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"Nobody" is really going to feel bad when he gets his T.D. check signed by Reagan before he left office.
Everyone knows the check is in the mail.;-)

Republican TBTF Socialism is my favorite.
It was a handout. No one knows what would have happened if the banks had been put into receivership.

'Republican Socialism is for the rich,capitalism is for the poor.'
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Dems are to dumb to do anything that they could mess up.

Trump will have the longest title of any President.
"The Honorable Lying 5 time Draft Dodging Coward Communist Loving Treasonous Traitor Republican President."
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Dems are too dumb to do anything that they could mess up.

Trump will have the longest title of any President.
"The Honorable Lying,5 Time Draft Dodging Coward,Communist Loving,Treasonous,Traitor, Republican President Trump"
Feel free to add any other truth.
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But all my friends are buying. I have to keep up with all the other stupid Americans who buy more than they need. Plus I have to constantly stroke my ego & I have to have it now.
Been in construction all my life & never understood why people who buy a two story over a basement don't think about what it will take to paint all the high areas,when needed. If one has to maintain a lawn it must be on the steepest lot.;-)
One of the biggest investment one can make is in a home.Knowing very little about your asset is not always the best strategy.
You got a deal,until one adds up cost & interest while they reside there. How long before one starts to really pay the principal down?
DOH! I didn't think about that.
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Probably a Republican placed all the toilets together rather than different groups spread around the event with easy access for participants & the honey wagon.

Human waste is a problem especially when it comes out of Rep/Cons mouths.
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"And yet, today, our own president of the United States mocks these basic tenets. Since Donald J. Trump has been president, he alone has increased the national debt by over $1 trillion. Yes. One trillion dollars. The fastest any president in U.S. history has accrued that level of debt.

Our president has mocked and belittled our immigration laws, our intelligence agencies, our foreign policy strategy and even the American people. We have been called “stupid,” “weak,” “a joke” and “pathetic,” all by our own president.

Our president has reveled in sexually engaging with those actively trafficking in the pornography industry and he has ridiculed those religious leaders who would deign to question him for doing so. He mocks and laughs at those Christians who would question him."

Trash supports trash.

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Ask Grover Norquist if he's for any tax?
No need. Anyone for any tax is a Redistribution Socialist.
Rep/Cons really love Socialism or they would eliminate all taxes.
They are in charge. Why did they raise taxes on 7,000,000?
Rep/Cons Constitution: "general welfare", "common good".
Didn't know there were Fascists/Socialists!

I'm waiting for what could happen to capitalism in Sept. & Oct.
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Remember the death initiated by G.W. Bush/Rep/Cons?

"Maybe","if", Facts are more fun.
Traitor is President.

Khrushchev was wrong!
Trump will bury America.
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Ask farmers about how Trump's MAGA Tariffs are working for their capitalism.
You voted for Trump,deal with it.
His plan is bankrupt you. You lose your farms & giant agricultural conglomerates will combine them with the other farms they have gotten from stupid Rep/Con Farmer/Rightwing voters.

Last night on TV, a Trump supporting farmer who is starting to hurt,thanks tariffs, said Trump is a businessman & could probably correct the situation. The Traitor bankrupts a casino,WTF kind of businessman is that.
I'm absolutely amazed at the retard Republicans.

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Hillary can't declare war.

Some needs to research what drought has done to the middle east farmers,forcing them to move to cities.
Where do they go if they can't farm or get jobs? To another country? The EU?


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I dedicate this to Trump/Rep/Cons.
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I can't believe that historians leave out the part where our Founding Fathers told Britain: "Suck our dicks!"
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Alright TPB, I'll make a little fun of you. ;-)

Liberals "has" done to our Education institutions.
Where did you be agoing to school?

I'm constantly fouling up Anglish. Sometimes I catch my boo-boos.
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126,000,000 voted for one of two Party's. Over a 1/3 of America is really diverse?
Anyone want the job of changing their minds?
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Different plains of stupid.

President Traitor sides with a Communist KGB dictator against
all the Americans in the AMERICAN intelligence community.

Will someone invoke the 2nd Amendment Solution against traitors,President Traitor's supporters.

Is anyone taking Russian language classes yet?
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Pirro said she was treated like a dog.
What do you expect bitch?
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G.W. Bush/Republicans killed 4801 American servicemen based on a lie.
Rep/Cons left with nothing but hypocrisy.

Liberals better get to shooting to catch up.
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What's President Traitors natl. debt?

America questions Russians.
Russia doesn't question Americans,traitors disagree.

