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anonymous says

The Intercept 11-01-16: Here’s the Problem With the Story Connecting Russia to Donald Trump’s Email Server.

I tend to think that the story is a nothingburger.

But that just means I'm not a Fat Birther supporter: I actually examine evidence before deciding that a story supporting my cause is right, and can admit when something doesn't jibe.

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Tenpoundbass says

Everybody but Liberals wants to see America be Great again.

I love my country, which is why I'm opposed to Fat Birther.

Fat Birther is the choice of Putin and ISIS, because he will weaken America.

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Recruit 2-3 jealous wives/girlfriends, and they'll read the whole cache in 3 hours.

Nothing in the universe can parse and absorb information faster.

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No climate questions
In 3 Trump-Clinton debates
What liberal media?

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Blurtman says

Earlier, she hit out at Trump for allegedly using a tax-avoidance scheme in the 1990s and his treatment of women and girls

Such a nasty woman.

Why can't she observe decorum and be polite, like Trump?

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Blurtman says

She is no better from that perspective.

She apologized for the "deplorables" comment, and mocked herself at the Al Smith dinner.

Trump never apologizes for anything, and blamed the birther movement on her. At the Al Smith dinner, he made fun of Melania, not himself.

I could go on, but you're such a low-information moron that you can't even remember what you read 6 seconds ago.

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komputodo says

this PC stuff is confusing

So picked on. Such a victim. You have rights!

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Tenpoundbass says

they don't hvae ID

Ameirca aobut assination.

I'm O-K-K-K with Trump!

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freespeechforever says

driven by largest block of angry, formerly disenfranchised voters

They've been voting since the mid-70s purely on the abortion issue and cutting restrictions on Wall Street, banks & billionaires.

They're totally franchised, and have always been.

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A disgusting piece of shit, Conway works to get the pro-wrestling fascist elected and destroy this country.

Absolutely immoral and soulless.

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There is no way this guy was not enabled by BLM. They have trampled on norms of civility, and made violent protest acceptable. Those 2 police deaths are on BLM's hands.

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We have the best 13-yr-old sex partners - dead ringers for Ivanka at that age, and she's a real piece! Some have said that our 13-year-old poon tang is the finest barely teen trim in the world.

We're gonna blow our load in so many 13-year-olds you're gonna get tired of porking 13-year-olds! Crooked Hillary can't get the 13-year-old tail we can. Sad!

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Ebola Quarantine Center
PETA Suites

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Apparently the deranged anti-Clinton FBI agents based their feelings on the book "Clinton Cash."

There be morons everywhere.

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DieBankOfAmericaPhukkingDie says

I toss on any Charles Bronson movie. Shoots people in the face in total silence and enjoys watching them die

Could you make a bullet or shell out of, for the sake of argument, gluten?

Like, say, there was a Whole Foods 200 yards away from your house. As a hypothetical, could a mortar or Howitzer shell be used to deliver a big load of gluten through the front windows?

Asking for a friend.

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YesYNot says

Adding insult to injury, someone threw poop on my arm, and there's only one day per year where you can walk around and have people give you candy. I hardly have any time to waste on PatNet these days.

It's truly worse than Nazi Germany. Indeed, Nazi Germany would be an actual improvement, so I am voting for Fat Birther.

The cruelest thing is the SJW's preventing me from going to work in blackface, beating the crap out of my female coworkers for all their incompetence, and quoting Stepin Fetchit routines for the benefit of my real American (male) coworkers.

Look out, liberals: The annoying PC leftists of 1920s German universities, who shamed people for beating Jews, are directly responsible for the rise of Hitler.

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Rashomon says

Seems a strange criticism for someone to make when they're backing a man who's 2 years older.

You're assuming outmoded paradigms as to transitivity of ordering.

We were taught that if B > 69 and A > B, then A > 69. But that is liberal dogma, taught by Jewish Soros-Funded Globalist Marxists steeped in Alinskyite NY Times techniques of disinformation.

Trump is older than Hillary, but he is only 48!

Defund our public schools immediately!

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Bannon knows MSM outlets (including NY Times, WaPo) don't have the research budgets to really go after any candidate.

So he funded the crap "Clinton Cash" book, which he knew the media would lap up without immediately understanding the high fictional/speculative/fairyland content. Turns out some establishment types in the FBI actually brought the book to internal meetings, demanding investigation into Clinton Foundation, much to the amusement/consternation of their superiors.

The whole Judith Miller paradigm of playing the Times and other outlets by feeding them semi-plausible sludge looks to continue indefinitely.

BTW, Mercer isn't liberal, so nothing to worry about here. He's not an "elite" like Soros (robble robble ... robble robble robble).

