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The best hands down pizza thing I've had. Was from an Italian shop down the street from my brother inlaw's medical billing office in Brooklyn about 20 years ago.
It was just a Ciabatta bread, with a chunk of buffalo motz, a simple slice of tomato, a whole basil leave, and the whole thing drizzled with EVO, then put in a pizza oven until the basil and tomato was limp and the buffalo cheese started to melt, then more olive oil drizzled on it again.

That's what all pizza should be. IT wasn't the pizza it was the quality of everything he used.
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Wait is this about immigration or Liberal Feels?
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My black Democrat friend yesterday in his studio, he was going though 5 DNC emails he gets a day. Yesterday he was showing one from Bill Nelson begging that Rick Scott has raise 20 million and has 11 million of his own wealth he's putting into his campaign. Then he showed me Nancy Pelosi's email begging money in between incoherent ramblings and brain freezes. Tim just laughed said "Oh my God Ted the Democrats don't have anything. They want money they are bitching about Republicans but the don't offer Jack Shit. Optically they get worse than the Republicans every day, and they refuse to put forth one single issue they support. Other than divisive politics. " He even had one from Hillary Clinton.
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P N Dr Lo R says
Tenpoundbass says
The place looked like it was Sports bar
Really sad when a formerly good brand goes to the bad. Probably bought by some third rate retired athlete.

The original atmosphere was like a speak easy from the 20's. I belive originally Al Capone was a partner.
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Um the Elitist Liberals did not tech jobs. There are tech jobs all over Ameirca, don't see India an over priced shit hole it was a shithole before tech came there.
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They are going to take him to court to stop him next.

The 9th District asshole judges weighing in 3...2...1...

Liberals with they would make up their minds, separate kids in cages or lock them both in internment camps?
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TwoScoopsOfWompWomp says
No evidence of Pizzerias anywhere in Europe, including Italy

The Tomato's use as a major food staple didn't come into use in Italy until the late 1800's around the same time Italian Immigrants restaurants were crafting inventive ways to use it along with more inventive ways to shape Pastas in America's big cities like Chicago and NYC. They always had breads, cheese, olive oil, throwing a slice tomato or even a reduced tomato in the form of sauce on it was just a natural progression. That households and adventurous entrepreneurs would have made the connection at the same time without knowing each other. Here or there First is irrelevant it was no doubt an Italian that invented the pastas, pizzas and tomato sauces. Most likely from the Old Country.

The same thing bothers me when people give American Chinese food flack. It doesn't matter if it's not real Chinese. It was made by Chinese people using Chinese ingredients they kept as valuable staples, and used it to cook ingredients they normally wouldn't have had available in a Chinese household. But it's still Chinese style cooking, and it has to be cooked by regional Chinese cooking styles. Cantonese, Mongolian, Hunan, if the restaurant stays true to those styles it is authentic in that class.
It's not the same when an American decides to open up a Chinese restaurant and has a bunch of after school kids wiping stuff in a Wok.
Nobody is having that. You rarely see a successful Chinese joint that owned and operated by Frank and Judy Rogers.
It ain't happening.
Our Chinese food is Chinese food. I don't sit around and eat Moon Pies and Baloney sandwiches. But I not going to say it's not American food.
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I could personally raise the IQ score of every millennial in America by just doling the Ass Beating they never got as kids.
What do you expect the average IQ to be with the unfettered horse shit our education system fed to them, and a media that has more Zombie format shows than Family value programming and fostering and environment that promoted emotional well being so they could have learned.
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At the same time?
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If Trump was to do everything in his first term. I would use the second Term to build Cities out in the middle of nowhere. Huge cities with Skyscrapers and Multi Apartment complexes. With retail space and factory buildings and all. Just keep building about 20 of them.

We're out of space my ass. The existing Cities we have are out of space, because they were planned when there was less population. Central Planners have classically always wanted to rebuild and accommodate large urban areas while people are living there. Leave those old towns and Cities alone they have charm and character. There's plenty of opportunity to build the Cities we're trying to make the existing cities into cities they can never be.

That's what China did during the world economic down turn while America was bailing out the losers. We could have spent those same Billions on creating new Cities and let the Boomers choke on their 1 million dollar shitholes.
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justme says
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Damn, people are so funny today.

That's funny for someone that has me on ignore.
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“If you see these people in public, you should remind them that they shouldn’t have peace,” she told The Examiner. “We aren’t the only ones who can do this. Anyone who sees Kirstjen Nielsen at dinner, anyone who sees anyone who works at DHS and ICE at dinner can confront them like this, and that’s what we hope this will inspire people to do.”

That's called harassment. What if Trump supporters just decided they didn't like Liberals because they are depraved sinners who are going to hell and offer nothing to the world worth celebrating? Then suppose they started justifying all of the mobs and violence to spear their opinion about Liberals to the front?
It's a good thing this Cunt will be unemployed by time the week is out. I'm sure Trump will cut her whole department just to be sure.
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This bitch is abusing her position in her job. She can research who people are and know where they are going to be so she can form a rabble to follow them and harass them.
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Pass a law any drug or medical research developed using tax R&D dollars is open source.
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bob2356 says
BK bought a canadian chain a few years ago and talked about moving to canada, but it never happned.

