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Also this sorry shit wasn't invited to the Taliban meeting that never took place. Because he's a Rat and Swamp plant, only sent there to make sure Trump failed.
He was supposed to drag us into So many wars, Endless conflicts, that would have made all of Bush's war's unpopularity look like he got a signed permission slip from every American. In comparison.
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WaltertheoFlanders says

That's Pike County Kentucky Pikeville only has 6,638 people in it.
Trump Jr. Isn't going to pack a full house in a Gymnasium like that in a place like that.
He's stumping for a guy, he's not there campaigning for himself.

PIKEVILLE, Ky. (AP) — Donald Trump Jr. has campaigned for Republican Gov. Matt Bevin’s reelection in a county that supported his father during the last presidential election.

The Lexington Herald-Leader reports President Donald Trump’s son told a sparse Pike County crowd Thursday that he understood Eastern Kentucky’s historic alliance with Democrats but added “this is not your grandfather’s Democratic Party.”

Trump Jr. touted his father’s successes as president and railed against Hillary Clinton, the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election by Robert Mueller and the media’s perceived bias against the president.
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socal2 says
Bolton is a good man and is more right than he is wrong through the years. I don't recall a single report of Bolton backstabbing Trump or leaking shit to the press like his predecessors did.

Bolton threw Trump under the bus over every bit of diplomacy Trump took.
Met with Putin, he talked shit with his Ball Tickler Mustache
Met with Kimfuck again he talked shit and leaked to the press
Trump met with EU trash and didn't kiss their ass, again Bolton bitched like a bitch about it.

Mitt Romney is fucking crying over Trump throwing this useless piss stain out.
We got fucking Mitt Romney over here crying like his dude died in the war, and he's been left alone while pregnant to be a single Mom.
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It's going to be Warren Hillary vs Biden Obama the establishment is hedging their bets.

The only reason Bernie is even a party of a three way race, is the DNC swapped Bernies polling numbers for Tulsi's numbers.
Tulsi Gabbard has all of the momentum that Bernie had in 2016, at this point in the primaries. I don't know anyone personally that still likes, trusts, or wants Bernie Sanders.
He's shown he's agreeable Useful Idiot and an Establishment tool, willing to have DNC Shit piles placed on his head. While HIllary got elevated like a Post Turtle.
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That's how your 14 year old daughter ends up on a cross country manhunt for the guy in the RV that killed the family and kidnapped her.
Or kills your 5 year old son, and stuffs him in a barrel behind the RV.
Being an occupied land lord, is challenging enough. Without the added drama of a transient cooped up in a cage thrown in the equation.
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Quigley says
He said he didn’t like the front runners, would probably vote libertarian as a protest vote if one of them became the nominee, and was seriously reconsidering his status as a Democrat. He doesn’t like Trump, but really doesn’t like the anti-family stance of the party.

Don't worry, if he can't commit to what's right, and NOT see the high road, and what is at steak, by not Electing Trump.
Then he'll be whipped up into a fervor by November of next year. He'll be telling you how Trump can't win, because Russia and he grabs women by the pussy.
The Liberals have already said their strategy, is going to be rewinding the tape and repeating the TDS we've already heard for 3 years.
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rdm says
Sorry If its believed Trump drained the swamp your definition of swamp doesn't include lobbyists, special interests, grifters and petty corrupt officials as well as a never ending slew of just incompetent idiots of which he has filled his administration

He's doing a lot of that by appointing the Swamp. Knowing full well his administration is so far under the microscope. It's the only way he can expose them. By having them come in, run shit like the old Obama days. Then end up in a NYT expose, every blames him as Trump buddy. But Trump just fires them, and calls out NEXT!

The only person in Trump's cabinet that was actually his initial pick. Is Ben Carson. The rest have been dunk tank Clowns Trump set up to fall.
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The new Civil Rights movement. Why I never ya'll crazy mother fuckers need a God Damn crisis what ya'll bitches need.

How come it's not a Civil Rights issue when Liberal Dickholes like Al Franken and Bill Clinton diddle hapless maidens?

