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He should just have an assistant who procures hot women for him. Take all the mystery and strain out of it. Sort of a poontang agent, casting the role of his girlfriend or short term lover. The dude is a billionaire! The agent would have the world’s easiest job.
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No problem! A steel fence can also be electrified. Try to cross or cut it and BLAM! Instant Chimichangas!
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Even if Mexico sent a check tomorrow, Congress would still have to appropriate it for the wall.
That’s how government works, boys and girls!
n00bz lolz!
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Heraclitusstudent says
A microwave oven uses frequencies around 2,450 MHz and, like other heat sources, it DOES cause some chemical changes.

Actually the way it heats is that the microwaves cause a resonance in hydrogen covalent bonds, causing them to vibrate in and out of energy states which causes thermal energy gain.
That’s why hydrogen-rich items heat fastest in a microwave. Like soup. But if you try to heat a gallon of soup in a large bowl, only the outside inch or so of the soup gets hot and must then transmit that heat through convection to the cold interior of the soup.
Or try it with a big bowl of mashed potatoes.

This is why you can heat a steel container in the microwave for a long time without it gaining any heat. No hydrogen bonds to speak of in the steel!
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I voted for the other guy. Don’t blame me.
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Bass is right. Fight the ticket with the judge not the cop. I just treat the cop respectfully and answer directly. Usually the guy just lets me off with a warning. If not, well, I did win one ticket fight in court once about 16 years ago. It’s possible!
I should really slow down...
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There’s no room for scientific thoughts or facts in science!
Only approved dogmas will be tolerated!
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marcus says
Could it be tendencies toward objectivity and above average intelligence ?

Yah if we apply intelligence to this behavior then half the country are fucking retards, ESPECIALLY the Leftist (atheist/secular) Jews. Honestly, if you are a Jew and you’re not religious, you’re just a white person with delusions of oppression and a racial superiority complex.
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Perhaps because of all the emphasis put on higher education, the smarter kids aren’t going into the trades at any sort of reasonable rate. Instead, they’re being carefully funneled into marginally useful degree paths, with limited remuneration capacity and oversupply of trained workers in that field. We have way too many lawyers and not enough electricians, pipefitters, and steel workers. And those we have are the ones who had a hard time doing high school let alone college.
Any smart, capable tradesman will naturally rise to the top of most shops. And since many or most are union labor, the wages and benefits are generally very good. Plus there’s often a pension involved, which is rare these days.
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Patrick says
I was quite surprised that feelings, to her, were more important than science

Is she a scientist or have significant science training/degrees? If not, then i don’t know why this is surprising. Women are emotional creatures and place the most importance on relationships. Men place more importance on doing things and understanding our world so that we can tame it and thus provide for women and the children we will make together. This is as nature intended it to be.
My wife actually is highly science trained and she still comes down on the side of emotion quite a bit on these sorts of issues. Maybe 50-50 on those odds for her.
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Glad I don’t have my kids in that district!
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You’re just saying that because abortion clinics have targeted black mothers as highest priority. Why do you hate black babies, Tim?
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Rocketmanjoe says

FACT – the reason why Americans have to worry about a government shutdown is because Trump refuses to pass a budget.

He refuses to pass an budget without a wall. Anything else is negotiable I think.
And Democrats refuse to negotiate. Their way or the highway.
I think Trump can hold out longer. At some point the Dem base will be so desperate they’ll be pleading with Pelosi to take any deal to get their jobs and welfare back!
At that point, Trump informs the Democrats that the wall just got ten feet higher!
He’s such an asshole!
I love that about him.
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Rocketmanjoe says
Unfortunately your opinion is in the minority, only 29% of Americans feel the way you do.

If this were an election year, that might matter. But the Democrats have to deal with the current POTUS for the next two years. Either they break and negotiate or Trump breaks, and Trump is dug in for the long run on this issue. If he breaks now, there will be no wall and he definitely won’t be re-elected. Furthermore, his legacy is toast and all anyone will remember is that he caved and didn’t do what he promised to do. He has absolutely no incentive to abandon this course.
But Pelosi is going to feel the heat really soon.
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Maddow as a source? Really? I remember him offering DACA plus a lot more for the wall but GOPe and all Democrats said hell no.
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I hear that Uber and Lyft are hiring. Maybe the furloughed workers could try to experience the majesty of the gig economy?
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Just repeal Prop 13 and you’ll have the money.

Make shit fair.
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willywonka says
Actually, they both likely have whitey in a woodpile ancestry.

