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I've been to a few AA meetings before, those people eat cookies and drink coffee like it's going out of style. Trading one addiction for another...
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HeadSet says
Good grief, neither booze nor weed are benign, harmless intoxicants. Feel free to pick your poison.

Can you be more specific on what the harm is for either? I don't think you should assume irresponsible consumption, since by that definition even water is dangerous. Also, be sure to consider pollutants/inorganic substances are really separate entities, as again, if I put Strychnine in water, the water becomes harmful, but not because water in and of itself is bad for you.
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Aphroman says
More millenials are choosing cannabis over booze

Choosing post-high over headache, who'da thought?
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@bob2356 Late 80's Boom huh? That's the nicest name I've ever seen for the SnL scandal.
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barrister says
When the next great stock crash will happen - and how it will look

I'm gonna play it safe and say 2018. But they've been blowing this debt/inflation bubble for a while, and to unprecedented proportions. Maybe they'll keep it inflated another year?
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Is this what the nirvana of tolerance looks like? Shitting on everything. Call me an intolerant asshole, but I'll pass.
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Anyone who's not up to his eyeballs in debt is fucking stupid.

I'm not convinced individuals will get write-offs. Although if you don't own anything, I guess you have nothing to lose, as long as debtor's prison doesn't make a comeback in any form.
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Agree. Super surprised to see Brown do something right for once. Good call Jerry!
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Had Spaceways, hazy ipa with Nelson hops from Modern Times this week. Nelson hops have a very unique taste.
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Legalization of all drugs is gaining momentum worldwide. I think we could see it in our lifetime.
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EBGuy says
NuttBoxer says
I'm not sure what the point would be since the site is http. I hope you're not re-using a password from anywhere else.

Am I deluding myself when I switch over to https? (Verified by Let's Encrypt). Don't know how our fearless leader stores the passwords, but my impression was at least they are sent over an encrypted link.

I wasn’t aware it was a lazy cert design. Https is secure.
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Sounds like it’s time for my wife to go back to work. She’s not qualified, but she is a female minority, so I’m sure she’ll land a board job in no time.
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England is a world leader, with well thought out, reasonable plans. Like becoming the stabbing capital of the world!
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As long as they don't focus on the beer drinking, it's alll goood.
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Ok, you're telling me this is "just coincidence"?

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Yeah, the article is sparse on details. Would be interested in a more in depth overview of how it will work.
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Yes, this explanation has been posted. But that doesn't explain the advertisement text. Try being a little bit darker for a moment. You see two little girls in an add with the text LOVE has no labels. Let a little double meaning drift into your interpretation of those words. Are you sure all they're selling is clothes..?
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Strategist says
Less and less couples even bother to get married. It costs too much to get married, and even more to get divorced. What's the fucking point?
You say marriage is a commitment? You can have a marriage where no commitment exists, and a commitment where no marriage exists.
IMHO the concept of marriage will be obsolete in a hundred years.

The important thing here is to separate the state from the relationship. Why we ever allowed government to get involved in our personal lives in the first place, other than to tax us silly, is beyond me.

It doesn't matter what the state says your relationship is, only what the couple and God say. As to the rest, whatever situation is the most financially beneficial should be how we deal with government intrusion.

Marriage, real meaningful marriage isn't going anywhere, only the government involvement in it is.
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Can someone tell me how this is any different than Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill?
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She holds the record for biggest wave ridden by a women(60+ft). If that's not sexy, I don't know what is.

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Since when are stoners aggressive? Something smells here...
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Aphroman says
Alcohol consumption is on the decline so it stands to reason that some of the adverse societal effects will follow. Less alcohol means more happiness and success, which means less divorce

Hey, there's nothing wrong with alcohol. Most of the world has a younger drinking age, and more alcohol consumption than the US. Don't blame alcoholics and our Puritan heritage on beer.
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I understand the responses stating that random adds can get inserted on pages. But still no one has provided an explanation for the text of the add, and that's what really makes it creepy.
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This is why you should only store data on servers you build.
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Only surprising if you thought military exists for any other reason than feeding MIC.
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Right. Disarm (both conventionally and nuclearly) like one European country did in 1991-2013 and see what happens.

Or we could teach every American male to shoot a military grade rifle, and keep it at home, like another European country has done, forever. Yet somehow they avoided every major war on their continent...

The fact that you think we need the MIC to arm ourselves should be alarming to anyone reading this. Have we really become such lazy, ignorant slobs, that we can no longer fend for ourselves, or remember when we did? If we didn't need a standing army to create this country, why do we need one to keep it?
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Obligatory shot of sore losers losing:

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Obligatory shot of losers losing:

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France should take a chapter from their former colonial nation, Senegal. Majority Muslim population, none of the nonsense.
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Animals are replacing kids as people become more self-centered.
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So it's ok for Apple and Google to pry into your personal lives, but not NZ customs?

I'd just set my phone to no lock while going through security, but use an app to encrypt all my data. No fine, and no loss of privacy.
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Gavin's campaign slogan should be "A shit on every sidewalk!".
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Senegal has a very diverse history, and that fuels its balanced view on Islam. It's the only Muslim country where inter-marriage between Christians and Muslims is common, and drinking alcohol in public is allowed. How do you reconcile that with the Sharia bullshit from PEW?

Senegal is also the most stable, and economically successful country in Africa. And yes, I am familiar with South Africa, but a country that threatens to take away people's land based on their skin color is not stable.

You're reply is typical of people caught up in hysteria who go to the extreme, rather than examine the facts. If this was the 50's you'd fit right in with the red wave of fear.
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Wait.. You're telling me men and women are inherently different, and that causes AI to recognize and incorporate that fundamental difference in it's algorithm!?!?
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curious2 says
Of course, if you were in Senegal, you could be silenced from claiming that Christianity is just as good as Islam. Would that make you believe in the superiority of Islam?

Out of that entire post, this is the only point that you seem to have against my original post that Senegal gives us a view into how Islam doesn't automatically mean radicalism. And it's wrong. You don't understand the culture there, obviously, or you would never make such blanket, racist statements.

I'm not a Muslim apologist by any means, but I will react against the bullshit of you and others who seek to label an entire populace without ever knowing a Muslim yourself. You've never been to Senegal, and you don't know dick about Islam except that you hate it. If I don't bow to your brown fear I think independent, rational people will understand.

And it doesn't matter if it's McCarthyism, Terrorism, The War on Us, or Global Warming. You fear-mongers are all the same. Extreme in your view, without the slightest pause to understand your subject matter other than to hate and fear it, and everyone who doesn't cow-tow to your racist, elitist, superfluous bullshit.
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The fact that you try to pull in completely unrelated arguments from other threads, shows you don't have shit. You wanna cry about my whipping your ass over your bulldog fallacies, do it in the right thread, bitch.
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MockingbirdKiller says
(claimed) to have stopped using it.

The program, or logic altogether?
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WillPowers says
Talk about a Choice

Your thread makes the assumption that voting is somehow tied to choosing. Calling shenanigans!
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Hey, I got $30 off my electric bill because of some global warming BS. Finally, all the hysteria is starting to pay off$$$

The Housing Trap
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