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bob2356 says
Hong Kong is leasehold. PRC owns all the land. There is no tax on the rent on the land. Why would china tax itself? That makes zero sense.

Lol, you're agreeing with me! PRC owns the land, so you cannot profit from simply owning land. The profits from mere ownership of land go to the government. You have to do something useful with the land, not simply own it, to make a profit in China. The system we have in the US is that mere ownership gives you the right to steal from the rest of the economy without doing anything useful. Just sucking the blood of people who are creative enough to build something.

So is the Chinese system a failure? No one starts a business there because they cannot get rent from land?

Do you think non-productive rent-seeking is a good thing for an economy or a nation?

Remember that there are three factors of production, per Adam Smith: land, labor, and capital. This is just about land and not about capital, which is defined as things produced by men. Capital is buildings, machinery, intellectual property, things which were created with someone's sweat.

Capitalism and Georgism are perfectly compatible. In fact, much more compatible than the fake capitalism of non-productive rent-seeking.
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You have an iPhone?
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EBGuy says
Former police officer Brandon Tatum breaks it down here.

Here is the transcript from Brandon Tatum's video:

Published on Apr 15, 2018

Two Black Men Arrested for Acting Entitled At Starbucks. Here is another
example of African American men feeling that they are above the law. A major
issue in the black community is the lack of respecting authority. This
situation would have been a non-issue if these two black men would have just
simply followed Starbucks protocol like everyone else. Also, If white people
were not so afraid of being deemed racist or even feel a high level of white
guilt, this video would have never been recorded. Starbucks being the cowardice
organization they are, apologized for no reason. What a shame. This isn't
helping black people or anyone in America for god's sake.

