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人民日报 = People's Daily if the translation worked correctly
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Today, March 23rd is National Puppy Day ! In honor of National Puppy Day (which happens on March 23), here are 25 things everyone should know about these four-legged snuggle buddies.

25 Facts About Puppies

1. The word puppy has French roots.

2. Puppies evolved to be blind and deaf at birth.

3. Puppies have baby teeth, too.

4. Puppies take a lot of naps.

5. Certain breeds are usually born by C-section.

6. Some breeds have bigger litters than others.

7. Some puppies are born green.

8. Puppies don't find your yawns contagious.

9. Puppies like "baby talk" more than their parents do.

10. Dalmatian puppies are born without spots.

11. Puppies know how to manipulate you with their eyes.

12. Puppies can have identical twins.

13. Scientists have successfully cloned (and re-cloned) them.

14. Lin-Manuel Miranda's puppy inspired a song in Hamilton.

15. A puppy destroyed half of John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men manuscript.

16. Keith Richards once smuggled a puppy through British customs.

17. Barack Obama's puppy has his own baseball card.

18. The Soviet Union once gave JFK a very special puppy.

19. A Boston museum has enlisted a puppy to find art-destroying pests.

20. IBM's Watson is judging puppies now.

21. Looking at puppies can make you more productive.

22. Our stone-age ancestors took good care of their puppies.

23. There's a 17-ton puppy sculpture in Bilbao, Spain.

24. They're not running around the Puppy Bowl live. (Sorry.)

25. Hollywood's most iconic dog was a troublesome puppy.

More on each item: http://mentalfloss.com/article/536413/facts-about-puppies
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Patrick says
We're not nearly in as much debt per person as, say, Japan is:

Makes me feel much much better.

While we are trumpeting the success of the Golden Golem - what happened to the Infrastructure Package ?

Hey, speaking of the Infrastructure Package and how much we will need to borrow think anyone in the administration has factored this in yet ?

Midwest floods: Ruptured levees could cost billions to repair


That's just a guesstimate on the levees with no mention of the rest of the losses and hit(s) to the GDP that is coming from the flooding that is going to go on for weeks
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Patrick says
Greatly improved relations between US and N. Korea, and N. and S. Korea too

Moon, Xi and Kim
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Patrick says
ISIS-held territory wiped out

Kind of sort of but not really and they will be back in a big way
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Patrick says
Confronted China and other countries about unfair trade deals which were sucking jobs out of the US

And imposed tar riffs which the American consumers are paying for
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Patrick says
Overall unemployment lowest in nearly 50 years

Labor force participation rate ?

What kind of jobs, minimum wage, benefits included, living wages ?
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Patrick says
Signed executive order requiring universities to protect free speech on campus or lose federal funding
* Signed order requiring hospitals to publish price lists

Which they are fighting and doing at a turtle's pace
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Patrick says
Tax cuts for the large majority of US citizens

The Middle Class cuts are not permanent and phase out after 10 years but not for the top tier
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Patrick says
hey are objective facts.

Can you please post some objective facts from sources other than right and far right biased sources ?
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Quigley says
If you are correct, and the moderators are abusing their power, then this comment you wrote will be nuked shortly and my quote will be the only record it ever existed.

You’re welcome.

He is correct, things just disappear quietly, not when attention is called to them unless really bad.

Kind of like this thread that disappeared when first put up as a comment a few days back - http://patrick.net/post/1323352/2019-03-23-perfect-trump-re-election-slogan-i-don-t-keep-any-promises-but-my-voters-are-too-stupid-to-notice

Perhaps a quirk in the coding or something...maybe a time delay. I bet that is it - a time delay that takes place once the poster / commenter goes off line.
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@Booger - I would love to respond to each line item however I am not up for an all nighter.

Here's a thought - if Trump tells everyone over and over the wall is finished - the base will believe him I am sure. They believe all the other bullshit from the administration.

Maybe then can he get on to something important - like trying to be a leader instead of grade school brat that just discovered Twitter.

Actually addressing the allegations instead of a new round of name calling. Something resembling an adult - a rational adult.
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Patrick says
@Kakistocracy which of the facts I listed in the OP can even be debated? They are all very easily looked up and confirmed.

@Patrick - They are for the most part meaningless talking points lacking depth and detail which when digging further reveals the hollowness of them.

None of them really demonstrate any leadership (capable or otherwise) on the part of Trump.

