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Rin says
Within this territory, there was Jews, Christians (Nestorian as well, not just Orthodox as in Byzantine), Hindus, Buddhists, and Zoroastrians.

In other words, there was a version of the United States of America, but thousands of years ago where ppl of differing backgrounds could try to live in peace.

All it took was for Islam to show up and destroy what was left of civilization and as a result, we have the middle east of today.

It was always easy in the old days for the more violent savage to conquer and slaughter a peaceful opponent. Those who survived were forced to join Islam, and become a violent savage themselves.
Today, the map you present are inhabited by dangerous and violent Islamic wackos. We don't want this sick cult to spread, nor do we want to be their victims. We have no choice but to contain this disease with any means possible.
All this reminds me of some Star Trek episodes where we go to distant planets and come face to face with primitive people. The situation we face with Islam is the same, that of.....Spacemen vs Cavemen. We could wipe out every one of these barbarians in one day, but choose not to because a more civilized approach is to civilize them. Unfortunately, some people think that can be achieved without controlling them first.
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LastMan says
TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
When Saudi Arabia killed those gays and witches a few years ago, what kind of sanctions did Obama impose?

None, just like Trump. Indistinguishable as indicated.

Pussy Obama imposing sanctions on bad bad bad people? He had a better way.....Beg. Did not work, but it was still a better way.
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tatupu70 says
I have no idea, and neither do you because there was no trial, no evidence presented. Instead, the leader of a supposed US ally murdered a journalist because he wrote unflattering articles and dared speak the truth.

Okay, so how do we blame it all on Trump?
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curious2 says
We can see in this thread what the Saudis would do to us if we had something they wanted and they had the weapons.

They would do what they have always done:
Slaughter the men. Rape the women. Take our children and women as slaves.
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dr6B says
What I do not understand is why he went to SA consulate knowing the danger. Perhaps they guaranteed his safety by swearing on Quran...

Wonderful point. He went there the first time, was asked to come back. Went to London, and returned to Turkey for the appointment.
Why not London, NY, or any other place? Why Turkey? He also went alone, while his fiancee waited outside.
Why Turkey, and why alone. I smell a rat.
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I'm looking forward to the movie. It has everything:
International espionage....spies...murder....mystery...politics....Kings...power....Trump....Love and marriage.....torture....violence.....
And of course, Islam. Islam will obviously be the good guy, the moral and the innocent, or else the producers of the movie will get executed. Rules are rules.
So who will be the bad guys?
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I'm beginning to think this Kashoggi guy was a threat to the Trump/MBS alliance, which is why he was tortured for information and killed. If so, I'm all for it. I trust Trump to do what it takes to destroy Islam. In the case of Islam, the end justifies the means.
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tatupu70 says
The Saudis didn't record it-Turkey did.

How did they record it? Any proof?
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dr6B says
Strategist says
So who will be the bad guys?


Ahhhh, the plot thickens. This is getting exciting.
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Rin says
If the barbarians develop warp drive then it's essential to nuke 'em at once.

They already have. It's called Pakistani nukes.
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Let's all make sure we believe in some imaginary God, what could go wrong?

Besides death, war, destruction, rape, murder, plunder, pillage, slavery, and torture, nothing much.
Why are you so paranoid?
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Let's add all the Republicans' subsidies & handouts & see what the average is.
We need to know!

Those who take from the government and still want more are more likely to be democrats.
That's all you need to know.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
tatupu70 says
No the question is how to we rationalize it so Trump gets no blame.

Why should we blame Trump if the Saudis took out a Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer whose Uncle was a billionaire arms dealer and was connected to somebody serving 23-25 years in prison for financing the assassination of a Saudi Prince?

If we don't blame Obama for not sanctioning Saudi Arabia when it executed Witches and Gays, why are we suddenly holding Trump accountable if the Saudis killed a dangerous terrorist supporter?

Can you stop with the rational statements? You are confusing the liberals.
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Why is Turkey so upset over the death of Kashoggi? They don't go to these lengths on every murder or disappearance.
The plot thickens.
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WookieMan says
I'm going to create a religion where it's required for only attractive women to give me a blowjob upon meeting me.

You may need help handling an unlimited number of blowjobs. I'm quite sure every Patnetter would be willing to lend a hand. uuhhh make that a penis.
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Why should Republicans care about Khashoggi,they don't care about Americans.

We don't.
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Education is the greatest investment you will ever make.
strategist 2018
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FortWayneIndiana says
They think socialism will make their life better... do they not study any world history at all?

They don't learn history, nor do they learn current events. If they learnt any geography, they would have heard of Venezuela.
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zzyzzx says
Greece bans obese tourists from riding donkeys after animal rights activists shed light on abuse

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Quigley says
1)Everything goes around. The world turns, seasons come and pass, and land that belonged to one people belongs to another.

2)Nobody holds onto what they aren’t strong enough to keep from everyone else. In the early 19th century, a few thousand white people from Holland were enough to hold on to South Africa.
A few dozen million from England were strong enough to hold onto half the world.
And in 1967, a few million Jews held the Holy Land against a few hundred million Arabs.
Strength and determination matter. When either is gone, the barbarians will be at the gate.

All land in existence was stolen or conquered by someone or other. Maybe hundreds of times over the millennials.
It doesn't really matter to me where the boundaries are drawn in Israel. I just think suicide bombers and their supporters should be punished, not rewarded.
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bob2356 says
TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says

Saudi Arabia never assassinated anybody until now? ROTFL

Like who did they assassinate in their embassy over seas? Names are lacking. You don't think the first time any country has done something so bold and stupid is news worthy?

