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Ceffer says
Jury: "Nobody would screw that bitch with a ten foot pole. The kid is either blind or lying, and it doesn't appear he is blind."

Actually, the teacher looks like an ordinary, decent looking but chubby guy. I think the student was gay and needed to boink a woman who reminded him of a guy.
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The above may help ... for those who can't understand the point I'm trying to make.
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Rin-Wah Law!
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me123 says

We understand that you need serious, serious help.

Aren't you banned from my threads?

If Pat forgot to ban you then here's a friendly reminder ... go fuck yourself and die of natural causes. Got it.
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First of all, it's the mass migration of Islamic immigrants. If you want to be non-PC, that's the correct answer w/o throwing Cambodians & Filipinos under the bus alongside terrorists.

If they were a mix of Christian, Buddhist, and Hindus, chances are ... they'd be no future social upheaval, just ppl of a slighter darker skin tone.
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This guy said that the average British wedding is 17K pounds or $22.3K US dollars.

That number sounds awfully low for a non-Caribbean wedding. Everyone I know, was clearly above $30K.
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RAPE says

Instead of all the above bull shit, how about being honest ...

My name is Rin. What do I like to do?

I like to fuck hoes!

And that's it!
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Jesus F'cking Christ, I'd squeezed so many tits up in Montreal that I'd lost count.

What kind of f'cking loser society do we live in, that rich guys have to waste their free time, talking about tits instead of actually fucking them.

Let me give you a pictorial ...

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This is how I like Jennifer Lawrence ...

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I don't get it? Why can't these guys simply fuck hoes up in Montreal like me?

Is it that I'm simply too honest and straightforward?
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Ppl, let's get real, these aren't Cambodian or Vietnamese Buddhists ... these are Islamists.

Stop using the bad immigrant label, on the good ppls of the world who don't plant bombs and rape civilians.
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Ceffer says
Oh, pardon me, that was the RealWife program.

In other words, a former Soviet hacking team has infiltrated the RealDoll systems, uploading a RealWife virus.
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Rock 'n Roll !!!!!!!!!!!!
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Tenpoundbass says
to the idea of a sex doll fleshed in latex being desirable?

I think it's as simple as playing with some tits and then ... some ass.

What you're talking about is 'interaction' and really, in this day and age, who cares for that?

I like to fuck, drink Gin, and then, listen to some classic rock, between work assignments! There's no need for a live bitch in that sequence of events.

This allows one to go from one productive activity to another, seamlessly, without significant downtime.
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Ceffer says
RinWah Law! Sex Dolls are a SACRAMENT!

Add music ...

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The regular PhD bioscience postdoc earns some $42-45K. A lot of these ppl have the same basic sciences as an MD holder but w/o the clinical rotations.

Why can't they be converted into MDs with a shortened 1-2 yr bridge program?

And yes, we can use the USMLE boards to determine if they're qualified. It's not like these ppl don't know how to prep for exams.
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tovarichpeter says
Why can't they be converted into MDs with a shortened 1-2 yr bridge program?

Many medical schools do waive basic sciences for PhDs in science.

Only if it's in the same school.

If you to apply to let's say BU medical school, with a PhD from Carnegie-Mellon in biomedical engineering, you'll have to retake all of years 1 and 2, despite having studied all that stuff from earlier work.
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It's too bad because 'The Usual Suspects', 'LA Confidential', and 'American Beauty' were all great films.

I had really respected Kevin for his roles in those movies.

Since I hadn't dated in 6+ years and have only fucked hoes during the interim ... I have zero respect for sexual predators, assuming that these are real charges, and not the faux rape stuff as in 'Mattress Girl' of Columbia University.
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errc says

Why do people struggle so hard to answer such simple questions?

Isn't that the point... if Rin were brought before a Grand Jury, his response would be ...

"Your Honor, I haven't fucked a woman in the United States of America for 6+ years!"
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errc, Rin is guilty of not dating American women and only wanting to legally fuck hoes outside of the Stars & Stripes.

If I'm guilty, of having done nothing to any American women, then imagine everyone else's situation.

Realize, there are trolls after me, an innocent man, on this board.
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HEY YOU says
big,thick,long,hard idiotic ideology

No, it's a thin and short ideology. If it were big, then they wouldn't need to advocate their P.O.V.s.
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Some Tina Turner here ...
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Snooz ...

When one's already experienced the above, this sort of stuff is childish.
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indc says
hitler co-opted swastika from hinduism.

Duh, both Hinduism and Buddhism, and it's all over Asia (minus the middle east & certain former Soviet territories), not just India.
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indc says
Rin, you are changing the topic. But do you know buddha was born Hindu and started his own religion?

