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12K before the 2020 elections.
But the economy will be booming for the Middle Class and small businesses. The Investor class that got their asses handed to them will be roiling and concocting new ways get a Hillary Obama elected to get the graft going again.
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HeadSet says
You completely missed the point.

It's called intentionally intellectually aloof.
Didn't the Left take hours and years of Literature Comprehension courses?
Yes they DID! They only like to highlight their smarts when they are trying to say You're stupid. Otherwise they play dumb as impotent mouse.
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I would say this graph will also work for before computers were invented and when AI was publicized.
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And that's just the White Folks!
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Sounds like the think tank for the last administration projecting their grand designs on this one.
Nothing too petty for Obstruction aye Libbies?
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errc says
Problem there is Veterans need Medical Marijuana for their PTSD, which disqualify them from having guns.

Because Republicans are anti-American Freedom hating dumb Pieces of Shit

Liberal MO, Take questions and concerns from others, diminish it with a broad brush stroke that has nothing to do with the reality of the proposal.(Nobody said use the ones with PSD, not all have PSD)
Then ridicule the person asking the question and send the question to hell with more deceit and dishonesty.

Errc can you not see how Liberals are running a losing game?

Liberals are dumbest mother fuckers in the world and America is Fed up having Nancy Pelosi broadspeak for them.
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She self mutilated herself she needs help not a camera.
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It wasn't a "Shooting" it was a Mass Homicide, the survivors weren't just shot, they were meant to be Killed.
Stop making perpetrators out of the innocent, lawful gun owners are the bad guys here, the Liberals that mis-categorize Crime Stats so they can get funding, or make their region look less crime riddled than it really is. To call Gang Violence a Mass Shooting is considered racist.
To Call a car bomber, or Floor kisser that drives over a parade crowd a Terrorist the bleeding heart Liberals jump up to their defense.
It's all Mass Homicide and they all deserve the chair, and a strong warning sent to what ever organization they profess to belong to.
That message should be "You're Next!".

Deflate and Defeat these Pinhead Lbieral idiots don't even provide them the fat to chew on. It's not a Mass Shooting it's a Mass Homicide.
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errc says
She’s fiesty i like it

I don't think you're her type, she's all over that Producer in the Yellow shirt.
You Libs gonna do due diligence now, or you go wait 15, 20 years from now, when Emma says she had inappropriate relations with the Lady in Yellow?

This why the MeToo movement is so big, Libs don't care about the messenger as long as they are creating the Optics they need.
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
3100 Students to choose from. CNN, PMSNBC, CBS, etc. only interview the anti-gun wanna-be interns.

Total Bias, Total Propaganda.

The same ones have been in rotation for going on a week now.
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Strategist says
If she was pretty, she would have found lots of men willing to fuck her.
I would not fuck her, even at gunpoint.

I just remembered back when I used to be a Bar Fly at Club-M in the 90's.
She looks like this Chick that worked at a law office near the Courthouse. She was Married to thin skinny Pakistani guy.
One night a group of us from the Bar ended up at her new pad she was renting on the Intercoastal.
When the party was over, she insisted that I was drunker than everyone else and I should stay and sleep it off on her sofa.
About an hour into trying to sleep I feel this big fat girl pulling the blanket off and trying to straddle me. I'm grabbing the blanket back, she's pulling pleading with me to do this.
I look over in the hall way her Husband is standing there watching. I told her he was there, she said It's OK he likes to watch. I jumped up put my pants on, grabbed my keys and got the hell out of there.
I only remember the event I don't even vaguely remember her name. Looked just like that woman but that's not her, that's how this woman looked 25 years ago.
Which is why I'm skeptical when people accuse people of these things 25 years later. If I can't remember her name or other important incriminating details. How do people remember detailed words that was said, names dates and events. I don't even know what day this episode happened. I could never say it around Christmas time, it very well could have been the day before Easter.
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anon_e2197 says
I might consider becoming a republican, if all their meme's weren't based on lies.

