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The war on Christmas is very unpredictable.

Trump should probably say it 23 times, right now, to one up Obama. Never know what 2018 will bring. ;)
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Trump and the campaign were warned by US agencies, that Russians were specifically targeting to influence them, and the election working through them, in July of 2016.

They had phone calls, and face to face meetings, thereafter with Russian intel mediaries and operatives (Sep and on, I believe). They were open to receiving help, they sought it, and specifically asked for it. I believe they didn't care, didn't know, and to this day think nothing with that was wrong. They are finding out, and are upset though, that the majority fo the US intelligence services don't see things that way.
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How's it working out,living in a desert,choking on smoke & looking at the pile of cinders that used to be shacks?

Santa Rosa, Santa Barbara, LA ... and much more. Fire season still going right now, in December. Ugh.
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TwoScoopsMcGee says
Prepare to win big.
Charges against Harris dropped (the guy beaten).
Others all charged.
Driver Fields, charges upped to first degree murder, for killing Heather Heyer.

@TwoScoopsMcGee , I didn't see the Brownshirts rounding up the leftists in September? Trap still yet to fall? Bannon out. Bannonites losing races. (shrug) Doesn't seem like much winning here for the radical right elements of the country.

TwoScoopsMcGee says
Get ready for a huge terrorist conspiracy case.

Edit: That "terrorist" is in anti-Islamic marches! Perfect cover. They are getting very tricksey now, yesss, yessss.
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anon_d06f9 says
Popcorn is getting stale!

I got buckets of the stuff, all with the Russian flag emblazoned on 'em.
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Peter P says
It does not feel like a bubble

The only thing I can think of is ETFs and managed stock fund packages. Also, these are all closely linked to 401Ks and other retirement stock investment vehicles. That's the only thing I randomly hazard might be 'bubbly'.

I think you are right in that this is just a huge imbalance, but not real pinpoint bubble.

We are going to burp.
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Tenpoundbass says
Look all's I know is what Antifa puts on the Internet.

Some people say ...

Some people didn't know ...
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mind ...






... blown. Happy Holidays Apoc!
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More restoring the image of America abroad and standing by our allies.
I hope the majority of the UN stands against us. What a little tantrum throwing, play with our own toys, disgrace we are right now.

Strategist says
Why should we give any aid to countries that don't like us, and don't wish us well?

We help fund the UN, paying for about 22% of it. That's not "direct aid" to countries.

That's the gosh darn neighborhood watch program in the "town we live in", and our town has some rough parts. Sure, we live in the nice area in the hills, though. Yes, we can take our money away. We have a lot of business interest downtown that will suffer first, but no matter. The sad part is eventually the blight will likely creep up into the foothills as well. It will take some time. I'm sure some gangs will move in to setup a new balance of power. But you know what, not our direct neighborhood, so ... F 'em. Right?

Isolationist saber rattling pants wetters. Run away America, run away. It's ok ... the big boys will take over.
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The vote was pretty brutal. 😂😂😂😂

Abstentions by Canada, Mexico, Australia, and a few others.

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Dodge a bullet?

No we are continually shooting ourselves in the foot.
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
The slow recovery is finally over, and we have beautiful quarterly 3%+ GDP growth, something we've been told for years was impossible in such a developed economy.

I believe Obama had 8+ quarters of over 3% GDP growth. The problem is comparing an annual rate vs quarterly rates, which is what some people will do to puff themselves up because they are feeling pretty insecure and way in over their heads.
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anon_476ae says

Didn't find one that proves your affirmation then? Reality is hard for the Trumpets, I know.

If only there was some search you could do to find the historical quarterly GDP rates for the US?
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Nothing to see here! Please move along. It's just a big white truck, parking here on the side of the road. Move along people. Move along.
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The stats for the past 100 years were:
+1.7 mm a year (plus or minus 0.5mm)
+1.33°F (0.74ºC) in the past century

... but you don't believe in NOAA, the USGS, the FBI, or much of anything anymore, do you? Experts are waved away. Hard truths are ignored. Why? Because they challenge your ideology so deeply you cannot face them.

No one on PNet is going to change your mind. But look, you found that Tenpound is "one of your people", so you can feel a little less threatened.

Onvacation says
Technology will save humanity!

You ever look at the causes of civilization collapse? They have markers and commonalities. The civilizations were all at the height of their technological peak, masters of their known world, and pretty confident in their longevity ... until ... ooops! But we aren't those primitive backwater beings of thousands of years ago, right? After all that is so so long ago! (Except for that fact that in the history of life, the planet, and actual meaningful timescales it is a blink fo an eye.)

