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They'll take back your "education". So there!
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Who cares what their policies are. I bought one Sunday at the location close to Baylor. Just got the basic patty and sauce with grilled onion and added a tomato for $2.65, was very good.
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WookieMan says
The crime is/was bad for sure
Kind of like John Lindsay Lite.
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Random comment:

"I feel bad for anyone who loses a child.... but I have a real disdain for anyone who uses people in mourning as a tool to advance a narrative!"
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Those that believe in religion.
Clearly those two didn't.
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A tragedy indeed. Fifth Third Bank! Can you make a name up like this?
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"Yes, dealing with people with what might be called chronic poverty syndrome is better left to those who are equipped. Raise the money, and find someone to be responsible for it. It's extremely hard to tell the career needy (those who are just working the system) from someone who has specifiable difficulties that focused help will conquer."
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MisterLefty says
More aging baby boomers turning to pot
Did they ever leave it?
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A lot of it the fault of the owner. Can't believe someone who can own a home that expensive, even if it is in SF and property values are high, not having any more control over the situation such as regular cleanings as part of the rental agreement.
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Not very serene...
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mell says
John McEnroe I watched where he lost points or games for misbehaving
Before the 70's, tennis had been the game of gentlemen and good behavior. With all the other cultural meltdowns in the 1970's, tennis could hardly have been left alone, so we had the antics of such people as McEnroe and Ille "Nasty" Nastase and it's been downhill ever since. It was a far cry from the world of "Big Bill" Tilden who was the world champion from 1923 to 1927. Everyone thought it was also nice that he was always surrounded by young boys who he was coaching and taking for weekend trips in his red Marmon. It wasn't revealed until the 1940's when he was in his 50's that he had actually been a pedophile for years. The second time he was caught, in 1946, he was sentenced to hard labor for five years. He was released and in 1953 while he was tutoring a 15 year old boy, he died of a heart attack while planning to take him to a training camp.
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It's all just a big misunderstanding on the part of Christians which is the problem. Why, they're even having a dialogue at a Christian church over three weeks right here in Waco and after that I'm sure everything will be cleared up--I like how they refer to it as "reformed" Christianity: https://www.wacotrib.com/news/religion/first-presbyterian-sunday-services-to-feature-dialogues-between-christians-muslims/article_5b9021c1-8a24-5c80-b0a7-aa4f5407ba63.html
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CBOEtrader says
Women have their own leagues so as to allow them a chance for competition
I thought they were the complete equal to men. The match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs in 1973 when King was 29 and Riggs was 55 was a joke. It was more like a younger man playing an older man--King was later revealed to be one of the most promiscuous dykes in the league. Was living with her lover, supporting the whole family and had bought them a home. If a man had done that with a woman it would have been a scandal. Marina Navratilova turned out to be a big proselytizer for LBGTQ. Probably the most normal tennis champion would have been Helen Wills (1905-1998). She didn't grandstand, played against men to hone her skills, something no self-respecting feminist would do today. Charlie Chaplin was once asked what he considered to be the most beautiful sight that he had ever seen. He responded that it was "the movement of Helen Wills playing tennis."
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FortWayne says
It’s racist to caricature black people, and not white people?
It's hilarious and nothing racist about it. It's a caricature of (not) Serena that is perfectly representative of what happened and how she looks. The crowd booed Osaka when she won and officials treated her like dirt because she spoiled the narrative that Serena deserved to win because she's black. They should apologize to Osaka.
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Ceffer says
No society 'embraces' homosexuality because homosexuality is in every human population and society. It's there whether it is 'embraced' or no
That's true, but it can be "embraced" by the process of what Daniel Patrick Moynihan described as "defining deviancy down": "Defining Deviancy Down (DDD) was an expression coined by the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan in 1993. Moynihan based his phrase on the theory of Emile Durkheim that there is a limit to the bad behavior that a society can tolerate before it has to start lowering its standards. In ’93, the senator applied his slogan to the “moral deregulation” that had eroded families, increased crime, and produced the mentally ill “homeless” population."

This principle was also applied in the 1970's when the American Psychological Association under tremendous political pressure from the gay lobby removed homosexuality as a disorder.
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Ceffer says
Deviance carries some baggage in terms of pejorative implications based on subjective reaction.
And deservedly so. I can tell you for sure that our parents and grandparents wouldn't have had any trouble calling it deviant. But that's not the point, it comes from the larger sphere of the cultural Marxists wanting to remake society in its own image. And here again I bring on David Horowitz and his explanation of how ideology resulted in the AIDS epidemic:

"Who but a sexual radical would have failed to realize in 1969, the year of "Gay Liberation," that promiscuous anal sex, conducted with strangers, was unsanitary and dangerous and a threat to public health? Yet, gay liberation was so defined, that sex was transformative and challenged the heterosexual and monogamous norms of the Judaeo-Christian culture. Gay activists rejected the idea of integration into a normal functioning civil order, and instead maintained a defiant promiscuity in order to overthrow bourgeois morals and sexual restraints and, consequently, bourgeois standards of public hygiene."

