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Goran_K says
How come Democrats didn't legalize at the Fed level in 2008-2010 when they had the POTUS, Congress and House?

Well, @APHAman! Answer the question!
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APHAman says
Open minded people came here to exchange interesting ideas.

Nope. Because I was here in those early days and the Leftists running this site were Communist Enforcers Extraordinaire, period.
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Is this net or gross addition of jobs?

Plenty of jobs get 'destroyed' in Silicon Valley per month, too.
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Nobody says
We had everyone who should not have qualified for the loan got the loan and the loan on equity
to squander

...which is what his happening again, more or less.
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Nobody says
In a mean time, Toyota and Mazda are building factories in US. Have you heard them laying off people?

Yeah. In no-union Southern states where starting pay is $19/hr vs the unionized productivity-sucking shops of GM's where they pay at least $35/hour. But the unions won't let GM (or Ford or Chrysler) open factories in non-union states (they negotiate that restriction in their labor contracts).
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
were horrible judges of credibility.

No they weren't. He promoted The Narrative just great.
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Multiculturalism doesn't really work. See Austro-Hungarian Empire, former Yugoslavian Federation. Both had to come down hard to enforce it.

The Swiss Confederation works. And why? Because the cantons were recognized as being ethnically homogenous for the most part. The four or so big cities were the multicultural exception and even then were originally a mixing pot of Swiss ethnicities. Also, the cantons have most of the power and collect most of the tax revenues while having equal representation in the Swiss upper house, the Council of States. The CoS also votes along with the lower house to elect the executive branch.

There was a plan by the Austo-Hungarian heir Prince Karl to federalize the Empire along more equitable lines like how Switzerland was. But the Empire's defeat and forced dissolution at the end of WWI put the kabob on that.

The US needs to radically decentralize along these lines it if is to avoid Civil War 2 down the road. The Reds and Blues can not see eye to eye on many common things that Americans used to, so the Feds should devolve health care, welfare and many other functions to the Sates or interstate compacts of the States.
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Herdingcats says
I am being accused of trolling.


Trolling is not defined by you bitching ' safe place is violated! I am triggered! Waaaaaah!", which seems to me what you are presently doing. But then again I am a crusty Gen X asshole.
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Goran_K says
I did it more as a way to get him back on topic (which admittedly, he did). So it worked, and no comments were moderated as a result.

...yet here he is having a post dedicated to him being triggered over the whole experience. Nice.
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Goran_K says
When is Gen X? Pre 1980?

We are not Boomers nor Millennials. We are like the 'silent generation' that was in between the WW2 "Greatest Generation" and Boomers in that way.
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"A total of 415 investors from across the world including UBS Asset Management and Aberdeen Standard Investments signed the 2018 Global Investor Statement to Governments on Climate Change demanding urgent action."

So they figure they could get government to mandate or otherwise support their scams, like Al Gore try to do with this bogus carbon credits that he made money hand over fist with anyway.

Economic rent-seeking exists! <-- tell us something that we don't know.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
I believe that this nation is the last hope of Western civilization

Well then, I have some bad news for you: After Trump leaves, the road to hell will be resumed.

Trump is lot like Old Hickory (Andrew Jackson): He'll be a brief flame of sanity but then the swamp will rapidly refill shortly after he terms out.

Presidents like Old Hickory, Teddy Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, Ronald Reagan and Trump are rare birds, not the norm.

And therein lies the problem.
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Guess the politicians on that town's council have no aspirations for running for higher, state/federal office, then. Because you can bet COMCAST will fund their opponents most generously AND take out third party attack ads on them...just to make their point to all the others.
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They SHOULD build just a backbone for 5G transmitters to hook into, instead of houses/buildings. Solves the last mile problem and would probably be cheaper over all.

I mean, by the time they actually build the full fiber system 5G will be not only available, but ultra-competitive with even the town's low rates. Which means the town could be taking a capital investment risk in not making the best choice.