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Ohnoez - Ameirca aobut assination!

(Turns out the guy had no weapon. But he did have an anti-Fat-Birther sign, which resulted in the crowd beating him. The sign said "Republicans against Trump." Other Fat Birthers are now posting personal information about ("aobut") his family members online, to facilitate death threats against them.)

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As the rightful winner of the election, having secured a majority of the white vote, Fat Birther must preemptively expel refractory states from the union.

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To be fair, I have noticed that when one candidate in an election gets the most votes, they always install that person in power like it's a goddamn dictatorship, rubbing it in the faces of the other candidates and ignoring the objections of their supporters, thereby disenfranchising them. #rigged

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Moneydiaper McStupid moves pretty fast for someone with debilitating heel spurs.

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Tenpoundbass says

all we know from CIA, NSA and FBI leaks about the level of corruption in Washington, never happened?

U woirred aobut Ameircan courtpion, Bro?

I doent bremebmer u beeng so wroied aobut Ctizens Uinted ever. Mabye bceauze yur side losing now?

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CBOEtrader says

Trump assassination attempt

Beating a guy with an anti-Trump sign is an assassination attempt on Trump?

Maybe Trumpers need safe spaces, free from stimuli which might trigger them.

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This is a disgrace.

By the standards of real estate, this is a parking ticket. Most realtors are in triple figures, and some of the greatest realtors have killed thousands with their bare hands.

Why would the press even cover this?

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Ben. Fucken'. Ga. Zi.

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This is heueueuge!

If not a smoking gun which opens prisn-cell door so's we can kick that fat bitch in, this raises raises questions and casts a shadow over the Klinton campaign.

Dig deeper: I recommend several million more man-hours of research here.

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Over the past 35 years, Washington has brought us Iran-Contra, the repeal of Glass-Steagall, the Marc Rich Pardon, Citizens United, a useless $4 trillion war, Blackwater and Halliburton, 22 million missing Bush Administration emails, economic policy for the rich, and endless tax credits and cuts for those least in need but best connected.

But it was not corrupt because presidents were white dudes, and Republicans (or Reps-lite like Clinton) had the presidency.

But now blacks and (gasp!) women are sneaking into the White House. Suddenly, Washington is corrupt.

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Ironman says

Someone copy and paste this over on his thread, since the pussy has me on ignore

You're on ignore, but you still check anonymously to stalk people ignoring you? PWNED!

Iwog, who's a pathetic little rapey red-pill douche who craves admiration from Patnet (now there's something to contemplate), owns you.

OWNS you! And you're too stupid to see how pathetic this is.

This is the whiniest pussy-bitch thing you've ever posted here: “Waah! Mommmee! Iwog is ignowing mee!"

Why don't you have a good cry about it? Oh boo-hoo! Boo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hooo!

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Tenpoundbass says

Latinos remember when the Clintons had Reno send those men with guns to get a kid out of a closet?

To enforce his father's paternity rights.

I have never been more proud of my country.

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jvolstad says



Fat Birther is an infantile narcissist who can't run a Twitter account unsupervised.

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Ironman says

Which is exactly why he put me on ignore

And you actually care, which is against the advice of every major religion, philosophy and doctrine of psychology.

If you read the Pali Canon (Buddhism) or the Bible, made notes, and strived to live completely antithetically to their guidelines, you couldn't do a better job than you're doing now.

You're basically anti-Jesus.

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Tenpoundbass says

As a Parent I am calling this sick bitch a scumbag

You hate sick people - positively despise them out of fear of dying: Case in point.

You have an infantile & Nazi life outlook, and have never come to an understanding of death. You would have slithered into Reno's house and strangled her if you weren't so terrified of death. You look down on sick people because you're terrified of your own mortality.

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Disgusting how these sick people have the nerve to exist. Why can't they shut the fuck up?

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Our task is clear: Install someone who built his political career on a claim that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, while leaving gerrymandered-in old-school wingnut extremists in control of the House of Representatives.

I don't see how any president will change anything until the current teatards in the House are gone.

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Tenpoundbass says

Can you imagine these 9 to 13 year olds that are all pro Trump.

Not really.

Those blond girls in the duo "Prussian Blue" used to serenade white power rallies and wear costumes with Hitler mustaches. They woke up in high school, and they're now liberals.

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Demand is sagging.

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I'm not a pervert, but I ejaculate in vaginas.

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Strategist says

HydroCabron says

I'm not a pervert, but I ejaculate in vaginas.

How disgusting.

Don't judge me! I can't help myself ... it's not a "lifestyle choice."

In my day-to-day life, I'm just like anybody else, 'cept I fuck vaginas.