Correct, however, Buddhism has died in India [ post-Kushan Empire ] but has proliferated throughout the rest of Asia, including China, Japan, Korea (before Rev Moon era), Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, etc. And thus, you'll find the Swastika, all over the place in east Asia.
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WookieMan says
Rin says
high income Asian ppl,

I'm sure I missed it in one of your past posts, but you dig the Asians, don't you? I have no problems with the postings, but your more "graphic" image posts generally contain them (Asians) as well. Not taking a shot here, just an observation if it hasn't been stated. Feel free to let me know if said observation is incorrect.

It ain't the digging part. Sure ... I'd titty fucked some but that's not a part of my Americana argument.

In America, Asians, meaning east Asia (China, Japan, Korea, etc) are considered a type of model minority, kinda like Armenians from a 100 years ago. They may have smaller/slanted eyes but for the most part, they're fair skinned and thus, fit the model of what's America's so-called melting pot. This isn't me, it's just how the mainstream thinks.

Just look at Joanna Gaines, from the 'Fixer Upper' daily show ...

This woman is as American as it can get, despite having Asiatic features from the Korean side of her ancestry. She fits into the American mainstream, whereas a lot of other ppl don't.
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TwoScoopsMcGee says
Snobby professionals, wanting the unwashed out of their 'hoods while puffing their chest and declaiming diversity.

First of all, let's get a few non-PC things clear ...

Asian-Americans, meaning ppl from China, Korea, Japan, etc, don't see Indian-Americans, as real Asians.

They see them as a bunch of 'Black' South Asians and thus, exclude them from their political blocs.

And then, since these South Asians have a mix of white (Persian, a.k.a. Aryan) features along with Dravidian (see Black ppl) features, they are not typically included in the Asian-American category.

So here's the breakdown ... the ppl of Slavic, Persian, Turkic, Arabic origins, living on the Asian continent are seen as non-Asians, living in Asia. But, because they're "white" or white-like, perhaps a Sicilian skin tone, they're accepted as white hanger-on-ers. This is why the infamous Boston bomber is considered white , even by those who hate him in New England. If he weren't Muslim, he would have been easily assimilated into the greater Boston area as a former Soviet Emigre, like many before him.

Since Indian-Americans remind ppl of the mixing of whites and blacks, ppl tend to not want to accept them but put 'em in a separated category called 'South Asian'. And thus, whenever you meet groups of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese diasporas, you'll notice that very few Indians are invited to their social gatherings. They want to see themselves are whites, but with smaller, slanted eyes.

I hope this explains the racism among Asians.
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Folks, the long standing show, 'Fixer Upper' was about an interracial relationship, despite Joanna Gaines only being part-Korean.

Stop pretending that this is some new phenomena.
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Strategist says
Hey when I was 7 and 8 in Toronto

Wait ... you were there, all those years ago and you haven't been boinking Canadian hoes all this time? What's your problem?!

Seriously, my Boston area high school, put up signs, warning parents not to send their kids to field trips up in Montreal for fear of underaged drinking and strip clubs.

It took me years, to overcome that conditioning.
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Heraclitusstudent says
This keeps us from seeing women as complex human beings, able to wield power, even in misguided or violent ways. And, the assumption that men are always perpetrators and never victims reinforces unhealthy ideas about men and their supposed invincibility.

And then, ppl of society, condemn men like Rin, who only fuck hoes, instead of wasting his time in the dating or so-called sexually predatory game!
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Michelle? Ewe.

Except in this case, Michelle Obama is portrayed by a Maori Beyonce doppelganger ...

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Ceffer says
Where are the Bill, Obama and Trumpligula look-alikes wearing French maid outfits to lick up the cum?

Don't get ahead of yourself, one sexual fantasy at a time.
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What's awesome that she's already working on her American accent using political slogans ...

"We need health insurance, for all working Americans!"

"Education is important, for everyone out there!"

"I will fight for you ... for all of your needs!"

Seriously, she's gotten everything right for a sleazy political climber.
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And don't forget about the Sarah Palin look-a-like ...

  Rin   ignore (4)   2017 Nov 8, 7:15pm   ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote        

The bigger question is that how is this suppose to help me during my interviews at management consulting firms (McKinsey, BCSG, Bain) or financial services (Goldman Sachs, Morgan & Stanley).

Really, that's the only true purpose of ivy league colleges, little else.
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"I like to play with tits and then ... some ass" - excerpt of RinWah Law verses
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I just want to make sure that no one has an issue with a juicy ass!
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FP says
Rin says
I just want to make sure that no one has an issue with a juicy ass!

I do! The view behind a bent small ass is much better.

I don't know about you, but I ain't complaining about Beyonce's rear end.
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FP says
Sniper, you proved his point.

Don't worry, our so-called sharpshooter and his bum buddy, Blue Sardine, are the most ignored trolls on this board.

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