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Lynyrd Skynyrd troupe ...

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MisterLearnToCode says
Trudeau is busy ruining Canada, they've been losing a shitton of jobs because of his policies and Leftist lawfare on oil and gas.

More hoeing for us.

Look, the hoes in Montreal city are gorgeous and many of them, could easily command $500+/hr in those loser desert Nevada brothels, where there's no competition and where hoeing is illegal in urban areas including both Reno & Vegas.

Since this is French Canada, the women don't have that snotty attitude against men as in the Anglo parts like Ontario, where accent free (non-French & non-International) women act like American bitches with their entitled attitudes towards men.
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In other words, the more things change, the more they remain the same.
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The gist of this article was already stated in the movie, 'Network', now over 40 years ago by Ned Beatty.

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Tenpoundbass says
Of course investing takes a special type of person that can read the markets and niches they are into.

It's actually not so difficult. I mean really, does one need to be savvy to buy shares of Philip Morris (Big Tobacco) or Johnson & Johnson (Big Pharma) and collect some ~4% dividend checks every year?

I mean that bar/grill in Mexico City, probably costs $100K in total including everything, which is some $4K in divs per year (from PM & JNJ) plus social security $18K-$24K or $22K-$28K which actually goes quite far south of the border.
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Tenpoundbass says
He had almost a million in retirement saved up from his first job at the state department.

In other words, $40K in dividend income plus $24K from social security, totaling $64K/yr.

Seriously, his business decision making was clearly not there.
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Folks, I'm sorry, I'm just not interested in AOC.

If I wanted a Latina hottie, I'd book a ticket to Colombia and bang a hoe there who looks like the following ...

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theoakman says
Rin said it...Phillip Morris...keep those dividends coming

Here's what a lot of the general public doesn't grasp ... Philip Morris is right now trading at some ~$82 per share. Each share distributes $4.56 as an annual dividend. When a stock is a 'dividend aristocrat', it tends to maintain this payout.

And thus, if one has let's say 500 shares or a $41K equity position, even if the market tanks and the stock prices goes down from $82 to let's say $50, the annual dividend is still 500 shares x $4.56 per share or $2280.

Now, in that bear market year, that $2280 purchases $2280 / $50 per share or 45.6 shares. This is called a DRIP program. Today, just about every discount broker has one. One doesn't need a full service brokerage account to take advantage of it.

Add that 45.6 to 500 and you get 545.6 which then gets you 545.6 shares x $4.56 per share or $2487.9.

Then the following year, reapply the same math and you have $2487.9 / $50 per share or 49.7 shares.

Add that 49.7 to 545.6 and you have 595.3 shares.

So in a two year bear market toilet, you've just expanded your holdings from a meager 500 shares to almost 600. That's like being able to grow a business by 20% by doing 0 work for it. Even investing in a McDonald's franchise can't compete against that.

And since no bear market lasts forever, eventually, you'll get back to $82 per share but with many more shares under your belt and a greater equity stake plus dividend payout.
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Strategist says
The whole fucking world wants to come to the USA by any means, to join our prosperity. All they have to do is make their country like ours, by adapting our democratic and capitalistic system.

This won't happen, until the USA legalizes hoeing and then ... we'll be the greatest country in the world.

When a person can legally fuck a hoe in the North End, catch a Boston Celtics game, and then down a few beers near Causeway St after a win, then we're a perfect society.
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By popular request, though I'd like it if she could add some implants to make it bustier

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ThreeBays says
I'm not directly familiar with this strategy, but how does it compare to just holding the market?

The whole market, as in the S&P500, has the good, bad, and ugly all rolled into one index.

With this strategy, it's taking the 'Dividend Aristocrats' which are companies that have historically always maintained or increased their payout per share over time. And then, among those stocks, eliminate companies which have not been able to control their corporate debt in the past few years, as quantitative easing was being reduced. The idea being that if/when there's a market downturn, those debt contained equities will be able to sustain their dividend payouts which create this DRIP compounding effect where the bear market actually increases one's shares dramatically, while many of the other investors lament their cap gain losses.

