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All the stuff with the Clintons and Bushes nothing happened, but because Trump is an asshole that doesn't play oh shit take him out.
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Anybody voting Bernie doesnt need balls.
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Racist trees, if they an't hanging you they are painting your car with pollen.
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SunnyvaleCA says
Booger says
Just eliminate all welfare programs. No tax increases are necessary.

The main purpose of the tax is to tamp down on predatory trading behavior, not to raise money.

Why not do both?
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What a fucking waste.
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Go do this shit in India Africa and China.
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WineHorror1 says
Important white people

wtf not what I expected.
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Next time Trump has a press conference about illegals he should just play this.
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Sounds like a big dindo nothing story.
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Maybe they were just enrolled in one unit of pe for discounted public transportation, and use of health office.
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That was a good show when I was a kid along with knight rider, Ateam
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About the same as that store clerk last year that was defrauding ebt and when busted went all fuck America.
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Tarantula says
Nice. None of the bizzaro right-wingers ride? Not surprising, as they are too afraid and hate FREEDOM!

Stupid to say people don't ride because of politics. Their are a lot of things people don't do when they are responsible for others especially kids. Almost every long term rider I know has had a serous accident, including my father that was tboned by red light runner. Even when I ride a bicycle I have to watchout for crazy drivers here even in the bike lane.
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26. Caltrans can't make smooth roads anymore, takes 20-50 year to finish a project.
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Goodbye democrates.
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That's why entitlements for families need to be flipped and given to the most productive, not societies dead weight. If a choice has to be made to assist burger flipper with 3 kids or engineer that needs help with three kids the answer seems simple.
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What's the point of a camaro with anything less than V8, also do they still make them in manual?
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Best just to go to car dealerships with loan already. I hate when dealerships talk in terms of payments instead of total amount its such a bullshit game.
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Prop 13 was suppose keep old people from getting taxed out of home not keep property commercial or residential from tax increases for perpetuity. Problem now is that CA government is horrible and will try to rip you off at every chance.
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mell says
Granny can scale down, sell her bay area shack for 2MM+, buy a 1-2 bedroom for half the price and live plentiful for the rest of her life, including higher property taxes.

In CA she can take tax she paying to the downsized home as long as the downsize is less than what she sells for.

Example she sells her 2m property she is paying $500 on and buy a 1.9m house and still pay $500.
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Its really bs that prop 13 house can be put in trust and kept in a family forever at low tax rate, businesses I believe are even worse because the tax rate can be kept down as long as originator keep a small share.
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Heraclitusstudent says
She'll probably change her mind after Trump is reelected.

Probably wait until a month before election.
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Can dems kick out a legislator for mental illness?
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She has surpassed all expectations.
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They make Trump look like a rocket scientist.
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We are being slow boiled over generations, crazy is being normalized over a long enough time period that people don't snap until its to late.
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People there don't care for the infrastructure and abuse it since they are not invested in it by way of taxes, fairs, or anything. Its a waste for a wasted group.
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tovarichpeter says
Actually it is supported by taxes and tolls and computers very much care.

But from what I've seen the few times I've used it that there are groups that don't. They shouldn't put any money into it until they are ready to first protect it and make it safe.
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Wtf does anyone expect from a Irish Mexican that's 150% chance dwi/dui.
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Tarantula says

That would be an easy two button push that goes together like ctrl-alt-delete
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Your seeing in this thread why dems are loosing it. Sara Palin, Bushes, McCain, all of the republicans running for 2016 can be called out and disliked by republicans even Trump. Dems on the other hand just keep defending the Clintons, their own people that should be in nursing homes, and now all of these communist/socialists that are becoming the new stars of the party. Dems need to stop worrying about Trump and clean their own house why they still can. I don't think most people want to see either party pushed to an extreme and both parties have their pros and cons when working correctly.
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He looks crazed.
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HeadSet says
So Colorado tells its own voters to fuck off, and will have California choose for them.

This is what I get out of it. Doesnt this just make democrats give even less of a shit for the states they have mindlessly locked down.

Wouldn't SCOTUS kill it?
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Tenpoundbass says
Why don't they make cars people want? And why are they trying to get $80,000 for a fucking pickup truck?

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MisterLearnToCode says
This is interesting, could be time for Gemany to finally drop the pretense and create the EU Army, controlled by Berlin, that the 4th Reich has always wanted.

I've always wondered if letting Europe be flooded with invaders was just the catalyst to create such a thing combining the right and the left.
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Flying saucers and orbital laser cannons, what rock have you been under the last 50 years.

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Wish you could see valuations over google maps, to see price changes on more local level. Are declines more in shitty areas?
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The decline and how many illegals that have flooded LA wave after wave is insane. The schools my parents and grandparents went to would be a minimum multiple beatings or death sentence by gangs now for my kids. My elementary school had next to no esl when I was a kid and was 60% white now it's 99% hispanic and has falling scores, lot of ESL. It's really sad when you witness it first hand, my kids couldn't even grow up, play, and go to school were I went.
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