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Quigley says
pop out in religion as allegory, possibly because we can understand story better than lecture

That's one of Campbell's point: Religion is talking of things that cannot be communicated easily through words. Therefore it works by telling stories, putting you in the shoes of the people having a given experience. But the story is just a metaphor for the real point which is psychology.
This is the only way religion ever makes sense: it never makes claims about anything in the physical world. Just our experience living in this world.
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Anyone ever read or watch Joseph Campbell's, "The Power of Myth"
Translation of the dead sea scrolls? Bhagavad Gita? The list is much longer.
In my readings I failed to find anything other than opinion,

Just one example that is a common theme: duality.
Zen Buddhism, Taoism, Genesis in the bible, Islam (oneness of God) all oppose dualism (as did Heraclitus).

Buddhism teaches some forms of mindfulness where you can detach you consciousness as a pure observer from your identity as a person in life.
So you have these 2 levels: life bound to incessant give and take, cycles of causes-effects, and suffering as a result, and pure consciousness, where you can see the unity of things and cannot be affected by it.

Now Genesis says in paradise man is the same as God, there is no male or female (or they don't care about the difference), etc... then we get the knowledge of good and evil and BAM we fall into a world of polar opposites: good vs evil, light vs darkness, gain-loss, start-end, male-female, life-death, etc.... The cycles of cause and effect, aka the wheel of fortune. And of course the solution is to place yourself back at the level where you see the unity of all things as taught by Buddhism.

You can describe this in religious and abstract terms, but the "wheel of fortune", the suffering and the verifiable relief, all these are purely empirical observations about the nature of the world and that one corner of the human psyche.
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NuttBoxer says

None of that's in Genesis. It's very clear that God is the creator, not anywhere close to on par with man, and that Eve is very much not the same as Adam.

God created man in his image.
Adam and Eve were going naked and didn't care, whereas after being kicked out, they are ashamed.
They ate from which tree? The tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Curious name for a tree, is it not?
I'm not saying that good and evil do not exist. They exist for us as part of life. They do not exist from the perspective of a neutral observer that has sufficient stand back.
Heraclitus said something like: "Humans think this is fair, and that is unfair. But to God, all things are good and fair and beautiful."
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Quigley says
Peterson uses the tree of knowledge as a tipping point of consciousness. Before then, they weren’t aware of their nakedness, because they weren’t aware of their mortality.

This is where I don't think I would like reading Peterson. He's lost in abstract zone of psychology.

To me what matters are not the symbols and their psychological imports, but the extremely practical lesson in the nature of the world in which we live: the endless cycle of life and death, the cycle of life feeding on life, nations that rise and fall, the cycle of violence whereby victims becoming the monsters, people who succeed then fail, win then lose, etc.... This is duality. This is the "suffering" of Buddhism. This is what human think is fair or unfair. And it should not be rejected but embraced.

The lesson of "paradise", or nirvana, is that there is a center of the wheel, a walled garden, a point of stillness and timelessness inside us, where we can be outside of this duality, and this suffering. Again this is a purely practical and verifiable claim.

You can see traces of this in a book like Genesis - that if otherwise taken literally would be a story for children, a story that could only pass for knowledge 3000 yrs ago in the bronze age.
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LeonDurham says
lol. No, it's illustrative of how Trump supporters have no fucking clue what the left cares about

We certainly have no fucking clue what the Democrats stand for.
Looks like basic corporatism pro-trade, pro-immigration, "screw the poor" economics wrapped in identity politics and SJW claptrap.
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They are just fighting Trump for power over the Republican agenda. Trump has twitter and Bannon/Cambridge analytica's agenda. The Koch's have money.

Imagine how much money they wasted on their small government, pro-corporatism grass root efforts, building up the tea-party, etc...
Then Trump comes along... BAM... it's all gone!
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bob2356 says
Where are all of the changes that the Koch bro's disagree with? A bit of political theater about illegals that doesn't get rid of illegals?

You can have whatever politicians in the wings you want. The problem for the Koch is that republican voters demonstrated they don't care about small government and went for a totally different narrative. One that will also not go away that easily.
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jazz_music says
People want 401k to go up and to hold on to their jobs and health insurance a little longer, if they can get that, they will put up with everything else you do to them and call it MAGA.

A lot of people realize that both parties are defending an agenda that is very similar on lots of critical points, and they are desperate to escape from the clutches of that establishment.

Which is why a rich demagogue vaguely babbling about draining the swamp can actually win.
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Feux Follets says
There isn't a tremendous amount of underutilized U.S. capacity

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Funny how reading the mainstream press:
- "no it's not possible"
- "we need our deficit with China"
- "Cook (i.e. someone who stands to lose a lot from a trade war) tells Trump that trade war with China is the wrong approach"
- "the deficit is how we get cheap crap for near free - and who cares about jobs."
- "Tariffs will destroy US jobs."
- etc, etc....
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NuttBoxer says
words matter

Taken literally, this is a story for children. The kind of myth that passed for knowledge in the bronze age, 3000 yrs ago.