In the 24 months the GOP had control of the White House, Senate and House the only meaningful piece of legislation to come out of that was the tax bill to appease the owners of the country as well as the elected officials. That would not have happened if the midterms were not in play.

Toss in a couple of executive orders - what else ?

How about some defining moments of "true leadership" in all of the national crisis moments we are having which also seem to fade from the headlines 3 or 4 days after being declared while the next distraction is unveiled.

No Health Care Reform, No Infrastructure Package, No Wall - nothing that really benefits the middle and lower middle class voters that put him in office.

Point # 1. The U.S. has not been engaged in an “official” declared war in decades. We are still aiding and abetting the House of Saud in Yemen, dying to get involved in Iran, possibly Venezuela. He has brought on board Elliot Abrams on John Bolton. The military extractions are not going as planned.

Define/name a policy, piece of legislation that shows a direct causal relationship between Trump, his “leadership” and lack of an "official" new war. We have "police" actions
etc. all over, getting deeper into shit in Africa and god only knows what hasn't been uncovered.

Point # 2. Define/name a policy, piece of legislation that shows a direct causal relationship between Trump, his “leadership” and the stock market performance. By the way if he is responsible for the upswing, then he takes responsibility for the downswing - not the Fed, not China, not Mncuhin, - Trump owns it both ways or no way.

Point # 3. The “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” was hammered out by Ryan and McConnell in particular, especially the latter. Other than uttering threats show a direct causal relationship between Trump’s “leadership” and passage of the legislation.

Point #4. Define “dramatic increase” - The “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” has enabled rounds of stock buybacks, not exactly been the windfall of jobs coming back to the country as in the advertising.

Other than uttering threats, show a direct causal relationship between Trump’s “leadership” and jobs coming back that in a lot of cases would have come back regardless because it is getting cheaper to make some things here now when factoring in wages in China and the supply chain costs to get the stuff back here.

Point #5. Define/name a policy, piece of legislation that shows a direct causal relationship between Trump, his “leadership” and the length of positive economic job growth streak that may or may not have occurred with or without him.

Point #6. Define/name a policy, piece of legislation that shows a direct causal relationship between Trump, his “leadership” and the lower black unemployment rate which by the way still is not worth a shit but may or may not have occurred with or without him.

Point #7. Define/name a policy, piece of legislation that shows a direct causal relationship between Trump, his “leadership” and the lower overall unemployment rate that still cleverly omits the job participation rate. Just like Obama those numbers are highly questionable.

Point #8. What has this been replaced with? How is the replacement better and why?

Point #9. Define/name a policy, piece of legislation that shows a direct causal relationship between Trump, his “leadership” and goings on over on the Korean Peninsula. Spin it as you may, Xi, Moon and Kim deserve the credit, Trump showed up for a photo op – twice.

Point #10. “Confronted” China and other countries about unfair trade deals which were sucking jobs out of the US – they are still doing it, the trade deal with China is a constantly moving deadline/set of goalposts, has not “resolved” much of anything with anyone, stuck the American consumers with the cost of tariffs, proved Trade Wars are Not Easy to Win, - still waiting for the adult leader to show up.

Confronting is one thing – achieving measurable results is another (still waiting) and with the 2020 elections coming up be careful – this is a photo op type of leader

Point #11. Kind of sort of in a roundabout way of looking at things but not really. Abū Bakr al-Baghdadi is still around, nice headlines but meaningless since we will be doing this again really soon. The Mission Accomplished banner has been hung up prematurely again.

Points #12 & 13. Nice headlines, the base sucks it up but no real teeth or enforcement mechanisms while point #12 I covered here: http://patrick.net/post/1323295?offset=0#comment-1579869

Once again – the sources used to gather the facts are not “objective” unless one considers heavy bias to the left or right “objective” but they are nice talking points to fire up the base and make the inept look capable.
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Good source - there is a lot a good information on the OECD web site.
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I can easily accept Trump won, as a matter of fact as I have stated many times before better Trump in the White House than Pence. With Trump you have a daily clown show, with Pence something would actually get done and it wouldn't be good things that get done either.
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Booger says
I bet that whatever failed was made in a shithole country.

Be funny if they were GE engines wouldn't it ? Made in the USA, from the country that brought you the F-35 and USS Ford Aircraft Carrier - over budget, years over due and still does not work.
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Patrick says
white people attempting to maintain a cohesive community and help each other will soon be classified as an imprisonable offense.