No, it's not newsworthy. It would be newsworthy if Islam stopped killing.
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P N Dr Lo R says
But Jesus Christ is eternal.

And all this time I was told he died for me. I feel cheated.
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curious2 says

Islam is incredibly toxic. At anything above 20% of the population, you are likely to see discrimination against non-Muslims. Where a country has more than 20% Muslims, there is a 95% chance that country has already lost its freedom.

The world is getting smaller, and they no longer need the 20% anymore. America has only 1% or 2% of it's population being Muslim, and we can't even draw cartoons or make movies that might offend Muslims. These barbarians can now issue fatwas from the other side of the world and you won't even know it before your alarm goes off in the morning. You may never wake up.
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bob2356 says
ROFLOL. The whole 1.3% muslim population in Ireland is going to institute sharia law?

That's how it all starts, doesn't it? A virus only needs one body to get going.

bob2356 says
That assumes no group but musliims will have a positive birth the next 55 years. I find that to be pretty improbable.

Think about it. If Muslims have the highest birth rates, and all other religions face declining birth rates, it's just a matter of time before Muslims are the only group with a positive birth rate. It's not just probable, but very likely.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Another dissident released after a trip from Mattis. This one from the Vietnam.

Thank You Obama.
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bob2356 says
Why are the far right wingers such fucking hypocrites. Is it lsome kind of requirement to get your super secret far right wingnut decoder ring?

Welcome to American politics.

bob2356 says
Disclaimer, I despise pelosi and cruz.

Me too.
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From the article:
"They say that rent control acts as a disincentive to new residential development and that only more market-rate construction will bring rents down.
But rent control doesn’t stop new development. "

Read the first line, and focus on the word "disincentive" That's what rent control does, resulting in fewer homes being built than what would have been built without rent control. Rent control does not totally eliminate new development. Rent control would benefit those facing rent increases now, but over time it will hurt everyone else.
As rent control applies to apartments, condos and houses will see a disproportionate rise in rents over the next few years as apartment construction will fall.
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**Cities and counties could apply rent control to houses as well.

"Under Costa Hawkins:

Landlords have the right to raise rent on a rent-controlled unit to “fair market value” every time a tenant moves out.
Cities are not allowed to apply rent control to units built after February 1995. For cities that already had rent control on the books when Costa Hawkins was passed, the cutoff is backdated. In the LA area, the dates are even earlier: October 1, 1978 for the city of Los Angeles; April 10, 1979 for Santa Monica; July 1, 1979 for West Hollywood; and February 1, 1995 for Beverly Hills.
Single-family homes and condos are exempt from rent control restrictions.
These provisions would be overturned if Costa Hawkins were repealed, giving cities more freedom to decide how to implement rent control."
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Patrick says
The major French daily Le Figaro on Thursday published a bombshell story which reports the Saudi royal family is actively considering a replacement to crown prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) as next in line to succeed his father King Salman

Trump will decide who gets to inherit the Saudi throne.
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I can't wait for Civil War 2.0 to start!

Ha ha ha. If your side wins, what will you end up getting? A $50.00 coupon from Walmart.
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
Patriots! Trump should give these guys medals of FREE!dom for butchering a libby propagandist.

Give them a couple of hot blondes as wives. With cameras.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
THOSE WHO favor the United States designating the Muslim Brotherhood a foreign terrorist organization, a move being considered by the Trump administration and advanced by a few members of Congress, think it will strike a singular blow against violent extremism. But they labor under an illusion. The Muslim Brotherhood is not a single, cohesive unit, but rather a sprawling organization. It does not systematically engage in terrorism, although some parts of it have turned to violence. A blanket designation would be a mistake.

Any organization that supports or promotes Islamic values is a major threat to non Muslims anywhere in the world. That includes the screwed up Islamic apologists who preach equality day and night for women, yet fully support Islamic values.
The Muslim brotherhood is no different than other Islamic terrorist organizations that breeds terrorism. That right hand man of Bin Laden, that doctor who was a member of the Muslim brotherhood is the perfect example.
We cannot tolerate any organization that supports Islam and it's values. I'm sorry, but those who do should be jailed for promoting human rights abuse.
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Goran_K says
I haven’t seen Democrats so snarky since Republicans freed their slaves.

Well, how would you feel if you had your slaves taken away from you without compensation? It's legal theft plain and simple.
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Goran_K says
Saudis are dead men walking. The petrol economy will eventually fade and they’ll end up eating each other. Islam is only stable under authoritarian regimes. Hard to be authoritarian when you’re broke.

Does not take long for people with no brains, education, skills, common sense, or Islamic values to eventually go broke.
Can you name even one Islamic country that produces something that takes hard work or brains?
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Strategist says

Does not take long for people with no brains, education, skills, common sense, or Islamic values to eventually go broke.
Can you name even one Islamic country that produces something that takes hard work or brains?

Wail a minute. There is an Islamic country that produces something that takes hard work or brains.....Saudi Arabia. They invented "oil" You think it got there on it's own? Duh!
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Trump must criticize the handling of Khashoggi - then declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. No member can immigrate to the US, get a visa, etc.

I thought the Muslim Brotherhood was already designated a terrorist organization.
Shame on Obama, and shame on Trump.
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Call It Crazy says
KSee what I mean?

Fairy tales

Rightalt tards just live by them. That and lust to make possible ever lower wages.

Socialists only deserves what socialism can give them. Venezuelan wages. Millions of Bolivars per month.
Wish I was making millions per month. LOL LOL
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Booger says

Someone is looking for one helluva night. As a threesome.

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