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MisterLearnToCode says
the peaceful Middle Ages

When the barbarians come/SHTF:
If you are isolated like in a single family house, you're dead.
If you don't have a tribe you trust around you, you're dead.
If you are not mobile or in a fortress, you are extremely vulnerable.
You can get food only by farming or yourself looting others.
Good luck prepping for that.
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If russians men are so virile, why is their population shrinking?
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No one cares enough to bother answering. Permafrost!
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It's far more democratic than Russia though.
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Because.... we all know Russians are not white nationalists. They take a lot of black and brown refugees.....

Why not attack your dear Putin for being a white nationalist?
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She sold the "non existent product" to doctors and investors.
She is facing multiple fraud charges.
Her net-worth went from $4.5 Billion to nothing.
She is facing up to 20 years in prison.
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Russians Oligarchs never solve any problems with "Benjamins".
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Sure we can go back to slavery and judge the past through the lens of today's moral.
Why not go further: Vlad the impaler: historical root of white people being bad?

A far more relevant question is: Why are Russian trolls coming here and attacking us when they themselves compare so badly?
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Kakistocracy says
This time the terror will come from the inside and be disguised as patriotism.

... and the propaganda will keep coming from Russian trolls.
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theoakman says
If you read the SJW tweets on this HBO documentary on her, they've concluded its the fault of White Privilege and Fucking White Males.

Isn't it always?
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How is that possible? Commies. All of them.
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Kakistocracy says
Where does the DoD’s $700 billion annual budget go?

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Ideology can absolutely be bombed out of existence: look at what happened to nazism and imperial Japan.
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If Russia wasn't wasting 4.3% of its GDP on weapons, maybe it could have better infrastructures, or encourage women to have more babies.
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Kakistocracy says
The Oregonian reported last week that fully 156,000 families are on the edge of homelessness in our small-population state.

Every one of those households is now paying more than 50 percent of its monthly income on rent, and none of them has any savings; one medical bill, major car repair or job loss, and they’re on the streets.

This has nothing to do with capitalism or socialism or billionaires. It's a simple consequence of average people refusing to build enough housing units.

Otherwise homelessness would be much more limited and indeed be a simple consequence of not having the state handhold everyone.
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Erdogan fancies himself the next Sultan - and Caliph - and means to Hijack Islam to dominate the middle east (and Europe).

As if Islam was not the tool of Arab nationalism and carrying essentially Arab culture.
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Or anti-Arab, pro-Turkish Caliphate.
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Quigley says
In this instance, they’re attempting to use state power to impose an onerous law on men just to make a point about their right to kill babies.

It mostly shows there is no patriarchy anymore: women are in power, at the top of the hierarchy.
And they want to use their new powers for vengeance, bullying and humiliations.
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You guys are just mean misogynists fat-shamist homophobic bastards.
"Fat and ugly" should be a category protected by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and recognized by SJW in their intersectional victimhood Olympics.
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Makes sense though... all these spermatozoa are potential human beings and should receive appropriate respect.
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HeadSet says
A better way would be to report whenever a male got a women pregnant. Don't want a late term draconic abortion? Then the man has some responsibilities as well.

Isn't that the case already?
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Looks like as soon as the human brain is not kept focused on the vicissitudes of the struggle to survive, it becomes dangerously unanchored.
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MisterLearnToCode says
I'm guessing the latter, since nobody has built a robot with even a two-year old human's level of independent perception.

I think you are a bit negative. This is not very different from Amazon warehouses. An algorithm to choose what container to take next from the ship, actually automatically take it and then put it in a certain place based on some content information. This doesn't seem implausible.

Kick that dog:

Yeah it's a lot of fixed limited framework, no understanding, no common sense decision making or very limited.
But perception is sufficiently good for a shit load of automation.
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MisterLearnToCode says
Programmed = non-autonomous.

I disagree on this.
Just like program can play chess and make choices, they can observe a real situation and make ad-hoc decisions. This can only happen so far within a limited framework. But given the progress in perceptions the limitations are much less than you would imagine.

Besides inasmuch as humans brains are machines based on the laws of physics, they can be simulated by programs.
It is therefore to simplistic to say programs cannot be autonomous, and to talk of "automatons" and of "pre-programmed" functions.
Machine learning effectively means the algorithm programs itself.

Programs can drive cars in 99% of cases. The fact that they don't is because of the remaining 1%. Imagine the collaboration between a car driver and a pedestrian crossing the street. The exchange of looks & subtle signs. Piloting a crane on a dock may not have as many bad cases.
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thenuttyneutron says
If you were to put these women in a stressful situation where they were seriously hungry to the point that they almost die, their whole behavior would change.

Not even that. If they had even 2 small kids each, they would be running around doing useful things, instead of this mental masturbation on "women shouldn't have babies, or have abortions, the earth can't take it" while other less thoughtful women plop 7 kids.
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marcus says
respected people like Jonthon Haidt and Jordan Peterson campaigning against the lack of "diversity of thought" on campuses these days.

These people are not "respected". They are hated by the left.
Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris were just all but blamed for the NZ attack in such mainstream venues as the New York Times, because of their demanding the right to criticize Islam.
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Kakistocracy says
Patrick says
You are safer and probably richer because of Trump.

Seriously ? Seriously?

Not Russian trolls.
Ok maybe some.
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CBOEtrader says

Why does every female targeted dating article tell women they a bunch of dindus, while men are all children?


That article says it all:

2. We’ve figured out it’s better to be single than in a bad relationship.
----i.e. if the guy doesn't do adequately pampers our ego, bye bye....

4. We aren’t capable of settling.
----i.e. we want a guy way better than we deserve.

6. We aren’t easy to impress.
---- the guy needs to be in the top 20% - just because we're "smart" - even if we're a 4/10 physically.

7. We know when a guy isn’t worth our time.
---- if he is part of the 80% of beta-males.

8. We don’t follow the crowd.
---- just because there are large herds of us doesn't mean we're following each other!
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Remember Loreal's advertisement line: "Because we're worth it!"
It's like shooting an elephant EGO in a corridor.

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marcus says

Yeah.... Not enough evidence = exonerate.
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Just wondering: how many anti-Pittbulls people happen to be pro-guns?
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Russian trolls like to blame America.
#1 One recent survey found that 95 percent of Russians know they don't have a Bill of Rights.

#2 An earlier survey discovered that 95 percent of Russians know they don't have free speech.

#3 Shockingly, only 100 percent of Russians can name all branches of the Russian government: "Putin"

#4 During the last election, more than 40 percent of Russians did not know who else was running for president (outside Putin).

#5 According to the Pentagon, 25 percent of our young Russian adults are busy serving in the Russians military because they aren't any other jobs in Russia.

#5 For the very first time, Russians are more likely to die from alcohol abuse than they are in a car accident.

#6 One study discovered that one-third of all Russian teenagers haven’t read a single book in the past year.

#7 A recent survey found that 45 percent of Russian teenagers are online “almost constantly”.

#8 Today, the average Russian spends 86 hours a month using a smartphone.

#9 Overall, the average Russian peasant “logs 6 hours, 43 minutes with his hands in the dirt daily”.

#10 Today, the average college freshman in Russia reads at a 7th grade level.
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Hugolas_Madurez says
Guns and pittbuls? What an inanimate object has to do with a living thing capable of acting on it's own volition?

Substitute "pitbulls" for "AR-15s" in the article about that TX woman attacked by her own pets @ the vet office and it instantly turns into nonsense.

How many people are killed accidentally by their own guns? Or whose kids are killed playing with the gun?
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