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TwoScoopsOfWompWomp says

Pretty amazing hypocrisy and double standards.
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RafiMaas says
TwoScoopsOfWompWomp says
was told
they weren't told, they felt, there is a difference.

Ahhh, I see... nobody talks between themselves and shares information in that building. They all live in their own bubbles, right?
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mell says
Honestly I don't understand why the Dems moved so far out into the fringe zone.

They're just suffering from a major mental illness called TDS.

Just look at some of the responses above in this thread for proof.
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What's the point of grabbing an iPhone agan?

Just so you can post on your Facebook page that you "own" one. Desperate fanboys.
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dr6B says
to build another 10000000000 F-3500000 fighters and another 1000 aircraft carriers.

Why don't you want my defense stocks to rise?
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RafiMaas says
TwoScoopsOfWompWomp says
Nobody becomes a journalist to report the news, but to distort it to their worldview (and for ratings).

I'm sure many journalist do become journalists to report the news.

Is that what they do every day at CNN, report the "news". Doesn't CNN stand for "Cable News Network"? Care to tell us what "news" they're reporting lately?

They fill their day with non-stop TDS:


False Narratives



Unnamed Sources


They should really change their name, since they DON'T report breaking "news" anymore. The new name should be TBN (Trump Bashing Network), then it would be more factual and accurate and not false advertising.
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RafiMaas says
MrMagic says
They're just suffering from a major mental illness called TDS.

Just look at some of the responses above in this thread for proof.

How is saying that users here are suffering from a mental illness not a personal attack?

The TRUTH and FACTS aren't personal attacks.

Care to point out which specific poster I was referring to?
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Strategist says
CNN seemed to mock Trump by calling it "Trump's military parade" when the figure of $92 million was released. Now it's just "Military Parade" that bad boy Trump cancelled.

Just another perfect example of the MAJOR TDS that exists at CNN.

How the fuck can anyone still watch that station?
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RafiMaas says
Saying a user has a mental illness is a personal attack. Are you saying you didn't say some USER of this site have a mental illness?

OK, let's try this again. Here's what I posted:

MrMagic says
Just look at some of the responses above in this thread for proof.

See the word "responses".... That's plural, for many, not one...

It's up to the individual or party to determine if they fit the description.

Reading Comprehension is a wonderful thing, try it sometime.
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AntiOcasioCortez says
Then, about a week...maybe a week-and-a-half before the actual election, he will 'revise' his election predictions to save his 'credibility' at the last minute.

But that's NOT what he did last election. He held out to the very end, and crashed and burned.

The Libbies have short memories, so he just rises to the top because he's blowing smoke up their skirts.

The Definition of Insanity.
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dr6B says
Another possibility is that both Obama and Trump were wrong with respect to piling up debt.

Well, you know Trump likes to win, and Obama piled on $10 Trillion during his terms, so maybe Trump feels the need to beat him. Although, winning that contest might not be a good thing.
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NuttBoxer says
but what else do you call a company that is largely supported by government programs, and requires you to pay up front for a car you may never get?

Snake Oil Salesman?

Remember, regarding selling their cars, "A Fool and his Money, are soon parted".
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NuttBoxer says
but what else do you call a company that is largely supported by government programs,

The Tesla fanboys aren't going to like this...

Elon Musk's growing empire is fueled by $4.9 billion in government subsidies.

And he's built those companies with the help of billions in government subsidies.

Tesla Motors Inc., SolarCity Corp. and Space Exploration Technologies Corp., known as SpaceX, together have benefited from an estimated $4.9 billion in government support, according to data compiled by The Times.

"He definitely goes where there is government money," said Dan Dolev, an analyst at Jefferies Equity Research. "That's a great strategy, but the government will cut you off one day."
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As Tesla tax credits disappear, will Model 3 deposit-holders stick around?

When Tesla began taking reservations for the new Model 3 electric sedan in March 2016, Dorfman got in line at a Tesla retail store near his Calabasas home. He waited hours to lay down a $1,000 refundable deposit.

That was two years and three months ago. He’s still waiting for his car. And now he’s worried that he might not get a $7,500 federal tax credit that was key to his purchase decision.

Dorfman is not impressed. He bought into Musk’s promotion of the car, he said, as a $35,000 vehicle for the masses. The federal government’s $7,500 tax credit for buyers of electric cars would lower the price to $27,500.

“I don’t want to say lied to, but it seems like we’ve been duped, taken advantage of,” Dorfman said. “I don’t know (Musk) personally, but his statements, what people relied on, and what’s happened? Those are two different things.”
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MrBark says
Space X takes government contracts.

FYI, government subsidies and government contracts are two completely separate animals.
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Evan F. says
Pretty much everyone who buys a Model S is someone who acknowledges that climate change is real, and they're willing to pay a premium to do something about it, in addition to feeling smug about it.

They must not be very smart along with being smug. I wonder if they have any idea how electricity is made. No, it does not just come out of the wall outlet like magic. Show's they don't know much about climate change either.
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Strategist says
We got our money's worth, plus a lot more.

