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Patrick says
Is is possible to get the government to work for the people?

Limited government yes. Local government, definitely. Behemoth central government, never.
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Goran_K says
My wife loves going to the city, and everytime I walk down Market Street near Union Station, the smell of piss is so strong I have to go into the mall to not gag. It's sickening shit that Democrats have unleashed.

It's not like Republicans are running to help out. But that's the thing about centralization failure, it's not partisan, it's ALL OF THEM!
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This protest is legit, and a serious threat to the EU, and the ruling elite in general. has had all their Paris videos de-monetized.
British news agencies have received letters from France telling them not to cover the riots. I was able to watch a live stream from The Sun the other night, then the gag order comes out, and the stream is no longer up.
When there were riots in North Africa and Ukraine youtube had live stream's out their ass. Almost impossible to find any live stream, anywhere of what's actually going on in France.
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I always take a detour around these. On general principle.

I did that once in Imperial Beach, got pulled over by cops immediately on a side street. Just didn't want to wait in line. Was given zero explanation for why I was pulled over.
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Actually, you should avoid talking to cops in general. Anything you say can be used against you isn't just a line.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
We were on the moon several times not just once.

When was the last time?
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Evan F. says
But seriously, the REAL reason the moon landing was faked is because the Earth is flat.

I read recently that the flat earth society is a conspiracy in an attempt to discredit viable conspiracies. Looks like it works.
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Sure you guys all joke and downplay it. And I get it, certainly can be humorous. But if you're a major public figure with an image that directly affects your bottom line, saying anything even remotely controversial is a huge risk. Curry gained nothing by making this statement except the respect of free thinkers. Only someone values that would consider it a worthwhile venture.

Good for him.
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NuttBoxer says
TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
We were on the moon several times not just once.

When was the last time?

Looks like '73. So we went a bunch of times way before the PC was even viable, but never since then?
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Wow, I thought the ISP mafia didn't allow this.
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HeadSet says
Not a technological issue, guy. Money and priorities.

Seems convenient, that's all. Just like losing much of the original recording. Just like losing the blueprints and build documents, just like accidentally giving a country petrified wood and calling it a space rock. Just like having shitty photo imagery for the moon, but being able to see the dandruff on my scalp every time I walk outside.
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Quigley says
I pay for spectrum internet only. It’s still a pretty decent deal value wise, considering it’s enough bandwidth for everyone in the house to run some kind of streaming device all month for $70.

Geez, that much? I've never paid over $40, and I run a bittorrent client.
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Bot? What's with the formatting...
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APHAman says
When was the last time Libertarians

Since you keep making this false accusation, I'm going to keep refuting it. ANY legislation against what someone chooses to put into their own body is an anathema to libertarians. You can drink glyphosate if you want to, libertarians don't give a shit.
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APHAman says
“Libertarians” vote Republican always

100% unsubstantiated. I'm libertarian, don't vote at all.
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I don't get it: if growing weed for personal consumption is legal in the state what exactly in Novato "allowing"? From where I sit it looks like they never had any authority to prohibit it in the first place.

I disagree, local jurisdiction should always outrank state, and it did for the first half of this countries existence. It was only after the Civil War that power became centralized.
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How is this title not ad hominem?
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I heard the Macron vote was called for by a fringe party, and doesn't have the legs.

On another note, I wore a yellow vest to work today to support the French people. Viva la France!
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This reeks of false flag. The timing is extremely convenient for taking focus off the French people who have been protesting for a month.
Also, if you're a terrorist, when is the best time to attack? When everything is quite and people are feeling safe, or when the whole fucking country is fighting? Let your enemy fight themselves, don't stop the ship from going down.

I'll say again, false flag!
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Whoever equates anything "municipal" with "good" needs their heads checked.

Valid point, but when private is basically a monopoly, quality of service goes waayyy down.
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Evan F. says
And no, I doubt Curry garnered much respect from 'free thinkers'

He got mine, and lot of others on r/conspiracy.

Evan F. says
Questioning the veracity of the moon landings likely puts you in a category of people that can't really be reasoned with, so, I'll just leave it at that.

I would think the opposite would be true. Taking a hard line stance on anything usually means you won't be reasoned with. Questioning things means you're open to new ideas.
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And when municipal is a monopoly it's going to be better why?

