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Rin says
He was a conqueror of Arabia and his first Caliphate was the conqueror of other places. This a religion based entirely upon a barbarian and his clan's will to power.

And then some dumb Shittes think that because the First Caliphate didn't "rightfully" earn his title, that some other psychopath, Ali, should have taken Abu Bakr's job. Wow! A branch of a religion based purely on power politics of a stupid Arab clan.
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FortWayneIndiana says
It's why I see Islam as Christianity with addition of what you call ravings of a lunatic Mohammed (murder, beheadings, etc...) they just added chapter 3. Muslims see it as Christianity plus toughness, they don't actually see what they do as murder.

Sure I agree with the stacking metaphor, however, I'd like to see Islam as a separated out monster, independent of the others.

I believe even early Christian scholars didn't want the New Testament, to be a sequel to the Old one but something which stood alone and separated from the Hebrew scriptures. If so then today, we wouldn't have such a fixation on the strip of land known as Palestine because then, all of the world be a type of holy land. But such is life.
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Tenpoundbass says
Rome never once challenged the account of what happened to Jesus, but they did persecute his followers. Explain that?

Because you cannot kill an ideology, they could only kill Paul which they did. And since Paul didn't himself meet Jesus, it's not like there's a paper trail to follow.

Realize, there's also no hard evidence that the Buddha existed either but they're still Buddhists in Asia.
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Tenpoundbass says
You don't have to deny anything about the religion just by proving or saying that never happened. That would have been the end of it.

I don't know, Nero wasn't all over Anatolia, stomping out Christianity in all corners of the empire.

In effect, the idea of the savior (saoshyant) also existed in other nearby faiths as well. I'm sure Paul was aware of them.


And similar to Revelations ...


Excerpt: " On earth, the Saoshyant will bring about a resurrection of the dead in the bodies they had before they died. This is followed by a last judgment through ordeal. The yazatas Airyaman and Atar will melt the metal in the hills and mountains, and the molten metal will then flow across the earth like a river. All mankind—both the living and the resurrected dead—will be required to wade through that river, but for the righteous (ashavan) it will seem to be a river of warm milk, while the wicked will be burned. The river will then flow down to hell, where it will annihilate Angra Mainyu and the last vestiges of wickedness in the universe. "

In effect, one might even say that Christianity was predicted by Zoroastrian writings, long before Rome was able to extract territories in the near east.

That's why it was better if the New Testament just became its own thing and let the old one be the Hebrew scriptures.
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Rin says
In effect, one might even say that Christianity was predicted by Zoroastrian writings, long before Rome was able to extract territories in the near east.

Where Zo's failed was due to ethnicity/nationalism since being a Zo mean't that person was ethnic Persian.
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Tenpoundbass says
According to Rin the last 20 years of the Internet never happened because Facebook, Twitter, and Google has erased it.

Actually, we do have a national archive.
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Rin says
the last 20 years of the Internet never happened

Thanks to Al Gore, the internet is now immortalized!
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Quigley says
refer you to Lee Strobel’s book “The Case for Christ.”

I'll check it at the library.
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BTW, a lot of you are missing the point of this thread.

This is basically a thread against Islam.

And in doing so, I've contrasted it to Christianity, Buddhism, and even Zoroastrianism where the founding 'prophet or messiah' wasn't a serial killer.
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Heraclitusstudent says
As in...

I think I'd answered this piece of the question in the other thread ...


The Holy War, sanctioned by the Pontiff Urban II, was for the crusade led by Godfrey of Bouillon. That was a full thousand years ago.

Rin says
Quigley says
NuttBoxer says
So atrocities, wars, etc are less evil the more time passes?

Any reasonable person would agree that events of 1000 years ago shouldn’t be an excuse for current day hostilities along the extremely distant progeny of those involved or their cultural equivalents.

It goes beyond the whole 1000 year strawman set up of a person like NuttBoxer. It's the fact that today, church or church-like leaders & subleaders of any denomination, will not advocate bombings as a way to instill Christian will and philosophy onto the general public without themselves, either being kicked out by their parishioners or arrested by local law enforcement.

I'm sure now, NuttBoxer will bring up the Catholic Croatians vs Eastern Orthodox Serbians as another strawman so I'll bring this up ... neither...
the Pope (a/o his underlings) nor the Patriarch of the Eastern Church (a/o his underlings) will advocate for the Bosnian genocide.

Pope Urban II of the Crusades has been gone for a millennium. His legacy does not live on since he's not really advocating the teachings of Christ but his own empire building initiative of the middle ages.

