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Do you have video?
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MisterLefty says
It is a case of young people feeling the pain of the present economic reality:

I waiting to see how long anyone on the bad side of this "present economic reality" will tolerate all the economic
"Foot on the neck" propaganda of capitalism & fiat currency's motto: "More paper is more!"

The marching chant might be: "The rich have enough!"
Invest in pitchforks,guillotines & racks.
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All food,water & air in the U.S. is safe & we have no superfund sites.
No subsidized Republican food business would ever sell anything that isn't completely safe.
They use hormones,steroids,antibiotics,herbicides because Great MAGA free market,"Corporations are People" are good for you.
They completely destroy all pollutants before any can reach the environment.
How many Rep/Con voters are fortunate enough to get these wonderful products using food stamps?
Rep/Cons wanted to be in charge,it's on you.
What's so sad is Republicans let Republican's harm their families.

93% of Americans Have Glyphosate in their Bodies?
How many children & those in wombs have chemicals that have no business in any environment where any animal lives.
For you fools out their,you are not immune.

The truth is not always pleasant AND IN YOUR FACE!
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The 2nd Amendment protects all Americans!
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
The 2nd Amendment guarantees the RIGHT! to bear arms to blow your brains out if you can't endure the agony of whatever ails you.

About 50 years ago an old codger said:
"I don't remember having a say about coming here but I can leave when I damn well please."
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N.K has never said anything that it hasn't stood behind.
What's Kim's definition of denuclearize?
I always come to definite conclusions whenever a dictator makes a statement.
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Every gallon of gas one buys has a Republican Federal Gasoline Excise Tax.
Why do all hard working Republicans agree to be taxed by their elected officials.
Freezing gas prices @ $0.25/gal. would MAGA now. Why do they hate America?
Have they forgotten they are in charge?
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Alex Jones & all Republicans are Redistribution Socialists until they eliminate HEYYOU's taxes
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Flaunting one's wealth might not be the best strategy, just in case things don't go as one planned.
It's not being afraid,it might be smart.
I choose to not be a target.
Anyone loan me a couple of bucks?
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Ban no guns until Republicans stop dying by 2nd Amendment collateral damage.
They do think they are immune.
It's Friday! No mass shooting. How longs it been?
Politics are getting boring.
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Allowing a LEO to bleed to death on the sidewalk is FREEDOM!
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Barbarian Russians!
Americans eat potato chips & sardines out of a can with hot sauce.
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Free country! Anyone can hate Trump!
Let whoever may ruin him.
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My economic psychics are still a little muddy about the future but so are my political & legal psychics.

Nobody knows except those that think they know.
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A little question. At the point when one is on Medicare & they happen to have massive health issue accompanied with extreme cost,who pays the bill when it excides the total they have paid into Medicare?
These people are nothing but Panhandlers.
Now if it happens to you or me,we are great Americans.
How many Republicans have been there? How many will?

Non-LOSER Americans use CASH!

That's a reality no one can face.
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My wife is tough!
"Will Waffle House start having active shooter drills?"
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To bad slutty Republican women.
That's the legal system!
Love America or keep your clothes on,TRAMPS!

Post the pictures,NOW!
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German men are afraid they will be anally penetrated by Muslim men so they hide & can't protect their women.
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Donald Trump would have walked in,unarmed,& taken the shooter into custody.
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The problem of Free Speech is that it may be coming from a delusional brain.

You are welcome to believe any religious scripture you choose.
Anyone that finds anything that can prove any theology,please post immediately.
I have no proof of UFOs,Bigfoot,ghosts,Santa,Easter Bunny but I have the right to believe.
Please don't question me. It could upset my tender sensibilities.
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Guns don't kill,they just make it easy to kill in a second.
If mom had been armed with a hatchet,knife,plastic bag the child would be just as dead.
That was her intention wasn't it?

How many Republicans will die next week by The 2nd Freedom?
Great ending this week!
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Tenpoundbass says
AI is on the way?

AI is already here and has been here.
AI is great to spot defects in a production line in less than 1,000th of a millisecond and burst air to blow them out of the production line.
AI is great for taking a thumbnail image and blow it up to a 300dpi 1200 X 1200 pixle image without losing clarity.
AI is not Artificial Cognition.
AI will never have organic conversation with humans, make more robots based on original designs, be in complex mobile structures capable of lasting longer than a smart phone, what 2 years tops!

Why would AI converse with a lesser species?

