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This is a clear case of racial discrimination. It's illegal. Why isn't anyone suing them?
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Feux Follets says
It's a new take on the one door for whites, one door for blacks. Same like one drinking fountain for white, one for blacks.

Don't see a problem myself - karma's a bitch.

Don't like the policy, don't eat there. Problem solved.

That's promoting racism. It will only create more resentment, if this crap spreads.
Why can't everyone just forget the past, and focus on the future?
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Patrick says
Many have pointed out that years ago, people would go to school and have hunting rifles in their vehicles. Yet, mass violence in schools and other locations did not happen as in society today. It makes me think that there must be a root cause that we are not addressing that has led to this change.

So if it's a culture of violence that is becoming more prevalent. How do we fix that? We can't. You cannot change cultural trends with a few simple laws. We need to make sure crazy people cannot get their hands on guns. We need background checks, psychiatrist evaluations, age limits and what not.
I do not understand the point of making it easy for criminals, and wackos to get their hands on guns.
I would also ban AR-15's and similar weapons, because I do not believe they are defensive weapons.

The only reason the NRA is hellbent on preventing laws that ban AR-15's and such, is because they see banning them will trigger a trend towards banning all guns. I don't give a shit. Children are being slaughtered in schools like nowhere else on earth with these assault weapons. The NRA can fight against preventing the sale of small defensive weapons if and when the time comes, but right now these mass killing assault weapons must be banned. If they were already banned, those kids and many others would have been alive today.

Dear NRA,
Either prove AR-15's are a defensive weapon against burglars and criminals or go fuck yourself. I am switching my support for guns from neutral so fuck you.
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NuttBoxer says
I disagree. With the re-introduction of zero down loans, it's a great way to save money! Put nothing in, bail as soon as your loan goes underwater, and live rent free for 1-3 years until the Sheriff comes knocking.

What a deal......Heads you win, tails you don't lose.
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Goran_K says
5lbsbrowntrout says
This opinion has been stated twice. It is no more true than the first time stated.

The first time this OPINION was stated Venezuela was given as an example but Venezuela is an example of wealth inequality ending badly. Is there any examples of wealth inequality as a good thing that won't end badly?

Venezuela is NOT an example of market income inequality, it's an example at an attempt at government enforced income equality using the government's gun (the only way that's ever been attempted).

Capitalist markets do not create income equality, and that's a okay since there isn't "effort" equality.

If capitalism caused economic disaster, we would have been like Venezuela long ago. If communism caused thriving economies, Venezuela would be like USA.
Communists will never ever believe the obvious, which is why they are laughed at.
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5lbsbrowntrout says
Venezuela is an example of wealth inequality unwinding. In a terrible way. In 2006 wealth inequality was higher than in US now it is not.

Yup. Everyone is dirt poor and starving in Venezuela. Isn't communism/socialism awesome?
Margaret Thatcher....."Socialism is wonderful, until you run out of other peoples money" Venezuela ran out of other peoples money. Now, everyone is equally starving. :)
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I asked before, and I ask again.....Can anyone name an economically successful country, that does not use capitalism?
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Feux Follets says
Strategist says
Why do you think we are better off aligning ourselves with Iran? Besides, what makes you think Iran wants to align with us?

No shortage of analysis on the web covering both questions. The House of Saud is not our friend, never was, never will be - ever.

They are more than willing to fight any war any time with any of their enemies as long as it is someone's else blood that is getting spilled and preferably ours since they are inept handlers of the latest military technology and they buy a ton of that shit from us.

You are still not answering my question. Saudis are scum, but so is Iran. Them hating each other is the best thing that ever happened to us.
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DOH! Why can't I spend more than I take in?

My wife does it everyday.
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You can hold rallies ,fire people,start a war, exempt countries from tariffs but you....can't escape a Sex Scandal.

Grabbing pussies.....Fucking whores are not Sex Scandals anymore. It's expected of politicians.
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drB6 says
Patrick says
True, just like white people, Indian-Americans don't actually work for their money. They are just given it because of the color of their skin... brown.

While just as brown Iraqi-Americans are discriminated against...must be skin color and nothing else

I'm sure there is discrimination due to Iraqis being Muslims, though the real reason for them earning less is a lack of intelligence among Arabs. It's not their brains that made them famous.
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georgeliberte says
53.Nigerian American : $62,086[2]

Ha ha ha. Everyone knows Nigerians make their money through scams.
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MisterLefty says
Because if someone takes your money or resources, ostensibly, to better their family's chances, that's not a crime, you see.

You mean like the third generation welfare Queens who legally steal. It should be a crime. Welfare is for those who need it, not for those who want it just so they don't have to work.
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bob2356 says
Strategist says

If capitalism caused economic disaster, we would have been like Venezuela long ago. If communism caused thriving economies, Venezuela would be like USA.
Communists will never ever believe the obvious, which is why they are laughed at.

