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What if people around me accuse me of stealing simply because they don't like my political beliefs?

It would be convenient to use that as an excuse, if you also disagree with my beliefs.

Most accusations of blasphemy in Pakistan are one business owner accusing his rival, just to get him out of the way.

The Roy Moore case feels similar to that. He has support from Trump, and is therefore conveniently assumed to be a pedophile/blasphemer just on the basis of bad press from an extremely partisan press.
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Asserting certainty where there can be no certainty is faith.
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False hope is better than no hope at all.

The left needs to listen to Trump's America, drop the bullshit about racism, and get serious about jobs in the middle of the country. Those people are dying while waiting for representation, because the left completely abandoned them. Their vote for Trump was a rational move in the face of imminent death.
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The press is finally eating its own. That's how all witch hunts end.

I think it will only accelerate from here until the press destroys itself by accusing all their management of harassment all the time.

It will be fun to watch.
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TwoScoopsMcGee says
Google "The Law of Jante".

The Thesis is steaming towards it's inevitable conclusion.

The Law of Jante sounds very Irish too.

But what is this inevitable conclusion?
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Tenpoundbass says
Love your hate for Trump!

This is ironic and amusing: the Trump haters talk about love while hate hate hating, bigly. They make Trump look like a saint.
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To be honest, I like Bitcoin and the freedom it represents from government control.

Why should government be able to tax work or commerce at all? They should not. Land is the best object of taxation, and cannot be hidden. So Bitcoin helps
And fiat currency is hardly any better than Bitcoin in terms of being imaginary.
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Trump is having fun with this:

And he's totally right. The Russia thing is still a huge nothingburger.
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Tax evasion.
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Heraclitusstudent says
Another great political argument.
BayAreaObserver says

True, BAO's comment is not productive in the least, except to illustrate a non-productive comment.

It's the kind of thing that got Trump elected and will guarantee his re-election.

If you want to fight Trump, you have to address the same points Trump is addressing and show you have something better to offer. Mere scorn won't cut it, as Hillary discovered.
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anon_8f378 says
Patrick says
True, BAO's comment is not productive in the least, except to illustrate a non-productive comment.

This entire thread is a non-productive comment.

Take off your blinders Patrick.

Goran at least gave a coherent reason for his dislike of Ed Lee.
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How dare you judge Beyonce in exactly the way she is asking you to judge her! So sexist!

But seriously (butt seriously?) this is about the best I've seen:

More than two years and I remembered enough details to look up that video correctly.
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WookieMan says
put a shirt (underwear) on it

A pun on this?
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WookieMan says
What is bitcoin doing for me that I can't already do?

Cash dollars (literal paper money) has much of the same function of bitcoin locally. But bitcoin has the advantage of being instantly transmissible around the world without physical delivery of anything.
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errc says
Yea but Western Union has done that forever, no?

There are records of Western Union transactions.

Maybe the people who use bitcoin do not want to leave any traces of their transactions that could be connected back to themselves.
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WookieMan says
Completely accidental pun on my end.

Freud would say you meant it, subconsciously.
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anon_20dcf says
Beyonce provides no sexual attraction to me. I don't talk about it much because its not a popular opinion.

Doesn't work for me either.
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@BorderPatrol the video won't play for me. Can you summarize what Schiff is saying about Bitcoin?
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BayArea says
This type of ridiculous petty shit rubs normal middle class society the wrong way and a contributing factor to why Trump was elected.

Yes, absolutely!

Trump's greatest source of support comes from the SJW crowd. The left needs to reject and spit out those SJW's and get back to the real work of the left: representing labor in their struggle against capital.
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Lol, today I got a Christmas card that said:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Why just sit on the fence when you can impale yourself on the fencepost?

The root of my objection to the insipid "Happy Holidays" non-greeting is the clear demand that America change beyond recognition to accommodate new minorities, rather than demanding that immigrants change to accommodate America. Our ideal used to be the "melting pot", of which I am a proud Irish-Jewish-Polish American product. "Happy Holidays" deracinates our whole country, makes us nothing but a generic and depressing strip mall for the world, with no history and no specific identity. We are nowhere and no one and nothing every time someone says "Happy Holidays". Just dollars and an increasingly porous and irrelevant border to be exploited and manipulated by elite globalists and anyone who gets here tomorrow, legally or not.
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No, where did I say anyone should be forced to celebrate a Christian holiday?