Like this ? Steve King contrasts New Orleans to Iowa on disaster response: 'Iowans take care of each other'.

Republican Rep. Steve King (Iowa) contrasted Iowans as being willing to help one another compared to victims of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. (King was one of 11 people who voted against aid post Katrina)

“Here’s what FEMA tells me: We go to a place like New Orleans and everybody’s looking around saying ‘who’s gonna help me?' ” King said at a town hall event in a video posted to his Facebook page.

He said that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) told him that an Iowan, however, would say “wait a minute, let me get my boots, it’s Joe that needs help. Let’s go down to his place and help him.”

"They’re just always gratified when they come and see how Iowans take care of each other,” he added.


Of course King forgot to mention the billions in farm subsidies the state gets from the Government.

Iowa farmers received $30.8 billion in farm subsidies between 1995 and 2017, according to the data, which is drawn from USDA records.


His district received more than $9 billion in federal farming subsidies between 1995 and 2017 - more than any other district in Iowa, which has received more subsidies than any other state in the nation.


U.S. Taxpayers on the Hook for Insuring Farmers Against Growing Climate Risks

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Great memes etc. however I see no one has attempted to address line item by line item my response in comment 36.

Better let Patrick do the heavy lifting, he is more capable.
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@Booger - the 'shithole' country that made the engines that failed (3 restarted now) was Germany, city of Augsburg

4 diesel engines make: MAN 2 type 9L32/44CR - 2 type 12V32/44CR

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CBOEtrader says
Theres nothing to respond to, as there is no point and/or counter point.

Unable to respond so resort to one of the three Ps - attack the person. There is still Position and Politics left to go.

Want to try for disclosing the penalties and fees for getting out of an Annuity ?

CBOEtrader says
ignoring Trump's obvious leadership in ending and deescalating conflicts

Demonstrate some verifiable examples - like JFK with the Cuban Missile Crisis, FDR during the depression...

Better leave all of the lifting, light and heavy to Patrick and stick to attacks and memes
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Wow - Russia is trying to catch up to 3rd world America in the ever rampant spread and increase in HIV infections. Now that's a statistic we can all be proud of huh ?

Approximately 38,700 people became newly infected with HIV in the United States in 2016. After about 5 years of substantial declines, the number of annual HIV infections began to level off in 2013, to about 39,000 infections per year.


Remember HIV only happens to gay people and southern and rust belt hetro meth users like in Mikey P's home state. Then there is that pesky Opioid problem but its a great revenue generator for the ReHab institutions so better not get rid of just yet.

•• Number of new HIV infections: 38,500
•• Number of people living with HIV: 1.1+ million
•• Percent of people infected with HIV who don’t know it: 14%
•• Percent of people with HIV who are virally suppressed: 51%

• Ten states accounted for about two-thirds (64%) of HIV diagnoses among adults and adolescents in 2017 (Table 1). Regionally, the South accounted for about half of HIV diagnoses in 2017.31

• Rates of HIV diagnoses per 100,000 provide a different measure of the epidemic’s impact, since they reflect the concentration of diagnoses after accounting for differences in population size across states. The District of Columbia has the highest rate in the nation, compared to states, nearly 4 times the national rate (Table 1).32,33 Eight of the top 10 states by rate are in the South.34, 35

• New HIV diagnoses are concentrated primarily in large U.S. metropolitan areas (80% in 2017), with Miami, Orlando, and Atlanta topping the list of the areas most heavily burdened.36

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Red Republicans and Lincoln's Marxists: Marxism in the Civil War

Was Abraham Lincoln influenced by communism when the Union condemned the rights of Southern states to express their independence? It's shocking to think so. But that's precisely what Walter D. Kennedy and Al Benson Jr. assert in Red Republicans and Lincoln's Marxists. The pair completely reassess this tumultuous time in American history, exposing the "politically correct" view of the War for Southern Independence as nothing less than the same observation announced by Marx himself.

During the American Civil War, Marx wrote about his support of the Union Army, the Republican Party, and Lincoln himself. In fact, he named the president as "the single-minded son of the working class."In addition to shedding light on this little-known part of our history, Kennedy and Benson also ask pertinent questions about the validity of today's federal government and why its role seems so much larger than the liberty found in the states it represents.

Red Republicans and Lincoln's Marxists is a bold undertaking, but it's one that needs our immediate and absolute attention.