Here's the complete text:

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Ceffer says
AIDS originated and spread quite effectively in African heterosexual societies.
This is always brought up, the straight AIDS in Africa. The virus doesn't observe sexual orientation, all it knows is environment for it to propagate. It would have remained dormant indefinitely unless people began having large numbers of partners which greatly increased the chances of infection. The same high levels of promiscuity in this country among the gay male population were the same in Africa that existed among heterosexual men who left their villages for higher paying jobs in cities and encountered prostitutes since they no longer had access to their wives. There is also a huge stigma against homosexuality in Africa and indeed among the black population in general and few AIDS cases in Africa were going to be acknowledged as coming from male on male sexual activity.

Ceffer says
Is there any such thing as 'clean' sex?

Ceffer says
Go to any of the ubiquitous porno sites

In these cases, probably not.
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dr6B says
Larry Craig etcetera
Right out of cultural Marxism and Saul--patron saint of losers--Alinsky.
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Ceffer says
In 1969, ALL sex was open season whether gay or hetero
Upper class people and members of the social elite began emulating the behaviors of what we used to call "low class" or "trash", and why 50 years later we have a monolith of social service bureaucracies that on the surface would seem to be a benevolence but are in reality society's efforts to corral the chaos caused by these behaviors. The lower class didn't emulate up, rather the upper classes emulated down.
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Why not the head or heart?
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A friend going to Baylor in 1967 wanted to major in piano, in which he makes his living in Germany today, but his father refused to pay tuition for something he considered worthless. He transferred to the University of Texas in Austin where up until the year before tuition was covered by the state if you were a resident. Sadly, he had to pay the $50 tuition for his first year at UT.
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Saw this first hand in the 1990's. A friend who was an organist and organ builder had always had a fascination with and desire to drive an 18 wheeler. Went to a two week school in July 1995 and got his license. Got a job driving a refrigerated truck for Zero Transportation out of San Antonio and went on the road, just loved it. In 1997 the new was beginning to wear off of being away from home all the time, then the company was sold. The purchasing company said sure he could keep his job, but he had to buy the truck for $30K and pay all his expenses. He was ready to quit by that time and went back into the organ building business after satisfying his urge. I'm sure that put a lot of his fellow truckers who didn't have his back-up talents in that company in a bad situation, but that was the beginning of that kind of thing.
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curious2 says
A 4-year-old boy was mauled to death by the family dog
That's why I continue to worry about my neighbors who bought a big Pit Bull as a rescue a couple of years ago. She weighs about 75-100 lbs. and is as sweet as she can be. They boarded her for a day while they took a day trip to Dallas. When they came back the kennel owner told them another dog had tried to play with her and she bit back, wouldn't let go until they forced her to--she's now banned from that kennel and they had to find another, more expensive facility. Her husband works at night and she's alone with the dog and if she ever got a notion, Lisa would never be able to defend herself. I don't understand the mania for rescues or why they can't rescue a Cocker Spaniel or Dachund or some other kind of normal dog, why a big Pit Bull. This should put them on notice.
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This is a good example of fake outrage. People today enjoy being given an opportunity to be offended so I don't understand what all the hullabaloo is about. It's also an example of mass hysteria.
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komputodo says
Isn't anyone calling for a boycott of home depot?
Boycott Home Depot!
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I think it should be embarrassing on the part of the Democrats that this is the only thing they could dredge up. Everyone knows that it was held 'till the last minute desperation tactic. In the first place, who in the hell cares what a 17 year old high school kid did. By all accounts, Randy Kraft and Ted Bundy were exemplary as high school students.
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The New York Post reports that Anne Hathaway received the “National Equality Award”