Tenpoundbass says
I've seen South Florida beaches several times.

If you look out at the horizon too Tenpound, you can clearly see the world is flat. No curve dude! No curve!!!!

You feel the air outside recently too? It's freaking cold!

Onvacation says
Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming is a fraud.

How many people are committing this fraud/knowingly lying? What is their purpose and motivation?

You've got nothing but internet conspiracy theories, because they make you feel safe and justified. It's a lot easier than being open to the possibility you are wrong.

Your hashtag is correct though: #politics ... as the people who deny the current science fall into a pretty narrow wedge in political belief.
Looks like those beliefs are dying out quickly, too.
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Onvacation says
Science does not care about popularity contests.

It does and it doesn't.
It cares about what can be peer reviewed and proven. In a way, that's the greatest popularity contest of all.

Onvacation says
If the earth is warming why is the hottest temp ever recorded over a century old?

You confuse a single data point with a net trend.

If I have a sheet of steel, 1 inch thick and 1 square mile surface area, and I raise the temperature of a single localized point on that plate to 100 degrees ... how much energy did that take? What if I raised the entire surface 40 degrees over the entire plate? How much energy did that take? How much net heat is transferred to the air as the plate cools to the air temperature in each case?

Sort these by year:
The mean Earth temperature has been proven to be going up.
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You fail at the simple surface area and data point thought exercise I see. Shame.

Onvacation says
So when was the hottest temp ever?

A record from 1922, just because it was in the past, doesn't negate the overwhelming warming trend the Earth is experiencing. Climate versus weather, right?
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Hilarious. :)
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That is not a personal attack. OP poster continues to ask easily found answers/facts available to anyone who can use a search engine and read.

One cannot read this thread and wonder what the point of repeatedly asking is, and what their general literacy is.

Google it. It's right here:
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
Russia and China went along with the US' anti-North Korean resolution a few days ago at the Security Council.

Anyone catch who was selling oil to the North Koreans this week? Two countries. (ponder ponder) One ship currently seized by South Korea.

Also, good move by Russia into Turkey this week on missile defense. Keep straining relations with the West and draw Turkey in tighter.

anotheraccount says
I think that technology came from a specific Ukrainian factory. Would not surprise me with the turmoil in that country.

Yuzhmash : the technology, and factory/origin, is all undoubtedly former Soviet Navy in the Ukraine. Yes. Just as reported in August:
But, proven that the Ukrainians were leads in seeking to sell that missile engine/tech to N. Korea seems unlikely. Did they even have enough engines on hand to make a difference? How did they get the engines to the N. Koreans? Proliferation and control of nuke and missile tech has been tightly watched since '91. Seems difficult and there is a good bit against Ukrainian interest in doing so. They are (well, were) very pro-US and dependent on us to a good degree for their freedom.

It takes more than just a few engines over the border, and a few documents, to make a missile program. It takes support, manufacturing, quality control.

Hey, who has a shared border with North Korea anyway? Who has an interest in a nicely destabilized and off balance US? That's right: Russia.

Yes, N. Korea's missile tech has a Soviet lineage, but we are a long way from being able to say definitively: Ukraine bad they did it for $.

Hours after Trump conversed with Putin, on Jan 28th, Eastern Ukraine erupted into heavy explosions of a much larger Russian assault. That was the cementing of our only lip-service support of the Ukraine. It's pretty clear, Ukraine isn't counting on us anytime soon, really.

So for a missile program, of Soviet Naval lineage, which country is actually more likely to have dealt and transferred goods to the North Koreans? I know who I would bet on.

As to us providing sniper rifles to the Ukraine, ok. (shrug) What next? Canada in on arms sales with us too. Nice. But, what a soft footed "I don't want to anger my base or Putin" rollout. This doesn't change the course of Russian war plans, nor the war outcome at all. This just signals Trump is begrudgingly listening to Mattis and others.

Will be interesting to see if the Russian's now get to use this as an excuse to break the current cease fires and prisoner exchanges. The timing is the oddest thing ever too. The decision on arm sales has been sitting on Trump's desk for months. Too busy golfing, or trying to squeak it by in the holiday quiet.
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We are now at "collusion isn't a crime". Soon to be, "so what if he/they colluded".

No secret how I feel about Trump.

Trump supporters though, how do you feel about your country? If we reach a place in our Democracy where we are sold to the highest bidders, foreign or domestic, heaven help us.
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TwoScoopsOfWompWomp says
October 2016:
100% Irrefutable Fact!!!