There is no way to avoid a market downturn, however, knowing that bear markets tend to be 2-3 years vs a bull of 4+, it's better to be able to take advantage of the troughs than in running for the hills.
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kt1652 says
Not so quick, the Bank of Mom&Dad will never lend the basement dweller this much capital.
"if one has let's say 500 shares or a $41K equity position"
Onion is right again.

Actually, my response was towards TPB's friend who'd banked $1M but lost it in a restaurant deal, not the basement dweller for Mom&Dad Inc.
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Patrick says
relatively small market capitalization, like under $1B, preferably under $500M, to give room for growth

Pat, most 'Dividend Aristocrats' have a higher market cap than $1B. I mean the S&P500 starts at ~$6B per company and that's in the ~500 category.

Anything below $1B is a small potatoes firm trying to make it big and thus, you'll have to forgo the steady dividend check for the cap gains yield.

Since I have some 10% of my equity left in this hedge fund of mine, that's my last cap gains play. Like you, I'm too old to take chances on a bunch of go nowhere companies.

I mean really, do you want to hold positions in Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and other such kludgy cap gain plays? Remember, In and Out Burger & Five Guys are still privately held and appear to have done a damn good job of roasting their competition.
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Kakistocracy says
Rin says
TPB's friend who'd banked $1M but lost it in a restaurant deal

If this is the same friend who drank himself to death - he would have done that without without losing the money but the loss may have sped things up a wee bit.

Alcoholism does not recognize financial gain or loss, social status or anything else actually - same for drugs.

Did however enjoy reading what you posted - interesting stuff

I don't know, I think it's easier to live on $40K/yr from Philip Morris dividends (plus $25K/yr from social security) totaling $65K/yr, drink a lot in Thailand while poking the occasional bar girl, without necessarily going on a downward spiral.

The spiral effect was more likely caused by our society's judgement on this guy's lifestyle and net cultural value to society. In reality, our society sucks and has done little to sponsor the notion of an American Renaissance man but instead, props up these idiot media stars and youtube channel clowns.

Trust me, I live in Massachusetts, home of Ted Kennedy and a ton of lushes out there. Being a functional alcoholic is a part of our culture and many of us do it, without losing our careers & livelihood, provided that we at least sober up for those Tuesday morning meetings.
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clambo says
If your stock pays dividends, you are taxed on this income of course.

Don't forget, if you're not a swing trader then you get "qualified" dividends, since the company already paid its share of taxes, and thus, you get a lower tax.
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kt1652 says
Buffett eats breakfast at McD

That's just plain disgusting. I mean I'm still able to eat at reasonably nice establishments around Boston w/o putting a hole in my budget.

But you're right, being frugal is the best way to hold onto one's retirement savings.
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kt1652 says
I don't worry about room (running out of money), I don't have a $$$ hoe hobby.

That's why I'm thinking of investing in a sex robot, prior to my retirement to Australia, after compounding my dividend earnings for another decade and half.

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kt1652 says
I may buy one when the price comes down, you know, new tech toys always do.

It's about making one's cock and one's hands happy. And that's not deflationary!
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Ok, so we're all in agreement.
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So this isn't being turned into an AOC thread?

It's amazing, as even the right wing press doesn't really understand the public.

If Amazon wants a 50K headcount office, it can afford to do it, anywhere in the nation. Just like today, they have some 2-3K in Boston and thus, have utilized Boston's technical resources; they can do the same for anyplace else w/o expecting a govt donation of $3B+.

As before, I recommend the suburbs outside of Detroit, into Ann Arbor Michigan so that the firm can mop up prior auto workers (both white & blue collar) as well as graduates of one of the Univ of Michigan campuses. This will provide long term stability for the region, while maintaining (though not bubbling) the suburban housing markets, and also be near the Canadian hoeing area of Windsor Ontario.
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Ceffer says
What's this have to do with Bezos' junk selfy?

