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@NewGuy you know, that's a good idea and it would also not be hard to have a revisions table. So for any post, as soon as there is an edit by someone other than the original author, the previous version would get stored, and the original author could revert to any previous version.

Is it worth trying?
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OK, if people want to help you track their previous anonymous identity, no problem with that.
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I can confirm that there is regularly human shit on the streets of San Francisco.

There are even maps of where the majority of the shit is:

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True, they never go after the big employers of illegal aliens, like the meat packing industry in Colorado. They are too politically important.
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
Here's an idea for currency: One whose value is linked to the total energy production of Humanity. The Kardashev.

I like this idea. In a way, energy is already the global currency, as oil. But it should be expressed in a more abstract way, megajoules maybe.
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
I would like to merge my DIE_BankofAmerica_FUCKING_DIE! account with my AFIA account if possible, please, Poobah Pat.

It's done and you're back as your original self. Excellent!
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To say it is a lie is an accusation a deliberate deception. Maybe the user really believes what they are saying.

In any case, it triggers an instant barrier to actual discussion of the thing under consideration, and begs for a counter-insult.
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No, do not keep refuting.

Use the "ignore" link.
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errc says
Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity

Yes, another good reason to let people say almost anything, as long as it's not about another user.

From the Desiderata:

listen to others,
even the dull and the ignorant;
they too have their story.
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bob2356 says
Like the Irish did?

Well, to be honest, when the masses of starving Irish were allowed in, they did frequently create nasty ghettos, like Hell's Kitchen in NYC:'s_Kitchen%2C_Manhattan

And they did bring quite a bit of corruption to big city politics, using their political patterns of behavior from the old world.

So there was a big cost to letting them in, but the country was so empty and demand for labor was so great at that point that it turned out to be a good deal for America overall. The country is no longer so empty, and the demand for labor is nothing like it was back then.
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BayAreaObserver says
@Patrick - sure seems like some posters are trying to go out of their way to start a flame war and or personal attacks. Any thoughts ?

Please email me with the url of any comment that's a personal attack and I'll delete it!

Just click the date of the comment and copy the resulting url from the browser location. Thanks.
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Not by me. Got it from my old boss, who got it from a friend.
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Is it a benefit to the site? Not sure, but I try to stick to the principle that people should be able to express their sincerely held beliefs here, and that other people should be able to ignore them.

If I start banning certain topics or (sincere, non-inflammatory) points of view, how am I any better than the mainstream media? The reason for the existence of this site is really to be a place that people can circumvent the censorship by the mainstream media.

Personally, I agree that the earth is warming a bit, but not entirely sure it's all man-made, or that it's all bad for that matter (shorter shipping times across the north, for example).
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Johnson was pretty fucking vulgar.
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Why is the 'ignore' link not a satisfactory solution? You won't see the guy's posts or comments.
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Onvacation says
Is there a reason some of my posts don't immediately post?

I had a database problem for a bit, but they should post right away now.
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@Onvacation ^^^
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just_passing_through says
Doubleclick trackers are back?!

That comes along with YouTube videos. Google owns YouTube and Doubleclick and does tracking of who is watching the videos. My choices are to disallow YouTube videos or accept the tracking.

You could surf in "porn mode" for better protection from Google's prying eyes. Ad blockers also help.
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Had to delete a comment calling another user "butthurt".
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anon_08dee says
We're to blame for having systems that would allow that to happen.

Yes, democracy is kind of a problem that way. What the majority wants may not be what the elite wants.
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Yes, personal attack, talking about other user's feelings and motives.

And the preceding by the target himself was also personal, and deleted.

Really don't want two users talking about each other. Maybe we should all indeed be anonymous.
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It wasn't a direct attack, and I regret deleting it now (my apologies). What set me off was 5 uses of "you" or "your", which seemed to make the comment more about the person than the issue:

I do apologize if I wasn't clear but my request was for evidence that the world is Cooling. You are undoubtedly quite enthusiastic about your position but even if 2017 was cooler than 2016 does this really establish a trend?

I know you have created many threads on this issue but I'd like more of a back-and-forth instead of a question that I believe contains and implied falsity. If you strongly believe the Earth is Cooling, surely you have a significant amount of evidence to back that up right?

I'll be more restrained in the future.
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errc says
It works at reddit just fine.

How does it work at Reddit? Users are definitely not anonymous there. It just seems that each subreddit has its own moderation rules.
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willywonka says
5 inches and flaccid

5 inches while flaccid is actually quite impressive.
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Onvacation says
I'm searching my memory and I cannot believe I wrote anything even remotely like a personal attack. Could you remind me of the offending phrase so I can prevent it in the future?

It was this one:

Brother anon
Just because some people can't take the truth makes it no less truthful.
After you have been here for a couple of years you MIGHT understand the meaning of free speech.

Again, it's not terribly personal and I regret deleting.
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Sorry, new rule is that you may not talk about the other users.

Tired of flame wars. Beyond tired.

Discuss anything else under the sun, and if someone insults you personally, mark it as "personal" or let me know and I will delete it.
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anon_08dee says
This is all government employees in the state. Cops, all other first responders, teachers, yes social workers, everything. For a state that's bigger than most countries.

It would be interesting to see where the highest total % of government employees are, by state. Hell, I can look that up:
California seems to be in the middle of the pack.
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anon_ee4d1 says
For every millionaire made in the stock market, a lot of people need to lose money.

No, that's not true at all.

It's not a zero sum game. A stock can go up simply because the underlying company is creating value. No one loses if you buy it. Even if you sell and take a profit, the next guy does not necessarily lose anything either.
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justme says
I think Patrick's aversion for "personal attacks" is really an aversion for drawn out tit-for-tat exchanges. I have already suggested over and over again how that is fixed: Limit the number of threads per person per day to 1. Limit the number of comments per person per thread to 5-10. Done.

@justme but what about the ease with which people can create new accounts? If they really want to, they can get around these limits.
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Coming from the upper Midwest, I learned to drive in snow. It's actually kinda fun to fishtail just a little bit to freak out the passengers.
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Damn, thought I had fixed that a few days ago. Still happening?
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@FortWayne that link is pretty funny.
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The important thing is that she is hot.
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Fine with me if Amazon mismanages whole foods. I don't like how much power Amazon is accumulating. They dominate retail already.
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On track to be cheaper than fossil and solve the problem nicely.
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OK, time to promote this post anywhere you can!

It's good for, and good for the country.
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HeadSet says
We may not be without jobs, but we could have been at a shorter work week. As technology progresses, we should have a natural deflation born of more productivity per worker. People could take a pay cut from a 3 day work week since the lower pay would buy the same goods as what a previous era's 5 day work pay would buy. The reason this has not come about is debt - a society of people with 30 year mortgages cannot tolerate deflation.

But also, capital has managed to take all of the productivity gains away from labor:

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Crypto currencies have a lot of value for people who don't like the idea that the government can confiscate all the money in a bank account at any time.

I have a friend who found this out during a dispute with the dmv. They simply confiscated the disputed amount from his checking account, and he had never even told them about the account. They can look it up by ssn.
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During a govt shutdown. Regular employees can't work or get paid. Some employees must work without pay. Congress, who actually shut it down, still get paid.
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I just watched the video and was quite impressed. Both sides aggressively argued their points, and Peterson was more coherent.