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Rin says
So could it have simply been a war where US naval vessels ran around dropping depth charges everywhere, instead of sending the boys abroad?

Even better, let the private parties who want to risk transportation in wartime waters bring their own security, or trade in places that are safer/more profitable. Assuming that we HAD to keep going to Great Britain is illogical.
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I did some checking, and seems like 2/1 in San Mateo can be had for $2,800 - $3,000. Saw a couple that would put me within a few miles of the office. Would need almost a 15% pay increase to keep my cost of living the same though. But maybe I can cut into that a bit by only having one car, and biking, or even walking to work(my lifelong dream).
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Now hold on a minute with all the left bashing. Who took things too far with personal threats, Stephens. Who charged someone like he was going to fight, Stephens. Sounds like Sebring trolled him GOOD!
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FPBT says
It's been brought to his attention to no avail.

I've personally never had an issue, and I've disagreed with just about everyone on here at one point for another. Of course, I'm not a whiner.
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This idea is sounding less crazy than I thought at first. But I got to second round interview with a firm "will not relocate" stance, so I'll keep that card in my back pocket for now, and hope I don't have to play it.
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A conversation like this could only happen in today's racist, ignorant climate. There are differences when it comes to ethnicity, most notably average dick size, how quickly you sunburn, and certain athletic capabilities. But that's pretty much where it ends. I'm guessing that if Jordan had correlated economic status with his IQ findings, his primary driver would no longer be ethnicity.

When the fuck will people start focusing on anything OTHER THAN race?
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clambo says
I always love stocks anyway; notice those young people who have lousy jobs with iPhones in their pockets?

In a week or so Apple will pay me another dividend over $1000 bucks. Yield curves are not going to stop this from happening.

Apple has peaked at the point in their history when they're putting out some of the shittiest, least innovative products to date. But I'm sure that has nothing to do with where they're stock is going in the future if yield curve continues it's trend, and more risk-averse people pull out of risky markets.
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exfatguy says
Don't put a pie on the sill and not expect flies. Wait, was that racist?

No, it's perfectly logical that if you can travel to a different country and make much more than you could in your own, you would do that. Race is irrelevant.
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MrMagic says
Sebring (the Pillsbury dough boy) was the one who got trolled

You may be unfamiliar with trolling, but how it works is the one who get's an irrational response from the other first wins. In this case Stephens was the first to act irrationally online(DM threats), and IRL(charging Sebring). Last time I checked Florida is still a stand-your-ground state right? Are you really going to blame Sebring for knowing his fat ass had no chance against Stephens if it came to blows and arming himself with the weapon that has done the most good to improve the manners of bully's the world over?
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BayArea says
On the Peninsula you can expect to pay $2800-3000 for a 2bedroom apartment

If you see above, that lines up with what I found after more searching.

The main reason I'm considering a move to my corporate office is growth seems much faster when you see the executives and CEO every day. A guy who started in basically the same position as me, with a different team, at almost the same time I started, is now a manager.

There was an older guy in our office about a year back doing some consulting, and he made a point to say that as we worked in a remote office, everyone should make an attempt to travel to corporate office at least once, and when we are there, make sure to introduce ourselves to management. It rang true then, and now more than ever.
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mell says
You are missing the point, the differences in IQ are clearly proven.

I shouldn't have to re-state this, but I will. At what point in the individuals life is the test being administered? I seriously doubt it's before they start their government or private education, and right there, without race ever being a factor, one group is given an incredible advantage. Economics are FAR more important to IQ than race.
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mell says
If you focus on the US only you could postulate that the difference in social and economic status and thus better access to education for one group is a main driver and thus the test is not "fair". However we have tons of programs directed at helping the poorer and even laws that discriminate against those that score better (affirmative action), yet not much progress is being made and often a toxic culture (high single-motherhood, absence of fathers, crime etc.) remains.