That despite his money, he needs to date loser media types and didn't have the brains to use a penis extender to make his flaccid length look bigger?
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FortWayneIndiana says
but middle class and poor who do want or need jobs are probably pissed off.

Actually, many ppl in NYC are poor (or struggling), including ppl with jobs in IT, since IT doesn't have the bonus structures of finance.

If anything, the only thing which is keeping middle/poor ppl around in NYC are livery and service jobs for those in finance and media.
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Brand name schools are for careers in banking and management consulting. In those areas, the 'oh-ah' stuff still applies since it's a shell game anyways with the general fortune 1000.

As for tech, since tech is generally a worthless career, always primed for offshoring or automation, it's only important to attend a place like MIT because if you're not able to advance in management, there's always some deadwood group near Kendall Square Cambridge, who'll always keep an MITer on site. And sometimes, an MIT startup can get seed capital easier than a non-MIT one, however, many of those guys do have some sales ability so it's not so black and white.
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kt1652 says
You can't say that with a straight face.

I'm simply the messenger here. Society, as a whole, does not value ppl in engineering and the sciences.


kt1652 says
Who brought you, internet, gps, smartphones, heck computers, solar PV, EV, MRI…?
Soon AV so even the little guy can be chauffeured, on average gain hours a week of wasted time? All engineers and technical folks have one thing in common.
They strive to solve problems with the end result of higher efficiency, which ultimately reduces wasted resources, be it money, human or natural.

My degree is in Applied Chemistry/Chemical Engineering and seeing the writing on the wall, I'd moved from engineering to IT, and finally, into finance. Don't you get it? If I could have secured a long term profession in engineering, I would have done it. Instead, I saw the layoffs at R&D centers and decided not to become a statistic.

kt1652 says
Who brought you, subprime loans, housing bubble, credit default swaps, balloon loans, marginable leverage trading, Enron, student loans fiasco…?
I am only at the tip of the iceberg. Masters of the Universe ruined everything.

The seniors of this hedge fund, a.k.a SubMasters of the Universe, are the reason why I'm able to see hoes with regularity today. Otherwise, I'd be the typical engineering chump, who takes one trip to Thailand per year.
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In all honesty, what brings jobs and stability to a region is defense or some university consortium. And thus, I'd have no problems with a state or city, offering benes to a Northrup, Raytheon, or to one of the armed forces. What I don't trust are companies which outsource (or fire) at the drop of a hat, without consideration of all the tax benes they'd gotten, prior to the offshoring initiative.

A long time ago, Massachusetts offered incentives for Fidelity Investments to expand in the Bay State and the result is that today, much of their former MA work is either in the Carolinas or in NH or RI. So what was the point of giving the Magellan Fund, a lot of free money when the company was one of the most lucrative mutual funds of the 80s and 90s?

I see a firm like Amazon, as no different than Fidelity. Sure, I recall a lot of ppl wanting to work at F.I. ages ago for the extra dollars, but today, it's considered one of the worst places in the region as for management, quality of work, and even compensation.

Since Amazon already has 2-3K jobs in Boston metro, I'm satisfied that there are enough ppl being employed by them, without the state bending over backwards to kiss their ass with free money.
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Goran_K says
You really think the Amazon HQ would have been more harmful to the New York economy?

NYC went through the whole bankruptcy thing back in the 70s. Unfortunately, as a city, they don't have their act together. That N/R line and the transit system circa the Queenborough bridge was a disaster for ages. If it happens again, as in bankruptcy, well, that's their lot & then hopefully, ppl will stop treating Manhattan real estate as the City of London/Greater London, the USA version.