so it's time for me to make a video
about these two individuals who were
arrested at Starbucks the other day and
the outrage has started and then it
continues even the day of the arrest
they're still they're still you know
acting a fool about this stuff so let's
talk about this so if you had to seen
the video a couple days ago a young lady
a white girl posted a video a little
short excerpt video of police arresting
two black guys at Starbucks in
Philadelphia now I looked at the
demographic I grew up the demographic of
the zip code that this was in and found
that it's probably 80 percent white and
this is rarely a representation of black
people in this particular zip code so
take it as you may there's not a lot of
black people around this area so anyway
this young lady ended up taping the very
tail end of the interaction that led to
the arrest of two black people on in
Starbucks now the rhetoric initially was
that this is racist as usual is if it's
white people and black people no matter
what happened no matter what the
circumstances are no matter if there's
information or no information is
automatically races to some people in
America so it starts out as being
completely racist that the barista or
whoever called not on one because these
people were black and they were just
doing nothing minding their own business
it's Italy somehow illegal to be black
in a Starbucks this is racism and its
finest America needs to change this is
the whole rhetoric that's going on but
yeah the white girl mind you the white
girl that submitted this video was also
in conjunction with claiming that this
is racism and that these black people
didn't do nothing and then everybody
should boycott Starbucks then we found
out the truth and I'm gonna give you a
quick backstory on this about my
involvement there's a post that
literally got like I don't know it's
probably up to like five or six million
views on it right now but when it was
maybe I'd like a couple thousand views I
wrote a message on and said
because I know what's going on yeah I
was a police officer for six years and
I've been in the hundreds of cars just
like this I know exactly what's going on
so I wrote on there that you know hey
you know y'all need to stop the way
there's no real information here but
stop blindly looking at posts with no
concrete information and I got him I'm
talking about if you look at that thing
right now it's thousands and thousands
of comments replies to my comment 90% of
those people on there are black 90% or
more of the people in there are
disparaging me literally calling me the
N word calling me a coon telling me I'm
a sellout pretty much that I should die
that I'm the scum of the earth
I'm self-hating black man I'm just I'm
just I'm banished from the black
y'all don't believe me go on my Facebook
page and look at the post I'm getting
slammed on there and I end of course I
don't care because these people were
idiots but I'm getting completely
slammed in there in the whole time I
understand that I know the truth
I know the truth I know what the truth
is I've been in this situation you don't
get arrested just because listen you
don't get arrested first of all I'm
shocked that Starbucks plenty of times I
go there to meet people all the time and
I patronize Starbucks I go and I buy
something I sit down and I wait we talk
we eat whatever we do we do our thing at
Starbucks we I've never been to
Starbucks as a police officer or as a
civilian I've never been in Starbucks
and not purchased something the reason I
go to Starbucks because I walk to try
their coffee and I want to eat or drink
some of their products while I'm sitting
there if I didn't want their stuff I
will go to another coffee shop or I meet
somebody somewhere else the only reason
I pick Starbucks because I like the
green tea latte that's my favorite green
so he grants he lattes my favorite I go
in there and drink my life saying we
meet you we have a good conversation
everybody in there is doing the same
thing I don't see people in there whom
you know haven't purchased something or
are not abiding by the rules I don't see
people that are doing it never never
have I've seen anybody never have I seen
any barista have a problem with anybody
in that because people are buying stuff
in there
is an organization the company so
regardless of that they blasted me and
everything and I knew that this had to
be a trespassing issue I knew that it
had to be a trespassing issue because
you don't get arrested for not order and
stuff police want even show up if you
call and say these people are ordering
anything when you ask the person to
leave they refuse to leave you caught a
police when the police get there nine
times out of ten we actually leave and
say look man we can try to arrest you
like they want you to leave their
property you say no we arrest you that's
just the way it goes now looking at the
whole thing I'm like oh this is probably
exactly what happened now I didn't know
but I said don't be blindly looking at
it waiting to the information come out
well the information came out I was 100%
correct they were violating the policy
of you you know you have to go or you
purchase some before you can use a
restroom I have seen that in most
major businesses because what they don't
want to happen is they don't want
homeless people to come in and then they
don't want people crowding up the space
and utilizing their their seating areas
when you have people who are actually
trying to purchase things and dying in
they don't have anywhere to sit and you
just showed up in there as if this is
some public area it's a private business
like if people are paying and want to
sit down they deserve to sit why you
just want to come in and hang out that's
why people make those rules and mandates
because if they don't people from
