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"The subtext is the collapse of the nuclear family, where the kids all have different last names, and there are no fathers anywhere to be found. Tragic."
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FortWayneIndiana says
also seen people who graduated High School, and couldn't do arithmetic well (i'm talking basic multiplication shit like 12x5)
The main reason my late friend retired in 2000 after teaching 28 years on the community college level. He taught business and basic accounting and during the last five years of his tenure, students coming out of high school with good grades couldn't do simple computations. That made their progress in accounting impossible. If he spent extra time getting them up to speed, the semester would be over and it just got to be not worth it. When his age and years of service added up to the required number, he threw in the towel. I don't imagine things have improved in the intervening 20 years, either.
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Patrick says
she's gotta go
and make America great again.
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A Night to Remember - 1958
The Spiral Staircase - 1944
The Haunting - 1963
Road House - 1946
The Magnificent Ambersons - 1941
The Red Tent - 1982
The Producers - 1967
Endurance - 1997
Psycho - 1960
Fargo - 1996
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rocketjoe79 says
But how can I leave out

Night of the Hunter - 1955
Signs - 1992
Rear Window - 1954
Vertigo - 1958
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - 1954

HeadSet says

No comedies like "Time Bandits?" No Marx Brothers?
The Cocoanuts - 1929
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d6rB says
I see that all the time in my classes
I think remediation is a huge thing in colleges today, used to be something like 40% of incoming freshmen, but may be higher by now.
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"The Tesla's battery reignited twice on Monday morning at a salvage yard where it was towed," Davie Fire Marshal Robert Taylor said.
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1. Better off! I get to watch SJW outrage on YouTube!
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At least we know what political party he belongs to.
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Tarantula says
The first purpose of government
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Kakistocracy says
to become a teacher
My mother (1902-1997) taught from 1924 to 1970 and her generation of teachers, although never highly paid, enjoyed as much respect and indeed status as any judge, lawyer, doctor or other professional person of that era. The entire society, students, parents, the legal system supported teachers in every way and never questioned their authority. They didn't have to worry about mentioning religious concepts in class, specifically Christian or Jewish, whether as a source of moral teaching or as an example of the greatest literature ever written. We had Bible readings followed by prayer over the PA system every morning in homeroom before we went to class and I never heard of anyone being hurt by them. Teachers of that era also never made fools of themselves in public and comported themselves with complete dignity. The sexual relationships with students that seem ubiquitous today would have never occurred to that generation of teachers as they had too much self-respect. And their expertise in their various fields was unquestioned. Lyle Skinner directed band at Waco High School from 1932 to 1965 and is still remembered as the greatest band leader of his generation. Three teachers who died young at the height of their success were Leta Spearman who directed WISD's music education department from 1939 to 1964, from a stroke in 1964; Muriel Eggbrecht, librarian and English teacher at Waco High from 1929 to 1960, from cancer, and Lucille Raley, head of WISD's libraries, in a car crash. The older grads still talk with admiration and fondness of these long ago teachers and that kind of status is priceless. I believe those teachers would always rank highly in any group. One of the most fondly remembered teachers, also from Waco High, was Miss Mattie Bess Coffield who taught speech from 1944 until her untimely death in 1962 from cancer at 48. She was renowned not only in Waco but in Texas among other speech teachers in high schools and colleges and always had a prominent role in any speech conventions. Here's former Governor Ann Richards's memory of her in the late 1940's:

- Gov. Ann Richards of Texas: "One of the best things that happened to me growing up was Mattie Bess Coffield's speech class, which I took during my freshman year at Waco High School. In Miss Coffield's class, I competed in extemporaneous speech, debate and acted in one-act plays. . . . Whenever I get nervous before a speech, I remember what Miss Coffield taught me: `Just visualize your audience as if they were all sitting there in their underwear"
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AD says
I would add a second underclass, unassimilated, undereducated, and antagonistic to our population. …

I don't know if this is sarcasm, but which one of these points hasn't already been implemented?
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HeadSet says
At that time, pay phones were everywhere and cost a quarter per call
And what was even more wonderful, you didn't see everyone chattering away on pay phones as they drove their cars.
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OccasionalCortex says
At least 60 women have joined the BirthStrike movement,
It's not likely these were the kind of women who were going to have children anyway, so it's no real loss.
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I thought Quentin Crisp was dead.
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"Simpson — who still has female reproductive organs — "

