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They say you should have enough cash on hand to cover 3 months expenses.
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Tenpoundbass says
No actually it's a sign of mental illness perhaps security at the terminal should have held him on suspicion of his state of mind.

So when some 300lb lardass wears a skimpy bathing suit, your first thought is they're mentally unstable? Believe it or not, there are some people in this world who are fully mentally competent, but are also completely anti-social. They don't give a shit how their appearance or smell affects you, and unless you make a stink about it, expect more emergency landings.
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just_passing_through says
the drawback with SSD is you can't read/write to it as many times as you can a disk.

Important point. SSD's are best utilized for OS operations, not long term storage, or backups. I'm running a headless system, so improvement wasn't dramatic, but definitely get the feeling my system is running better and faster overall now.

The one piece I haven't nailed down is how to access the server files from other home machines. Don't want to use SAMBA again as it's really designed for Windows(haven't used that at home in over 10 years), and always seems to have more vulnerabilities. Have been looking into sshfs, but had some initial trouble figuring out how to mount the directory with the needed permissions.
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jvolstad says
How about now? I am using Crucial MX500 SSD.

Better. When it comes to hardware and porn, you can never have too many pics, or over-enlarge the images.
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When I was in college I used to workout twice a week, everything except legs(always had naturally big legs), about 2-3 hours each time. Some guy who was huge hipped me to 10x10 sets, with 1-2 minutes of rest in between. I'm a tall skinny dude, but got pretty ripped on that routine. Afterwards, would play basketball a lot of times, helped me keep my coordination. Now days I go for surfing or hiking.

For someone with your knowledge, I'd say home gym is the way to go, unless you need other people around to motivate you.
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mell says
Pasta actually has a low GI and esp. when you cook it al dente

It is a carb though, and carbs always break down to glucose. Recently started lowering carbs, and increasing fats. I'm not keto by any means, but was definitely out of balance with the amount of carbs I was ingesting. Still working on the no added sugar, that one is a beast since almost everything, even organic food, tends to have some form of added sugar.
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MrBark says
Keep supporting big organic.

What the fuck is big organic? I know about Tyson and Con-Agra, but never heard of a single organic company that rivals them in dollars or percentage of "food" production.
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Don't you know Monsanto is god!? If they can patent a seed that their GMO's only comprise 0.000000001% of, they obviously created corn!
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Finally, a ballot issue worth voting on. I might have to register for the first time in over 10 years.
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If you've tracked pricing, it's dropped dramatically in California, and it's a lot harder to sell than it used to be. This is due to increased supply. And now with full legalization, just grow it yourself, and make your own edibles. Extracting cannabis into butter or oil is super easy, make your own munchies.
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MrBark says
Let's see... Organic industry is worth 50B per year.

So to call something "big blahblahblah", you have to have a specific company name. Care to try again? Just one name, that's all I'm asking for. The companies I mentioned control an insane amount of the total food production in this country, that's why they are big, not just because I think so.

MrBark says
Please do just grow produce in your backyard and let me know how sustainable that is, see if you can feed your entire family on that plot of land.

I have, and it is. We've given away produce because there's only so much you can consume yourself. Here's a family that feeds themselves, and makes a living off their home grown produce, on 1/10th of an acre in the city of Los Angeles.

MrBark says
3. Start a few industry groups to spread unsubstantiated pseudo science about the dangers of Glyphosate and "GMOhhhhhs" from the big boogy man Monsanto.

You mean the FDA?

MrBark says
Nevermind the science they've developed to feed 8 billion people with the land we have available.

You mean the same "science" that caused the dust bowl?
The science that starved thousands of share-croppers?
The science that has turned our soil into waste, and required the creation of a billion dollar supplement industry because the 50+ nutrients healthy plants need for plants to thrive have been stripped out through continual poisoning, failure to rotate crops, and failure to compost?
The science that has led to gastronomical increases in cancer, diabetes, and autism?
The science that requires you to be on 50 pills a day because your bodies toxic burden so fucking high from all the science, that your quality of life has turned to shit, and you may as well be living at ground zero in Fukushima!?
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everything says
Ok 38.4% will acquire cancer and it will lead to death in most cases, albeit slow.

