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HeadSet says
Now that Pelosi has to pay a price for the shut down, maybe she will negotiate. Next step should be Congressional salaries stopped until the shut down is over.

I hope Trump will bring Congressional salaries to the table soon.
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ThreeBays says
HeadSet says
ThreeBays says
They're aggainst holding government hostage over a disagreement with Congress.

Then why are the Dems holding the government hostage?

I'm sure your partisanship won't let you agree, but they're not. Trump is because he's the one that made re-opening the government contingent on an appropriation for the wall.

Funding the government and funding the wall are separate decisions. Under normal democratic process Congress gets to vote and the President gets a veto on each decision.

Hostage taking occurs when one actor makes a negative contingency like "give me your money or you'll never see your son again". I wouldn't give you any money if you didn't take a hostage. Here, Trump couldn't get money for his wall so he's holding the government hostage.

You need to be...

So call "hostage " situation could be avoided long time before. Dems gladly allowed on this to happens. Government employee are for them simply collateral damage over polities. It was always like this for them.

If budget be passed by simply majority of votes, Trump will have money for wall long before Dems took majority of House.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Looks like a bit of a mess right now.

Also looks like the Diverse "New French" Inhabitants of Paris are having a "Blast.

I hear Macron is envious of Trump, with just a 25% approval rating

California, Washington State, Oregon.... just a few years from now.
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Heraclitusstudent says
Patrick says

1. El Salvador
2. Honduras
3. Venezuela

Where are the immigrant caravans coming from? Top two murder rate countries in the world.

Just sayin that Trump may have a point.

Are you implying that these people are genetically murderous?
Maybe they come because it's dangerous there?

There is no DNA test for violence. I think everyone is born pure, but environment someone is exposed and growing up with it, create character. Safe option is avoiding entire group of people.
Similarly, when we know dangerous neighborhood the best option is avoid to go there, knowing that not all of residence are violent.
Would you go on vacation to El Salvador?
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Hollande just use 75% tax to get voters. Never implement it.

The tax rates in France in 2018 (for income earned in 2017) are as follow:
Up to €9,807: 0%
€9,807–27,086: 14%
€27,086–72,617: 30%
€72,617–153,783: 41%
€153,783+: 45%
Dec 2, 2018
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Heraclitusstudent says
NuttBoxer says
So explain the economic collapse that ensued, the Yellow Vest protests that are going on now, and the fact that French pay more taxes than any other country in Europe.

There is no collapse: France economy continues to grow at a snail pace.
The french governments continues to do "reforms" to liberalize the economy. In Macron's case mostly on the labor rights.
In the meantime, they try to close the deficit by increasing taxes. Hence the yellow vests.

Tax table do not represent all taxes and fees people in France pay, just like us. For example they have VAT, they pay tax on top of apartment rent. Than in Europe gasoline prices have at least 50% of taxes attached.

Interesting is, the additional tax to gas start yellow vests movement. Why Macron was adding this tax, well because he was looking for financing France part of GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE Paris Agreement, from which Trump made smart move and withdraw avoiding to pay $2.6 billion of its costs pledge by Obama. Now Europa is looking to close this huge gap on they own. For instance Germany raised electricity costs tax for residents.
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What about legislation instead of taxes for rich. The goal is to make very rich people to share they wealth and reduce inequalities.
Instead of taxing them, where government will take money and blow it out, pursue a legislation forcing companies to pay more employee by limiting earnings for CEO and Directors.
That would be win-win. Once Switzerland tried to do it.
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Global Warming movement is a money making movement, just ask Al Gore. Who really care about details.
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Number 1. Houses grows when income grows.
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Onvacation says
kt1652 says

So you deny the medieval warm period and the little ice age?
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Obama and others who implemented Obamacare become very rich.
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Sending a plane full of cash to Iran and call it a smart western deal made by Obama (no other European country give money)?.
Anyone who is paying a ransom is begging for another blackmail.
Europa love US as long as US is paying a bill.
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Major Economics at Boston University must be FAKE
"BU Distinguished Alumni:
2019: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Born in the Bronx in 1989, Ocasio-Cortez’s first passion was science. When she was a senior in high school, the International Astronomical Union named a small asteroid after her, 23238 Ocasio-Cortez, in honor of her second-place finish in the 2007 International Science and Engineering Fair in Microbiology. Ocasio-Cortez graduated from Boston University in 2011 with a BA in International Relations and Economics. During her time at BU, she was an intern in the immigration office of US Senator Ted Kennedy. After college, Ocasio-Cortez moved back to the Bronx, working as a bartender and a waitress."

AOC, spent a lot of time reading from stars.
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I also agree 100% that global humans population growth (83 millions per year) causing current global warming, despite the fact that it may be a normal part of global warming-cooling cycles.
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If you analyze ACA, conclusion point that Obamacare was Designed by Insurance Companies for they solely benefit.
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Liberals around the world are the best in rising taxes with no light at the end of tunnel.
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Dems just forgot what word "leader" mean. What to expect from a "Leader." Why we need a "Leader".
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Wall is emergency from at least 30 years.
Just nobody cares before. Congress protect borders of other countries and spend billions on it, while ours own border was leaking.
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That would be entertaining to see another Hilary failed. She should run.
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Now we can see what is more important for our loved congressmen:

*Investigation for (not a crime) collusion took almost two years. Several people arrested.