So, she's not a man. What's so special about giving birth?
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I have been wanting to read this! Another thing that has contributed to what he is talking about is that product of the Eisenhower administration, but what I've heard is exactly what would have come out of the Soviet Union, the Interstate Highway system. The damage those ribbons of concrete have done to inner cities is incalculable just so people can travel 75 MPH without stopping. The areas below those elevated highways are wastelands of destruction with their huge bollards of concrete and nothing else but the homeless and trash. All the neighborhoods around them were destroyed in the process. That's why it's so nice to take the old highways that go through the towns where you can slow down and see people and businesses and take a breather. Of course, in the early 20th century, many large cities adopted the elevated railways which probably didn't help their environment anymore with their clatter than the Interstates did.
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Ceffer says
73 is a ripe old age for what he put his body through
Edna St. Vincent Millay said:

I burn my candle at both ends,
It cannot last the night;
Ah, but it makes a lovely light.
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Ceffer says
"I said I wanted one big one, not two dinkies!"
I've heard of twin-peckered owls, but not this!
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If you think things are so bad under Trump, what do you think it would be like now under Hillary, whose mentor was Saul-Patron Saint of Losers-Alinsky?
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Your self absorption
Who's self-absorbed?
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Working for & taking orders from someone else is not in my rithmetic
Well aren't we just lah de dah!
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Goran_K says
Neither of them is communicating and find out that they're stalling badly 3,000 feet above the ocean, falling at 100 feet per second.
I watched one of the minute by minute documentaries about this crash and it gives you cold chills to think what is about to happen. The captain, who was asleep, comes into the cockpit completely unaware of what's going on and unable to do anything to avoid the disaster--the modern equivalent of Capt. E. J. Smith 100 years earlier.
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Hugolas_Madurez says
making it much easier to involuntary commit a nutter into a mental institution.
Leave it to democrats to give us two of the most destructive pieces of legislation of which they didn't have to suffer any consequences:

JFK - 10/31/63 The Community Mental Health Act

RFK - Immigration Act of 1965
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Patrick says
But because such killings and attacks are so utterly common and routine,
Reminds me of the bombings in New York city in the mid-1970's. They became so routine the stories would be buried on the fifth or sixth pages--virtually all disenchanted SLA type leftist groups if not them in particular because they got fire-bombed in 1976 or 1977. In many of them no one was hurt--I remember one in which a bomb went off in an upstairs restroom in a police department that caused some embarrassment on the part of someone using the facilities, but no fatality. The worst one was the bombing of Fraunces' Tavern, dating back to the 1700s, by Puerto Rican Nationals in 1975 which killed four and injured 50.
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I know it's horrible to say, but when I heard about it I thought, well, isn't turnabout fair play every once in awhile? What else do they expect?
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Elgatouno says
This comes from the playbook of Saul-Patron Saint of Losers-Alinsky. And she does have those crazy, starring eyes.
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This is not surprising today, that an elite sides with the ones who hate their own society.
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"Amazing that the Australian PM chooses to defend someone who attacked a man from behind. Will he also defend one who may attack him from behind? Dangerous precedent to set there. Tell people it’s alright to attack someone if you disagree with them and in the same breath, tell others they have no right to defend themselves or they are at fault."
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Of course the next thing is what is the retaliation going to be? It will easily match or exceed what was done to them. Probably a large, fully occupied public building, church, theater, synagogue especially, will be destroyed.
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Good to see it--the first purpose of government.

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There was a documentary last year that proposed H. H. Holmes was Jack the Ripper before coming to America in the early 1890's. There would be breathless speculation leading up to whatever revelation was supposed to come, but of course nothing ever came of it.
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Horrors! A financial interest!
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Expat01 says
filled with hatred and vitriol for years
This is the Saul-Patron Saint of Losers-Alinsky inspired description of any opinion that differs from that of the far left. A recreation of Mao's Cultural Revolution complete with its Red Guard enforcers.
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marcus says
The word young gets the red you
So does Youtube--any word with you in it.
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I kept expecting the piano to go through the window!
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Automan Empire says
I was totally watching that piano too
After watching a couple of times, I think it is anchored into the flooring--it could do too much damage if it ever got loose.
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MrMagic says
Dallas-area woman was mauled to death by her two pit bull terriers
This is the one I read about this afternoon and was going to post. The owners are just obtuse about their tendency to be violent no matter how many of these stores we read. Never hear of a cocker spaniel or collie doing something like this. In most cases they are an extension of the owner's anti-social personality, but occasionally decent people get them too.
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Patrick says
All adult men are required to have a military grade gun at home.
David Hogg would not be amused.
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FortWayneIndiana says
Russians are dying by alcohol.
This was recognized and celebrated over 90 years ago:

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