Actually your first figure was correct, for men. I attended a seminar when I was working at Illumina when I first heard that statistic. 33% of all women, and 50% of all men will contract cancer in the next 10 years, and the speech was from about 5 years ago.
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I'm just gonna state the obvious. Bark is either a Monsanto employee, or a troll. If trolling, doing quite well Bark. If employee, Dante's inferno would have included a special place in hell for you if it was written today.
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drB6 says
That is a severe exaggeration. Without "science" we would still be living on average 20-30 years, and not 80.

Obviously, I was countering the ridiculous claims made by Barksanto. Reality is way too many people are taking anti-depressants nowadays, and pills for one condition usually require an additional pill or two to counteract side affects of the first pill.

The age thing is not accurate. Look at tombstones in a graveyard some time. People lived to be just as old, but there used to be higher rates of infant death. So average looked lower in the past, but reality for those who made it past infancy was same life or longer, and most importantly, better quality of life. Just because a pill or a machine can keep you from dying, doesn't mean it should. There are worse things than death.
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All I know is smaller government is better, don't really car how it's done.
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MisterLefty says
The United States of America 29.1% and 11.9%

Not sure if the other countries numbers represent total taxes, but this figure for US does not. Guessing this is federal income only.
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I thought about doing it, but read an article about potential side affects, and doesn't seem worth the risk. My wife had it done, and struggles with halo's at night, and dry eyes.
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The outcome of the experiment was irrelevant from the git-go. All they needed to do was visit Phnom Penh or Auschwitz to learn about following orders.
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Hassan_Rouhani says
It's not going to be smaller overall if you make 3 out of one.

No idea what you're referring to, but my new state will no longer include LA or San Fran. Less people = smaller.
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Patrick says
So the amount of electricity used by Bitcoin mining seems implausibly high, if it's really the same as Switzerland's electricity usage.

Wait, so someone may have an incentive to shutdown a decentralized currency? Like, maybe, a central...
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I don't know, I can appreciate having control of your own land, and it's definitely a double standard. Just try accessing the beach anywhere by Camp Pendleton.
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Hassan_Rouhani says
The SPE wasn't about "guards following orders".

So you want to limit the scope to guards being guards? I don't know it's a difference worth distinguishing. When you are a guard in a place like Tuol Sleng, I doubt it matters. Following orders was just an excuse used by guards in both systems to justify their behavior.

Given the real life data, is the thesis any more valid if it excludes "Following orders"? Any way you stack it, it's still horseshit.
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This thread is about illegals right? The one's who chose to hope the fence rather than come here legally..? Why the fuck would anyone expect to have rights in a country they are not citizens of, and entered illegally!?

My wife was born in Tijuana. Her parents naturalized her and her brothers. I know a guy from my FedEx days from Mexicali who was very proud of passing his citizenship exam. Anyone who thinks wetbacks should have the same rights as people who took the time to enter the country legally should be punched in the face. Fuck you for disrespecting my family and their decision to do things right.
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I live in Chula Vista, my wife is from Tijuana. I personally know dozens of people who took the time to enter this country legally. The fact that you people want to cry and ask for the same rights for illegals is an insult to each of them. Fuck you for disrespecting my family, and every legal immigrant by suggesting illegals get the same rights just because they are here.
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LeonDurham says
Nobody is arguing for the same rights--just that 5 year old kids aren't taken from their Mom.

Why? Because they should have rights in a country they aren't from, and entered illegally. Try entering and living illegally in any of the countries these illegals come from and see if their government gives a fuck about you being with your kids.
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LeonDurham says
why don't you stop the strawman arguments?

Why don't you pull your head out of your ass and see logical conclusion of what you're advocating, rights for illegals. Now if the US was executing the parents, or selling the kids to child porn rings, I'd agree with you, because regardless of citizenship, we all have basic human rights. But expecting to stay together in a country none of us have a right to be in in the first place, doesn't fall under basic rights. In fact it's extremely logical that we shouldn't expect any type of locational stability for anyone we cross with as we aren't allowed to be there in the first place.
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Had Lou Malnati's when I was out there in November. I thought it was a decent pie. My favorite though is Pizza Port in Solana Beach.
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I was talking with my wife about this last night and she brought up a good point about a humans right to not be detained. This goes to a bigger issue than illegals, but it's relevant to this topic.

