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HonkpilledMaster says
Coffee was $2.20/lb in 2012. Now it's less than a dollar.

Really? Peets costs a lot more.
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Streaming video to millions may prove more challenging than twattling about Jung's archetypes.
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EBGuy says
With the amount I lose in the market, you'd think I wouldn't fear loss of principal. How much have you lost (percentage wise with NAC?)

I was joking.
I have only a fraction in NAC. I added to it with time.
The thing with NAC is its leverage fell when short rates were climbing. Its yield will go up when short rates fall. Its price will go up when long rates fall.
Note a 401K removes municipal bonds main advantage: tax free return.
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Quigley says
but if a deal emerges with China soon, expect to miss the big gains if you cash out now!

We already know the deal: short term agreement on agriculture and commodity widgets. Mid to long term ugly divorce on tech.
This is gonna be painful.
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Partisan people are always the worst predictors.
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Did the guy attack the cop?
Then the cop had to shoot him.
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Is the population of CA falling?
People are fleeing insane prices caused by too many people wanting to live there.
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Yeah, there are regulations on housing causing this.
Yet if people were really fleeing, the problem would be resolved.
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NuttBoxer says

More citizens have been leaving than entering for years. Keep in mind that just because population concentrates in certain areas, driving up cost in those areas, that does not mean the state as a whole is experiencing growth.

Really? because in most remote places in California housing prices remain indecent. At least coastal CA.

As an example I picked a random house from San Luis Obispo (a place not exactly known for its rich industry).
$1.3m. Doesn't exactly have curb appeal.
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Quigley says
Yet apparently, replacing educated productive citizens with poor uneducated immigrants who don’t speak the language and will need lots of social welfare for a long time is a good trade.

Poor uneducated immigrants aren't the ones bidding up million dollars homes.
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Solving global warming will destroy our way of life?
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Onvacation says
alarmists will soon find

When? Because for the past 15 yrs I've been reading people like you on Internet forums that GW is a fad, that such and such is the last nail of the coffin of that hoax, etc, etc...

In the meantime, we're still beating new temp records on a regular basis and all evidence shows it is happening.

At what point do you admit defeat?
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Patrick says

2020 is not hindsight to some.
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Tenpoundbass says
Who remember these days?

Now irrelevant past. Get over it.
Trump is the one bending over and handing nuclear tech to these guys.
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CBOEtrader says
do you really think a .8° temp increase is a problem?

Ah so we moved the goal post from "Show me we're beating new temp records on a regular basis." to "explain me why 0.8 degree is a problem"?

Got it.

Do you think 2 degree is a problem? 5 degree? 10 degree?
Just wondering.
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HonkpilledMaster says
Finally, where's the big sea level rises?

That's cause we just started. Ice will melt for hundreds of years just with the CO2 we added so far.
It may take 5000 yrs to melt Antarctica. Better hope we have an other source of energy before then.
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NuttBoxer says
I'd guess the proximity to Paseo Robles has something to do with that price

Yeah Palo Alto has GOOGL FB AAPL.
Paseo Robles has? Farm.com?
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(dark blue 1000–1991): P.D. Jones, K.R. Briffa, T.P. Barnett, and S.F.B. Tett (1998). "High-resolution Palaeoclimatic Records for the last Millennium: Interpretation, Integration and Comparison with General Circulation Model Control-run Temperatures". The Holocene 8: 455–471. doi:10.1191/095968398667194956

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Is the money coming from selling wine?
Or it's all rich retirees bidding up San Luis Obispo?
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The entire premise of the thread was that the demand for the state of CA is falling.
I don't think illegals are bidding up million dollar shacks.
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The problem with the guy is not that he's rude, but he is neither acting out of principles, nor out of pragmatism. He's acting based on impulses. The guy is flying by the seat of his pants.
You may feel it went the right way this time, but remember, he did bomb Syria, for somewhat vacuous reasons, maybe just to do the opposite of Obama did in a similar situation.
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clambo says
A drone shot down is annoying; killing 150+ as a response is an act of war.

We aren’t at war with Iran, so it’s good that Trump showed restraint.

So why did he get within 10 min of starting a war?
All impulses. First: "I'll show them", then at the last moment "Ok, maybe not, call it off.".
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What fun would it be to fly drones over international waters?
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Goes to show: you don't need to be "of the people" to be "for the people".

Tenpoundbass says
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socal2 says
"What if it is a big hoax and we hike the cost of energy for nothing?"

- Economic decline
- Famine
- War
- Genocide
- Poverty

Actually solar and winds are already the cheapest form of energy in many places.
They are because we already invested a lot of money in these, and nothing bad happened to the economy.

Not to mention that gas reserves are more quickly becoming more and more expensive to exploit. The cheapest places to exploit are already dry. Only the most expensive places remain. Shale wells in the US will dry quickly and requires more and more new drilling. Literally trillions are invested in finding and drilling to new oil. Not only that but drilling itself and purifying oil requires energy, so that the energy return on the energy invested to drill is getting smaller.

So no matter what, we are bound to invest fortunes in transforming the way we get and consume energy. There is no way around this.
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Oracle spent 36 billions on buybacks. Revenues around $40 billions, R&D less than $6 billions.
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Just wait. I hear assassination dark markets where you can bid anonymously to have celebrities - or your neighbor - whacked are just around the corner.
Deep fakes may soon be the least of our concerns.
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Onvacation says
20 years later and we got 2 feet of snow on the first day of summer in Colorado.

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HonkpilledMaster says
You still believe he survives 365-24-7 x4 all out attacks by the World Media, the Deep State, etc. and simply is a Happy Amateur? No chance.

Granted he can wrestle the media into the mud, but that's the only thing he's good at.
I wish the foreign policy of this country was not led solely for US media appearances.
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Onvacation says
Just goes to show that the cataclysmic, permanent drought, snow is a memory, global warming scientists were wrong.

Show me a scientific article that predicted no snow in Colorado last year.
How are a couple degrees difference on average 100 yrs out - even 5 degrees in a catastrophic scenario - were ever going to prevent snow in mountains LAST YEAR?
These things are obvious and not worth talking about.
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