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You heard Intel, it's not a bug it's a "feature".
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The lady who cured herself did not have pancreatic cancer, so there's that. Additionally, I strongly believe cancer to be an environmental disease, otherwise how do you explain the huge spike in the 20th century, right around the same time plastics and pesticides took off. Lastly, health is a lifelong journey. Jobs may have been doing a lot of right things, but I'm sure he was doing at least a few things that weren't helping his cancer. High stress job for sure didn't help him.
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I'm gonna take a stab in the dark and say the political junkies are the ones trashing each other. It's the nature of the beast. All talking points that are mainly political, or have been co-opted by politics beg people to split into groups and bash each other over the head.

Since I stopped reading threads that are politically focused, I've enjoyed the site more than ever. There are some very funny, interesting people here who like to talk about things that matter, like personal experiences, tech, health, etc.
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Strategist says
Only 19 percent of Hawaii residents suffer from obesity.

That's the last statistic I expected to hear from the state that brought us Israel Kamakawiwo╩╗ole. I wouldn't discount the laid back island lifestyle, and low stress that accompanies it either. I was in Jamaica for a month during college. Everything just moves slower on an island.
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just_passing_through says
Cancer is a genetic disease.

I might believe that about the cases pre-industrial revolution. But when I hear that we're trending to half of all males, and 1/3 of all females getting cancer, there's no way that's genetics. Those numbers are from a talk I attended when I used to work at Illumina a few years back.
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anon_33654 says
It's an attempt to get the site back to where it was.

Are you sure you're thinking of the same site?
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anon_08dee says
Some people like to argue politics here instead with their friends and family, for obvious reasons.

And I'm not against that at all. Just not my thing anymore. The problem is the whiners who go into those threads, then cry when what they knew was going to happen the moment they stepped into the political arena, happens.
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Patrick says
Yes it's a dictatorship, not necessarily transparent. That's how it was when the site was at its peak.

I think that's been the formula for most sites since forever.
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bob2356 says
Pre industrial revolution most people didn't live long enough to get most cancers. If people had lived long enough back then they would have gotten cancers in larger numbers also. Cancer wasn't always diagnosed either.

While that second part could certainly be true, it's been shown that lifespan hasn't significantly improved for people who lived past infancy. There used to be a much higher infant mortality rate that skewed the numbers.
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bob2356 says
Very very few doctors (and those should go to jail) would go along with something that they didn't believe first and foremost was benefiting the patient.

Are you really not aware of the huge pull the pharma industry has on medical practice in this country? Also, the assumption that modern medicine always has it right is a poor one given how slow the medical community has been to accept better methods of treatment, historically. At one time bleeding was thought to be the best cure, speed and cocaine were routinely prescribed for a number of ailments. Once you stop using critical thinking, in regards to any authority, you take a big risk.
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iwog says
My question was simply this: Are we allowed to talk about how the board is being enforced as a hard right echo chamber?

Iwog's right. Losers should be able to use any reason they want to complain about why their side is losing.
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I know too much alcohol prevents me from sleeping well. I get hotter(like sleeping cold), and can be prone to a slight headache. Cannabis on the other hand, never gives me any issues with sleeping, or feeling ill. Strictly from a health perspective, the laws really are ridiculous.
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Iwog, you subscribe to the left/right paradigm right? Sounds like you're on the left. And sounds like you think Patrick is on the right, or others who have been allowed to moderate the site. And that they have done so in such a way that your side(Left), is coming out behind. You have stated as much, and sounds like your comments have been removed.

Am I missing something?
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BayAreaObserver says
Many people assume that when you apply salt to the landscape it just gets washed away and disappears.

No way! People really believe this!?
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iwog says
There is no "coming out behind" in politics.

You're right, I think my initial summation was much more apt. In my opinion, everyone who gets triggered by politics is a loser, since they've failed to see it's just the WWF for adults.
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Ceffer says
The physical harm is lessened by not smoking and just ingesting, which would make it not particularly physically harmful. Also, cannabis that is free of pesticides and industrial contaminants would be less harmful.

I don't know that smoking using hemp wick is particularly harmful. I will never inhale butane, but I was never a stoner. Butane and pesticides are not products of cannabis though, they are separate from the plant and what it produces. My grow is always 100% natural, from the soil, to the seeds(not feminized, local), to the nutrients. The only thing I've ever sprayed is BD, which is natural, and I lay off it before harvest.
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Patrick says
That chart is not quite right.