You got that backwards.
please stop embarrassing yourself. I know you hate Trump and me even more but that's no reason to be an intentional lying moron.

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(woman's AI Voice) Attention all law breakers will be dealt with in accordance to the law...
(long pause)
(Male AI Voice) Welcome! Thanks for Choosing America as your illegal point of entry to your journey to Canada. Due to high volume and previous management's inefficiencies.
We will no be allowing illegal access into our country. We have provided 12 US Consulate offices in Mexico. Please consult with the appropriate authorities in one of several facilities provided in Mexico to file asylum petitions and other temporary legal travel Visas...

For your safety and the safety of Law enforcement please do not rush or breach our border, or otherwise obtain unlawful entry to the United States...

(woman's AI Voice) Attention all law breakers will be dealt with in accordance to the law...
(long pause)
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Wear a MAGA hat and talk loud about Trump's new "Pull your weight or get fired." policy in Government.
"He's only hiring the Best",tell anyone within an earshot. But make sure they understand, "These people are NOT the BEST!"

You know because they don't read Breitbart, they don't know they are on notice until the new management marches them out the door.
These people don't even know you can't work in government, show up at work and yell... "FUCK THE BOSS!" Just like in the real world.

Oh you better believe I get in and out.
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RafiMaas says
And if your wife got detained because she couldn't provide her papers?

She damn sure did. That's why it cost us over $12K in legal fees and fines to get her papers. We had to have three hearings on her previous unlawful entry into the US.
She was picked up in Texas in '87, her Sister drove there to bail her out and pick her up. They didn't stay in Texas for the deportation hearing.
We had to pay that $12K on top of the actual legalization process which was another $7 before she got her green card, temp residency then the resident card.
But we went through the legal channel. She couldn't have done that if I were an illegal Pervian as well. I imagine Ice would have caught her by now and sent her home.
It would have probably been an Ice official under Obama, he's the bastard that started this shit. By virtue signaling by creating the border security and enforcing immigration laws. As a cue for his other Liberal other halves to pitch a stink about it, so he could then use Twitter and Facebook's pulse to ignore Immigration laws.
He effectively made Twitter and Facebook Liberal mentally challenged SJW users dictate and replace our laws.

I saved my wife from being deported by that scumbag. She would have been his first mockery example I'm sure.
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No I'll just go with the satisfaction I robbed Corporate Liberals of Crapitalism the chance to use a once American institution to show it's Ass in an International setting at the expense of those classless burger eating Americans. No company under the management's right mind would have pulled such a PR stunt if not for the Optics to poke a finger in the Cracker's eye.

I at least get satisfaction of crapping all over their petty Ploy. Thanks for playing.
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RafiMaas says
And after paying $19K to get your wife legal, how pissed off would you be if she got detained? Say some unfortunate turn of events plays out, after she obtained citizenship. Her purse gets stolen or wherever she keeps her papers on her person gets stolen, then ICE happens to ask her, " show me your papers". How pissed would you be that they violated your wife's 4th amendment Rights? Or did you not think about that when you wrote the OP?

Wut? My wife doesn't go to the Rooster fights in Hialeah.
She actually has a SS# and a name and address that would check out after a few minutes.

How pissed would you be if an illegal immigrant gunned down your boy friend?
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clambo says
Pizza making is like wine making; years ago only few knew how it was done, now the knowledge has spread, but not to the Midwest evidently.

Chicago and NYC has better bread climate.
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My Favorite "Alright get 'em outta here! Was that guy or a girl, can't tell?"

Trump trying not to assume a Liberal agitator's sexual identity.
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Things built to last take time and planning. I don't want a house with the planned obsolescent shelf life of a tv set.
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HowdyThere says
Both pictures are wrong. You light a fire at the bottom, not the top. Just sayin.

Yeah but he's using one hell of a match.
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I don't think Trump has a philosophy. He can just read people and situations and each one is unique.
As a business man he never once employed any of the tactics he's used since his Escalator entrance into his Presidential career.
All of this is new to him. When he visits states that has respect for his capacity as the President of the United States. He treats them with utmost respect and he conducts business as he always did it as a business man. When he gets a wise ass like Merkle he reaches in his coat pocket grabs a pack of skittles and tosses them and says...
"Don't say I ain't never gave you nothing."
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That Cracker is still moving send more goons!
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No she wore it on the return trip when she exited the plane to send a message to the lying media.
She's showing victims of Bullies everywhere. If you take away their weapon they are powerless over you.
The media isn't attacking her and calling her names.

If She would have had some ass kissing message on it about saving the world and the kids.
The media would be skewing her alive criticizing every detail.
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So now his keyfob wont work to enter the courthouse so he wont have to show up.
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