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Anything written by a Muslim is suspect because they have a totalitarian agenda.
This is known.
The only Arabs I'm willing to listen to are the apostates.
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It's time to pick on Iran again! Let's make their lives harder in hopes they'll overthrow their theocracy and bring back their rightful shah! Because that's worked out so well before.
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The FACT is that Mexico has always been a colony of Europe with a largely plantation-style economy. Wealthy land owners controlled that country before and after every so-called "revolution," and they still do. Why else would we see so goddam many Mexicans immigrating North for decades and decades? Use your minds!
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We MAGA types mostly already know that the POTUS is no brain surgeon, has sketchy morals, and a YUUUUGE ego.
How many times must I say it?
The Revolution is about the movement, not the orange guy! It's about taking back America from the evil idiots trying to turn her into another dictatorship, with their little elitist oligarchy in charge of it all. They've been working overtime to insert wedges between segments of our population. They want us to be enemies with our neighbors and friends. Divide and conquer is still a valid strategy. Some of us are aware and are resisting this attack on our national cohesiveness, national identity, our rights, and our Constitution.

I dare you to find a single Leftist who respects the Constitution and doesn't want to tear up large sections of it for "modern interpretation."

I dare you to find a single Leftist who wants to keep the Bill of Rights as is!

In short, we are besieged by totalitarian Leftists, and we have no choice but to #resist or we will abdicate our rights and freedoms to a ravening pack of self-righteous hyenas!
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Your meme would describe the Clinton and Obama Presidencies quite accurately.

Use your brain! BushII donors were all the same as Hillary donors!

Watching the partisan politics unfold in america is like watching WWE wrestling. Sure, there are two sides with a flashy competition, but they both work for the same boss! Fake politics, fake news, fake choices between bought and paid for candidates/wrestlers.
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The taxation has been going up every year via the cap. Last year it was $117k. This year it was increased 7% to $128k.
So don't worry, they're going to keep the Boomers in other people's money until they finally die.
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How'd they sneak that one through? Someone is going to be fired!
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I hear the first sign of AIDS is a severe pounding in your ass...
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Thats because it wasn't just Weinstein. He's just the one in the spot light because of the NYT article. Probably most of the Rich Jews of Hollyweird are buttfucking wannabe actors/actresses like mad and nobody dares criticize because they'll get blackballed.
Almost all the movies these days suck anyway.
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The best part is that these same Boomers who are bleeding retirements dry across America are keen to lecture their benefactors about hard work and making it on your own! They also seem strangely hostile to socialism, perhaps not understanding that their cohort is the greatest socialism experiment in American history.
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Not every issue SHOULD be up for a popular vote! The popular vote can be too easily swayed toward evil and anarchy. That's why you need a Constitutional Republic so you have general laws to follow which may not be easily changed. The Constitution is SUPPOSED to be rather inflexible! If it was too unspecific and too easily interpreted as widely as an imam interpreting the Koran, it would be of no use as a guide.

But feel free to insult instead of supporting your argument. I'm sure it really helps.
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As an American, your patriotic duty requires you to own a gun or five, practice with them enough to become competent, and stand ready as a hedge against government tyranny. Every government eventually becomes tyrannical, thus we must put ourselves as citizen warriors, set to defend our natural rights and liberties from governmental encroach. The mere fact of us being here as a potential force to oppose totalitarianism is usually enough to guard against it coming to fruition in the public square. However, we should also continue to use our free speech rights as a counter against Leftist and totalitarian propaganda intended to advance their agenda.

That's what I've been doing this whole time.

It's not about Trump.

It's about freedom..
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What I really want is a doctor who I can't understand performing procedures learned from a fourth-rate pay-to-play medical school in another language. That's the best kind of medical care around!

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Seems like the least LV could do, after Trump graces it with his royal presence.
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me123 says
The difference is you Bernie socialists want it NOW without paying into the system.

