shoes wear out. Other things don't but they do dry out. ;-)
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Money/tax related matters will bring mushroom head down?
  HEYYOU   ignore (26)   2019 May 21, 12:10pm   ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Politics/R & D voters would definitely be hilarious if the fools weren't so sadly brainwashed.
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At least the link is not breitbart or gatewaypundit.

" solving the nation’s problems."

Trump/Rep/Con/Slime deporting millions of illegals today?
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Someone jealous of Soros' wealth because they can't make his kind of money?
No jealously involved,just personal failure.
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So how many hard working, low paid, Republican taxes were spent on this slime's outings.

They are too stupid to not be taken advantage of by Trump,Rep/Cons.
Is their Republican elected officials calling for a stop to the waste of their constituents tax dollars?

Quigley says
He doesn’t have much control over these things,

He can decide to not golf on his dumb ass supporters taxes or is there a govt. dept. that forces him to travel/play while Republicans are getting up ,going to work,to survive another week,to get a paycheck that they must budget/do without until they can make it to another paycheck.
How many Trump trash have gotten an invitation to join Trump on their tax dollar? Stupid fucks are paying, they should get to go.
The fools believed his lie about being too busy in the White House to golf.
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Why has Trump/Rep/Cons not deported all the illegals?
Why does Trump/Rep/Con allow illegas to get one cent of America's tax dollars?
Guess one can come to the conclusion that Rep/Cons are trash?
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"Breitbart’s Aaron Klein discovered some intriguing information buried deep inside a June 23, 2017 Washington Post story about the Obama administration’s handling of the Trump/Russia collusion investigation."

Elizabeth Vaughn's next scoop will be that she found the WMD.

Trump,the most transparent redacting President!
Definition of "deep inside" for Rep/Cons - Past the first three words in any article.
Wonder what's buried deep inside Trump's tax returns?

My breaking news! Obama is not President!
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Things will be exciting to election day & more exciting after?
What can happen?

TPB @ 9,
How much Communist China crap do you own?
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Hate speech - Anything out of the mouths of Republicans.
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Go China! Rep/Con Communist love & support you thru their purchases of products of Rep/Con businesses that have outsourced American jobs/manufacturing to Communist China.
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So where are these docs that I can read?
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IQs can't get lower than patnetters'! ;-)

Booger says
I'd like to see the breakdown on this by race.

You don't want to see the IQs of white male Republicans & Democrats.
Minus numbers!
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Soy may not be as harmful as all the glyphosate that Republicans & Democrats eat & feed their families.
It's not a problem if it washed down with lead infused water.
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WTF! Sponsored by a game! Is this guy a Milennial?
Well now I know that this video is all I need to know.

Just another idiot that doesn't have a clue about all the political theologies that love Redistribution Socialism.
Every political party will gladly take taxes & spend it where it may not do anything for many of the taxpayers.

'Stupid is unfixable!' & apparently it's a pleasure for many.
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If those liberal cities are unlivable,why do conservatives choose to live there.
There are plenty of conservative Red States that Rep/Cons can move to.
Bitching & moaning about Free Market Capitalism. Those that are successes can live where they choose & don't make excuses for not living in a place that meets their requirements.

Hugolas_Madurez says
prove inadequate and unresponsive to the challenges at hand

Wonder how the argicultural,rust belt,coal mining states are doing under the failures of Trump/Rep/Cons MAGA?
Where are the 35% tariffs that the Rep/Con lying Trump promised?
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Google - A great American Free enterprise corporation.
Why do all the losers complain? Because they are failures at creating their own business that is as successful as Google.
I'm sure they will all boycott Google immediately or make excuses why they can't.

One's ineffectualness can be hard to face or "If you are so damn smart, why aren't you rich?"
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The oldest profession,legal or illegal?
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Who's the worst?



Stupid Rep/Con servicemen answer to this pile of shit.

How many Rep/Con parents have children that have been sexually assaulted & the stupid parents vote for a pervert?

Hope Republican men cheat on their stupid Rep/Con wives & the bitches don't find out for years.
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