Exactly... you can thank the rest of the taxpayers in the country for that.
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MrBark says
There is little BS happening at Tesla.

Evan F. says
Musk's fans, I would venture, are definitely liberal leaning.

Strategist says
What do you call a company whose innovations will make the cost of energy almost zero, clean up pollution, and put the Saudis in BK?
Answer: Tesla.

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LeonDurham says
the results become catastrophic.

Why did you leave out this graphic:

The Repubs still hold the House, which is the MOST likely.

What does your boy, Nate Silver say, we'll just take his prediction and invert it, just like last election?
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Evan F. says
Adding $7 trillion of value is great, except it's paper value. What happens when the inevitable correction comes?

Everything is paper value today.

Your home value, your bank account balance, your 401K balance, other investment value, what's the difference?
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LeonDurham says
CBOEtrader says

*Shocking* that you are so wrong at the same time.

How exactly was Marcus wrong? Please explain.

(I'm not holding my breath for the explanation)

Because in Marcus' mind, if the odds are 99 to 1, and the 1 happens to hit, he claims he was right, even though everyone else knows it was a super longshot.
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MrBark says
I've been tooling around for the past few years in an EV that has only 80 miles of range. I have over 50,000 miles on the clock. It costs me less than $30 a month to drive ~1,000 miles. I've never been inconvenienced, in fact the opposite... I've never had to visit the dealership once -- no dealing with rentals/loaners, no constant internal combustion engine component issues/service schedule. Only maintenance I've done is a few sets of tires and replace the windshield washer fluid. And it's fast too.

So what.

I have an internal combustion engine (Honda) and I've driven 55,000 miles without a single service issue and still on the original tires. I get 350+ miles of range easily, Your point? And I bet it's a lot faster than your electric push toy and can certainly carry a hell of a lot more.

Plus, your $30/month number is a subsidized number. Where's the electric coming from and who paid for the infrastructure to make it, produce it and deliver it?
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How is his electricity is more "subsidized"
than yours?

Because it was all built out to provide power to your house, long before these electric cars came along.

EV are just piggy backing on to an existing service being paid primarily by homeowners and businesses to keep the lights on.

What if special charging businesses had to be built, just like a gas station, to "fuel" EVs. Then the power had to be trucked in to stock it. What would the cost be then?

This is just another Fanboy apples and oranges comparison.
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RafiMaas says
See where it says users? That's plural. Why is it so hard for you to admit that you attacked a group of users on this forum and not their point?

Here, it appears you need this:

Plus, I asked this question earlier, but the only response I got from you is crickets, so I'll try again:

MrMagic says
Care to point out which specific poster I was referring to?

See, you want to insinuate personal attacks, yet you can't specify who they were against? So, who specifically did I attack with my comment below:

MrMagic says
They're just suffering from a major mental illness called TDS.

I'll be waiting for the answer........
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So if I put in a pool which uses 2.5kW pump or add an AC (~7kW) to the house which didn't have it initially I will also be "piggy backing"

Does you house already have power lines running to it, an electric meter and a circuit breaker panel? Or will you be installing that all new to power those items?
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MrBark says
How much time have you spent filling up gas?

Let's see, spending 5 minutes to fill up to go 350 miles versus plugging in for HOURS to drive 80 miles... Hmmmm, let me get my calculator.

MrBark says
Brake pads? Fluid changes? Alternators, spark plugs, coil packs, smog checks, etc, etc -- it's all time out of your day and money to keep that engine ticking like a well-oiled machine.

Let's see what I posted above, it appears reading comprehension is lacking here today:

MrMagic says
I've driven 55,000 miles without a single service issue and still on the original tires.

That means Zero dollars and Zero time.

MrBark says
350-miles of range is only relevant when you can't do math to figure out you don't drive your car 350-miles per day.

But I drive many days way over 80 miles, so what do I do. Pull over to the side of the road, set up my solar panels, plug in my truck, and take a nap for a few hours while it recharges? Yep, great time saver there!!

MrBark says
and I have solar.

That must work awesome to charge your toy electric car overnight... oh, wait... it won't...

MrBark says
Why the hell would power have to be trucked in?

Duh, just like said, if a separate power filling station had to be built to "fuel" your car, how would the power get their, similar to a gas station?

MrBark says
We have an existing infrastructure,

Exactly, that's what I said, you have EXISTING infrastructure that your tapping into. Thanks for making my point.
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Strategist says
since most charging is done at night when there is no demand for electricity.

No demand for electricity at night?? Really?

No one has a fridge, turns their lights on, runs their A/C, cooks dinner, washes clothes, heats their water, watches TV etc. at night? California is completely dark at night, except for electric cars being charged?

Wow, I never knew that.
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curious2 says
How do you know where the alleged threats came from?

