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lostand confused says
hyenas and gazelles live together

First of all, these are completely different species of animals, not chimps & baboons. Asian and Whites are both humans, and east Asians are basically slanted eye white ppl, at least in comparison to Ugandans and Sri Lankans.
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tovarichpeter says
And in this case, getting someone framed for a crime doesn't even involve planting a glove or a few drops of blood. It's as easy as database theft, which BTW, happens all across corporate America, and then, one can sequence

Can you give us an example of when this has actually happened, in real life, not in your imagination.

Since you have little imagination, outside of what others have told you, let me help you ...

The tissue samples are in the databases of companies like ancestry.com, me&23, along with other medical dbs. That's the starting point of this all.

This is called a new technology ... sequencing a full genome, circa $1K? And then, through dna polymerase chain reaction propagation, one needs to replicate that sequence at least 50000x to generate a worthy sample volume.

And thus, it's expensive to do it, outside of some hi-tech facilities right now. In a few short years, it gets cheaper and then soon, anyone can do it.

Planting evidence will be easy circa 2025.

And no, you don't need much of an imagination to figure that out.
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CBOEtrader says

This chick is hot and smart. Shes charging the most on the page, which inherently makes me think she has a magic vagina. Also shes very hot

Rin Wah is Law!
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CBOEtrader says
He mentioned that before simple tampons invented in late 1800's?... that women would basically be house ridden and completely unhygenial during their special time.

So why are ppl criticizing my "always clean" sex robots?
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Evan F. says
PCR costs like $15 to do right now. A usable PCR machine will run you a couple hundred bucks.

Sure, but don't you need a full DNA sequence, not just snippets of one, to make the mass production useful?

But yes, if the fully stabilized and purified sample is available, then I see no reason why it can't be mass produced cheaply.
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Here are an inconvenient truth about Springsteen ... he was never a blue collar worker himself. In effect, he was 'slumming' with them, throughout his musical career.


And then, why was he so much a fan of ppl like Clinton, who basically told the rust belt workers to go back to college and get a degree in computer science, when there are so many of them, being displaced by both, H1-B workers, outsourcing, and the preference for MIT/Carnegie-Mellon-ers, instead of 2nd career types?

The fact is that Trump, despite being a snake oil RE type, told ppl that it wasn't their lack of STEM education (as if all PhD/postdocs have full time jobs in R&D) ... it was the system, which was stacked against them.
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curious2 says
Try reading the lyrics of "Born in the USA" without the sound. He used to play concerts for hours, really physical work, saying that if the audience could stand it then so could he.

I know the song 'Born in the USA' but guess what, Bruce wasn't a part of the old steel working gang from movies like "The Deer Hunter", returning from the war. Since that's sort of his motif in that track.

In fact, even Metallica, when they wrote the most grizzly war song 'One', was inspired by the anti-war film, "Johnnie's Got His Gun", with no first hand experience of war themselves.

And the above is a far more disturbing tale than anything Springsteen wrote but it wasn't Metallica's story, it was someone else's. Metallica just put it in a song and video.

And playing out on the road is a musician's lifestyle. If anything, since Boston is a college town, there are tons of those types of kids, who would gladly toss their graduating jobs at State Street or Fidelity Investments, to be like Springsteen on the road. Instead, with no success outside of playing for the crowds at schools like Boston Univ, Emerson, or Northeastern Univ, they had to become like the rest of us wage slaves in the corporate world.

HeadSet says
If he really was the working man's hero, he would draw for himself a upper working class salary and donate the rest to causes like subsidizing factories in depressed areas, renovating the inner city, and so on. Instead Bruce would rather sleep on a sewer grate every now and them and claim that experience helps him relate, then go back to living like a Sultan.

Yes, exactly!

It's like going outside in a January day in Boston, without all the winter gear, and coming back inside after a hour, and then telling everyone that one knows how brutal it is, working in Purdue Bay Alaska.
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curious2 says
Republicans were generally worse, e.g. Romnesia.

Remember, Romney was a robber baron but he never bragged about Bain Capital during the debates because he knew that his firm's main goal was corporate raiding. That's how republicans operate, they hide and obfuscate when confront.

Democrats, however, go on about education as if ppl can't get on-the-work training.

Trump just trash talked the above, until ppl started to like him.
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Ppl. this story is now a century old ...


This was historically known as John Pierpoint Morgan's big moment ...

