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tovarichpeter says
LA sex crimes investigator charged with rape
Don't you want an authority in this capacity?
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"Capitalists don’t stay in business based on the quality or quantity of the commodity they produce — they stay in business based on whether they turn a profit."

It's exactly the reason. 50-60 years ago GM's biggest problem was trying not to corner over 50% of the market because of the quality and design of their cars. Yet from the 70's on they began making some of the ugliest and poorly built cars in the industry. They turned the quality around in the 90's and later, but their market share is 17.6% today because they'll never regain the lost credibility. It also destroyed two of the most prominent brands of 50 years ago, Pontiac and Oldsmobile. Anyone who can remember a '67 Pontiac GTO or Olds 442 would never believe the brands would perish. Only capitalism could produce products like that anyway. Communism could never have designed or produced a '58 Chrysler 300.
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It's OK to be on board with measures to stop global warming when it's just theory and doesn't affect your financial security. France was furious with the US for not signing on to this latest global fad.
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Patrick says
their own men have proven to be spineless effetes in the face of feminist demands.
Here's a good example:

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Herdingcats says
roads private, close public schools, close the post office, disband fire, police and the military all socialistic ideals
These aren't socialism, they're called infrastructure and public services, funded through taxation, common to every municipality. The only exception is public schools, a perfect microcosm of what the Soviet Union would have created and funded. And yes, in virtually every instance with the schools, private outperforms public.
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HeadSet says
Robots are just more of the same.
The impulse goes back to antiquity:

In 1299 Florence banned bankers from adopting Arabic numbers
At the end of the 15th century, scribe guilds of Paris managed to fight off the adoption of the printing press for two decades
In 1397, pin manufacturers in Cologne outlawed the use of pin presses
In 1561 the city council of Nuremburg made the manufacture and selling of lathes punishable with imprisonment
In 1579 the city council of Danzig ordered the secret assassination of the inventor of the ribbon loom--by drowning
In the late 1770's, the Strasbourg council banned a local cotton mill from selling its wares in town because it would disrupt the business model of the cloth importers

(All from The Suicide of the West by Jonah Goldberg)
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theoakman says
That being said, it's a sign of disrespect to be wearing any hat inside the classroom. The schools usually have a policy on hats in general.
I think this is the main point. The teacher deserves the respect of having classroom rules obeyed whether the student likes it or not. When I was in high school, our teachers were from the World War II generation or older and didn't take guff from anyone whether they were six or 16. One of them would have walked over to the kid and knocked his hat across the room and had no protest from anyone in society then. In junior high, there was one reprobate who would take his shoes off during class. Our home room teacher, Miss Martha Emmons (1893-1989) finally told him we don't take our shoes off in class. He still took them off. She picked up the shoes and threw them out the window of our third floor, un-air conditioned classroom and he had to go plodding down in his stocking feet to retrieve them. He didn't take his shoes off anymore.
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mell says
The problem is that those rules are selectively enforced.
That is true, they should be applied across the board.
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Greg Corcoran
10 months ago
"Flexible content Luca LOL... Go read the novel Misery. She is pretending to be Annie Wilkes."
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MisterLefty says
the beltline (the base of the side windows) has to be lifted to keep the car from looking bubbleheaded
Makes you feel like you're in a '75 Ford Torino, sitting down in a hole. I heard my boss complain about that one day and when I had an opportunity to drive the company Torino out to DFW to pick something up, I knew what he was talking about. He mentioned how much more he liked the square bodied Chevies a few years later. My favorite design of the mid-60's--weighed just over 4,200 lbs. but had a 360 HP 440 for in its first year. A decade later, they were 1,000 lbs. heavier and six seconds slower with the same engine:

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NuttBoxer says
The public sector has been cannibalizing it's revenue stream for years though. Eventually the behemoth will collapse in on itself.
I read somewhere recently that in 1965 the public sector was something like 5%, today it's 14%--actually seems larger than that since it insinuates itself into every facet of life.
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ohomen171 says
#536ADThe Dark Ages
It was pretty bad back then, no power steering, no air-conditioning.
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clambo says
It's sad to see a country fuck itself over so badly.
Wee wee manure!
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clambo says
OR, you could save up $4000 and buy a pretty good set of wheels.
Just bought a '97 Cadlllac DeVille deElegance with 40K miles for $3,400, owned by a 91 year old man, always garaged. Kept the '96 Roadmaster that now has 80K, drive it up to West every other weekend. If I take an out of town trip, I rent from Enterprise for the time and put the wear and tear on their car and turn in back in which mine sits under the carport. I only put about 7,000 miles a year on a car, so there's no point in putting out $10,000 plus for a newer car.
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d6rB says
The first order of government.
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theoakman says
I'm Chinese and still go to that for a good one
Ching ching wow wow woo!
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Heraclitusstudent says
That's another point made in the book The Suicide of the West, that tribalism is a human trait that can't be eradicated by social engineering and is important for societies.

Patrick says
France still maintains a general quality-of-life so far above what is found in the US these days that we look like some left-behind evolutionary dead end here in this wilderness of strip-malls and muffler shops. They live in towns and cities that are designed to bring people together in public. They support small business in spite of the diktats of Brussels.
I've read somewhere that it's common for the French to shut down for two hours at midday, they close their shops and businesses for a leisurely lunch time and relaxation. Such an idea would strike business owners in this country with apoplexy they're so parsimonious with their time.