everywhere it will just come and use
their Wi-Fi for free like these people
got to make money it's a business if
this was your business you wouldn't want
people to do that anyway but that's
another story the truth comes out I post
about the truth and they steal railroad
oh oh you just erases how do i how do we
believe the Commissioner is black by the
way the Commission of Philadelphia
commissioners black black people are
running the Philadelphia Police
Department every aspect of it a sergeant
on the scene supervisor I don't know
what position he's in
I'm assuming he's a supervisor because
I've been there and done that and the
man who ain't putting hands on nobody
that's just standing there you know
orchestrating the thing is probably our
supervisor sergeant so the sergeant on
the scene is black so you got a black
commissioner in a black sergeant who's
orchestrating this whole thing
and the commissioners who give you
information to say it unequivocally this
is not a racial issue this has nothing
to do with racism no not a racial issue
the black supervisor was there at the
scene the black commissioner gave a
statement data still don't want to
believe me they still how do we know
that's even true so they criticized me
on that come to find out I'm a
completely true but my thing and the
reason why I'm making this video and on
our way to the end to make this
declaration it's because I honestly feel
like this is such a big problem in the
black community and nobody wants to talk
about it people say you're always
talking about the black community but
this is the stuff that we do this is the
stuff that we find ourself in every day
almost every day you turn around weak
nagging and complaining about something
we jump to racism every day you know
that to me that is an indictment on
white people I don't understand how you
feel comfortable saying you know
information I'll shield you breach the
racist they just doing it because these
people black therefore without any
information you are projecting racism on
another group and you get mad when
people project things on black people
and I'm gonna tell you a few things that
I think black people need to work on and
this is this is culturally I wish that
they would be receptive or some of these
people would be receptive to true
leadership that will call you out for
the truth call you out for what you're
doing wrong keep it 100 foot for thirty
minutes please first of all why do we
have such a hard time following
instructions we can't kill the most I'm
saying we could kill the most you know
when it when it seems to be avoidable by
police officers out of any other race
completely affordable situations we find
ourself in whether we going to jail
whether we getting murdered why don't we
just follow the instructions when you go
to an organization that do not belong to
you there's our somebody owning it
they're making money off that they're
probably feeding their family off of
that star but there's baristas and other
people I don't know the title anybody
else I just know baristas they're in
there and they're making money
feed their family or to take care of
themselves why won't you respect
people's business why don't you have a
little bit of respect for authority
these people have authority over you
because it's a private business you kid
you don't run their business they can
make you leave if they want to why do we
have a hard time listening to rules and
guidelines I guarantee you I can almost
bet a million dollars I don't have me
I've been a hundred dollars that they
ask them simply sir you know you guys
are not buying anything our policy is
that we can't use the restroom here so
if you're not gonna buy anything we're
gonna ask you guys leave of course they
don't leave and in quote in quotes that
they estimate say hey we're gonna call
the police if you don't leave they said
we don't care cata police then here we
go again brother's not following
instructions in following direction they
feel like they're above the law and they
don't leave the police show up they tell
them hey they won't you guys leave will
you mind leaving no we're not gonna
leave so then they call more and more
police officers if you look at any
testimony of this case even by the
witness who recorded a very minimal part
of the video she even said first police
- police came and then multiple police
start coming and coming - coming
it's because they wanted that they
wanted to be rebellious and say well
we're not gonna leave a private facility
and the cops they just leave man like
they don't want you here you're not
gonna pay for anything either pay or you
leave whether or not we you or something
we're victims we you or some nobody oh
you nothing man Starbucks all you never
the police partner owe you nothing but
the mentality that some black people
have is that somehow somebody owe you
something so you don't leave and I say
well we're gonna rest up and they bring
on these police officers in there who do
you know oh the white woman in there
playing social justice warrior this is
what's killing us man and the two other
people that made this point and I'm
piggy backing out for their point is
that white liberals are destroying black
people in wheat and we we just we can't
see it with our own eyes no story short
they get arrested they get escorted out
people white people led by white people
are protesting and boycotting the
Starbucks as if this was a racial thing
and that's not helping black people
because young black people need to
understand that you need to follow the
okay so for God's sake just follow the
rules if they say purchase something
just buy something if you don't wanna
buy some ladies people's establishment
kick like how is that so hard man Wow
why do we want to make ourselves look
stupid because we just look stupid too