Spoiler alert. The NRA are not a bunch of broke ass punks, that San Francisco can just push around. My guess is, the San Francisco will be a defunct organization in a few years.
They are going to be sued for every penny Liberals haven't even paid in taxes yet.
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We stomped em good huh?
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They should put the point of entry that Disney parks employs. You buy a token and you have to scan your thumb print and insert your ticket for a single person turnstile to open.
It wont proceed if it detects more than two feet on the pad below.
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If you wore an It mask, you could save the bullet, because the burglar will fall over dead from a heart attack.
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Good I'll be paid off before it kicks in.
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I hope Trump gets very instrumental in flipping every RINO seat in Congress to Patriot. He needs to clean house of the RINO's out to undermine him. They make side deals with the Communist Liberals in the hallways as they conspire to overthrow our dully elected President.

He doesn't need that in 2021 going forward.
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HonkpilledMaster says
Where's Obama's endorsement of his Vice President?

Biden keeps dropping tells that he's being coached by Obama. The phrasing and his choice of words, his petty jabs. "Donald Hump... Freudian Slip!" he's borderline senile, his mind isn't fast enough nor sharp enough to shift gears like that. Had that been an actual slip up, and not written in his speech. He would have never caught it, he never catches any of his gaffes.
"Come on MAN! Come on MAN!" that's Obama's favorite stand by to diminish criticism that Obama can't intelligently debate. That's why Obama did better at town halls, doing def Comedy Jams. When he had to pull it together and address the nation like a President. He was a condescending Jack Ass to over half of the nation while he divided the country with his toxic rhetoric he always got a pass on. If you listen to Biden's message as his momentum grows. It's more and more turning into Obama's platform. Obama is coaching him, Obama has his hand on the hand that has the Emperors thumb at the DNC and Pollsters to make sure they don't give Biden a thumbs down.

Obama is Biden's corner man, every time Biden takes a beating and we think his last gaffe was his final undoing. He comes back with more channeling Obama.
Remember Obama is a petty jive bitch ass, he never does anything with transparency on the up and up. Not even endorse his patsy.

And Obama is doing all of this, not because he loves Biden's sense of leadership. Obama is slated to be his running mate. Just as Hillary is slated to be Warren's running mate.
They want their turns and they are going to ride in half dead corpses to get there.
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How is that projecting Liberal sins on America's best President since George Washington, working out for you pathetic Piss Stains?

Wope! What's this! Did we just pick up two Congressional seats that the Lying, Cheating, Miserable Liberals robbed the Republicans of in the 2018 midterms because Liberal Brown people can't count?
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I would bet anything the City planners grand scheme is to run every business out of town, and build high rises in their place.
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My Brother in Law self deported after Obama came in office and the State of Florida did away with DL for illegals.
He self deported in 2010, after 2 years of the policy proving effective.

I would trade Louis for 1,000 American loathing illegals. Louis had more American flags than anyone I knew.
He made damn sure we always celebrated American holidays in a patriotic fashion.
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They did that to me, and plus they used my phone then to hack my bank account.

It was more than them just knowing my Phone number. I mean we do have Transgender American hating freaks working at these companies. Their job is to sit in front of a Customer Service computer screen, that has all of your information on it. I laugh when companies like Visa gets hacked, and they try to make it sound like Boris just got lucky typing in the right password and username at the first try.

Boris buys user names an passwords from under appreciated employees.
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The Establishment is leaning toward Biden, because Obama needs to get back in there and turn all of his shit back up right that Trump toppled over. And usher in Communism and Islam as our National Religion, outright. He had hoped to lay the groundwork so Clinton could continue his work, while she got richer doing so. But she lost 2016, because she's so fucking evil she couldn't even sell America a rigged election.

Clinton and Obama are bitter Clinger On's that trying to force their Triangle ass through a round hole. The good news is, the other candidates don't even have a shape, they are barely even a solid mass. None of the candidates have a decent following, but the DNC is leaning one or the other. They wanted Biden, but it was reported yesterday, they are now being accused for being biased toward Biden. Time will see if they give up their Biden push or not. We all know the DNC did not change course of action, when it was apparent that the DNC was working against Sanders and promoting Hillary in 2016, so we'll see if they shift their attention to EW.
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Hircus says
He filmed right outside CNN. I spy an NPC...