You really can't come up with any economic disasters in a capitalistic economy? Seriously? Start with the medici bank and work your way through to the 2007 meltdown.

The 2007 meltdown was horrible, as was the Great Depression of 1929, WW2, and recessions. However, we pulled out of every one of them and our economy went even higher.
Communist countries don't pull out of their melt downs. They cover it up for as long as possible, and eventually end up dying.
Today, virtually all wealth is produced by countries that use capitalism.
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Feux Follets says
Strategist says
Can anyone name an economically successful country, that does not use capitalism?

Is this like the what is the ideal temperature for humans question ?

Nope. I'm just trying to open the eyes of people who think we will all be better off without capitalism.
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5lbsbrowntrout says
Ok so the US is the example and the example to use is socialization of the losses. I hear so many bad things about socialism but the socialism that saved the wealth gap from closing is apparently the only good socialism? Is that what I'm hearing?

Socialism in Venezuela bad socialism to save the US top1% wealth good.

Folks you just can't make this shit up.

There is no such thing as socialism in the US for the top 1%. It's just propaganda.
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jazz_music says
Quigley says
a world in which absolute truth is broadcasted

Big money and deals with the president deals are not necessary to broadcast truth. They are being deployed as weapons to push any truth into obscurity, and offer access only to those who agree TO MAKE NO COMMENT. WTF are you thinking here?

And what freedom of press do communist countries have? Zip Zero Zilch.
Only what their government want them to hear.
No independent news from outside the country.
No internet. Radio signals were blocked.
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jazz_music says
Strategist says
nothing about hard work and family values, just violence and taking from others.

One can read all that into the comment without it ever being mentioned.

Bus driving is a respectable, highly responsible, and even stressful occupation that deserves a decent living as compensation, not to be sacrificed on the altar of shareholder value as so many blue collars en masse receive. Where is meritocracy?

Sure bus driving is a respectable and responsible job. Bus driving experience does not qualify you to run a country.

jazz_music says
There are losers in life. Americans are losers and have lost a lot including steady employment, retirement, access to needed medical treatments, their homes, access to education, even friendly relations has become a luxury that very few can afford, especially with the hatred and distrust that has become front and center. Can one blame them for being stupid when they are being dysinformed and manipulated by the powerful everywhere they turn on a screen?

Americans are winners in life. The whole fucking world wants to be American.
As for your claim about Americans being disinformed.....How the hell do you know that? You have sources of information no one else has that is not commie propaganda?

jazz_music says
One can correctly say that meritocracy is the cornerstone myth of American life. Doesn't mean that there is no meritocracy, it means that the accomplishments of the steadfastly prudent and hardworking Americans get wiped out so frequently by considerations such as, divorce,

So your wife takes half. Are you saying she should get nothing? And that is America's fault? And you want me as a taxpayer to pay for it? LOL.
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Quigley says
Patrick says
I have no problem with Christian Arabs, who are the same race as Muslim Arabs.

Strangely, Christian Arabs don't murder random civilians all over the world like Muslim Arabs do. I wonder if it could have something to do with the difference between the two religions.

Stop it, Patrick! You’re going to trigger our resident Leftists with so much raw unadorned truth!

Patrick is such a racist. Imagine blaming Muslim Arabs for 100% of the atrocities, when they only commit 100% of the atrocities.
The Left is gonna have such a fit.
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Feux Follets says
Monopsony might just be the word of the year, at least for economics wonks.

The less-famous brother of monopoly, it means there are many sellers but only one buyer for a product.

That description fits a big chunk of the U.S. labor market right now, and it matters for wages: when companies face limited competition, they don’t have to up pay to “buy” work hours.

The best example of a monopsony is the American government buying military gear from a few companies like Lockheed and Boeing.
We have all heard of the ridiculous prices charged to the tax payer for a fucking toilet seat.
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CBOEtrader says
jazz_music says
It is you who have fallen for the lies

Which lies are those jazz?

He has a secret source of information that no one else has.......Commie propaganda.
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Oh that is so sad. :(
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Feux Follets says
Patrick says
pretty uncomfortable

As compared to what ? American Airlines ? Allegiant Air ?

Uncomfortable how ? Unsmiling service from those svelte flight attendants who were trained at Buchenwald and are old enough to your mother ? Shouldn't have asked for more of anything if it was free.

Uncomfortable how ? Shitty coach seats that haven't been cleaned since god knows when. Did you get a dry one that someone didn't spill something on ?

Uncomfortable how ? Ignorant seat mates beside, in front and in back of you ? Common to all domestics airlines now and a lot of the international carriers as well.

