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WTF with the gun being strapped to vertical bars? Which indoor range is this?
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Patrick says
Was in Honolulu.

Ah, yes: I've heard about this weird thing being practiced in HI. It was described differently to me though: the gun being attached by a piece of cable hanging from the ceiling. At least this is how it's alledgedly done in Maui's public ranges.
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Who's that "Hillary" ya'll keep talking about?
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Why anyone would pay attention to the blabbering of that lying sack of shit is a fucking mystery.
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Quigley says
It’s a silly policy this restaurant has. Sure, it’s their right to hold it (I think?)

I would say it's not legal. Needs to be tested in court though.
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Wait: isn't SA our overlord? When did the de-throning of SA and crowning of UAE happen?
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Feux Follets says
Satoshi_Nakamoto says
Needs to be tested in court though

Suing someone or something, the Great American pastime and the lazy man's way to make a living.

And to keep racist fucks in check.
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Recoil from AR-15 bruised his shoulder? WTF?
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errc says
Satoshi_Nakamoto says
Fake news.

Ok what about this one

What about it? It's a negligent discharge of a weapon (pointed in a safe direction, albeit somewhat poorly chosen). The term "school shooting" means something else ( not that you didn't know it already).
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FP says
Satoshi_Nakamoto says
Go get a room, you two.

Is that what you do with your right winger friends?

Nope: we post funny un-PC pictures in a dedicated thread.
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jazz_music says
FP says
Jazz's contributions are fine.

I just got another deleted comment.

I busted this thread as a right-wing safe space.

LOL --politically incorrect of me wasn't it?

Poor babies.

A clear admission of trolling, ladies and gentlemen.
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errc says
Putting more guns in schools means more accidents which could mean more children are shot than when schools are gun free zones

Yes. And putting more dicks in schools means more pregnancies. Good show, Private! Carry on!
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NuttBoxer says
Satoshi_Nakamoto says
And to keep racist fucks in check.

See my response on how this would probably play out. I think it just throws gas on his racist advertising campaign.

And? Whatever he earns by attracting additional business from racists will be spent on lawyers and taken away by the courts. And then some.
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HeadSet says
either for sport or home defense—my German Shepherd is a much better platform for both

German Shepherd? Some home insurance companies will refuse coverage on your house if you have one of these. Doesn't happen when there is an M-1 or AR-15 in the house. Soo, which is more "dangerous" and "needs to be regulated more" again?

And, BTW, their purpose is to herd livestock, not be someone's couch ornament. So if you don't have any livestock you don't "need" a GSD.

How's my liberal logic?
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zzyzzx says
Quigley says
I think we can all learn an important lesson here. Neglect your breeding population and face decline to insignificance.

Japan will simply be slightly less overcrowded.

This! The idea of bumper-to-bumper traffic 22x7 or people being jammed into subway cars by platform attendants as "normal" should die. It's not fucking normal and human beings should not be subjected to this shit.
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
FP says
I don't need knee defender. I just put my knees frimly against the back of the seat and prevent it from reclining. Have done this several times and it has worked. The person makes a few attempts and gives up; probably thinks the recliner is damaged.

Great idea. Will use!

Also thinking of slobbering over the person's head, since I have to bend my arms in order to get my cup-bearing hand to my mouth around the top of the reclined seat , I'll just have a few oopsies.

And a nice juicy sneeze or two.

What a bunch of pleasant, civilized people...
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my German Shepherd

Nazi dog!

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Quigley says
I do feel like all the hate against fellow passengers is misplaced.

It also serves to make the conditions more miserable, not less.
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Ceffer says
At first I thought this headline was about Tradeau getting the crabs.

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Rin says
If the Japanese govt is willing to play me ... I'll bang all the hottest women in Japan!

I don't think they're all that interested in "diversity".
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NuttBoxer says
Do we really need more divisiveness in this country? I think the more important thing here is that morons and their moronic thoughts are no longer given a soapbox to preach from, but instead quietly ignored until idiocy goes back to the shadows where it belongs.

Unfortunately the morons and their idiocy only gets encouraged by silence and inaction by normal people. They don't go back into the shadows if ignored. Quite opposite: they get bolder, louder and more invasive. The fucks need to be beaten back into irrelevance by legal methods.
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bob2356 says
Pretty funny that the people are always saying that ar-15 is a good hunting rifle because the .223 remington round is as effective as a 30-6 springfield round.

Strawman. Nobody in their right mind would equate .223 Rem with .30-06.
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SFace says
If you own a home in San Mateo since 1995, you are a multimillionaire and owns a shitload of stocks too.

Were the "multi" part is coming from? I can see a house in San Mateo costing about $1M more than in '95 (not adjusted for anything, just nominal), but "multi"?
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Wait a sec: you guys have almost persuaded me that war on drugs in un-winnable, that the ban only makes the cartels rich and that the border won't stop the flow of illegal drugs no matter how heavily protected. Now you ruin everything by suggesting that if guns are banned the cartels won't get rich by bringing them over the border and flooding the black market with them... WTAF?
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Serves him right! Greedy fucking pig!
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Needs to be deported pronto.
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Patrick says
Everyone with a massive mortgage believes that they did the right thing with a religious devotion that would shock hardened ISIS fighters.

Not everyone. I, for one, have no fucking devotion (religious or otherwise) to my massive mortgage.
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CovfefeButDeadly says
bob2356 says
and 15 years mandatory for both the owner and seller when someone is caught with a gun who isn't legally able to own one. C

I am fully behind this proposal. Somehow I think you actually are not(and certainly the politicians you support are not).

Of course not and it's fucking obvious. Otherwise stealing a gun won't be reduced to a fucking misdemeanor in CA. I mean, it's a one-fucking-party state, why the fuck they reduce the penalty for possession of an illegal weapon? It's not like eeeeeevil NRA has any say in the matter.
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Heraclitusstudent says
Rin says
most modern American women need to die of natural causes ...

I guess most are. Most men too.

And most of them will.
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Heraclitusstudent says
It’s a contraception problem. Without contraception, promiscuous women would get babies before 20 and from there, would have to toil to take care of them. Males would then be distant second thoughts and the set of their desirable attributes would shrink to their abilities as providers.

All the worries about avoiding bothersome lesser males, attracting bad boys, other females weight, looks, fashion and skin care, are but immature teenager issues that linger into middle age because of the desire to prolong their status as precious princesses, and maybe get a further ego boost through professional careers, all while refusing to step forward into what would have been considered a normal adult life.

They were freed to focus on these things that won't make them happy.

Don't forget the second act of the drama: spending shitload of time and money trying to get pregnant @35-40 (and all the drama associated with it) because suddenly they want something they tried to avoid at all costs during the previous 20 years.
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"My Maserati does one-eighty-five/I lost my licence, now I don't drive"
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Feux Follets says
Push the call button

Flew couple of newish B737s and E190s recently: no call buttons at all.
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Patrick says
I had a little fun with the title.

It's good to be king!
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ohomen171 says
Many people feared that South Africa would go the way of Zimbabwe, Angola, Mocambique, etc. with the white population stripped of all their money and encouraged to leave.

And this is exactly where it's headed.