most common sense people in the world
they look at that situation say boy
cotton who these black people go again
boycott some protesters something what
is they're gonna fix nothing instead of
them why are they breaking the rules and
breaking the law run a week
why don't we protest that we don't want
to do that and and I'm telling you man
I'm telling you the white liberals and I
forgetting to do his name but I posted
his video on my unit to my facebook
channel the white liberals are killing
us man they're embarrassing us they're
destroying our image and we looking at
the Republicans and conservatives like
y'all are the racists know the people
that you are supporting are the ones
that's destroying your communities how
do you not know this what the white
woman is the one made this a big deal
the white one we made is a big deal and
then the other white guy is this a fair
well were they arrested cuz they're
black are you dumb but they don't want
to perpetuate this and make us look
stupid as to left shoes because they
they make the outrage and then when the
truth come out we look dumb we run
following directions the police officer
actually breaking a law we get arrested
thank God that Starbucks it was a
Starbucks is a cowardice organization
they're cowards they have to be cowards
they worry about your money they're not
worried about the truth so they make it
a policy and they don't want to
prosecute against them that was my place
I'll prosecute against nothing I'll go
to jail
I want to prosecute to the full extent
go to jail y'all that made us look bad
now and we all we did was actually to
leave if you weren't going to patronize
the organization go to jail
I won't press charges I will show up in
court and defendant but because they
want to be politically correct and
there's some social justice warriors as
an organization themselves they want to
put out official apology
you know it's shameful so I'm done
talking about that man listen I just
want to throw my - Center
I would like to splice the videos and
all that cool stuff but right now I
don't have time to do all that so we
need to really change man this is what's
killing at the black community we won't
even find out the register where we and
somebody else established one file
directions and i'ma say this let me let
me put this last point I don't know if
you see how these brothers is dressed
but not one of them a dress professional
at Harlem they don't they don't look
like they're doing anything professional
and people could criticize me all you
want about that but like just imagine
this is the culture that we live in
that's just destroying us yo there's a
look that you should have when you're
presenting yourself as a professional
there is a look like how about you were
a nice button-up shirt how about you
were slacks and some nice clothes so
when people look at you they like oh man
these guys look very important white
black or green you look very important
and then you could probably be making
money while you waiting on old boy to
come over and meet you people are in the
in the copy shop looking at you like
what are you guys doing for a living oh
we're real-estate agents hey if you like
to sell a house you know or you like to
buy a house or whatever we can work with
you and make it happen when you look
professional and you have a nice haircut
or you have your face trimmed up at
least at least line it up a little bit
like I do mine every now and again if
you look professional you get more
clientele people are more interesting to
you when you're showing up at a coffee
shop looking like bugs
they look like dogs they look like this
I'm just I'm just gonna be honest the
one kid got I don't know what that stuff
he had his head looking crazy boy cut
your hair now people can say what they
want to say where did gold and live your
life and do whatever you want to do and
present yourself the way you want to and
then wonder why people judge you and you
don't get a lot of good business I'm
just being honest my pastor told me when
I was working the decennial Census
Bureau I was going door-to-door he said
boy where are you a club where you a
button-up shirt took your shirt in wear
nice clothes and you present yourself as
a profession
this is the decennial Census Bureau this
means nothing to me
you know this I'm just going knocking on
doors Amy you need to fill out your
census bit your census form my past a
dress up you look nice you be
professional what happened what happened
to me when I did that people were
literally calling my supervisor this guy
is so professional I was leaps and
bounds above everybody else to the point
where as the youngest got air and the
only black guy there they they promoted
me to supervisor because I was
professional I dressed the part and I
took what I was doing seriously and
people honored that they respected that
and I got promoted to a supervisor all
these other people I was working with
now I'm leading them all because of the
way I presented myself but but I'm chef
hating and all this other stuff that
people want to say and I know I'm just
judging him how they how you gonna tell
black people how to dress I'm just
trying to give y'all some hints because
I've done it I'm dressed professional
and I've gotten a lot of respect for it
and I've made it a lot of places in life
because of the way I present myself but
anyway if you like this video like like
like like it subscribe hit the subscribe
button hit the bill because when you hit
the bell you can get notifications on
all the videos if you like this video I
appreciate y'all love y'all and I'll
talk to you guys later y'all have a
blessed Sunday
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I'm saying that non-productive rent-seeking helps no one but the parasite, and harms whole countries. It is an evil we should eliminate.

