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Rin says
What's here and now is a bunch of crazy muslims, killing ppl left and right, and you guys are fighting over religious ideologies.

One for thing, these Muslims don't just hate the west, they also hate the east, meaning the countries between Korea and Singapore.

In other words, because they've been living in the cultural toilet for a thousand years, they want to take others down with them, including the Christian majority west, Shinto/Buddhist/Atheist east, and anyone else, like let's say the Zoroastrians (who don't even have a homeland and are the real Persians), down with them.
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Strategist says
No religion, country, ideology, organization, opinion, politician, celebrity, or God will be spared.

Wrong, we need allies in this fight against Muslims. As an American, I don't care for a man's faith provided that he's against the proliferation of Islam.
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For one, this doesn't make sense because many companies use some sort of catering business for their in-house offerings. For example, in Mass, Corporate Chefs (www.corporatechefs.com) & Restaurant Associates (www.restaurantassociates.com) handle a slew of corporate in-house offerings and yes, depending upon the client, the clients pays all of the costs including taxes, esp if it's a conference.

And then, for cheaper ordinary day-to-day companies, their employees pay at the cafeteria checkout but still, it's a type of subsidized food offering as I can't believe that anyone would find an ordinary restaurant where they'd get high quality dishes at 75% of list prices, esp once you account for the tips.

Nonetheless, this is a good thing because ppl should leave the Bay Area, anyways, Silicon Valley and San Fran are crappy places to live in, overpriced and with no real culture outside of ppl wasting money on stupid stuff. Many east coast cities, minus Philadelphia PA/Wilmington DE, are better, with Boston at the top.
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Patrick says
Was just in Boston and the humidity and heat were hellish. So there's that.

The dog days of the summer are approx ~2.5 weeks per year, mainly during July. Most of the time, it's range bound between 65F and 85F with a medium amount of humidity for much of the rest of the June to Sept time frame. This is a full four season climate, unlike Cali. And nearly every office has air conditioning.
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This is why I can't wait till sex robots go mainstream


Men will be SO DONE with these Femi-Nazis, that these bitches will go crazy, as the Strap-On dildo Hillary Clintons will each ... have a cow over the fact that they can't manipulate one another like they could with stupid guys earlier. It'll be fun!
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I'd written about Orlando ...


The Orlando gunman was a repressed, Islamic closet gay guy.

If his father had died, when he was a boy and he'd been raised by me, we would have gotten drunk, attended Metallica concerts together, and f.ucked hoes around the world.

And then one day ... he realizes that instead of poking the likes of a Selma Hayek look-a-like, he'd rather do a male Chippendale's model, well, at that point, we'd part ways at the hotel, so that I go into my private quarters with a busty lingerie model, whereas he goes back to his suite with an Adonis type. I don't need anymore details than that. Really ... I don't want to know.

In the morning, we meet up for breakfast. He's happy and then realizes, he doesn't need to go on a killing spree to be content in life.

He can f.uck man hoes and I can f.uck, female hoes. All is well in the world.

Once again, Rin-Wah proves that he's a better man than the other losers out there.
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Goran_K says
What about the people creating and improving the automation? How do you eliminate those jobs?

That person was me, when I was full time. We automated just about everything (aside from sales), so that we could use our funds to hire the best prop trader out there.

Those ppl are the last who become rich. Afterwards, they retire with millions and let the next gen AI do their work.
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Tenpoundbass says
White collar people most 100% of the time are liquidated when Commie Regimes take hold.

That's the poor man's (sorry, the Revolution of the Proletariat), as the Leninists like to put it. That was too 1920-ish when AI wasn't in existence.

In the 2030s, it'll be a whole lot different when a physician assistant (1/3 the cost of an MD) with a handheld device can do the work of a cardiologist but then, send the patient off to the Caymans for a planned surgery at 1/4 the costs here. But then, in ten more years, 2040, even that medical tourism task will be done by a 'bot, stateside.
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The end result ... with 10-20% of today's headcount, ALL of the white collar work will be performed by AI software/'bots within a generation.

And even that remaining crowd, who're not let's say owners themselves, will be facing their own obsolescence in time. Regardless, with 80% of today's paper pushers out of the job market, they'll be a massive cry for socialism.

But until then, the current system remains in place.
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MrMagic says
BofA announced plans to hire 10,000 more retail workers from low-income neighborhoods over the next five years, with or without college degrees

Many companies like BofA are poorly managed. I know computer consultants there, who can't even find the inventory of apps and what they do, nevermind their code maintenance, upgrade paths, and security processes. Business analysts have also complained about their Byzantine practices, which make it hard to get to the business clients, exactly what they need w/o running into daily snafus. In effect, theses types of firms end up hiring up to 3 ppl to do 1 person's job.

