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According to NOAA records, 2018 has gone down as the 6th warmest year since satellite records started in 1979, which was the lowpoint in a cold cycle. The current warming cycle ended in 2016, the hottest year EVER!

Co2 is at a record high. Anyone have a guess as to why the temperature is dropping?

It's not co2.
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marcus says
deny the other more insidious half of the lies are in fact lies

Name one?
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marcus says
in a WaPO or NYT list of thousands of Trump lies,

Is there ONE Trump lie you consider important enough to defend?
Just ONE?
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marcus says
Hillary and becasue of supreme court etc

So becasue is a woman?
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marcus says

Isn't contaminated greens caused (note spelling, just because ) by the illegal immigrant farm workers who are defecating in the lettuce fields?
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marcus says
Reality based folks don't see it that way.

Just BecaSue?
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Rin says
I don't see a whole lot of English in the above.

What language do you see?
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Rin says
Onvacation says
Rin says
I don't see a whole lot of English in the above.

What language do you see?

No complete sentences, only fragments

But it is still English . Are you trying to say people don't have to read and write well to do math? Your terse, readable example of a simple algebra problem proves my point.

Students need to be able to share their conclusions. Proper communication should be part of all classes. Teachers that don't reinforce the four skills are doing their students a disfavor.
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HeadSet says
All that snow should be good for skiing.

On my way back from Tahoe. Skiing yesterday morning was great but whiteout conditions in the afternoon. Weather today not great but as soon as the sun comes out there is going to be some great skiing.

Crowds today.
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jazz_music says

Can you post something of substance or on topic?

I can. The original post is an extreme example of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Godwin's was invoked numerous times before the discussuon even started.

It's sad how many people who were reasonable at one time get sucked into the hate Trump tribe.
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jazz_music says
The permanent lie is not circumscribed by reality. It is perpetuated even in the face of overwhelming evidence that discredits it…The iron refusal by those who engage in the permanent lie to acknowledge reality, no matter how transparent reality becomes, creates a collective psychosis.

Great explanation of TDS sufferers and their obsession with "Russian collusion ".
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jazz_music says
TDS was made up to avoid asserting a valid point of view.

I will have to correct you again.

TDS, Trump Derangement Syndrome, was coined to describe people who think Trump is the second coming of hitler.
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jazz_music says

This is an ongoing investigation that

has found no evidence of Russia Trump criminal activity. They have not even found evidence of collusion.
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jazz_music says
the Benghazi investigation

The real reason we have a reality show clown for president; the swamp thought Hillary could beat him.
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jazz_music says
When politicians sell out their constituency there's no holding them accountable.

When you give the wealthy all free rides at taxpayer expense you don't get rainbows and unicorns, you get temp agencies and pothole streets.

I was gonna like this. And then you added this
jazz_music says

So what do we learn from these giveaways? That Mueller's investigation should be shut down, disband the FBI, there is a crisis at the borders and democrats are to blame.

More TDS.
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jazz_music says
Onvacation says
I will have to correct you again.

because you are incapable of feeling shame

No. Because you were wrong.
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jazz_music says

That mention was not a greenlight to change the subject of this post

Then why did you bring it up?

Hillary was one of the biggest reasons Trump is president.
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jazz_music says

And as one can see who has eyes: the stage is set for a national border emergency, protests, emergency powers grab, and the fast slide into fascist dictatorship.

Every time we get a new prez the other tribe says it's the first step to dictatorship. The swamp loves it when we fight each other instead of uncovering their corruption.
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jazz_music says
I am not in the mood to provide a bunch of research

Tools just parrot propaganda. Don't be a tool. Do some research!
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marcus says

Worse than hitler?
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jazz_music says
Find something

There is nothing to find in regards to Trump's being a criminal, unless you find making America great treasonous.
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marcus says
. I can admit there are humans worse than Trump.

Like Hillary?
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marcus says
TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
The only reason to oppose is purely political.

More lies. Did you read any of what I posted ? Trumps "position" is purely political.
marcus says
Democrats aren’t saying no to physical barriers on the border. They are saying no to Trump.

Sounds like politics to me.
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marcus says

Again, be aware that you guys are advocating a Presidents tantrum to shut the government over congress not giving him what he wants.

