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Excerpt from one of the funnier comments:


"And, if “Professor Dumpster ™” aka Professor Jeff Wilson wasn’t trying so utterly, completely, epically HARD to be Tragically Hip, I’d give him at least passing credit for attempting something “Radical.”

Let’s do a check list of Professor Hipster’s wardrobe:

1) Indiana Jones Fedora Hat. Check!
2) Buddy Holly Glasses. 20/20 Check-Check!!
3) Bow Tie. Triple Check!
4) Plaid Shirt. Check! and Hipster Approved Check!
5) Wacky Golf Pants. Check! and Grandpa Approved Check!
6) Wackier Wackadoodle Socks. Check to the 6th Degree of Check-dom!
7) Earth Friendly Shoes. Final Check off of Classic Hipster Wardrobe, Check!"
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Strategist says
homeopathy, herbal, witch doctor,
"They’re also into outright unproven and disproven mumbo-jumbo, including homeopathy." There was a recent obit in the Dallas Morning News about a man in his early 50's who about 20 years took up the cause of homeopathy to the nth degree and I couldn't help but wonder if he used his own "medicine".
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NuttBoxer says
I think we're moving away from
first world status.
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errc says
and antibiotics don't treat viral infection
That's a waste of antibiotics but it doesn't make then less effective towards their proper targets, bacterial infections when used properly.
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Goran_K says
Wtf is going on?
Mass hysteria. It's kind of like the witch hunts of the 1600's.
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"This article originally appeared on HuffPost":

Does that surprise anyone?
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RAPE says
Opponents of human exceptionalism work overtime to normalize or OK behavior long deemed inherently wrong
Christopher Hitchens was a great proponent this idea--he considered people simply mammalian.

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Sniper says
A shark eats it's own, how fitting!
I have noticed that there is a surfeit of ill will coming from many quarters of Patnet of recent times but I can't for the life of me understand what this person represents that would be so deserving of such nastiness--I'm sure her loved ones and friends have taken this very hard.
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I also wonder why people want to swim in areas like that, too. Just like I don't have any interest in going into the forests where I might encounter a bear or other predator.
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Heraclitusstudent says
a random human on the sidewalk are way higher than by a shark while swimming in the Caribbeans, or a bear in the forest.
That's probably true, too, but I just don't like the ocean or forests--I like to commune with central heat and indoor plumbing.
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Tenpoundbass says
Why is the Resist movement
And what are they "resisting"?
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"That’s just how it is with me. I’m not putting my body at risk, i don’t know what they do in their private lives."

Hate to break it to her, but if you're a porn star, you're putting your body at risk gay or straight.

Tenpoundbass says
I had no Fucking idea at all, they would grow up and get in education
What else did you expect them to do? It's not like they're going to become a Cadillac or Chevy dealer.
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FP says
How do they do it?
They probably don't.
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anon_eb65b says
The only thing to believe in is something in which one has no proof.

and there can be only one (that is correct)
Jesus Christ
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Strategist says
Isn't he due back for a visit? Taking awful long
As He likes to remind us, one day to Him is as of 1,000 years.
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anonymous says
If We Could Get Some Republican Politicians Who Have Not Been Accused Of Sexual Predation, That Would Be Really Great
If We Could Get Some Politicians Who Have Not Been Accused Of Sexual Predation, That Would Be Really Great
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Strategist says
You are free to hate anyone you want, but you are not free to discriminate
Unless you're a Muslim, by whose six bakeries they drove on that trip.

Strategist says
secular values of equality
Nothing is going to make people equal unless you live in Venezuela.
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anon_8f378 says
protected classes.
Has nothing to do with discrimination. These cultural Marxists are the modern day equivalent of Mao's Red Guards who hunt down people who won't knuckle under to the party line. If they could get away with it, I don't doubt that they would kill the baker. They know better than to fool with Muslims because they'll blow them up. Protected classes indeed--sounds like something out of Soviet Russia.
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anonymous says
The system’s value is entirely based on perception
Much like Enron?
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Guess you missed the cost to the electrical system to run the Bitponzi.
That was the other point that story in the WSJ made, besides the huge server farms that will be objectionable to environmentalists, is the huge amount of electricity consumed.
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white Christianity
Is the counterpart today of Germany's Jews in the 1930's.
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Interesting story. I've heard that 30 years is about the average useful life for most ships and it was getting close to 50.
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anonymous says
Andrew Castleby, 36, Poet, Milwaukee, WI, Annual Income – $9,736
anonymous says
Bill and Jennifer Eddingson, 47 and 51, small business owners, Knoxville, TN, Annual Household Income $600,000 (Estimated Tax Savings $21,240)
Maybe Mr. Castleby is in the wrong profession?
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Somewhat similar 12 years later:

