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LeonDurham says
MrMagic says

Like predicting the outcome of the Electoral College? How close was Nate there?

And this is another example of someone not understanding how probability works.

It's not smug to state the truth.

Do you even read what you post.

Nate missing his electoral college prediction by over 75 points has nothing to do with "probability". It has to do with making a completely WRONG prediction, which matched all his wrong predictions for that past year.

THAT is the truth.
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bob2356 says
Consumer confidence is lower than 2014 and 2016. But don't let facts screw you up.

Oh @bob2356

Amazing, you make a statement about Consumer Confidence, then post a chart of Consumer Sentiment... Ha ah Ha Ha ha LOL LOL ROFL LOL

You do know, those are two separate things, right??

Plus, Consumer Confidence is a lot HIGHER than 2014 and 2016.... Ha Ha HA HA , LOL LOL

Oh crap, those pesky FACTS again..

Then, let's touch on Consumer Sentiment, shall we?

That's even HIGHER than 2014 and 2016..... LOL LOL ROFL ... HA Ha Ha ha ha

Ha Ha Ha... don't let those pesky FACTS get in the way of a good delusion..

Folks, you can't make this shit up!!!

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Out-Of-Warranty Tesla Owners Left With No Choice But To Fix Their Own Cars.

Due to a lack of reputable mechanics, lack of widespread service centers and aftermarket parts, some out of warranty Tesla owners are left with no choice but to try and fix their cars themselves. Such was the case of Model S owner Greg Furstenwerth, a self described "Tesla fan". CNBC detailedhis journey through repairing his own out of warranty Tesla when the company "treated him like [he] didn't own a Tesla" after his warranty ran out.

"Those were the golden years", according to Furstenwerth. While the Model S was under warranty, he shared his experience in dealing with Tesla service, which was positive. The interactions with the company were plentiful.

But when the warranty ran out, so did the personal attention: " soon as I exceeded my warranty, the interactions all went away. I was treated like I didn't really own a Tesla," he told CNBC.

This is apparently because Tesla doesn’t make spare parts, diagnostic tools or repair manuals readily available to people trying to perform service on their cars. And due to the modest size of the car fleet, there is also a surprisingly small aftermarket for Tesla parts.

So Furstenwerth was forced to take it upon himself to figure out how to fix his car on his own.

We can imagine that the reaction of other Tesla owners who aren't such vehement fans, will be far less supportive.

Yeah.... but that acceleration!!!!!
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LeonDurham says
Wasn't it that claimed Neo-Nazis didn't exist?

No, we believe they exist and were hiding out in the Democrat party.

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BayArea says
And I haven’t encountered an owner that isn’t head over heels for their purchase. I don’t know what to believe anymore.

You can believe a "Fool and his money, are soon parted".
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LeonDurham says
bwahahahahaha. Is that a joke?? Here is a chart of soybean prices:

No, but this unsourced, undated chart is.
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LeonDurham says
bwahahahahaha. Is that a joke?? Here is a chart of soybean prices:

Interesting Joey, when you bring up that WHOLE chart, with time lines, it's amazing what the TRUTH is...

LeonDurham says
So, you are celebrating soybean prices falling like a rock due to the tariffs Trump has instituted as a good thing for US farmers.

When did prices start FALLING like a rock?

When was Obama President?

Oops.... Narrative destroyed...

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LeonDurham says
Of course soybean prices vary year to year based on weather and yield, but the chart I posted shows the drop due to the tariffs. I thought anyone would be able to realize the difference...

Oh really... now we're at prices dropping based on weather and yield during Obama years, but during Trump years, it's because of tariffs? Really?

Do you realize how stupid that sounds? It makes your unsourced, undated chart and your narrative even more dishonest.

TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
It's stunning how people are attempting to talk down these unbelievably good times,


Just ANOTHER example of major TDS..
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marcus says
the tax cuts going mostly to high increments of income are just wonderful.

That's because those are the people who pay the majority of the taxes NOW.

Pretty basic knowledge that even a math teacher should understand.

Somehow, the Dems think the people paying zero federal taxes now, should get a bigger tax cut.
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You get Bernie Sanders to pay it for you?
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LeonDurham says
MrMagic says
Oh really... now we're at prices dropping based on weather and yield during Obama years, but during Trump years, it's because of tariffs? Really?

Do you realize how stupid that sounds? It makes your unsourced, undated chart and your narrative even more dishonest.

It only sounds stupid to people who live in Trump cultist fairy land. Those of us in the real world can analyze data and attribute cause fairly easily.


There are no words...

Folks, you just can't make this crap up.....
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LeonDurham says
MrMagic says
Somehow, the Dems think the people paying zero federal taxes now, should get a bigger tax cut.