Conversely, productive investment, work, and commerce help countries. We should not tax those activities.

bob2356 says
How is the profits go to the government not communism? You have to do something with the land everywhere to make rental income unless you are running a primitive campground. How do you steal from the rest of the economy by mere ownership of land? How much rental income is an empty lot generating in the bay area these days?

Communism is state control of capital. Land is not capital. Under Georgism, everyone is encouraged to be a capitalist and keep the result of their own investment, work, and savings.

You do not have to do anything with land to profit from owning it. You can simply let other people do all the work and sponge off of them by withholding it until you can sell for a large profit based on their work. And more importantly: based on all the public infrastructure around it.

You steal from the rest of the economy by monopolizing the only truly limited resource, which you did not create, so that others cannot use it without paying you.

Empty lots generate tons of income for their parasitical owners simply by increasing in value due to the work of others near the land.
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Glad I sold my sbux stock a while ago. I really wish they had not gotten into politics at all.
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Strategist says
If land is non-productive, it would be useless and there would be no rent collected on it.

I did not say that land itself is non-productive.

Mere ownership of land is obviously non-productive. Owning something is not the same as building something, right?
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Here's a bit more about the land value tax (LVT) in Hong Kong and Singapore:

The city-state Singapore, founded on Georgist tax principles, reached a tax rate on land of 16%. Hong Kong existed only on crown land, funding 4/5 of their budget with 2/5 of site Rent (Yu-Hung Hong, Landlines, 1999 March, Lincoln Inst., Cambridge, MA). The city uses land rent, not subsidy, to fund their new metro and in its suburbs grows much of its own food. Hong Kong enjoys low taxes, low prices, high investment, and often the highest per capita salaries. The city is often voted the world’s best city for business and the freest for residents.

I have a hard time parsing the current Hong Kong tax laws though.
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Secret surveillance software created by EX-SPIES is harvesting Facebook photos to create a huge facial recognition database that could be used to monitor people worldwide
Face-Int is said to contain the facial profiles of thousands of people worldwide
These were harvested from such online sources as YouTube and Facebook
Its creators say the software could lead to the identification of terror suspects
The controversial service is causing alarm among privacy activists, however
They say the database could be used to impinge on the rights of private citizens
It also raises concerns in the wake of the Cambridge Anlaytica data scandal
Mark Zuckerberg appeared before congress last week to appease the US government over its handling of user data

This will certainly be used to hunt down people who are not thinking officially approved thoughts. Maybe not today, but soon, and in many countries.

And you can't escape by not using Facebook, because you will be in photos uploaded by friends, and they will nicely attach your name to your photos just like Facebook encourages them to do.
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NuttBoxer says
Patrick says
The key is that we have the power to tax non-productive rent-seeking at a much higher rate than the rate on productive work.

I'm gonna disagree, and use your methodology for better house buying experience against you. More information about which landlords are good, and which are scummy is what's needed. Government never fixes anything. They will certainly promise to, but end result will be more money for them, and same problems for you.

Need better ways to identify, and make widely known which landlords are scummy, free market will take care of the rest.

Landlords who build or maintain buildings are providing a service to the public. I don't think that's scummy at all. It's valuable work.

My point is only that merely owning land is not a service to anyone.

It's not fundamentally different than buying a machine that produces toothbrushes, and then operating the machine and selling toothbrushes.

No, it's fundamentally completely the opposite. A machine that produces toothbrushes was produced by someone's labor, and they should get compensated for that labor by the market, or by selling their machine, and they should not be taxed much or maybe not at all. People should get to keep most or all of the result of their own labor.

But land was not produced by anyone's labor. No one should be paid for simply extracting land-rent from the public. So land rent should be taxed very highly.

See the difference? Doing something productive vs doing nothing productive.
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HeadSet says
According to Marx, Communism is the elimination of private property. "Private Property" specifically includes land.

No, Communism is the "common ownership of the means of production", by which they mean both land and capital.

We should distinguish between land and capital. Land is land, easy enough (ok, there are edge cases where land gets created by human labor, but ignore that for now). Capital is everything produced by human labor: machines, buildings, software, etc.

Georgism would simply tax land very highly, and not tax labor or commerce at all. That it.

Some huge benefits:

* No one can hide land, and tax records are public, so all government income becomes clear.
* No one can escape paying the tax. If they are on land, they are directly or indirectly (via rent) paying the land value tax.
* We can eliminate the entire income tax and sales tax bureaucracy.
* It prevents the establishment of a hereditary aristocracy that monopolizes most land and in effect makes everyone else their servants.
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In Palo Alto, as in many other affluent yet zoning-constrained enclaves around the Bay Area, homeowners are going underground. Architects and contractors report that the once-lowly basement has become the hottest area in home design, resulting in a flotilla of square-footage-concealing iceberg houses. In an era when modest cottages routinely sell for well over $1 million, going big below street level is one of the most viable ways to add living space to a home investment. “The land costs are so expensive, if you don’t build down, it’s a waste,” says Gloria Young, a real estate agent and developer based in Palo Alto.
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This accident brought LUV stock down 2.8% today.
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bob2356 says
How would land be taxed if it's owned by the government like hong kong and singapore?

