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I think you're confused. The drag queen is in the White House, not England.
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Yes, but Caitlyn's doppelganger is.
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Why do you think Dems are not in favor of the changes you listed (other than immigration)?

I don't see a lot of Dems arguing about free trade--that's all Republicans.
What are the foreign policy changes?

The biggest change is we have a President that lies early and often. Not all change is good....
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CovfefeButDeadly says
You missed the point ma dunham

Great--please share the point?

Quigley says
Tell me this, Leon. If the Democrats cared so much about DACA kids, who rightfully should have a path to citizenship, why have they stonewalled any bill meant to fix their situation?
Their refusal to make any kind of compromise at all is stunning when you consider how they’ve been beating the drum on immigration for years.

Because that's a lie. They had 2 deals to fix DACA and Trump killed them both. He lied to Congress saying he would sign them and then reneged on his promises.



Dems realized that Trump is under too much pressure from his base to ever sign a DACA deal so they stopped trying.
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steverbeaver says
I have never met a "lazy" rich person, unless they were expecting an inheritance.

The problem may be you need to meet more rich people...
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Ah yes, the 10D chess again!
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How could this possibly go wrong?
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OK--so playing this forward:

US implements sanctions--Joe Q Public in Iran blames the US for their misery under sanctions since it was US that pulled out of deal and US that implemented sanctions
Iran immediately restarts nuclear program daring US to act.

Those two are neon light obvious. What is Trump's endgame strategy here? Invade Iran?
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socal2 says

What was Obama's endgame?

Whether you agree with the rationale or not, clearly his endgame was buying time.

So, what is Trumps?
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socal2 says

Ah - kicking the can down the road while allowing Iran to become dominant in the Region along with Russia? That is some great time buying right there!

Yes, keeping Iran nuclear weapon free until a Western Government takes over.

socal2 says

Probably similar to what he just achieved with North Korea using a combination of credible threats and carrots and ultimately getting them to come to the negotiation table for talks.

lol--so his endgame is what Obama already accomplished then?
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TwoScoopsOfDragonEnergy says
Few in Iran blames the USA, they blame the Mullahs. The Mullahs can't even make payments to their rural based militias because they spent it all in Syria, Yemen, Gaza, and Lebanon. People in Iran no longer buy the Mullah's attempts at distraction, and believe they are the obstacle to structural reform.

You mean few in Iran used to blame the USA. After Trump's moves, I imagine that opinion has changed. They respected Obama--I doubt the same is true of Trump.
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TwoScoopsOfDragonEnergy says

That sounds like our former North Korea policy.

You mean except for the part about securing a deal to keep Iran nuclear weapon free?

TwoScoopsOfDragonEnergy says
Maybe a realist foreign policy is better than the previous policies.

lol--you guys are hilarious You all panned Obama for talking with Iran and negotiating a deal. Now Trump is a God for copying that strategy with N. Korea.
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TwoScoopsOfDragonEnergy says
Avenatti is about to get a lesson in playing in the Big Leagues. They're using him as a conduit for Deep State leaks, but the dumbass now is going to have to show where he got confidential business records from. And of course, it'll be tossed out as fruit-of-the-poisoned-tree. Dumb, a Dumb Dumb Dummmmmmmb.

hahahahaha. Avanetti is so much smarter than Cohen and Giuliani that it's embarrassing to watch. You're living in la-la land just like when you and TPB were convinced that everything confiscated in the Cohen raid was illegally obtained.

Cohen is going down. Big time. Trump better pray that Cohen is more loyal than he is smart. There's a reason he went to the worst law school in the country...
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lostand confused says
It is dangerous how close we are to a coup -shame on the dems.

lol--what exactly do the Dems control? How are they in charge of any of this?

Mueller--Republican. Comey--Republican. Sessions--Republican. I could go on, but needless to say, it's all Republican driven.
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Quigley says
This, boys and girls, is what being disingenuous looks like!

How so? Please explain.

lostand confused says
LOL. Keep pushing that line, I think there will be a red wave in this mid terms. Liberlas.

You mean keep pushing the truth? That all the investigations were started by Republicans. Are being pursued by Repubilcans. And the chief investigators are Republicans?

And keep dreaming about the red wave....
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lostand confused says
Every single member of Special counsel is a Hilalry cheerleader. They don't care about Hilalry-they care about themselves going down. Like they say it si the cover-up not the crime that gets you. After mid term, Sessions is gone and you will get a solid AG-then this whole charade will unravel.

Plenty of corrupt Repubs who did not want trump-because he is the real deal and cares about the country and not him. keep going and pushing it will be 2016 redux-you are energizing the base.