And I'm using my former hometown of Cambridge MA, where yes, there's an Islamic center where teachers/clerics advocate violence TODAY, as per the Koran/Mohammed's teachings, to justify their cause but in contrast, within the same square mile, none of the other religious gathering buildings do the same. I've given the opportunity for some of the other non-Muslim sub-nationalities [ 90 - Islamic countries ] to show that they're the equivalent of Islam when they're not and the fact remains that only one religion within the most multi-ethnic and religious area, circa Boston, advocates violence.

If the Tsarnaev brothers were Orthodox or Jews from the former USSR, chances are that today, Dzhokhar would be a successful physical therapist, living the American Dream in the greater Boston area, instead of on death row. It's Islam and in particular, Islamic teachings from 204 Prospect St Cambridge MA which has made him what he is.

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Quigley says
I make double her salary. If I cared to work nights, I’d make triple.
I also have better health insurance (she uses it instead of hers) and a better pension.

I've seen this, all over the greater Boston for much of my life.

Really, outside of being a doctor or working finance, i.e. trading or underwriting securities, most careers are not so scalable.
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Heraclitusstudent says
Rin says
And pleaz, for those in STEM who claim that their "advanced statistical thermodynamics" is useful, just shut the fuck up.

Sorry Rin, statistical thermodynamics is related to information theory, which is used in many places and could well be the future in artificial intelligence. People learn more than they need for good reasons: it could be useful and they at least need to know what's there. Plus it gives them cognitive paths that can apply to other things.

Lots of people in this country despise education. Many because it makes them feel inadequate.

I have a degree in Applied Chemistry/Chemical Engineering and yes, I've even used some of our phase boundary ideas for the hedge fund risk assessment software. The point is that a vast majority of white collar workers don't use their university education for anything.
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d6rB says
No one will hire Mark with online degree, since mark will just pay his friends to take online tests for him. Or he will use one of tens of websites, such as this one, https://paymetodoyourhomework.com/take-my-online-class/.

Penn State's online degree is the same as on-campus


Excerpt: "Our online courses are the same courses that we offer on campus. Therefore, your diploma will look no different from those earned by students on our physical campus. It will not differentiate the method of delivery or state that your degree was earned online."
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d6rB says
Rin says
Penn State's online degree is the same as on-campus

Paper for degree is the same.

Ok, but as you know, the future 'white collar' job will simply submit a request to Penn State's registrar's office asking this... "Did John Doe get a BS degree in economics in the year 2015?"

When the answer is 'Yes, graduating GPA 3.5' the inquiry is over.
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d6rB says
No one will hire Mark with online degree, since mark will just pay his friends to take online tests for him. Or he will use one of tens of websites, such as this one, https://paymetodoyourhomework.com/take-my-online-class/.

Also, London University's system requires one to show a passport at their various testing centers across the Commonwealth so unless someone is really willing to risk arrest, it doesn't seem like it's worth it. Better attend Univ of Phoenix.
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The only way I'd construe Islam as some meaningful ideology if if Mohammed, himself, said that he was the prophet for the ppls of Arabia.

If he did that then he's actually being fairly honest because one, Arabia is a barbaric society and when the world's a jungle, there can only be one king.
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Booger says
Rin says
My body isn't an early 30-something

Ok, that's the plumbing side of the equation.

There's also the morphine piece where the brain is flooded with so many endorphins that it can't help but be fixated on that day forever.

Without getting hooked on opioids, is there a solution for that?
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Patrick says
They became the Mughals

Though I think these were the Turkic/Persians, as in today's Turkmenistan region, and thus were an offspring of another Mullah, Timur, of Islamic Central Asia calling himself a Sword of Islam.

As they say, the more things change ...

Patrick says
their capture of Yazidis as sex slaves

I believe these ppl were the remnants of Zoroastrians in the Iraq-Iran border regions. And thus, a cultural genocide which started some 1400 years ago was completed in the 21st century.
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Patrick says
In any case, the last two and half years have been fucking GLORIOUS for the economy, foreign policy, and freedom from PC oppression. Trump deserves massive credit for all that. Truly among the best US presidents ever, and all the liberal tears of rage and impotence have been sweet sweet nectar for everyone who dared to question the globalist agenda.

Well, I wouldn't go that far, however, from a non-political person's POV, the Dems were the party of Hillary and thus, paid the price for her arrogance and self-pity.

