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I'm afraid a lot of EU regulation would still have to apply because of required access to EU market.
The EU will close itself to any industry against which they can't compete and that they can't tax if it operates outside the EU. They hate Facebook and Google in Ireland.

Fishermen of any countries would still go out an fish and still be subsidized by their country. If anything the EU is the part of Europe that resists the most overfishing.

Without a deal, finance will move in part inside Europe and out of the UK.

And in any case, without a deal, the sudden change of access will mean economic disruption one way or an other. Industries serving the UK will have to move in, and others that serve the EU will have to leave. You don't move factories easily. This has a huge cost.
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The English have often dreamed of raising the anchor and sailing out away from old Europe. But their country remains stubbornly stranded there.
They are much more alike continentals than they like to admit.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
One thing the British consumer will realize very quickly in a Brexit is their grocery bill will take a huge dive, and they'll see an increase in quantity.

Yeah... their currency will plunge.... I doubt their grocery bills will go down as a result.
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I doubt negotiating deals with Trump or other countries will put the UK in a position of force.
They are a small country and that is their negotiating position.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Oh, and the Biggest One of All: Amazon will no longer be able to use the Dutch-Irish Sandwich to hide it's BILLIONS in UK Sales in low tax Dublin from UK Taxation.

Really? because they control where Amazon operates from? Or what it does abroad?
If the EU could stamp out these tax evasions, it would be history by now.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
But the UK runs a trade surplus with the non-EU Rest of the World. Which has been growing steadily.

Because the UK relies on finance and debt, whereas Germans rely on actual skills and industries.
If anything this is going to make things worse. The UK should take a page from the Germans playbook.
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If May falls, watch other politicians argue that the referendum had this or that problem and needs to redone.
The establishment is waiting to push that option.
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Folks, Trump is the president and therefore at the end of the day responsible in the eyes of people.

Democrats have 0 incentives to give him what he wants. T
hey just don't care if he shoots his own hostage government.

Therefore Trump better look for a less humiliating way to backpedal out of his current corner.
His best bet would be to use other moneys, if he happens to be legally allowed to do it.
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So you think feminists and SJW are all you have to worry about?
You think hegemonic communism is dead?

Pay particular attention to the part starting around 50min in.
Think about it next time you buy a little gadget "made in China".
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Our elites have come to see "us versus them" tribalism as some evil to be eradicated. They want a fluid world with no frontiers, unsupervised immigration, un-impinged commerce.

They are badly mistaken. The only reason why countries exist at all is because of their inner tribalism.

Without it, you get California-exit, Catalonia-exit, etc.... countries are ripped apart.

Countries are still today responsible for our security. Armies are national. The willingness to fight and die to defend the country exists only because of national tribalism.
So does the willingness to share resources within the country.

We know nazis went too far, but removing nationalism altogether is stupid. Especially unilaterally, since Russia, China, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, etc.... are very much nationalistic.
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Guess who's not emasculated.
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Patrick says
Now the elites are afraid. For the first time, there is a movement which cannot be controlled through the normal political mechanisms. The gilets jaunes didn’t emerge from the trade unions or the political parties. It cannot be stopped. There is no ‘off’ button. Either the intelligentsia will be forced to properly acknowledge the existence of these people, or they will have to opt for a kind of soft totalitarianism."

Zerohedge is typical Russian propaganda. Always try to foment resentment of people against "the elite".
If necessary do that conflating completely different things: like the leftist gilets jaunes in France against the US liberal elite.
As if the elite in France was "liberal".
As if there were any "gilets jaunes" in the US that couldn't be stopped.
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She seems to be an unscrupulous arriviste of the Gavin Newsom class.
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clambo says
Women also like guys who are intelligent, funny, polite, considerate among other qualities. They also are attracted to assholes which seems paradoxical.

There's a lot of confusion about what women want, because it revolves around 2 opposite poles:
- the good father: kind, funny, considerate, intelligent.
- the alpha male: high status, strong, aggressive, but also assholes.
Themselves are sometimes confused about it. They tend to rationalize at an intellectual level that they really don't want the assholes, but given the opportunity they may not resist.
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ohomen171 says
“aging population with 30 million fewer women than men,”

They could lose 30 millions in a war and it wouldn't even matter.
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ohomen171 says
“The women’s expectations are high. … They’re spoilt for choice,” lamented factory worker Wang Haibo

Think how much smarter their next generation is going to be as a result.
No idiocracy there.
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You can be rich all you want, if you are bald and short, it may not be enough....
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marcus says
It was just a commercial. Get over yourself.

The backlash kind of shows the accumulated resentment against the mainstream constant shaming & blaming of anything vaguely masculine, the blatant disregard of any male suffering, contrasting with the minute by minute coddling of poor "girls", the constant demand of more 'equality' translating into pussy passes and lowering of standards, the #meToo 0-due-process bullying and/or lynching, etc, etc...

It ain't funny anymore.
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She looks like she has some 'savings'/reserves.
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Patrick says

1. El Salvador
2. Honduras
3. Venezuela

Where are the immigrant caravans coming from? Top two murder rate countries in the world.

Just sayin that Trump may have a point.

Are you implying that these people are genetically murderous?
Maybe they come because it's dangerous there?
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If a wall is built, it should be zombie proof.

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REpro says
€153,783+: 45%
Dec 2, 2018

China also has a maximal tax rate of 45%.
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Though I'm fairly certain some 25% of you paycheck in France is collected through fees and 'charges' even before you get to pay the tax on revenue.
So here you go.
And this had nothing to do with Hollande either. Taxes in France were always high.
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The point of the article is you could build NEW units for that price - and you could.
But the entire point of this setup is "how to allow people living here without building anything".
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Trump should put this guy in charge of negotiating with Democrats for a wall.
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clambo says
Par for the course; having enough skin pigment makes you "black" in politics.

1 drop rule!

(like Elizabeth Warren).
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willywonka says
Guests there to greet Harris are expected to include Margo Alexander, a member of Clinton’s inner circle; Dennis Mehiel, a Democratic donor who is the chairman of the Battery Park City Authority, even though he lives between a sprawling Westchester estate and an Upper East Side pad; designer Steven Gambrel and Democratic National Committee member Robert Zimmerman.

You really make it sound like she was anointed by all the donors present and then allowed to enlarge Hillary's inner circle.
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NuttBoxer says
So explain the economic collapse that ensued, the Yellow Vest protests that are going on now, and the fact that French pay more taxes than any other country in Europe.

There is no collapse: France economy continues to grow at a snail pace.
The french governments continues to do "reforms" to liberalize the economy. In Macron's case mostly on the labor rights.
In the meantime, they try to close the deficit by increasing taxes. Hence the yellow vests.
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Are you gonna be working remotely or new job?
How is pay?
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Patrick says
Keep it simple: ban all collection of user data--no exceptions.

Aren't message boards posts "user data"?
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Ads models require:
1 - selecting the most extreme, provocative content all the time to attract attention.
2 - make people addicted as much as possible. Design your products toward that end.
3 - no privacy. Every bit of data is siphoned and sold to the highest bidder.
4 - this data and targeting become available to foreign propaganda services. (as well as our own surveillance).
This is toxic.
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For sure, in the Arizona desert, a few miles from the nearest entrance, the crowds will also die fast.

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