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Trump's Spooks are ten times smarter than Mueller's Social Justice Warriors who brag about their intentions on Social Media and SMS messages.
This message brought to you to remind who pathetic Mueller and the Left really are.

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Come on not all Boomers. These are the same Leftist wackos that agitating violence in the deep south so they could blame racism on people minding their own business.
These are the same wackos that were hippies then later Yuppies. The ones that got in education were the 30 and 40 year old teachers in my high school and high schools throughout America. That were Socialist Anarchists. These are the chicken shit bastards my Dad went to My High school and grabbed Mr. Ellis by the collar of his shirt and fed him a knuckle sandwich and told him, if he ever fed that Communist Shit to my Son again, you wont know what hit you.

The Liberals are enjoying two Boomers.
One version is filthy rich and are Socialists are at least trying to convince the youth that they should be. They are 1%er filthy rich, even the public servants. They Devil uneducated young adults into violence as they point as Boomers just barely scrapping by and are just one major health ailment out of pocket experience from being homeless. The Bernie Boomers are telling the ANTIFA idiots, that those retirees with less than $300 in the bank robbed the Youth of opportunities. When Bernie and Old Jew fags have monthly meeting on how to keep everyone disenfranchised and the economy as bad as possible so they can stay relevant.

You Rats understand why the Cheese is free on a Rat trap don't you?

Trick question! Socialist Dinner is ready, don't be late.
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My Kids are going to have so much power over you Chicken Shit Losers worried about what everyone else made. So fucking useless and stupid you haven't got a clue on how to make a go of things. My kids are way ahead of me at that age. I have protected them from Idealism and Liberals.

Those are a detriment to Adulting. If I didn't waste so much time thinking those Chicken Shit commies were smart and had something to offer. I would have done what I didn't do until I was in my 40's, in my 20's. I made enough money for it.

I'm going to teach my kids to exploit idiots disenfranchised by the Commies.
have them scrub their toilets and mow their lawns. They will deserve it what those ANTIFA fags are putting the country through. And they will be unemployable.

But some Cheap fucking Labor, cheaper than illegal Aliens actually.

The US will never be a Socialist Country so stop dreaming commie fags.
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HeadSet says
You can if the lion in question is a 4 month old 30-50 lb juvenile. A full grown 150 lb cat would have had a different result.

MrMagic says
Why not, it's all about getting into the right position on the cat.

You ever grabbed a pissed off House Cat? You don't grab them they Grab You.
Your little "Come Here" hands are no match for their "No Fuck YOU!" Claws then eventually as you move your hand their Canines can get in you.

Those legs are ten times more powerful than a humans arms. It only needs to get that leg free once, to do some serious damage. Before you can get the leg back, if you are that strong.
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How did he step on the cats neck while pinning down the cats back legs with his knee? And not manage to lose his balance be tossed off?

I heard first he chocked it with his bare hands. That's what did not sound possible.
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Anyone warming up to the idea of a Civil war has no idea what is coming or the definition of a Civil War.

It will be the first Civil War fought around the world. With enemies and allies spread out among several countries.
The most dangerous thing will be there will not be clear sides. It wont be a one side vs the other. There will be man factions, and those factions will have alliances and enemies spread out among those factions. There will not be a clear leader or a clear objective. There wont even be a way to gauge who is winning and who is losing.

You alliance with one person will make you an enemy of another you thought was your Allie.

It will be a Civil War that everyone is fighting alone. It wont be pretty and I don't recommend it.
May I suggest a revolution instead? They are in season this time a year, and we have several verities to chose from. Our Revolutions are made by the finest craftsmen and guaranteed to usher in change or your Country back free of charge.
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This was a great thread. I'm still married and I have inherited Three Grandkids I had to adopt. 4 going on 5, 2 going on 3, and one just turned 1.

How did you guys make out in the 6 years since this thread?
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None at least Revolts have an objective. Civil War is, we're going to shoot at each other until further notice.
What are we trying to achieve, "Fuck Them!" that's what!
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OccasionalCortex says
AND where does the left stupidly concentrate their populations? In cities.

Just on the Left alone you'll have so much infighting. Don't kid yourself.
Gays against Trannys, Blacks against Latinos, it will be every faction for themselves.
We're seeing the Left splinter now into different Ideologies.
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KgK one says
Womens main asset, look fades a lot after 28 and at the same time mens testosterone so little need to approach a women.

That is why they must be great Home Makers and have great management skills. They used to teach home economics in High School.
But mostly the girls took it, so as a result we saw with most Boomer and Xgen couples. The Husband may earn the income. But the wife manages all of the money, and pays all of the bills. We see it all the time when the Wife dies the husband is lost what to pay where and the account numbers.

Even in the divorced couples after 50, the Male often does not recover to the standard of living he had with his wife.
I even mean in where there was no alimony, the house was sold and the proceeds split.

These scenarios of course are couples that got married younger than 25, many even high school sweet hearts.

I never got people that waited until after 30 to get married. Those are the ones that end up with separate Bank accounts, both are normally expected to have their own careers, they divvy up Bills in responsibilities. I'll pay the mortgage you pay the utilities. Those couples will divorce at the drop of a hat. As both are more independent. Young couples become codependent as they mature.