How about we just don't borrow money and give it to the top .01%? And not let the Federal deficit grow out of control. Is that a possibility?

Sorry, you just don't understand that those people are just keeping more of their OWN money. They're not being given anything. Why do Democrats have such a hard time understanding that? Which part of keeping money that you worked for and earned is such a difficult concept to understand?

Worried about the deficit, tell the Liberals and Socialists in your party and tell Bernie to stop giving away so much free shit like free healthcare, free college and all the other welfare programs your team loves.
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LeonDurham says
It sucks if you're in the business of making and exporting food, like the US is.

Funny, you weren't complaining about that in 2012 - 2015 when Obama was President and soy prices were crashing.

Why was that?
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LeonDurham says
MrMagic says


There are no words...

Folks, you just can't make this crap up.....

Truth hurts, doesn't it?

Don't know..

I'm still waiting for you to actually post some truths, instead of dishonest charts.
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PrivilegedtobeWhite says
marcus says
Consider the degree to which wages have not kept up with inflation. Even with women joining the workforce and two wage earner families the norm, household incomes have barely kept up.
Not so sure it's a wage problem, but an asset, healthcare and tuition inflation problem. Many just like to focus on wages, wages, wages, whereas the real problem is how far their wages can go.

The reason they yell "wages" is that it's usually the low lifes of the company, who don't add any value to the company, and as a result, don't earn any raises, are the ones doing all the whining and crying about wages not keeping up.

It's their skill levels, contribution to the company and their asset value to the company that's not keeping up. But, it's so much easier to play the "victim, then step up and take personal responsibility for their place in the hamster wheel of life.
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TrumpCuck says
Patrick says
a presidential candidate that the people wanted

Trump lost the popular vote by a fairly substantial margin.

It's a good thing the popular vote hasn't been used to determine the Presidency, in oh, like 225+ years...

Get over it, Hillary lost. Period.
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BayArea says
We are now at $1.4T in school debt with massive default rates.

My expectation is that it will eventually get so high that there will be a bailout/forgiveness and we enter a massive recession.

The default rate is predicted to rise substantially, like up to 40%.

..."Trends for the 1996 entry cohort show that cumulative default rates continue to rise between 12 and 20 years after initial entry. Applying these trends to the 2004 entry cohort suggests that nearly 40 percent of borrowers may default on their student loans by 2023.

Trends over time are most alarming among for-profit colleges; out of 100 students who ever attended a for-profit, 23 defaulted within 12 years of starting college in the 1996 cohort compared to 43 in the 2004 cohort (compared to an increase from just 8 to 11 students among entrants who never attended a for-profit)".
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BayArea says
What I still want to know is this, is anyone out there doing jail time for school loan default? Would we do that in the good ol USA? 🤔

I don't think, not yet, there aren't enough jails.

But, the only way those loans can possibly go away is if you die. They can garnish your wages and even garnish your Social Security checks. As a matter of fact, there are record number of people entering retirement with school debt. Either their own or because they signed on the loan for little Johnny, and little Johnny defaulted, sticking mom and dad with the bill.
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Strategist says
If you don't know much, you will not be able to contribute much, and you won't make much. It's as simple as that.

I don't know about that. I trained a ton of service techs and equipment installers early in my career. The guys who were the best weren't the ones with the most education or experience. The best ones were the guys who were willing to learn, put in the time and tried to do a good job. Those were the guys who moved up the ladder, NOT the "educated" ones.

Strategist says
Sadly, socialists and commies think everyone should get the same, even if they just stay at home.

and those were the guys who ended up not making the cut and ended up looking for a new job.
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LeonDurham says
Because the cause was different. If prices are down because (your) supply is up,

OK, go and prove the prices dropped because supply was up in the 2012 - 2015 period.

Go ahead, back up your B.S. I guarantee you can't and won't do that.
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I was watching this shit show earlier. After listening and watching the Dems, I can only conclude they are definitely the party of the mentally retarded.

They have already received over DOUBLE the number of documents and information on him compared to any other nominee. Plus, they've had two months to dredge up all the FAKE scandals they want since he was nominated by Trump.

Grassley should go tell them all to fuck themselves, this is nothing but a Dog and Pony show. The Dems have already expressed how they will be voting. Grassely should just shut down the WWE mob rule conference, and just go to the vote, and save the country all this embarrassment by the Dems.
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EBGuy says
Nike should take some (most likely apocryphal) advice from Michael Jordan: Republicans buy sneakers, too.

Nike should have also taken some advice from Dicks's Sporting Goods when they pulled AR15s from their stores. They forgot that Rednecks are the active ones, not the pudgy Liberals, and the Rednecks also buy other sporting products.

..."Shares of Dick's Sporting Goods plunged by more than 9 percent Wednesday morning after the retailer said it sold less merchandise during the second quarter than analysts were expecting.