Uh no. Actually, I just want a fair deal. Unfortunately, the Boomfucks are going to bankrupt Social Security and both my pensions (which I WORKED for) before I even make it to retirement age. They won't consider taking less so those who come behind them have at least what they paid for. They want it all, they want to drain the system dry before they die.
How can anyone respect that?
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The best we can hope for is a glut of foreign doctors performing mass incidences of medical malpractice on aging Boomfucks.
Maybe in the end, their own failed policies will kill them off.
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Sorry but your narrative fails. I know a lot of Millienials, and they all have at least one full time job. They might be the hardest working generation, even though they have little hope of affording their own residence on the reduced wages and tremendously jacked up house prices the boomers were responsible for creating with their me-first policies.

If you want to blame anyone, blame the Boomers for not having enough kids to support them in their old age, and then creating policy and conditions that gradually made it harder and harder for their kids to become independent. This is well-established fact, and its sad that you are so ill-informed that you think your kids generation are the problem.
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His Muslim girlfriend yanked that leash HARD! Kaepernick might be working out like a demon to get in football shape, but as long as he's dating her, stirring up trouble, and riling football fans, he's pissing in his own wheaties.

But hey, I'm sure his next gig as a club bouncer will really make all that practice worthwhile!
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We have the police clear the homeless camps out every month or so when they start to fester. Then again, I live in Orange County. We pay high taxes here in my zip and expect the police to keep our neighborhood nice and free of derelicts.
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Evil is Live spelled backwards. So whatever is antithetical to Life in general is therefore evil. I would add things that reduce human dignity as the Diet Coke of evil. Like airport security. Just one calorie. Not evil enough!
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On a semi-related note, avoid girls named Nevaeh!
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HEY YOU says

Their history of action proves they are anti free speech and anti Constitution. Their stated views prove they are communists and violent agitators.

There is no reason to support such people unless you are one of them.
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Not everyone is as competent as I am.
Not that it matters.
People will continue to live their lives somehow, even if they have to call in a friend with a tape measure and a mediocre grasp of math to hang a picture.
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justme says
The employees have freedom of expression, including the freedom not to express the opinion of the employer.

Really? You're going to claim that every single Hollywood actor with an opinion just happens to have the exact same opinion as their studio employers and every other actor?

Every single newscaster has the exact same opinion about everything?

Or could it possibly be that they don't express their true opinions because toeing the company line is required of the job?
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Ok Dan, what would you think of a rally where they burned rainbow flags? Would that be "hate speech?" And how is that different from burning US flags? If it is?

My position is that both activities are free speech protected. However, like the White Supremacists at the Charlottesville protest discovered, freedom of speech only protects you against the government, not from being ostracized or fired if society or your company doesn't like what you said.
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me123 says
You should go ask all of Hillary's associates that question.

Too late! They all "committed suicide" before the hearings.

Otherwise, taking the fifth just means you're guilty of something and can't be compelled to rat yourself out. Doesn't prove fuck all about Trump.
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"The church shooting does no favors to the liberal narrative, so it must be ignored. The shooter was black. He’s a Sudanese immigrant. He killed a white woman. He was stopped by a good guy with a gun. If the races were switched and you removed the pesky pro-Second Amendment element of the story, perhaps it may have fighting chance to compete with choreographed protests in professional sports for airtime."

It's kind of a Leftist horror show!
I'm surprised they covered it at all!
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Dan8267 says
NFL players should be respected for taking the unpopular moral stand

Ok you're obviously not getting it. Perhaps a cultural divide is the issue, so let me break it down for you.
1. Fans like to watch football.
2. Fans often find it unbelievable that players get paid so much to essentially play a game. They also secretly envy the players for this privileged lifestyle, as it certainly is.
3. The players privileged lives are made possible by the dollars of fans who are mostly working class people with dreary or uninteresting jobs.
4. The fans have certain cultural similarities including patriotism, as their unifiers. Football acknowledges this with merchandise and traditions geared toward reinforcing a love of football as a quasi-patriotic past time. They even have fighter jets pass low over the stadium at each and every Super Bowl!
5. These fans fork out money for espn subscriptions, fan merchandise, tickets, beer, and memorabilia because they find unity with other fans in enjoying football.
6. When the players kneel in protest of the anthem, the fans see this a a break in the unity of love for sport and country. To them, the players are pissing on one of the key pillars that underpin their sport and thus their profession. When the players refuse to be patriotic, the fans see them as "the other," as outsiders, as foreigners reaping the rewards of the American football tradition while disrespecting our traditions in general.
7. This is intolerable to the fans that these privileged few would kneel, effectively saying that they are against the unity of country and tradition that affords them their very livelihoods!