And this is really, the nature of white collar work out there.

Just recently, a new CIO to a Boston based company froze all hires, until a full inventory of system's requirements were taken and metrics gathered. In other words, he was thinking in terms of 5 years out because each new hire is an additional headcount which is a fixed cost, that can only be displaced by a layoff round. Yes, I'd met him at a healthcare conference and we talked a lot about these kinds of issues.

So if you want to run an enterprise, maximize your output while minimizing your hiring. At this point in time, there are enough English speaking centers in places like Manila (remember, India & China aren't the world), to keep an American shop, 7x24, where a stateside employee's output is augmented by using overnight resources.
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Onvacation says

So we should outsource whores and employees?

Hoeing in America is illegal and thus, it's already outsourced. Remember, Montreal is 5.5 hrs from Boston and thus, serves as the northeast hoeing destination.

As for employees, well, that's a continual, ongoing process, until robotics/AI can replace that function completely.
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MrMagic says
CBOEtrader says
I have a 78 year old client who lives in a 500/month apt, but goes to kidney dialysis 3 times per week for $3000 each visit, 100% paid for by medicaid.

You tell me who's getting rich here.

Better yet, tell me who's actually paying that $9000 bill each week. Hint, it's not the guy on dialysis, and it ain't Bernie either.

A postdoc, yes, a PhD in the biomedical sciences, earns some $42K/yr. He can perform that dialysis at ~$800/week (or $266 per treatment) and pay for his annual research budget.

Seriously, why are these educated ppl's talents being wasted? This industry is a huge racket.
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Gold was in a long term bear market, up until 2006 ...

With that in mind, equities and gold have been teeing off one another pretty well.
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NuttBoxer says
Gold and silver's value tends to rise and fall in direct correlation to economic stability.

Actually, it's currency stability and really, since 2006, most fiat currencies were suspect, including the Pound Sterling, Euro, Yen, and USD ... 90% of all globally traded currency pairs. Politically speaking, no one really believes that any of the aforementioned nations can defend their currencies indefinitely with their respective central banks.

And thus, you see an actual vis-a-vis correlation, between the price of equities and that of gold, starting from that time period. So the next correction in equities, needs to be tied to the relative high post-2006, which was in fact, 2007, just before the crash.
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zzyzzx says

Wait! ... that's Boston in the background. She's spreading out, over the Charles Station near Mass General Hospital/Beacon Hill.

Ah ... if only hoeing were allowed in Boston! I'd be in heaven!
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First of all ... the writer of this article is an idiot.

~40% of the American causalities was in the last battle of the war, the Battle of the Argonne Forest (or Meuse-Argonne), which all occurred between late September and Armistice Day, Nov 11th 1918. That was the final 5-6 weeks of the war. Before that time period, the US suffered the least, among the allied powers.

And the Argonne was the single largest offensive in American history, eclipsing both Gettysburg and D-Day.

And if General Pershing had his way, he wouldn't have even sanctioned that slug fest battle, as he has a far easier path to breaking into the German Rhineland w/o assisting the French in capturing the rail-hub at Sedan France, the primary target of the Meuse-Argonne offensive.

And if Pershing's original approach was sanctioned by Allied High Command, all of General Lundendorf's German armies would have been captured, thus giving Hitler NO propaganda, insisting that Germany was betrayed from within, leading to WWII. Instead, the story would have been clearly telegraphed ... "All of Germany's armies were captured by the forces of supreme commander, General John J. Pershing, between Dec 1918 and Mar 1919". There would have never been a second world war had that occurred. That's what unconditional surrender does to the defeated.
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NuttBoxer says
Rivers of American blood overseas are what keep this country free!!!

Read the above on Pershing, we didn't need a river of American blood to win that war.
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Strategist says
It's wonderful to do something like that when you are still young.

What are you talking about? I go bike riding up in Vermont. And so far, I haven't run into any Islamic terrorists alongside Lake Champlain.

And yes, you can do that while you're young or old.
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NuttBoxer says
Why did we need any American blood shed in a foreign war to start with?

According to the Monroe Doctrine, outside of the Americas, no American needs to get involved in a foreign war.

On the other foot ... using TwoScoopsOfWompWomp links in his posting, the US was undergoing a cold war where in fact, the US was caught between German agents & our post-War of 1812 trading partner, Great Britain including Canada.