Anyone with more knowledge on 5G than I have care to chime in?
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Evan F. says
Also, I would imagine fiber has a massive advantage in terms of long term viability and bandwidth headroom. Let's say 5g eventually reaches something like 2 Gbps, which is really generous, afaik. Any fiber cable will handle many times that bandwidth, as long as you have the supporting hardware, which will be cheap relative to the process of laying all that cable initially. So fiber is likely much more future proof.

True. But that is also assuming 5G is the end all, be all. Whereas in fact there will be 6G, 7G, 8G, etc. going forward.
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"Almost half of U.S. chief financial officers believe a recession will strike the U.S. economy by the end of 2019"

Hahahaha! I bet I can come up with some crap that gets 2/3 of them to 'predict' that Martians will land on the White House lawn in 2019, too!
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...which must be true because Pelosi and most other Democrat leadership is terrified of not containing the Occasional-Cortex wing of her party from impeaching him.
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Tenpoundbass says
OMG! Now California wants to tax text-messaging?

If even one SMTP packet crosses state lines, then it can be thrown out in Federal court.

But not surprised. CA is now a total soft dictatorship, as political scientists use that term. Like how post-war Japan and post-revolutionary Mexico was for decades.
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Schumer and Pelosi insisted on having that meeting private. By not bending to that request and forcing it to be transparent, he put them in a box they can't get out of politically. At least not w/o causing themselves damage. Total poison pill tactics on Trump's part. Brilliant.
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I think Section 8 should be allocated as per the same demographics fuckery where the average rent/mortgage payment of lower 48 states constitutes for what people pay for housing in order to hide the fact that true housing poverty in blue states like California skyrockets their total poverty rates while making red states like Mississippi look like 'the poorest states OFFICIALLY' instead.

In other words, if Libs want to skew housing poverty data by one standard then that standard should be used to determine what the Section 8 housing checks should be.

Which means they should be no more than $500 in California for a one bedroom or whatever.

It's called: Forcing the Libtards to put up or shut up on their bullshit, finally.
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cmdrdataleak says
Predicting: Canada extradites her to the US. Trump administration makes a deal to release her to China in return for positive statements or trade concessions. Just in time for Christmas. SPY up 10%.

Trade concessions? China won't seriously implement them even if they 'concede' to doing so. Or it will implement non-tariff barriers like the Japanese do to keep American cars out of Japan.
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HeadSet says
Regular phone bills have line item local fees for "911" service and local line charge taxes, even though long distance calls are made.

Because Congress allowed for that. In some cases mandated for it, even. And not all long distance calls are intrastate calls, either. And that was an 'analog' era, too.

I call 911 on an analog line in 1995, it goes through a local switch which then may or may not connect on a long distance line. I only 'called' the local system. Hell, I only do that for ALL long distance calls because that is how that system was physically engineered. So, 100% of MY calls are local calls as far as what is physically transmitted. They can be long distance calls as well, but that is over the phone company's long distance connection. And that could be from San Jose to LA -- no intrastate involved. That was 'long distance' back in the day, remember?

I could be locally charged/taxed for accessing 911 via the local switch/system, no matter if I end up talking to someone who is out of state. THAT situation is because the local phone company technically makes another call out of state, not me. My connection to 911 being taxes/charged is for the local one to the phone company. An access charge to their service, so to speak. But that actual intrastate long distance call (if it even happens, as you posited) does fall under federal jurisdiction between the phone company providing me 911 service and the feds, really.

Whereas in 2018, whenever I call ANYWHERE on a digital connection -- which all my calls are nowadays as even my 'land line' is a Magic Jack call over my TCP/IP internet connection -- and if JUST ONE packet crosses state lines or state/federal boundaries period, which is likely to be the case these days, then that is definitely an intrastate call. That makes ALL phone calls those that are federal ones as far as jurisdiction is concerned. 911 calls, calls/texts to my neighbor down the street, texts to my friend in New Zealand, etc. All determined by the technical architecture of telecommunications as it exists today.