She’s very attractive, that look is not possible with pure African roots. I’d guess nearly 50% white. And his skin is definitely not dark black, more of a milk chocolate. Why she wanna hate on her mixed race peoples?
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You wanna live in the desert? Get used to having water be an issue you have to deal with. Somehow everyone who lived in the Mojave soldiered on before Gavin Fucking Newsome.
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I love how this tax is super regressive and hurts the poor people the most! Just like the gas tax. Fabulous!
I wanna stick it hard to the poor who vote Democrat, just to show them what they’ll be getting.
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Post needs links
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But we can’t get five billion for a wall.
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True. Most poor people are stupid or lazy. Too stupid to understand how to vote and too lazy to find out.
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SJWs are really jumping the shark lately.
A lot of red pilling is going on.
The people who get their news from social media are especially getting exposed to some hard truth. It’s pretty obvious to anyone who watches the YouTube video of the incident that the kids weren’t aggressors and did nothing to warrant blame.
It’s hard to argue with video evidence, but it appears that the entire mainstream media is giving it a whirl.
I’m surprised that YouTube hasn’t taken it down yet.
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The only solution to this problem is widespread adoption of MAGA hats by conservatives everywhere with resulting drama covered by an increasingly hysterical mass media. Eventually everyone will be red pilled to the psychosis the media has generated surrounding that simple innocuous article of clothing. And the trigger will fade.

Those Covington catholic boys made a good start!
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Here we go. Mea culpa from a Leftist journalist who realized she’d been duped by fake news.
Red pill in action!

Good article Tov
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Onvacation says
I resist the urge to ignore you in the hope that you will say something entertaining.

You’re going to be disappointed. I gave him years to say anything the least bit enlightening or funny or worthwhile. Never happened. Now he’s on ignore.
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Why lie to the police? Either tell the truth or remain silent.
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Thanks for the fact checks Rocketmanjoe and D6rB

I hate fake news.
Of any flavor.
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I’d say he’s being proven right daily.
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Never watched the reboot. Looked like garbage and probably was. The paid reviewers were all jizzing in their shorts about it which means that it totally sucked but had become a totem of Leftism and thus must be supported with all possible media power.

Black Panther wasn’t bad, just odd and unbelievable. If you squint and didn’t think too much, it was entertaining enough, and the visuals were cool.

I especially liked how the mythical country of Wakanda full of tech-savvy smart black people built a wall and didn’t let any refugees into their country.
Then they established a mission outreach... in Oakland.
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Wow that was a hellish video!

Agree with RC. I’m on the neighborhood watch page and every single burglary or theft which has been caught on camera or the perps caught by police... it’s always Mexicans or blacks. Disappointing to say the least.
Cultural problems for both groups.
If people don’t belong here or have a buy-in to the country where they must be good citizens to be accepted or acceptable, they pull criminal shit constantly.

I haven’t had any problems with Latinos who are citizens or otherwise invested in their community. Generous and friendly people for the most part.

Just build the damn wall and only let people in who are going to be good neighbors instead of liabilities.
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Rocketmanjoe says
Also Trump was a Viet Nam draft dodger so it really is on point.

Everyone sane dodged that draft or got a deferment or whatever. It was a war of insanity and should never have been fought. If it happened to you, you would be on the first bus to Canada.
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Stolen valor would be just another one of his fully provable lies.
He’s established his credentials as an unrepentant liar. We should respect that and not believe a word out of his mouth.
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We need more deplorables like that kid. He’s going to be a national hero when this is over. Maybe he can wrestle David Hogg on WWE or something.
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Yes the mail in ballots could not be less secure. The only thing you’d need to game that system is an army of Leftist “volunteers” or a few billionaires willing to contribute covert cash to an army of temporary workers.

I’m fairly sure that this happened in California. Voting day results completely changed on several key ballot issues by twenty point swings once mail in ballots were “counted.”
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marcus says
There is no such thing as truth.

So you wouldn’t mind being locked in a box with poison gas triggered by the possible decay of a radioactive isotope?
You’d neither be dead nor alive. The purest form of untruth!
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We spend $750 billion dollars on “defense” but can’t find 5 for a wall to actually keep out the threat?
Some defense...
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It’s like they think voting Democrat will fix what the Democrats broke! Sure are a lot of complete fools living there, the grand majority I think.
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Right? Oh and after we completely destroy several Middle East countries full of people who didn’t like us BEFORE we bombed the shit out of their homes, we import a few million of them?

It’s like our leaders wanted to destroy America.
Pretty sure that was his plan.
But now we got Trump and MAGA.
Nehemiah on the wall.

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