Since Canada was still under the UK parliament at the time, there was no safe passage across the Atlantic between the US, British North America (Canada), and the UK itself which finally came to a head in 1917, where no US vessel could safely cross the Atlantic w/o a potential U-boat showdown. Germany in a way, declared maritime war on the USA first.

So could it have simply been a war where US naval vessels ran around dropping depth charges everywhere, instead of sending the boys abroad? Sure, it could have and probably, that may have been the best 'pacifist' way of dealing with the situation. On the other hand, if boys were sent to France then let Pershing do his job and actually defeat Germany instead getting the men into the Yankee "Somme", a.k.a the Argonne Forest.

And with that defeat ... no future rise of Hitler and no WWII.
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Sorry, I want TITs!

And here's one of the activities where boobs cum in handy.

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Ceffer says
You take that push up thing off, and two limp, soggy, squishy little micro tits with vestigial nipples fall out. You at least want a chick with tits bigger than your balls.

The problem is that none of this is rocket science .. it's just some plain plastic surgery to solve the issue.

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When it's over, it looks like this ...

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I'm hoping that this is beginning to make some sense.
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Don't be much a provincial Yank.

Gong Li was the most famous actress out of mainland China ... "Raise the Red Lantern", "Farewell My Concubine", "Red Sorghum", "Ju Dou", "Memoirs of a Geisha", and a slew of other movies.

In a way, she's the Chinese equivalent of Meryl Streep, Betty Davis, & Katherine Hepburn, all rolled into one person.

But yes, everyone thought that she had big boobs ever since the "Curse of the Golden Flower".

Because I'm disappointed, I want her to get a boob job to make 'em look like the Curse' but hanging out, without a pushup bra.
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CBOEtrader says
driven by a 45 year old creepily blasting taylor swift.

Seriously, is listening to Metallica too old school for a lot of guys today? You wouldn't catch me dead, listening to Taylor Swift or Celine Dion.
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BlueSardine says
What happened?
Did you run out of money?

Rin says
Sorry, I want bazonkas so please get a boob job!

I'm not paying for someone else's boob job. If she wants tits, then pay for them!

Automan Empire says

"SWM seeks sweet, demure Asian girl, who is also a blue-eyed blonde with tits."

Wrong ... brown eyes and tits do wonders! It's just about getting the right plastic surgeon.
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CBOEtrader says
The joke was in regards to Dan saying TS was the ideal woman, a little creepy for someone 25 years older.

TS is just a pretty face with a regular pop career, ordinary talent, albeit in the millions of dollar range.

An ideal woman is one who's both a star and that of some real talent and capability. Unfortunately, America doesn't produce those women anymore.

Here's one of those, Debbie Harry, now in her 70s ...

And yes, she's almost twice my age.
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Reality says
Or find a blue-eyed blonde with big tits, and is also sweet and demure. The girl being a particular race is not important to me, so long as she has C or D boobs (but not E+), is sweet and demure, and no more than 125lbs (prefer 105-110lbs when initially meeting, but will allow extra 15-20lbs when pregnant).

Ok, I think you're getting the point about this thread. It's about sliding the salami along those knockers, as oppose to some spiritual gobbledygook!
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CBOEtrader says
Rin says
It's about sliding the salami along those knockers, as oppose to some spiritual gobbledygook!

Arent these the same to you?

Now you're quoting Rin-Wah Law. This was suppose to be a secular discussion.
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Rin says
Many companies like BofA are poorly managed.

I just got the word, both UBS and HSBC are poorly managed. Yes, when AI takes over, they'll be a lot of blood letting.
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Where outsourcing fails is with poorly managed companies, in other words, a vast majority of them.

When I'd started the firm, our most important goal was to grow w/o bloated headcount and then, re-direct those funds to hiring the best prop trader.

As a result, outsourcing was 'never sold' to us. Instead, we did all the work ourselves and little by little, documenting everything, got additional resources trained, in a cordoned off way, to insure long term quality and consistency. There were reports which ran daily and I was able to check up on things at 4 in the morning. This was the Philippines, not India, as Bangalore's a joke and well known for poorly performing teams. The fact that the C-level execs in the Fortune 1000 went for it at once, indicates their complete lemming-like mentality.

Sure, if my friend were still in Ann Arbor MI, a lot of it could have been a Univ of Michigan back office, both keeping the work in the US and at a lower cost but w/o him around, it wasn't a feasible strategy.

Tenpoundbass says
He now laments a human is required for every AI Robot Station.

This is what being an early adopter entails. Sure, in the beginning, a lot of stuff will break and they'll be a lot of human technicians around to solve them. I wouldn't expect AI to replace brick/mortar type of jobs in the early stages.

