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Equal opportunity also doesn't exist, not anywhere in the world. There are unequal chances people get with
1)loving vs abusive parents
2)rich vs poor families or even no family(orphan)
3)good schools vs poor schools
4)family connections used for
a)school admittance
b)getting offered jobs
c)getting help with housing
5)health inequality. Not everyone is born with a healthy body or keeps it that way.

Most people I know got their job through family connections. Hell, I look around and every homeowner I know under 40 was given either a down payment by their parents or a place to stay free while they built up one. Or just given a house or inherited a house. I'm the only one who had to do it all myself. Maybe that's more satisfying in the end, but you can't argue that we all had equal opportunity.

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Well, considering that Bannon is back as CEO of Breitbart news, it could be a divide and conquer strategy. Breitbart is really taking off as a news entity, surpassing many of the established News sources in viewers and subscribers. Bannon could take it to a point where it rivals Fox News for market share, and just like that you'll have a POTUS-friendly major news corporation.

Considering how well Breitbart has done at tapping into the voter discontent with establishment government, there's no reason to think they won't continue increasing their influence.

If things go well, I could see them organizing a "primary the RINO" campaign next year, whereby we get rid of entrenched GOP politicians who aren't serving the people, and replace them with GOP newbies who promise to do better. That could make a YUUUUUGE difference in the second half of Trump's first term.

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Get a life. Seriously.

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marcus says

Dan8267 says

There was nothing good about the Civil War, and quite frankly it's embarrassing that America is the only nation that had to fight a civil war to end slavery.

It's like everything, follow the money. The South's economy was totally dependent on slavery at the time so it's not that surprising that they fought against ending it immediately. Not defending it at all - just saying it's understandable given capitalism. Hell, if not for the technology that the industrial revolution brought us, we would all be more or less slaves - that is if we even existed. By the way, many black Americans exist today because of their ancestors lives as slaves. Not that that makes it okay. But it is more complicated than you want to make i

I see a great parallel in modern times. The globalists are using slaves in other countries to make their goods cheaply and they have great economic incentive to continue doing so. In fact, our leaders enjoy slavery so much that they brought a legal form of it to America whereby foreign code monkeys can be virtually enslaved for a time to provide cheaper labor to their owners.

When this status was threatened, the globalists have gone to war, hefting the might of their international political alliances and media corporations against the President who is contrary to their slaving interests.

All that's missing is the shooting!

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YesYNot says

A more effective organization might just start trying to change how people see the black experience in the US today. Half of Trump voters already think that blacks have unfair advantage. Those people are not going to want to give an inch, because they are fighting to take back ground.

Exactly. Every single point she made presumed that white people are wealthy and actively keeping down black people, who she assumes are mostly generationally poor.
Lots of people are from poor families. Lots of familys spend a generation or two poor. But if your family is always and will always be poor, maybe there's something wrong with your family culture which is contributing to your wretched state? Such cultural defects will make you poor again no matter what you are given.
If given a house, you'll mortgage it and buy a new motor home and a Lexus and then fall behind on payments until you lose the house. Ten years later, you're living in the aging motor home and driving a beat-up old Lexus. In five more years you're broke ass poor just as before.

If a black person is poor, that means it's time for them to get to work to change that condition. Not try to get society to guilt a successful white person into giving them free shit which they will then squander.

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"Her daughter, Jennifer, allegedly exchanged sexual favors for money with another undercover detective"

Hmm. Is that detective getting paid to receive BJs?

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Dan8267 says

And as a Republican, this upsets you because it's another example of too much regulation of business. Entrepreneurs should be allowed to conduct business without all this government red tape!

Don't pretend you didn't frequent this establishment!

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Armenians get a bad rap. They're thought of as criminals and gangsters, fraudsters and con artists.
And that's because there's a high incidence of those things in every Armenian community in the USA.
So they get a bad rap as a bunch of untrustworthy people.
Is this fair?
Is it only fair because they're sort of white?
Is it then fair or unfair when blacks get tarred with the brush their high crime incidence promotes?
I think it's unfair... unfair on the individual level. On the group level it's fair. But it really sucks for black individuals who aren't that way to be automatically lumped in with their hoodlum thuggish peers. Especially since most black people in the USA are law-abiding citizens.

If blacks would just stop holding back other blacks, we could stop having to talk about their economic status as this incurable problem. But instead they blame all their troubles on the police and "racist whites" when the worst discrimination they'll ever experience is from non-whites.

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With the huge numbers of fairly wealthy Boomers staring down the grim spectre of Death, I expect longevity research to have a mini renaissance in the coming years! That's a good field to go into.

Some research on epigenetics has shown actual promise for reversing aging!

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YesYNot says

That is an unfortunate coincidence.

No. This is neither unfortunate nor a coincidence. The station managers made the heinous and blatantly discriminatory decision not out poor luck but poor judgment. This is no coincidence, but reflects a larger trend of "appeasement at all costs" of the ignorant and violent AltLeft. (Told you guys AltLeft as a term was going into common usage!)

