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Why do gorillas have big nostrils?
They have big fingers.
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We will have to get back to them in a few years to find out if it worked.
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This supports Reality’s statements above. Very interesting facts and they explain a LOT about why women are SO vastly underrepresented in high tech, mathematics, physics, and as CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. They’re working against a deck that Nature stacked against them.
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Just a theory, but what if different components of intelligence are located on sex specific chromosomes? Say, more of them corresponding to emotional intelligence on the X chromosome and more correspondence with spatial and abstract reasoning on the Y?
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It’s always business.
The press is pushing this nothingburger of a story so hard because Trump’s numbers are surging with black Americans and they need to make him racist again to limit the black voters who leave the plantation!
It’s a dirty trick, but then again they have been playing Nothing but dirty tricks on Trump since he threw his hat into the ring.
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TwoScoopsOfWompWomp says
8/14/18 Update: Rasmussen, which does Likely Voters rather than less reliable Registered Voters and certainly the laughable "All Adults", has Trump +1 Approval.

This poll was the most accurate for predicting election 2016. RCP averages in a lot of super questionable polls with extremely divergent results to get their number. GIGO!
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Another Leftist experiment. Surely this one will go better than all the other ones! Communism is flourishing. State control of speech and all human behavior has been a success.
And trannies are happier without their dangly bits!

Oh wait...
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The FBI is overly politicized with relics of the past administrations. A total housecleaning of all politically appointed leadership must be conducted before it may be trusted once again.
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Wifey and me are #1 mostly. We try to be #2 as we can but the pay so far isn’t as enormous as that would take to get rich that way.
So we save and invest and also have three pensions being funded towards retirement.
As long as the financial system doesn’t break down into cannibal anarchy, we will be aight. If Armageddon happens, no amount of money is going to help anyway.
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Most grocery stores contain all the ingredients you need to cook healthy meals, but most shoppers just want ease and convenience so they buy the processed shit to save time.
Cooking your own meals using fresh ingredients will definitely improve your health.
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GOPe takes it in the shorts.
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bob2356 says
She was the worst candidate the D's could have dredged up and she still terrifies the right wingnuts

Considering the sheer frequency of accidental or incidental deaths of all the people who’ve claimed to have evidence of Clinton Crimes, I wouldn’t want to be on her radar either! The idea of that murderous hag in charge of the most powerful country on earth gives me the cold shivers!
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When you have a huge religious organization that selects for its officiants only men who aren’t interested in marriage or women, what’s the chances you wind up with a bunch of mostly homosexual pedophiles?
Seems high to me, right now.
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The Catholic Church is truly messed up.
People attend church and put their kids in church activities so they can acquire moral standards and live a balanced life. To have priests sexually abusing and corrupting those kids is the largest betrayal I can imagine.
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Sounds like a good start.
Last thing we need are junkies polluting our public spaces.
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MrMagic says

That's why you also need lead and brass as part of your investments

I stocked up on Fathers Day! Lots of sales on ammo then!
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bob2356 says
Are we still waiting for the next BLOCKBUSTER that is sending obama/hillary to jail?

As fun as it was to watch on live tv, actually sending your political opponent to prison after you win an election is impossible unless you want to cross that line that divides banana republics from democratic republics. As much as she deserves it, she’s bulletproof against further prosecution, nevermind that she’s been tried in the court or public opinion and found to be just as awful as suspected.

A few more years and she’ll shuffle off this mortal coil, but hopefully not before she finishes the destruction of her party.
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Btw the same rule above applies to Donald Trump’s situation. There’s no possibility that he would be sent to jail for any such crime of which he’s been accused. He probably could shoot someone on fifth avenue and get away with it, simply because in the end, it’s not law that governs the masses but emotion. You send a sitting president to prison, and you create a shitload of radicals out of his supporters. Unless he’s clearly guilty of something radically heinous, he won’t even be impeached. The threat to stability and the ABILITY TO GOVERN is just too great! If let’s say the Democrats win big in November and get a majority needed to impeach Trump (for whatever silly charge they’ve threatened), we’d have a MOB of supporters ready to burn down the capitol building. This is just a reality. When the rule of law is twisted to such a fundamental level, the people become ungovernable. This is a problem for kings and petty tyrants as well, but we don’t have the gestapo and police state in place to contain such an internal threat. A few million people with guns marching on DC to free the POTUS would absolutely break the nation’s unity and we’d likely have Civil War II unless saner heads prevailed. More likely, the Congress critters would suddenly come to the belief that Trump was not guilty and restore him to power... before the mob got there.

Messing with the root of government just isn’t done by any politicians worth their wages.
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Sodas are fucking poison.

You can tell by how many of ya are afflicted with diabetes. It’s a truly epic number. If we suddenly lost the ability to manufacture insulin, CME or comet or some other civilization wide disruption, tens of millions would die off within a few months.
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Show her your jury is hung and see if she wants to get you off easy or come down hard-on you!
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Oh gee, you just HuffPosted all over this place. How embarrassing!

Seriously though, have you been watching the primaries and special elections? The Trump effect is fully in play, and our POTUS is acting the kingmaker. Special election in Ohio won by Trump endorsed candidate. Primary challengers endorsed by Trump bested many an incumbent GOPe. Trump is actually popular, even if it’s unpopular to talk about that. So basically people like him but don’t feel comfortable with speaking out about it in the overtly hostile environment the legacy media, corporate culture, and educational political system which are extremely hostile towards anyone professing support for the President.
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That’s what happens when communists and radicals take over the school system. They brainwash the youth to think their way. Make the kids think they are smart for parroting back the party line and they’ll defend your ideas even if they don’t make any sense. Because if that’s true, then they won’t feel smart anymore! They’ll feel stupid and used, and nobody wants to feel that way. It’ll happen anyway, just takes time and hard knocks administered by a cruel and uncoddling world.
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Learn something useful and stop being such a goddam racist! Sacrificing ones self on the altar of political correctness is completely and utterly useless to anyone. Stop letting other people tell you what is true. Think for yourself! That’s the only right we ever really have! Don’t abdicate it because someone else thinks you should!
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Why do people have to use YouTube? Does YouTube host porn? No? Then porn doesn’t exist right? Or people don’t go watch it?
Or could there possibly be an alternative “YouTube” type site out there that DOES host this content?

