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marcus says

Yep, Mueller agrees - when it came to collusion, Mueller could not find anything that Trump did wrong.

All those Media bombshells were bullshit. There was no Don or even Don Junior big meeting with evil Ruskies.

Despite unparalleled access, not only due to a well funded investigation & Bureaucracy, but FISA Warrants listening in on Trump's calls and communications.
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finehoe says
These Senate Republicans voted to oust Bill Clinton for doing just that:

The main difference being, Clinton actually DID witness tamper according to the Special Prosecutor's Report, whereas Trump did nothing of the sort, also according to a Special Prosecutor's report.
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She's a curly haired brunette, Please don't be a Jew, please don't be a Jew.

The lecture, entitled “What Does It Mean To Be White,” was given by University of Washington Professor Robin DiAngelo, a white woman.

Whew, thank goodness.
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Here you go:

If you leave out the first one, which was probably Jihad motivated, that is 2016-2017 terror attacks by Black Militants on Cops. Not including anything like all Jihadi attacks., nor 2018, with no ambiguous incidents. This was a very quick search that indubitably missed a few because you can't sort by perpetrator, which is strange because you can sort by everything else. No doubt to make it tough on narrative disruptors.

As I said before, Incel attacks aren't Ring Wing Terrorism. Not getting laid is not a prequisite to being a "Nazi" or "White Supremacist".

Without counting the Flipouts of the Unfuckable, the SPLC and the AltLeft Narrative Pushers have no case
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marcus says
The 2018 attacks include the one at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life synagogue by a man who blamed Jews for the migrant caravan, the mass shooting at a yoga studio by an “incel” obsessed with interracial dating, and the school massacre in Parkland, Florida, carried out by a student who wished that “all the Jews were dead.”

Maybe, maybe the anti-semite attack could possibly be White Supremacist, though as Arabs and Blacks show you don't need to be White Supremacist to be anti-Semitic.

The Yoga studio was by an unfuckable, and the Parkland Massacre was by a kid who heard voices and had called 911 to report his own torture of animals and begging for hospitalization. There's literally nothing about the Parkland Shooter that identifies him as being a White Supremacist, but literally scores of encounters with police and school authorities testifying to his hearing of voices and mental illnesses.

Parkland, by the way, is the fault of the Left, for making forcible hospitalization all but impossible and for the Miami-Dade/Broward policies towards crime and students, developed to fake a downward trend in criminal students, to help the "Jamal dindu nuttin' wrong" Narrative. Just like Trayvon would have lived if he had been prosecuted for his burglaries.

From Elliott Rodgers to the Yoga Shooter, Lefties depend on Incel/Antisocial Young Men Freakout Events and reclassify them as "Right Wing" or "White Supremacist" to prop up their narrative.

Terrorism has to serve a political or religious purpose, not just a REEEEEEEE of mentally ill and/or antisocial fucks.

In reality, Black and Muslim terrorism is far, far more deadly, esp. when weighted towards demographics.
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CBOEtrader says
Another game they play is by using right wing, white nationalism, and white supremacy interchangeably.

Agreed. And I'm perfectly fine with White Nationalism, since it's just a tougher form of "Western Civilizationist" which I am. All it means is that the country should honor the cultural imperatives preferred by the majority of the United States.

Leftists know that Hardwork, Discipline, Meritocracy, and even Timeliness are "White" values that are incompatible if not opposed to socialism. Which is why Leftists love Farrakhan and Islam, but hate "1950s" America.
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The Democratic National Committee would like to express sympathies to the Members of the Religion of "Easter Worshippers".

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Name a non-European country that embraces Diversity and tries to import as many Whites (Or East Asians or Educated South Asians) as possible. Very few.

Or for that matter, any non-European country that "Embraces Diversity".

Look at what is happening in Brazil, which in 1950 was 60%+ Pure White and now only 45% White. The demands for racial redistribution are growing; only a miracle brought in Bolsanaro.
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The murder rate between actual White Supremacists (KKK, Nazis, etc.) is higher than between WS and outsiders.

Because most are formed in prison to prevent beatings at the hands of Black Criminals. And most of the internal fighting is over drugs/snitching.
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BayArea says
“Her biological clock, yes, but also the one to fix global warming, or face the likelihood that she and her potential children will have to live in a seriously marginalized world”

Yeah, that's the best quote of the article! So histrionic.

If "well educated" (barf) first world worlders don't have kids, then the third world mothers must be really evil - of course they don't believe that.

They're probably anti-Marys too (women who give themselves and each other points for being as unnurturing/uncaring as possible: No cooking meals for boyfriends/husbands, etc.)
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WS is something like what Richard Spencer proposed on his debate with Sargon/Styx:

1. Get all the Blacks and Jews out of the USA (How? What about partials? DNA Testing?)
2. Assuming Blacks, et al will "magically agree to leave", how do you pay for it?
3. Mandate same-race marriage, etc. (forced abortions?)
4. Complete or near complete ban on non-White immigration.
5. Whites but not other groups would only be the ones to receive Natalistic aids and possibly many government services.