*Investigation after 9/11 was done in three months. Nobody really arrested. Not even sure about Al-Qaida.
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marcus says
REpro says
Now we can see what is more important for our loved congressmen:

You mean like the 5000 Benghazi investigations, or the craziness about Hillary's emails.

That also good example.
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One option: Afro Americans who feel eligible for reparations should receive 100% moving expenses paid for moving back home.
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Another way to get blacks on their side. Promise something what will never materialize.
Me and my family never profit from slavery (didn't live in US at that time) so why now we have to pay, nonsense.
Blacks should be thankful that they ancestors were brought to US.
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Reality says
The so-called "study" is laughable and only shows the financial/economic illiteracy of the author, on top of academic dishonesty.

The same can be said:

Supermarkets exploit the poor,
Property Tax exploit the poor
Car insurance comp. exploit the poor
Health costs exploit the poor
Lottery tickets exploit the poor
Cigarette tax exploit the poor
Gas prices exploit the poor
and so on...

Increase in minimum wage effectively only increase income discrepancy.
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MisterLearnToCode says
Goran_K says
The United States is one of the few countries where the poor people are obese.

Many countries that swipe a UN EBT card are also obese.


Interesting is however, that in car radio I hear almost every day ads asking for donation for hungry poor child. Probably every other child form poor family experience hunger.
When I stop on crossway where children living school and look on children, it looks overwise. My conclusion is : "The more you obese the more hunger you feel."
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BayArea says
Having been born in Europe, I am beyond sad with what is happening over there in the name of political correctness.

Poland choose interesting route.
Now government rise money through eliminating VAT abuse, pay monthly 500/per every child (roughly equivalent to $500 based on living expenses). This is not tax deduction. Payment is made monthly regardless someone is working or not. Everybody happy so far, especially family with one working parent. Money goes to system, increase spending, eliminate extra benefits to fight family poverty, better care for children. Poland choose this route instead taking immigrants and costs associate with it. Last two years, population start to grow. GDP grows as well.
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Bribing AOC through writing a book is not working yet. Nobody see in her potential to push his/her agenda. Well, maybe Soros can find potential in AOC.
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CBOEtrader says
BayArea says
Forcibly moving homeless out of airports in CA is mean and will not be tolerated!

No, but it costs $$$ thousands per bum. Is that a good investment?

Homeless in San Francisco is a "fabricated crises". "It is cruel, immoral and inhumane" to remove them from airport. It's "unconstitutional."
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Isn't the Trump idea of "draining the swamp" mean reducing the congressmen number of reelection, to avoid rooting into corruption addiction?
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Tariffs and especially low corporate tax, indeed brings jobs back to US.

Many US corp. moved out just to get cut on taxes. Example is moving headquarters to Ireland or Bahama islands.
Tariffs also makes similar domestic production to stay competitive to import, hence companies can stay in business or expand.
Many foreign big corporations, including China, dump subsidized production just for a reason to kill domestic production and then being the only player rise prices without limits.
Typical monopoly game.
Searching for low costs employee will always continue. Trade off is usually lower quality and not every production can accept it.
God bless Trump.
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There is a part of every society who LOVE POWER AND MONEY. They are on every side of political wings; liberals, conservatists, socialists, republicans, feudalists, democrats, communists, etc.. Nothing is going to change this. They will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals, regardless if its going to destroy country economy and society or advance economy and society. Elites are everywhere. Blaming one side or another going to nowhere. Only creation of mechanism based on critical thinking, common sense, can create progress where everybody can win.
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Yep, we have "constitutional crises " because of list for some in agony.
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"US President Donald Trump lacks the negotiating talent needed to resolve the US-China trade war in America’s favour,"

I will leave this statement only to last 20 years successful negotiations with China. Probably they are very rich now.
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HonkpilledMaster says

Looks like Poland is European normative.

However this map tells us we definitely don't want unskilled immigrants coming from the Middle East or Africa.

Don't worry about IQ, at list in CA.

California is currently the only state in America in which school psychologists are prohibited from assessing African-American students with IQ tests.
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Only person easy to be controlled FIT the President position.
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Goran_K says
Look at this Penguin looking asshole.

Him and Killary are reflective of the health of the current DNC.

Looking at his belt, his father also had big belly.
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Patrick says
Thanks @REpro interesting to see those links.

Also interesting that the Wikipedia article does not seem to have any mention of them:

I wonder about higher-level scams. Maybe her husband married her specifically to help his businesses.

Definitely wasn't natural Love, rather Money Love. For her it was her third marriage. For him second. By, by, love from the heart.
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Tomorrow, some stupid judge will block it. Pain in governing.
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RafiMaas says

This is exact sample how Left are lack of critical thinking.
Look only on surface, takes everything as is like a pet, then responds on spot.
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Rent also falling in Dallas area, about 10% min.
What I see: 1. People not moving, have Good Jobs and stay where they are.
2. As expected market got saturated with rentals. Corporate America worked hard and now own more houses than traditional individual investors do.
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