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Rew says
Papadopoulos, a low ranking nobody, errand boy, who sang like a canary and is on the Russian collusion track.

Collusion means he was helping the Russians. In what sense? What did the Russian need from Trump to do what they were doing, and have been doing long before there was a Trump in the picture?

Too many democrats are guided by their wishful thinking.
The perspective of getting rid of the president at any cost makes them drool like pit bulls.
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The page of the NYT is funny. The titles:
- "Mueller’s First Indictments Send a Message to the President"
As in "I have nothing".
- "Editorial: Is the White House Scared Yet?"
Is Trump supposed to be scared? What is it? A Halloween special?
- "The Plot Against America: Robert Mueller hands a gangster administration its first indictments."
Hummm... no these guys indicted are not part of the administration.
- "Why George Papadopoulos Is More Dangerous Than Paul Manafort: The adviser’s guilty plea is evidence of collusion with Russia."
... Yeah he tried to get dirt, the way we know the DNC paid to get dirt.

These people are working themselves up to orgasm level before being within a mile of their target.
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Strategist says
It's true. It was an insane person who did this. Sadly, there are 1.5 billion insane people on this planet. How do we know this? Simple. Anyone who thinks a child molester is a perfect human being must be insane.

I disagree. Some contagious ideas can turn otherwise perfectly sane human beings into ruthless killers.
Human beings are all vulnerable in that way.
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anon_a4aad says
The left has just gone terrorist insane lately.

The lunatic leftist fringe doesn't represent the entire left.
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The right answer is they need to take their "populist" pill and start focusing on the average American, and do so independently of race or origin.

Focusing on identity would not only tear apart the party, it will in time tear apart America. It would be an historic mistake.
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Do you really have to be a socialist just not to be corrupted?
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Have banks decided to screw Trump?

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Going back below 2m
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On the bright side manufacturing looks good right now. (But wait one year)

Housing is still growing at the moment, but is so weak it won't save the economy.

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anotheraccount says
You mean like getting rid of mortgage deduction over 500K for new buyers in California who need it most.

That part is undoubtedly the best part so far in the proposed law.
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Luckily you can still blather about the flaws of this race (or that one) on pat net.
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Don't you worry, it will shrink in the next recession.
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KimJongUn says
tovarichpeter says
It’s a heavily-armored military vehicle

Could be useful in "active shooter" situation.

It could.
Americans want weapons to defend themselves from the government (the police).
So it makes sense the police ups the ante and militarize to make sure they can deal with "active shooters" and... well, other non-conformists.
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The main advantage of democracy is to avoid violent revolts because people have a voice.
I don't think our elites fear violent revolt very much nowadays.
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What reduction do you favor?
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anon_63a6c says
Why not cut spending?

Why not have a depression?
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Debt money is not lost. Someone has all this money.
Just need to take them and actually, like, spend it.
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On things we, like, need.
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KimJongUn says
Oh, that armored police shit doesn't really work against true non-conformists citizens in large groups. Here's an illustration:

That's cause they didn't pull out their belt fed gear.
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You'd have to explain how population is gonna shrink after 2040. It won't. Not due to new babies but longer lives.
Also resources are generally not lacking.
Oil is on path to be replaced altogether with renewables.

We're screwed probably but not so fast as foreseen.
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Yeah, well, either a dick or an idiot.
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HEY YOU says
Republicans still can't say "White Male TERRORIST".

terrorism: the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.
White Male terrorism exists, or existed.
But this is not it.
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Trump is not charismatic. He just knows how to wield provocation.
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Yeah, well. You can't blame them to use what they have.
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Maybe a test of the baboon will make people rush back into the arms of the establishment.
Return to square 1.
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Elizabeth Warren?
Think of the ads: first Indian president.
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Strategist says
As usual, the wackos are always from California.

Except Texas has more than it's quota too.

Like Waco's wackos.
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errc says
They’re still simply voting on whoever runs as a Republican. How is the Trump administration and Republican Supreme Court and Republican legislature, any different from “The Establishment “?

That's a good question.
They didn't choose him. So they hate him.
And they still hold congress so he won't deviate too much. Unless he does something really stupid.
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Only 1 dead so not worth mentioning.
Just an other day in America.
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So what are you gonna do about it? Whine on the Internet until you kick the bucket?
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"Those who scorn the improbable are like the caterpillar that, setting up to cross a forest trail, refuses to believe it will be made into a freeway before it reaches the other side."
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What about house flippers?

TwoScoopsMcGee says
Imagine a Robot flipping burgers
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YesYNot says
you will still find hormone levels are all over the place rather than being binary

Yeah that's all very well, there 2 clear clusters.
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YesYNot says
I agree that there are 2 clear clusters, and that some vast majority are clearly men or women / boys or girls. That all seems rather obvious. I just don't think that's enough information to specify an answer to the polling question.

That's how many people interpret the question. I agree not a very good question.
Then there are people (on both sides) who answer it based on how they think society should be organized.

My take is: in order to think clearly, you need to use concepts and language that match the clear clusters.

Respect the outliers. Respect individuals. But don't twist the entire society and concept/language so that they don't feel outliers.
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YesYNot says
2 scoops is trying to read too much into it.

He is reading political narratives.
This entire question of trans people is brought up by the left as the next fight after gay marriages.
An other distraction, dividing the vulgum pecus, while laws are being bought.

But really a deeply confused and silly fight.
When you see laws like in Canada where wrong pronoun usage is criminalized, you have to say these people are lost.
We have pronouns defined in an emergent and useful way. We don't need to fight that top-down.
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That, and identity politics.
Symptoms of a political left sinking into the swamp.
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Strategist says
Lets get one and use it to target "Fat little Rocketman"

It may start with rocketman but where does it stop?
When China or Russia have it, they wouldn't do it to us, right?
They wouldn't kill half the population of this planet, just because they can, right?
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YesYNot says
Left and right are both guilty of identity politics.

I didn't read your thread on this, however I think white nationalism, like the KKK was going out of fashion and basically limited to a few nuts, until democrats insisted on identity politics for minorities as a political strategy to get a majority, largely based on the upsurge of latinos.

White nationalism and minorities identity politics are mirror images of each other. You can't coalesce one tribe without coalescing its out-group.
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YesYNot says
I've expressed in comment 1 why the religious leaders on the right love to turn this into a culture war.

But of course. This is how tribalism works. The more you insist on imposing one idea seen as extreme, the more you bolster people with the opposite idea.
This is how politics work.
The swamp knows it well. This is how they divide us based on trivial issues - while buying our laws.

YesYNot says
As for the left continuing to fight for the rights of minorities, they have a pretty good track record over the last 40 yrs.

Nothing fails like success. They become arrogant and go too far. This is how Hitler attacked Russia.
The NYT published dozens of article on transgendered people in 2016. Then Trump got elected.
People are like "Really? This is really what you are about? You don't have anything else to talk about?"
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Suppose country A has this technology, and country B doesn't. So A could conceivably invade B, destroy its factories and bring it down to stone age level. All with almost no risk and no lives cost on A's side. B is for all practical purposes at the mercy of A.

But now suppose country B is doing advanced research to get a better version that might give it an advantage against A later on. Suppose the superior version may allow B to destroy A's drones and capability, so that B could invade A and bring it to its mercy. Again that would be with minimal costs in lives and risks.

Suppose A knows B is doing this research.
If you are A, what do you do?