IMO, this is ridiculous, but I'm 100% correct in my statement even if you're right.

Dems have zero to do with any of the investigations. Zero.
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And how hilarious is it that Cohen was the bagman in a LITERAL pay or play scheme? After all of Trumpkins threads and posts about the Clinton Foundation and how corrupt she was--now when it's proven that Trump did it much more overtly, they'll look the other way and defend him.

If there was ever any doubt about the level of hypocrisy of Trump supporters, this makes is plain.

I'll be waiting for any of the Trumpcucks on pat.net to criticize him for being corrupt. Trump IS the swamp.
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lostand confused says
Yes it is ridiculous-the truth is always ridiculous to elftist propaganda masters and their 54 genders.
Rosentein is the common theme in all this and he should eb tried for treason. I am starting to believe Comey was just the patsy. Rosentein the traitor has his hands on everything

Rosenstein the Republican, you mean?
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Nobody cares about the payment to Stormy Daniels. Come on, pay attention!

The important stuff is the pay for play scheme that Cohen started with the "consulting" company that reeled in AT&T, Novartis, and, of course, the Russian Oligarch among who knows who else.

Like I posted earlier--Cohen is going down. The only question is if he takes Trump with him.
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lol--I'm sorry that all Trumpkins can do is lie. Liberals wouldn't always be right if conservatives ever told the truth.

If you think Cohen is going to blow up in liberal's face, you are truly delusional. I love how Trumpkins think they are the "normal" folks. hahahahahahahahahaha.
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What do you mean? It's HISTORY!
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socal2 says
Just so glad to see southerners shed their past racist and Democratic political views and become Republicans.

Well, you're 1 for 3 in that sentence. They did become Republicans.
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Interesting article on US health care costs and outcomes. It appears the inflection point where our system went off the rails was ~1980. That's when the costs started skyrocketing out of control without any additional benefits in life expectancy.


"The United States devotes a lot more of its economic resources to health care than any other nation, and yet its health care outcomes aren’t better for it.
That hasn’t always been the case. America was in the realm of other countries in per-capita health spending through about 1980. Then it diverged.
It’s the same story with health spending as a fraction of gross domestic product. Likewise, life expectancy. In 1980, the U.S. was right in the middle of the pack of peer nations in life expectancy at birth. But by the mid-2000s, we were at the bottom of the pack.
What happened?"
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marcus says
Yes, because we know that a lot of people that don't like Trump are secretly motivated by this kind of thinking. If only they would admit it.

I'm convinced that the core of Trumpism is belief in strawman arguments. That's basically all Trump supporters have.
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Patrick says
The whole circus was a fraud perpetrated by sore losers. The public understands.

Such a simple statement but full of so many untruths.

1. The public is strongly in favor of Mueller's investigation continuing. And Mueller's favorability is consistently higher than Trumps. This has been shown in poll after poll. The public wants to know the truth.
2. The investigation was driven by Republicans from day one. And ONLY Republicans. Sessions, Rosenstein, Comey, Mueller. All Republicans.

TwoScoopsOfDragonEnergy says
President Trump's attorney, Rudy Giuliani, told Fox News Wednesday that special counsel Robert Mueller has told the president's legal team he will follow Justice Department guidance and not seek an indictment against Trump.

First off--Giuliani is not exactly the most reliable source of information on this case as he's already lied multiple times (by his own admissions).

But, even if you believe him, all he's saying is that Mueller won't indict Trump because he's not sure about the power of the special counsel to indict. And doesn't want to start a Constitutional crisis. Instead he'll forward the report of Trump's crimes to the House for Impeachment. It says NOTHING about the amount of evidence he has uncovered or the depth of crimes that may have been committed. Only that Mueller would prefer Congress pursue impeachment rather than Mueller pursuing an indictment.
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lostand confused says
Who knew a coup attempt in America and that pig of a constitutional scholar used our intelligence to spy on his opposition.

Nobody, because that is complete BS.
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socal2 says
I just think it is funny and illustrative how the Koch Bros who are the pro-immigrant, pro-marijuana, pro-gay marriage, pro-prison reform and anti-Trump are so vilified by the insane Left.

It tells me that the majority of the Left are absolute morons who know fuck-all about anything other than their talking points they get from Facebook and MSNBC, or they are total dishonest hacks who will lie, cheat and vilify anyone to gain power.

Probably a bit of both.

lol. No, it's illustrative of how Trump supporters have no fucking clue what the left cares about and truly believe the ridiculous strawman arguments that Breitbart, FOX, et. al spew at them 24/7.

