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MegaForce says
Such class warfare on the poor.

I’m sure you recognize sarcasm, but you make a good point. Why isn’t it class warfare when renters want to repeal prop 13, or keep stuffing bonds onto property taxes? When does it become immoral to flip the tables around? If looney liberals want to punish the poor with gasoline taxes, why should I stop them? I love the feeling of privilege knowing I don’t have to pay for it, just like the poor do when they think they are somehow sticking it to the man with a bond measure and then whine when their rent instantly jumps up to cover it. It starts being funny to me.
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MbS says
Malcolm says

I drive electric cars, so I’m with you there. High gas taxes seem very fair to me.

No worries: sales tax and elevated registration fee you pay every time you jump from one of these short-lived toys to another is easily the same or more as owners of old gas jalopies are paying in gas taxes. ;)

Touché, but that’s why I lease, and the state generously gives me $2,500 each time for my troubles.
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MbS says
Malcolm says
They cut down on my traffic and my roads are nice and maintained. I also enjoy the fresh landscaping.

Where is this paradise with no traffic, smooth roads and fresh landscaping? Not SFBA for sure.

No, definitely not SFBA, 😂
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MAGA says
But the Realtor's are saying that it is a great time to buy and sell. They would never steer us wrong, would they?

Realtors are honorable professionals with a fiduciary duty to protect their clients’ interests. They would never steer you wrong. If they tell you that it’s time to buy you better jump or you’ll miss the boat, just like 2006. Make sure to listen to your wife when they gang up on you to make sure, for your own good, that you don’t get a house that is too small. Out of the goodness of their hearts, they’ll convince her that the biggest regret of homebuyers is not getting a big enough house. “You can do this.” God bless the realtors.
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MbS says
See: I bet than most of gas tax money going into state coffers are from our and LAs overcrowded roads but nice roads are elsewhere...

It just means those wealthy areas aren’t paying enough, It’s a big state you know. The solution is simple, more gas taxes.
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MAGA says
Let's not forget Suzanne and her special listings.

Memories, oh beautiful memories, how I missed Suzanne, and the pudgy mark.
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I always loved that aggressive head bob, just like a man about to throw a punch. You gotta love the cordless speakerphone. That was some serious IT back in the day.
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Strategist says
Don't forget to apply for yours Malcolm, around February.

Thanks for mentioning. We are going to keep our 2nd car just long enough as to have three cars on that magic date. Then we get an extra $500. The beauty is, we don’t even charge our cars at home, so we get the best of all worlds. Volta is installing free chargers all over the place. It’s a beautiful thing.

Ah those express lanes where I am only limited to 93 MHP because that’s as fast as my Leaf and my Bolt will go, but 0-60 in a Bolt is fast af.
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Not Guam!!!!!

Oh the humanity.
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I have watched in the last 10 minutes, the odds have fallen from 90% to 50% that Dems take the house.

More fake news.
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Correction, now 3/5 in favor of Republicans keeping the house.
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I went to Cedar Point this year. Just back in September. It is a marvelous place.
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joshuatrio says
Acosta didn't really lay a hand on the woman though, but he protected that mic like a football during the superbowl

I keep explaining to others that it isn’t putting his hands on her that’s at issue. Like you say, he protected the mic. That was completely inappropriate. Where he accosted her was in the fact that he used his physical size to prevent her from doing her job. If you watch, she actually retreated and sat down to avoid escalation. It wasn’t his mic. He doesn’t get to decide when others get a turn.
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Quigley says
Doesn’t appear sped up to me, but I don’t see him really whacking her hard either. He definitely denied her the mic, but I doubt he caused her damage. Still, a dickish thing to do.
He’s a prick!

He used his size and his arm to prevent a girl from doing her job.
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MisterLefty says
Trump issued a statement accusing him of gang banging the intern after spiking her drink!

I was there.
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mell says
She looks like a hottie

Yes, in all honesty, it made me even more critical of him.
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Is there such a thing as too many realtors?
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Fake news. LOL
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I never gave it much thought, but she just needs the deposit first, then the rest when she moves in. Why is this such a cluster fuck?

If I were a DC landlord, I would think I could work something out until her first check hits. It’s not like she’s be hard to evict or garnish if she screwed me over.
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This seems like a questionable practice.
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I visited Beijing. It can feel very toxic if the air is calm.
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Fortwaynemobile says
Because people don’t make more money.

I’m saying the same thing, the economy is pretty good, but there is some major reproving in many industries. I am finding bargains galore whenever I need something. Restaurants especially.
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Fortwaynemobile says
Liberals and feminists ruin everything.

The party that brought us the sexual revolution has ruined it to the point that we live in a more prudish society than Victorians. I can only correlate it to a power struggle where femiiists turned the tables on traditional behaviors or men and women.

Now, women fuck all they want (or at least make up stories like men used to) and now men are shamed like little boys for acting on desires or flirtation. I’m so glad I’m not doing the single thing.
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BayArea says
c.) Porn has reached holy grail levels... this has served to desensitized normal sexual intercourse

Find a girl who likes porn, solves everything. They are out there.
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clambo says
he's willing to settle for not dating young hot chicks, he's willing to settle to drive a Toyota Yaris,

That says everything right there.
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She might win, that happened to me.
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d6rB says
This is just one data point - it is fairly meaningless. One hot spring or cold winter can be just an aberration.

Please remember that next year, when every record high or low will be conclusive proof of climate change.
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clambo says
he Federal Reserve is going to quit fooling around I bet now.

I was thinking the same thing. I hope they keep raising. It is a good time to be saving and waiting.
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Not related to the article, because I really don't care what CNN's opinion on my brand loyalty may be, but I have some things on this topic.