To be precise: AI is on the way to take your? job.
Thought you might have ciphered that.
Get that fry station job now & maybe you can get an early promotion to asst. night manager. ;-)

Time to do more research to see how many jobs have been lost to new technology in the last 200 years.
I know, I know, advances have been good? for society until you lose your job & fall by the wayside.
Not everybody does, but I think 2 or 3 have. How many who want to work but can't because of constantly changing qualifications?
Sitting at a desk in a controlled environment is such a great job,can someone write code to clean up the global environment,start with all the pollution created by high tech, a code to repair the infrastructure without raising taxes & a code to stop people from focusing on technology without looking at all the consequences.
Shoot! I knew you weren't that smart.
What's happened to all one's old tech gadgets? No problem! Outta sight,outta mind. Trash doesn't exist.

I'm amazed to see how some are so narrowly focused on their new office sprinkler system when everything outside is on fire.
Always excited to see the latest consequences!
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Can someone write a code to speed up the firing of my synapses?
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I'm moving to Tenn-ASS-see.
Shooter still running loose.
They let him drive around in a stolen BMW.
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Feux Follets says
contemplation suggested)

Have you forgotten where you are? :-)
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Is she a Republican or Democrat?
Whichever,doesn't matter. Working for someone else make one a loser & failure.
Rs & Ds getting govt. paychecks makes them socialists with leanings to destroy America like their communist ilk that buy imported,outsourced COMMUNIST China products.
FMTT! I'm probably surrounded by that trash,here,typing on their Chinese computers.
Hard to believe that patnetters would hate America so.
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Sidewalks are a big govt. plot.
Corralling pedestrians into a limited area where they are sitting ducks.
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WarrenTheApe says
2) Freedom of Speech exists both for the individual and individuals exercising it collectively...unless the Left hates what they have to say?

The Right hates any speech if it doesn't come out of their mouths.
Their Free speech has nothing to do with the truth.
Iraq has WMD!
How much did John Barron(God damn,trash,Republican Trump) lie about what he was worth to get on Forbes, I got a lot of money list.
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Tenpoundbass says
If your back is fucked up, it's great. But it aint going to cure diseases.

The initial adjustment is all you should do. Hit a deep tissue masseuse after that.

Fuck HEY YOU! He's agreeing with TPB.
That's exactly what I've done in the past & added stretching & an inversion table.
Sometimes one can feel a little pop in one's joints while hanging.
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I've not had Cracker Jack in years but I will buy a box today being in my second childhood & all.
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Accepting anything a patnetter post does not make one a genius.

Quigley says
I just discount anything HEYYOU says.

I discount most of the stuff I post.;-)

Everyone is welcome to prove the following,wrong.
Quigley owns Communist China imports.
Quigley uses all the infrastructure everyday that he didn't pay for.
What's the word to describe getting something for nothing on another's dollar?

Discount it,take it to the bank or prove it wrong.

bob2356 says
Pay more attention.

I thought everyone had been warned? We'll be having none of that!
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Trump is nothing but Hot Air.
How many missile test,nuclear test & nuclear advancements did Kim make while Trump ran his mouth
for the last 15 months?
N.Korea declares itself a nuclear power under Trump.

Trump will have to ask Putin for permission before he can take action against Iran.

Trump runs off that he will stop ISIS. The world is full of radical Muslims that hate Christians & America.
Why are Mecca,Medina & The Dome of the Rock still Standing?

Republican LOSERS!
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Democrats version of Benghazi!
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Celebrities are the center of my world. Especially those that are Democrats & Republicans.
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The poor version of MAGA & they believe that coal's coming back.

Thank goodness that those that aren't poor will never experience destitution because they are so much more superior. That shit is in your sub conscience.
Fuck! Did I just see the shadow of a Black Swan.
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Trumpcare prevents all Americans from illness & death.
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Great news! All the Republicans that have bought COMMUNIST imports can send their Communist offspring
to colleges for their full indoctrination on how to destroy America.

All you Republicans that intend to buy Communist China products,post your name here.
It would be nice to know who America's enemies are by name.

Republicans should be required to carry ID cards.
When they try to purchase Communist imports,they are immediately detained & rendered to a country of torture.

If it wasn't America,Patriots could use Trumps 2nd Amendment Solution.
When Republicans destroy America,their little special snowflake bubbles will explode in their faces.

Remember Rs,you wanted it. Take the heat or get out of the kitchen.
America haters!
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It tickles me when wingnuts have nothing left to defend their fubar party with,so they attack Clinton over $84 million.
When found guilty lock up a Democrat.(You do know she not President?)
After slamming the cell door,maybe wingturds can prosecute Bush & Republicans for ALLOWING 9/11.
Of course $84 million is greater damage than all the injured & killed & the total financial loss from Republicans' Saudi friends.

After that case is finished investigate this:
N.Korea declared itself a nuclear power under The Great American President- Stupid Fuck.

Doesn't take much to leave them with NOTHING

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