Excerpt: "The panic might have deepened if not for the intervention of financier J. P. Morgan,[3] who pledged large sums of his own money, and convinced other New York bankers to do the same, to shore up the banking system. This highlighted the impotence of the nation's Independent Treasury system, which managed the nation's money supply, yet was unable to inject liquidity back into the market. By November, the financial contagion had largely ended, only to be replaced by a further crisis. This was due to the heavy borrowing of a large brokerage firm that used the stock of Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Company (TC&I) as collateral. Collapse of TC&I's stock price was averted by an emergency takeover by Morgan's U.S. Steel Corporation—a move approved by anti-monopolist president Theodore Roosevelt. The following year, Senator Nelson W. Aldrich, father-in-law of John D. Rockefeller, Jr., established and chaired a commission to investigate the crisis and propose future solutions, leading to the creation of the Federal Reserve System."
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jazz_music says
Unconfirmed estimates put Springsteen’s wealth at $200m or more. He admits in his autobiography: “I live high on the hog, yacht around the Mediterranean and private-plane myself between dental appointments.”

Ok, this is where I draw that line!

I was one of the starting dozen at a hedge fund and I'm nowhere near $200M. The only ppl who're in that northern category are the three principal partners, the first top trader, and the one who'd succeeded him.

Aside from that, we're all low level millionaires but unlike the so-called Boss, we actually act like white collar types.
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From other Springsteen thread ...


Rin says
jazz_music says
Unconfirmed estimates put Springsteen’s wealth at $200m or more. He admits in his autobiography: “I live high on the hog, yacht around the Mediterranean and private-plane myself between dental appointments.”

Ok, this is where I draw that line!

I was one of the starting dozen at a hedge fund and I'm nowhere near $200M. The only ppl who're in that northern category are the three principal partners, the first top trader, and the one who'd succeeded him.

Aside from that, we're all low level millionaires but unlike the so-called Boss, we actually act like white collar types. There's no hypocrisy there!
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rdm says
Rin says
I was one of the starting dozen at a hedge fund and I'm nowhere near $200M

Yea but Springsteen created something that has given and continues to give pleasure to millions of people, music. Hedgefund bros. not so much.

No Hedgies claim to represent the common blue collar man, Springsteen, however, does.

Even Bob Seger, his contemporary, didn't play up his Motown roots, the way Springsteen did with his Jersey one.
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Quebec City is all the French that I need ...

With its escorts ...

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Strategist says
Rin, I have a stupid question. Does hiring escorts include sex as a given?

In Quebec, yes. In the United States of America, I don't know.
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zzyzzx says
How much for the one above?

About $200 CAD per hour
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CL says
S&P ETF or something.

IMHO, Dividend Aristocrat ETFs only, as the index trackers alone, may go sideways or down (& then up) for some time.
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Strategist says
If they were willing to work and willing to move to get off the streets, it would work like a charm. Their lack of will to better themselves is the real problem.

First of all, these homeless would need to get a telecommuting job, outside of Tulsa, to make it happen. If anything, this is great for entrepreneurs, who have a work from home business, and want to cut out their monthly living costs, to get things up and running.

Otherwise, most other ppl wouldn't want to live in Okie unless they're originally from there.

From what I'd gathered the ideal telecommuter's town is a place like Burlington VT, where you have lots of year around activities, 3-4 colleges in the vicinity, & natural beauty like Lake Champlain and the nearby Green Mountains.
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HeadSet says
It seems the idea is to defray the moving costs for someone to telecommute from Tulsa. Keep your high paying job, but get away from traffic, overpriced homes, and crowds.

I'd say it's more for the mid-paying jobs, to get away from the traffic/overpriced homes/crowds.

Ppl who earn a high salary, want to live in some place where there's a bit of culture outside of the local diner. Seriously, that's what I did in Montreal this past summer.
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HeadSet says
Perhaps with a little convincing, she would like to take part in that bit of culture as well.

No way, she'll lose control over Strategist, in a heartbeat. There's no way a man can go to being browbeaten and controlled in life, to a sweet time with a Quebecoise, and come back to a domesticated lifestyle.
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Strategist says
Most homeless are not likely to have any skills other than to work in a carwash or some menial job. Let them work there, as willing to work is fundamental to a better lifestyle. Tulsa cannot discriminate by race, age, income etc, as it's not constitutional

But then, they wouldn't have a job, outside of Tulsa Okie, and thus, not eligible for the benefit.

And once they do find a job in the vicinity, then they have to leave and move back, to gain the benefit.
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Capitalist South Koreans eat dog ...


