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Do 63,000,000 Dems & non-Republicans really care about what crybaby Rep/Cons think about NYT?

How many scum Rep/Cons said & supported Bush/Rep/Cons' Iraq has WMD?

My consolation to having to listen to worm shit Rep/Cons is that they can be slaughtered by legal 2nd Amendment gun lovers. It's funny when their ignorance is disrupted by a reality phone call. " This is the police. I'm so sorry your loved were mowed down in the streets. Were these your children."

Where are my weekend mass shooters? You are letting me down.
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HonkpilledMaster says
They despise them.

Only those Rep/Cons that are on some form of welfare, subsidies, benefiting from ACA & those that survive mass shootings.
Republican socialism should be despised.
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Didn't notice where he said he would not shoot RepCons.
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Anyone that can't pay cash for healthcare is a loser,dependent on insurance socialism to make up for their failure to be wealthy as a great American entrepreneur. This is America where anyone can be a success.Why do they choose failure?

Stupid as BILLIONAIRE Trump is, he makes his followers have to face their inability to be rich.
Losers got to be losers.
No cash,then STFU!
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Don't miss this in the link.

Fraser Institute -
"RIGHT-CENTER BIAS These media sources are slightly to moderately conservative in bias. They often publish factual information that utilizes loaded words (wording that attempts to influence an audience by using appeal to emotion or stereotypes) to favor conservative causes."

The Right wing media never reports on how many loser Rep/Cons are on welfare,handouts,subsidies,ACA,raise taxes & can't pay off their debts or have cash for a $400 emergency.
Now that's bias to reporting the truth.
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I wish Jimi Hendrix was still around to sing about Rep/Cons acceptance & pleasure of mass shootings.

"Hey Joe, where you goin' with that gun in your hand?"
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Ceffer says
If stereotypes don't exist, how come I'm always getting fucked in the ass by them?

Well stop acting like a slut! roflmao
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Wonder if it's as polluted as America's drinking & other surface waters?
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Can some Rep/Cons tell me how you idiots plan to pay for it when so many are on welfare & subsidies & can't even pay off their personal debt?
The solution just raise taxes. Just recently done. Let the 90% pay more each year while the elites get a permanent tax break.
Guess stupid Trump/Rep/Cons will get a no interest loan?

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126,000,000 Dem & Rep voters, never knew that many were on Psychotropic drugs.
That has to be the only reason that many would lose their minds during an election.
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Everyone has a choice.
One can be a patriotic anti-Fascist wanting to defend America from Fascist,Racists,Nazi Rep/Cons or a Right wing Fascists who love liars,draft dodgers,sexual perverts,multiple adulterers,just look at who they voted for.
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Maybe the old codger won't be shot in public by a legal gun owning, gun loving white trash.
The 2nd Amendment allowed the victim to protect himself but it does not stop the invocation of the 2nd Amendment Solution FREEDOM! by the pissed-off to blow him,his family or friends away.
Any Rep/Con immune to bullets because of their delusional love of guns?
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Stupid Rep/Cons! The Left has the to right to keep & bear arms & all Rep/Cons have is comments about the dumb asses use of language.
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No abortions! Let the children suffer in this 3rd world nation.
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Slap this cunt on the wrist.

"Mack was charged with three counts of premeditated attempted homicide in the first degree — one for each victim, her two boys and the truck driver. The charges are a capital felony, according to court records".

Too bad she didn't kill some other Americans' children because no one really cares about crime &
One can't stop crime but they can make perps wish they had not committed a crime. Next thing fucking Americans will do is remove the word "punishment" from the dictionary.


I'm waiting for all the compliments for the exposure of the truth about America.
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Three makes a Threesome.
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Guess a lot of men are getting in touch with their feminine side.
Reps & Dems have sure fucked America for decades.
I think millions of white men must enjoy their bleeding assholes. They keep electing piles of shit with hard dicks.
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No Problem!
All the American hating,Communist China export consumers don't have a problem with destroying the American
economy with outsourced jobs.
Fentanyl can not do as much damage as American traitors wanting to turn this place into a Communist state.
All those Communist China export lovers,STFU!

Just left everyone,Rep & Dem Commies,with no defense.
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Why are No-Trumpsters so mean?
We are living in the wonderful MAGA America.
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At least there isn't waste to deal with from nuclear power plants.

Rep/Cons are fools!

"Oregon’s GOP Chair Wants to Sprinkle Nuclear Waste From Airplanes"

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Well the White Trash GOP Communist China export & outsourced job lovers are running their mouths,again.
Wonder how many Rep/Cons have debt they can't pay off?
They must enjoy being loser failures. Trying to misdirect & blame everyone else doesn't remove them from the scum list.