But I am no telecom law lawyer. As you can see, this can be a real mess. But SMTP packets...oh yeah. That I know enough of to know that the TCP/IP packets that those SMPT packets are really composed thereof of having a statistical chance in hell of not crossing federal boundaries technically is pretty much nill.
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LOVE to see how they plan to get around Prop 13 for some of this stuff.

Wait! They don't plan on doing anything of the kind. So this is a virtue signaling joke, that's all.
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Patrick says
Eliminating the zoning restrictions and the housing will get built.

which is the LAST thing they will do.
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clambo says
Compromise is not an option in all situations.

Leave your front unlocked; people will come in and take your shit or hurt you or both.

So you can 1. lock your door 2. unlock your door.

What is the compromise position? You can decide to lock your door on alternating weeks; one week it's left unlocked, the next week it's locked.

This is effectively the same as not locking it at all.

We should not compromise on having a border and enforcement of immigration laws. Compromise effectively means no enforcement and no laws.

Rapist pins down a gal, rips her panties off and starts unzipping his pants:

"Please!", she says. "I am a virgin. Fuck me in the ass instead and you can have the $300 in my purse!"

Rapist just fucks her in BOTH holes and just takes her entire purse - $300, credit cards and all.

That's what you get when you try to 'compromise' with beasts.

Just ask Juanita Brodderick if you don't believe me.
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Yeah, they got it good. Alberta is paying through the nose in Canada's wealth redistribution BS while Quebec not so much because said wealth redistribution scheme purposely omits Quebec's vast hydroelectric power from the calculations.

This whole scheme was originally set up to bribe the Quebekkers into staying in the Dominion the last time they raised a secessionist ruckus, after all.
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Actually, Plate Tectonics is running into an existential challenge anyway. At least plate tectonics as it is now.
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"We pretend to work; they pretend to pay us." -- old saying from the USSR days, which apparently even applies to Soviet robots.
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APHAman says
Become religion? The Religious Conservative Right in this country has been destroying our once great nation for decades. Intelligent Right Wingers have warned for a long time the dangers of getting in bed with the Christian Church. They are incompatible with our Western, freedom loving, way of life

BS. You are confusing a supporters for the political operatives themselves. And even if you were somehow correct, how does two wrongs make a right?

Pelosi called the Wall 'immoral'. THAT is a religious stance being used for public policy, which means there is no compromise. You don't see Trump evoking religion for his take on the subject, do you?
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SunnyvaleCA says
I think that's a giant YES. I think the Onion is more fun, though.

I think this is just as good as TO. Different, but good. I mean, does TO have a plea in their FAQ for triggered snowflakes not to sue them like these guys do? :)

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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Kinda the GOPe version of supporting Google's Censorship to hurt themselves, the way Liberals support Islamists to hurt Liberalism.

But they are not hurting themselves. They are doing their best to hurt (originally) the Tea Party revolt of the deplorables that threatened to take their control of the GOPe away and now against Trump, who is the manifestation of said revolt of the deplorables that succeeded.

Remember: These are the same RINO thugs who got in bed with Obama to use the IRS on the Tea Party groups in the first place. They are more loyal to their class (elitists) than to conservativism and always have been.
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NuttBoxer says
How is this title not ad hominem?

..uh because it isn't.
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WillPowers says
The reality TV president just got beat at his own game

No he didn't.

He just set up a trap for the Democrats and Pelosi fell for it. Schumer had enough brains not to, but Trump only needed Pelosi to get caught.

Now thanks to Pelosi, the public narrative will be:

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"More Americans view climate change as 'imminent' threat: Reuters/Ipsos Poll"

Really? Then why do other polls show that Americans consider it next to dead last on a provided list of issues they care about?
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Yeah, so? Considering how global temps will soon plunge via another little ice age, bring it on!
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I finally realized how the organization went straight to SJW hell when they had cub scouts hit me up to sell cookies just as I left the ticket turnstile at the Union City BART station when coming home from work.

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