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"Ted Kennedy"
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I've been sick as fuck for about a week.

Lemme see, cankers, fevers, incoherent thoughts. Are you sure this isn't the final stages of syphilis?
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d6rB says
Lets send AOC to Venezuela, xe will straighten everything out

Bernie too. With that APC/Bernie duo, they will have it fixed in weeks.
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If the government weren't one big pyramid scheme, a slightly declining population would be great!

And the insane masses than ran up their debts and cannot afford a shorter work week or deflation of any sort.
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
Give us your incredibly HOTT! lesbians with IQs of 728; your wanton, nubile chicks with nine-figure bank accounts; your insatiable harlots who yearn for ever more schlong unless they're volunteering for three ways with REAL! AMERICA!n MEN! when they're not making us sandwiches.

And after all that, you still can't get any.
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for people who must say something but have really nothing to say, BOOM!

Actually, his point "Meanwhile, the largest operators of the 737 MAX are US Carriers, with no crashes or incidents of course" is spot on.
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Preliminary RUMORS with the Boeing 737 max is in the software that is meant to prevent a stall. In order to do this, the plane brings the nose down, and the pilots haven't been trained to anticipate this, so they pull up, and the plane tries to pull down, so the pilot tries to pull up - and eventually control is lost.

In my old days of flying, from Cessnas and Pipers to the KC-135, approaching a stall set off a loud buzzer, and you could react accordingly. I find this rumor hard to believe, since it does not take much lowering of the nose to avoid a stall, especially with full thrust like on departure.

Airbus is famous for this. I wouldn't fly on one if I could avoid it.

If I remember right, the Airbus 300 series has a center of gravity right at the center of lift. This makes a plane too unstable to be flown without computer assist, but it makes for a more fuel efficient plane. Therefore, they made it strictly fly by wire.
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NY Senator Chuck Shumer is up for re-election in 2022. AOC should run for his seat in the Primary.
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then bring in the illegals and give them the right to vote

That started with giving illegals drivers licenses. Allowing illegals to vote in local elections is just more blatant.
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These politicians have lost their damn minds!

No, they have not lost their minds - this is a calculation. Imagine all the new Dem votes when kids are registered in mass at the high school, and on voting day they are let out of class to go to the polling station (likely already set up at the High School anyway). With use of high school kids, unfettered illegal immigration, plus vote harvesting, the Dem party will be like Mexico's old PRI. That is, they will win all elections and put in vote counters and judges that will make sure the Dems continue to win.

Illegals with drivers licenses and motor voter registration, plus allowing illegals overtly voting in local elections, and pushing for the 16 year old voting age, is just a taste of Dem policies pushing the way for the Dems to become the American PRI.
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Do not most SF people work for Google, Apple, and related and similar tech businesses? I would presume most would telecommute, as such tech work is done on computer anyway, and any meetings needed can be virtual.
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Ceffer says
Don't they have recognition software that will recognize the homeless and the escalators will deploy claws and saws to shred them? Get composting in the bargain. Do plants thrive on heroin and speed residues?

Yes, they GMO'd some plants to thrive on decomposing heroin/speed laced corpses. However, fentanyl in the mix is like Roundup to these plants.
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Shultz is going to run as an independent

I do not think Schultz will last long enough to be on the ballot. All these house investigations into Trump's lifelong business dealings are not just to get Trump, they are a warning to any non-politician businessman who will run for high office. Any large business will have issues complying with the myriad of laws, and any firm with hundreds of employees or more will have a few disgruntled and opportunistic employees. Therefore, anyone running a large firm will have difficulty coming out of a fishing expedition investigation unscathed. The Dems (and establishment Repubs) are saying "Do you hear us Schwartz? Want the Trump treatment? Just you dare run."

There is also the Blasey Ford treatment of composing an incident from as along ago as High School, plus any woman that tried to pull a Kamala but didn't get the promotion or job and now has it it her mind she is a "sexual assault survivor."
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What magically happens to all the mullet-heads in Texas or North Carolina on their 18th birthdays?

