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KKR loads companies with debt and abandons them look at FDC they almost bankrupt that company and it was growing for 30 years until KKR takeover now the company is stuggleing with debt it should never have had.

I went into Toys R Us Thursday and asked if thier safe was for sale manager said $500 but safe movers said it would be a $1500 to move it was a two ton safe, would have been awsome for guns but more than I wanted to spend.
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Time for the far left to double down and go full red guard I don't see where else they can go.
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They should be allowed to od and let Darwin sort them out.
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How fucked up their life and mental health must be to go out in a field with other women and start pulling their pubs out.
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On a side note the title of this thread made me chuckle. Every time my 6yo hears the word god he yells Godzilla.
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Its a shithole.
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Took family out to watch our cities July 4th parade. Perfect example of why democrats are losing. Republican politicians go by they all are waving American flags, democratic party drives by half as big majority are waving gay pride flags and they have a giant US flag with rainbow gay flags all over it. It’s a 4th of July parade but its always something else to democrats.

There was a group of people went by wanting guns banned, and my 11yo turns to me and says “isn’t that against the constitution” kind of surprised me.
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London is pretty much like LA, overrun by third worlders.
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Dems have dug in deep with so many thing that just go against what a majority of Americans think, even against centrist and independents that are left leaning.
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The way countries are targeting certain states just because we want fair trade just shows how they and those that profit from offshoring are enemies of the the US.
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Everyone knows the dems are screwed when the people they put in the most support for are not even US citizens, meanwhile their liberal cities are going down the shitter while the people that need them most are being ignored.
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No novelty in what happened in the video.
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Sounds like more of a problem for areas of the world that have been breading like rats since the green revolution with agriculture.
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How to build world class cities keeping the thugs and drainers out.
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bob2356 says
TwoScoopsOfWompWomp says
Which is far better than the slum they came from in Algiers and Marrakech, making it look like Versailles in comparison.

Time line challenged? These are third and fourth generation. Born and raised right there.

Then that just shows they cannot adapt to civilized cultures.
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Most of my non tech friends are long gone. About half of my other friends are on the fence especially the ones with kids.
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Same people from the same continent have always failed and caused ruin whenever they hit a certain percentage of the population in every country on the planet they have migrated to.
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Appliances are easy to fix, in the last ten years I have fixed everything myself at a cost of about $100 and a few hours of time easily saved myself over a thousand or two. 90% of things that can fail are common issues and there are probably a ton of videos on YouTube on how to fix each thing. Parts are really easy to find these days also online or just a trip to appliance parts store.

Just buy American if possible.
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
ohomen171 says
A decent company would have honored their warranty. They would have decided that the repair was too expensive and sent us a new fridge.

Right. The old Sears power tool model. Bring in the broken one and we pitch it and replace it. Done. Customer gets an apology, a new tool, is made whole and is sent on their way with a story that brings in new custom.

I have been pleasantly surprised with dealing with American companies with regards to replacing things. Not sure if it’s always been like that or it's because of online reviews these days and not wanting negative publicity.
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They well just move on like locusts
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Shithole, SF has fallen so far and the people there can't even see it let alone smell it.
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To any of you that use the ice maker even if it works fine I would pull it out and look at it if your fridge is over 10yo. mine started having some issues and when I took the whole unit out (only a few screws holding it) the inside of the trays had some sort of plastic coating on the metal that was breaking down. I replaced the whole thing for with a $50 oem one I got off amazon. Also I like the ones that have the ones that have the low profile water dispenser on the inside and avoid any fridge that disperses water and ice through the door.

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If you feed them they will come.
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2 has a hover hand on 1
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So your dick has eyes.
Don't be so peculiar! Buy 4 bags & go for it.
Buy 1 bag & go for it!

Typical woman
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When they ran out of munitions after a few days of dealing with Libya I knew they were fucked.
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Democrats use to be for the middle class and bringing the poor up to the middle class. Now they are for the parasites, chronic drainers, and mentally ill degenerates, keeping as many people poor as possible and dependent on government for survival while their leaders get rich.
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NPR was running a show this week on the fact that black babies die twice as much as white babies, and the cause is racism. Think we all now violent behavior and neglect are the real causes. Stop blaming whites for every fucking problem, instead of poor choices. Same could be said about STDs, crime and everything else that seems to just be the norm in one group.


Black women also have way more abortions.

According to the CDC report, the rate of abortion among African-American women is far higher than among white American women. While black women make up only six percent of the U.S. population, they account for 35 percent of abortions reported.
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All of this because of illegals how much is it costing taxpayers? They give illegals DL now the drivers license is worthless and you have to have a “Real ID/License” WTF. Same as we use to get Birth Certificate from the hospital and that was good enough but because of Illegals that to was made null and void in the early 80s. 20 more years we will need a Really Real ID.
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Next will be black obesity caused by white racism.
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Equatorial Guinea average is in the 50s, thats the top end for Chimps.
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Aphroman says
RC2006 says
Next will be black obesity caused by white racism.

How does that have anything to do with the topic at hand?

Why is Ron Paul lying about The War on Drugs being born and perpetuated in bigotry?

Because the war on drugs has nothing to do with race it was suppose to stop an epidemic of drug abuse with everyone even though it failed horribly. Blacks just got caught up in it more and use racism as an excuse. Every black failing is turned into something about racism instead of taking account of the situation and fixing it.

People are getting fatigued by the race card being used for every failing by blacks. If we had a war on murder, stealing, aids, abortions, and violence blacks would be caught up in it more than anyone else. At some point a people have to change or stop complaining about it or people will still be debating in another 100 years from now and nothing will be fixed. Blacks are their own worst enemy.
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Trump just doesn't give a shit.

CNN wimper "But we are real news too ......"

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jazz_music says
America had a greatness in the 1950s and 1960s

This has more to do with being the only untouch power after WW2 than anything else.
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I think abortion is wrong, but that bill board is horrible. A giant truck for antiabortion was stuck infront if me on the 5 in traffic with baby body parts all over it, I don't need to see that and neither do my kids.
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Lashondra lol
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He is a LA Raza supporter and has stated that its Ok for illegals to steal SS numbers.

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