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How 'bout you just don't buy anything from Brewdog? There are way too many breweries in the world to get hung up on one. I'll never buy another beer from them.
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Hugolas_Madurez says
Since when the fuck being in close proximity to someones border is a valid reason to shoot down a military aircraft?

So you'd have no problem with Russia or Iran constantly flying drones around our borders? Or how 'bout setting up 20 some military bases along the Mexican and Canadian borders? Then they impose sanctions on us. Then they attack Mexico, throwing a border country into chaos, and really upping the illegal migration? And say they are doing all this less than 100 years after deposing one of our presidents through covert ops. Still feeling like it was unprovoked?

I guess Pearl Harbor was just totally random too huh?
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OccasionalCortex says
So the context of bringing up Pearl Harbor is not a good one to use as an analogy here.

I guess you aren't aware of the US led economic sanctions on Japan that directly preceded Pearl Harbor...
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Hugolas_Madurez says
They (Russian fucks that is) fly fucking strategic bombers around our borders but it's still legal by international law.

Fuck international law. If a country is making overt overtones of wanting to attack American soil, I say we fuck up anything that gets too close.

Has anyone confirmed that the drone was not in Iran airspace, or making actions like it was about to fire into Iran?
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"Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif announced late Thursday that parts of the drone had been recovered in Iranian territorial waters, as Tehran moved to bring the incident before the United Nations.

"We don't seek war, but will zealously defend our skies, land & waters," Zarif said.

Whom to believe...
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socal2 says
Are you aware that Japan invaded Manchuria, China and Indochina and formally made alliance with Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy before the US issued sanctions?

Are you aware of the total brutality the Japanese inflicted upon the people they conquered?

Seriously, are you suggesting that Japan is some sort of victim here and the US was the aggressor?

What the fuck does any of that have to do with us? Ohh, we're imperialists, I forgot. The US needed an excuse to enter the war and Hitler didn't take the bait when we sunk his subs. This was plan B. Pearl Harbor was premeditated murder, by the US.
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HonkpilledMaster says
After they invaded China on bullshit pretexts, endangering our interests and dramatically altering the balance of power in the Pacific.

Good to know you fully support us intervening in everyone else's business. Iraq, justified, Afganistan, justified, Syria, totally justified, Iran...
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I believe this poses the same danger that any other poorly sourced story does. People who edit video should be able to spot these, so as long as we're not reactionary when we see a video... oh crap!
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An important point to remember with any system or service. If you don't like it, do something about it, or find an alternative.
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WineHorror1 says
A cellphone is not a necessity.

For many good jobs it is.

If it's a "good" job, then the phone will be paid for, doesn't change Booger's point.
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If you are choosing between food and a cellphone, your poverty is on you for being a dumbass. Childcare should be provided by father/mother or family. If you choose to live in an expensive city away from family, again, your fault.
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This requires quantum mechanics, which as far as I know, is still a long ways from being market ready.
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Annnnd, here come the imperialists crying for us to police the world.

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Yeah, why aren't they offering a free Alabama flag?
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Not true if you use TOR. But on TOR you will have to spend several minutes going through their captcha before you succeed. My theory is the repeats are an attempt to track you through TOR.
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To be truly off-grid it would also need a composting toilet, and some type of water generation device. Just sayin...
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The fix was to a bug in NSA SW that exposed the data breach.
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A house in our neighborhood in Glendale AZ finally sold after sitting for over 5 months. The same day the new people moved in I see the house almost right across the street going up for sale. People are still trying to cash out near the top, but time is running out.
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ThatGuy says
Fuck this. Freedom of speech is the FIRST amendment. This shit HAS TO STOP.

So you want the government, the very entity who's responsible for constantly violating your first amendment right to enforce it with a private company?

How 'bout you vote with your mouse by taking your traffic elsewhere(freedom of choice).
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reddit is a LONG way from Aaron Swartz. I believe they're now owned by the Chinese. If you're on anything other than r/conspiracy with an actual opinion, expect to immediately be banned from the sub.
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Aren't they in Scotland?
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I gotta say, feel like AZ is selling me short on the heat so far. Just now hit some consecutive 110 degree days and it's almost July! Global warming, you're still letting me down!!
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This is a developer who won a Pwnie Award not just for his poor commitment to security, but his notoriously terrible attitude about it.

Great! I pretty much exclusively use Debian at home...
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Major cities are quickly becoming shit-holes(some literally), as the smart and productive are leaving. Decentralization is picking up momentum.
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r/security and r/conspiracy for the CoC post from today.
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What are MEP's?
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Should we be surprised that a private business cares more about citizenship than the government? No.. the answer is no.
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Celebrated the 4th with my family and parents who are in town. Cooked and ate outside with high around 105, sitting under a fan. Yes, in Phoenix an outside fan and covered porch are standard. Was a bit warm, but not too bad. I guess that's what they mean by dry heat. Also set off some fireworks which are legal in Arizona. They only allow fountains, but when the fountain is the size of your head, it packs a punch. Brought back memories of when we used to light m80's in Michigan. Good times!
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Annnd THAT'S why you don't send your kids to public schools.
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Automan Empire says
OK kid (or ANYONE in the Breitbart audience for that matter), tell us what you can about XXY, XYY, hermaphrodites, morphological oddities, and genuine dysphoria cases.

First tell me why anyone who doesn't fit your standard guy/girl model must be forced into a different gender group? Are you a eugenicist?
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Automan Empire says
Who is talking about forcing anyone into a group they don't identify with? This is about the opposite: people unwilling to recognize edge cases that don't fit their limited preconceived notions.

Fair point, but not the reality I see playing out now days. An example, when I first met my neighbor I did notice he had some effeminate mannerisms, but I didn't make any assumptions, because for me there's nothing wrong with being an effeminate dude. But I have several friends and family members who I know would instantly say he was gay. I later found out he is gay, but I still would never make that kind of assumption about someone.

There is a lot of propaganda out there telling people if they're even slightly different than the typical male female, that they must self-identify as some other gender. I feel this has led us to an extremely shallow society that puts looks over who someone is, and attempts to pigeon-hole people rather than letting them just be a different type of dude / chick.
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Cops brought this on themselves when they started treating everyone like a criminal, and putting their lives first. Thank the War on Us.
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Me: TOR. No cellphone, no FB, no gmail.

It's not technology, it's stupidity and lack of personal responsibility.
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mell says
Agree it's within their rights but somehow I get the feeling the cops will 'get stuck in traffic' when the store gets robbed and is calling for help.

This is an oft repeated trope with no truth behind it. Cops don't stop crime, they document it. The only time cops actually confront robbers, is if the robbers can't escape in time, which is almost never.

If Starbucks wants to thwart robbery, shotgun behind the counter, alarm system, and insurance. Not calling 911.
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I don't think you intended to, but your reply seems to indicate that being unarmed is somehow less life threatening than being armed, and that cops are not just human beings with guns and the backing of a corrupt justice system. With such options as I see today, lawlessness would be a welcome reprieve.

The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.
- Tacitus
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New Zealand doesn't require gun registration, so there's no way for them to enforce the law without going house-to-house, which would be a major violation of people's rights.
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Maybe you don't believe in an evil organization of powerful people who practice pedophilia. Maybe you say this is just an isolated incident, and the 15 year olds we hear about were the youngest girls Epstein used.

And maybe you can also explain to me what a fucking temple is doing on his private island?
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Just saw a drone video that got close, the symbols/lines used on and around the building are definitely odd.
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