True, I was definitely thinking only in the scope of Americans. As far as programs helping out, that's only true if the program is local(neighborhood). Government programs lack the compassion, accountability, and oversight to be helpful. There are a few who will use them to make their lives better, but they are designed to create dependence, not to improve anyone's status.

mell says
I have no problems accepting that Ashkenazi Jews and many Asians score higher on average than my genetic lineage does

That I think is a point worth considering, but from the perspective of cultural values, not race. You may think I'm being picky, but race and genetics cannot be changed, where cultural values can grow and shift over time. The latter allows that anyone from any race can be intelligent, while the former pigeon holes someone, unfairly, because of something they cannot change. From a cultural perspective, I think it is also important to consider size and how homogeneous the group is. Large groups that allow for more diversity, tend to lose their cultural traits as they mix with people of different backgrounds. Again, is any of this taken into consideration with these studies?
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MrMagic says
So running at a guy who's pointing a gun at you makes you the aggressor?

MrMagic says
when Stephens came out he charged toward Sebring.

"I took two steps back, pulled my gun. Shot him in the hip and when he ran, I shot him in the butt."

Sounds like self-defense to me, according to YOUR posts.
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Evan F. says
They make good- to great products at a premium price that people seem willing to pay

We all use MAC Pro's at my work, and while I like the OS and touchpad much better than any laptop I've used previously, their quality is for shit. My return key has a crack down the middle of it, and another co-worker had to replace his because of bad HDD sectors after only two years. And no one here likes the new Pro's, the touchpad is too big, and interface is much less intuitive than before.

And then there's all the proprietary shit they do. Ever tried backing up an Apple product without using time capsule? Or want to use that usb cable that you've kept in stellar condition from a few years back? Or how about plugging an HDMI cable in?

I WAS a big fan of Apple, until I started using their products a lot...
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komputodo says
Sure...Who wouldn't want to bike or walk the streets in friendly San Mateo?

I thought the bad areas where on the other side of the bay(Oakland)?
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SunnyvaleCA says
I think that if you are arriving in the Bay Area now your plan should be to live frugally, save as much money as possible, and flee the area as you retire in 10 years. If you are bringing an entire family, saving money is going to be very difficult.

I was thinking to stick around just long enough to get a big promotion, then use that as leverage to get same position back in SD, or maybe southern Silicon Forest(Eugene). Five years tops. Would be bringing just my younger daughter to start, not sure if the older one would join us as she is starting school down here in a couple weeks.
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Global warming finally came through this year! Wish the rest of that data was accurate, but this is the first and ONLY year I can remember being able to wear board shorts when I surf for multiple consecutive months.
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MrMagic says
You need to be quicker on threads, a lot quicker:

I looked for this thread, didn't go back far enough apparently.

MrMagic says
yet he "doused" himself TWICE.

So why is that Monsanto's fault??

From the quote in the article, my guess would be because they said it doesn't cause cancer.
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Umm, economic implosion. It's usually preceded by hyperinflation, as the bank prints ad-naseum in an attempt to rob.. err fix the economy.

Of course you can always go the Iceland route, and tell your creditors to fuck off.
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MrMagic says
To think a chemical that kills every living plant it touches couldn't be harmful to people shows extremely ignorance on the users perspective.

But not the companies when they claim it won't cause cancer? Well... I guess there's a difference between ignorance and lying, one obviously being far worse.
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mmmarvel says
Hang around in about six months you'll be talking about how cold it is.

Not true! Global warming is here to stay, I'm finally a Bielber!!
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MrMagic says
Apparently, the cops don't feel the same way you do:

But cops have such high moral standards!

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MisterLefty says
Also, you should probably learn Spanish.

Pues, asi que mi esposa es Tijuanese, y vivimos en Chula Juana(Vista), ese no ser problema.
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FPBT says
Personal comment king! Good thing we got all those moderators to clean this shit up.

You obviously never saw the old patnet. Not sure if Patrick burned the archives, but this is as tame as it gets around here.
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Only a moron would think that money was worth the quality of life lost as a result.

