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somecrappynumber says
What other tribes are there which I am missing?
No evidence he was a Christian.
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Tenpoundbass says
It's DISGUSTING The pathetic chirpin Gerbil titmouse the Liberals have made every community they touched
Reminds me of the comment I read about a recent book The Welfare Trait:

Format: Paperback
"Thus far, I've only reviewed awful books on Amazon. I'm making an exception with this review.

Adam Perkins' The Welfare Trait draws on a substantial body of research in making the case that state benefits can affect the personalities of their recipients. Specifically, those living on the dole are at risk of developing an "employment-resistant personality profile," i.e. becoming low in conscientiousness and agreeableness. This is possible in part because personality traits are substantially less heritable than many other behavioral traits, e.g. IQ (a finding of which I'm suspicious, but Perkins amasses an impressive array of evidence in defense of the point, so I won't dwell on the issue). Under the spell of egalitarian delusions, leftist zealots have long maintained that it is only the evil activities of white male demons that relegate certain segments of human societies to unemployment, poverty, and misery. Thus leftist largesse -- which is forcibly extracted from the productive classes that are overwhelmingly composed of those same infernal whites -- couldn't possibly contribute to the problem . . . right? Well, as it turns out, and to the surprise of no reasonable person, the poor are generally stupid, shiftless, short-termist, and lacking in conscientiousness and agreeableness. In contrast to Perkins, I believe that the genetic factors underlying these behavioral characteristics of the poor are mostly to blame for their sorry life outcomes. It is in spite, and minorly because, of the overly generous assistance of white men that the poor remain in squalor; fantasies of white racism and exploitation destroying the lowly types in our midst have no basis in reality. Perkins makes it quite clear that welfare probably exacerbates the miserable lot of the destitute, however, and, contrary to hysterical leftist hacks like Jonathan Portes, who has relentlessly and ineptly criticized Perkins' book, government assistance may worsen matters for future generations insofar as it encourages procreation among those lowest on the social scale.

Perkins' argument is so consistently solid and empirically rigorous that any critique would amount to carping. There are simply too many studies supportive of his thesis, the vast majority of which Perkins had no involvement in, for leftists to reasonably dismiss the theory as the ravings of one right-wing devil. Unfortunately, reason does not restrict the behavior of leftists, and Perkins has been psychotically maligned despite the excellence of his scholarship. Western populations resist the truth at their peril. For their generosity to the poor and refusal to heed men like Perkins, their descendants will inherit a future of chaos and suffering."
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I have new neighbors here in Waco, in their late 50's, they moved from Las Vegas, she's a retired teacher and he worked security at Harrah's Casino--he's already been hired onto the security force at Baylor, went to his swearing in ceremony a week ago. He's currently working the night shift which I'm sure they have new hires take the less desirable times, but I'll be interested to hear his take on this when I get to talk to him. Just had a week's visit from her friend, another retired teacher--they've determined none of their friends or family were killed or hurt, but she said they're thankful they weren't there when this happened, especially considering her husband's former job.
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jvolstad says
My first set of wheels.
On a site on Facebook called Malaise Motors about cars from 1972 to 1995, someone posted a thread called How Did This Become This and the first This was a '67 Chevrolet while the second This was a stumpy modern Chevrolet Impala. For some reason, '67 seems to be the high point of automotive design--clean lines and great proportions along with power trains, accessories and air-conditioning systems developed to perfection, then all went downhill once government regs and gas mileage mandates came into effect. '67 is actually the first year for a few minor safety changes over '66, but for the most part everything is much as in '66. I've always thought the '67 Buick Wildcat was one of the most gorgeous designs ever:

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Another thing that makes them so ugly is a lack of color. Even in the recession 1970's, there was still a nice palette available--here are paint chips for the 1977 Mercury Marquis:

Here are "colors" for the 2017 Honda--"polished metal" or "modern steel" for example:

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anonymous says
One has to pony up a lot of cash to get that sweet pillar-less coupe look nowadays.
And as pointed out in posts 13 and 14, government regulations would preclude the beautiful elements of the '67 design--the "C" pillar wouldn't survive a rollover and having no "B" pillar again reduces roof strength. The solution is to not roll over.
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It doesn't take much to make people cry today.
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bob2356 says
Any serious student of history or economics knows that American exceptionalism is a myth.
Then why was it not like this for so long? It seems like the Tower shooting at the UT of Texas in 1966, which killed "only" 18 but was simply unimaginable at the time, kind of brackets a 50 year period of social and cultural decline in which hard drugs entered society, all kinds of institutions and traditions were thrown away like so much garbage--marriage, stable families, religious observance in the Judeo-Christian traditions, the idea of self-restraint and self-control came to be seen as so much foolishness.
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jazz_music says
Was first out of the factory in 1946 with an all new, modern looking model when other brands force-fed the highest priced warmed over '42 models to a car-starved public until about 1949 or 50.

These confused me when they were new, I thought they were some kind of sports car they looked so unlike anything else in the 50's:

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"Who should attend this conference?"

