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I thought he was in his 80s didn't know he was 95.

Still have all my Marvel comics from the 70s-80s boxed away.
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Eventually CA will be like Brazil, mostly favelas with gated enclaves with armed guards for the wealthy.
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Do they have enough to kill Prop13? Normally I would think that would be political suicide but this is California we are talking about.
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lostand confused says
RC2006 says
Do they have enough to kill Prop13? Normally I would think that would be political suicide but this is California we are talking about.

Yup the fools voted to keep gas tax increase. Did any of the fools question about cutting pensions for gubmnt workers/masters instead and funding infrastructure with that??

If it wasn't on California News Network it never happened. What gets me is it was so obvious when the gas tax increase came right after they failed to raise the money for pensions then all of a sudden they are short on infrastructure money instead, just shuffling money around but voters that pay no taxes couldn't care less.
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zzyzzx says
Seriously, only go to the ER if you can speak Spanish and with no ID.

My Spanish is rudimentary at best. Will other languages work?

Just do what my 7yo does and replace the first letter of every word you say with an s or sh, they will be thinking its some sort of chinese.
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a couple hundred thousand broom handles and black paint can't cost that much.
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Ceffer says
I know a coupla guys in Bay Area who 'retired' in their late 30's. One is an elderly vet who went in at 18 and left with pension at 38, and has only worked part time-ish ever since. He got several degrees (courtesy of the gov), did a lot of sailing, and has wound up in a beautiful manufactured home. He was married twice to women who had some dough, and spent two years sailing around the world with one of them. Has a porsche, but I scratch my head at how he has managed to do all this when he was a dirt poor kid. A lot of it has been on the largesse of his military career from the day. I doubt that he ever had an equivalent of a 5 mill nest egg, maybe a couple of hundred thou.

I've seen a few guys like this but most the time they are getting side money from VA for bogus disability.
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At first I thought this was going to be about a old tranny causing a scene on a plane from the pic.
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Herdingcats says
Goran_K says
Mostly rich and not many middle class and poor who are leaving in droves because they can’t afford rent.

Leaving in droves yet the population keeps growing? 🤔

Wait for the results of the census with a citizenship question in it....

All that would become of that is all of a sudden there are 5mil more citizens in CA that came out of nowhere, they will just lie.
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I thought it was great when Trump called out the Bushes on this something even democrats were afraid to do because of their guilt in the matter, warmongering republicans and democrats from that time should all be jailed.
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The seeds for this were planted in the 60s, during the 70s-90s when manufacturing was off shored, mass illegal immigration, taxes and tariffs changed to concentrate wealth. Millennials have been brainwashed from birth and setup to fail why is anyone surprised with anything that is happening. Yes we have been running on fumes for decades and I think it’s too late to stop what is coming our government and its citizens are too divided and dumbed down to solve the problem in time.
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mell says
That's satire, right?

Pretty sure it is, but the sad thing is that you can never be sure when its made to look like it comes from far left.
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Patrick says
If there are no races, how come there are three clearly different size ranges here?

It's a mirror image of IQ.
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Fortwaynemobile says
Left operates on jealousy. Repeal prop 13 they say, so that grandma be forced out of her house. Immoral society of selfish liberal pervs.

What would be funniest about this if it did happen is that it would fuck liberals over more than anyone else. White areas of LA would see their taxes quadruple and housing values crash and it would even be worse in the bay area.
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Mexicans are probably pissed its causing more border security.
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lostand confused says
CA is doomed. Liberals actually voted to keep the gas taxes and are now fighting to raise property taxes.

in IL home of some of the highest property taxes in the nation-the governor ran and won on raising taxes and got a dem supermajority. I think this country is doomed.

Or maybe they think this is the price to eject the middle class and have only rich and slave labor.
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The newest thing they are trying to push that I've noticed at my kids School was trying to change stem to steam. Adding arts to stem makes the whole point of stem utterly pointless.
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HeadSet says
Has anyone ever managed to rip a large govt program to shreds and start over with efficiency?

Germany, Japan, 1945

Diversity has divided and weakened us to much to ever be able to come close to those kinds of accomplishments again.
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APHAman says
RC2006 says
The newest thing they are trying to push that I've noticed at my kids School was trying to change stem to steam. Adding arts to stem makes the whole point of stem utterly pointless.

Art and Music make Science, Technology, Engineering and Math ‘utterly pointless’ how do you figure?

Why the need for an acronym? It’s school for Christ Sakes, what is the point of taking all the subjects and creating an acronym to promote some sort of silly exclusiveness?

That’s some coastal elite nonsense right there.

It’s not just Arts and Music that they want to add in, its liberal arts in general art is a pretty vague thing. What is the point in making something to focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math if it’s just going to be diluted back down to nothing by including everything else? The whole point was to try to kick start creating more engineers and scientists because we have a shortage and a massive over abundance of liberal arts majors with pointless degrees.
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From birth seems to be a trend.

Gun violence disproportionately impacts black children and teens, who are 4 times more likely than white children and teens to be killed with guns.10 This is driven by a substantial disparity in gun homicide rates: Black children and teens are 15 times more likely than white children and teens of the same age to die by gun homicide.11 Gun violence is now the leading cause of death for Black children and teens.12
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It could see facebook, google, and amazon, but apple wtf what does apple have a monopoly on Apple.
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Hansen pretty much nails all the main issues with CA, to bad all the sane people are gone.
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What cracks me up about this is that if it was a liberal president in office they wouldn't give a shit. Saudi Prince could have killed the guy himself and nobody would give a shit. Fact is we shouldn't be involved in the middle east at all, something both parties are not willing to do because of greed and stupidity. The middle east is no friend of the west whether we like it or not.
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Bear in mind he probably had his pigs confused.
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Probably because there is so much political drama going on. People are burned out on housing bubble, those that made out by waiting got there house at a good price and don't care now and those that bought and went belly up don't care now because they have no skin in the game. I think there is a bubble that will burst soon but unless housing crashes past 50% no effect to me aside from it making it possible for me to upgrade because taxes are what kill it for me.
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Need to be called the #blueundertow dragging people back to the depths.
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This story would have more impact if the media on the left was not crying nonstop wolf with petty shit and looking like assholes. A shame at this point if a real smoking gun about trump was to ever appear the left has diluted it with constant TDS.
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Lot of those crazy salaries are employees near retirement padding for for six figure pensions.
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Euro Detroit.
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Neil DeGrassed "If a woman is raped in a steel container will she be both raped and not raped until somebody sees?"
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When savages take over.
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This is when Trump would be better off saying " we know he killed him and we don't give a shit" We should just call our loses and get out of the middle east we have our own oil and our own problems to take care of. Let the people of the middle east run things the way they want and that includes Isreal.
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One of my liberal friends just flipped on this after him and his friend were robbed in Rome by what he described as looking like gang bangers here in LA. Needless to say he thinks they should all be slaughtered now. One of my cousins in Italy told me it's gotten worse in some of the larger cities, sounds like everywhere else.
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I think the whole Iraq deal was planed long before. Remember the ominous shows about Sadam Hussein and Iraq durring the 90s, they were really pushing him towards being worse than NK after we stopped supporting him.

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Its all bullshit without global population controls for the third world. First world countries would already have much smaller lower carbon use population if they weren't being flooded by never ending third world overflow.

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