In this case municipal is the underdog competing to provide the service. There was a vote, and at that level, I do believe the vote was meaningful, so the citizens had a choice. Not the best choice, but better than Comcast and lump it.
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I remain skeptical as long as central government is the authority behind the info, and some of the other points that have been brought up are valid reasons to question the authenticity.
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I'm talking about how it is now in this RL, no how it "should be". Besides, one should be careful what he wishes for, especially when wishing for "local jurisdiction" to "outrank state": we have some pretty loony stuff happening locally in this beautiful Bay Area. Like city-level "high-capacity magazine ban" or some stupid 3" limit on the knives carried openly.. or concealed... or who the fuck can keep track of all that shit anyway when you literally cross 5-6 city borders during your morning commute in SFBA?

If something used to be, and is supposed to be, it can always be again. I'll support the way things should be, and hope that helps us to correct the way things are.
The freedom to be loony is what gives us the beauty of choice. If some areas are whack, don't go there. They will lose money and influence, or adapt to what normal people want. I think SF is a great example, things are only getting worse as more and more people flee.
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APHAman says
Some people are so fucking confused they claim that The Racist War on Drugs isn’t owned by the Republicans. It takes a special kind of dishonest and stupid to lie with such obvious nonsense

Funny, I don't remember the federal government doing shit about stopping The War on Us despite who was "in-control" at the time. False dichotomy comes to mind here.
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So it boils down to competition. If the municipal service will be competing with Comcast there is hope it will be better. But if Comcast pulls out it will deteriorate to something even worse. Because nothing municipal is ever better than private (in my experience).

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Tenpoundbass says
Michelle Obama has Balls and Dick.

Never thought about the possibility of testy's, I was always so mesmerized by appendage protruding from her waist.
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APHAman says
Who in their right mind would pretend that The War on Drugs is not the Republicans to own, and that the only reason we have won the war is liberals fighting back? There’s not much anything I’m certain of in this world, but of this, i am absolutely certain. Every single real world example and every data point agrees

Democrats controlled all three branches of government from 1937-45 and again from 1961-69. F-A-L-S-E dichotomy.
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The problem with not voting or boycotting is that any two crazies can vote & tell you what you can & cannot do,
majority rules. Sorry,you have no power.

The context of my response was whether libertarians always vote for The War on Us.

If two guys try to tell me what to do, I kick 'em both in the nutz.
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Read carefully: it's just a reference to some other user's post (using that user's screen handle).

So the short bus is not still used for handicap kids?
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This isn't about one tax. It's about a debt system designed to rob us of our lives and freedom.

"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered.... I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.... The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs."
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Protests already going on in Canada. Since when do Canadians protest before Americans?
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NuttBoxer says
Protests already going on in Canada.

And what, pray tell, the Canucks are protesting against? It's all starting to look like a big fucking joke.

There's nothing funny about debt slavery. Don't see anyone laughing in France.
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Whatever. Just don't riot on my street. I'm not Korean, but I do like kimchi.

Do you live by a federal building or federal reserve branch?
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Heraclitusstudent says
This guy says 80% of taxes is paid to banks as interests.
He's is an idiot. something like 700 billions euros in France are paid to maintain a safety net: healthcare, unemployment, family benefits, etc... Certainly not 80% to banks.

If there's a safety net, why are so many people poor and hungry? Do you actually believe when a government says money is going to something, all of that money goes there? If you know a government that efficient, you have found utopia.
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Haha, I don't think you have anything to worry about.
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Once you drop to Venezuela, you're already fucked. That country's gonna be strip mined of everything valuable.
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Strategist says
Shouldn't you be protesting against California? Trump reduced our taxes, it's the blood sucking leeches in Sacramento who are the real trouble makers.

The federal reserve holds all the keys. They control the feds, and as the reserve bank is in San Franshitsco, any federal building will make a good target.

But yes, the state has their day of reckoning in all of this too.
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Don't like debt-free Venezuela lifestyle, how about debt-free Zimbabwe?

Venezuela and Zimbambwe both have central banks. Without a central bank there's no debt notes(dollars here), and no chance at national hyperinflation. Iceland is the closest any nation has gotten to debt free that I know of, and that's because they tried saying fuck the banks we won't pay.
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P N Dr Lo R says
As in Venezuela?

Venezuela left poor and hungry behind months ago. Now they're dying and fleeing.

The Housing Trap
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