And now, as a result of not having learned anything, since 2017, they continue on Hillary's way but through a newer crop of idiots, who tout the same party one-liners about identity politics, the lie that women get paid less than men (if they worked the same no of hours), that Trump is sleazy (something which was known since 1985), etc, etc.

Therefore, Trump will win unless we have a 30% stock market crash followed by a major recession by mid-2020.
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So the truth is the Rin simply likes to fuck!

Isn't that much more meaningful than Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth"?
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BlueSardine says
If that ain't the gayest comment since maddow touted her aftershave...

Ah, the gaydar continues ...
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E-man says
You’re not the only one who likes to fuck. What’s the point Rin?

Actually no, a lot of ppl think it's about 'romantic relationships', you know the ones which supposedly last.

E-man says
The main goal is to get Rin to incorporate exercise as part of his daily routine. Then the diet comes next when he starts to see some results.

I do exercise regularly, a mix of martial arts, cardio, weight lifting, etc. It's just that I can't get into the mental state which allowed my Canuck Ex and I go on that marathon banging marathon up in New Hampshire.
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PeopleUnited says
Sounds fishy, here is another perspective https://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2016/09/islamic-states-jizya-tax-christians-pure-propaganda/. Also consider that basically every Muslim nation wants to wipe Israel from the face of the world and I call BS on this jizya myth. It is busted.

It is true because ppl like the Yazdis, as well as other Zoroastrian sects, hid in mountain ranges and some even emigrated to India, for survival. The same for Buddhists in places like Central Asia. In contrast, there were Christian and Jewish sects which survived in the middle east, in the valleys, up until recent times.
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I don't get it; why are you folks so captivated by this EV/Tesla fandom?

I mean it's looking like some Trekkie or (pre-Kathleen Kennedy) Star Wars convention goers.

Seriously, my only interest in things like Lamborghini was when I was a kid and liked action movies with rocket launchers, etc, ala Buckaroo Banzai and as we know, the Lambo with Adrienne Barbeau's big tits popping out, was the central feature of 'Cannonball Run' which was the most watched DVD/VHS back in its cable TV heyday.

With the above stated, today I'm a grown up and prefer to be driven around by a chauffeur and enjoy life.
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Hugolas_Madurez says
Tenpoundbass says
Have you ever met a middle class person driving a Tesla?

Every day. In fucking droves.

Droves? The droves I see around me in Boston are the same ICEs: Porsche, Lexus, BMW, Infinity, etc, etc
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Hugolas_Madurez says
You need to get out more then. In SFBA the Model3 is the fucking equivalent of beige Corolla of 20 years ago.

You said it right there, SFBA, the land of flakes and dreamers. Realize, I'm an east coaster. My strip of land is between Boston and DC.
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Hugolas_Madurez says
So, what's the equivalent of beige Corolla from 20 years ago in Assachussets? Same beige Corolla but with floors rusted through?

You can toss in the rusted Civics a/o Altimas. And if you want to play the regional name calling game, it's Masshole, not Assachusetts. And yes, I'm a proud Masshole, at least against NYC and Philadelphia. I know that Eagles fans have never forgiven us for the 2004 Super Bowl, regardless of last year's win.

If you want to know, some 1/3 of the nation lives in the various metropolitan regions between Boston and DC. That's more ppl per square mile than anywhere else in the USA. So pleaz, stop the Californication. We deal with real weather on our side of the fence. And batteries don't do well in the winter time.

socal2 says

Musk is one of the few Silicon Valley types who is not a total SJW moron and actually building a product people want.

There's nothing wrong with building a new product, whether it's truly original or some hybridization of earlier works. The problem is that this is becoming some sort of "cult of personality" product line for Cali types than something for the masses.
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mell says
socal2 says

There is zero need to accelerate any faster at all than what has been possible the last decades, unless you want to connect it some ultra-smart and bug-proof AI that can use lightning fast acceleration in swerve maneuvers for accident prevention. Which isn't happening. It's probably causing more accidents as people try to impress by showing off. So acceleration is merely used for status-symbol signaling.

Yes, because real life is not 'The Fast and Furious'. The regular folks (as oppose to some punks) don't drag race on highways w/o getting their license revoked by State Troopers. I've seen numerous 'punks' pulled over over the years for playing Vin Diesel on our east coast highways.
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HonkpilledMaster says
A 20-year-old New Jersey man who allegedly sent money abroad to Hamas militants in an effort to support the terror group also spoke of bombing Trump Tower and attacking the Israeli Consulate in New York, authorities say.