That's one difference between you and us "guys" we don't care if the government is shut down. We wish it would stay closed and stop picking our pocket. One of the few jobs of government is to protect the border.

Can you give any reasons for NOT putting up a barrier to stop illegal trespassers? As if there were legal trespassers.
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marcus says
advocating a Presidents tantrum

What tantrum?
Trump has been acting presidential. Much better acting than Bush or Obama and at least as entertaining as Clinton.
Don't forget that it's all political theatre and as long as we fight each other, the swamp wins.
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marcus says
Did you read ?

Please summarize
Onvacation says
Can you give any reasons for NOT putting up a barrier to stop illegal trespassers? As if there were legal trespassers.

Just ONE simple reason for not putting up barriers to trespassers besides Trump wants it done?
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marcus says
Can you give a reason why Trump shouldn't work with congress to simply continue building and maintaining and investing the walls

Yes, becasue congress refuses to work with Trump. All of the wall's opponents supported it with words before the actuality of a president who would do the deed.
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marcus says

marcus says
If what the experts say is true, that the wall would be inefficient, and not the best investment we can make right now (in border security) in which case the full 20 or 40 or whatever it is billion dollar wall will never be built, and the $5.7 initial part would be money wasted.

Can you give a reason why Trump shouldn't work with congress to simply continue building and maintaining and investing the walls and all the guards, technology, and other assets they already have, but then also to instead spend money on ports, and amnesty courts etc., that is to have some sort of balanced spending on border security which Trump alone does not get exclusive credit for ?

He could get a deal on border security. But it wouldn't be a $5.7 billion down payment on his wall. And it would be something that was negotiated collaboratively, you know with committees that have put 1000s of hours i...

To summarize: Wall bad BecaSue tRump like.
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marcus says
I'm not denying the political aspects

And it's disgraceful that the dems are putting politics ahead of border security.
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Reject the truth you deliver by quoting some convenient authority and then condemn you personally for having the wrong belief instead of refuting the inconvenient truth they have rejected.

Happens all the time.
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HeadSet says
What Pelosi is saying is that Trump doesn’t get to shut down the government as a way to fulfill a campaign promise — especially one that carries the baggage of his anti-immigration platform.

This is why the left is distrusted. Trump is not "anti-immigrant," he is anti ILLEGAL immigrant. The way the left ignores the difference between illegal and legal immigration in their rhetoric, plus the sanctuary cities and drivers licences for illegals, indicates the left opposes any method that would hamper illegal immigration. That includes the wall, and would include E-Verify and HxB visa rules should anyone try to actually enforce them.

Quoted so I could like it again.

Well said!
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theoakman says
The ability to properly verbally communicate a solution or construct a verbal argument to a math or physics problem is a skill that is not typically developed by age 16/17, no matter how smart the student is.
theoakman says
I show them the process of making your argument using algebra with the variables and then, they look at their steps they ran through with the math to write down their verbal argument.

And that is how you combine English into a physics class. The physics student MUST understand English in order to even distill the problem down to math.
Thanks for proving my point.
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theoakman says
It is worth noting that some students who were ESL for me who were brilliant Physics students couldn't score more than a 2/5 on the AP Physics exam because of language barrier issues.

AP is supposed to be college level. Granted that many college level students lack English skills but ESL students MUST learn English to be successful in the English speaking American society.
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Kakistocracy says

Agreed! Old technology like rocks, wheels, and walls still work!
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Fortwaynemobile says
Problem is that leftists are ideologically against the wall. They rather die than have a wall,

They are not against walls.
They are against Trump's wall.
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BayArea says
Ok wtf is this?

The designer was studying to be a lawyer.
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theoakman says
Most of my ESL students

If they can't communicate they should not be in AP. There are way too many IEP's, 504B's, special ed, and social promotions in school. It may just be my white privileged male opinion but if you can't make the grade you should not be in the class. I've seen how public school works and children are rewarded for being disabled.
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Sad to see patrick.net become such a right wing extremist site with all the" ignore"-rs fear of the truth.

If you think patnet is extreme you are in for a rude awakening.
I resist the urge to ignore you in the hope that you will say something entertaining.

I resist.
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Red Pill: Knowledge, freedom, uncertainty and the brutal truths of reality. Blue Pill: Security, happiness, beauty, and the blissful ignorance of illusion.
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