I don't think governments should be able to detain or prevent people from entering a country(this includes passport requirements). It infringes on our God given right to travel freely. Now if the person has been accused of a crime, that's a valid reason to deny entry, or deport someone. But that's the only valid reason.

As to the issue of illegals specifically, as I've mentioned many times, if you don't want illegals in your country, prosecute and jail employers who hire them, don't give them any government aid, medical care, or schooling, unless it's paid for by private organizations who's members agree to help illegals.
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LeonDurham says
The logical conclusion is that the US, as a country, is the beacon of the free world, and we don't do the same shit that 3rd world countries do. We can enforce our laws without ripping 5 year olds from their Moms and shipping them 1000 miles away.

I rail against this so hard because there's been a big push to legitimize border hopping, or at least lump legal immigrants like my wife's family in with them. That's definitely wrong, and disrespectful as I mentioned. But the bigger issue of human rights, and freedom of movement (i.e. not to be put into a detention center), is a basic human right.

"As early as the Articles of Confederation the Congress recognized freedom of movement (Article 4), though the right was thought to be so fundamental during the drafting of the Constitution as not needing explicit enumeration.[4]"

See my response in the other thread for info on why I've reconsidered my stance.
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Feux Follets says
Nary a peep about doing anything to the management, company involved or the like.

And those employees will be on the next coyte transport back unless things have dramatically changed in their home countries. You can't blame someone for trying to better their life.
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In California they offer alot of services online. Last time I had to go in, made an appointment, 30 min tops.

FYI, real id has been around for almost a decade, just keeps getting rejected because it's creepy and controlling. However all new passport holders are participating, thanks to your RFID chip'd book.
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Hassan_Rouhani says
Are we getting dumber?

Yes. It started with TV in the 50's. Especially sad given how cheap paperbacks are. I just finished Walden. Great read, guy was a minimalist railing against too many distractions in the 1800's. Imagine what he'd say now!
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Goran_K says
$150 million in damages thus far between Last Jedi and Solo.

The last Jedi was a great movie, it perfectly transitioned away from the older series and the nostalgia-fest that had to be the first movie. Not saying I didn't love The Force Awakens, it was great. Just saying they can't do that for three movies, and at some point you have to move the old characters to the background, and let the new one's take over.

The SJW shit you guys are projecting on Last Jedi is totally subjective. If you don't believe me, read through my posts. I'm possibly the most politically incorrect person here(though the bar is set pretty high). I didn't pick up on any feminist leanings.

Did you guys seriously forget about Mon Mothma in Return of the Jedi?
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Quigley says
Is that really the Midwest?

No, Michigan is definitely NOT the Midwest. The winters are warmer, the summers cooler, we get a TON of cloudy days. More forests, not just endless plains. I lived there 7 years, Grand Rapids and Muskegon. If I had to live anywhere else in the continental US besides California, it would be Michigan. Beautiful state.
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Hassan_Rouhani says
Where does it stop? I mean what laws it's OK to violate if one is simply "trying to better his life"?

If you're a Libertarian, you already know the answer. Traveling to a different country for work is not a crime, it doesn't infringe on anyone else's right to live their lives.

And if the law ever replaces personal morality, then you're screwed no matter what since government is a soul-less machine, not a barometer for judging what is right and wrong.
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socal2 says
And these home countries will never get better if everyone flees to the US.

Agreed. But many of these people come from countries the CIA, or our war on drugs, has had a direct had in de-stabilizing. Governments don't give a fuck about the people they hurt, just the power they can grab.
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In California we're so progressive we've already been bending over online shoppers for years.
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Hassan_Rouhani says
The cost of illegal aliens to every California taxpaying household is well-established and is far from trivial.

Absolutely, but what's the root cause of that cost? It's not the illegals.

"Hector and Tran are just fumes."

- Sgt Tanner
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socal2 says
It was Marxism that fucked up South and Central America (and Africa, the Middle East and much of the 3rd World) - not America trying to stop it.

Most of those countries, including Venezuela are dictatorships. The de-stabilization that put those dictators in power was often triggered by US agents.

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