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Once you drop to Venezuela, you're already fucked. That country's gonna be strip mined of everything valuable.
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Strategist says
Shouldn't you be protesting against California? Trump reduced our taxes, it's the blood sucking leeches in Sacramento who are the real trouble makers.

The federal reserve holds all the keys. They control the feds, and as the reserve bank is in San Franshitsco, any federal building will make a good target.

But yes, the state has their day of reckoning in all of this too.
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Don't like debt-free Venezuela lifestyle, how about debt-free Zimbabwe?

Venezuela and Zimbambwe both have central banks. Without a central bank there's no debt notes(dollars here), and no chance at national hyperinflation. Iceland is the closest any nation has gotten to debt free that I know of, and that's because they tried saying fuck the banks we won't pay.
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P N Dr Lo R says
As in Venezuela?

Venezuela left poor and hungry behind months ago. Now they're dying and fleeing.
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If it was all Republicans, then why wasn’t the war on us ended during either one of those periods? Everyone on patnet who screams right or left has failed to justify their beliefs are anything other than blind hatred.
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I'm not big on the Zeitgeist theories, but WTF is language like this doing in our public education contracts? To clarify, she didn't have to say she supported Israel, just that she wouldn't boycott Israel.
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Partisan peons missing the big picture again. Inflation will destroy the economy, it's not if, its when. This is historical fact.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
LACK of inflation is destroying the economy.

So explain how I make more money than 2 years ago, same expenses, and have less spending power?
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
You tell me. Housing, Education, Health Insurance are totally disconnected from the inflation rate and are running wild because of shitty policies.

So inflation is an increase in the money supply, which leads to each dollar losing value as what the value of dollars is based on hasn't changed, just the number in circulation. This was much easier to understand when we had a silver backed dollar, as each dollar was tied to a specific weight of silver held by the bank(or supposed to be). Everything, EVERYTHING valued in dollars is affected by inflation, no exceptions. I believe what I'm seeing is an overall loss of purchasing power due to my devalued dollar, which means the milk, meat, etc I could by for $20 two years ago, is $30 dollars today.

So what is the dollar value based on today? Nothing, but more practically the ability of the American people to pay back their debts. This is some sick cyclical shit that will not end well, but I'm just the guy who's been saying this for years, what do I know.
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Patrick says
There is absolutely no reason CBD was ever illegal

See William Randolph Hearst.
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Free market forces are finally overwhelming the governments rigged game. Stocks almost always push higher in December so CEO's can collect their bonus's. There aren't any elites who wanted this outcome.
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Logan, you're here for the beginning of the end! I'd love to say I told you so when all your investments are zero'ed out, and you're homeless, but I'll probably just be sad you were so duped by the great leach of central banks.
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Why do central banks exist according to Logan(NOT a central banker) = To boost the economy.

Why do central banks exist according to Mayer Amschel Rothschild(A central banker) = To control the country.

"Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws."
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Logan Mohtashami says
There it is perfect example, you guys aren't economic people, you're investors, who don't even show your real name.

Still no answer...
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Another CENTRAL BANKER quote on what they really do(versus what Logan imagines):

"But it has been obvious to many, notably those energetic enough to chart the S&P500 against the Fed’s Quantitive Easing program, that since 2009 stocks have been rising on waves of the Fed’s generous money creation. Now, speaking yesterday in a CNBC interview, former Dallas Fed Chairman Richard Fisher says, “We floated the markets at the Fed. There’s no question about it.” Listen yourself at this link from 3:30 to 7:05."
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Logan Mohtashami says
Nutty the guy who said America was going to collapse when #QE ends in October of 2014

We stopped printing money in 2014? No more bond sales for past four years!?!? I'm skeptical on this point, or that you understand inflation.
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And for Logan who loves charts:
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Market was already saturated from recreational growth and sales since 1996. Whoops, I forgot, we were all medical users until this past year...

Seriously though, it peaked probably 5 or more years ago as far as price. Growers have been getting shafted ever since, while dispensaries continue to charge the same price. Someone's making money, but it's not mom and pop anymore. Now it's a fucking industry.

I need to watch Humboldt County again...
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Heraclitusstudent says
It's run by the local drug lords?

It was, of course under the guise of the states government. You should watch the video, it's not very long.
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epitaph says
Sounded nice until you hear about all of the loggers being ripped out of their cars and being burned alive.

