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Trust me, practice Pilates daily and soon, those chiropractic visits will go down to once every 6 mos.
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EQ simply means managing emotions like anger, impatience, etc, in the view of a larger audience.

Now, a number of these EQ geniuses, however, take that stuff out on family members, etc, since that doesn't affect their careers.

Remember, I only lose my temper at PatNet, not at work.
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Tenpoundbass says
In recent times, our Middle class are all being squeezed through a White Collar funnel and the ones not cut out for it.

Actually, a lot of ppl are cut out for it, however, that whole category of jobs are run by incompetent MBA-ologists, ppl can't do squat but take credit for other persons' work and throw them under the outsourcing umbrella.

Remember, most workers don't use 10% of their college education.
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Tenpoundbass says
answering to HR

There's your answer right there.

It isn't the idea that a person can't be either blue or white collar but once one puts on that white collar, then they're a bitch to some HR fantasy of how an organization is suppose to look and behave.

Realize, there's nothing wrong with being in an organization, provided that it's not dysfunctional and run by a bunch of MBA-ologists.
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Tenpoundbass says
Instead of obsessing about doing things right.

During my dad's days, that was important.

Tenpoundbass says
I would be obsessing about having them done cheap and efficient.

Actually, having that work sent abroad is today's thinking.
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FYI, I really miss ejaculating in her mouth ...

It felt so good!
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6rdB says
Holdover idea from 1950's when engineers had a stable, very well paid job while plumbers were less affluent.

Yes, I believe that this is a part of the problem.
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just_dregalicious says
You have to rely on the stock options / success of the company.

Here's the thing, many scientists and engineers work for established companies like Honeywell, DuPont, Raytheon, etc.

The idea that everyone can be on the ground floor of a next century's Genentech or Amgen is a lot like the Silicon Valley hype of Google and Apple being the norm for tech work.

In reality, the normal tech career is little more than an ordinary office job but with more computational tools instead of Excel and Powerpoint as it is for auditors, financial analysts, etc.

just_dregalicious says
ve made a few million in options at a few of the companies I've worked for.

This is why I'd left STEM for a hedge fund, to make real money.
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Uncomfortabletruther says
and so without it you feel disconnected from the world?

Hold ... where did you make this leap?

Disconnection from the world means having no friends and associates out there. I have plenty of that.

And if you've been keeping up on my threads


"I haven't seen this fella for a decade and since then, he has been in a custody battle with his whack job ex-wife, since she was doped up on prescription meds (as well as illegal ones) and was clearly a danger to the kids.

Anyways, the decision to have full custody was only granted a year ago and now, she's stalking him online.

The last time I'd seen him, he was raving about his happy marriage & starting a new family. Oh well, I guess I'll have to be content simply banging hoes in Montreal and poking sex robots while in Boston."

So yeah, in contrast to the above drama, I prefer to focus on banging some more.
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georgeliberte says

Nowadays. they look like this ...

My hands will be on her boobs when I'm not cooking.
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CBOEtrader says
A toxic relationship is a both more likely and larger life risk for a man.

Realize, someone named UncomfortableTruther, just created an account today on PatNet, to espouse some Puritanical motion. And while that's not trolling per se, he doesn't have a valid idea outside of some religious innuendo.
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georgeliberte says

It's software, not hardware. Just go for the manufacturer's reset.
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Quigley says
The problem is that engineers are mostly meritocracy-adherents. They believe that the best ideas and the best people will be the most valued.
This is not the case.

In other words, unlike doctors, who know that they need a trade union (or guild) to protect themselves from PAs, nurses, physical therapists, and even biochemistry PhD postdocs from stealing their work, they believe that by flashing exam scores ... "yeah, look at my 97% on my advance control theory final" ... that somehow, that protects their line of work from automation or outsourcing.

Pathetic! Because that's no different from a high schooler's mentality than that of an adult. Seriously, how many grade school spelling bee champs became senators? I mean Al Gore Jr & John Kerry were 'C' students at Harvard and Yale.
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At least Germany has legal FKK brothels ...

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6rdB says
Rahway, NJ

That's one disgusting town.
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theoakman says

For every person in silicon valley living high off of venture capital dollars

The pertinent point is that Silicon Valley doesn't paint a picture of tech, as a career path. Silicon Valley is basically the Hollywood version of tech careers, not the mainstream.

And as for my case, starting a hedge fund doesn't automatically mean having millions in the bank, a few years down the road. Sure, I had the right starting dozen and really, that's what made it happen, but for many startups in the area, they fail rather quickly.

So if my HF career failed during its 1st 3 years, chances are, I'd be trying to get a $150K-$200K/yr quant job at places like Renaissance Tech, etc, instead of working for myself. Still, that's a better option than being a loser engineer for the Fortune 1000.

And if even that failed, I'd look at the trades over engineering.
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theoakman says
there's a person on the east coast earning 50k a year with a Chemistry or Engineering degree wondering why their glorious education didn't get them the opportunities they hoped for.

I think this is the industry version of the lifelong postdoc in academia.

theoakman says
The plumbers near me are clearing $150k to $200k easily. They make their own hours. If they want to take a vacation, they do it whenever the hell they want. It's definitely a good career path.

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Sorry fellas but she's basically the middle of the pack up in Montreal, a ~7, good looking but nothing out of the ordinary.

There's no way she'd be pulling that kind of income in MTL when everyday, she'd be under cut by ones like below ...

who's not even considered an 8+ in the city.
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Booger says
I was also wondering who the fuck was overpaying for her services.

