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WookieMan says

Shit, I just deleted my own comment in mod. My apologies Patrick for not controlling myself. It's hard...

Since the thread is about bitcoin maybe thats a good thing?
I believe that blockchain currencies are worse than worthless. They take incredible energy to "mine" and all you end up with is some bits in a "wallet" that you hope to sell to someone that is a greater fool. At least with gold and silver mining you get some shiny metal to represent your expended energy.

The end of fiat currency won't be fiat blockchain.
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Onvacation says

I meant blockchain.
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WookieMan says

The oligarchs love it when we blame each other for the misery they cause in the world. Some day the next generation will want your head on a stick for
WookieMan says
soak(ing) up a lot of economic opportunity without bothering to preserve much for the generations to come.

WookieMan says
filled the atmosphere with heat-trapping gases, and will probably never pay the costs of averting catastrophic climate change or helping their grandchildren adapt to a warmer world.

Some people still believe in manmade catastrophic global warming because the educational indoctrination of the last few decades.

When the powers that be get us fighting over the trivia of class, race, gender, and their propaganda they have won and we, the people, have lost.
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WookieMan says

I don't actually have a problem with boomers to be honest.

Then stop perpetuating this bs.
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WookieMan says

I don't actually have a problem with boomers to be honest.

Then stop perpetuating this bs.
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WookieMan says

I don't actually have a problem with boomers to be honest.

Then stop perpetuating this bs.
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WookieMan says

I don't actually have a problem with boomers to be honest.

Then stop perpetuating this bs.
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Tenpoundbass says
who paid the hooker.

Rin did! But it was in Canada so it's ok.
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marcus says
Real Politics have it at 42.

538 has it at 40.3.

Special snowflakes have it at -20%
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Evan F. says
explain how climate change isn't happening.

Climate change is happening. The climate is always changing as it is the history of the weather and the weather always changes.
So many peiple don't get the relationship between weather and climate. Neither can be predicted with accuracy in the short run much less over the period of years or decades. Too many variables.
The climate is changing and it is not getting hotter in spite of all our co2 release and all of our pollution.

The next decade should prove to all but the most gullible that it is not co2 that warms the earth but the low output of the sun that cools the earth.

I, for one, think a tropical planet is more hospitable than an ice ball.
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Automan Empire says
because it's waaaay warmer than normal in other places.

There is record cold and snow all over the world. Please tell us where these places with recordheat are?

Fewer and fewer are falling for the CAGW scam as the alarmist's climate models are proving that they have no relationship with reality.
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Evan F. says
actually 'believing' that climate change is indeed happening and that it is human-created.

Never claimed the climate wasn't changing or that humans might have a big effect on climate.

I am arguing against the co2 CAGW BS.

Co2 is NOT a poison. It is an essential part of the cycle of life on earth. Stop brainwashing kids with pseudoscience.
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I was looking at zillow (I know) a while ago and randomly clicking on million dollar plus shacks for sale in the city (SF). I was surprised to see "zestimate home values" with 30 day changes in the +30k/month range. Now I see some of the 30 day estimates changing by as much as a couple hundred thousand negative.

Zillow (I know) says that there are 807 houses for sale, 209 in preforeclosure, and 3068 for rent in the upper peninsula north of Daly City.

Anecdotal but it seems like more and more properties are going on the market.

What's the analysis of the board's RE experts?
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More zillow:
I randomly picked a 1.8 million dollar home. It was a nicely painted 3/2 on a 1750 sq ft lot sharing a wall with the neighbor. The mortgage estimate was 10,099/month. Comparable rentals are in the range of 3 to 6k a month.
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Patrick says

I know. But it's fun to play with.
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Co2 caused Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming is a scam. The failed predictions of the pseudoscientists models should be enough proof but the indoctrination of a generation of students on CAGW lets them dismiss the fact that Manhattan is not under water. The new line is that another 2 degrees by 2100 will be the end of the earth as we know it.

Evan F. says
Go hang out in a sealed volume of 6% CO2 and see how that works out for you.

You first. : )
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lostand confused says
preforeclosures in the bay area-that is interesting?

Zillows preforeclosures have been decreasing over the last few years. At one point some bay area cities had as many as 8 preforeclosures for each for sale house. Currently there are 102k homes for sale in California and 27k in preforeclosure according to zillow (I know).

Does not sound healthy.
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Evan F. says
Industrial activity has managed to drive up CO2 levels by a comparable amount in about 100 years, an order of magnitude faster than ever measured before. This is not a natural fluctuation.

So why has the temp not gone up an order of magnitude? Can you point me to the formula that relates co2 level to global temperatures?

You can't because co2s effect on the climate is trivial compared to the sun.
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Evan F. says
this formula suggests

Suggests? Seems to be missing a few variables.

Evan F. says
I wouldn't call that 'trivial'. I'd call it 'half'.

All that data manipulation and the alarmists could only get one degree of warming over the last century.
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Automan Empire says
Bleaching isn't caused by acidity.

