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Meanwhile Trump want to get read of the AMT, which for the little we know about his taxes, is the one rule that forced him to pay some relevant taxes.
But nothing to see here.
But it's all great cynicism of the right.
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Goran_K says

... they would be a fucking liar too.

And they would be loved by republicans for it.
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Goran_K says

... and here is why I don't care when the left feigns moral outrage.

Yeah because saying what is technically the truth is a great moral outrage comparable to, say, screwing a business partner after you shook his hand, or defrauding people attending your fake school, or running businesses in other countries while serving as US president, or trying to remove tax rules that make you pay taxes.
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Goran_K says
No, there was no truth in this whole saga.

You choose to believe there is no truth, just like there are still people who choose to believe that Obama is not a US citizen in spite of him releasing the long form birth certificate.
Nothing will convince cultists.
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ThreeBays says

Started Presidency: $965 billion
Ended Presidency: $2.74 trillion
Increased 184% or 13.9% per year

36 yrs. debt increase 2056%. 8.7%/yrs.
Tells you something wrong with the economic strategy during that period.
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ThreeBays says
We have over $200 trillion in unfunded liabilities.

$200 trillions lol...
Over how long?
What is expected cumulative GDP over that period assuming just 2% nominal growth?
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Sadly, Stormy was perhaps the only person he ever hired that was competent to do her job.
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ThreeBays says
US treasuries are an IOU from the government, and we count those as the federal deficit. SS, Medicare, government and veteran benefits, and all other commitments it has made are also IOUs. However the government fails to add those liabilities to the so called "deficit".

You seem to confuse deficit, debt, and future liabilities.
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doik says
Ten bucks says I can guess what the killer app for this is.

Scratch your back?
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HeadSet says
He did not hire her for sex. She was paid to keep quiet, which she reneged on.

Yeah... this particular prostitute had sex with him because she's attracted to old orange slobs.
... republicans tell us.

Imagine Obama trading insults publicly with a prostitute.
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Goran_K says
I honestly can't believe Democrats want to argue that a person who is proven by DNA to be 99.999% white is somehow Native American.

Ridiculous straw man.
She never claimed she was native American.
She herself didn't know what percent of her ancestry was native Americans until the test.
All she did was believe her parents who told her she had some native American ancestry, and claimed so.

Obviously a capital crime for Trump cultists, whose leader does 10 times worse on a regular basis.
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You can probably count followers of Bernie that have read Marx or Plato on 1 hand.
People who have read Marx also understand the history of the 20th century.
Idiocracy seems more likely than "Marxism".
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Republicans are screwed because the proportion of whites is dwindling.
In 15 years the country will more like CA, with democrats outnumbering republicans by 2-1, unless the narratives change radically.
The ideas dominating this echo chamber are dying.
Too late to change this.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
or toward a sort of dystopian Mad Max nightmare in which resources have dwindled, rich plutocrats own everything, and ordinary people need to band together in small, autonomous communities to survive. To conservatives’ dismay, the modern idea of socialism

Is that surprising? We live in a world where more and more is automatized, where most other jobs are commoditized and handed to skill-less low wage workers, while on the other side the rich make up like bandits. With wages, the end-demand is collapsing, which has to be compensated by massive debt creation. 80% of the population is getting screwed for the profits of the rest.
Capitalism has become its own worse enemy. In its indeed evolving toward socialism - or mad-Max.
This is kind of obvious.
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Quigley says
Obviously they’re self-selecting out of the gene pool. Better for everyone!

Whites Anglo-saxons used to own this country. They lost it. A few more babies in the bible belt isn't going to change this equation.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Not at all. Millennials reproduce at the smallest numbers in history. They're all in - almost the entire Millennial cohort is of voting age - and are as Left as they'll ever be. It's all downhill from here.

It's certainly downhill for more conservative older generations.
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She's probably the next democratic presidential candidate.
I can't wait for the debate.
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Goran_K says
Islam is cancer. The Saudis are evil but serve as a good barrier against the Iranians.

That's like the fire being a barrier to the frying pan.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
The same was said about the Irish, who voted for overwhelmingly for Copperheads when they first started to arrive in numbers.

Yes, though the Irish culture is a bit closer than the Hispanic one.
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Meme bombing "debate": for people with attention spans just long enough to read a meme. Some of them are funny though.
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Strategist says
All land in existence was stolen or conquered by someone or other.

Sure, and all empires ultimately fail, and all civilizations end up collapsing. It's written. With enough stand back, I guess none of this matters.
The sun will turn red and pulverize the earth soon enough.
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I admire your optimism :-)
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Trump doesn't control these. Someone else does. Not someone trying to help him.
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Money growth at 4% in an economy otherwise growing at 6+% nominally is clearly not good news for assets.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says

The Left can't Meme.

You're right. They are trying to be nuanced and show up their knowledge.
Propaganda doesn't work that way :-)
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Iwog went batshit crazy on people - including myself - starting a few days after the election. I

Iwog was very aggressive in his debating style, but not threatening, or otherwise crossing lines. I think the level of incivility was not unexpected for an Internet free speech forum. There were trolls like 'piggy' who were 10 times more annoying.
Iwog was also informed and sharp. His opinion was worth reading most of the time. So a loss for the forum overall.
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Too many people are used to a quick smile at memes they agree with and can't handle a frank discussion that force them to think, and occasionally revise their opinions.
Iwog left many feeling butt hurt after scuffles.
That caused a lot of resentment.
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SS's a tiny fraction of the money transferred from young to old.

The old own richly valued assets but leave behind a society loaded with debts.
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Trump DNA results re out: 97% Orangutan*

Ah... not even funny!
* though it's a fact.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
It perfectly expresses the cognitive dissonance of the Leftist Position on Immigration.

"Foreigners come in", and "You, STFU and let them". No dissonance there.
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Obviously republicans can't stop thinking about her.
GOP deploys Pelosi and Clinton to rouse the base in midterms
[Republicans will face a massive gender gap at the polls this November, but they’re still betting big on an ad strategy that demonizes two of the most recognizable women in American politics.]
Your post is an echo of it.
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It's all ad hominem - no substance whatsoever.
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zzyzzx says

Scott Adams Predicts ‘Greatest Turnout by Republicans, Maybe Ever’ in Midterms

Partisan people are known to be the worst forecasters.
Motivated reasoning is killing them.
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Could a sexual predator attack an illegal alien?
I bet you could make a movie.

You would call it: "Alien vs Predator"
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Right one time is not a statistic.

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