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Five months later and this post is even more true. Now Trump’s lawyer has what Mueller has, and said it’s not only nothing, but it’s proving To be exculpatory! And Leftists everywhere are losing their shit, doubling down on conspiracy. The price of tin foil is going through the roof!

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The assertion that the Trump campaign collided with russia to get Trump elected was a lie, a fabrication, a fiction created out of whole cloth by the Hillary campaign, the DNC, and a whole fuckload of NeverTrumpers which took on a life of its own and eventually became a quasi-religion. Mueller was the high priest and released sanctifying subpoenas to appease the masses of whining Leftists. It was all very sad and frustrating for those of us who hadn’t lost our damn minds.
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Ahem, the GOP had a solution: arm some teachers and put a guard in every school. Democrats hated it and blocked it from happening, choosing instead to try for disarming the public...somehow.

I think the Left has more culpability for these tragedies than the Right. Still hasn’t been an NRA member who has committed a mass shooting. Overwhelmingly, the shooters have been nihilistic Democrat types.

Seems like we should make everyone join the NRA if we want to stop school shootings!
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marcus says
Proof: The outright and total inability to distinguish between outright lies and fantasies versus facts and reality.

Clearly English is not your thing. This is neither a proof, nor even a sentence! In fact, I suspect we all are a little dumber for having read it.
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Well that sort of shoots the global warming theory right in the fucking face.
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It’s been chilly on the west coast as well. My pool refuses to heat past 70°! Our days are low 60s to low 70s, which I personally don’t mind. However it’s not usual for this season which trends warmer.
I think the solar minimum is having an effect that’s actually visible.
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Patrick says
Isn't it time for stories on how the entire thing was simply slander by the mainstream media?

That would require honesty and introspection on the behalf of our clearly propaganda mainstream media. I wouldn’t hold your breath for any mea culpa’s. They’ll ignore whatever doesn’t fit their narrative, downplay it, whatabout it with some other scandal, and try to sweep the whole thing under the rug. With the millions of articles and hyperbole about the topic, however, this is going to be like trying to sweep the Titanic under a 4 foot throw rug.
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Great publicity for the GOP candidate! Very few people, and even fewer adults, support the trans bathroom movement. Most are pissed off or at least unhappy about the direction California has chosen to go in that respect.

Or have we forgotten the ‘08 election where brown people came out in record numbers to elect Obama, and yet voted against homosexual marriage being valid in the state of California!?

Lefty SJW issues are only popular with Lefty SJWs.
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It’s better than ethnic cleansing or driving them all into another country as refugees. When people hold dear such poisonous beliefs, you can either banish them or force them to relinquish their beliefs. But if you do nothing, you run the risk of the more intolerant society conquering your more peaceful society through sheer intransigence.
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Bob is correct about shells.
That is all.
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Wait... so Putin is bad and deals with Putin are treasonous...until Trump opposes those deals and then they are completely correct in every obvious and morally certain way?!

Trump is Putin’s puppet, but if Trump opposes Putin he’s a traitor?

You Lefties need to get your stories straight. Your “narrative” makes about as much sense as a Rorschach diagram drawn by an autistic weasel!
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TwoScoopsOfDragonEnergy says
The complainant is seeking $50,000 for "immense harm to my dignity."

How much dignity could a guy who dresses in drag and goes out in public pretending to be a chick actually have? I’m thinking about $3.50 worth of that. Tho I might be a tad high on that estimate.
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Goran_K says
I’m confused, who is higher on the oppression totem pole; trans, fat, Muslim, or black?

I believe the primary rubric used to scale these “victims” is by how disruptive and alien they are to American society. Fat? Hah, half of us are fat, so that’s barely anything. Black? You get some consideration, but don’t push it by voting Republican, or you’re off the reservation! Trans? Yah that’s weird, you’re definitely disruptive and hard to place, so huge consideration. Again, just don’t vote anything but Democrat or piss off the Feminazis too much. Muslim? Well you’re never going to assimilate, you don’t really like other Americans, and feel that they should convert to your religion or die. You demand special rules for work and recreation. You encourage suicide bombers and gunmen to attack soft civilian targets, and you frequently shout “Death to america!” You’re the worst possible fit of them all, which means Democrats love the SHIT outta you!
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Feux Follets says
Beliefs can be false, unwarranted by evidence or reasoned consideration.