Agreed. Aren't anabolic steroids what wrestlers use to make their hair fallout, enlarge their internal organs, and give themselves heart attacks? Not exactly left side of the harm chart...
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I've heard on at least two separate occasions of flu's in our area that have been pretty bad. One guy at my work was out for two weeks and went on anti-biotics. Two guys over Christmas mentioned a flu where they were constantly puking or pooping, couldn't get warm no matter what. Fortunately my family is pretty health conscious, so none of us have gotten sick.
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I saw this on the news a few days ago. Do HOA's have total control of the inside of a residence? If not, I'd say this is a dangerous precedent to try and gain that control. Next you won't be able to shit without leaving the door open, and running a livefeed to an HOA jumbo-tron.
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We are surrounded by germs all the time. I think the best way to not get sick is to take care of your personal health. Don't believe in that others making me sick stuff, since I've been around plenty of sick people, and the only time I feel something coming on is when I've failed to get enough sleep, or don't eat healthy. I know there are rare diseases that are highly contagious, but the thought that we all have to get sick because one person gets the flu is ridiculous. Just take better care of yourself.
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WookieMan says
WTF, living in the fucking garage?

I think this is actually pretty common in South Bay San Diego, have seen a few places where it looks like things were rigged up for someone to live in the garage at one point. I think it's usually sub-letting, or Mexicans with extended family.
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I think sometimes the government leans on these people hard enough (see Aaron), so that even though they don't pull the trigger, they are certainly culpable. I think being skeptical is definitely the right stance until there is a full investigation.
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Hey, blacks aren't smart enough to get these jobs on their own. They need The Man to give them a leg up.
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Heraclitusstudent says
CO2 greenhouse effect in details

Very disappointed, was expecting a breakdown on cow farts...

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There are business's that take bitcoin, and a big reason for the recent community split was one side has in interest in a crypto-currency that has faster turnaround time on transactions, making it a more viable purchasing currency.
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I have family in Tijuana, and cross down every so often to visit. Noticed in the last few months that blacks(probably Haitians) are becoming a common site as street vendors. Now if Tijuana is better than Haiti...
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I think they just have a natural instinct they managed to preserve, whereas we seem to have forgotten all of ours in a race to convenience over health.
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Jesus was born in Bethlehem because his family was from Bethlehem. They were there as a result of the census requiring everyone to travel to their hometown. So King David was also from Bethlehem. Ancient Israel was a bit bigger than it is today.
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My wife's last job in social services was for an office so poorly managed she never had time to answer her phone, ever. I'm not exaggerating. And since it was a private company, they had to enter data twice. Once in their system, and once in the state's. And who did said minimum wage data entry? The case workers, some of the highest paid employees in the office. She had almost zero chance to actually help anyone as she was perpetually buried under mounds of meaningless paperwork.
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Booger says
You could try reminding them that it's an account transfer not initiated by you. That and read the act to see if this is true.

Also, how do you know that this is not a scam?

They wanted me to fax or mail the documentation, fax or mail. I ended up just attaching an SDGE bill. Did read the act, it is about documenting people opening financial accounts as they stated.
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Satoshi_Nakamoto says
HSA is an investment account first and foremost

The money is stipulated for healthcare expenses only, if that's an investment, it's a shitty one. I contribute exactly zero dollars to mine, just using it because it's the only free healthcare plan at my work, and my employer put's a grand in every year.
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Patrick says
I've often wondered whether it would be possible to extract and burn methane from the atmosphere for a double-win:

I plan on patenting a device that runs a tube from a CO2 tank to the rectum, for the purpose of extracting, and selling the methane we produce on a daily basis. If I start production now, I can be to market in time to take advantage of my new health book coming out "Beans, beans, the musical diet".
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Sniper says
Wal-Mart Raises Hourly Wage to $11

Between their shit benefits, and mandatory unpaid overtime, this doesn't even start to cut in to their bottom line.
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errc says
roll it into the stock market for bigtime gainz

If I want to gamble, I'll take it to Vegas. At least that way I'll have some fun before I lose it all.
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Satoshi_Nakamoto says
It's allowed to be invested and grow tax-free

Was not aware of that. If I ever don't spend it all on healthcare, will definitely look into moving it.
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Just mark some random comments uncivil, problem solved!
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BayAreaObserver says
human fleas

There was genetic experimentation in the dark ages? Are we talking like The Fly?
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50% plunge since before Christmas, fad investments come and go so quickly...
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I used to live with black roomates, one of them took the trolley to work. One day he was sitting in the area of a dirty homeless dude(on the SD trolley!? I know!), and apparently dude gave him fleas. By the next day him and my other roomate, again both black, had bite marks all over their shins. Me... Never a single bite.
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Strategist says
I would like to see you on Sharktank.

Sharktank California, I'd make a killing!!