That's the nature of the USA, when where it's legal, a.k.a the deserts of Nevada (not even within the city/county limits of Vegas or Reno), it's severely overpriced.

Remember my trip to England ...


For 250 Pound Sterling per hour, I was able to bang a Jerri Ryan doppelganger ...

Having competition from other providers helps in keeping prices in line. And thus, never pay over $300 in USDs, CNDs, GBPs, AUDs, etc, for a hoe unless you're talking about a (no attitude version of) Raquel Welch.
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FYI, I'd never go the a Nevada brothel, huge waste of money and resources.

Get on that plane to Germany, you'll be making up for the transportation/lodging costs within the first couple of boinks at an FKK.
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Booger says
$300 for unskilled labor still seems expensive to me.

No, these hoes have great boinking skills.
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Hello! Harvard University is a hedge fund, sorry, make that a private investment entity, just as well as anyone else ...


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NuttBoxer says
childhood that has created a need to become someone they would never normally need to b

Well, if I was born in a rich family so that I'd be fucking hoes since childhood, instead of having to learn about fucking hoes internationally, as a fully grown adult, I'd be totally different.

The trauma of being forced to go through worthless dating ritual for a simple poke, was traumatizing. Being middle class sucks.
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Tenpoundbass says

Do some Pilates and none of this stuff will be challenging. Don't let these Femi-Nazis think that they have some special abilities.

Men can kick ass in most physical abilities including stretching/yoga/Pilates, etc.
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It's a miracle that so few ppl were on either of those flights leaving Boston.

If I recall correctly, the Boston-to-Cali 8AM flights were usually ~75% full of the hi-tech business flyers between the coasts.

On that day, however, it was less than 50%.
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Hircus says
I will be moving to a dedicated home laptop when my online banking is done, and never anywhere else.

That's the same for me.

Also, I only have my old 'dumb' phone for any sort of verification code via text.

My smart phone is never used for registration of any kind.
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Also, use a VPN.

Right now, I'm in "Dallas TX", though I've never visited the place.

I love how I'm boinking hoes in Montreal while in New York City.
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Three buildings collapsed by 2 planes. That's a miracle!

The third, as that should have been an asymmetrical fall then a symmetric one, if the purposed theory holds out.
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mell says
Who's your favorite childhood friend should not be "Nick" but "NickTheDick" or so.

Actually, in my case, Nick was in fact, a dick.

And thus, is more true than just plain Nick.
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theoakman says
My cousin was living in SF at the time but hails from Boston. He was on that flight the day before.

I've heard of up to 3 persons, whose plans were changed for that day alone. It's like Boston's Logan airport was a ghost town for one day in what's generally considered a very busy business season, the time right after Labor Day weekend.

I think even the so-called Great James Randi may want to give that some recognition that psychic phenomena may exist, but not for all ppl, otherwise, the only passengers would have been the hijackers.
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Nelson Rockefeller also died, while poking a secretary on the job.

It's ok.
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Ceffer says
they ain't that great.

I don't know but I think that my pole might be happy with them.
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I also like to titty fuck Catherine Bell.

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Patriot's Day is not 9/11.

Patriot's Day is the first day of the Revolutionary War where the shots were fired at Lexington MA's town center, along with other suburbs outside of Cambridge MA.

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One of the best of Boston rock bands ...

If you came from the Boston area, this was the most requested & played song from the first two albums, esp if you grew up, after they were already dubbed as classics.
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ohomen171 says
When she arrived here and took the three tests for her US medical license, she scored in the top 5% of those medical school graduates taking the test. She was right up there with graduates of Harvard, Yale, and Stanford Medical Schools. She got accepted to the very competitive Kaiser San Francisco residency program.

But that's the point right there, there's an objective path of examination scores which leads to a top residency. The folks at Harvard Med are pass/fail (no honors) and have little incentive to push themselves, once they gain admissions to the school.

For careers like banking or management consulting, resumes are passed around by Ivy Leaguers so that a clubhouse effect is created.
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SunnyvaleCA says
Harvard education is competitive with or less expensive than a public university in a student’s home state.

I don't know about the rest of the USA but at least for Massachusetts, anyone with the numbers to get accepted to Harvard, will have a full scholarship of any one of the public colleges in the state. Now, is that 'lower tier' education worth it? Well, if it means graduating with no debt and then, pursuing a trade, instead of corporate BS, w/o overhanging debt then why not?
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CornPoptheOriginalGangster says
despite the "Don't Be Evil" Claims

First of all, why would a company need to pre-announce to the world that it isn't planning to do any malice? I mean consciously speaking, aside from Big Tobacco, how many companies intentionally go into business, just to screw people over?

I mean when we launched our firm, adding "alpha to a conservative portfolio" was our motto and we used the fact that we were New Englanders and not Wall Streeters to up sell that credo. Well, up until we merged, that was exactly what we were. If our motto was to "we won't (wink! wink!) risk all your funds and hopefully we don't crash & burn" then chances are, by year three that's exactly what would have happened.
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Ceffer says
There is NO admissions policy at any institution at any level of selectivity that does not result in a minimum of ten percent clinkers

I'm not so sure about this.

One of my senior partners, both Univ of Penn and Columbia dean's list alum, couldn't get above a 2:2, lower half second class honors, at Univ of London LLM (Law) program.

So perhaps the idea here is to eliminate grade inflation and let the Al Gores of the world take their D's so that the school still remains prestigious academically, while certain loser but aristocratic members get their posts in the Senate and the VP but can't brag about it since ppl can always show how they under performed.
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