That's actual White Supremacy.

White Nationalism:

1. Recognize that "Whites" have a distinct culture (Anglo-Celtic branch of European/Western Civ)
2. Recognize that in almost all Nations (Empires), the dominant racial/cultural group gets to call the shots about both legal and non-legal (like punctuality, or basing rewards on merit) standards
3. And in the US that would be White People, and that the dominant group has the right to restrict immigration to other members of the Racial/Cultural Group to levels that don't threaten long term Demographics.
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d6rB says
If they are concerned about global warming, they should not have kids. Less people = less human influence on climate.

That's the leftist birthrate conundrum!
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Here's the "Some People" quote in full context:

Here’s the truth. For far too long we have lived with the discomfort of being a second-class citizen and, frankly, I’m tired of it, and every single Muslim in this country should be tired of it. [The Council on American-Islamic Relations] was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties. So you can’t just say that today someone is looking at me strange and that I am trying to make myself look pleasant. You have to say that this person is looking at me strange, I am not comfortable with it, and I am going to talk to them and ask them why. Because that is the right you have.


The context is, that she is upset that Muslims were stared at by some people after 3000 people were murdered by Islamists like herself and CAIR members. The context is complaining about phony "Civil Liberties" removal and being a "Second Class Citizen" that never happened. Right off the bat the craven Bush regime was all worried about Airport Security not singling out obviously pious Muslims based on their beards and garb. And Arabs are considered White for the Census and official Government Race Questionnaires.

Also, CAIR was founded in 1994 around the time of the first WTC bombing.
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rocketjoe79 says
It's ok - the Mormons and Catholics are still producing like rabbits, so they'll save the future world. The leftists in 2 generations will be like Quakers: no children is a recipe for extinction of values. That is, unless dumb parents don't home school and allow the current education system to indoctrinate more leftists.

That was the biggest mistake of my life: allowing my kins to go through a liberally skewed California educational system.

Exactly. Amish also reproduce like crazy, and also adopt. As do Hassidics.
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While getting rid of Federal Student loans for any but the top 20% of students, or only for STEM majors, is a great idea, they can also cap loans at $8,000/year + CPI annually.

Of course, the Higher Ed Industry will howl like demons.
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Philip II was an authoritarian tyrant asshole, trying to bring the Inquisition to the Netherlands. On his instructions, Duke Alva executed 6000 people in a year or so, huge in those days with a far smaller population, including 3 members of the Order of the Golden Fleece that his own Father Charles V personally appointed whose loyalty before the Inquisition and Slaughter was unquestionable. He's the same guy who tried to invade England with the Spanish Armada, tried to take over Navarra, and instituted the French Wars of Religion to execute the Hughenots.

Reading about William the Silent, Prince of Orange now. I knew the story of Elizabeth I but not William, and a have a Henry of Navarre book queued up.
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Reality says
Wars are not funded by taxation in countries that have central banks. That's precisely why / the advantage of Bank of England was established in 1694: as a way of funding government war effort by lending to the government during war time.

Keynesian government spending during Depression is not funded by tax revenue either: that's the whole point of Keynesianism: justifying government deficit spending during Depression (as a sort of war by choice; hence one of the biggest Keynesians of our time, Paul Krugman, advocated war on imaginary Space Aliens as a way of getting out of the last depression.)

Even with Central banks, paying back those loans & bonds happens only two ways: Inflating the debt away (attacking savers), an after the event taxation increase or severe cut to normal spending.

Reality says
Income from labor is not an even exchange, just like no mutually willing exchange is an even exchange but every such exchange is a pair of inequalities: the buyer thinking the goods/service being worth more than the money he is paying, and the seller thinking the opposite. Otherwise, Nobody would want to go to work after commute cost and taxes.

It is. In fact, it is a horrible exchange: Lifetime is limited. So you are giving up not only labor, but irreplaceable time for which there is little to no substitution. There are only 24 hours in the day, and about 70+ years in a modern human's lifetime, of which perhaps 50 are good for labor.

Reality says
Typical landlords in 1913 had nothing to do with the imposition of Income Tax; after all, tenants coming home with less after-tax pay would have less money available to pay rent.

Remember there is a dual Argument here: Landlords and Bankers. Bankers have every incentive for a government to take out loans and issue bonds, with the P&I repaid by income taxes.

Landlords have an incentive to have a high consumption tax and/or income tax --- taking the tax weight off landowners. See California.

Reality says
Good points, but they have little to do with why income tax was imposed. The various welfare programs listed came about in the late 1960's, more than half a century after the imposition of federal income tax.

Federal Spending jumped very shortly after the introduction of the income tax - much of it was WW1, but it never went back down to pre-1910s levels.

Inbetween tasks... more later.
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This is YUGE. Trump is no longer handing out waivers for trading oil with Iran, he's telling frackers to go apeshit and telling OPEC to produce more.