Putin doesn't want to destroy America, Republicans do.
Rep/ Cons are just using Putin to do the dirty work.
Looks like they are off to a good start.
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President Traitor raising taxes on 7,000,000 Americans is slavery. Now they can work themselves to death to pay
Rep/Cons' Redistribution Socialism.
They better work 25/8 to pay Traitors additional $1,000,000,000,000 new debt. That's a whole bunch of digits,each one a fiat.
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What the fuck is wrong with the Rep/Con/Right? They continually want to criticize Obama/Clinton.
It's 1/20/2018 but I'll live in the past if they want to.

Capitals for Rep/Cons that have vision problems,
not being able to see the truth.
Having fun with the past?

President Traitor took Communist KGB Putin's side against America & Rep/Con traitors still support him.
Treason must be on their bucket list.

It's amazing how simple the truth can be stated without writing a novel.
Example of brevity:
A fool is known by the multitude of his words.
Republicans have nothing.
Family Republicans are my enemy.
I'll defend Rep/Cons freedom to be stupid.
And the old standby,Fuck Republicans.
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How many pit bulls have maimed & killed?
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Republicans: "I'm a Republican."
Aren't they quick!
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What's Mueller got on him?
Will he need to flip?
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jazz_music says
democracy is chaos.

Then President Traitor is the greatest Democrat.
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Native Americans are really sick of all you anchor babies.
  HEYYOU   ignore (17)   2018 Jul 20, 5:47pm   ↑ like (0)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote        

And the blasphemers destination is hell.
  HEYYOU   ignore (17)   2018 Jul 20, 6:00pm   ↑ like (0)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote        

Hillary or Obama are not President.
But stupid Rep/Cons have nothing to talk about but the past while President Traitor commits treason against America.
Trash Republican Gerald Ford pardoned Republican President Crook.
The FBI has done nothing about G.W. Bush & Republicans killing American Servicemen based on slime,trash,piles of shit,Republicans' lie!
I can go to the past as long as Republicans go there,leaving them with nothing.
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Bet it pisses one off to grow more than they can sell or smoke. ;-)
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Heraclitusstudent says
There is no nuanced debate of complex ideas. There is in fact no debate and no ideas. There is not even a common notion of truth.

That's why I'm here, to get away from the genius HEYYOU is in reality. :-o
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Breath! Honey! Push! Puuusssh!
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Quigley says
I’d argue that advocating for nuclear war or even all-out war with a nuclear power is akin to treason to the HUMAN RACE.

"There are currently 451 operable civil nuclear power nuclear reactors around the world, with a further 58 under construction. A list of reactors operable, under construction, planned and proposed can be found here World Nuclear Power Reactors and Uranium Requirements, updated monthly."

Absolutely brilliant! Those countries that don't have nuclear weapons don't need them. Conventional weapons can cause a nuclear holocaust.


Fuck the clever apes. They have polluted the air,earth & water. How many species have the assholes driven to extinction? Cut down massive forest? How much nuclear waste have they created that can't be cleaned up with a mop & a little elbow grease?
Dumped trash in space around this blue ball.
These too many 7.6 billion animals have committed treason against HEYYOU. Their children are just as destructive as their parents.
One thing for sure, their offspring trash aren't special.

In 1964, I watched a program on one of the few station on TV about population growth.
At that point I decided to not hate the planet by creating more destroyers to help ruin it.
I care nothing about your family of baby apes. You sure as hell don't care about their future.

BTW,fuck my parents they were as stupid & selfish as the rest of the slime.
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TPB @ 18,
Where is the picture of President Traitor with" Russian Fascist Communism"?
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Capitalism is built on debt & there is not enough fiat currency to pay it off.
Who & when do bad loan loans give some a beating?
Silly me! To fools,debt is never a problem,don't pay your debt & tell me what happens.
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He doesn't mind making consumers pay more for tariff /tax.
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How many home owners are lunatic Republicans?
Thousands need to come to any part of the beach by boat.When the law comes,they just take to the water & sit there & make fun.
There aren't enough law enforcement boats to arrest thousands?

The pissed off have access to these rich by land & sea.
The rich better learn to fly.
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Mueller called me today & said some may be surprised when all his evidence is released.
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If you can bankrupt a casino & commit treason, you are lifetime member of the Republican Party.
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That was close! Thought someone would responsibility.
Oh! That's right,it's someone's elses fault.

DIE! All 7.6 billion!

When they are all gone, I'll commit suicide so I don't have to think about how stupid they were.
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Jew! Blasphemer! He denies Jesus is the Son of God & Savior of the World.
Any Christian customers should be tried as Haters of the Word & executed,
sending them to Hell where they belong.
Don't Christians hate it when their hypocrisy is rammed up their asses.

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