Hint: Dems aren't free traders. Dems aren't pro illegal immigration. Dems aren't supply siders.

TwoScoopsOfDragonEnergy says
Of course the Koch Brothers have shifted to the Dems, they want their cheap labor to bust up unions, crush prices, while passing along the costs to the Taxpayer, which is cheaper than paying market wages

No--those are Republican ideals. Look at the tax plan that Republicans passed---it was a Koch Bros. wet dream.
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TwoScoopsOfDragonEnergy says

Think Giuliani, long time Prosecutor and Mayor of NY for decades, is stupid enough to baldly lie on Television about a legal case?

We don't have to speculate. He did so. And then ADMITTED that he did.

It's a fact that he lied on Television about the legal case.

TwoScoopsOfDragonEnergy says
He has nothing on Trump worthy of impeachment.

You have no clue about what Mueller does or doesn't have. For you to write that one here pretending you have any knowledge is hilarious.
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TwoScoopsOfDragonEnergy says
Giuliani stated that Mueller's Findings are wholly exculpatory


Here's what I can find:

“I asked him specifically if they realized or acknowledged they didn't have the power to indict. Both under the Justice Department memo, which gives them their power, in essence confines their power, and under the Constitution,” Giuliani told “Fox & Friends.” “One of his assistants said they acknowledged they had to be bound by Justice Department policies. Then the next day or the day after, they clarified it for [Trump attorney] Jay Sekulow who was with me at the meeting that they didn't have the power to indict.”

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Quigley says
Here you go. Rudy saying that Mueller has nothing (which he’s going to know because the prosecution would have to release any evidence they have to the defense) and what he does have is exculpatory.

lol--that was Giuliani playing to the FOX news crowd. Again it's hilarious that you are putting all your stock in a Giuliani quote. Has he figured out if Trump repaid Cohen yet?

You think this guy knows everything... hahahaha
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Quigley says

That would make room for Rand Paul to run in 2020 and be elected as our first true populist President in decades.

Rand Paul is about as far from populist as you can get. He is the OPPOSITE of populist.

Sanders is populist. Warren is populist. Trump's stump speeches were somewhat populist even if his actions have not been.

Rand Paul is NOT populist.
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lostand confused says
Would that be Hilalry and the DNC who paid the Russians 12 million dolalrs to get a fake dossier.

Nope. That is more lies.

Why do Trump supporters have to lie so much? Is the truth that damaging to them?
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TwoScoopsOfDragonEnergy says
Brennan is so busted, all his blubbering has been a means to distract from his own crimes in hopes that Trump would be impeached before a case against him could be made

Oh Goody!! Will this be another BLOCKBUSTER ??
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Goran_K says
It's funny how leftist are fine with conservatives being kicked off Twitter/Facebook/Youtube "because it's a private business", then totally do a 180 when it comes to the kneeling issue in the NFL.

Actually I think it's funny when Trumpkins whine about Facebook but have no problem with the NFL.

Goran_K says
Guess NFL owners finally realized that millionaire black guys complaining about oppression wasn't the marketing victory the Democrats claimed it would be.

I think it's funny that you feel the need to mention race and income in that statement. Why is that?? Why do you feel it's important to note a protestors race? Or income level?
Does one have to be poor to exercise one's right to free speech? I thought Trumpkins hated identity politics. Oh, sorry, I forgot. You're an Independent. lol.
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Don't worry. You're going to hear A LOT about Trump and the Republicans killing health care for millions of people in November. I figure there will be many an ad showing someone who no longer has health care thanks to Trump and Ryan.
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Goran_K says
This is seriously very basic shit that most people learn in a basic MBA course. I worked nearly 2 decades at Goldman Sachs. That's why it's frustrating sometimes to have these conversations with people anonymously online but I digress.

lol. Your logical fallacy is appeal to authority. Although in this case the word authority should be in quotes.

Your explanation is completely off topic and does zero to address Bob and justme's point.
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Should we put the Nobel Peace Prize on hold then?

Or is this all part of the 17d chess game Trump is playing?
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RafiMaas says
is it not a benefit to know what people are willing to pay for your stock? One wouldn't consider this a benefit?

I think you're grasping at straws now. Is "knowing what people are willing to pay for your stock" really the benefit that Goran was claiming here?

Goran_K says
justme says
Buying company shares in the stock market does not constitute investing in a company. You are investing in future value increases of the shares, and not in the company. The company gets zero benefit from your stock purchase.

This is totally, completely, and fundamentally wrong.

The Housing Trap
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