In the 80's the Liberal rag writers, spun that as a bad thing. But it used to be called Marital bliss. "Can't live with them, can't live without them"
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Here's one from Tammany Hall he was the Democrat scapegoat.

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Here's a couple more Thomas Nast

This one caught between two evils, really sums today up nicely. On one side you've got the Crusty old Bernie Sanders trying to sell Lady Liberty Communism, and on the other side you've got racist virtue signaling.

And here's the Republican vote that put it all in shambles.

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For the sake of providing the second funny Anti Trump Cartoon in this tread, I am posting this one.
Because he is careless with the Missile Treaties. But then again our out of date Missile Treaties didn't cover super sonic under water torpedoes. Or rail guns, and space lasers.
It will be interesting to see where he takes this.

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marcus says
Yeah, I get it. For southern racists,

That's all you've got, is the White Liberal Race card, you'll pull it out even when black people aren't willing to.

You go Marcus oh great defender of the Black race, teach em up good.
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Not in Chicago, especially if you're of the wrong Political persuasion.
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And long about the time Trump is trying to seize Chapo's assets to pay for the Wall.

I'll be damned if Pelosi will let Trump destroy the DNC's last income source.
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Anyone besides me find it Odd that Marcus equates Liberal intrigue and dishonesty as "Political Humor"?

You're a Riot Marcus, a first rate Riot!
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That's like 20 degrees in Liberal Dog Years. Adjusted for inflation of course, White people need not apply.
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The IRS still prosecutes Tax scawflaws don't they?

How much or how little taxes he paid because of the sorry bastard Presidents before him, rigging the rules for him to pay next to nothing. Is no concern of mine, he's the agent of change, not the guy who fucked up the Soup in the first place.

Why Is Trump's taxes your business, and why should I care?
That's the $60,000 Tax bill question.
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Everyone I know renting has been complaining about Year over year rent increases with no end in sight. There's no new building on the horizon even being floated and nobody gives a fuck if Rent for a shitty needs a paint job 3 bedroom apt gets to be $10K a month.

Have fun with your Rents, and your Shittier Landlords.
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Onvacation says
No. She's just a big manly woman.

Did you just Vaguely hint a Gender for Mike Obama?
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More Liberal hate the man hogwash.

The company I work for people can bring their kids to work up to 5 days in a row. They get 3 months paid maternity leave, and they can work at home for any family emergency or you have to be home due to some delivery or work being performed. It has never been more easy to get time off nor has companies given more time off than ever before.
Our company had President's day of this last Monday.
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Well there was plenty of voter fraud but it's a racial hate crime to ask or inquire on why Board or Election supervisors locked themselves in backrooms and manufactured the votes needed to win. When on the close of the polls on Super Tuesday everyone of those districts had the GOP ahead.

Not all Democrats are enept stupid retards that requires 3 extra weeks to count their votes are they?

Perhaps we need an IQ test to get a voter registration.

Must be able to get a government picture ID if you're too fucking stupid to do that, then you got no business voting or doing other Adulting things.
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When I was a kid technological advances were happening so fast, we were expected to have Hover Cars by now.

Elon Musk is bankrupting himself trying to keep the illusion that we are now 100 years into the future going.
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Speaking of Racist scumbags.

I have been deriding the KKK all year long as nothing more than Democrat Political Costume and a Race baiting Yeti Suit.
I have done it here, I've done it GAB, and in every Disqus thread where it fits.

And so far I want you to know. Not one White Racist Cartoon version of the Republicans, has shown up to prove me wrong. It's always Liberals and Democrats feeding me Wiki and ADL and SPLC links. I got a long list this morning on a Disqus thread. Apparently someone named "Thomas Rob" is the grand wizard. I alleged that the KKK simply does not exist as an organization due to the fact it could not survive without members and donations or member fees. There simply is not a public membership or donation drive. How can they exist without members and funds. Furthermore if they were a real organization all these years and not just a Political Yetis Suit the Liberals store in the Closet until History presents them with a Candidate they can not defeat. They surely would be a legit organization by now. They would have lawyered up decades ago and pushed back on the reverse discrimination. But since it's the Democrats Mupet on a string, the KKK has never done anything to improve their legal standing. America has always had the right to free speech. Even Mafia organized Crime entities eventually Lawyered up and look legit, they don't have to hide underground. Their illicit activities perhaps but they walk out among us in broad daylight. May other unsavory organizations does as well. just look at the Black Panthers, even their reign of terror and bombing of political figures in the 60's and 70's hasn't tarnished their reputation. You can call them up and join or cut them a check.

Are we to believe the KKK is some clandestine secret society that operates in the Shadows?

If so, then even that sounds like an elite society of Rich people that don't need your money or help. Doesn't sound a Trump supporter to me.

I checked out this Thomas Rob, you can to with a simple Google query. He has a Webpage that looks like it was made in 1995, and says he's a Ministry.
But only provides a PO Box, all of the other links on his page are dead links. Who runs a Ministry from a PO box? Who runs a Ministry and doens't ask for donations?