They can also be morally repugnant.

Like the belief that infidels should convert or die? Or that people who leave your religion should be killed? How about the belief that homosexuals should be thrown from tall buildings?
But you love you some Muslims.
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You can’t fix stupid. As this post aptly demonstrates.
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bob2356 says
How will that happen? There isn't much capacity out there, right now. If exports to china actually ramp up they will have to come from exports that were going somewhere else, zero sum game.

You couldn’t be more wrong!
65% of containers put back on the ship to China are full of fresh California air and not much else. Which means that the shipper has to pay for a return trip without benefit of a cargo for all those millions of shipping containers. Putting cargo in those empties would reduce shipping costs, increase American exports, increase profits for American companies, increase demand for American products, create American jobs, and cause American wages to rise.

That would be enough to make it worth it right there, but we can add a booming economy to the mix and it’s hard to accurately quantify the absolutely splendid number of positive things this would do for BOTH nations!
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Long Beach Container Terminal is already automated with fully modern cranes for ship and yard, with electric yard “trucks” to shuttle the cans around the yard. It’s a truckers paradise with great turn-around times for loads, but still struggles to be competitive unloading ships. 18-22 moves/hour isn’t great when the best non-automated terminals can do 32 on the regular.

As far as the ILWU goes, sure they fuck around to get a great contract for their workers. They get away with more shit than anyone believes, and pay millions when they get caught. But you know what? They manage to enforce a “tax” on offshoring labor to Asia that goes directly to working people and their communities, and thus into the economy at large. The money they claw back from shipping costs would otherwise just be another 5% profits for people and corporations that already make more than their share from taking advantage of poor Chinese workers.

I’m pro-America, not pro-wealthy elite hegemony. So I think that is great!
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Feux Follets says
if Potus were to fire them like Reagan did to PATCO - how would that be ?

Well, in all honesty, the average lay person could be trained to do any of the jobs the ILWU workers do inside of three months, and that includes the highest skilled jobs like hammerhead operator. Most of the jobs wouldn’t even take that long.
But what happens when the new stevedores decide to form a union or join the east coast ILWU? All our left coast states are pro-labor, so there would be no hang-ups. We’d be right back in the same mess inside a year. Better for all concerned if the shippers sit down with labor and work something out, even if costs go up. That throw pillow going up $0.05 isn’t going to break anyone’s budget. Most of the time it’s just egos in the way of a fair deal for all. Egos on the union side sometimes, and even more often it’s junior managers trying to gain hardass reputations on the company side.
At least that’s what I’ve seen.

I might be a trump supporter, but I’m also hard labor. I’d be a Democrat if this was 60 years ago, but with their disdain for labor, today’s DNC party has nothing I like. Teachers can strike if they must. So can doctors if they are being treated or paid poorly. And studies in countries where doctors are actually unionized show a DROP in deaths when doctors go on strike. Odd, but true.

The big thing I’m for are people who work. Other than protecting property rights, I could give a shot about the wealthy owners or the indigent poor. The first class doesn’t need my help or regard, and the second mostly doesn’t deserve it. Want to make me care about you? Get a job!
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If my buddy was attacked by a cougar, I’d toss him a few condoms and laugh at him the next day.
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TwoScoopsOfDragonEnergy says
Longshoremen aren't angels

But they are extremely diverse! That should count for something in SJW-ville. Too bad it won’t because SJWs are hand-puppets of the globalist elites. Anyone who is taken in by their extremely transparent bullshit is a fool.
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CBOEtrader says
The health coach is due to obesity, btw.

And that’s the problem with insurance. It just pays for sick care, not wellness intervention or preventative care. If you are a fat fuck or have diabetes or a plethora of other diet-related illnesses, you get a doctors visit, some insulin and some pills. You get no strategy for improving your life, just prolonging your eventual death and multiple amputations.

My wife is a registered dietician. Unfortunately, due to insurance companies intransigence, she can no longer accept health insurance from her clients. She will do a superbill, but that just puts the onus on the client to attempt to get reimbursed from their insurance company. The problem is that insurance companies don’t want to pay anything, don’t pay anything unless every last sheet of paperwork is filled out to their specifications, is reviewed, sent back, mulched, resubmitted, and sent to a senior executive. Then they might pay $20 for a $200 bill.

