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What do you mean "impossible to cancel"? It's a simple three-step process:

1) write an e-mail to Comcast and ask them to cancel your service on a certain date;
2) dispute a recurring transaction with you cc carrier stating that you've cancelled the service and revoke the authorisation to charge your cc.
3) (optional) go to your fridge and grab a bottle of cold beer.

Lol, what email address? Comcast does not give out any email address that they read.

I did write paper letters to both Comcast and my credit card, revoking permission to charge from both ends. Hopefully that will work.

I tried the "front door" but was told I needed to talk in person to a person from Comcast who will argue that I should not cancel. I got a voice mail today, but won't work all that hard at calling back. I'll give it 5 minutes top, and if that doesn't work, just rely on the letters I sent today.
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d6rB says

Not saying that immigration should be unlimited - but some controlled immigration is quite good.

I agree. If we get talented people who are willing to become American, some immigration is good.

What we do not need:

* people who are so desperate that their only skill is the willingness to work for illegally low wages
* people who really don't give a shit about America, its history, or its ideals (many but not all Chinese are like this - sorry, it's true and everyone knows it, even had a Chinese co-worker tell me so)
* people who want to kill us all if we refuse to submit to their religion
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Lol, everyone I have met that has been there or dealt with Pakistan says the same thing.

2nd most corrupt country on earth, after Nigeria.
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WookieMan says
Gravity also exists.

Note that relatively small and firm tits suffer much less from the years.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Astonishing but true: the French government employs 25% of the entire French workforce...

Yes, looks like that's true:

For the US, it's 15%.
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says

Dead children is what you get from anti-vax, lots of dead children, especially during flu season.

Flu? Nah. Those vaccines are not very effective and flu is not particularly deadly to children. Polio maybe.

Still, I think government entities should never be entitled to pierce your skin and inject things you have personally decided you do not want for your yourself, much less for your children.
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@rbirchtree I'll stop by the Corner Bakery in about 15m.
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APHAman says

Patrick why are you censoring all my posts?

Chill out and be polite like the other kids.

rbirchtree says
No ruse! There was a meeting.

There was. Happy to have met you @rbirchtree
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Rin says
As for savages, Islam isn't raising children, they're raising terrorists.

Yes, they want their children to be like Mohammed, the terrorist founder of Islam, who robbed, raped, and murdered his way to power. This is historical fact.

Islam does not belong in the West at all. It is the very opposite of peaceful coexistence, democracy, freedom of speech, and, ironically, freedom of religion. Anyone who attempts to leave Islam will be killed.

Funny to hear the report of yet another Muslim terrorist on NPR. They just would not say "Islam", "Muslim", or even give the guy's name because it's obviously Muslim.

NPR is complicit in the future murders of innocent people by Muslims.
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BTW, the Dutch have found DNA to be useful in finding a Turkish murderer:
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Huh, image uploading works for me. Maybe the problem was a dash in the name of the file you were trying to upload or some other quirk.

(Update, the problem was that it's a RIFF file. Don't even know that that is:
cceece98bc92fe6375b59bcc6574a833-370x215.jpg: RIFF (little-endian) data)

I do like the idea of betting pools, especially if they use Bitcoin or Etherium.
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Lol, the answer is simple: BUILD MORE HOUSING

Eliminating the zoning restrictions and the housing will get built.
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NuttBoxer says
Quigley says
I pay for spectrum internet only. It’s still a pretty decent deal value wise, considering it’s enough bandwidth for everyone in the house to run some kind of streaming device all month for $70.

Geez, that much? I've never paid over $40, and I run a bittorrent client.

Lol, the Japanese would pay about $11/month for 40mbps.

We are fucked mostly because:

1. US politics is much more corrupt. Comcast lobbies to prevent competition because competition would lower prices.
2. We have too much diversity, leading directly to corruption. Diversity divides people so that they cannot effectively unify against corruption. Diversity makes people not care about each other, or the country.

Number one is, predictably, Japan, where the average broadband speed is 60mbps and they pay $0.27 per 1mbps. We, in comparison, average 4.8mbps and pay $3.33 per 1mbps, putting us at #15.
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I think Trump has a good point.

The people elected Trump even after they were told who to vote for by the NY Times, NPR, WaPo, CNN and all the rest.

The people disobeyed direct orders from the smug coastal elite, and they actually got a guy elected who had that elite violently against him. Trump may be rich, but he's a definite outsider in that crowd.

So to impeach Trump would to admit that US democracy is actually a sham. It would show that we are not actually allowed to elect and keep anyone in office if the elite does not approve.