You are Anonymously full of crap. Pepe Memes don't lie, MAGA will take afoot of us up in here!
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Well if you don't like our healthcare then you are racist.

Hehehe it's really all Liberals have is calling everyone racists when they fail time and time again like they always do.
I'm a racist right now for pointing out their propensity for abject Failure.
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Conservatism lifts Blacks out of Poverty, Violence, and Broken homes.

When blacks dream about having the same things we do. Liberals invent fictitious African heroes from fictitious countries to hold them back and keep them down.

Break on through to the other side my Nubian Brotha's! Fuck those Quacko Liberals trying to turn your kids out because they like young dark meat.
Get those nasty motherfuckers away from your kids.
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Here's a Liberal that wishes nothing more than your well all of our kids marching throwing rocks at police and he is frothing at the chops to have law officials or law abiding citizens just mow them all down. No Skin off of this Jive Ass' Ass! Every time a costly Soros riot comes and goes and nobody gets killed Obama literally feels they squandered about ten million for nothing. He really thought the whites were more unstable than we are. They really hedged the coup on the Whites running out with their guns shooting back at the Liberal Lawless fucks he and Soros instigates. What a slimy ass Creep!
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Yup they have Miss Shaniqua a 320 pounder with a gun and a billy stick. She can rough a bitch up at the court house bothering her at the metal detector. But when the shit really hits the fan these affimative action rejects, will punk out like the untrained timesuck they are. A waste of time and space working in law enforcement.

But GOD DAMN they can sure sound authoritative to Law abiding citizens going to the court house for official business. They shred them to bits imposing their Liberal will on them. Making the white man pay for all of the injustices her Faggot White Teacher told we took from her. But shit hits the fan, Oh fuck that they didn't sign up to put their live in harm way and protect and serve.

They are here to Dictate and Demand.

Not as easy as it looks it is Assholes?
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We need to demand we redo how we are doing the Civil Jobs in America these people are killing US all.

Stop the affirmative action jobs, they are killing us.
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anon_58ed9 says

You know as well as I do, having had a black president, America can never be great again.

You honestly believe that, that's the problem. You say cheap shit like that then try to project it on other people. Shame on you, you are a miserable failure as a human being.

Obama was a Cocksucker not a Black Man. A Black Man would have been better than Fairy Barry and his cocksucker friend Mike.
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anon_2fa2f says
I do know that under his watch our country was rescued from the brink of failure.

You think he's the only guy in the world with the keys to the Currency Print press?

"Nobody can drink water like that man!"
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Patrick says
What is LEO?

Law enforcement Officers
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jazz_music says

Yup Kooter is a make do bitch aint he?
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Scott Israel was only elected because Liberals hated the Sheriffs doing their jobs.
This Scott Scumbag rigged the crime stats to get money and grants from Hillary's state Department.
He's a Commie Liberal Weasel. He's got to go.
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To enforce Liberalism's overreach.
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You Low T Soy Boy bitches let the Brown Affirmative action bitches at the SJW Feds tell you where, when and how you can work.

Don't make me laugh, they can't get off their ass to make a sandwich, that's the only way Jimmy Johns stays in business. A retard with diareah could make a better sandwich.
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Look Older people are disappearing from the front of the Enterprise, and stop wearing the name tag and the hats, they are in the back of the Enterprise by time they reach 50 wearing Suits. CNN Money has been trying to Pigeonhole me going on 15 years now. If I had listened to them I wasn't even supposed to rebound from the 2001 or the 2007 layoffs. And my Resume is all wrong, and I'm not supposed to say the honest shit I say in interviews that gets me every job I want.

Fuck statisticians and their Fuckery Art, they are full of shit and I reserve the right to poopoo their pure Fiction where I find it!
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Feux Follets says
The Kansas Federal Reserve is now CNN ? OMFG

I know! Right!
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Then why is the company I'm working for growing hiring, buying companies and growing them as well?
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For a minute I thought it was one of my white trash family's home.

Yeah that's an old ass Hillbilly air conditioner unit on the porch. When it gets hot you just roll the Window down on that Ford truck door, and it will cool you off.