That girl working in Public relations Communications for CNN, she was so full of shit. She says Russia collusion happened wtih Trump with confidence. But then sneered at the notion that Hillary was the one caught colluding. Then when her whole premise fell apart, she went from being well spoken to Vocal Frying. Someone just regurgitating mental sewage, their Manlib Mansplained to them, they aren't committed to believing it themselves, so they are very nervous when they shit back out of their mouth. So they vocal fry. This bitch was full of that. She was hot as fuck though and for a Liberal her fuckable factor is a 9 out of 10. Which is pretty good, considering someone in her position and political leaning has a FF of 1 out of 10.

I suspect she will be a conservative in a few years, if she doesn't get gauges in her ears, piercings in her nose, tats on her and dye's her hair green.
Which might be unlikely now, as she will probably get fired for ending the interview with Crowded twirling her hair and staring intently in his eyes.
I don't think her transgendered fag commie handlers that sent her down to change Crowder's mind on the companies dime will like that one bit.
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I bet CNN cut from their live coverage for Pediatrician Gender Changing Doctor commercials.
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Recommends? Who in the hell prosecutes?
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tovarichpeter says

University of Virginia sues thousands of patients seizes paychecks and puts liens on Holmes

Let's all thank the Lord that McCain Shitstain, was saved from his Brain Rot long enough to shit on repealing Obamacare. And the laws baked in that protect Providers from any and all fraud and graft.

Is there a Holiday for that yet? They should commemorate the day McShitstain laughed as he put a thumbs down, with his nasty bandage on his rotting head. The sick bastard should have been at Hospice. But Fuck no, he made damn sure the fuck the nation for generations to come. In a desperate ploy to salvage Barack Fuckboy Obama' Leg Assy.
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6rdB says

That one lone asshole on the internet making up memes like this, is why OK, Milk and so much other shit now is considered White Supremacist.

Even Congress repeats it in their witch hunts.
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I just hope she doesn't turn into this Generations Martyr, I mean Martha Stewart.
I remember everyone was just as satisfied when Martha Stewart got convicted to prison. Finally some action in an active congressional season, full of investigations into crooks, cheats and crooks. Starting from the Bill Clinton hearings, the Enron scandal, still lingering questions from the Iran Contra scandals. Finally Martha got sent up the river, and everyone forgot about everything else. The Enron execs got off, the Congressional enablers got admonished, and the rest of the investigations just quietly went away.
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So NO! Robots wont take over the farms, robots aren't going to flip your eggs, and serve it to you with a surly quip, while the refresh your coffee cup.

Probably wont be banging any T-950's with a Latex cooter anytime soon either.
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Get a cheap Android that is not a Flagship model.
I have noticed a Samsung J3 seemingly behaves just like my Galaxy latest S models did.
But they don't have all of the sensory and telemetry features. So it hasn't even once nagged me for not signing into a Google Accont, the Samsung Store or nothing else.
I just use the Android Internet, didn't install a 3rd party browser. It's pretty much stock. I'm able to create a menu icon of any website I want to see in responsive mode.

Since it's a featureless phone, and I keep the location off. I don't notice any odd behaviors, because I'm not using anything they offer.

Get a camera if you want pictures.
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Thomas Sowell did a lecture about inequality.
He talked about Brilliant educated minds. From an educational standpoint all of those in this study were on equal footing.
The difference in their success was their household they grew up in. Those that were raised in a wealthy household, went to ivy league schools, then when they graduated had the drive and tools to be very wealthy. Successful if you measure success by wealth. Those that grew up in a poor to modest household, but by the grace of their academic achievements they got full scholarship to a ivy league school. When they graduated. They continued to live a modest life style. These are the professors, doctors, and other professions that has peers that with in a decade of working in their fields. Those with their low 6 figure incomes, manage to amass a million to millions in the bank. Mostly through smart investing, and putting their money to work. They have a drive beyond their intellect, to be upper middle class. While those from modest back grounds, are happy taking a job just shy of 6 figures, drive a Commoner car, and live in a Starter House neighborhood. Or if they are living expenses does commiserate with their income. They are always having financial problems. Many Ivy Leaguers have financial problems. Foreclosures, Over extended credit card bills, liens and other financial liabilities.

When these two educated people with different economic drives, are in a professional setting. Giving lectures, or writing on their field, there is no difference in style nor is what one says more valid over the other.

There are poor people or people from lower middle class backgrounds, that are driven to amass wealth and can be over achievers. But those people don't even require a High school diploma.
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