I'm not advocating government ownership of land, only higher taxes on land, and much lower income tax and sales tax. Same total tax most likely, only more efficient and fair economically.

bob2356 says
That would make mid west farmers with thousands of acres really happy. Back out all the government owned public land the number goes up to $5615 per acre. That would really be a help to family farms.

Obvious straw man. No one is suggesting that all land be taxed equally. It should be proportional to the value. But yes, another way we will pay the land vaule tax is via food, which we already do now to some degree.

bob2356 says
Why aren't they as wealthy as Honk Kong if georgism is the key to prosperity?

Again, a misrepresentation. I did not say that Georgism is the key to prosperity, only that it is economically efficient and fair.
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Same article, different address, again ignores the land value and hypes the bad condition of the house as if that indicated something.

Remember, the land would be worth more without the house there, so the condition of the house is irrelevant, and yet it is always made the centerpiece of the article.

Please send more like this. Let's point out the same deception over and over.
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Here's the problem:

'She was probably only girl I ever felt was interested in me. I never had that before. But she clearly used my history to her advantage to go on and do what she did.

Now there's a guy who definitely needed to read the Red Pill forum.
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The main problem with actually knowing how the real estate market is doing is that almost all of the statistics are controlled by used house salesmen, also known as realtors. They can and do manipulate the numbers, for example, by simply excluding all lower-priced properties from their aggregates as "anomalies". Or by erasing houses from the MLS when they fail to sell so that they can come on the market again at a lower price without tipping off buyers about the first failure to sell.

Zillow is just more of the same systemic corruption preying on young families, since their business is selling sheep to wolves (selling buyers to realtors).

Advertised prices are basically meaningless in California, always set much lower than what the seller would accept, for two reasons:

1. so that the buyer is at an information disadvantage and does not know what an acceptable price would really be (encourages blind bidding)
2. so that the realtors can always claim victory and a "hot market" even if the seller got far below the expected price (it will still be above the fake "asking" price)

I really wish I had an easily accessible source of non-manipulated data.
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Onvacation says
The mortgage estimate was 10,099/month. Comparable rentals are in the range of 3 to 6k a month.

Excellent example of some place no one should ever buy at the asking price.
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pwagner says
I think there is massive collusion among the realtors (and Realtors) to keep commissions artificially high.

Yes, absolutely, but don't forget that our government is in on the scheme to fleece us for the benefit of realtors.

Almost all state DRE's (Department of Real Estate) are entirely staffed with realtors.

And of course almost all our Congressmen are on the take from the NAR, the second largest lobbyist in DC, so don't expect Congress to make any laws which protect you. They are too busy protecting realtor commissions:
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The stock plunged because Zillow's customers are realtors, and they will leave in droves if there is the slightest threat to their commission business model.

Zillow makes money solely by referring innocent buyers to ravenous realtors.

If realtors think that Zillow is cutting them out of the picture in any way, they will just stop paying Zillow for leads.
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They also have a strong dependency on the MLS's (a patchwork of incompatible systems across the US). Zillow needs the listing data from the MLS's, but the MLS's are wary of being replaced by Zillow, and also likely to withdraw cooperation.

What we really need is an open MLS protocol and a demand by all sellers that agents use it. But currently agents have almost all sellers convinced that open and honest listing information is not in the seller's best interest.
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Apologizing when you've done nothing wrong just invites more demands for apologies, and free stuff.

A better response would be for the executives to politely say that the store did nothing wrong. A store is not a free public restroom. The restroom maintenance in a private business is paid for by customers who buy things, and the public should respect that and buy something if they want to use the restroom. Starbucks might get a lot of public support for showing some spine instead of being spineless.

If the public wants public restrooms, that's a valid concern and could be dealt with as other public infrastructure like roads is dealt with, via taxes.
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Both are true actually:

1. higher interest rates reduce the price a buyer can pay
2. interest rates tend to rise when the economy is doing well, when people have more money to buy

So it's a timing thing. If rates doubled tomorrow, housing prices would obviously collapse. But if rates rise slowly, trailing the additional money people are getting in raises, then higher rates may not hurt house prices much.
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
Here's the Mountain View Police encounter with her, before she shot up Youtube.

