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CBOEtrader says
Can only imagine how her crazy translated to the bedroom.

The look on her face during anal with those eyes.
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Make CA a living hell for the homeless, same with illegals.
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See no problem here she could have just said no and bailed. She's just mad it didn't lead to anything more.
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Anybody pics of slave girlfriend?
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Need drive by water cannons.
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This has been going on for a while. A few blacks have told me simular things.
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They just changed the name to homeless scene.
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Its amazing how much SF has changed in the last 20-30 years, nothing like what I remember as a teen.
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Giving legal DL to people here illegally=Democrates
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Just euthinize the homeless that are chronically crazy or drug addicts. Spend all the savings on people that can be helped and are just going through temporary hard time.
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Bring on the catapults!
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If only the FBI put half the effort into the Clintons.
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I have always been a fan of Sir Richard F. Burton and collect his first editions whenever I find them. He wrote once about Jewish ritual murder and blood libel draining Christians of blood in the 1800s sounds similar to this. Also translated the Vikram and Vampire tales of Hindu Devilry which dates Vampirism back to around the time of Christ. Pretty sure all primitive cultures have similar stories at one point.
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Everything from China should tariffed the shit out of until we at least come close to some sort of trade parity or at least close to everyone else. China backing down just shows how much they are fucking us and how far ahead they are. Anything that comes out of their mouths is probably bullshit 357B fuck that.

China - $636 billion traded with a $375 billion deficit.
Canada - $582 billion traded with an $18 billion deficit.
Mexico - $557 billion traded with a $71 billion deficit.
Japan - $204 billion traded with a $69 billion deficit.
Germany - $171 billion traded with a $65 billion deficit.
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Have a LG g6 had a g3 which I liked that's why I went with lg again.
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Not even with blackout beer goggles.
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Satoshi_Nakamoto says
They build statues like one in the pic below to persuade everyone to "surrender their knives".

Why does it look like Bill Murray?
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FortWayne says
I'd never vote for that!

These crooks try to split our CA into 3, to carve up among themselves, and I'll show them what 2nd amendment was meant for!

If you remove LA and SF areas CA is solid red.
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Waiting for liberals to start saying pot is bad Trump supports it.
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If that was a 40hr work week thats 438 an hour, and its for retirement how can it not raise red flags nobody should be rolling over for this..
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They also have a coach that is getting 46k a month in retirement, insanity.
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bob2356 says
Running a 3 billion dollar university and hospital with a salary of 1.7 million isn't outrageous. Sorry, but it just isn't.

Maybe that’s the problem not an excuse why is it a 3 billion dollar university/hospital, because they are overpaying paying people ridiculous sums of money.
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That kind of looks like Aids Skrillex closest to the camera.
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From golden state to brown shit.
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Maybe they could connect them all with lots of sky bridges this would add extra stability and make it so people could avoid the homeless and filth on the streets.
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My wife and I wanted to upgrade to a little bit bigger house but it would require us to more than double our property taxes going from 4.5k to 9-10k screw that. and that is for a house in the same area that we already live, most other people wanting to do the same but the property tax kills it.
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jvolstad says
How about Realtor's with their preferred lenders. Twice the slime.

That's always a red flag.
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What a fugly bitch.
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Trump has forced them to publicly show how bizzaro fucked upside down they are are. Hillary had almost complete backing of the filthy rich and dem party and its the same all the way down.
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bob2356 says
RC2006 says
Hillary had almost complete backing of the filthy rich

HIllary had the complete backing of the koch bro's huge network of ultra rich libertarians. Jesus, the amazing things you learn on patnet. How did infowars miss that?

Cock brothers were against Trump and put thier money towards his Republican opponents. Hillary had the majority of wealthy elite.

Doesn't even count all of the payola going to the Clinton Foundation.
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bob2356 says
The cook bro's network are the wealthy elite filthy rich. Now they are trumps cabinet. Are you really saying they gave almost complete backing to Hillary?

They did not support Trump being president and all of their republican choices lost. I never said they backed Hillary and they are not the only wealthy people in the game. Majority of the wealthy elites backed Hillary. You keep on focusing on the cock brothers they are not everything and they didn't have a winning horse in the race not sure why you keep focusing on them, maybe they are in there now but they were not at the start.
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Probably around the same half of Californians are not Illegals, the children of illegals, or amnestied or children of amnestied. Wonder what percentage of Californians are related to an illegal in some way.
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As long as we are only talking about US citizens it has to be all in or nothing. Anything else and its just milking taxpayers and will be taken advantage of by third parties like every other half ass government program. Would also like to see a two tier system one for people that work and contribute to society or are children and one that is for people that are just drainers.
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It just never ends TDS. Don't they know this constant double downing on crazy shit and not focusing on real issues just makes them look bad, they lost and they just are stuck in a loop.
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VA could perhaps be pretty good if there was some sort of accountability on all levels. When they killed my dad my local congressmen that I was working with told me he was shocked at how powerless he was to do anything to help me dad while he was there. I spent a lot of time there with my dad and the amount of waste that I witnessed was insane.
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WarrenTheApe says
The whole reason why health care is expensive is because of the government. Period.

Its because they are only involved to make corporations profit, just like everything else they get involved in, it has to be all or nothing. I just fear our government is no longer capable of doing great things, all sides are so suspicious of each other and the sad thing is that they should be.
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Strategist says
All credit goes to Obama. Ask any democrat.
You have it all wrong democrats are saying NK are the good guys and should have nukes, just kidding but the sad thing is if they did say that I wouldn't be suprised.
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If we are going to give free healthcare to all there should be a societal expectation for some sort of accountability for people to put an effort into staying healthy to keep costs down. I don't want to be paying more taxes for obese, smokers, drug addicts, ect that are self inflicted. It's another thing that is never brought up when comparing the US to other countries that have very successful public healthcare because their populations are healthier.
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Originally they were raising gas tax for pensions. Then after everyone got pissed off they looted money from other places and said the gas tax was for roads.
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What's the point of democrats worrying about schools here turning the US into a third world when they put so much energy bringing the third world to the US.

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