Fuck you Liberals stop wearing the Yeti suit it's painfully obvious it's just Obama under there.
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Trump's tax returns, were on Debbie Wasserman Shultz DNC server for safe keeping.
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This one is a Goddamn lie there isn't even any data for 1975 as the earliest UAH Sat data is from 1992

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d6rB says
I think that if R's would have some brain they would nominate a woman. She would get usual R votes + some womyn votes who will vote for candidate because she is a woman.

The ones we have now are just RINO Battle Axes like Carly Fiorina or the ex President of HP that ran it into the ground.
There are fine Republican Women that will be great someday but they need to mature a few more years.
There are no prominent Solid Republican Boomer or XGen, Women other than Sarah Palin that ship done sailed on her.
Any Boomer or XGen Female Republican I can think of would sell out the Party to the Dems and Socialists faster than Theresa May giving Junkert a hand job in the Brexit meeting.
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CBOEtrader says
Perhaps the worst thing Obama did was to massively expand Bush W's patriot act spying on Americans. Obama was the opposite of what he pretended to be.

Had Obama been a White Republican the Left would have called for his head.
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ThreeBays says

The Troposphere just expelled the built up trapped heat, and brought us the Polar Vortex and a Hate Hoax.
You should expect a downward trend from here.
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But just imagine if he becomes President, we can show the Antifa how to really bash the fash.

It wont be fun for them. We're not Venezuela and We're not Cuba.
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From the Jive Ass Motherfucker archives.

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Patrick says
I really appreciate your vote of confidence, but after no one took it up I moved on in my mind to ideas about redundant self-hosting, where you'd use your own home computer and even your phone to host a site, and your own sites would stay in sync so even if one copy went down the others would still work. But even that is not fully baked.

Get with a hardware guy and come up with a Roku type appliance to host Web sites.

Have DNS, Web server and Database flavors.

Under attack push reset button, the device boots with instant on.
So thwarting an attack you can push the rest button and site shuts down kills connections and is back on line in a matter of a few seconds.

No OS just service servers on top of PIC.
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kt1652 says
- Rear Admiral David Titley PhD, Chief Oceanographer, a former climate sketptic.

Those Former state department guys gets millions to be mouth pieces for NGO Policy.
It's a sweet gig. I would sing about the virtues of Socialism if you paid me a 30 million for a few Speaking engagements.
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Ya'll still sweating this, just remember there's not a bit of Smog in India or China that is not Man Made.
Japan is a tiny Island what's the worst that can happen?
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CBOEtrader says
Ofc! Turn off the television you fools. It lies to you

I don't watch Television.
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The man went to a Rub and Tug!
You would think a man of his profile would hire a driver to find some girls no questions asked.
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Rin you should start a Rin Tour agency.
You don't act as the pimp but point wealthy people in the right direction for some legal discrete Petite.
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Her parents can be proud of her when the Mountain Lion eats her. Fucking Liberal Idiots.
You don't have the right to harass and hinder Law Enforcement officers.
What was she looking for "Illegal Aliens" getting arrested so she(As a Proxy for agitating shit stirring Demtard Parents) can make Huff about it?

Fuck her, he should have taken her to Juvie and sent CPS over to her Libtard parents for endangering the kid sending her out there a lone near Mountain Lion sightings.
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She said it was not going to get turned around in 10 years and started to explain to those poor misguide child abuse victims, then the Adult who staged the whole charade interrupted her to keep the narrative in AOC fantasy stupidity. Diane should have thrown them out and told them they are too young to discuss policy, and not old enough to vote. Go back and get your parents or the Adults that staged this confrontation and I'll be glad to enlighten them. Then I would explain, "Your parents didn't send you here for me to educate you. So go get them."
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d6rB says
I dislike his tightening of abortion rules. It is understandable that there should be limitations, but what I heard is that they will not allow any organization who performs abortions to get any federal funding.

Now that Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking rings that existed for decades has been taken down under Trump. They need live young Children to hack up and place in a juicer for the ultra rich. That is why they want to abort full term babies.

Planned Parenthood is getting Billions supplying Stem Cells and Elite Elixirs for Science and the Wealthy, they don't need our money. The only reason they want Federal Funding, is because as long as the Federal Government is funding them. Then no one can pull the Plug.
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Idiots about the King tide. The moron said "I remember in the 90's it wasn't like that!"

Well I remember in the early 80's it WAS!

They didn't have King Tide for a decade and built in those flood zones where they never should have in the first place.
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Then he should invest in depressed countries and help them create a middle class.
With Capitalism Of Course!
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CBOEtrader says
To sell their organs?

Organs or hold in a dungeon and drain their Adrenalin gland for Elixir, or to use as human slaves.
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See I can't wait for the new GOP women like this one to get 47 and older that's when we'll see some worthy female Presidential candidates that get their by their own accord.

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Well as it turns out she's 48 already. Maybe after Trump is done we'll see her run.
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More over Trump will have the power to outright shut Down the TDS Media if they are talking shit and running pro Socialist Propaganda rather than reporting the reality of the horrors suffered under Muduro that we will be rescuing them from.
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Liberal Deviant behavior.

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