What I'm saying is that the majority should not be subject to the tyranny of the minority.
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anon_3a245 says
errc says
What about cripples?


Who still uses that word?

Why not use "cripple"?

Are we to be chased to the ever-receding horizon of acceptable euphemisms as each one in turn is scorned for signifying exactly what the previous one signified?

Again, it's the tyranny of increasingly hyper-sensitive and hyper-fragmented minorities egged on by SJWs who care only to show that what they really care about is showing that they care.
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No one likes being reminded that they are going to die.

Worst-conceived app ever.
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I have to admit she does not have the light of genius in her eyes, but then, her eyes weren't the first place I looked, either.
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"Detailed descriptions of the robbers were not released by police."

Why not?

Instead, that very sentence on is interrupted by a big article talking about a policeman who had sex with a 17 year old girl.

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Lol, if you search for more details, you simply find that the same thing happened on Oct 1st this year in the same place:
According to BART police, the robbery occurred around 9:50 p.m. while the victim was in the station’s west parking lot.

She was approached by two black male suspects, police said. One suspect was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, with his face covered by a bandana.
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WorkInProgress says
Patrick - did you know that Realtors cannot use the term/word "walkable" in their advertising? It is insensitive to those who cannot walk. Fucking crazy.

@WorkInProgress excellent find. Got a link?

PS sorry I had to jail one of your comments, but "I think you need mental help" is definitely a personal attack, not an attack on the point.
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anon_670d2 says
discriminating against historically oppressed groups

But what if the definition of the group is simply that they enjoy an ancient and well-known vice, like alcoholism?

The religious point of view is that homosexuality is simply the vice of sodomy. And so far, science seems to back them up reasonably well. For example, if gayness were purely genetic, then identical twins would be identically gay or straight. But they are not.

Personally, I don't care what consenting adults want to do to each other and would make no law stopping them from that. But again, here we have the tyranny of a minority, demanding that the majority conform, to accommodate minority tastes and desires.
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I think it's funny because it's true.

All humor has some element of truth to it.
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Lol, good find. Yes, the B in LGBT is a tacit admission that there are exactly two genders: the one that creates eggs and gives birth and the one that creates sperm and impregnates the other.

It's kind of funny that anyone even considers questioning it, since by necessity their own parents are exactly two, one male and one female. As is the case for every single human being ever. And every mammal. And every bird. Etc. Maybe when you get down to ants and other insects the genders actually vary from just two (queen, worker, drone).

My sympathies for those that deny their own biological reality. They may be doing it out of some kind of pain, but are causing themselves and others yet more pain. Reality does not negotiate this point, and the mental gymnastics necessary to pretend there are additional genders are exhausting and futile.
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anon_2919c says
The delusion that there are more than two genders does not harm anyone.

I disagree.

When blindingly obvious reality can be denied, and the denial made into law so that others are forced to deny reality as well, then rationality and basic science are under threat by a kind of religious fundamentalism. Yes, far leftist beliefs are religion, however well-intentioned their advocates may believe themselves to be.
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anon_9fa04 says
anon_8f378 says
People didn’t vote for him due to schadenfreude,they voted for him because they weren’t being represented or respected by the liberal minority. I personally am enjoying witnessing the consequences of the liberal’s hubris and Trumps masterful antagonism of them.

Yes, exactly!
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That's not true.

A little snark is OK even for anons. Just don't make it personal.

Clue: using the word "you" is probably a personal attack.
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Ah, The Daily Stormer is not dead. It's now dailystormer._red_, to put a rhyme on it.

It is an encouraging sign for our democracy and freedom of speech that our corporate overlords were not able to entirely dictate what we are allowed to read.
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anon_fe1ba says
No-go zones are real. Hell, most of Chicago is a no-go zone.

I'd say about half of Chicago is no-go, and all of Detroit.
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The girlfriend of a Schwab executive was killed by similar dogs in her SF apartment building. It was big news at the time:
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Yes @FP the markers of female beauty are generally indicators of fertility. For example, long hair is proof that the woman has not been sick enough to lose her hair recently. Young women are more fertile and considered more beautiful. Fat women tend to have fertility and health issues, so there would be selection against seeing them as beautiful.

Facial symmetry is an indicator of general health as well:
Even big eyes may be an indicator of fertility:

According to researchers at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, their study is the first to demonstrate that female facial appearance is connected to reproductive health. Estrogen levels determine the development of facial features, and the more estrogen a woman has the healthier and more fertile she tends to be.