You have to admit: when put in this context, the player protest is absolutely bonkers insane. If they wanted to quit and go be bouncers at various night clubs or day laborers pulling stumps, they should have just done so and not drug their sport down with them.
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Dan8267 says
You are entitled to nothing.

That's the exact lesson that Colin Kaepernick is learning right now. He's not entitled to a football career, even if he is an NFL class quarterback. He's not entitled to a risk-free consequence-free protest at his place of employment.

And neither are the other players. The NFL, their employer, is learning that it isn't entitled to fan dollars as their ratings drop and game attendance takes a nosedive. You must always first please the customer.

Thunderlips is correct. The NFL allowing and supporting these asinine protests is like Whole Foods dissing on vegetarians or Microsoft poking fun at computer geeks. Just stupid and self-defeating.
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Without the Constitution, any old flag will do for hailing. Might as well toss a hammer and sickle on there, or a crescent moon perhaps. Whatever your preference, jojo.
Meanwhile, Leftists sole job seems to be figuring out ways to thwart the Constitution, and enact a totalitarian form of government in America.
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jazz_music says

Dan8267 says
I've been boycotting Twitter my entire life

Nice that I'm not the only one.

Well whattayaknow. I've something in common with both of you!
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joeyjojojunior says
This should be interesting if the NFL really decides to punish protesting players. Nobody pays to see the owners walking the sidelines or watching the game from their skybox. It would be interesting if the players unite on this issue.

There's already an established system for punishing players who act against the owners wishes. They get fined. The fines can be quite large! Tens of thousands of dollars per offence! So I think this protest won't be worth it to many if the league gets serious about this. Nobody had to be fired. Fines will deter improper behavior just fine.
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All of these examples are better causes than the disjointed and emotional protest against the anthem. But they all got fined anyway.
$5787 for supporting breast cancer cure.
$5787 for wearing purple shoes to raise awareness about domestic violence (which kills 1700 women each year, way more than the few dozen wrongly killed by crooked cops).
$5787 for supporting the fight against bone cancer by a player whose dad died of that disease.

The league can shut this all down tomorrow if they want to.
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The best thing that could have happened to Kaepernick was that the league fined him properly for failing to adhere to policy. He would have stopped and then this story would have been over before it began. He would still have a football career, and probably had to break up with his SJW Muslim girlfriend.

Really, the league fucked up here. These players aren't smart. They didn't get pulled out of surgical residencies to run a ball down a field. They need guidance from the league to stay out of trouble.
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We did ask for post limit per day! Nobody needs to create more than four or five each day.

@Patrick can we stop the madness?
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He looks like a wannabe Hajji who the Hajjis thought was more valuable as a hostage.
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Mueller was just the bag man. Clinton collided with Russians corrupting agencies in return for fat speaking fees and $145,000,000 in donations to her private “charity.” That’s now established fact according to unveiled FBI investigations, and Congress has opened their own investigation.

I just find it terribly ironic that a DNC fantasy about Trumpian/Russo collusion which lacks evidence or any degree of reasonable pretext is being hotly pursued while a confirmed case of aggregious corruption by the other candidate was buried by the Obama administration for seven years
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bob2356 says
I also missed where the article said mueller was the bag man.
  Quigley   ignore (0)   2017 Oct 18, 11:24am   ↑ like (2)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote        

You asked for a link asserting Mueller was the bag man. I gave you the most Leftist site I could find which confirms that.
What’s the problem?

The Housing Trap
You're being set up to spend your life paying off a debt you don't need to take on, for a house that costs far more than it should. The conspirators are all around you, smiling to lure you in, carefully choosing their words and watching your reactions as they push your buttons, anxiously waiting for the moment when you sign the papers that will trap you and guarantee their payoff. Don't be just another victim of the housing market. Use this book to defend your freedom and defeat their schemes. You can win the game, but first you have to learn how to play it.
115 pages, $12.50

Kindle version available

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