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'The engine of the economy roared back to life': US small-business confidence hit a record high in 2017.

The NFIB's chief economist, Bill Dunkelberg, also credited the surge in optimism to Trump.

"The 2016 election was like a dam breaking," Dunkelberg said. "Small-business owners were waiting for better policies from Washington, suddenly they got them, and the engine of the economy roared back to life."

The NFIB late last year came out against the first version of the Republican tax bill, saying it would not be wholly beneficial to small-business owners.

But after changes to the bill that made tax cuts more generous for owners of entities known as pass-through businesses, whose profits the owner books as personal income, the NFIB supported the final version that recently became law.

"With a massive tax cut this year, accompanied by significant regulatory relief, we expect very strong growth, millions more jobs, and higher pay for Americans," Duggan said in a release.
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anotheraccount says
What percentage of it goes to workers?

More than they are getting now.
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Strategist says
Donald Trump referred to Haiti

Meanwhile, Bill and Hillary Clinton went and raped and pillaged Haiti when they had the earthquake for their own benefit. Isn't nice the Dems like to line their pockets with money off of the less fortunate?
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WookieMan says
I'm probably out of touch I suppose, but a $1k bonus really seems like nothing at all to me. Kudos to these employers I suppose. This probably helps people more than I know.

How much does it help a $15/hr baggage handler?
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anotheraccount says
By borrowing money that you don't have

That didn't seem to bother yo-u the last 8 years. Why is it important now?

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marcus says
Meanwhile, keep a lookout for stories about money

Does that include the money he makes off of the over 500 business enterprises he's involved with?

Donald Trump likes to put his name on things. The bombastic businessman turned US presidential hopeful offered a new glimpse into his eponymous activities with the financial disclosure forms that are required of all federal candidates.

The forms were released on Wednesday, July 22, by the Federal Election Commission. Among other things, they required Trump to list all entities for which he serves as an executive. Of the 515 listed in the disclosure, 268 of them—52%—contain his last name and don’t clearly reference someone else, like his father Fred Trump.

rocketjoe79 says
If such a failure can have a net worth of $3.5 Billion, I'l like to be exactly that kind of failure.

So sad, he took 200 million and turned in into BILLIONS.... such a failure....
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anotheraccount says
According to Goldman "the deficit will hit $750 billion in 2018, $900 billion in 2019 and $1.025 trillion in 2020."

Thanks for the link to that data, info and charts, very informative...

Oh wait... null post...
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Satoshi_Nakamoto says
What's so great about this "ARLP" y'all are talking about again?

Wondering the same thing?? Still below the 1 year high, while all the other major markets are up +20% the past year.

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anotheraccount says
Sniper says
More than they are getting now.

Another stupid ass answer to a valid question.

So sad Trump having a positive influence on the country upsets yo-u so much... It must be sad to be a liberal in America today!
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anotheraccount says
he chose to post only the part that's supposed to support his narrative.

Feel free to start any thread with the topic of your choice for discussion, go ahead, it's FREE (just the way Bernie voters like it). This way, there won't be anything to complain about.

I'm waiting........
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anotheraccount says
Here you go:

anotheraccount says
According to Goldman "

Now, which one is it??? Goldman or CBO??

anotheraccount says
My stance on deficits has been consistent during Obama's and Trump's presidencies as my comments are proof.

Can you please link the thread where this was stated during the Obama administration time period?
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Strategist says
Hey liberals.....what do you guys want? What will make you happy?

Obama to come back. They LOVE that misery.
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Goran_K says
anon_13e7f says
Deniers are typically conspiracy theorists. They believe that climate change due to CO2 is a government conspiracy.

Most people aren't deniers, but there are a large category of skeptics who ask very good questions that for some reason get ignored by the Climate Change cult.


Skeptics don't drink the kool-aid and question statements not supported by true data, and don't rely on fudged models that are designed with a specific endpoint in mind.
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Heraclitusstudent says
Since we have proven the greenhouse effect takes place,

How will the "alarmists" stop water vapor from being created? Is there a model for that?
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So sad that a bunch more US workers will be getting good paying jobs.. Can we impeach Trump yet?

Fiat Chrysler hailed the corporate tax cut as a big reason for investing $1 billion in its Warren Truck plant to build heavy duty Ram pickups now assembled in Mexico.

But the Trump administration's threat to walk away from the North American Free Trade Agreement was at least as big a factor, an industry scholar told the Free Press.

About 80% of the Rams now built in Mexico are shipped to the U.S., said Kristin Dziczek, director of the industry, labor and economics group at Ann Arbor's Center for Automotive Research.

"With all the uncertainty surrounding NAFTA, it just makes sense to do this and eliminate the potential negative impact," she said.

Dziczek said hiring isn't as hard as it may seem.

The Auburn Hills automaker also has pockets of workers who may be on layoff status at engine plants in Trenton and Dundee, as well as at an axle plant in Marysville, Mich.

(so sad, laid off workers will be going back to work)
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Strategist says
Mexico will pay for the wall — "indirectly," President Donald Trump claimed Thursday.

Wait, they're not just going to write a check, like the Dems have been claiming? There's other ways to get them to "pay" for it??

Such a novel business plan by this guy!
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anon_4c7e1 says
Imagine if Trump CONGRESS actually did anything to restrict immigration how much wages would go up.

There, fixed it.
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anotheraccount says
Strategist says
It's not important. What others get is irrelevant to what you get.

Of course it does, when we are borrowing money to pay for it.

Got those Obama links yet where this was an issue for the last 8 years?
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anotheraccount says
Did you actually click on the PDF?

Sure did, and I didn't see..

anotheraccount says
According to Goldman

listed anywhere in it.