Don't know, I'm waiting to get the text from the judge to tell me, right now he's only told the US Marshals.
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MrBark says
I plug in my car at night

What about if you drive more than 80 miles during the day. Plus, you have to go through 4 - 5 charging cycles to equal my range, where it takes me 5 minutes to fill up. How many hours does it take for 5 charging cycles?

MrBark says
Who's doing all that shit past midnight anyway?

Wow, it doesn't get dark until midnight in California... amazing..

The things I learn here at Patnet.

MrBark says
Nobody heats their water or drys their clothes with electricity in California, unless you live in the sticks.

Apparently no one has heat pumps either, right?

MrBark says
No idea why you keep bringing up the fact that you need to build a fueling station to charge car...

I know, that concept goes completely over your head, as it relates to using EXISTING infrastructure versus having to build NEW to recharge.
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It's the battery.

Which no one wants to talk about.

MrBark says
Conveniently ignored the other points like you not changing your oil or other scheduled maintenance for 55k miles,

Since you brought up maintainence, you're doing the same thing with brakes, tires, suspension parts, etc.

But what happens when you need to spend $10K+ to replace that battery pack? All your fuel savings and oil change savings go out the window, and wipe out your checkbook. It becomes a zero sum game.

Evan F. says
The fact that Tesla is worth more than GM means it's more than just partisan hacks that believe there's an affordable all electric car.

Yes, that Model 3 at $60K is so much more affordable than my $30K Honda, because you're saving on fuel costs each week, right?

FortWayne says
Plus they are twice as expensive. I’m sure they are nice cars, but price is too high.

But, but, but you don't have to buy gas, so paying DOUBLE for the car is so much more beneficial, right?

This must be more Liberal Logic.
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CovfefeButDeadly says
Theres a few reasons the second ammendment is needed. CCW for tthe judge and the jurors and lets see where those death threats go.

Works for me.
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Patrick says

@RafiMaas good point,

Not really, he's just whining because he won't answer questions regarding his point when asked. Perfect example is this:

RafiMaas says
MrMagic says
Care to point out which specific poster I was referring to?

No I don't.

He wants to point fingers and accuse people but when challenged to produce facts to support his accusation, he runs away.

I'm trying to get him to defend his point like you posted.....,

Patrick says
Please keep it about the point

.....but there's nothing but crickets. At the end of the day, if he's going to accuse someone, he better provide the facts.
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EBGuy says
MrMagic says
Since you brought up maintainence, you're doing the same thing with brakes

Sorry, not brakes.

You might want to check your sources. To my eyes they have calipers and rotors, just like every other car:

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clambo says
Tesla is the modern day DeLorean, right down to the gull winged cars.

And will end up with the same fate....
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MrMagic says
It's the battery.

Which no one wants to talk about

Whadayamean? What else is there to talk about on an EV, besides electic motor?


But all the fanboys keep quacking on and on about oil changes, gas and regular maintenance on a conventional car, but ignore the $10K gorilla in the room (the battery pack) that will need to be replaced. That, plus the double cost of the original EV pays for a hell of a lot of oil changes, gas and maintenance on a normal car.

Funny, the Tesla fanboys sound just like the Apple fanboys...
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Really? Last time I checked they didn't have overproduction problem: whatever they manage to churn out is immediately delivered to a paying customer. Their car are definitely not gathering dust on dealer lots.

Really?? Not according to eye witnesses..

How about gathering dust on hidden lots?

Why Are "Thousands" of Teslas Sitting In a Field in California?
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Evan F. says
It's a battery company that also sells cars and solar cell installations.

Speaking of solar cell installations, how's Musk's SolarCity doing these days? You might be surprised.
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These might be the ones which need some production defects fixed before delivery.

Why do they have production defects if they just left the factory??? Hmmmm...

Otherwise ther won't be any lag between the time you order one on their website and delivery. Right now the lag is measured in weeks (if not month).

Any chance that lag is because they have to fix the production defects (which there are many that have been reported)?

They are not sitting there for the lack of buyers, that's for sure.

You sure??

24% of Tesla Model 3 Orders Cancelled, Cancellations Outnumber New Orders
Cancellations for Model 3 orders have picked up in recent weeks. Refunds now outpace deposits for Tesla’s new mass-market electric car, according to Needham & Co. analyst Rajvindra Gill. About one in every four Model 3 orders is canceled, Gill said, double the rate from a year ago.
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LeonDurham says
Not by every metric. Like real wages, for example. That is a pretty important economic indicator, wouldn't you say??


People are spending like crazy, apparent your wage claim means nothing...

Walmart's best sales in a decade show US consumer may be strongest in years because of the tax cut, jobs growth.

Walmart's best growth in comp store sales in a decade comes as the U.S. consumer is showing some of the best signs of strength since the recession.
Retail sales jumped in July, but so did the sales performance at retailers as consumers not only went shopping but spent money on travel and dining out.
Economists say consumer spending is being helped by the tax bill and also the fact that U.S. job creation remains strong, even as unemployment dipped below 4 percent.


The Housing Trap
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