Same with banned political speech. If there’s not a site then that means there’s a market niche that’s open for exploitation.
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Literally three minutes of searching brought me to this:

Tons of videos on there which are banned from YouTube! Looks like some interesting stuff!
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Automan Empire says
Comparing this to the Sinclair broadcast is disingenuous as fuck, and you probably know it.

Why would you think we would wish to defend Sinclair’s effort at propaganda?
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Musk is pushing tech on the cutting edge. Of course there’s risk to this strategy, and he’s made mistakes (like trying to fully automate car production). However he’s also putting his money out there in an attempt to drag the human race back to space exploration, and building cars that are seriously cool. He’s the entrepreneur needed to dream big enough to actually change the stagnation that’s mothballed our space program into the boring drudgery of bureaucracy.

I wish him well.

I also want a space force! Go Trump!
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Gawd will you two get a room? You’re ruining a perfectly nasty thread with your stupid slap fight!
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He should have staged it in a red state.
At first I agreed that it seemed like a silly idea. Why do we need soldiers and tanks parading through the streets?

Then I thought about young people and the recruitment value of such a display. The military spends billions on recruiting each year, and this one show of the men women and machinery of war would do more to spark a fire in a generation of pothead youngsters than ten times the number of recruiters sitting in strip malls hoping someone comes in to sign.
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Evan F. says
Musk's fans, I would venture, are definitely liberal leaning.

Liberal doesn’t mean Left. Lots of Leftists are conservatives who don’t like Musk because he’s not. I’ll agree with your statement tho. I break from the right wing conservative crowd here on Patnet over Tesla and Musk. I think what he’s doing is great! He’s taking risks and taking tech further than our government has been able to do. Yes, he’s taken subsidies and government contracts. But he’s delivered on those contracts! We as taxpayers are getting more for our money funding companies like SpaceX than funding NASA.
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FortWayne says
Old people were thrown onto the street in the past because property taxes were higher than mortgages. And being old on fixed income is hard.

How about we keep common sense tax law then like Alaska does? At 65, a homeowner gets to pay 25% property tax until they die or sell the place. Retirees are thus protected without giving elites unnecessary tax breaks at the expense of everyone else. Prop 13 needs to go, and be replaced with something like this for retired folks.
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LeonDurham says
Dems are party of Bill of Rights and they believe in freedom of religion, so they applaud the underdog being elected.

Let me correct that for you. Democrats are the party of cultural Marxism, which preaches that equality of OUTCOME is the greatest virtue, and anytime there is inequality then a crime has been committed by the strong against the weak.
With me so far?
Now whichever groups are historically the weakest or least successful are then deemed to be on the receiving side of racism, sexism and bigotry which MUST be the reason for their failure as a culture! Islam fits nicely into the “failure” paradigm, so by Leftist thinking: Muslims must be oppressed! Therefore any success of theirs is to be celebrated and any criticism of Islam or Muslim behavior is RACIST and just more of the strong oppressing the weak!
Still with me?
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LeonDurham says

No, because that's BS. Dems want equal opportunities, not equal outcomes.

Uh, have you paid ANY attention to the news these past ten years? Socialism and equality of outcome are all the rage in Leftist circles. Racism is always to blame if outcomes are different. In fact, if I cared to dig up a few dozen of your OWN posts delineating this....

The Democrats are very against the bill of Rights and the first Ammendment in particular. We’ve seen unbridled censorship, restrictions against speech, assembly, and religious expression if the speech, assembly, or religion is NOT Leftist approved!
Your statement is exactly wrong. Perfectly diametrical from reality. It’s so false that it’s not even pants on fire, it’s GALACTICALLY WRONG!
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curious2 says
Tim Aurora says
Trump is very near to impeachment

Please define "very near."

BTW, IRL, a friend expected him to be removed more than a year ago. It's like when people say the world will end in 2012 or whatever. It helps to get a specific date, because otherwise they keep saying "near...."

Perhaps if they used more traditional language:
“The Impeachment is Nigh!”
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Agreed @strategist
Move the leeches out to the desert! Leave the good locations for the people who work here!
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It’s Cultural Marxism at work. Any time a vulnerable minority is victimized it must be the fault of white people somehow.
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LeonDurham says
I'm simply showing you that that is incorrect and the Obama economy was, in fact, better than the Trump economy has been (thus far, anyway).

Using wage growth adjusted for inflation. Since we actually had DEflation during Part of Obama’s reign of terror, even completely stagnant or declining wages look better on such a chart. Our inflation rate was extremely modest during the rest of it, which also helps “real wage growth” numbers, as does rehiring as people went back to work from the worst recession in 80 years.

Trump is taking an already recovered economy and packing it extra full of jobs and wage gains. Meanwhile Obama era immigration policies continue to hamper wage gains, and corporately owned politicians in both parties argue for MOAR CHEAP LABOR. Siding with the enemy of the workers isn’t going to win you any friends.
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Was interested but you’re so long winded and boring i couldn’t make it through to the important bits, even skipping ahead a bunch of times. By 12 minutes in I gave up and googled it. I didn’t find anything about any such executive order.
You sir are fake news!

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