I'll bet that's right up there with the Order of Lenin.
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HeadSet says
racism exists
It's endemic to humanity just like greed, envy, lust or any of the other bad qualities. Any member of a minority who claims their particular tribe can't be racist because of this or that reason is just fooling themselves.
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jazz_music says
The street can be a trap where the bottom keeps getting pulled out from under you. And they keep ripping you off over and over.
Some things never seem to change. It seems to be worse today, but every generation has these people. How were people down and out in prosperous, booming 1956 America when anyone could get a job whether they had a college education or not? Alcohol was their drug of choice--this is an excerpt from an hour long documentary on The Bowery in 1956 and most of these people have their counterparts today. I'm sure some where veterans of the war, but some look old enough to have been young in the prosperous 1920's. If they weathered the Depression, they got jobs in defense industry, so I don't know how life could have gone so wrong with them except for personal failings:
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marcus says
It started long before Reagan as we had legions of the homeless in streets of the large cities by the mid 1970's. It was JFK's last piece of legislation, The Community Mental Health Act, signed on 10/31/63 that began releasing patients from state run mental hospitals and the takeover of mental health by the federal government--not strictly part of The Great Society, but embodying the idea of the time that the federal government could solve every problem of human existence. There were supposed to be group homes for these people where they would be supervised, but they never materialized. Additional laws in the 70's made it impossible to commit mentally ill people without their consent, so they wound up living on the streets. That's why law enforcement are usually the first people in authority to encounter these people and do something about them. Today nearly 10% of jail inmates are mentally ill while 50-60 years ago it was something like 1%.

krc says
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Propagandized the idea put forth by its author Ken Kesey that mentally ill people are no different from normal people, they just have a different way of viewing their own reality and shouldn't be condemned or institutionalized for it. If that's the case, then I'd suggest letting the mentally ill homeless have their way and live they way they please since it seems to work for them. Who's to say our way of living in a comfortable home and sleeping in a nice bed at night is any better?
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What everyone seems to miss is if that's all they can get against him, something he supposedly did at 17, so what? It's not like he made it his life's avocation, brutalizing women. Everyone tries to make an analogy between Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill. Thomas was an adult college graduate, I think already a lawyer, when he was supposed to have made inappropriate advances to Hill--yet Hill was so offended and frightened she followed him when he left one office to work in another just to be sure he was as bad as she thought. Can you imagine what the Kennedy boys did to girls when they were 16, 17? How many young women they fondled and raped. How many had to have abortions? One of the grandsons killed his cousin in 1975 in her own yard and it took 30 years to solve the case. Letting Mary Jo drown didn't have any effect on Brain Tumor Ted except to get him re-elected umpteen times--at least he was denied the White House. It's so double standard ridiculous only the left could come up with it.
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clambo says
1. Disturbed females frequently claim they were abused
A few years back, maybe in the 80's and 90's, the big thing was "recovered memory", when scores of women approaching middle age all of a sudden remembered being molested by a parent as a child. This also dovetailed with the McMartin and Amirault child care scandals when prosecutors took childrens' stories of being abducted by clowns from outer space seriously and ruined countless lives before it was all revealed as a case of mass hysteria. I've heard this kind of thing described as a moral panic which occurs in a society when it has destroyed all boundaries of what is right and wrong between the sexes and turns a blind eye towards what used to be stigmatized and taboo behaviors that were damaging to society but of great embarrassment to the particular person.
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Heraclitusstudent says
If she happens to be transgendered and communist, she wins a medal
And most significantly that medal is the Order of Lenin.
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LastMan says
they are also increasingly unwilling to live near each other, be friends, or get married to members of the other group.
Well that's the effect harping on "diversity" from the media/opinion makers/HR representatives in all the companies since probably the early 90's will have on a society. Diversity by definition obsesses on differences instead of commonalities, so it should be no surprise that people start separating themselves into like-minded groups, or as David Horowitz describes it in one of his books "society splintered into a galaxy of special interest groups all clamoring for their own special pleadings."
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How often do you see black people on the back side of a convenience store with the customers being middle eastern or Asian? Probably not too often, but there's no reason why they couldn't.
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Can you imagine what the inside of her house looks like, or her car?
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Patrick says
Poland benefits tremendously from its lack of "diversity".
And adherence to its Catholic faith.
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jazz_music says
I am lacking prejudicial notions on the subject.
What's "prejudicial" when you see how she acts in public? I can only imagine how she acts in private? People like this aren't paragons of cleanliness.
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Ceffer says
Otherwise, it's a round robin rinse and repeat cycle without any real effect
They're victims of what I call the terrible Re twins--Rehab and Relapse.

The Housing Trap
You're being set up to spend your life paying off a debt you don't need to take on, for a house that costs far more than it should. The conspirators are all around you, smiling to lure you in, carefully choosing their words and watching your reactions as they push your buttons, anxiously waiting for the moment when you sign the papers that will trap you and guarantee their payoff. Don't be just another victim of the housing market. Use this book to defend your freedom and defeat their schemes. You can win the game, but first you have to learn how to play it.
115 pages, $12.50

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