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You'll pay for those cheap seats one way or another. I hope he gets hundreds of millions. I hope he gets so much money it makes them think. It's probably better to put in well built sturdy adequate sized Adult seats instead of Toddler Car seats.
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Pence is like the Consigliere. He's there to keep Sonny from busting their heads, he's the Cool partner.
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I've never seen such shitty charts since Hillary Shart her pants climbing the stairs
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I'm just going to feel sorry for them in about 10 years. When employers look back at old Youtube footage of these freaks and see how they behaved. As the worst examples of humanity. Nobody will want to touch them. They will be the lost generation.
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Oregon planning gridlock in every neighborhood.
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May I suggest the Royal Ambassadors as a highly conservative Baptist alternative?

We had to survive two days in the wilderness with no adults.

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FortWayneIndiana says
1) Healthcare is a right
No it's not a right. Someone has to do the work, you don't have a right to someone else's work.

While I agree with your list and your spirit of Libertarianism.

Accessible Healthcare for the masses of a country is a DUTY of the leaders.
If you don't think so, then Rome would have never built aqueducts, toilets and flowing sewer systems.

That being said, any form of Insurance where premiums are paid by anyone is NOT and never will be a viable form of National health care.
If there can't be a consensus on some form of Government health care like free Med Schools and training, then have to work in the Federal Medical System at Government ran Hospitals, where a bill is never issued, but they are selective in what they cover. Chronic and Catastrophic health care needs. While in tandem with a Private health care that is NOT allowed to be publicly traded. Private hospitals must be nonprofit. And the administrative staff under a huge microscope. They aren't there to get rich off people's suffering.

If that is not agreeable, then even simpler option would be replace all Social Studies and Liberal Arts classes in High school and replace them with Premed curriculum.
Every graduating student should have enough premed credits to go straight into Government funded Med Schools and Nursing classes. With no bullshit elective classes that has nothing to do with Medical training. There should be so many capable Doctors and Nurses, who are free to open their own Clinics to drive the massive local Monopolies out of business within a week. I don't know what you have were you live. But in South Florida pretty much every Dr. Office, Clinic and Hospital is owned and operated by Memorial South. It is such a huge Monopoly. Even if you find a Doctor willing to operate on you for free. Mememorial hospital executive staff will meet you at the office and tell you. Forget what the Doctor said, you must have gold insurance or we wont touch you. Because they are going to bill you a $10,000 ambulatory service whether you used it or not.

Healthcare is a right! Making a fuck load of money off it, is NOT!
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Evan F. says
But seriously, the REAL reason the moon landing was faked is because the Earth is flat.

Liberal LARPERs are the only ones that make that claim.

Every Flat Earther that has ever come to GAB with that shit. I can goad them into going into a TDS rant by telling them Michelle Obama has Balls and Dick.
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You can spot the French Canadians on Hollywood Florida beach in the Winter. Because they are the ones wearing a Speedo and black socks with a 75lb gut.
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ThreeBays says
This looks like a setup for coastal elite to invest in development with 0% tax.

They will have to get Ben Carson's approval first.
You know the black guy the Coastal elite pegged as an Uncle Tom and tried to get his wife arrested.
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Is all of this transparent enough for you?
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Strategist says
Maybe they should hire hot sexy teachers. Every kid will want to join.

I would join call it Playboy scouts.
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Fat shaming aside, nobody likes a "Look at Me" bitch.
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NPR Sold their souls to Satan this morning on 1A and sacrificed a 6 year old virgin child to the delight of Liberals worldwide.

As they rebuked Congress for bringing Google in and questioning their Partisan censorship of conservative, and promotion of democrats.
The panel claimed so dishonestly there is no political bias in Google's search result.

I listened to this disgusting filth so you folks wont have to. I'll keep you posted of their dealings in the bowels of Hell.
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Oh I'm sure of it.
Liberals women will lick the sweat off Rappers balls just for a 1/2 second clip in a Rap video.

There hasn't been one single woman to come out against HW, that would not suck a dick to get a staring role.
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I'm sure we all could agree the Atlantic needs me writing and reporting for them.
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I'm pretty sure Trump already has this.

I'm most certain Huber didn't show up yesterday, because Trump is planning a big move on everything the second week in January.

As Meadows and Jordan demonstrated yesterday, nobody gives three fucks about the power of the House Investigative committee.

Now that the precedence the DOJ and other House members shown the sheer lack of any respect of their authority has been shown. It will be fully reciprocated if not shut down, next year as well. Most likely in the middle of the Liberals trying to open a big can of Nothing Burgers on Trump.

And point number 5: I hope like fuck the first hand information Sean Hanitiy was talking about on 12/11/2018 episode Was not Mark Meadows or Jim Jordan.

If they were his sources, then please disregard and ignore everything I said above.

Please see 37:37 for that reference.

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SunnyvaleCA says
It's fun to see the Youtube videos of Trey Goudy, Jim Jordan

It's not Fun it's disgusting!