They burned the cars, not the loggers. Feel free to re-watch that part and confirm.
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I think the top was last summer. If it's an investment, sell. If it's a home, stay.
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South San Diego County, closest to the border so far. Looking to change jobs soon and may move to North San Diego County, or Phoenix.
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So this was discussed at a family gathering last night, one of my relatives works in social services. The issue I brought up is, will the IRS stop collecting taxes? They have not that I know of, so the money is still coming in. They've just stopped spending it. As far as I know, any business that continues to collect for services, but stops offering them is committing robbery or fraud. I think it's time we legitimize this shutdown, and stop the inflow to match the outflow.

She has a friend who works for Ice who isn't getting paid. Apparently Ice workers are told if they don't show up, they'll be jailed, even though they aren't getting paid. Doesn't sound like a job to me, sounds like slavery.
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Tenpoundbass says
I call bullcrap, on the jailed part. And they are getting paid it will just be deferred.

The justification is risk to national security or some shit. Call whatever you want, you don't work for Ice, he does.
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MrMagic says
As a reminder, a home IS NOT an investment. It's a degrading shelter and a roof over your head.

Absolutely correct, the land is the investment, and with taxes and imminent domain, not the most secure secure one. From the perspective of buy or sell couching it in those terms makes the most sense to me.
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MrMagic says
Now imagine what the situation would be like if suddenly, at the end of January, 42 million people across the country discover they won’t be able to feed their families.

I'll give you one better. Imagine when the government collapses in on itself due to unsustainable debt, and a bloated public sector the size of a small country. What will all those people do when they suddenly become responsible for their own fucking lives? What will unemployable public sector workers do who's only skills involve leaching off their own citizens?
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jazz_music says
The longer this goes on the more practical a 25th Amendment solution becomes justifiable. (removal of inept president)

Fuck the 25th, just need the 1st and the 2nd and we can rid this once great country of the lot o'em. Send that fucking pestilence back to the dark ages where it belongs.
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socal2 says
Getting tired of all that sewage in the Tijuana river? That problem will never be fixed.

That's really only when it rains. We walk at the Tijuana Estuary quite a bit, it's the closest rural area in the city for us, and the river is at the south of the trails there. Only smelled really bad once that I remember.
Getting tired of the high cost of living in California. If I can get a big raise, will stay, otherwise will move to Arizona where pay is the same, but cost of living is 30% less.
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I'm in favor of the merger. Higher prices and shittier products hopefully mean more people will stop using cellphones, stop radiating their brains, stop turning into tuned out zombies everytime their device interrupts them, and stop living in the FB/Instagram matrix.
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d6rB says
Or more likely they will go deeper in debt

Either way, leads to a more unsustainable trend.
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ThreeBays says
There's likely nothing saved by the shutdown, only loss. Furloughed workers always get back-pay after shutdowns end. There are losses from economic impact.

What economic impact? Please explain what product the government produces, or what services they offer that generate revenue?
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... does that mean that we won't have to file? Or they will fund the fucking IRS no matter what?

Fuck filing, when do we legitimize this government shutdown my writing exempt on our W4's?
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Ebay for children's hot Christmas toys I should have purchased in October, cool used t-shirts, video games. Craigslist for used cellphones. Amazon is never a good option for any of those.
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Doesn't include foundation, guessing no plumbing included either. So it's the structure itself, but nothing else.
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What I don't understand is how the bans on "talk therapy" are constitutional? It's fucking speech.

I'm not familiar with that. Isn't talk therapy what any normal psychologist does?
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I think this stems from copyright law, which completely misconstrues property rights as they were intended in the Federalist Papers. I agree with rights when it comes to someone's physical property, but it gets really murky when you start trying to enforce the same rights for ideas and copies of a work that you willingly sell/distribute, allowing others to own it.
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Is this a thing now? Sounds like something up there with "desire for lice infestation" or "fantasies of dumpster diving"...

What's considered normal in today's society is incredibly stressful and abnormal. Minimalist living makes people happier because it gets rid of a ton of stress. That's the real dream accomplished by a tiny house.
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I've driven by the wall from the 5 toward Playas. They only added to old wall closest to Mexico in sections. So it will look really high, then in about 500ft, same 8ft wall for 100ft, then new big wall. So even the section you've mentioned isn't very impenetrable.
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I'm sure Republicans have controlled congress more than once since 1913, yet both criminal institutions are still in place. If this is ever to become reality, you gotta stuff that partisan BS in a sock, then add some padlocks, and use it to beat all bankers on site.
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Heraclitusstudent says
Sure we would have great army, police, justice, etc... without taxes.