The suspect, identified as Jonathan Xie, of Basking Ridge, was arrested Wednesday morning on charges of attempting to provide material support to a designated terror group, making false statements and transmitting a threat of interstate commerce. Though he spoke of the attacks, authorities say there was no specific plot. Xie is expected in federal court in Newark later Wednesday.

Perhaps he thought that he was bulk ordering Hummus, instead of Hamas -:)!
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B.A.C.A.H. says
The Tesla is a Status Symbol.

Then those fanboys should just say so, it's for status, since many of them are not millionaires for real. Read my posting on that exact topic ...


B.A.C.A.H. says
Like the Rented Babe Dining Companion. To Be Seen With.

And that's because I don't want to be seen as 'gay' at high end Boston restaurants where outside of those power business dinners, the other male couples are South Enders (see Boston's Gay Enclave). Realize, I've got the cash to eat at those places but I can't be seen there with non-business guys.

B.A.C.A.H. says
Like some performance you shared about an encounter.

As for the pony baloney, banging hoes in Montreal, gets the job done. And yes, that's called buying an experience, not an object to show off to others. The whole performance thing is retarded because last I'd checked, there were state troopers on the highway flagging the 'Fast and Furious' crowd.
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B.A.C.A.H. says
You're being more honest about your likes.

Welcome to Silicon Valley.

Yes, it's strange, having olde world New England values when so many ppl are Californicating out there.
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Hugolas_Madurez says
How exactly fucking prostitutes fits into "olde world New England values"?

We're very prudent about money and thus, seeing hoes definitely beats divorce court and losing half of one's portfolio.

And on the other side of the pond, during the height of the British Empire, a lot of gentlemen saw hoes on weekends but focused intensely on the business of the Empire during the weekdays.

I've blended the best of both worlds, the UK and the Yankee sides.
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Hugolas_Madurez says
That stuff is illegal in New England exactly because of these values.

Try all of the USA minus a few desert communities in Nevada.
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Rin says
divorce court and losing half of one's portfolio.

... and scaaaary monster under the bed. And another one in the closet.

That's correct because the percent of monsters under a bed are at ~50% nationwide, I forgot, Metallica wrote about it.

I guess then Jeff Bezo's wife won't retire with more money than any other woman in the country.
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Hugolas_Madurez says
Yep, you can thank the "olde world New England values" for it. Because for many years the people with these values were ruling the US of A.

Fortunately, the US lost the War of 1812 and thus, right next to Vermont, we have Montreal, the hoeing capital of first world North America. Problem solved!
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Booger says

I figure that if I'm driving an electric car in the winter, I'm just wearing my coat in the car and not using the heat, and dealing with it. My commute is not that long.

Ok, but then what's the point? I mean there will be days when you need to travel the miles for some unforeseen emergency and then, you'll be wearing an arctic rated sleeping bag to your destination and possibly face running out of juice somewhere in the journey. Sure, the bag will keep you warm while AAA tows you back home but isn't it more convenient just to have a tank full of gas?

I'd once rented a Porsche for that 0-60 mph experience at ~4 secs and while it was fun for a bit, it wore off during the day. Now, for that experience along with this variable battery thing in wintery climates for me, just isn't worth owning. It's not the same as banging a hottie up in Montreal. Those memories live forever ...

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clambo says
I think of Tom Leykis down in LA who had specific rules for dealing with females; i.e. avoid entanglements and expensive outings.

Agreed. FYI, the woman below was an actual French-Canadian lingerie model whom I'd done up north. That's why I have her eyes covered, as this is from one of her modelling shoots.

And let me tell you, she was great in every sense of the word which is why I'm glad that these temporary 'relationships', stay that way.
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I was under the belief that adult stem cell treatments were already under way, outside of Uncle Sam, for over a decade.


The above was an extraction of adult stem cells, hiding in the muscle (myoblast) tissue of the leg, then cultured/grown outside the body, and finally, put back into the damaged area like the heart.

Ppl, don't be fooled by American doctors, they are not the pantheon of originality like they want to think.
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HeadSet says
Notice this is not embryonic stem cells.

The smart ones in the field have moved onto adult stem cells, a long time ago. The embryonic debate was very 2000 AD where the idea that only from embryogenesis, could one get the right type of cell culture for effective treatments.

FYI, there's nothing wrong with researching embryogenesis, to help fetuses survive and not develop developmental problems, however, to resign oneself to the notion that only from there, can useful stem cell treatments be discovered is short sighted.
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