1. I have owned quite a few foreign cars and a couple of domestics. My Bolt is the first domestic car that I bought/leased new. It is my all-time favorite, so I know GM has the ability to produce a very high quality product.
2. They need to immediately stop those God-awful Chevy ads with that smug millennial poster child for every stereotype that there is of millennial. No disrespect, I like millennials a great deal, I just don't like the pandering. They aren't all apathetic, soft spoken wimps who are impressed with a secret extra cup holder.
3. It seems that GM and the public/government have not learned any lessons from the bailout. Government doesn't understand that GM can't create a job if it doesn't have a customer waiting to buy its product, so bashing a company for reducing variable costs to match demand is really fucking stupid. I am unaware of any serious restructuring of the unions and the pensions/bond payments. Those are really tough on the fixed costs. A company can't be competitive if it doesn't have those fixed costs, like overly generous benefits, union labor abuses, excessive executive pay and manageable debt that is for constructive purposes under control.
4. Protectionism will only go so far and the consumer will start seeing it as oppressive to them if we try to tariff our way out of this problem. GM needs to overhaul its marketing plan to design and build the cars that people will actually buy. They need to match form, fit, function to what the end user views as a quality product.

Anything else is just a prolonged circle jerk.
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For those guessing the bottom can’t be that far down, please reflect that “The economy is too strong for housing to crash,” is what the bulls were saying in 2007.

When the economy is inflated because of paper wealth, it can crash when the paper wealth evaporates. Anyone buying in the hot areas is buying a life of servitude.
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Ceffer says
Does pot make women hornier or less horny? That's the only meaningful metric.

I've known both types. So, some do and some don't is the answer. The some do's are keepers.
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I see almost no downside to pot use at all. I would feel perfectly comfortable knowing my air traffic controller had rewarded himself with a good night's sleep the night before, especially given the alternatives.

People go through phases. I indulge about half of what I used to. I find I am far more motivated to take a creative challenge and ponder, and during emotional stress and even physical pain, it really turns life's noise volume down.
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Marriage is outdated and serves no practical purpose that another legal instrument couldn't handle. I used to think it was important for children's legitimacy, I have reconsidered, again, another legal instrument can establish guardianship.
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willywonka says
Do wages get confiscated?

Is anyone in jail for defaulting on their school loan?

It's worse than jail. Instead, defaulted loans go on credit reports. Banks, often the same ones that make the same loans, are happy then to declare these people as higher risk borrowers. They benefit from charging higher interest rates and feed the cycle. If there really was a tangible consequence to defaulting, then obviously fewer people would borrow, and a lucrative profit stream would be cut off. People would borrow more responsibly, but that would have a serious impact on the power of academia. Think how awful it would be if future students were conscientious shoppers for their education. They might actually demand a measurable value.
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Jesus fucking Christ, bring charges if you think he did something, STOP just running your mouth that Trump's this or that is illegal. It usually isn't, it is just you don't like whatever it is. I am so fucking tired or everyday there is a NY Times article "Look what Trump did this time." You lost, get over it.
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Strategist says
That's why I didn't bother reading the shit.

Me too.
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The wealthiest people are those who live within their means. That is the real key. A little luck doesn't hurt either.
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Strategist says

They hate Trump because he keeps every single promise he has made. They are not used to honest politicians keeping their promises. It confuses them.

He's exactly what they claim they wanted. Someone who isn't bought and paid for, someone who would enforce immigration, someone who would be tough on trade. He even likes pussy as much as Bill Clinton. He was even a registered Democrat for crying out loud.
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Strategist says
My brother-in-law is pretty wealthy. Only because the cheap bastard never stops freeloading off me. His only luck is having me as a brother-in-law.
Sadly, his good luck is my fucking bad luck.

I have a similar brother-in-law story. He is one of those flashy "rich" people. It's all show. Horrible credit and a house that has been in foreclosure since the last bubble burst. Is being rich just the material stuff? Or is being rich that feeling of not owing anyone anything?

I prefer to rent my toys and live modestly so that I can enjoy a week beachfront on Maui once a year. I prefer that over owning a large house that has now been chopped up into rental units where instead of paying down liabilities, all of your resources go towards legal costs avoiding foreclosure and dodging a never ending list of creditors.
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BayArea says
This is my nutshell general criticism of engineers.

Their managers manipulate the shit out of engineers egos, and bitch the unions out of existence, while doing nothing but setting them up for early layoff for the sake of replacement by any class of worker who will accept lover pay as engineers benefits get ratcheted down with each year that passes, and the work-week gets longer.

Engineers could have done something about this 40 years ago and didn't.


Well, it turns out that they are not that smart.
They are conned into believing that they are management and almost like equity share employees even as they get separated from the value of everything they create.

So sad really that they never organized to pus...

I almost chose engineering. Thank God I didn't. They are, IMO, the people this topic is aimed at. I have never seen anything quite like working in a design company full of and run by engineers and scientists. In their own way, all of them brilliant people, but they're absolute failures in a team environment. They were terrible with their finances, many were bandwagon jumpers during the housing run-up. They live like gypsies, moving from one job to the next, just back and forth wherever the next doomed startup pops up. They basically have a career of paying student loans, moving trucks and selling costs. They live near the beach, but don't walk on the beach but once every five years or so and the occasional company picnic. They're miserable introverts who do marry the parasitic type of wife who run them further into debt and shame them when they eventually get laid off. Think of the guy in the 𝘚𝘶𝘻𝘢𝘯𝘯𝘦 commercial, only not as assertive as that guy.

The Housing Trap
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