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jazz_music says
Weird comment there for a news non-comedy item that is featured on multiple credible sites.

Do you not get around much?

Name the sources so I can verify the details.

The Media has been caught pushing what were later shown to be utter untruths that they claimed were "high ranking officials" or suchlike. Too much in the past 3 years to be taken at their word anymore.

Question Authority!

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Also, ha ha on the actual White Supremacist White Knights who were worshipping Taylor Swift a few months ago.

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Do the French and Germans have even one ship capable of patrolling the Gulf without US Logistics Support?

Hopefully we'll find out!

Very desperate Iran.
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And the Woke Social Justice mob is already criticizing the Game Port by CDPROJEKTRED, a Polish Company famous for the Witcher Series.

But nevermind the man behind the entire Cyberpunk 2020 franchise... is Black.
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RafiMaas says

LOL. More Leftist Gaslighting. The image in context:

"Trump is gonna lose so badly his supporters are going to run around screaming, lighting things on fire, especially trashcans"

The opposite, of course, happened: Leftists flipped the fuck out when the Hostile Hillary the Great Corporate Whore lost her rigged election. The ran around screaming, lighting things on fire, especially trashcans.
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Remember when Mueller was gonna get Trump any day now?

Now they are back to just hating on Trump regular. No apologies for being wrong.

Only an attempt to "Vox Explainer" how not finding any evidence of guilt - not even enough to recommend charges or an indictment - is evidence that somebody is not necessarily innocent. hahahaha
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Haha! We will replace you, Whitey!

Hey, how dare you Whitey! You can't stop our demographic replacement of you by enforcing existing laws! That's racist.
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Big Question: Why did temps fall when we began spewing, without the least controls, huge amounts of coal into the atmosphere in the 19th Century?

Also, if the temps were generally rising since the 1930s, as the above chart claims, why were scientists considering an impending Ice Age in the 1970s claiming that we had decades of cooling?

We went up not a single degree celsius in 40 years, when it was repeatedly claimed we'd see 1 degree rises "By the end of the decade/next 10-15 years" since at the mid 1980s?

Finally, where's the big sea level rises?
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Just tax land and capital gains at a modest rate. Eliminate all taxes, especially income and sales taxes.
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Trump really needs war with Iran to distract from the cratering economy, with the high unemployment and weak GDP/Stock Market Growth.
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marcus says
Look at Germany and what they've done with solar and wind. Arguably too much too fast, but it's not cause massive strife.

It's been a disaster. Real electric costs for Commercial and Residential has doubled, almost no significant progress on the electric generation mix, and it proved that solar/wind is utterly unreliable.
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LOL, another Leftist trying to say that ONE cable news station is the equivalent of the other two (MSNBC, CNN), plus WaPo, LA Times, Boston Globe, NYT, ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR, Facebook, Google, Twitter.

The Leftist to Rightwing ratio in Media is like 50:1. Leftists will still claim the Media is rightwing when it's 100:1.
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Heraclitusstudent says
The problem with the guy is not that he's rude, but he is neither acting out of principles, nor out of pragmatism. He's acting based on impulses. The guy is flying by the seat of his pants.

You still believe he survives 365-24-7 x4 all out attacks by the World Media, the Deep State, etc. and simply is a Happy Amateur? No chance.

But I'm glad the Press & Status Quo Admin still think so. Shows you how incompetent their analysis is, too.
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NuttBoxer says
I guess you aren't aware of the US led economic sanctions on Japan that directly preceded Pearl Harbor...

After they invaded China on bullshit pretexts, endangering our interests and dramatically altering the balance of power in the Pacific.
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OccasionalCortex says

1) Show me the written 'deal' with their signature on it. Good luck with that as there was never any such thing.

2) They weren't even complying with the imaginary deal you keep insisting that was real, anyway.

And the 10,000 pages of docs, including their memos about how they were going to begin enrichment the moment the few months of inspections stopped. And after they pocketed their Obamacash.
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Sure, the province of Asia was mostly Greek when the Turks invaded.
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Who wants to place bets on Ethnicity/Religious Background


I doubt it was O'Broin, since they scrambled two aircraft, wouldn't have done that for a belligerent drunk.
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Patrick says
Excellent point. And what if you have ancestors on both sides of the civil war?