Ironic that it's on YouTube.
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SFace says
There will be no land value tax.

@SFace why not? Seems like an excellent idea to tax non-productive rent-seeking and stop taxing income and commerce.
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Even with a land value tax, there will still be a rental market and in places with tons of jobs rents will still be high.

But the economy is much better for everyone (except big landowners) under a land value tax. The tax is non-destructive of work and commerce. Note that salaries in Hong Kong and Singapore are also off the charts.
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My grandmother was from Poland, and I visited her village of Tuliszków when I was in Europe in college. Times were hard when I visited, but Poland has been on an amazing trajectory since liberation from Communism. It's probably a good place to invest, going to keep growing its economy rapidly.

Poles are proud because they have been stomped on from both east (Russia) and west (Germany) repeatedly, just from having the bad luck of being a very flat country between two larger powers. They have their own identity and they want to keep it. That is their strength, something Sweden just does not have anymore, as the article mentions. So we see Sweden on the decline and Poland on the rise.
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Tommy Robinson is an interesting guy:
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Same fraud as in original post republished yesterday:

Realtors jerk off to the thought of so many stupid people who believe the price has something to do with the condition of the house instead of the land alone. There are boatloads of money to be made skinning such people alive.
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We don't need a moratorium. Amazon is putting all retailers out of business as we speak. There will be no more retail development.
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Open listing service would be great. What is to stop scrapers from getting a nearly complete list of properties for sale? Do selling agents prevent sellers from advertising on Facebook and Craigslist?
A browser add on that scraped user pages for listing data and uploaded to open listing service would prevent services from shutting down a centralized scraper.
It would be nice if cities required registering a property for sale sixty days before recording a sale of 30 before accepting a contract. If notice is not given, they could charge a hefty fee for a closed sale.

Scrapers are prevented by the "terms of use" of real estate listing sites. I talked to a lawyer about this who assured me that anyone who scrapes real estate data gets sued and shut down pretty much instantly.

Remember, realtors don't really want to advertise your house to the widest possible audience. They only want the largest possible commission for themselves, so they want control over who buys it. If a buyer represented by the same agency buys it, the agency get double commission!

Yes, selling agents prevent sellers from advertising on Facebook and Craigslist as a rule, either through the terms of the contract, or just through browbeating sellers into letting the "expert" handle the sale.
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Thanks! Will check it out.
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Same fraud yet again, deliberately misleading readers into thinking that a rotting house selling for a lot of money means the market is hot. In reality, the price is for the land alone. The house is completely irrelevant and in fact lowers the value of the land.
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I met a guy who moved to China and married a Chinese woman, but has now moved back primarily for "food safety". He said it just was not safe to eat the food in China, since so much is fake or contaminated.
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I would say the availability of cheap mortgages is even more important than the supply of houses for sale.

And I'd also say that mortgages are going to get progressively more expensive over the next few years.
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Do you have a better source of data @SFace ? I'd be grateful.
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I think Zumper includes many more apartment complexes. In fact, all their data might be apartment complexes.
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Made that photo a bit smaller so I could take her in all at once. Exactly my type, and looks so happy. No idea why I'm into brunettes, but I don't care either.
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No, still looking passively, but can't find anything that's a better deal than renting the equivalent in the Bay Area. Also I'm getting a bit nervous/hopeful that prices are actually going to be falling around here.

I'm not in a rush and have no timeline. Certainly glad I held on to all my stocks and got that 34% gain in 2017.
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To be honest, a lot of H1B visa holders are doing jobs that millions of Americans could easily do, like manual QA testing. Working around here I see it a lot. Not so many actually have skills that Americans do not.

The whole point of the H1B program seems to be to enable big employers undercut US wages with half a million obedient workers whose presence in the country is dependent on that job. It's really very much like the employment of illegal aliens, who are similarly obedient and work for much less than US citizens.

At least the article gets close to admitting that:

Almost from the beginning, the H-1B system had obvious flaws. Outsourcing companies flood the application pool with jobs that barely qualify as high-skill

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