Rin says
Yes, that's the party of Hillary, Bill, and Al "The Liar" Gore.

Yes! I remember these assholes pushing the LIE of "Iraq has WMD" killing 4800 American service men.
Rep/cons don't care how many American citizens die ,especially their Family & friends dying in 2nd Amendment gun love shootings.

FUCK ALL REPUBLICANS! as boycotts bankrupt them.
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FMTT! Mr. Shostikovitch has 41 infant ignores.

I'm going for 50. Fuck all you Republican patnetters & lurkers.

BlueSardine says

I've been called worse by better men but always appreciated compliments.;-)
Legal/or not,shooters are watering the tree of the 2nd Amendment with Trump's Solution.
Killing of Rep/Cons by gun lovers will not stop if Rep/Cons do nothing.
Apparently I'm not the only one that enjoys a good mass shooting.

All the talk will not prevent Republicans' family & friends from being maimed & killed.
Can the next shooting happen in the midst of Republicans?
How many Rep/Cons can be shot & injured in less than a minute as opposed to a perp using a knife ,machete,stick ,rock?
I can see the future! Rep/Cons will continue to be shot by gun lovers,2nd Amendment collateral damage!
Rep/cons can deny a lot of shit but this is in their faces.
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One expression that wasn't listed, Iraq has WMD.
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Tenpoundbass says
sounds like the same type of lying scumbag that said.

Iraq has WMD
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I hope the loser Dem candidates supporters don't vote for another Dem.
Clintonites stole the primary from Sanders? What are you Sanders supporters going to do? Let the Dems fuck over you again? What's funny is that Sanders will support the dumb Dem.
They gave the last election to Trump.They've done nothing substantial like a nationwide boycott of Rep/Cons.
I can see Trump winning because of the Dems lazy ignorance.
Wait! They are not lazy! They are working hard,bumping their gums.
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Fuck the Rep/Con,male WHITE trash crackers that raised taxes.
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WineHorror1 says
If you insist on separating yourself from civilized society, I will oblige you. Sad, so sad you can't be someone who supports society in a positive way.

I'm so troubled & hurt!

Polluted land,water & food, plastic in rain & snow, Superfund sites,homeless American men,women & children living on the streets in filth & on & on.
No judgment here. It is what it is.
Guess everyone has a definition of a positive society.

Look out APO 41! HEYYOU 31 is hot on your heels!
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Voting against one's best interest is self-fraud.
Of course,there was voter fraud.
No Republican or Democrat voters care about America,only their little bubble value system.
Maybe they just lack a clue.
100,000,000 -140,000,000 useless, don't give a shit assholes, didn't vote.
Anyone on govt.handouts & subsidies doesn't get to vote.
HEYYOU's increased free money taxes to takers cancels one's right to vote.
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Fraud - TBTF & Iraq has WMD both Republican ideas.
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The title is correct. It's the whole GOP.
  HEYYOU   ignore (31)   2019 Aug 20, 10:59am   ↑ like (0)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

How's this working, brain dead fucks?

"New research suggests that most magnetite found in the human brain, a magnetic iron oxide compound, comes from industrial air pollution. And because unusually high concentrations of magnetite are found in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease, the findings raise the specter of an alarming new environmental risk factor for this and other neurodegenerative diseases. Still, other scientists caution that the link remains speculative."

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You fucking idiot!
Not all Rep/Cons are Racist . How many are employing illegal brown people?
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rdm says
You have a link on that 700K illegal story?

We should be receiving the list with names & addresses of illegal voting fraudsters,from "if" idiots shortly.

rdm says
There is a lot of incompetence.

Please stop with the compliments! ;-)
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bitchute link to FOX video.
How many times did Fox say or have guest who said "Iraq has WMD"?
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No one knew what the Mueller report would say.
No one knows what/who the States' AGs will prosecute from Mueller's passed down evidence that weren't part of his investigation.

Dumb ass Democrats wasted time & tax dollars when they could have just called for a boycott of Rep/Con businesses until every elected Republican resigned. "This is not an ultimatum.This is what we are going to do."
Ignorant Dems don't have a clue.
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Stupid Rep/Cons! Just sell your excess water in Maryland to India or to Colorado river states.


Better idea! Export the excess to the Arctic,Russia & the Amazon to put out massive fires.
Where is that entrepreneurial drive?
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Great news! There will be more guns in hands that might end up killing more Rep/Cons.
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
fucking fresh wounds!

and sucking chest wounds!
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WillPowers says
More guns and ammo, no problem. Be sure to take out a few Republicans.

What's sad is that it's going to happen & there is nothing Rep/Cons will do to try & stop it.
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