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Karl Marx and the American Civil War

During the war, Karl Marx and Frederick Engels contributed dozens of insightful articles for the New York Tribune and, later, for the Viennese Die Presse on political and military issues. Engels specialized on the military strategy of the Lincoln administration and that of the Confederate Jefferson Davis rebel government. Karl Marx had a more sweeping look at the conflict, from the economic development of the nation to the actions of the political and military leaders. Overall, Marx had a better grasp on the whole war. Both men saw the war as an extension of the American Revolution of 1776. Marx and Engels argued that Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation and the North’s arming of Black soldiers transformed the Civil War from a purely constitutional war to preserve the country with slavery intact, into a revolutionary war.

They did not characterize the Civil War as a socialist revolutionary war, but they believed that it advanced the cause of all workers, both white and Black, by destroying chattel slavery. The revolution armed former slaves, destroyed the horrendous institution of slavery without compensation to the slave-owners, and opened the way for a struggle between the working class and the capitalist class. As a result, our next revolution in this country will be a working-class revolution.

During the American Civil War, Marx and Engels resided in England, having fled their German homeland following the failed 1848 democratic revolutions in Europe. Marx wrote for two newspapers, the New York Daily Tribune and the Viennese Die Presse, with Engels also contributing under Marx’s name. Marx began writing for the Tribune in 1852, publishing 350 articles, with Engels supplying another 125, and their jointly writing twelve, until the paper terminated Marx’s employment in 1862. As the European correspondent for the paper, Marx wrote on diverse topics from Tory election corruption to the increase of mental illness in Great Britain. Meanwhile, he was conducting his research for Capital. Due to the increased Civil War coverage, the Tribune pruned its European contributors to Karl Marx alone, until firing him in March 1862.

Karl Marx recognized that the core reason for the war was chattel slavery, an economic system in which people are kept in bondage and not compensated for their labor. As today, apologists for the secession of the Southern states argued that other issues, such as state’s rights or tariffs, rather than slavery, explained the insurrection. Marx shattered these arguments in his October 20, 1861, Die Presse article, “The North American Civil War.” He took Alexander Stephens, the vice president of the Confederacy, at his word when Stephens proclaimed what Southern secession was really all about

Much much more, long read - https://isreview.org/issue/80/karl-marx-and-american-civil-war
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Mueller's nothing burger or Benghazi !

Remember the Alamo, remember Benghazi !
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Trump Wants Appeals Court to Let Him Block Critics on Twitter.

Judge ruled last year that president’s account is public forum - Trump says account is personal and not government controlled

U.S. President Donald Trump doesn’t take kindly to his Twitter critics, and like many users of the social network he’s used the block function to prevent them from engaging with him.

But for much of the past year, Trump has been constrained by a federal judge’s ruling that he couldn’t block users because his account is a public forum. On Tuesday, lawyers for the president will urge an appeals court in Manhattan to overturn that ruling, arguing that the account belongs to him personally and isn’t controlled by the government.

The case is likely to help further clarify how government officials will be able to communicate on social media as the networks become further ingrained in daily life. While U.S. District Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald’s ruling in May isn’t the only one to find that a public official can’t block critics on the networks, it’s the first to apply to the president’s feed.

"It’s a hugely significant case in terms of how government officials can use social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and whom they can permissibly block from following them," said Clay Calvert, director of the Marion B. Brechner First Amendment Project at the University of Florida.

"Government officials can still have private accounts without triggering First Amendment concerns if they use those accounts only for non-governmental purposes,” he added. “But when it’s Trump and he uses Twitter on a daily and nightly basis to comment on government issues and to criticize politicians, then that is where the First Amendment comes into play.”


Trump tweets because it allows him to express random thoughts without any discussion or going into anything resembling depth. Holding a press conference would require he respond to questions he can't intelligently answer. He literally thinks in 140 characters or less....
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Bond Market Flashes Recession Warning Before Round of Auctions.

Ten-year U.S. yield is below 3-mo. rate, first time since 2007 - Note sales totaling $131 billion to test demand as yields fall

Investors are about to absorb $131 billion of Treasury note auctions at the lowest yields in months, after they piled into U.S. debt following a dovish Federal Reserve decision and fresh signs that global growth is weakening.

The week kicks off with a closely watched segment of the U.S. yield curve foreshadowing a recession: The gap between 3-month and 10-year rates is now negative. In the lead-up to the economic downturn that began late in 2007, this part of the curve initially flipped to inverted in early 2006. The curve’s latest collapse came amid reports showing weakness in France and Germany, while an index of American manufacturing slowed.