December 2016:
100% Irrefutable Fact!!!

"election cannot be rigged" = "voter fraud is not at any substantial level to influence/swing the election + there is no domestic "Deep State" nefarious plot to steal the election and claiming their is damages our democracy."

"Russia rigged the election for Trump" = "Russia has an ongoing intelligence warfare campaign, headed by the GRU, with the aims to destabilize the US and destroy Western alliances. It is also pro-Trump, as he is a good vehicle for both these aims. The attack is still ongoing."
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giant corprate tax cut + trade wars making business stock up ahead of tariffs = 4%

Sustain it. A single quarter is a fart, not a trend.
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“There is no serious person out there who would suggest somehow that you could even rig America’s elections, there’s no evidence that that has happened in the past or that it will happen this time, and so I’d invite Mr. Trump to stop whining and make his case to get votes.” - Obama

Remember, when Obama/Trump are speaking about this, they are again talking about the US rigging its own elections. Obama is speaking to the decentralized nature of our elections, and that we have some of the most fare and well regulated elections in the world. Rigged internally by the US? Realm of possibility, but 'no serious person' is suggesting that, and this again is all classic "attack the institutions" stuff from Trump/alt-Right.

Trump won by roughly 30K votes in 3 States. That's within the realm of actually "rigging". Maybe it did happen?

Come on. Own the Libs and Obama! Open an investigation into 2016 election and start combatting Russian interference. You can do it!

(In all seriousness, you want Germany/Whomever propping up Globalist Liberals in 2020? Our elections could be seen as open season to the highest bidders, unless we want to preserve what we have.)
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"The struggling GOP nominee is urging supporters to fight the system"

Trump willing to attack US institutions and democracy? Of course! Nothing has changed here.

Dan Coats Director of National Intelligence, FBI Director Chris Wray, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen (even her!), National Security Adviser John Bolton (always a Russia-hawk), and National Security Agency Director Paul Nakasone all said that the 2018 election is under attack from Russia. That was YESTERDAY!

A smarter would-be-dictator would realize what an amazing opening this is. (shrug) Trump too busy golfing and tweeting as usual. Thank god our first flirtation with despotic nationalism was by this clown. I am terrified of a smarter populist candidate with authoritarian lean, Left or Right, that actually knows what they could do.

Make no mistake, Russia will keep going until we counter them here.

Our country is literally losing to a country with a GDP less than Texas.
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It always has been. The EC is the tyranny of the minority.

Yes, Trump won in 2016, by the EC. I maintain he, and Kellyanne were surprised as hell it happened.
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Russian steel, Iran, counter sanctions against the West, and tariffs/trade disputes all bolstering Russia and China trade.

Couple that with a complete abdication of Trump's duty to counter the ongoing GRU campaign against us, because it makes him look bad. Weakest president against Russia in 50+ years.

TwoScoopsOfWompWomp says
It's getting very hard to hold this narrative together, Rew.

It's just getting started.
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Patience ... patience ... it's getting closer. Don't you feel it?

TwoScoops, remember, you will always have 2016.

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TwoScoopsOfWompWomp says
No, Obama flat out said with no qualifiers that no serious person would suggest you could even rig America's elections.

You cannot "rig it". You can influence it. You can cheat. Word games. Would = wouldn't.

"The election is rigged" = "The system is against me." ... Trump was wrong! The only evidence of something being off in the 2016 election we have is in his favor.

The US Government has been repeatedly saying we are being attacked by information warfare with the intent to disrupt and sway elections. It is of Russian origin. It is the Russian state itself, as the organization responsible is the GRU. This is factually declared. It is being said by Trump appointees. It is being said by all branches of our intelligence services.

You/Trump won 2016. Is that all you got?

What will Trump do in 2018? Is he, as the President, going to maintain Russia isn't waging an intelligence op against the US and our elections? Will he push for any counter measures?

Looks like dereliction of duty and smells like treason.

Gotta hand it to Hillary. She was at-least smart enough not to get caught for any crimes she may have committed. Trump ... I'm not so sure he is gonna make it here. Looking bad. Grats on 2016 win. Big beautiful red map and all that. ;)
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Getting pretty bad isn't it Goran. Oh well, you can always bring up more 2016 election threads.
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TwoScoopsOfWompWomp says
I don't see shit about any grand jury.