It’s clear that insurance companies exist to pay out for expensive procedures, not to encourage health. If everyone was healthy, they couldn’t raise their rates, and their profits would dwindle.
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CBOEtrader says

The same can be said for giving yourself to Jesus Christ and thus not going to Hell. It cant be empirically proven until its too late.

Climate change = religion.

Indeed, the entire argument of global warming is very similar to Pascal’s wager.
1) Since God, heaven, and hell cant be proven, best to act like God exists and cover your bases, else we risk Hell.
2)Since Global Warming and catastrophic climate change can’t be proven, best to act like it is real else we risk dying in an inferno.
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Feminism eh? Maybe she can be the first to abort a royal baby!
Wouldn’t that just bring everyone in to the cause?
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I don’t let my kids do social media. There’s nothing good ever going to happen to them from using that. And the downside is astronomical.
It’s much better they ride their bike to a friend’s house or play outside doing something active.
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just_passing_through says
They hate cars.

They hate other people’s carsand how they slow them down on their way into work.
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I’ve known about this practice since the summer I spent selling used cars. Dealers call it “holding points” or the “back end” of the deal. It is certainly not to the advantage of the customer!
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That’s what she gets for going to a rap concert.
Stupid girl thought a black rapper would treat her fairly? Next send her to Afghanistan wearing a bikini and a bottle of Jack, she’s dumb enough to go!
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Aphroman says
Not sure if you even realized it, but you quoted his question and proceeded with a whole bunch of buzzwords that have been marketed at you heavily, without ever attempting to answer the question.

If you don’t understand even this much of the Shipping industry, how do you know that I didn’t answer his question? My point was that the capacity is there, fully there, and would actually make things run better if it were utilized.
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If only half of the 60 million people who voted for Trump donated to this cause, they’d each have to donate $666 to get to the 20 billion. That number is inauspicious at best, and a bit high for the average family.

Still, if you could write it off as a charitable (uncharitable?) donation, many would be tempted!
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It would probably wind up saving us all money in the long run! Less benefits to pay out to illegals... higher domestic wages, etc.
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The real culprits are the liberal elite who bemoan the plight of the homeless at the same time they’re exercising the FUCK out of NIMBY policies, restrictive zoning, and filing environmental lawsuits on any housing project that dares to build. Those assholes need to be taxed until they cry uncle! Georgism would work for that.
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There’s a reason Africa is always overpopulated.
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We can thank the goddam Boomers for every sort of misery the government has inflicted on us since the late 90s. They’ve been in charge since then, and we’ve had one disaster after another, with a side helping of crushing debt, draconian fascist laws that violate the hell out of every right from speech to religion to bearing arms to being secure in our own persons from invasive butthole searches by power-tripping police. Basically, they’ve fucked everything up in the most Royal way.
If ever a generation would go down in infamy...
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marcus says
you people

You’re sounding more and more like a raycist! “You people” is clearly a dog whistle remark designed to denigrate people of Native American heritage.
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Idk about the evangelical fury you describe. From what I’ve seen, most of the hardcore evangelicals are Boomers, and that generation is aging fast. With age come aching joints, backs, hips, and too many pains to count as well as cancer. Marijuana is making big inroads for safe pain treatment, which is doing more to change minds of ganja teetotalers than ten stacks of medical literature. Hell, my mom actually used it a bit for pain, and she couldn’t be more anti drug.

The time for legalization is come. What’s sad is that the Democrats took so fucking long to get with the program. They’re barely even beating the GOP with adoption of the pro-cannibis platform!
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Aphroman says
Prove it

How about the former GOP Speaker of the House endorsing it? And here is an appropriately mainstream media source to prove it!

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If your business model doesn’t allow for paying your workers at least $15/hour, you need to either revise your model or close up shop, as the returns are just too measly to bother with and you’re wasting your time with it.
And yes, if you aren’t paying yourself at least this much, in addition to social security, you should quit doing it. Someone else will provide whatever service you are providing, and probably do it better.
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Personally I believe that the earth is a giant disc resting on the back of a turtle, which is supported by a bunch of giant elephants.
RIP Terry Pratchet!
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Hopefully they can create a hot chick who lays breakfast!
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Or maybe people aren’t as excited to live in Londonistan! George Clooney May have married a middle eastern woman, but he sold his London home last year citing safety concerns.
Unsafe areas don’t hold value well.

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