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Patrick says
At the very least, he didn't fuck up the economy

Coming soon. Bigly.

Once again the supporters have chosen to attack the commenter with the wall of dribble comment etc. when the real dribble is the supposedly non debatable facts that are sourced from heavily biased right of aisle entities.

13 line items and not one decent rebuttal or even any remote causal connection to Potus and the non debatable result.

Just like Potus - attack the messenger and deflect.
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Quigley says
There is no way that congress will pass any meaningful legislation, precisely because they want to deny the President a chance to sign any meaningful legislation. Why? Because it’s good for the country to get nothing done? No, because it gives Democrats ammunition in their four year struggle to get the Presidency back.

How do to explain the GOP control of everything from January 2017 to January 2019 ?

The GOP proved (again) they can not govern just to give the Democrats talking points going into the 2020 elections ?

No wall, no health care reform, no infrastructure, nonothing - just a tax giveaway to the wealthy.

24 months of no results and now it is the fault of the Democrats ? OMFG

When the China trade deal collapses - who is going to get blamed for that ?
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CBOEtrader says
Supposedly cant spread the disease while on the drug

Good thing insurance agents are not doctors...talk about being sued for malpractice and bad medical advice.

Are we talking about PeRP or an actual anti-viral regimen ?

PeRP may (not proven) keep someone from getting infected - if taken religiously however I would not want to bet the farm on that one.

PeRP is roughly 13K a year so it would be good to know what is being discussed.
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Patrick says
Woah woah woah. No results?

Please list the legislation passed...there is the Great Tax Heist and what else ?

Quigley says
two of them were secret Democrats

Secret Democrats ? OMFG
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FortWayneIndiana says
You know nothing about Lincoln Kaki.

I thought it was inventory - one of the Fort Wayne trio accused me of that a few weeks back but never got back to me with their dissertation on inventory and exactly what it is I do not know - that was when I said inventory is a form of waste in the world of Continuous Improvement otherwise known as Kaizen.

Going to guess none of the trio took the time to read anything referenced above since it is rather long reading. Pretty much the same as getting versed in C.I. - I am a qualified facilitator/trainer in three of the most common tools - yourself ?
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FortWayneIndiana says
Way off on many statements.

I patiently await the elaboration and clarification as well as the refuting of the referenced sources - hope it shows up faster than the dissertation on inventory.
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Quigley says
Do you want a list of all the times those two abandoned their party and voted with the opposition?

It was a Republican controlled congress and white house with any significant legislation passed except the tax bill.

Nice to see one of the three Ps being used again - attack the person this time. Good work. Just like Potus - can't address the failure of the GOP controlled congress and white house so try a verbal attack and insult.

How about a personal take on the robot situation at the Port Of Los Angeles and the high school educated making 130K and up thanks to nepotism etc. getting one of those jobs? That is the work location - yes ? Or is it the Port of Long Beach ?
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FortWayneIndiana says
I actually studied Lincoln for years, and know a lot about him and his life

Grade school and high school ? Me too but the material referenced above is all new

Maybe better off staying with those revelations about HIV from the church and the local gin mill
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CBOEtrader says
Agreed. I make far more than doctors. Poor bastards

Post the last 5 years tax returns along with Social Security number etc. so income can be verified otherwise just so much more bullshit like comes from the other paper millionaires claiming vast financial holdings etc.
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WineHorror1 says
Millions of illegals bringing in diseases with them.

Not nice calling poor white trash illegals just caused their hooked on meth, crack etc.
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MisterLearnToCode says
Muslims want to fry you like Bacon.

That's our shtick with the Napalm and White Phosphorus - we don't take kindly to folks muscling in on our racket
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What Happened to the Ship Exxon Valdez After The Big Spill?

When the Exxon Valdez was delivered to Exxon on December 11, 1986, it was the largest vessel ever built on the west coast of the U.S. On July 30, 1989, four months after it ran aground in Alaska’s Prince William Sound and caused the then-largest oil spill in U.S. waters, the crippled Exxon Valdez entered dry dock at National Steel and Shipbuilding in San Diego—its original birthplace.

In March 2011, the ship was sold for scrap to a U.S.-based company called Global Marketing Systems (GMS). GMS in turn re-sold it to the Chinese-owned Best Oasis, Ltd., for $16 million.

Full Article: https://gcaptain.com/happened-ship-exxon-valdez-big-spill/
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