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Chris Hedges DOES have the most punchable face, though.
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I'm sure it's as unbiased and science driven as gender fluidity
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Patrick says
No way. A warrior high on weed and opium would be useless in battle. He wouldn't even want to fight.

You men to the right, you men to the left! I'm gonna walk around here in a circle!

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Where does the energy come from at night?

Batteries are helluva polluting. Batteries to cover night across the USA would be pollution crazy; and they don't last forever.

Don't forget their CO2 emissions in refining the materials they're made from, transporting them, or the land space they'd take up. And the constant rate of replacement. Also not very scaleable!

One of the biggest waste products of Rare Earth Mining for batteries and electronics is... Thorium. Why not use that waste, which is currently buried at big cost.
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This is good:


All the way to the Left. Although it's still very hesitant to correctly categorize them as Far Left Propaganda.

Has anybody noticed if you google the name of popular Conservative Websites, Google likes to list the Wikipedia and Media Matters and Left-wing "Fact Checkers" first?

I seriously doubt Media Matters is the most frequently clicked item when searching for "Gateway Pundit"
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I'd like to see a scaled system of battery power that could handle a city of 500,000 for a 8 hour period first; pretty skeptical about the practicality of storing the energy in vast quantities.
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What happens in 30-40 years when all the Immigrants retire? Looks like we'll need another wave!

Also, if Gillibrand or the other Frumpy gets elected, they've promised benefits to illegals. That means when uninsured off the books Jose falls off the roof, we'll be paying him SS disability for the rest of his life starting at age 32.
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I hope Ivanka wasn't hosting Sensitive State Dept. docs on a private server located in a bathroom and run by a non-Security certified contractor.
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Honestly we should not pay or guarantee loans for any Liberal Arts or Business degrees.
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You ever notice the Liberal memes are either over-the-top fear-mongering, repurposed Right Wing Memes, or full of breathless text?

Another thing that is funny: For Relativistic Post-Modernists, they seem to believe the Left, Islam, and Witchcraft Practitioners have a grasp on Capital "T" Truth; everyone else does not.
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Molten Salt Nuclear Reactors, replaced in a century by Fusion ;)
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"Stop saying Bankers are of the Devil"
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Owen Jones, ugh.
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HonkpilledMaster says
You ever notice the Liberal memes are either over-the-top fear-mongering, repurposed Right Wing Memes, or full of breathless text

Oops, I forgot the 4th Category: Condescending Self-Righteousness. This is also Breathless Text.
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marcus says

What Food Stamps, HUD Housing, and Cash Benefits did Italian, Jewish, Irish Immigrants receive 1860-1940?

Did Al Capone's, Dean O'Banion's, and Meyer Lansky's criminal relatives back in the old Country get all but guaranteed citizenship the moment they arrived?

Was it demanded they Learn English immediately, get jobs right away, and say America was the Greatest?

Or were they encouraged to maintain their distance from the Evil Mainstream WASP society?
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marcus says
He backs out of climate agreements

You mean the ones that put all onus on the USA and the American Working (not Welfare) Class, gave Europe ultra-modest requirements carefully tailored so the Europeans wouldn't have to spend much money or effort, and required nothing from China and India for decades and decades?
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Iranian_Oil_Burse says
Invest in Alaska then.

Seward's Folly was a huge ripoff.

We should have let Russia keep Alaska. It's not like it had oil or strategic military value or anything.
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If it really is Grandma or Old Uncle Joe, great, but you have to prove to the city that that's who is residing there, with a copy of their USPS mail change and Soc Sec Checks correctly addressed.

Snap Inspect 1% of all ADUs per quarter, and if somebody lied, you fine $20,000 and refer the fraudulent Soc Sec/USPS docs to the SSA and USPS. Somebody will go to prison.
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marcus says
Just to be clear, you're saying that the frequency that those words are used is some how not only highly correlated to, but causal to, so called "fake news."

Yes. The words are used to get the reader to follow a particular train of thought.

"Clearly, Trump will not be able to sit down with Kim. Nevertheless, many of his deplorable supporters will insist..."

marcus says
What if it's just highly correlated to the literacy of it's readers ?

These are 4th-5th grade words. They appear in books for children, like "The Hobbit" or "Treasure Island"

The basic idea behind this framework is that writers, when using Causal Expressions, are communicating how you should perceive the relationships between facts and other facts, or between facts and certain conclusions and analysis. This conflation is a common way to present a judgment or opinion as objective fact. It is a writer coaching you on the logical path they wish you to follow. Sometimes that is innocuous, because sometimes the relationship between two ideas, two facts or two statements really is incontrovertible. Often it is not. When using Common Knowledge Expressions, the writer is encouraging you to think less critically about an assertion or argument. It is, after all, obvious to everyone else. Value Expressions are more straightforward and easily understood. They also look a bit more like an analysis of bias, although these words may just as easily be used to tell you how to think about what is good and what is bad without any element of structural favoring of one point of view.

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Oops, my bad, must have copied over the wrong link.

The first Molten Salt Thorium Reactor at Oak Ridge, 1960s. This is an intro to the history of it, and how it works:

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jazz_music says
Maybe if we stop bombing these nine countries we are currently bombing. 5 in middle east and 4 in Africa. --Wouldn't that be something? Will the economic burdon of war ever be lifted from our shoulders to the extent that our taxes are used to DIRECTLY increase the quality of life in America without that being seen as some horrible kind of "-ism."

Fortunately, with Trump as President, there have been no new destabilizations carried out on behalf of Neoliberal Hegemony.

No so in the past with Obummer.
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Also, something I don't get.

If the US is based on plunder, or Europe's ascension in the past was based on plunder, how did they make highly populous countries so damn rich, but now that they are back under the control of the generally less populous natives, they're dirt poor.

I think of Italy and Somalia. Italy was already industrialized when it occupied Somalia, it also had a shitload more people. Why then is Italy still a G-7 country, but Somalia is in far worse shape than when the Italians ran the show, if they have whatever Magical Commodity the Italians stole (Camel Dung? Dhow Rudders?) spread out among fewer people?

If a pound of pepper and cinnamon is the secret to British Industrialization and Wealth, how come Sri Lanka and Indonesia aren't landing on Mars?
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Trans-American highway, aka the NAFTA Oursourcing Express
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Married White Women. The Cat Lady vote, Marge's Sisters, is their base.
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The typical US immigration judge denies 60% of asylum claims.

And Khan? Only ~7%. That's seven per cent.


IMPEACH! The only way she's almost 1/8 the national average is by politicizing her Court.
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The Republicans moved to the left on several issues; the only issue that moved substantially to the right by double digit percentages was the enviro laws cost jobs and poverty-gov questons. When the republicans did move to the right, it was by a few points beyond the MoE. Issues the Republicans tacked leftwards on more than made up for those small increases.

The Democrats not only moved far to the left by double digits on 9 out of 10 issues, including immigration by a whopping 50%, they didn't tack to the right on one single issue.

So the heart of the claim is correct: The Dems moved far to the left whereas the Republicans generally did not.
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