Uncomfortable how ? Did all the parts stay on your plane ? No emergency diversions ? No overly obnoxious drunks ? If so you did well.

Most of the airlines suck. The United flight we took to Kona last month didn't even have a screen to watch a movie. Didn't care much because the ticket was so cheap. No hot flight attendants either :(
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The13thRussianBot says
Well if you ever miss him, just play his sqwak box.

His contributions to science will truly be missed.
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WildMind says
My question is how do they track that? For instance we have a $35k home equity loan.

Maybe the IRS expects everyone to tell the truth.
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Ha ha ha. No one got hurt WTF. He is just a normal guy who got turned on by this horny woman. They should both receive the same punishment. Pure discrimination.
If no one complained, let it go.
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So it's OK for an able bodied man to never work, but not OK for an able bodied man to work hard.
I'll add this to my long list of "stupid socialist laws" it's number 9845756586675367.
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MoneySheep says
Gold bars fell from the sky. Don't you wish it happens to you?

He he he. As long as a gold bar does not land on my head, I would be OK.
This tells me people are capitalists by nature, and they all want to get rich.
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Lawyers are wagging their tails and drooling like hell. I expect criminal charges and bankruptcies.
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I'm not sure if a billionaire would be driving his own car unless it's a Lamborghini.
I would not mind if very reckless and dangerous driving results in the car getting impounded. That would be fining the billionaires more.
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Satoshi_Nakamoto says
"My Maserati does one-eighty-five/I lost my licence, now I don't drive"

he he he. Your next car will be a Prius.
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PrivilegedtobeWhite says
SFace says
If you own a home in San Mateo since 1995, you are a multimillionaire and owns a shitload of stocks too.
I love when house-humpers say stuff like, "Well, if you bought your house in 1995, before the biggest bubble of all time, you'd be a multi-millionaire with tons of stocks."

Get me a time machine, and I'll happily go buy a whole block. But until one gets invented, why should any normal person buy a house right now when renting that same house is a fraction of the monthly cost? That's when speculation is in full swing.

When speculation is in full swing, renting is cheaper than buying. However, factor in double digit appreciation rates that are common during boom times, and you will see buying rather than renting is a no brainer.
Even 4% appreciation rates would make buying a better option, simply because interest rates are 4%.
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No jobs,no consumers. No consumers,no sales. No sales,no need for jobs.
Capitalism is fun.

Communism is even more fun.
Everyone has jobs. No one works. Nothing is produced. Everyone goes to America.

Not to worry. These fuckers you elected will surely solve the problem.
Trickle down Assholes!

Not to worry. These fuckers you never elected will always be wealthy. Trickle up works for the commie dictators.
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Everyone is responsible for their own actions. The final choice was yours win or lose.
I don't agree with Patrick when it comes to housing, but his website provides a lot of information, and differing viewpoints on every issue.
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
The FREE! market is perfect.

4000 a month for a parking spot is cheap.

Anyone who can afford to live inside is way ahead of most people who've ever been alive on earth.

If someone is willing to pay $4000 for a parking spot and someone is willing to provide a parking spot for $4,000, let them. Nothing wrong with that, who cares?
The problem emerges when free markets are restricted by excessive zoning, rules, laws, and NIMBY activism. If free markets were allowed, there is no way the BA would be so outrageously priced.
Suppose they made a law that states rents can never be more than $1,000? No landlord would bother to rent out their property. Where would renters live then?
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This is patnet!
We bitch & moan for any reason or no reason.

Hey internet! Why are there so many dumb patnetters? ;-)

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Hey, isn't the OP a personal attack that is now banned?
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bob2356 says
NuttBoxer says
bob2356 says
Oh wait, America had blue laws all over the country for 2 centuries that have only been repealed in the last 30 years.

Who said America isn't socialist Bob?

What do you define as socialist?

Fat third generation welfare Queens.
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bob2356 says
HeadSet says
What part of repealed do you not understand? By your logic, since the Swiss did not allow women to vote in federal elections until 1971, the Swiss will never be able to call out any entity ever for oppressing women. And no American should condemn modern day slavery since it was legal in the USA until the 1860s

Want to point out all the places slavery exists today where people are owned as property fully legally recognized by government? Sure right.

The swiss should fully recognize thier history before speaking out about other people.

Maybe we should talk about the Italaians speaking out against gladiator sports.

Dear Bob,
Those people who practiced slavery in the past are all dead. Who are you going to complain to?
Those who practice slavery today, along with human rights abuse of women and minorities are the ones you should be concentrating on.....the fucking Muslims.
Am I right, or am I wrong?
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If Sikhs are peaceful, why are they required to carry knives?
All religions claim to be peace loving. So why do we have religious wars?