We founded this country without a standing army, so not a valid reason.
Police should never be federally funded, always locally in order to increase accountability, not a valid reason. Same for courts.

Look at the taxes we take in versus the interest on the national debt, that kind of eats it all up, and without Federal Reserve, no national debt, so you're actually advocating for a system that prevents the beneficial use of taxes.

And lastly, and MOST importantly, who do you trust as more fiscally responsible, the federal government, or yourself?
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TrumpingTits says
This is called 'a cynical ploy'. This is a vote that they know doesn't have a chance in passing. REAL brave of them, eh?

But when the GOP has the majority, what happens? Do these types of bills even make it on the House floor?

Ditto with the Dems. They pull the same crap. And it happens in the Senate, too.

I think when Ron Paul was still around one did make it to the Senate. Not the first time this type of bill has been brought up.
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This country was founded by patriotic Christians. If you want something that's more often mutually exclusive ask "Can Christians support central government?"
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Anyone who tells me truth I don't agree with is RACIST!!!
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Seriously man? You're gonna nitpick numbers instead of thinking big picture? Do the rich ever pay their allotted percentage regardless of what it is? Will the rich and business's pull out and go to friendlier countries? That's all that matters. And in a country that's been teetering on the brink of another collapse for 10 years, how much business will they have to lose to fall over the cliff? Not much..
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REpro says
Hollande just use 75% tax to get voters. Never implement it.

The tax rates in France in 2018 (for income earned in 2017) are as follow:
Up to €9,807: 0%
€9,807–27,086: 14%
€27,086–72,617: 30%
€72,617–153,783: 41%
€153,783+: 45%
Dec 2, 2018

So explain the economic collapse that ensued, the Yellow Vest protests that are going on now, and the fact that French pay more taxes than any other country in Europe.
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We've spent the past few years trying to think of anything we could change to stay. Definitely had to get the wife on board. The proximity to San Diego was a big help there.
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Heraclitusstudent says
Are you gonna be working remotely or new job?
How is pay?

New job with a raise, but looking for most of the gains in cost-of-living savings.
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@joshuatrio My wife has always lived in San Diego, so she was pretty nervous about doing this, and your success story was always in the back of my mind when I told her about people who left and didn't look back.
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Was actually considering Austin for a while as cultural fit would have been a lot closer, heard Phoenix is a bit more conservative. But a three day drive or long flight would mean not as many trips back to visit family.
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They really can't figure out what's going on? Regulation is choking legal supply, yet again. I sold my stuff to a delivery place black market since I only grow a little, and fuck paying that much for licensing. Black market resurgence is coming, followed by ditch weed being mass-produced by big tobacco. There are people who know how to grow craft cannabis, but not many of them can afford to the way things are structured.
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One of the surfers I knew when I first started was taking marine biology, and had some class about wind and how waves are formed. He said it was some pretty amazing stuff.
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I disagree. Walmart is targeting a niche market.
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Might be a customer trend as well. I had trouble finding one in Chula Vista the other week. More people seem to go for the $15 wash with hand dry now days.
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What’s the point here? With the rapid increase in disease, and the plethora of toxins introduced in the 21st century, who has time to study every product? We consider ourselves healthier than most, but there’s still so much we’re exposed to on a daily basis.

Health is a lifetime learning exercise. Let’s applaud those on the journey rather than ridicule them for not being experts on everything they practice.
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Now we can play NSA Spy, just like the real thing!
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This kind of stuff has been going on in Mexico for a while. Everyone who thinks government can fix anything READ THIS:

You are the best solution to your problems. If these people can handle the drug cartels themselves, what excuse do we have?
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Doesn't matter what you call it, if it's backed by a central bank, it's ALWAYS theft.
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If you READ the article, the cop told the guy he was driving fine. The ticket was literally just for eating and goes under a very broad “distracted driving” law.

Talk to your spouse for just a second, TICKET!!
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I wonder how many people in Chicago are cursing global warming right now? I’ve waited too long for GW to deliver. Moving to Phoenix, because as usual, if you want something done, you have to do it yourself.

