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FortWayne says
Religious folks make good moral choices.

George Bush: 'God told me to end the tyranny in Iraq
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What amazing knowledge can be imparted in a scant two years?
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Marching for Putin, you Commie scum!

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His poetry is for fucked up millennials and teens.

Yeah, this just my life
Front to back, top to bottom

Everything's changing around me
These days don't feel the same
We all lost faith and lost family
Why must we play this game?
Lord have mercy on me
I've been a sinning man
Pull out my wings, jump off the bridge
And crash in a plane, if I never land

Know I never die
We live forever in my mind
And I sanctify
We live forever, still alive

There's a lot going on but I stick to the ones I love
I never claimed to be a perfect man but name a great man who was
Consequences of my actions in the past years had me stressing out
It was like, May, I just moved to L.A., I was tryna figure it out
Medication for depression that I cut cold turkey, had the kid manic
In an episode out in Hollywood, wilding out like Nick Cannon
Railing Adderall pills out a dollar bill, on the bathroom floor
Clean the whole mess up with my nose, what the fuck I need a vacuum for?
New York City on my birthday, June 6th, 2014
I had that first meeting with Hov, plus I brought out the whole team
I drank that whole bottle of D'usse Ty Ty gave me that night
When we left the club, at the Rap Genius house me and shorty got into a fight
She came out the room swingin', hit me in the jaw
I was really tryna fend her off
But I ended up in the closet with my hands around her neck
I was tripping, dawg
Too proud to apologize or empathize, I blamed it all on her
Saying that she hit me first, even though she was the one hurt
I was really just reflecting all the hurt that I was feeling from the band's rejection
When Kids These Days split, that shit felt like a c-section
And my infidelity and jealousy with Natalie on top of the amphetamines
And the ecstasy had me tryna drown face down in the Chesapeake
The next month I dropped "Down on My Luck" and had Europe going nuts
But I couldn't even appreciate it at the time, I was going through too much
Now I had to leverage million dollar label deals on the table for my records
In Ibiza eating paella on the roof, tryna choose over breakfast
Hov wasn't with the bidding war, but I knew the Roc just felt right
When I saw Kanye at Wireless, without T-Pain, still a good life
Felt so close when Mr. Hudson introduced me to him backstage
He prolly don't even remember that shit... like a bitch off Backpage
But at that stage, I was ready to swing for the fence like a batting cage
At the same time, I was winding down a low point in my addict phase
The Adderall started wearing off and I went into a deep writer's block
All over a song that I couldn't finish that I wrote about signin' to the Roc
Isn't that ironic? I was feeling so psychotic
With the whole world excited for me and my idol saying I got it
Shit got bad out in L.A., so I moved back home to my mom's basement
Linked up with Smoko and Papi Beatz and took it back to basics
Then I wrote "Rage," that was me screaming out through the pain
And "U Mad," addressing my relationship with Natalie, it was too bad
The violence and the lies slipped suicide into my mental health
I did acid in the studio one day and almost killed myself
As I started to fall apart, certain stars started to align
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He got his crude Nancy-Frank fantasy thrills, while fucking her. "You're better than Sammy Davis, Frank! Ohhhh!!!"
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Subies are the go-to car in the Northwest. And here is a blast from the past:

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Start a bank if you want a bailout, you lazy fucks.
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Comparing accidents to intentional acts? Collateral damage and head chopping all the same? The US military and ISIS all the same? What about Intention?
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It's how you say "Welcome to the neighborhood" in Joisey.
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Non-uniformed enemy combatant.
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You hear the window of your car parked outside being broken, and some noise in your backyard. You investigate, grabbing your Glock 19, and see a shadowy figure with arm raised. What do you do?
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Who Carrey would like to be, but can't admit it.
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Why can't the Fed pay off his loans?
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Classy dames.
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Stooge of Putin!
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Episode 2: Doogie Howser beheads a British journalist.
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Agree with Mell. I wasn't a believer in diets but then did the South Beach diet. The first two weeks are cold turkey for carbs which is a bitch, but you will lose weight without exercising. I think running is one of the best exercises. I like Waikiki, but so do the homeless. North Shore may have a surfing event depending. I met Wyland who was painting a mural on a park building there back in the '90's.
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I stayed at a nice condo right on the beach in Waikiki, near a Starbucks which opened at 5AM! I am an early riser, so I would head out at 6-6:30AM for a run, or to get a coffee and croissant. The sidewalk was lined with homeless people. The beach showers were being used. People stirring. Zombies biting head off struggling tourist. Just keep moving.
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Damned Bigtoed Women!
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Remember the Battle of Gravelines!
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McCabe is an AI hologram. Back to your pods!
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A friend of mine lives in Crockett, CA. Pretty trippy place, with the old C&H sugar plant in town. I recommend going all the way to Port Costa and hanging out at the Warehouse bar and restaurant. Sit outside and watch the huge tanker ships round the bend of the Carquinez Strait.

But there are periodic recorded messages that come in about closing your windows due to similar refinery events. Not sure I could sleep soundly there. And what about air quality? Got to get you over time.

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Lovely flowers beckoning to be pollinated.
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For all citizens. Not for illegals. As Dems would never agree to this, it doesn't have a chance, I am afraid.
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bob2356 says
Actually worse since medicare is prohibited from negotiating drug prices. L
Of course that would have to change. Attempts to do so in the past were torpedoed by primarily Republicans.

Would Medicare have to turn a profit or could it operate at cost, unlike the privates?
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anotheraccount says
I am kind getting tired of arguing about this for almost ten years and yet most Democrats will not admit that Obama missed the opportunity to do something big in a positive way in healthcare

The so-called Blue Dog democrats would have voted with the Republicans to torpedo single payer. The votes just were not there.

The Housing Trap
You're being set up to spend your life paying off a debt you don't need to take on, for a house that costs far more than it should. The conspirators are all around you, smiling to lure you in, carefully choosing their words and watching your reactions as they push your buttons, anxiously waiting for the moment when you sign the papers that will trap you and guarantee their payoff. Don't be just another victim of the housing market. Use this book to defend your freedom and defeat their schemes. You can win the game, but first you have to learn how to play it.
115 pages, $12.50

Kindle version available

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