And I'm not saying this to prop up Boston's cultural value over NYC. It's just that I don't see any cultural value of NYC esp given the prices of everything there w/o legalized hoeing like in London, Amsterdam, Sydney, etc.

Amazon HQ would have made that entire LIC region impassable and sure temporarily, some 10K-25K jobs would be added but just like Fidelity, they'll duly plan an exit for greener pastures once the incentives are used up.
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Quigley says
that NYCpride thing that people from there seem to always wave about was the reason for choosing a location there?

Yeah, that's fine and dandy, kinda like getting a corporate HQ on Sixth Ave, the Avenue of the Americas, for prestige.

Still, the headcount for those places seldom exceeds 1-2K. Most companies have their real work centers in other locales and VA or DE are close enough to the major east coast power cities that they suffice for that kind of stuff.
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Speaking of New York's cultural value, do ppl really live and sleep at the Met, the Guggenheim, or Broadway? The way ppl talk about NYC is that there's this major faction which lives in these enclaves, not accessible to any other American city.

In reality, a few tourists go there and others who loiter around, are wannabe cultural snobs, not too different from the cougars at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts who're desperate for a younger man or any man with a fat wallet, if not a fat dick.

Another cultural trend are Trust Fund babies, who hang out in Williamsburg Brooklyn, pretending to be artists.

In contrast, not only does Montreal have fine cuisine but also 'full contact' strip clubs, and legal escorting.

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Amazing but Chemical Bank is in the background.


Like GE, but a century earlier, it was a tech company which went into finance.
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kt1652 says
Rin, do you have favorite escorts that you see regularly?

Not anymore, that was me when I was younger and using it as a way to forget the Alanis Morrisette doppelganger, my Canadian ex-GF, from nearly 8 years ago.

Today, I may see the same person again in let's say 2 months but not earlier. Believe it or not but even escorts want boyfriends and that's the last thing I need.
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Ceffer says
I thought the 'girlfriend experience' was even more expensive than straight boffing.

You pay for the package, on a per hour basis. Whether or not the person is GFE-like is in the descriptors. And thus, if you want a quickie, w/o any conversation, etc, than you simply get a cheaper escort than a more expensive one.
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Tenpoundbass says
Did you tell them you have a Sex Slave Barbie at home?

The sex robot won't arrive until this consulting gig is over, when my free livery and lodging expense account expires. Until then, trips to Montreal and other cities are free of costs.
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HeadSet says
That article makes Vyrdism sound like the Guilds from the earlier skilled craftsmen days.

Except that no one with money, will be paying the average Joe who owns a robot or two.

When expert systems, robotics, etc, become ubiquitous, the owners of capital will not need the inputs from the small town robot owners. They'll have enough resources to pretty much do all the 'paid for work' with their machines.

If you think about it, using Star Wars as a metaphor, if the Galactic Empire was as sophisticated as it was, Luke's Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru wouldn't even be moisture farmers as the Empire will have so many mobile and stationary units all over the place, that a three men mom & pop shop wouldn't be needed, even on a place as remote as Tatooine.
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Are you talking about Rin Wah Law?
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Patrick says
No, talking about how women demand to have their cake and eat yours too.

Rin Wah Law prevents that. In Rin Wah Law, men bangs hoes and sex robots while women are left, pleasuring each other with strap-on dildos, knowing that Prince Charming doesn't want 'em anymore.
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Tenpoundbass says
I never got people that waited until after 30 to get married.

I think that ppl, unless widowed, shouldn't even date past the age of 30, nevermind get married.
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Tenpoundbass says
"Can't live with them, can't live without them"

I thought that was from the original 'Muppet Movie' ...

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Patrick says
@Rin Did you take that picture?

Not mine
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CBOEtrader says
Free hookers is the pinnacle of empathy

Sorry, but free hookers are the really ugly ones. I have no interest in banging the following ...

A majority of hookers will be decent enough looking to command a salary, even if it's govt subsidized.

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