Talk about bigotry and prejudice..........
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
Would Karmelo has been a better Senator if she'd blown Frank Sinatra?

Too long a line.
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Did I offend you?

I am bigoted and prejudiced against a subset of the American population that prides itself on willful ignorance and hatred of anything they don't understand or anyone not like them.

Sounds like you are willfully ignorant and have a hatred of the working people, as indicated by your posts denigrating Walmart employees and "mullet heads."
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A fourth child has been diagnosed with cancer at a San Joaquin County elementary school, and parents believe it’s because of radiation caused by a cell phone tower.

Because the base of the cel tower is where the kids gather to smoke.
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Interesting. The right wing commentators are defending Chelsea, while the left wingers are condemning her.
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And this after Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and UAE made donations to the Clinton Foundation. Of course, they thought they were buying influence with an imminent President Hillary.
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From the article:

“I do wonder if he’s made Australians less safe overseas,”

Like that Aussie women shot dead by the Somali immigrant cop in Minneapolis?
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AD says
It looks like one of the posts got taken down by Jazz Music. Here is what I responded with based on his observation of mass murder in the name of Christianity and/or white nationalists. I had asked him to provide a list of recent examples, but he has not done so.

jazz_music says
"but one thing I can see is that there is a lot of right wing mass shootings, violence and they are frequently done in the name of Christ."

My Response:

The mass murderer Gary Martin at the Henry Pratt Company was African American.

The mass murderer of the Dallas Police was African American.

The Navy Yard mass murderer was African American.

Omar Thorton, the Hartford Connecticut mass murderer, was African American.

The Virginia Tech Shooter was Korean.

The Orlando night club murderer was Arab.

The San Bernardino mass murderers were Pakistani.

2015 Chattanooga shootings was done by an Arab.

The 2017 New York City truck attack ...

DC Sniper - African American named "Mohammed"
Boston Marathon Bomber - Chechen Islamists
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New Zealand authorities have reminded citizens that they face up to 10 years in prison for "knowingly" possessing a copy of the New Zealand mosque shooting video - and up to 14 years in prison for sharing it.

So if a NZ guy is caught sharing that video with a few friends, he could go to jail for longer than the guy who did the shooting.
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Annuities only do well for the person selling them, not the people buying them.

Yes, like front loaded mutual funds. Big commissions for the seller.
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Former FDA director says anti-vaxers will cause epidemics

Won't the only people getting sick be the unvaccinated? Are all the illegals that come in getting vaccinated?
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I let it ride in the market where it was more liquid (plus paying a higher return) since there is no equity/value growth in the housing market here.

Growth in the housing market is not relevant, it is the interest on the loan. The issue is whether the stock market investment is paying more than the interest costs. The housing market growth would be relevant in a rent-buy decision. Since you already own the home, the home will have the same "appreciation" regardless of any mortgage.
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annuities are the only product in the world that protect against market risk and offer lifetime income.

Are we talking about the same thing? I am thinking of the high commission device where the salesperson pushes a product where the customer pays X lump sum and then gets an X monthly payment until death.

Forbes cites a typical example where one pays a $100,000 lump sum and then receives $416.67 per month until death, a "5% payout" annuity. This does not include any fees.

Quick math here shows it will take 20 years just to recoup your $100,000, even longer if you include the fees.

If you just put the $100,000 into a 2.5% savings account, you could withdraw $500/mo for 20 years and 3 months before using up the money. And if you pass away before that 20 years, you can will the remainder.
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Example 2: Mortgage on house, interest rate: 3.5%, Cash invested in stock market instead returning 6%, local appreciation running 3%, what's your net gain on the house? 5.5%

I see that differently. Whether the house appreciates or not does not matter, you already own it. The decision is still "if you can beat the mortgage with stocks, leave the mortgage be and put the cash into stocks." The decision is not "if the house appreciates/depreciates, pay off the loan."
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The “conservative” Right doesn’t dare call them on it, out of fear of losing Hispanic votes.