Sales at Dick's Sporting Goods stores open for at least 12 months also tumbled by a bigger-than-expected 4 percent during the quarter.

What's with these CEO's, pissing off over half of their customer bases to make a political statement?
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WookieMan says
Seems to be working and I like it so far.

Of course you do. It's perfect. Moderators can attack other posters with total freedom, but when a poster responds back, they get put into "moderation cue". Doesn't that just SCREAM "Freedom of Speech"?
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This is the one Nike should have run.

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Patrick says
OK, now the "personal" links has been changed to "flag",

@Patrick, what's the deal with the automatic "flag" pop-up when posting a comment?
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Patrick says
Solar is free energy falling from the sky down on every country, needing only to be collected and stored. Beats the fuck out of oil and Islamic terrorism.

Any idea how much environmental pollution is created by the production of solar panels and high capacity batteries and how much power it takes to make them?
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bob2356 says
Nike online sales up 31%

31% of what? It's meaningless without a point of reference and verification.
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clambo says
All Teslas in the Bay Area are really running on natural gas anyway, Duke Power in Moss Landing burns it to make electricity.

Ahhh, just a minor technical correct on where electricity comes from.

Strategist says
In San Diego County, 44% of the electricity comes from renewables.

Even at night?

mell says
I think the pollution is significant and there have been studies corroborating that, however if the production is done overseas or in China it will benefit the US and its citizens with cleaner air while polluting the place of manufacturing. So from a standpoint of Nimby-ism it could be regarded as successful.

Musk is making batteries here in the Gigafactory 1 and solar panels here in Gigafactory 2.
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bob2356 says
So why the deleted threads if it's meaningless?

What are you talking about again? Deleted threads? Have you figured out the difference between Consumer Confidence and Consumer Sentiment yet?

bob2356 says
Outlets like marketwatch, fortune, and nasdaq don't seem to find it meaningless.

They just copy and pasted and parroted the same B.S. you posted, without any reference.
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Patrick says
@MrMagic you've directly personally attacked so many people that it triggered a switch which auto-flags all your comments now.

And that's how it's supposed to work. I don't want insults and abuse of other users, but instead friendly discussion of the points other users want to make.

Nope.... wrong...

You've given some Special Snowflakes here the ability to "flag" comments that provide "facts" and "data" that opposes the narrative they're pushing. So, instead of them providing data that supports their twisted narrative, they hit the "flag" button, and make the comment that makes them look bad disappear. You're allowing their "feelz" to win over the truth.

It's no different than Twitter shadow banning, or what Facebook or Google do to suppress different opinions. You've just made it easier for the crazy to continue, by allowing suppression of the facts. The SJW and Snowflakes are winning here now.
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LeonDurham says
Latest poll has Beto up 2 pts...

Nice link to that data....

Beto hasn't been up.... EVER.... I think you mean "behind less"...

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WookieMan says
No need to say age, but we're entering a baby boom right now for millennials. Kids need shit. That shit creates jobs on a massive scale that are sustainable.

WookieMan says
Call me out if I'm wrong, which I probably will be, but there's too much money going to be sunk into family creation over the next decade.

OK, you're wrong... again... it's actually the opposite. Millennials are opting out of having kids and birth rates are dropping. Their spending their money on 4 legged creatures.

Millennials Aren't Having Kids. Here's Why That's A Problem For Baby Boomer Real Estate & Retirement

And in place of kids, Millennials are getting pets instead. The rate Millennials are getting pets is actually higher than kids.

4 Reasons Millennials Are Choosing Dogs Over Babies

Fewer babies, but more ‘fur babies’

But while fertility is down — women are having an average of 1.8 kids today, down from 3.7 in 1960, according to the Census Bureau — pet ownership (and pampering) is on the rise. A survey by TD Ameritrade finds that Millennials are spending lavishly on their pets. Out of 1,500 Millennials survey, 72% had pets and most of those pet owners (67%) regarded their animals as “fur babies.”

You should consider investing in pet products instead of cannabis.
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Heraclitusstudent says
The function of ODS (Obama Derangement Syndrome) was to cause republicans to go bersek and create the tea party when Obama ran a deficit during a deep recession.
Now the same people are A-ok with big deficits in a booming economy.

Did the recession last all through Obama's first term?

The Housing Trap
You're being set up to spend your life paying off a debt you don't need to take on, for a house that costs far more than it should. The conspirators are all around you, smiling to lure you in, carefully choosing their words and watching your reactions as they push your buttons, anxiously waiting for the moment when you sign the papers that will trap you and guarantee their payoff. Don't be just another victim of the housing market. Use this book to defend your freedom and defeat their schemes. You can win the game, but first you have to learn how to play it.
115 pages, $12.50

Kindle version available

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