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I think Straws should only be provided for takeout drink ware.

Who sits around the house drinking from a straw out of a Water Glass?

Nobody, it makes no sense to expect one in a Diner. If that cup is to nasty to put your lips on it. Why would you drink the beverage in it?

That being said, I heard an interview from a local entrepreneur on the radio a few months back. He was saying how he has overcome the soggy paper straw dilemma and promises a straw that feels and behaves every way like a plastic straw. Except it's biodegradable. I didn't think much of it at the time. But on the 4th I got a drink on the beach, and was served a cup with a paper straw covered in a coat of latex or silicone. It felt every bit like a regular straw.
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Well you don't lose 14 million in fare evasion a year. If you make it so people who don't have the money can't skip the fair. That 14 million dollars wont magically appear in their absence, but the train still has to go to the next location regardless who's on it.

I have to laugh at the Progressive guy they were interviewing. He thinks it's great, and they should to do more to make sure every pays their fare.
I bet he would also vote on vouchers for blacks that can't afford to pay their fare.
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just_dregalicious says
Yeah, they aren't bad right? I bet that wax or whatever is healthier to suck stuff through than plastic. When I first heard paper I thought it would be like paper.

Nobody is a bigger paper straw skeptic than me. The story stuck with me, because they were talking about if South Florida was going to follow Cal and ban plastic straws.

As the guy was talking in the interview saying his paper straws were just as good, I was skeptical. It was a weird looking straw, and I wonder if it would solve the issue of Straws cluttering up City water drainage, which was the impetus for the city bans on some cases.
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Hugolas_Madurez says
Who the fuck is "Shaun King"?

The White Boy that started BLM, until he was called out for being White. Then all of the Black folks that were behind his race baiting racist shit, took a closer look at him and then noticed he was just another Cracker and threw him out.
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komputodo says
Black people and niggers really have very little in common.

They wont admit it though.

My friend I talk about often, about 15 years ago, he and his wife were over my house for a BBQ by the end of night as I was getting a little tipsy. I said to Tim, his wife was sitting next to him. "You have your Black people then you have your Blacks(a nice way of saying the N word)."

His wife didn't let me finish my thought, (She was a tough broad grew up in the deepest hood in South Florida). She was almost ready for go time. My friend calmed her down, she was ranting and rambling her eyes were wide open, she was not happy with me. We eventually made peace and hugged, and I assured her I'm not some racist bigot indiscriminate hater. Tim would tell me often over the years though. "You know Ted, Marge still brings up you saying "Well you got your blacks and then you got blacks..."" It was hard to live down.

Fast forward to 2019, they are going through Government agencies from the VA, for my friends medical issues, the DMV, Grocery Stores, and her Sister and Brother who are both in need of ALFs. They always run into conflict when they go to administrative offices, and run into young Black people who go out of their way to make their life miserable.

A few months ago after some altercation, Marge says to me, "You know we keep running to these same Black women and young men who have no respect for Older people they resent us. Or they have no respect and always looking for altercations." (I posted a thread how for the first time we're starting to see Conservative Black people repulsed by the new Left leaning entitled Black people, they all used to be on the same page and you could never deride a black person to another black person, without them taking it personal.)

So I looked at Marge and I said I know "You got your Blacks..." they finished by saying "Then you got your BLACKS!" we all just laughed. Even if they did rib me a little for it.
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Oliver it really is as simple as Liberals are a bunch of Corrupt sorry Bastards, and they operate under two sets of rules.
Their political deities must never suffer negative press, or consequences for any crimes. All of that other shit about money talks blah blah.
Republicans don't enjoy the same payola immunity or a such a large field to roam with impunity.
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Need more of these Antifa Terrorists shot on sight, for their violent dangerous behavior.
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The Democrat party is a Criminal Gang
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What are stocks, but digital currency?
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Why did Obama create 700 pages that Nancy Refused to read, if they could have just handed it off to a Judge to create and pass Obamacare with just one person's will?
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Onvacation says
Obama's birth certificate is crazy talk along the lines of JFKs magic bullet

Well I can't argue with your quips to counter these revelations about Obama's bogus BC.
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Drive through Salad Bar
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These Circuit Judges that rule on National issues so carelessly with partisan ire, should be impeached.

There's no premise for many of these rulings against Trump.

Roberts should be impeached as well. Obama didn't ask for permission nor did he ask for permission to remove the Census question, Nancy Pelosi didn't ask SCOTUS if it was OK if She laughed in Americas face about not reading Obama's lie, we had many characters on record, laughing at the Stupid American voters, for the reason for Obamacare. Laughing at how it would hurt them, but they are too stupid to realize it.

Roberts siding with it twice is nothing short of Judicial hackery. How much was he paid?
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Did he build it in Joe's Garage, I bet he has Stink Foot.
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Both Breitbart and The Daily Caller have been compromised. They are playing ball with the Masters of the Universe so they don't get deplatformed.

They don't report a real story like this, until after a few days, if a lot of buzz is created around those stories.
If not TDC is quite content with Hookstead reporting on the latest Trailer Trash sagas or how a Liberal media star vacations in a Liberal hell hole.
In fact The Daily Caller's whole site style is modeled after Huffington Post, even their logo. HP is Green, White and Black while TDC is Red White and Blue.
I'm certain Huffington post is fully in charge of TDC.

The Gateway Pundit is the last Man standing, and will be a lone voice going into the thick of the 2020 General Election.
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Evan F. says
Tenpoundbass says
Back when people were cool and Fags were Fags Guys used to fuck the shit out of Girls they just met 10 minutes ago.

What in the actual fuck

Yep it's true while the girl's were in the the throes of a heated climax and loosening the bedboard screws with their toes, they weren't thinking about the Liberal Soy Boy Fags in 20 or 30 years later. They were yelling "Give it to me GOOD!"

I must have banged the shit out of 100 strangers in my day. I picked up this one girl at a bar and fucked her in her Dad's car in the back parking lot

Fun Times, Fun Times!
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Shyyyyyiiit! You didn't need to be rich or have a good job, if the Woman had a good job. There was a point in the late 80's and early 90's some career White Collar women went for Blue Collar men. Women that had money or a well paid career that went on about how they were looking for a man that made a lot of money as well. Was a bigger turn off to me than a woman that did not make much money and longed for a big bread winner.
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I would give anything right now to be a Share Cropper with global commodity prices.

There's a reason Black people aren't America's Farming backbone anymore. George Soros and his WTO minions wanted that action.
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LOL YouTube blocked the Video, it had a Latina Woman that outclassed AOC and tens times hotter.
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In the context of it being perfectly appropriate for the Liberal media to produce White Bashing Commercials and Television shows, and Hollywood Actors to depict Trump being killed in violent ways, Rappers making Videos with creative ways of killing white people. I present you with this. But purely in the Context that the Liberals are cool with Selective Racism.

It's all fun and jokes right? Fuck Trump!

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Updated with the new one from TGP
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Rip the arms off this puppy and beat the fuck out of the Commie resistance censorship with it.
Bluedgeon their idology with it, until it lies in a puddle of its own vile piss and blood.

It's so fucking easy with these inferior morons. Trump has it right, we truly are the Elite.
The Left is too stupid. They craft laws that they honestly believe only the Right will have to adhere to while their whole platform is based thick in the methods they outlaw.
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Oh and Fuck the Nazis! Soros can afford this fine.
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First of all less than 2% of the people that support Trump. Can wear that hat in public, because the demonic Commie Scum, with a repeated set of laws, that protect them, will assault them if they do wear it.

marcus says
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