Corey Booker for one. Also, many Blacks were either Free, not in the USA at the time, or were CSA volunteers themselves (towards the end they offered emancipation for military service).
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Quigley says
So, let me summarize. Going to war with Iran is stupid. Trump declined to attack Iran and provoke a war, therefore he is stupid.

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She also said something about "21 other men" who raped her.

We got another Dworkin on our hands.
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Global Warming is the Leftist Eschaton, that somewhat replaced "Three Generations of Idiots so let social workers sterilize people at their whim."
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Philly is swarming with homeless. I was here a few years ago and didn't see anything like it. The Deep Blue leadership decided to pursue SFBA policies a couple of years ago, no more sweeping homeless. I'm a block from City Hall and they're literally everywhere. Can't walk a block to the Wawa without them coming out like zombies to say "Money, man. Uhhhh Money man. Cigarettes?"

Also, WTF with all the Trannies? Used to be you'd see one every so often. Out for 10 minutes tonight at 2AM, saw 3 separate GROUPS of trannies.

FInally, saw two women in complete burkas and armies of Hijab wearers. My country is being destroyed.
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NuttBoxer says
Good to know you fully support us intervening in everyone else's business. Iraq, justified, Afganistan, justified, Syria, totally justified, Iran...

Fallacy of the excluded Middle. We exported a ton of shit to China and had lots of Christian Missionary Work going on there. Pearl S Buck was the daughter of a famous missionary. The Japanese invaded that country on the bullshit pretext of the Marco Polo Bridge Incident, which nobody considers to be anything less than a False Flag by the IJA, and all we did was impose sanctions for their unjustified war of Aggression. Then the Japs strafed our gunboat that was escorting our legal, neutral shipping.

I'm not a hyper-interventionist, but I'm not a "let's sit on our ass when really bad shit happens."

US Sanctions on Japan for invading China with no causus belli was NOT a justification for the Japanese to invade US Territories of the Phillipenes, Guam, and bomb Hawaii (as well as invade British Malaysia, New Guinea, New Holland, Dutch Indonesia, etc.), as well as launch fire balloons into the West Coast of the USA.

We should have declared war on Imperial Germany years before the Lusitania, they were paying Mexican bandits to raid the US, poisoning our horses, blowing up our ports and ships, etc. when we were neutral. We busted dozens of saboteur and spy rings, intercepted plenty of communications, had plenty of insider turncoats with the documents, the evidence was incontrovertible. Wilson was a pussy.

Trump is doing fine dicking with Iran's computers in return for the drone downing. That's an equivalent response. Though yesterday Verizon had issues around 9AM EST for a minute or so.

The Middle East is rapidly improving. The big obstacle is the Muslim Brotherhood-Russo-Iranian-Palestinian-Hezbollah Axis which doesn't want a more fundamentally stable Middle East because it removes their leverage.
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WillPowers says
And now he's backing down from his threat to deport illegals who didn't show up for their court date, or do not qualify as someone fleeing persecution and his stated reason for doing so is:

We've been here already. Yes, when dealing with 90% Fake News, everything is a political game.

He has to make it clear to any but the most benighted progressive that he was open to talks and the Dems simply refused to take or make any reasonable offer or counter offer.

Then he will move. Just like he always has.
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BUSTED! Trump accuser E. Jean Carroll claimed she was raped in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room & said yesterday most women think of rape as a fantasy!

Here's a clip from Law & Order of a rape fantasy in the dressing room of THE SAME STORE! What a coincidence!🙄

PROSECUTE HER!! pic.twitter.com/I0XuQTXwWk— MAGA MICHELLE 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 (@Trump454545) June 25, 2019

Autism Army locates exact scenario from episode of Law & Order.
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... don't criticize it.
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Time for Germoney to start building a fleet!
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Dude, Orwell (of course) called this long ago.

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PraegerU, Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro are Nazis.

So far into SJW la la land, they don't even get the irony.
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