The Hispanics who arrived legally, and the Hispanics whose families have been here for generations, are not all in favor of illegal immigration. Kid of foolhardy to think that all American Hispanics want to see an unfettered illegal inflow just because the illegals are fellow "Hispanics."
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you are confused in fees.

No, I was using Forbe's definition. That is, the "payout" defined as the percentage paid out of the lump sum per anum, divided by 12 months. That is, 5% of $100,000 is $5,000, divided by twelve is that $416.67. Any fees would either come out of the lump sum up front, or out of each monthly payment.

About 5%/yr is roughly the expected income for a 65 year old immediate annuity payment. It's more for men, less for women due to life expectancy.

This sounds like you are talking about IRR. That is, the effective interest rate based on how many annuity payments were actually made, or guessed at based on an estimated life expectancy.

An annuity buyer needs a large sum up front. A saver who could acquire that kind of loot already knows how to invest and has little interest in an annuity. Therefore, the typical annuity buyer is a widow who just got a payout from her husband's life insurance. Since the widow is already late sixties early seventies anyway, she must decide if she realistically has another 20 years of life in order to make the annuity worthwhile.
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Plus, that bank interest rate isn't guaranteed, so if you remember a few years back, savings accounts were paying 0.05%, where the annuity rate/payment always stays the same.

That is a double edge sword. When interests rates were .05%, annuity rates were piss poor as well. Buying an annuity would lock you into that low rate until you die, and you would have missed out in moving your money to the 2.5% MMA.
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it is not a crime for an illegal alien to use fake federal documents to obtain a state license.

Wow. So I can use fake documents to get a license, as long as I have other fake documents to show I am a citizen of Mexico?
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Islam is the exact opposite of everything liberals think they are promoting via Islamic immigration.

In reality, the libs think the Muslims are like little brown children that cannot be held to the same standards as Europeans, and that we must cut them some slack.
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Colorado has become the 12th state to pass a measure changing the way it awards its Electoral College votes in presidential elections to award the electoral votes to the winner of the popular vote in presidential elections should enough states sign on.

So Colorado tells its own voters to fuck off, and will have California choose for them.
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Patrick says
A friend told me I shouldn't want to be super rich, because then hot young women would be flinging poon at me all the time, and that would make it very hard to remain married to any one woman, and thus make me unhappy.

Maybe he has a point. Maybe.

Bill Gates seems to have no trouble with such. Same for Sam Walton.
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No, we were not idiots, but were a bit reckless. How many of you:

Jumped off the roof with an umbrella thinking you would float down like a parachute?

Built ramps in parking lots to ride over with your bikes and get serious air time?

Built and hung out in a tree fort?

Played pickup tackle football without helmets or pads?

Jousted on bikes using broom sticks and trash can lids?

Games with the bigger kids like "King of the Hill," "Dodge Ball," and "Smear the Queer."

And there was always some pud around with a potato gun, firecrackers, or games like "Jarts."
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For the upteen time, it is to bring to attention the draconic abortion bill in Georgia legislature.

A better way would be to report whenever a male got a women pregnant. Don't want a late term draconic abortion? Then the man has some responsibilities as well.

An the bit about preventing late term and post partum abortions is "legislating women's bodies" is specious. If you think male bodies are not legislated, try walking around with your dork hanging out, soliciting a hooker, or offering to sell a kidney.
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line of kilt wearing Scotsmen doing the can can.

LOL!!! Accompanied by bagpipes playing the Can-Can song.
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Problem: Too many people have paid off homes and are not paying banks interest and fees.

Solution: Reverse mortgage, and now jumbo reverse mortgages
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Moreover, “if you are in this country now you must have the right to pay into Social Security, to pay your taxes, to pay into the local school system and to have a pathway to citizenship. That must happen,” said Gillibrand.

Translation: You must have the right to vote.
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