Gowdey is just showing off his hair and using it as an opportunity to try out his new outfits. He doesn't mean one fucking word no matter how serious you think he is.
Jordan and Meadows and the Freedom Caucus are the only ones in Washington that unwaveringly wants to see an end to the DC Corruption.

That's why like I said above, the way the American people have seen the investigators and witnesses treated by the Globalists and Commies in Congress, the sheer lack of respect for the process by the Yard Ape Black Caucus that Howls from the Rafters as Chuck Schmucker likes to say. Is a gross miscarriage of Democracy. And I hope to GOD, Trump shits on the Democrats House with hunt so stunningly all self serving Caucuses will be disbanded. And every Congressman will have just as much power and authority as any Senior ranking or some committee entrenched Huckster. That is a bad bad BAD shitty idea and don't know how that ever got started.

They all should investigate as they all seem to do, and any body in Government can chose to kick it to the next level based on the testimony they heard.

Just one person in the Senate should be able to say. Not so fast, I'm not happy with those results. And open an investigation into those in the lower house that tried to suppress and shut down the investigation as well give the original investigation a new light.

You know something if that's the way it is now. Meadows and Jordan could have investigated everyone rigging the game and shut it down with in weeks after the Inauguration.

No three or four well paid off Scumbags should not be able let Scumbags like the Clintons and Obama's crooked DOJ off the hook.
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RC2006 says
You don't see Republicans going after a lot of things because so many at the top are guilty of all sorts of shit just like top democrats.

Of course! That's why we need to give all people in Congress the power to escalate and call for investigations in to their colleagues, if they feel they are compromised by defendants in Congressional hearings. People appear before all of the House or Senate not just a few people making a Kangaroo court out of it. It should be a Federal Crime for a Congressman to play Defense Lawyer while they are being examined like the Black Caucus does so often while invoking their Yard Ape Racist shit.

I would love to see John McShitstain posthumously tried for treason and convicted along with many other GOP scumbags. What part of Drain the Swamp did you sign up for?
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Looks Like some TDS and Liberal Senators will be going to the Pound me in the Ass Prison.

Obama State Department gave classified Russia Gate documents to Senators. Even if it was a bogus Russiagate.

Additionally, involved in providing classified information to members of the Senate was Naz Durakoglu, Senior Advisor to the Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs. In an email dated Thursday, January 19, 2017, with the subject line “Signed, sealed, delivered” Durakoglu apparently confirms that Obama State Department officials were eager to provide the classified material before Trump was sworn into office: “We made the deadline!” Durakoglu states [Emphasis added] “Thank you everyone for what was truly a Department-wide effort!”

President Trump was inaugurated less than 24 hours later.

In a Wednesday, January 18, 2017 email, Naz Durakoglu signed off on the document transmittal letter on behalf of her bureau. This letter accompanied “the documents to Senator Corker and Cardin”
In a Thursday, January 19, 2017 email, Durakoglu appears to confirm that she is who carried the documents from the State Department to Capitol Hill. She states, “I will be carrying over the cables to the Hill.”

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China is in Africa right now bitch slapping every black African around, calling them stupid and lazy to their face. While China makes a new Africa and don't seem to have Black Africans in those plans.

What did the Ghana Idiots think of that?
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She would suck your dick while fluffing my bass to get a spot in a comercial after the MeToo movement.

Hollywood is so fucking Toast now, I throw up in my mouth a little every time I see trailers for new Movies coming out.
Nothing but Shit and Filth not worthy of showing your Satanic Goat.

The real Cinema is happening in China and Korea it's a damn fucking shame what the Fagots and Retards did this nation at every industry.
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Obama was unconstitutional the Marxist Commie fagot from Kenya.

I Shit on Thee!
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Boo Fucking Hoo, that's actually not a new concept it's pretty much in the Ten Commandments.
Thou Shall Not Kill.

Murder is forgivable, as you are still alive to atone and repent. Suicide is not, because the ride is over.
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APHAman says
But what about Medicare though?

It seems when the Government cuts checks to for profit companies, Shit is all it produces.

Those companies are free to keep raising their prices, it's magic automatic Profit YOY increases.
Every Executive gets to be the smartest man in the room at the Tax payers expense. That's just how socialists trying to prove the ills of Capitalism roll.
They get filthy rich then blame you and I. See Bernie Sanders and His wife for proof.
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FTR I was right about every single thing I ever said about Obamacare.

Even that it was unconstitutional.
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Booger says

no No! You're thinking of Santa Crawse.

The Housing Trap
You're being set up to spend your life paying off a debt you don't need to take on, for a house that costs far more than it should. The conspirators are all around you, smiling to lure you in, carefully choosing their words and watching your reactions as they push your buttons, anxiously waiting for the moment when you sign the papers that will trap you and guarantee their payoff. Don't be just another victim of the housing market. Use this book to defend your freedom and defeat their schemes. You can win the game, but first you have to learn how to play it.
115 pages, $12.50

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