I saw a small news item on this in the Dallas Morning News and it said there were more deaths last year than in any year since the 1910's if I remember it correctly. It also said it was the deaths from opioids and suicide that put the numbers over the top.
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socal2 says
Chevy Bolt
The first time I saw this name I thought it was a joke on the Volt! Can't think of a more unflattering model description.
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socal2 says
horsepower and torque
Especially torque, which is really what people mean when they talk about horsepower.
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WillPowers says
Ken Starr investigation went after Clinton for his sex crimes
He didn't, it was for lying to Congress.
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‘We are in trouble.’ Global carbon emissions reached a new record high in 2018."
If this is the case, we might as well adopt the attitude of Clayton Williams who lost the governor's race against Ann Richards after his comment about rape: "if it's inevitable, you might as well just relax and enjoy it".
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Strategist says
But lazy asses
Are almost invariably young, healthy and able bodied. I still think society is divided into thirds: there's the third who get up every day and go to work, don't ask for anything special and do what they're supposed to do, don't call in sick when they're well. Then there's the third like this guy who couldn't work if he wanted to or are too old or mentally impaired who really do need state support. The remaining third do everything they can to work the system, know all the rules about Section 8 and how long it takes to be evicted if you don't pay your rent and on and on. I can promise you, virtually everyone falls into one of these categories.
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HeadSet says
Soviet Union, unemployed people
I didn't think anyone was unemployed in the Soviet Union.
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Really shows the idiocy of our society today! True, it's a dreary song from a dreary year (should be called "Baby It's Dull Inside" where you'd have ugly blonde furniture and tuneless music), but to ban it is beyond daft!
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Strategist says
I agree:
American people don't know the success of the communist countries, and the failures of America. All they think about is sports, vacations, buying cars, shopping, eating out, and living in comfortable homes. It's disgraceful.
That was my thought when I first heard the song "Little Boxes" written by Malvina Reynolds in 1962 for her Marxist friend Pete Seeger. It's a comical takedown of 1950's America with its huge Levittown style neighborhoods of almost identical houses and the culture that existed at that time. Of course, those houses were built for returning GI's who had defeated the Axis and were now building a successful society and raising their children. Probably what offended people like Seeger and Reynolds was that within those little boxes were people pursuing their own interests while using the new pastel colored appliances, enjoying their color TV and air-conditioners while a tri-color car with chrome and tail fins sat in the driveway. I wonder if anyone ever made a satirical song about the piles of Soviet Bloc housing where people lived in cramped circumstances, spied on by the state, had to walk or take what public transit offered and wait in queues for half a day at the state run store for a few bits of pottage.
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FortWayneIndiana says
That's where all this SJW bullshit comes from, rich kids who need to make up enemies
This was largely the makeup of the 1960's protesters, most were hugely wealthy. Diana Oughton, Billy Ayer's girl friend. blew herself and her two cohorts up in a New York brownstone in 1970 when a bomb they were making to set off at a Naval Reserve dance that night blew up in their faces. She was from a tremendously wealthy family and despised them all. It's no surprise that a year or so before this happened she was one of those who made the trek to Cuba to help harvest the sugar cane.
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They have no clear picture of what they want.
Retirement at 45 with full pay for life plus healthcare might be somewhere in the list of demands.
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Patrick says
Islam does not belong in the West at all.
As bad as both Nazism and Communism were, they at least existed within the western concepts that we could understand, the former justification of hatred based on race, the second justification of hatred based on class. No one in the west could understand a theocracy in which you were glorified by killing those who refused to knuckle under to your way of believing. No Nazi or Communist would commit suicide due to their beliefs, so Islam has been a far bloodier plague on humanity than either of those which were bloody enough in their own contexts.
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ThreeBays says
Democrats support social safety nets that

Goran_K says
Create a dependent population, trade votes for free stuff. Democrat 101.
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FortWayneIndiana says
every child
Today is at a minimum autistic or at least ADHD. Special Education is the big thing right now because it means more money for the schools, as if they weren't over-funded by about 50% already with all the layers of bureaucracy. Every lesson has to be tailor made for the Special Education student or the teacher and school can be sued if they're not successful. It's going to get to where if a school has 1,000 students, then it will need 1,000 teachers for each student so special is each individual need.
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"As the organization has made decisions deemed to be more inclusive, such as allowing openly gay scouts in 2013 and scoutmasters in 2015 as well as the 2018 decision to allow girls, membership has continued to decline sharply, from over 4 million members at its peak to a claimed 2.3 million members at present."

And no one could have anticipated this?
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FortWayneIndiana says
to instill gender studies bullshit onto their kids?
In China is was called Mao's Cultural Revolution and you had no choice on pain of death. We have our own version of the Red Gaurds in the PC police and believe me if they could kill you they would.
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"a private bank"

The horror!
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Heraclitusstudent says
Because they are in direct competition with people who are poor and hungry.
As in Venezuela?
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Strategist says
I think she is desperate to get laid
An hilarious example was on Judge Judy a couple of years ago. A black girl who lived with her boyfriend (surely the only one in existence who has ever done that) was outraged when she found out that he had posted nude photos of her online. However, she continued to live and sleep with him over the next few months until he did something else to offend her so she sued him for posting the photos. When Judge Judy asked her why she continued living with him after what he did (a legal concept known as condonation) she whined and sniveled. Judy interrupted her and began mocking her in the hilarious way only she can do, then dismissed her lawsuit with the parting words "You're dumb as dirt and got what you deserved".
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His book "The Strange Death of Europe" is excellent!
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Ceffer says
they are just stuffing the middle and working classes into a third world hellhole Waring blender.
And its inventor Fred Waring would not approve at all!

The Housing Trap
You're being set up to spend your life paying off a debt you don't need to take on, for a house that costs far more than it should. The conspirators are all around you, smiling to lure you in, carefully choosing their words and watching your reactions as they push your buttons, anxiously waiting for the moment when you sign the papers that will trap you and guarantee their payoff. Don't be just another victim of the housing market. Use this book to defend your freedom and defeat their schemes. You can win the game, but first you have to learn how to play it.
115 pages, $12.50

Kindle version available

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