The Madman is actually starting an oil embargo ON Iran.

OccasionalCortex says
And India. Oh boy is India screwed. They say that they have other sources lined up. But that won't save them from the global oil price hikes when Iranian oil goes off the market.

Long Beach is ready to serve Bharat!
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Exactly what happened with St. Sulpice fire in France: Government said it was accident, turned out to be arson, Media extensively covered "Accident", barely acknowledged when it was ruled arson.

"People only hate and distrust us because Trump!" - Journalists.
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Reality says
LOL! It's amusing to see how the fiction author jumped from 1935 "Labor Party" seizing power . . . immediately to 2008, skipping all the fun about how the country of Norway was run by "National Socialist . . . Workers' Party" and its local Quislings from 1940 to 1945, which introduced national healthcare, national pension, national education and a whole bunch of other socialist programs to that country.

Yep, Bypassing the huge discoveries of Oil in the North Sea and a shit load of other history.

Norway's got a shit ton of oil but only 9M people, most of whom are concentrated in very small areas.
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My hot tamales are red hot, I always got 'em for sale.
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Yep, most of Russian Propaganda was spent promoting BLM related issues.

Hardly helping Trump.
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Yeah, the Leftist MSM isn't relating many truths:

1. Citizenship was on all Census forms until 1950, so it's not "UNPRECEDENTED!!! TYRANNY!!!"
2. Since then, it's been on selected questionnaires.
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marcus says

Yep. Women should listen in silence and submission, should never be over men in religious authority (as pastors), have to obey Husbands like all obey God.

It's stone cold flat-out non-poetic commands in both OT and NT. In fact the NT is even more stringent.

Somehow, we end up with Female Bishops and even SBC has anti-Christ Female Pastors.
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Yang and Beto the only two out of 50 Dems who correctly identified Sri Lankan victims as Christian, rather than "Easter Worshippers" or "People".
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Ha, not even 9 Million, but almost half that.

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rdm says
This is what the Mueller report says was the original purpose of Russian Interference. At some point it changed from general discord and became directed at defeating Clinton and to support Trump. But it seems to me they believed Trump would be the chaos, divisive President they wanted, plus Putin hates Clinton. Basically they used two methods Social media and hacking with a systematic, well timed release of hacked emails through Wiki Leaks. The report summary I linked is a pretty short read.

Most of the money was spent after the election, and much of it prior was pushing BLM type issues and even Pokemon giveaways for Pro-BLM Memes.

Putin didn't hate Clinton all that much, long experience working with the Clinton Foundation via Russian SOEs and private companies getting nice things in return for donations.
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Chinese Work Ethics!
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Patrick says
The truth is that the people were told who they had to vote for, and they did not obey. They elected a complete outsider. This infuriates the elite, who are now busy looking for ways to undermine US democracy, such as abolishing the Electoral College.

The Gilets Jaunes in France are exactly the same. They are the peasants too. And the Brexit voters. The British elite are dragging their feet, undermining British Democracy as as well.

Just like Brexit. They wanted a "People's Vote", even though there was a recent referendum with a firm majority.

Now May pretends she has to get permission from the EU to leave, when there is nothing in the EU laws that demands such a thing. She could literally leave tomorrow unilaterally.

The same French center-left that shrieks if some Myanmar Police uses batons to quell a Muslim Riot is silent - even secretly gloating - over the beating of French Pensioners.
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4th Panel needs: "RACIST!"
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marcus says

Again Marcus, "I really wanted to charge him and/or his inner circle with something and couldn't even find enough evidence for a process charge that a Grand Jury would buy."

He did recommend indicted almost a dozen people, the redacted bits ("Ongoing investigation") but none of them are Trump Related. heh heh heh

Right, Greg Craig?
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Weaver made bank. Too bad he had to lose his family because the FBI "was doing recon" on his property without a warrant, which started the whole affair.

That and trying to entrap him several times into illegally modding guns using an ex-Hells Angel Drug Addict snitch.
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rocketjoe79 says
So, for the time being, I think the republic will survive. The pendulum swings back somewhat conservative, but give it 20-30 years, and it will swing again.

With a Liberal Birthrate of 1.6, and a Conservative birthrate 2.4, unlikely!
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Automan Empire says
I saw their pictures. Why are the quotes around Wisconsin and not Women in the headline?

Because both are better described as "Foreign-born" or "Muslim".

I just realized the Cuban is a guy, fixing...
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Refugee status should never guarantee Citizenship, in fact it should be a very, very difficult process.

One thing we can do is send back all the Syrian refugees since the War is over.
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Didn't they jack up the SS withholds back in the 80s dramatically to prevent the retirement problem?

Tax Hedge Funder's Commissions. I pay full fucking income tax on my commissions, the more I sell the more I pay. Who the fuck are they to be exempted?

And get rid of the illegals!
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Fellow Actors demand Smollett be given his due Black-Gay privilege return to Empire "Or Else"
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