One of my American colleagues had it during our trip to Seoul. I refused to attend the festivities, sticking with beef and pork.
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theoakman says
I bought both Altria and PM a few days ago. Sweet dividends.

Some excellent stocks to keep in one's portfolio. Unlike tech, those stalwarts won't let you down, because they can cut div checks & not just talk up the whole cap gains thing.
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Yes, but I want to make a point that Rin can enjoy fine dining w/o necessarily always having it associated with hoes. You see, Rin is a free, Renaissance man, not society's bitch who's always pining for women's attention.
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Patrick says
I think you mean "masala".

Marsala is some Italian sauce.

Learned this when some joker at Trader Joe's put them on the shelf next to each other.

Actually, this is the Italian sauce. Remember, unlike NYC, Boston still has a real 'Little Italy', the North End. NYC's Mott/Mulberry St has become a parody of its yesteryear.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
But in any case, Iran is not an Arab country, but Persian.

That's cause Persians are basically, the furthermost out, eastern Europeaners in the world.

And thus, they don't have this so-called stake in the battle between Abraham's family of Ismael vs Issac (not to be confused for Issac Newton, an actual genius), whereas Ismael started the sand n* tribes (a.k.a Arabs) and Issac, the Jews.

Persians are spiritual children of Zoroaster, a true mystic of former Soviet Central Asia (the differentiated territory of the latter Romanov Empire-Bukhara) and not a part of that stupid middle eastern inbred fight.
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Fried chicken,biscuits & gravy,sliced tomato & fried okra,smothered in gravy.
Can't take the country out of the boy.

No problem with that.

But the okra needs to be fried or it gets really slimy.
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HeadSet says
And with such an ancient and well established culture of their own, the Iranians adapted Arab religion, customs, and script.

That's cause Abu Bakr showed up with a bunch of swords, slaughtering 1000s, and converting the remaining 90% to Islam.

HeadSet says
As far as "European," I have had several Iranians tell me that Iran has pockets of blonde blue eyed folk, and that the reason most are swarthy is the influence of foreign armies. They even claim that the "European" race originated in Persia.

Hard to tell as the Zoroastrian based Persian Empire went all the way into the Soviet Union, including Ukraine, Russia, and a slew of the Stans. So the Persia of yesteryear was far larger than today's Iran.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Okay, so Rin, where's the part where you put up the photos with the gloriously naked Italian-Indian Escort?

Isn't that a part of a point, where Rin can let's say enjoy a Chicken Marsala (or Masala, if Indian) but then ... boink a French-Canadian or a Chinese hoe?

That's a true cosmopolitan, Renaissance man!
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says

9. Would Bang.

Rin Wah Law! Rin Wah Law!
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And another Clash song ...

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clambo says
"The treasures of the Orient" are compelling.

Needs a Clash song for this ...

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France also wants to illegalize boinking, unlike French Canada or its other Eurozone neighbors, Holland and Germany.
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Booger says

Did it taste like Chicken?

Somewhere between beef and lamb, it makes for a hearty stew.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
if somebody graduates from MIT with a degree in Electrical Engineering or from Wharton with a degree in Finance, we say they're smart and going to do great things

I say yes on (2), no on (1) as engineers are considered losers by American society.
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Goran_K says

Are French prostitutes good? I’m thinking cigarette smell and armpit hair. True or no?

Never boinked an actual French gal. There was a French-Canadian model/escort, in my travels, who was actually a prettier version of Julie Delpy of France.

Actually, make that MUCH prettier than Julie Delpy!
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Strategist says
All they think about is sports, vacations, buying cars, shopping, eating out, and living in comfortable homes.

What about Americans who think about fucking hoes?

jazz_music says
Football knowledge seems to be about the right speed

Go Pats! Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T!
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Should be self-explanatory
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CovfefeButDeadly says
You don’t have to leave the country

Canada is a first world nation. I mean Windsor & Toronto are practically US cities but across a couple of rivers. And if you take out the French, Montreal could even be seen as a Boston of the North, with a college city vibe. Haven't been to Vancouver but I imagine it's not too distinct from Seattle.

CovfefeButDeadly says
at least if you live in So Cal. Reliable as it’s gets in an illegal business and half hours are under $200. Rin’s are a point or two higher on the 1-10 scale.ive only ever known of a couple 9’s on hx and not too many 8’s. A lot of 7’s.

I think Tijuana was the only true legal venue for SoCal, prior to the recent caravan incident, outside of the deserts of Nevada. Still, I'd prefer an actual first world venue like Montreal or Toronto over those places.

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