Judging by all the lardass's in the US, there are a LOT of morons now days.
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zzyzzx says
I posted a negative review of a home improvement contractor because they were illegally parked. Review included a picture of the infraction, which I may find and repost here later. But Yelp removed my review

It sounds like the removal was per their stated policy. Just wondering, did you talk to the contractor about moving their vehicle, or did anyone who was blocked in talk to them?
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FortWayne says
It's their inept local government, they are incompetent, incapable, worthless corrupt bureaucrats. It's why that crazy chick yells so much at Trump.

This isn't US or Trumps fault, local incompetent bureaucrats just don't accept responsibility for their own incompetencies. It is why US aid is coming to Puerto Rico, but not getting from US through local authorities to the people. This is why liberals need to stop electing SJW's who have no competency to get anything done.

Yes, all governments are worthless when it comes to helping citizens, regardless of their political leanings. Puerto Rico has also increasingly become a hub for "illegal" drug distribution. Another victim of the War on Us.
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zzyzzx says
I did not speak with the contractor. In Baltimore City, if you complain about anyone breaking the law, YOU are the problem.
Besides that, the contractor doesn't give a fuck and the person whose house they are working on will take it personally and hate you. Yes, this is based on personal experience.

Understood, but if you've never dealt with the person before, it's pretty passive-aggressive to just assume and not give them at least one chance to prove you wrong.

It doesn't sound like anyone was actually prevented from leaving if no one asked them to move, and based on that I would agree with deleting the review. Now if someone had asked them, and what you expected happened, then that to me completely justifies a bad review, as you had a direct negative interaction with their business.
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MrMagic says
How do they know it was Roundup SPECIFICALLY that caused his cancer?

Umm, they had a trial, and a jury of his peers was presented evidence that it was Roundup?

Everyone knows Monsanto is bad, and had this coming for a long, long time. Why are you fighting for them like they're your family or something? It just comes across as sick, heartless, and creepy.
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Good idea, but if they're still allowing people to buy citizenship at $250k a pop, it's only going to stop regular foreigners from buying.
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Way too much common sense here. Thanks for confirming there are some people who understand critical thinking.
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zzyzzx says
Why should I have to CONSTANTLY ask people not to do something illegal and quite rude?

If this was a repeated incident with this contractor, and at least one person off that alley had asked them not to do it, I would totally agree with you.

Sounds like city-sickness to me. You have less patience for bullshit caused by crowding way to many people into a small space. Consider a move to the country, or at least get out for some camping/hiking once in a while. It's the only thing that keeps me sane.
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There could be a few factors skewing some of this data. One being population, and the other Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. People that have more free time, and have no problem meeting their basic needs are in the position of having the luxury to treat mental issues.
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tovarichpeter says
Lab made mineral will suck CO2 from atmosphere

So when do we start the mass eradication of all plant life on Earth?
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Borrow money & count it as an asset?
I'm Rich!

That's what fancy people do instead of stealing
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Reviewing has become big business, which has brought in the bottom-feeders. I've found Yelp to be fairly reliable, but I always make sure to read more than a few reviews, from both sides before making a decision. Same for Amazon reviews.

Although I don't trust Yelp for food. People seem to think any half decent shit is worth max stars.
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AntiOcasioCortez says
Such is one of the differences between US and Canadian federalism.

Wasn't so different at our country's founding. Civil War put an end to States first.
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TwoScoopsOfWompWomp says
That's because Euros have almost no guns!

They be living most their life stabbing in a cutlery paradise!
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Evan F. says
SpaceX is doing amazing things.

Like blowing up expensive satellites, and theorizing about going to Mars?

I can't say I have a legitimate complaint about the product. I know a former co-worker who was planning to start storing his extra electricity in Tesla batteries(not the car ones), once SDGE stopped paying him for it. It's the way the company's run that makes me skittish. For sure Musk has had some great ideas, but he's way over-leveraged between the handouts, and the pre-orders.

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