I agree with the rest of your post. Lee should sue.

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At least he got an education! Most people who do that wind up as self-righteous bigots who think everyone else is a racist imperialist.

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Anytime the media mentions SPLC as their source, I tune out. They've been aggressively AltLeft for several years now, and have lost all pretense of credibility.

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Saudis export oil and hate.
That is all.

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Fucking White Male says

There's still pockets of Japanese in LA in Gardena, west LA, and a few other places. I grew up in one of those and can say you will not find more staunch, patriotic Americans than those of Japanese descent.

That's been my experience as well. I've never met an American of Japanese ancestry who was anything but polite, well-spoken, and a good citizen. In the pantheon of Asians, I'd rank Japanese at the very top.

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Women have to act like women to attract men. Acting like entitled bitches or make competitors just makes men say "no thanks."
It took me a bit of dating to find my wife, but when I met her I knew she was the right one.
My advice: find a nice midwestern girl, or one raised with those kid of values. The coastal elite girls are bitches without redeeming qualities who will fuck you over without a second thought.
As always, it's about family culture.
Don't pursue girls raised by feminists.

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I think a lot of people are scared of the SJWs out there, and don't say what they really think because they don't want their lives destroyed by ravening packs of massive hirsute lesbian ethnic studies majors. The media is clearly SJW promoting, and a willing accomplice of such fascist tactics. Under such adverse conditions, people will shut up and vote anonymously for the opposite party. It's how we got Trump!

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bob2356 says

So you would defend to the death the rights of antifa to speak out against white supremacists? I have very serious doubts about that.

That's extremely disingenuous, bob. Antifa isn't known for their "speaking." They're known for their violent and thuggish tactics. Even CNN got this bit right with their "Peace through violence" article on Antifa. What's wrong with you, that you are so ill informed?
Freedom of speech doesn't apply to rioting, beating people, and knifing people you suspect of having a different opinion.

I'm really surprised at you. I thought you were at least rational, even if we rarely agree on much. But here you are using a violent group of thugs as a free speech example!

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drBu says

komputodo says

My poll showed that 99% of college administrators and professors are more interested in getting students to pay as much as possible to attend their schools.

My pay does not increase with increase in tuition. If anything, tuition has gone up 3x since I started and class sizes are 2.5x higher. My pay is not up 7.5x. Not even twice, with 2.5x more work.

College instructors are under siege, caught between the influx of SJW-promoted diversity mandates, a desire for insourcing cheap help from overseas, hugely expensive and pointless athletics programs that suck the money from the system, and a trend toward hiring mass adjuncts to do the actual instruction and only hiring professors to apply for research grants (on mostly pointless and stupid projects of only virtue-signaling value) to pay their own salaries.
The field is pretty cutthroat, with shitloads of post docs applying for a few open positions, while most get relegated to poverty-stricken adjunct hell, where they need to be on food stamps and Medicaid to make ends meet.

Academia has been subverted by the athletic departments, the SJWs, and the gross burden of administration.

Students get a poorer education today than ever, because their instructors are mostly hugging the poverty line with little incentive to do their jobs well.

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The cartoon is a graphical description of actual carbon emission data. The USA leads the entire world in carbon emission REDUCTION, while china and India have been INCREASING their emissions every year by 5-10%. The USA has nearly cut emissions in half over the past couple of decades, and is on target to continue the trend with many green technologies being developed and adopted.
California alone gets nearly 40% of its daytime electricity from solar, to say nothing of wind and hydroelectric.
With the increasing adoption of electric vehicles (thanks to battery advances), the USA will be able to continue reducing emissions indefinitely.
All this without the Paris treaty.

Meanwhile China produces twice the carbon we do and India has just passed us.

Clear now?

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Fucking White Male says

There will still be a sizable minority that will blow their wad immediately and still in need of food, shelter, e

So let them get jobs or starve!
But think of the children! You say.
So take their kids and put them in the system. It'll free up mom or dad to get jobs and get busy being productive. And give them incentive to do better so they get their kids back, while keeping children safe from the ravages of poverty.

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Couldn't have happened to a nicer junta.
I'd say send more radical Muslims to this area and let's have a good war! We hate that government and we hate radical Muslims so maybe they'll kill each other off!

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I think the Leftists have become the most fervent religious zealots lately, choosing to believe in the Russia Collusion Story sans evidence. They think if they wish hard enough, defending their faith with 100 Our Muellers per day, the Russian Rapture will come and sweep Trump out of office!

It's kind of a kooky belief system, but hey, freedom of religion and all that!

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joeyjojojunior says

The Dems just want to investigate. To find out the truth

That's new for them. Most of the time their pet media is fully engaged in Hiding the truth! I think the more believable story is that they want to prove a lie! That would be more like the Leftists we know and hate.