It's very much like the elite in Britain not liking the Brexit vote and so demanding that there be another vote, and probably another after that, until the election turns out the way the elite wants it to.
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Even simple NPC memes are way ahead of anything the left produces.

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WookieMan says
I still think my idea on banning climate change posts is a good idea.

I agree that it's basically a waste of time to debate global warming, but don't want to restrict any topic, especially after making the tagline of the site "Discuss Anything".

I could create regular expression filters so that each user could filter out comments with strings that match. Seem worth doing?
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@FortWayneIndiana I agree with all your points.
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His points are all pretty clear and consistent.
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NuttBoxer says
How is this title not ad hominem?

Yes, please don't personally attack the other users.
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@HEYYOU Good, good, you have been triggered exactly as intended, by the oh so objective news from WaPo.

Now you will vote without thinking, out of pure hate.

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Some more fodder for @HEYYOU :

Suspected Terrorist Leading Migrant Group Demanding Entry Into US
6:41 PM 12/12/2018 | Politics
Peter Hasson | Reporter

A suspect in a 1987 bombing that wounded six American soldiers in Honduras is leading a group of migrants demanding entry into the United States.

Alfonso Guerrero Ulloa organized a march of approximately 100 migrants to the U.S. Consulate in Tijuana, Mexico, on Tuesday, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported. Ulloa delivered a letter to the consulate on behalf of the migrants, asking for either entry into the U.S. or a payment of $50,000 per person.
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I like Scott Adams.
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Prop13 is half wrong and half right.

*Land* is the proper object of taxation.

The building should not be taxed at all.

But our "property" taxes mix the land and the building.
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Woah, do you really think Republicans are more "pro-government" than Democrats?

And it definitely seems to be the Democrats who are opposed to basic civil liberties like freedom of speech.
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Meh, I try not to hate anyone.
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HeadSet says
that is Catholic dogma

Yes, this is ancient. The Catholic Church has always maintained that suicide is a mortal sin. It's hardly news.
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A little like Amway, but no money involved, and everyone is anonymous.

I like the idea. The powers that want to dissolve our national borders will not be able to stop it.
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HeadSet says

That is because politicians only care about businesses large enough to make decent campaign contributions.

Seems about right.

The routine corruption of elected officials by campaign donations is a good argument for direct democracy or sortition.
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WineHorror1 says
What does that do for me?

It saves you from having to pay unlimited amounts of money to private companies (health insurers) under penalty of law.

Obamacare is probably the most spectacular example of corruption in the US ever.

Health insurance companies should not even exist. The not only provide no value at all, but instead take money away from actual health care providers.

How about, instead of insurance, we just make providers publish price lists and present all non-emergency bills in advance of treatment? Let the people choose what is worth paying for. Use market forces to contain medical prices.
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Any woman voluntarily alone with a man should be presumed to have consented to sex with him.

End of story.
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HeadSet says
the idea of taxing the land because "you did not create it" could spread to taxing sunlight that hits a solar cell. After all, you did not create sunlight either

That's the same as the land value tax. If you capture solar power on your land, that should not be taxed extra if you're already paying the tax on the land.
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I love housing graphs like that!
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If this leads to more diversity of website hosting and funding, then it's ultimately a good thing.

Silicon Valley hates diversity of thought. MUST ALL THINK SAME! ORANGE MAN BAD!
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We simply need to promote feminism in Islamic countries and Islamic enclaves in Europe.

Feminism is more effective than war or pestilence at decimating populations.
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Nonetheless, feminism can creep in via the schools and the internet to destroy Islam from the inside, the way it did to Europe.
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No @HEYYOU that is simply not true. Voting for Trump was actually a smart move by Americans.

Think about it for a minute: what is likely to happen if millions of manufacturing jobs get exported to China, and millions of service jobs get taken over by illegals who are willing to work for illegally low wages?

What is left for the vast swathe of the country between the coasts? What can they do to support themselves?

How are they going to feel about massive rewards for rich shareholders and other business owners who benefited by cutting the middle class out of the economy?

Who are they going to vote for? Right - the first person who actually talks about the gutting of the country.

You could try to understand the reality.

Or you could just close your eyes, cover your ears, and yell RACIST RACIST RACIST over and over and hope that somehow fixes things.
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Posting Orange Man Bad articles doesn't help at all.
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HeadSet says
Forbes must really hate Trump trying to stifle illegal immigration.

Definitely true.

The Housing Trap
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