I'm trying to point at pearls in the rubble, but even that is unnecessary. All you need is to observe the world and learn.

NuttBoxer says
Sounds like you're saying God has no sense of justice. If that were true, Adam and Eve never would have been kicked out of Eden.

No: YOU believe that God has no sense of justice. Otherwise humans now would not pay for the sins of their ancestors. Otherwise their wouldn't be children dying of starvation, or curable disease, under the all seeing eye of an omnipotent and benevolent "creator".

Personally, I don't believe in God to start with, but the wise attitude is not to drone on how unfair life is. This is life: of course shit will happen. This is just the decor, and a good one if we are to realize our potential as human beings.
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P N Dr Lo R says
He answered all these questions with the incarnation of His Son Jesus Christ when he dwelt among mortal men as One of them and yet was without sin.

That makes me laugh:
Dozen of incompatible religions all around you.
But you're so dammmn sure you're the lucky sob that happens to have the right one.
Guess what: they're all sure they are too.
And for the exact same reason you do: i.e. they were taught this stuff by their parents.

But you can't take a step back for 1 minute and figure it out?
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P N Dr Lo R says
There were many religions before and after Christ, but only Christ divided history, only He controls the elements and was present at creation. None of the others make that claim because they're mired in human clay.

Of course the others make other claims that justifies their beliefs - exactly like your claim here.
You think all others are wrong, exactly like they think you are wrong.
But they are totally sure to be right, exactly like you are.
And yet you think you are so different, exactly like they think they are different.
You don't see a pattern???
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"Everything Henein asked me came back to one big question: why did I keep in touch with Jian? The answer is that it was my way of processing what happened to me, of neutralizing a volatile situation he created. "

Even if you grant her that, what does it mean?
Women are children. They can't be held responsible for their own actions. Men need to care for women like they would for a child: i.e. do not listen what the child is saying but instead judge themselves the best interest of the child is.

How would men know what women want or need is a mystery. But obviously not based on what women are saying.

Women should also be able to drink and not be responsible for their resulting actions. It's the fault of men if they let them drink, and their resulting lack of inhibition is also to be blame on men.

In fact: it's all men fault, always.
And that's that.
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P N Dr Lo R says
And thank God for that! That is actually how Christianity is propagated

Yep. It's also how Islam is propagated. And Judaism. And Buddhism.
This is also how the cult of Zeus used to be propagated.
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Ceffer says
Declares Herself A Feminist.

...Sure... pick someone with much higher social status then declare yourself an equal.

But good luck divorcing that one and getting half his stuff....
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Someone's already planning a car accident?
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This is a country where some people have to work hard for $7/h (or whatever the minimum).
What should the penalty be for not doing that?

How much do illegal immigrants make for picking up strawberries? Why can't our homeless do the same?
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MisterLefty says
There’s a notable absence of specifics

There's the NK deal coming. He needs China for that.
And it's not just Trump. The Chinese are starting to compete on top goods and many US companies will become less pro-trade as that happens.
We sacrificed US workers to raise undemocratic and self-centered China to the number 1 economic position. Now, time to compete head-on with that monster.
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Ridiculous housing politics, debt accumulation, soul killing jobs, spiritual death, institutionalized public assistance, dreadful gender relations and resulting terminal fertility rates, massive immigration to plug the gap, massive inequalities... the mantras of the modern neo-liberal establishment.
Where did we go wrong?
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What does it have to do with neurosurgery?
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China is about to copy and attack head-on all the western industries it left untouched so far: cars, planes, cell phones, software, movies, etc...

It is set to become a larger percent of the world economy than the US was at the end of WW2.

Meaning the US companies absolutely need access to China's market.
Meaning the days when the US could push its weigh around are gone.
Get used to it and prepare to compete like crazy.

And hope you enjoyed the cheap crap of the past couple decades. That was a super smart strategy!
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Aphroman says
That Giant Sucking Sound isn’t the collective Betas cramming their tongues up Donalds bunghole in adulation like ignorant, disgusting children, no. It’s our economy being sucked across the sea by Republicans

I'm wondering how naive you have to be to think the 2 parties were not together in the corporatism and the short term profits. Clinton loved free trade agreements. And Democrats never made 1 move against that trend.

I find this really amazing that some people still think Democrats stand for labor in this country.
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Doesn't that automatically create a re-appraisal of the value of the property for prop 13 purpose?
Shouldn't it?
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Aphroman says
Where have you ever seen me defending Democrats, or offering them up as a solution?

You attacked Republicans. If you were not defending Democrats, you would attack both sides, not 1 side.
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Goran_K says

The DNC will become relevant again when it gives up collectivism and begins to embrace individualism and personal liberty. Their losses and failures are because they have embraced socialism plain and simple.