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Dan8267 says

The best way would be with torrents and backups. Unpopular torrents can and do die, but popular ones are basically impossible to stop. The only way to stop a popular torrent is with international cooperation and gun-point law enforcement.

I think even gunpoint enforcement would be problematic if everyone used IP blocking software. My computer is currently in Denmark 🇩🇰 Or at least that's what my IP address would indicate.

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Dan8267 says

Or you could just make your life easy by deleting the accounts of the worst trolls.

Should we have a vote on which accounts to ban? Which do you suppose the most people would consider trolls? I know this guy who posts long winded rants, has a history of posting disgusting gay porn, constantly feuds with other users rather than having a civil argument, and bans everyone who doesn't agree with him. Sounds like troll #1!

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So a hurricane means Trump is wrong? TDS is really fucking with your head dude.

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Hah! That's some funny shit! Good one! Glad to know you still have that sense of humor 😄

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All that plus the lottery is a tax on people who flunked math.
Anyone with a reasonable grasp on statistics knows it's a total waste of time and money.
But get-rich-quick schemes continue to be a popular way for Americans to lose their money.

Half my FB feed seems to be people trying to get friends to come to their MLM pyramid scheme party to buy overpriced shit they don't need.

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New monicker for ya!

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We all have differing opinions about posts and posters, Dan. If you missed it, that was my point. Your troll is someone else's hero. And you are definitely a troll to many others here. Asking for authoritarian solutions is just like when the Jews got behind the philosophy of eugenics in early 20th century Germany. Then Hitler came along and applied that very authoritarian (and vile) thinking against them.

If you don't watch it, you'll be hoisted on your own Nazi petard!

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Arpaio represents Trump's most loyal fan base. There was never any way he wasn't going to pardon him. As a political statement, it's also a giant fuck-you to Leftists and globalists who oppose him on everything. He revs up his fans and pisses off the people who will never ever be happy with anything he does. Win-win!

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So it's considered "white" to get an education, get a job, and work hard?
It's considered "white" to be patriotic?
If these things were true, we should ban people identifying with any other color!
However, these Leftists don't speak for every color of American. I know plenty of non-white Americans who exemplify these virtues. Hell, I'm married to one!
So fuck off you mangy Leftists!

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Leftists like this are the best argument against everything they want people to believe. Fuck these illegitimate spawn of jackals and guinea fowl!

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First he's got to actually commit one of these "high crimes and misdemeanors." Just having a year of bad press isn't enough. I'm so often amazed at how weak-willed people are easily influenced by dishonest reporting. It's enough to make me want to bring back equal time laws on media. Truly, the Fourth Estate is a critical part of any functioning Democracy. If the people get only lies instead of truth, they can't make informed decisions about their futures.
The rise of Internet news and media like Breitbart is the ONLY mitigating factor of fake news right now.

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Looks like according to this article: Arpaio's actions were sanctioned unseen Bush II's Department of Homeland Security, but Obama's chiefs rescinded their blessing for him to continue enforcing Federal immigration law.

What is NOT actually in question is whether illegal immigration is against the law. It is and always has been. The question was whether Arpaio's police department had the federal authority to enforce immigration laws. He was accused of "cooperating with immigration authorities."

"Arpaio, the controversial sheriff of Maricopa County, which includes metropolitan Phoenix, has temporarily suspended all his immigration efforts after a federal judge concluded two weeks ago that the sheriff's office had racially profiled Latinos in its patrols, Arpaio spokesman Brandon Jones said."

So basically a court ruling said that Joe was guilty of racially profiling people for immigration checks. That's rich, considering the overwhelming appearance of illegal immigrants in that area.

Overall, the issue has been a political one, not a legal one. If one POTUS administration made it legal and sanctioned for the sheriff to enforce immigration laws, and another POTUS made it not so legal or sanctioned, then what has changed? Merely the political winds.

Therefore, as the political winds have once again shifted, it makes perfect sense for Trump to pardon the sheriff. It's a line in the sand, a political mile marker. It's MAGA vs the Swamp. To neglect to make this political statement would be to concede to the bully tactics of the swamp monsters.

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bob2356 says

So the answer is no times 2 that you would defend their right to speak to the death. Not part of the 73% then? The poll is a study in self delusional hypocrisy.

I'll defend the freedom of speech, even for Antifa assholes if they ever start speaking instead of just clubbing people. So far, Antifa has been militantly ANTI-free speech! I'd place them squarely in the totalitarian category, home of communists and fascists alike. It's where their ideas and tactics place them, and free speech is on the other side.

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HEY YOU says

What did your bride marry?

Some asshole who spends way too much time arguing with people on the internet...

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Well the residents of MD and Virginia vote Democrat so fuck em! They can experience some stompy boot action courtesy of their favored party!

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c0nfused says

after petition denouncing Indian leader and saying African heroes come firstThe

Gee I can't think of any. Does Idi Amin count?
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So you're saying that Chinese and Indian carbon is good and USA carbon is bad?