"The deaths of 44 people sparked a public outcry, and 12 employees of the city and the building contractor were indicted on various charges. All were acquitted—this was Curley’s Boston, after all. Building code reforms stalled, and in the end, nothing really came of it. But stories of lax inspection and shoddy workmanship would all be heard again, 17 years later, when the Cocoanut Grove burned."
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anon_0c71f says
Don’t know much about dogs, but aren’t we humans larger and can probably take a dog out easily in hand to hand combat?
Satoshi_Nakamoto says
Dangerous misconception.
I have new neighbors with whom I've become friends, a retired teacher and her husband who worked security for Harrah's in Las Vegas and is now employed in security at Baylor. They have a large female pit bull, Coco, who is sweet as she can be. As is typical today, she is a rescue so they presumably have no real information about her earlier life. They have me over for dinner periodically and she is relegated to the back part of the house. They're going on a five or six day trip right after the first of the year and leave her in charge of a house-sitter. From what I've read, pits are very high energy dogs which need a lot of interaction with people or other dogs to dispel the pent-up energy. They don't do well when caged or in solitary circumstances for long periods of time. My fear is that on a day, even as sweet as she seems most of the time, she may turn on either of her owners or a sitter, neither of whom will be able to defend themselves against such a large animal. Whatever happened to people owning cocker spaniels or collies whose natures seem so much more docile? I think having a rescue dog today has become kind of a virtue signal as they call it.
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It was the same way with homelessness under Reagan--the drumbeat never stopped, Mitch Snyder was the poster boy for the homeless until he hung himself in despair in 1990.

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Onvacation says
That says it all. Why wouldn't it be #science?
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Somewhere I read, but can't remember where, that people born in the warm months are longer lived than those born in the coldest months. Don't know what would account for that either.
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"because their pensions were 401(k)s. These are individualized pensions with high fees. People don’t understand the risks they take, they do not share risks over generations."

The typical number when these things first started replacing defined benefit pensions in the early 90's were maybe four--to the average employee who knows nothing about investments vs. pension fund managers who work in it every day of their lives it was like all of a sudden handing a scalpel to a person who needed heart surgery and telling them to do it themselves. The company would always say now it's your responsibility to make good choices and blah blah blah. The risk was all on the employee. Sure, the stock market may ultimately win over a 40 or 50 year period, but most retirements are a 15-20 year window where the person is at the mercy of the market. A person retiring in 1967 would be out of luck during the inflation and stock market carnage of the 1970's. They would be in their 80's by the time there was a turnaround. I've heard the number 40% of what securities lost between about 1968 and 1983.
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anon_1bd09 says
4. It is warming but there's nothing we can do about it so why worry?
What difference does it make as long as you have air-conditioning?
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"Drug companies also try to woo physicians with gifts. Some companies host fancy dinners, and others sponsor conferences and junkets."

It's a common thing for the closest relatives of physicians to be addicted. My friend's father was the only doctor in their small town from 1934 to 1968 and was always receiving samples, which he took home to his family--his wife became hooked on Valium. After he died very unexpectedly in 1968, her life fell apart. For all practical purposes, she spent the remaining 15 years of her life in bed, taking three Valium a day. None of the nearby physicians would subscribe for her, so every month her son had to take her to a physician in a small town 130 miles away to get her month's supply--not surprisingly, he takes it too, 50 years later in his 70's.
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anon_08dee says
The authors categorized male participants who said others describe them as “very feminine” or “mostly feminine,” and female respondents who said others describe them as “very masculine” or “mostly masculine” as “highly gender nonconforming,” while those youth who responded “equally feminine and masculine”
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
The minimum age for obtaining general pension will be increased gradually from 61 years
Cruel and unusual punishment--they've been working those Swedes to the bone!
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BorderPatrol says
If people with money want to kill themselves with drugs
Overall, it's a net gain for society when people like this off themselves.
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Quigley says
The trial will not be lengthy...
But the lawsuit will be.
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BlueSardine says
a third party must be present in these types of situations
Common practice with physician and patient when there are opposite sexes involved.
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curious2 says
Marseille is ~20% Muslim.
Here we go again:

"After reaching 20% expect hair-trigger rioting, jihad militia formations, sporadic killings and church and synagogue burning: Ethiopia Muslim 32.8% At 40% you will find widespread massacres, chronic terror attacks and ongoing militia warfare: Bosnia Muslim 40% Chad Muslim 53.1% Lebanon Muslim 59.7%"
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anon_2925a says
(with their vast range of issues)
The only significant "issue" is 20% Muslim.
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Satoshi_Nakamoto says
where anything "racial" is even mentioned
Or courses with "studies" in their name.

The Housing Trap
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