I think they are irrelevant for the exact opposite reason: they are corporatists plain and simple.
Obama and Clinton were fighting to blow every banksters in sight, and Obamacare is a market based solution, with a subsidy and idiosyncrasies that are there purely to profit insurances.
Yeah they support some unions, but that is just an other kind of corporatism.

There are still republicans who think Reagan is the model for GOP politicians, and anything on the left is communism. These people live 40 yrs in the past and are as lost as those on the left who believe Democrats actually want to help American working class families. Things are just no longer cut out that way.
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Nobody says

I am seriously considering buying just a piece of land in an affluent neighborhood...

If you can afford it...
Nobody says

and buy a RV to park on my
land just to drive those rich fuc*ers crazy.

There's probably a local regulation preventing you to live in a RV even in your own land.
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What prevented the parents from waiting for him to walk out, change the lock, and leave a suitcase with his belongings in front of the door?
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marcus says
My belief is that excessive political correctness is something that is self correcting

37 different genders is not political correctness: It's an extreme agenda and these are people who want to forcefully impose it on the rest of society.
If anything the SJW crap is spreading. I hear more of it in NPR shows now for example.
On the Internet, most people don't oppose it for fear of being seen as nazis by their friends. Virtue signaling is a must. And tech platforms actively ban any serious criticism of these ideas.
Trolls? As a whole the Internet mostly gives the wrong impression that there is no serious opposition to these ideas.
But opposition is legitimate.
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What does it mean "your boss steal your ideas"?
If you have ideas for the organization in which you work, and they get implemented, is that stealing? Or is it what you want?

Bosses typically take credit from what comes out of the organization they lead. This is legitimate.

The question is not about "stealing ideas", but is the boss giving you the proper recognition you deserve, whether though simple verbal praise in front of other people, or promotions or raises.

It should be win-win. If they aren't doing anything for you in return of what you do for them, then indeed you should ask why and consider leaving.
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Goran_K says
Alaskan deep sea fishing simply isn't a 30 year life time career.

More like a 5 yrs life time?
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In essence, Pinker wrote an ode to neo-liberalism, under cover of defending enlightenment values. As if neo-liberalism was the only possible extension of the enlightenment values.

In doing so, he offers a perfect rationalization for the intellectual elites to continue to support it, in spite of the fact this system being obviously built to benefit the richest fraction of the population and work around any possible advantage that labor could get over capital.

It is not accident that Bill Gates likes the book. He can rationalize that the system that raised him far above the masses is in fact for the greater good for these masses.

And we can argue about it but many of the facts he mentions can not be easily dismissed. For all its flaws, liberalism remains the only tool we have. There is simply no other that has been tested, worked, and scaled in space and time.
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The big flaw in his argument seems simple: everything he's listing here happened when the world's population and economy was growing.

But this growth can simply not continue, for ecologic reason. We are already overshooting earth capacity in many domains.

In the best case, population growth has to stop completely, and will probably fall later on. Which means economic growth will likely follow.

When that happens, we will be left with 1 tool: economic liberalism that is totally maladapted to a world with no growth.
People today probably cannot imagine the wrenching experience of completely stopping growth. It's would be like Japan but with no exports. A sense of deep malaise will spread. Institutions in place are discredited and then rejected. People will flock around irrational leaders, maybe religion. The light of reason will dim, and bad consequences will follow. Probably building on each others. It will be very hard to maintain the edifice of civilization without its key-stone that has always been growth.

And that's the best case because we easily hit a wall in the meantime. Progress like food capacity can peter out. "Super bugs" can spread. etc, etc...
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TwoScoopsOfDragonEnergy says
Most of these gains happened 1940-1980, when modern liberalism or the "Great Consensus" ruled. Under neo-liberalism, life expectancy actually declined for the 3rd year in a row.

Well I think some of these trends started long before that. And continue to today. I think this is hard to contest.
But indeed history has super-cycles of growth and progress. They are usually followed by dark ages.
Light is brightest just before sunset.
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TwoScoopsOfDragonEnergy says
It'll be a helluva long time before we exhaust Moon and Mars

I admire your optimism. The weak gravity alone will likely kill you. And radiations will get you if gravity doesn't.
Not to mention the extreme dollar and energy cost to raise anything out of earth gravity.
Most of humanity will remain earthbound for the time being.
Better manage the place well.
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The picture above doesn't fit with a long list of immediately verifiable facts. Including:
- the fact we don't see the sun at night
- the fact that the sun goes down all the way to the horizon every sunset.
At least previous flat earth models had the sun going under the earth sheet - But hey... that would eliminate time zones....

- And well ... here go seasons in the southern hemisphere.
- and travel from Chile to Australia anyone?
- And why doesn't the north pole get more sun than tropics?
- Not to mention varying centrifugal forces depending of your latitude?....
- And what about GPS satellites? They just float there above us?

I guess if reason could be used to debunk this kind of individual, there would be no religion.
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I bet the mother smothered him with love until he wasn't cute any more but still dumb.
Now his best bet would be to find a childless but over maternal cougar that would take him - as a project.

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