The industries which will be hit the hardest are places like MetLife, which collects premiums but does little else but sell insurance products. When those actuaries are replaced by AI, easily liberating millions of dollars, you'll be seeing the beginnings of the end of white collar work. Even as we type, AI is replacing paralegal support at JP Morgan.
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Tenpoundbass says
Heat temp and pressure variations tweak screw holes and panels then screws don't line up.

Hello ... I have a degree in Applied Chemistry/Chemical Engineering. There's a reason why ChemEs still have a job today, despite it not being the prestigious profession that it was back in the 60s or 70s.

What you're describing is the finesse that we'd learned in Unit Operations and other laboratory based assignments where iterative learning and handling was a part of the curricula. And yes, you do need some road miles before you develop an instinct for it. A distillation tray does not follow some theoretical thermodynamic diagram, it's an continuous work in progress but the heuristics can be learned.

Still, despite it all, at most, places like Allied Signal, Dow Chemical, etc, do not hire ChemEs in droves anymore. They'd figured out how to get the most of their existing staff and use a lot of contract labor to take care of the rest. And this was long before AI.

So as I'd said before, the brick/mortar stuff will not be eliminated by AI in the beginning.

In the beginning, it's accountants, paralegals/associate attorneys, actuaries, and a slew of other back office types of support jobs. Right now, that's the bulk of white collar workforce.

Tenpoundbass says
There's a finesse to humanity

That's why they'll be jobs for physician assistants (PAs) in 2040 but not for a general practitioner MD doctor. The PA has that human angle, which is needed in clinics whereas MDs would be an overpriced generalist when only a specialist is required. Yes, that PA will have patient data wirelessly streaming back and forth w/ an AI server for diagnosis and treatment protocols.
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Goran_K says

I remember when it was announced on the news how she had married the CEO of the biggest cigarette maker in Asia or someone in that industry and I swear she was in her mid 20s.

Yes, she's practically ageless.

Let's see if she looks like Raquel Welch when she hits her 70s as Ms Welch still looks a 50-something regardless of the number of years that have come and gone.

As for east Asian cinema, I don't think there an up and coming star who's quite as well known as her.
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The Democratic party doesn't know its head from its ass.

As I'd stated before, socialism will come when ALL (call it ~80%) of white collar jobs are automated.


Even the Dems still believe that the average Joe works at some socialist camp like the cafeteria or the physical plant at some expansive university like Penn or Duke.

And thus, they're trying to make the culture of America look like some Ivy League campus with its Capella groups, LGBT groups, LaCrosse, etc. You see, these ppl have never worked, they went straight from an Ivy campus to some DC think tank or management consulting firm.

Think about it, what 'real' qualification did Chelsea Clinton have for getting a starting six figure job at McKinsey over the average middle class Stanford grad? Simple ... her parents' political clout. In reality, the MC firms start every top grad somewhere between $60K-$90K when they're fresh out of school regardless of 4.0 GPAs and academic publications, esp when they have zero experience on the books.
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Goran_K says
Once it’s gone, the left will have nothing left in its arsenal.

The left should live in a VR holodeck, with each other, and generate KKK 'bots which they can then fight against, for the rest of their natural lives.

The rest of us have jobs and a life to live.
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TwoScoopsOfWompWomp says
Patrick says
Not even after the war. Most of the Polish officers were killed by the Russians in 1940:

True. And admitted.

Ppl, this is Comrade Stalin .... what were you expecting?

He's been killing anyone, whom he perceived to be a future threat, since the day he'd taken control.
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What kind of ridiculous poll is this?! Seeing hoes is ILLEGAL for much of the United States, to begin with. Who'd want to say 'yes' when it's clear that such a thing can get one in trouble in Uncle Sam.

And it's true, a guy can easily drop 1000s on a chick, taking her to top restaurants, Sedona, and other locales to get laid. In my book, that guy has overpaid for a boink.

Please, go up to Montreal and run the same survey and include the American tourists. I'm pretty sure you won't see a stark drop off.
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Goran_K says
Who is suffering right now besides snowflake lefty assholes who don't understand how an election works?

This is key ...


In it ...

"BTW, I have a thread on election bitches because these east/west coast Femi-Nazis ...


went ape shit because they couldn't figure out that it takes more than winning over places like Boston and NYC to put a candidate into the White House."
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Seriously, why were 1000s of women, running around the cities of Boston and NYC, protesting the election in mass?

They had already won Massachusetts and New York State!

All they did was create a major traffic jam for YES! ... Hillary Clinton voters!

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