Fuck you GW, you’re all tease!
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I prefer to say fat as fuck!
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I'm escaping to Arizona. After years of failed promises from global warming, I'm taking matters into my own hands. Goodbye cold!
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I recently switched to protonmail, everything is encrypted in your inbox, and the servers are in Switzerland, so fairly private.
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REpro says
That would be win-win. Once Switzerland tried to do it.

Or another reason for companies to take their business elsewhere. Let's see, I can make 10 billion a year in Chile, or 1 billion a year in the US, where should I found my company...
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Heraclitusstudent says
There is no collapse: France economy continues to grow at a snail pace.
The french governments continues to do "reforms" to liberalize the economy. In Macron's case mostly on the labor rights.
In the meantime, they try to close the deficit by increasing taxes. Hence the yellow vests.

So France is your idea of a stable government working for the people? Funny, the French don't share your sentiment...
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Upvoted, just for the title.
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OccasionalCortex says
Yes, they do. Just like you do. According to the law, that is.

Seriously? Off-shore holding, secret bank accounts, lawyers to find loopholes.
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Billions of years this earth existed, did just fine despite meteors, ice ages, floods, earthquakes, but now we're supposed to believe gas, that the earth has naturally produced, also for billions of years, will end everything. The sheer arrogance of man's self-important delusions is STAGGERING.
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All you pro-tax/wealth re-distribution people, let me see if I understand you correctly:

* If someone is successful that's bad, they should be forced to share what they've earned.
* Socialism works, despite Venezuela, Cuba, China,the USSR, and every other attempt at it failing miserably.
* Taking money from individuals and giving it to the government will make things better, despite the fact that our government has the largest deficit in history, spends recklessly, and wages endless wars ever since 1913.
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Heraclitusstudent says
No success is good, and should be rewarded by wealth. I don't subscribe to socialism.

If you want to re-distribute wealth from the rich, you're a socialist. If you advocated a flat tax, like sales, which already exists, then I'd believe you, but you obviously favor the ridiculously complex tiered structure we have today.

Heraclitusstudent says
Gov deficit:
- (1) is the source of money in circulation
- (2) can be closed by taxing back the same money, leaving plenty of wealth of successful people,

Wrong, the Federal Reserve is the source of of money in circulation, money that can only be created by selling bonds, thus guaranteeing that every dollar we print adds debt. This is how ALL fiat central banking systems work.

Heraclitusstudent says
- (3) is often the source of long term sources of growth: Like infrastructures, like education, like the Internet... which was created and long financed by the government. like long term research often not done in private industry.

I'm curious.. Where do you think the government GOT the money to finance these projects? They don't make any goods. Ahh, by taking it from us. So government takes, deficit grows, and that's prosperity?
Also, bullshit on only government funding long-term research. See PARC.
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Yes, ME ME ME. The ALL IMPORTANT "I". The earth should be thanking US, and every animal too for keeping things running, and SAVING the planet. I mean fuck, we're practically gods!!!
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So I can stop paying taxes now?
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Vaccinate everyone, whether they want it or not! If the War on Us has taught us anything, it's that telling people what they can and can't put into their bodies is a guaranteed model for success!
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Teddy Roosevelt, now there's a warmongering imperialist we can all admire!
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I wasn't able to itemize this year as the standard deduction was higher than in the past. I had adjusted my deductions because last year I got like $2,000 back, and I always aim to owe a little. Not cool with interest free loans to the IRS. Ended up owing $500 this year.
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Politics has finally become exactly what I always said it was, the WWF. AOC embodies the spirit on Vince McMahon in every conceivable way. Showmanship and entertainment over substance.
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I've never been penalized, and this year especially there is no way to justify it given how much things have changed. Best I ever did was owing $88.
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This all stems from the erosion of property rights(see copyright law, eminent domain, property taxes), and The War on Us. As soon as you legislate what someone can put in their body, what you can take out of their body is not far behind.
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So my first week here I enjoyed ice on my windshield(I'm now parking in the garage), and snow on the surrounding mountains on my drive into work. The last was pretty, and really enjoying the beauty sky's out here.

Also I've noticed that major east/west streets act as mini-freeways with speed limits of 40-45mph, and most people driving 10 miles over. So despite living on the West side and commuting to Scottsdale, I never have to spend more than 45 minutes in traffic.

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