All the unhappy Marxists.
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NoYes says
Game of Thugs
Whatever it takes to win football games. Just ask Baylor.
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joshuatrio says
3) White men are pussies out here
Lots of grey ponytails?
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Ceffer says
they would leave spontaneously and go wherever they could to obtain those things
Portland or Seattle?
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HEY YOU says
Women,Blacks,Illegals,Muslims/ISIS,The Poor have never held a majority in govt.
And let's hope they never do.
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HEY YOU says
Deny it and it doesn't exist
Philosophy of the atheists.
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Lee Harvey Oswald
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A motel or hotel room is so much more comfortable than treking out into the desert, I'll never understand the attraction.
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rpanic01 says
Yes a person with HIV can take a pill for the rest of their life
What a heart-warming consolation!
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Just what most Americans need, more data.
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Patrick says
When people rhapsodize about communism, this is what I want to know: where are communism's T-Birds, Rivieras, Wildcats, Chrysler 300's, everyday Chevrolets and Fords, "a car for every purse and purpose" as Alfred P. Sloan expressed it, that capitalism can churn out by the millions and are so ubiquitous they're taken for granted? Who cares about dialectical materialism when the lumpenproletariat can buy an inexpensive convertible on the used car lot and let the top down.
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Rew says
His voting base is also much more upper class, middle class, and far less working class than is typically relayed.
Actually his voting base is upper and middle class precisely because they value hard work and deferred gratification and adhere to what used to be revered in this country, the protestant work ethic, which values production over consumption, having children within monogomous marriage, frugality and religious observance in the Christian and Jewish traditions, which of course are despised by the majority on the left.
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joeyjojojunior says
Republicans have had a huge advantage with almost all organized religion and big business in their corner. They have a political rally every Sunday, 52 weeks/year from a tax exempt "institution", and a non-stop propaganda war from limitless pocketed businesses.
Sounds like a plan!
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"Stephen Wade ยท Consultant at Independent Educational Consultant
"...fretting that 'curricula emphasizing terms like Pythagorean theorem and pi perpetuate a perception that mathematics was largely developed by Greeks and other Europeans.'"

"IT WAS! DEAL WITH IT! You can't ignore the history of accomplishment simply because you don't like the skin color of the achievers! The truth is: People with white skin brought about a disproportionate amount of discovery and invention - and it wasn't because of their skin color, but because of the culture in which they worked. That's just the record of history. There's nothing intrinsically racist, sexist or homophobic about pointing that out."
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PCGyver says
audit the defense department
Defense is the first order of government, but I'm sure there is waste there just as in any bureauracracy.
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joeyjojojunior says
if you looked around and thought about what the government does, you might feel differently.
If you looked around and saw what private business does you'd be more surprised at what good it does.
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zzyzzx says

Is "fucking" in this use an adjective or verb or both?
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Strategist says
All thanks to the tight mortgage requirements
Which would have been considered normal requirements in any other normal time--you had to actually have enough money to pay for the house you wanted. In the late 60's a teacher friend of my mother and her husband applied for a mortgage and as part of the application they had to take physicals--it was lucky for them because she was found to be in the early stages of breast cancer. It was cured, they got the house and she lived into her early 90's.
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TwoScoopsMcGee says
William Blythe or Joshua Slocumbs
Something like this would have never happened to two men.
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Strategist says
Lucky bastard.
JimmyZ, Windermere, United States, 8 minutes ago
"That kind of treatment is horrible. This normally cost me a 20. I'm disgusted this man got it for free."
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WookieMan says
I just don't get this irrational pricing or at least that's the appearance from my untrained eye
"It's different this time"
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Tenpoundbass says
"Useful Idiots".
Dean Reed--a good example. Most people never even heard of him, but he was a 50's vintage Rock 'n Roller who became infatuated with Marxism and moved to Russia and was useful to them until he wasn't and then they killed him in the late 80's.
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Sniper says
How many people base their purchase decisions based on how much they can deduct from their taxes?
Some people never know when they're lucky. My friend's older brother married in 1965 and rented a small garage apartment. Then his maternal grandmother had to go into the nursing home about 1967 so his mother let them live in her home if they'd pay the rent and taxes. After a year or so of doing neither, she just gave them the house. They still live there, have added a two-car attached garage, a bedroom and bathroom and finished out the attic for living space, but Grace has complained all these years because they didn't have a nice tax refund every year like their best friends--no, but they got a free house.
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Sniper says
Wondering why his name hasn't been released yet
Devin Patrick Kelley, 26, of New Braunfels, Texas.

jazz_music says
Christians are becoming the counterpart of the Jews in 1930's Germany
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Patrick says
June: Bernie Bro shoots Congressmen at baseball practice
Sept: Refugee shoots church attendees in Tennessee
Oct: Registered Dem kills 60 at country music concert
Nov: Atheist kills 27 attending Baptist Church
There does seem to be a pattern.
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Goran_K says
Kennedy also HATED commies
As did most of the Old Left of his generation--that's why the New Left hated them.

Goran_K says
Kennedy himself considered abortion an abomination and was anti-abortion his entire political career.
As did most Catholics and people who took their religious beliefs seriously.

Goran_K says
"Ask not what your country can do for you...."
That was really turned on its head during the 50 years after his presidency--it became the norm to invent ever new ways for the government to do things for you.

Goran_K says
He saw welfare as "prolonged dependency"
Exactly what it has proven to be.
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HEY YOU says
How many miles of socialist highway have been built
Capitalism built our highways. They're called infrastructure.
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"Both mistrust of scientists and other "experts" and mistrust of the mass media"

Who were 100% sure Hillary would win.
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FortWayne says
Talk about local charm
That little dog looks like it's got a service dog sweater on. That's all the rage now so people can take their pets into restaurants and libraries. I doubt if the dog does him much good, though.