Can you point out where it was printed in that report, otherwise you're just making things up, and don't have a point?
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BorderPatrol says
Southwest $5B profit annually. that's 500M tax saving a year. but only 50M in ONE TIME bonus. that's giving employees 10% and keeping 90% of the cut.

next year employees probably get shit.

How much did they get in bonuses when Obama was president?

Oh that's right... ZERO...

Is $1000 more or less than ZERO?
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BorderPatrol says
everyone gets $1K more this year!

That's $1K more than they got when Obama was president, right?

So sad that the Socialists here aren't getting their bonuses from their employers.

BorderPatrol says
morale has been lifted! Yeah!!!

Yep, very true... Sucks, doesn't it, that the country is happier with this new president versus the old, black one?
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BayAreaObserver says
Virtually no one is rolling out an increase in 401-K matching which would actually be a much better deal for the workers long term. I've read of one firm so far..

Oops... wrong again..

Tax reform prompts Visa to raise 401(k) match for employees
The company said it will increase its contribution to 10 percent of base salary.
Visa said it is raising its match on employees' 401(k) contributions, in response to tax reform.
Nationwide announced it will pay $1,000 bonuses to about 29,000 employees and increase matching 401k contributions for all its associates.

The news follows a similar announcement by health insurance giant Aflac regarding an increase in its 401k match.
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WookieMan says
And I get it, the bonus was $0 before the tax plan and it's now $1k. It still really is a rather meager bonus if you ask me. I'd obviously take it, don't get me wrong there. And the money will get dumped back into the economy, well, because no one saves. So the companies doing this are technically providing a boost to us all. But if it's only a one time thing, then in the long run it really does seem like a show.

Starting in February, all the new tax codes start, so MANY people will be seeing increased amounts in their paychecks.

Want to guess where that money will go?
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anon_61c8a says
Haven't republicans been complaining that 50% of people or households don't pay income tax?

Yes, but the Dems want those same people to get a tax CUT, otherwise this new tax plan is unfair to low income people.

anon_61c8a says
Basic math does show that something is off with these numbers.

Sad, somehow, the Dems can't do math.
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Strategist says
Pelosis definition of trickle down...

What leaks out of her Depends diaper as she walks the halls of congress.
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WookieMan says
And yes, the rich guys make out well with this plan as well.

That's because they pay the bulk of the taxes now..

Funny how that math works out.
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
The median household income in the US is about $50k

$1000 is Little League. A Violin and lessons. A semester of Community College for Junior. Taking a week down by the lake with wife and two kids.

That's just the bonus though, there's a tax cut on top of it, which should be another $1000 for the typical family.


Another $30 bucks a week in the paycheck is a tank and a half of gas to get to work... But hey, that doesn't matter to the "little people".

If they only could have gotten that $2500 check from Obama for their savings on their Obamacare policy, we would be perfect!!
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BayAreaObserver says
"So a place where raw sewage mixes with well water, there's endemic preventable disease, and the country is infamous for poverty, crime, violence, corruption, and death, we can't call it a shithole now?"

We have more than enough of that in this country

Specially in Indiana.
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errc says
Bump for context.

Thanks for the bump, let's look at historical price.

BayArea says

$19.35, how high will this thing go (I got in at $19.03, but not looking long).

That post was from August 2016,

ARLP is trading right now at $20.82

That's over a year and a half, doesn't sound like a great return.

A DOW index fund from August 2016 till now returned 39% (plus dividends), that would have been a better investment. (DOW went from 18,500 to 25,700).
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Patrick says
Another "mic-drop" comment deleted.

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anotheraccount says
Payroll tax is 34% is of total contributions and 98% of it paid by people making less than 100K.
federal income tax is 47% and and top 1% pays about 50% of it = 23%

33%>23% Is this clear enough for you?

Be careful with percentages, as invoices and bills are paid with dollars, not percentages.

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anotheraccount says
Seriously please try to refute my posts.

As of 2010, 68.8% of Federal individual tax receipts including payroll taxes, were paid by the top 20% of taxpayers by income group. The top 1% paid 24.2% whereas the bottom 20% paid 0.4% due to deductions and the Earned income tax credit. With 2013 tax law changes, the top 1% will pay an even larger share.[1]
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BorderPatrol says

Speaking of CNN

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Voting Dem has consequences.
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Where else did we hear TONS of complaints about letting a rich millionaire with NO political experience win a major political race??

Hmmm, I just can't remember when that was, does anyone else???????
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zzyzzx says
NJ hands it's Governorship over to a Tax and Spend Progresive Liberal with ZERO Political Experience

Would be be better to hand the governorship over to an experienced tax and spend liberal?

NJ would lose in both cases.

Murphy's even worse, he's already having issues with the liberals in Trenton and not getting along, and his official inauguration is tomorrow.

Gonna be a long, painful 4 years.....
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Why aren't my comments showing up after posting, seems to be a long delay?
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FortWayne says
I do believe it is 10k total,

That 10K number is for BOTH property taxes AND state income taxes combined. It's not just for property tax. So in states with higher income, it will be really easy to exceed that 10K in both property and income tax.

HeadSet says
House and car prices are based on the availability of credit. Easy loans create rising prices while tight credit causes falling prices.

This is the correct answer. Very few people buy houses based on what they can deduct on their taxes. The MAJORITY buy a house based on what the monthly payment will be. Since over 2/3rds buy with a mortgage, the payment matters more than the tax deduction.
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Strategist says
If it does, who wants to join me in buying Cuba, Puerto Rico, or Haiti. Oops, lets forget buying Haiti, it's a shithole.

Ha Ha, forget Cuba and Puerto Rico too, those are shithole juniors.

How about we buy Barbados or St. Lucia?

At the rate this market is going, I'll be able to retire soon..

Oh wait, I already did that...