Google search "trump grand jury" under news. I suspect there are a couple of them now with how much legal activity is going on right now. (Manafort, Trump, New Madam, Trump CFO/Cohen)

Primary use of grand juries is usually to compel testimony and deliver an indictment. This is a warm up to criminal trials.
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The grand jury is also the route Mueller is using as his "stick" against Trump. He has reduced his number of questions, and allows some of the responses to be in written form now, for a Trump interview. If Trump doesn't agree here, then they go visit the grand jury for a 'mock/informal' courtroom like proceedings.

It's going to be good, whichever way it goes.

Trump appears to be begrudgingly taking the interview route, against the advice of his counsel. Hehe.

You can take him Trump! Very stable genius! Do it. Do it.
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You know Obama and Hillary would have already talked with Mueller by now. Poooooor wittle Trump. I do kind of feel bad for him. What a mental midget out of his element.

He lost the day he won. Trump probably should have stuck with the prostitutes and money laundering I suspect.
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Rew says
I expect more fun in 3-6 months here from Mueller and crew. I also think if Jr. gets near the sights it is game over for Trump. He will quit.

I'm 4 months off and climbing. Bad understanding of historical norms for these types of investigations on my part. Whoops. Additionally the GOP has been Trumpified. I was wrong there too. Very disheartening to see that. Still a few classic true conservatives out there in public roles in gov. and the media members are a delight.

That said, tons of indictments and guilty pleas mounting. That has been really fast just not my "wishful thinking" fast. (If we had traditional GOP conservatives, probably would have cooked 'em down already. Certainly Nixon's GOP would have purged the Trumpistanis already.)

Not sure how good my "love for Jr causing resignation" really is. We shall see. We shall see.
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17 to 1 ... yeah ... pretty close to a monopoly.

Probably a scary harbinger of what's next: an America rife with right wing violence as a reaction to Trump being ousted. The left will just continue to cry in their soy kale smoothies as long as a fascist-a-hole is in power. There may be a few lefty bombers or something, but the: "we are going to shoot you all because we are so angry" trophy goes to the right ... hands down. (Pssst: don't tell them the NRA looks like they will lose their little TV station and media holdings soon. Thoughts and prayers.)
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Last 16 months of Obama : 2.4%
First 16 months of Trump : 2.1%

Cranked that number hard on mining Trump. Yay? I say gross.

It's almost as if, and go with me on this guys, a strong labor market under Obama is still a strong labor market under Trump.

MAGA-heads, which one is higher though, 2.4 or 2.1? I'm a liberal and we don't math ... so ...

... but again, how long does it last? You think tRump can keep growing the mining sector like that? Will be interesting to watch.
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TwoScoopsOfWompWomp says
That would make the GRU vastly superior in using money to promote a campaign then every Master Dem or Republican Campaign Manager in US History.

There is no equivalence between the opinion and vote shaping power of a political campaign run, by Dem or Repub, within the US. That's a straw-man equivalence of your own creation.

But the GRU can muddy the waters and "point the boat" some. Couple their cyber ops with on the ground agents and financing fringe extremism, and what do you get: a potent country destabilizing mix. Look at the democracies they have attacked: Poland, Hungry, Italy, Georgia, Ukraine, UK, France, Germany, the USA. Russia knows exactly how effective what it has been doing is. It's a minimal cost for a huge gain and they have been practicing and getting better every year. They are about 1/10th our economic and military might, yet on this asymmetrical tac, they are winning big!

NATO is reeling. Russia has grabbed more territory in the past 5 years than the past 20 (big bite marks our of Georgia borders most recently). And Russia has lined up to fill trade and power vacuums the US is willingly causing by isolationism/tariffs/stupidity.

You can tell me Russia is exploiting natural cracks and trends it can readily find in these democracies already. Many are caused by economic stress, and frankly older governmental systems that may be beyond their current era/usefulness. Sure. I agree. But pretending that what Russia is doing is somehow "no big deal", "just the way the game is played" or even in US interest, is so beyond the understanding of our foreign policy and national defense concerns it renders any point you want to make to be null.

Russia is out for Russia, and specifically Putin is out to punish the US for knocking him out of superpower standing.

Don't you get it? They don't have to "win" an election or put in some Manchurian candidate. All they have to do is weaken alliances against them and hit Democracy in the gut. They are doing it, and our President isn't reacting. So far, it's only our defense, intelligence, and congressional efforts punching back. POTUS is silent, or tweeting the obscene.

So, Trump is either dangerously negligent or he is compromised. Which will it be?

(Edit: I'll accept "both" as a very strong, and likely correct answer, too.)

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