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Let's see In&Out or democrats, lol #walkaway
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Just add giant rockets to the earth to adjust the amount of sunlight to the northern hemisphere.
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"In and out"
"In and out"
"Just shows what Democrats"
"Are alllllll about"
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One of my best friends that moved to the SF 15yrs ago and lived there for about 10 before moving back to Orange County was completely brainwashed. It started with just random anti Republican comments on Facebook that had nothing to do with anything. Then after Trump was elected he and another acquaintance started texting me Fuck Trump and all sorts of other messages. I haven’t even talked about politics with these guys in a decade. It got to the point that I blocked him and sent him a long email about how he needs to grow up, start taking care of his kid that he doesn’t even financially or emotionally support, and that I thought he was an alcoholic. After that he apologized and we haven’t talked much since .He stopped maturing when he moved to SF, it really warped him. This guy was in my wedding, and was part of a tight group of friends from teens all the way up into my mid 30s.
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This shit is insanity. By the time my oldest can go to college there will probably be an extra penalty for having blue eyes.
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Looks like a tranwreck.
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Giving loans for worthless feel good degrees, what could possibly go wrong?
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The first day this came out the line was so long getting into parking lot and drive through I turned around. The drive through line was at least 30-40 cars.
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Degree in (insert worthless degree name) "Studies"

"Studies" = participation trophy
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Boot that shit up off USB tor is slow as shit. You would be better off going through vpn service and if your really paranoid use one that doesn't record you logging in and multiple jumps.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Uh Oh, isn't violating APA rules to diagnose from a distance?

Just like so many other things doesn't apply to the left, liberal logic 101.
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Patrick says
Jeez, the stabber looks quite a bit like Obama:

Obama, "If I had a brother, he would look like this guy"
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Ceffer says
Finally going to the Mexican model, where they live on extortion rackets and shakedowns.

My mom use to have a bar in an area that was taken over by Mexicans in LA . Cops in those areas are already shaking down businesses. She had to do the police and firefighter raffles and other things or they would harass and try to close her down. They also were constantly trying to get her to make it a cop only bar, she said they were as bad as the gang bangers and drug dealers.
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My new years resolution was learning how to cook and cooking two new meals every month. After making it a few times I've gotten to the point that I like the Chicken Tikka Masala that I make from scratch better than the indian resteraunts I like, downside is my house smelling like a Indian restaurant for a few days.
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Hey maybe you guys can help me with this. Back in the 90s I ate at an Indian resteraunt in the bay area that I liked but could never find again. All I remember about it was that it had tiger pelts on the walls and the bathroom doors had indian looking man and woman symbols.
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BayArea says
Good cheap place that always hit the spot when I frequented SF every chance I got in my 20s...

Naan N Curry

Is that the one that serves the food on the metal cafeteria plates?
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This thread shows that the only thing the left can take to the bank is TDS.
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HeadSet says
Why is college in America so expensive

Easy credit student loans. With such money sloshing about, no college administrator wants to bother looking for ways to cut costs. The administrators would rather build monuments to themselves along with high salary and perks.

This is about 90% of the reason. Take government out of the government grant and loan racket and tuition would plummet overnight. They will always raise tuition rates to match students ability to get loans and grants with no end and they don’t care how much taxpayers pay or how much in debt anyone get.
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It’s absurd that anyone should have to pay more than half a percent on a loan that is almost guaranteed and protected from bankruptcy. Make the schools responsible for half of any loan that goes into default.
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"A 2018 report issued by DogsBite.org shows that over 35 dog breeds contributed to 433 deaths in a 13-year period. Pit bulls contributed to 66% of these deaths, followed by rottweilers with 10%."

Pit Bulls are like the blacks of the dog world.
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Tenpoundbass says
This ACLU terd is already circling the drain

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Why are all the most powerful democrats almost century old women they are multiple generations removed from the realities of today? No way Fienstien, Polosi, Ginsburg, Waters should be in government they are just walking dead. Ginsburg looks like she really is already dead. This goes for the rest of the geriatric politicians that need to go to.
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All of these crypt keepers should have gracefully retired in the 90s. They are no different than when old fucks refuse to give up their drivers license. I bet none of them can hold a book for more than 10 pages of reading and they are suppose to be reading thousands of pages of laws, gtfo.
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Doesn't take much to blow over beta liberal.
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So now Dems want the FBI to investigate accusations of groping in high school and teenage drunken under age stupidity? Couldn't be to help her career as a professor and help her sell more books. I use to chase girls and look under girls dresses in the third grade on the jungle gym I hope they don't come after me some day at this rate.
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Its the worse of the worse uncivil batshit crazy women are running all over the place for Dems.
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If this turns out to be true Dems are fucked. #walkaway
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You would think a woman of her wide caliber after enveloping thousands of cocks over the years would think they all look the same and would not even remember Trumps.
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Both parties are involved in this and the law makers and CEOs that are tied to it all should be swinging from trees.
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LeonDurham says
Booger says

This thread is another great illustration of Trump cultists lacking any cognitive ability and believing anything that gets posted on facebook.

Could you believe it if it came out of Sara Palin's mouth, same shit different retard and totally plausible. Some people Say dumb shit just like the dem that thought islands can tip over.
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This why it's easy to believe anything no matter how bizzar.
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Quigley we must have been listening to the same exact thing. Fucking joke, hurricane deaths from elderly that were neglected. Stop having kids that your island can't support and stop using the US as plan B for your failures.
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SunnyvaleCA says
I sometimes listen to NPR on the way to work. Sometimes I just have to turn it off because I can't stand any more of the whining. Anyway, a few months ago they had a Trump-bashing session involving Puerto Rico. One whiner stated he didn't receive his "FEMA tarp" to cover his broken roof like he did after the previous big hurricane. That got me thinking... what kind of person lives in a hurricane-prone area and doesn't SAVE their tarp for the next hurricane? Why did this guy seem to think he needed a new tarp hand delivered to him? Then there was another whiner who said he got his tarp, but had no way to get up on his house' roof to install it. Really? It's a one-story, flat roofed hovel. You don't have a modest sized ladder? How do you get up on the roof to fix various things? In the worst case, why couldn't you drag a table outside and climb up on that to get onto the roof?

The tarp he had before was his last roof that blew away.
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dr6B says
WARNING - do NOT click on the link, you will not be able to un-see IT!!!

Luckily my work blocked it.
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Rocketmanjoe says
Quigley says
But plenty of that evidence has been found linking Democrats to Russian Collusion.

Lol, what's your definition of evidence? Got any evidence or just more hearsay?

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doik says
Kavaunah has committed sexual assault

Is that a fact, nope.

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