I stand corrected.
I recalled reading on some alarmist website that "co2 dissolves in the ocean causing it to acidify and bleach the coral". At the time I questioned this fact because I know that the ocean is ph neutral (correction the ocean's ph is 8.1 well on the base side of neutral.) and could not acid bleach anything.Automan Empire says
fractally wrong nature of your critique.

No comprende? Like fractals? Please explain?
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Evan F. says
. 1 degree C change in only 100 years is fucking colossal, and incredibly fast. A 1 degree change in global temps normally happens over geological time periods, thousands of years at the QUICKEST. We're talking epochs.

Would you change your mind if the temperature went down a degree in the next decade? No predictions but the coming solar cycle looks pretty dismal.
The sun warms the earth. Co2 blanket keeps us from freezing. All alarmists models have overestimated the warming be several magnitudes .
A little hyperbole humor for you alarmist lovers of anomalies.
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Evan F. says
A 1 degree change in global temps

First you have to believe that worldwide average temperatures can be calculated with a bucket and a thermometer from a whaling ship.
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HeadSet says
What CO2 blanket?

Corrected again.
I should have said
The blanket of greenhouse gasses that trap some of the incoming solar radiation of which co2 is a trace component and where h2o has a much bigger effect.
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pwagner says

I'm guessing you meant it was a 1750 sq ft house on a 3k to 5k lot

135 Holladay ave 94110.
2336 sq ft house on a 1751 lot $1,799,000
This place is so close to the freeway that a car could fly into the roof.

pwagner says
So how do we see a $2M+ house rent out for $4k/month? Maybe an original owner who bought the place for $30k in the 1960s. With Prop 13 benefits, they only pay $100/month in property taxes. If they sell, they'll pay capital gains on nearly ALL of the property value.

Your analysis sounds reasonable.
What should be done about these rentseekers who neglect their rentals allowing urban blight knowing that the land has way more value than the roach infested shack that sits on it?
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At what price do we fight extortion?
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AftStrategist says
If the rules call for a penalty exceeding 5 days, you will be penalized.

20 $10 dollar charges After 3 years?!?
I already looked into the law a little and I don't think they can retroactively notify me of late fees.Strategist says
Fighting it might cost you a lot more.

$205 is $205. I don't plan on hiring a lawyer.

Thanks Strat.

Anyone out there with knowledge of the pertinent laws.
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If they had told me i was late and had a late fee three years ago i would have asked for a waiver or paid the $10 and made sure I was never late again. Instead they regularly took my payment on the sixth without telling me I was late. I now have $205 in late fees.

I can afford to pay but feel cheated. Do I have any options?
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How many white males have hung Americans with dark skin?

Not many that are still alive. I am not responsible for the sins of my ancestors.
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WookieMan says
, I'd try to find the city/municipal contact that deals with that vendor.

Good advice.

I was also considering paying in nickels on the fourth of each month to make sure i am never late.

Not sure how much time and money i want to spend on principal but i do think the management needs a little discipline.
More suggestions?
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The consensus seems to be, " pay the bill and get on with life".
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Every time a new loan is made the banks create more money out of thin air. This money is frontloaded with fees and must be paid back with interest. As creaters of this money the banks own the real estate, kinda.

The system is broken. The crisis of 2008 was papered over and now the banks are richer and the rest of us have to spend more to get less.
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LeonDurham says

I know believing in conspiracy theories is more fun than accepting that the truth

Was it the FBI or the CIA that started the term "conspiracy theory" to besmirch people that questioned their ridiculous lone gunman theory?

When someone pulls out "conspiracy theory" it often means they have no real argument and are just trying to cover up the truth.
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Weather is NOT climate!
Climate is the history of weather
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Quigley says

So “climate change” means changing the history of weather? How would you do that?

There was a time when the alarmists predicted a hockey stick spike of multiple degrees. Since that did not happen they changed the story to one more degree by the end of the century will be a catastrophe. Now that we are going into a solar minimum the new story I hear is we have a couple decade reprieve to eliminate co2 before the heating comes back with a vengeance.
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Patrick says
It may be that religion is actually necessary for a population to continue existing over a period of centuries.

The commonalty among successful civilizations is family, religion, and warfare. When a country loses these institutions it is headed for the ashbin of history.
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LeonDurham says
Chinese suddenly deciding to approve trademarks for Ivanka?

I suppose that they are kowtowing.
It's so nice to have a president that's not the Chinese's bitch.
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Patrick says
No idea why I'm into brunettes

For one, they're not blondes.
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WarrenTheApe says


you might poke your eyes out.
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drB6 says
fringe outlets saying that "all temp measurements have been faked"

Who says that?
It is well known that the old temperature records have been "adjusted" by the alarmists to mask previous natural variation and state that the temperature is at an "unprecedented high" . Remember the little ice age?drB6 says
massive human-caused change in environment (such as CO2 emissions) will result in some change in climate.

Probably. Was it considered natural or manmade when the California fires released more pollution, including the deadly co2, in 2 days than all of California for a year?
drB6 says
I doubt that climate models can be taken too seriously at this point.

Agreed! or the alarmists who promote such models.
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marcus says
they said that spike above freezing in february in the arctic, was to the warmest it's been there in 2000 years.


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