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We deported the Liberal's secret Voters for the 2018 midterm elections and replaced them with pissed off angry American patriots.
Lets see if they notice...
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The Liberals are the party of the KKK, the Southern Red Neck Racists were and always have been Democrats I grew up with the Motherfuckers I ought to Know!
They weren't republicans when Abraham Lincoln Freed the Slaves and they weren't Republicans when I grew up with them.
The Democrat party is all about being disingenuous.
They entrap, enslave, and conscript people unwillingly to be their token party base. They spread misinformation about people who will lift them out of the Liberal poverty trap and will find a way to squash them.
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The LA Times published this photo in 1992, and it always stuck with me.

Note that the snarling man in the light-green cap has just hurled a 16-ounce can of beer, which bounced off the back of the head of the man with the glove. The can of beer is at the top center of the photo.

That one man held off a mob for over 40 minutes. He beat the absolute hell out of the entire crowd.
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Proof the South and the KKK are Democrats.
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Liberals wearing Robert E. Lee's skin Suit parading around flinging shit on Trump.
They are fucking a disgusting Lot!
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As a five time survivor of major Hurricanes, tell them bitches to shut up.
3 of the times it took over 5 weeks before I got my electricity back.
The last one I didn't even have cell phone service for a whole week.
There are food and water pick up locations but nobody will bring it out to your sorry ass.
We didn't have water for a couple days, as the city shut off the water, due to possible contamination.
But having your whole whole neighborhood swept away, for those houses near there missing amenities. They can expect months before shits back to normal.
I suggest they go to mother's house for a while.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says

That graphic is very misleading.
Trump defended himself against at least 2 billion of opposition candidate funds. If you go back to the primaries.
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They need to tax Single Family Home investors, heavy on anything over 2nd home.
There should be a Federal Property Tax on excessive SFH investments on anything not a Duplex or more.
It should be so brutal for them they are forced to sell it. Even corporate owned SFH's they can buy a duplex if they want to put executives up in style.
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I'm 1/64th New Yorker

Now wut I'm sayin'
Whoa, Oh, Ho! I'm walkin hea!
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Dinesh D'Souza on Twitter:

"I love the fact that the progressive dupes who contributed to Stormy Daniels’ GoFundMe account will now see their money go to pay @realDonaldTrump ‘s legal fees"
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Seems to me every time Trump makes inroads with the exiled countries that America and the EU always thumbed their noses at.
They do really great, but then for no apparent reason they go and kill someone. And if that don't work the first time they go and kill another.

Hillary showed us how international men of mystery are taken out. A Liberal somewhere wants them out of the Way. Like Sidney Blumenthal then someone like Hillary rubber stamps it. Had they murdered Kadaffi under Trump they would have framed one of Trump's newest peace brokerage recipients for it.

The Globalist like the Liberals have a very shallow book they play from.

The Left has been killing people to start wars going back to WWI it was how the Great War and WWII was started.
Carter destabilized Iran and gave us that Dumpster fire.

Nothing but lies all of it. Kim, Putin nor Prince Saud have any reason to kill people on foreign soil when they are getting everything politically they have wanted for over 40 years.
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Fuck those Commie Cock Suckers at Vox they don't speak for me. I bet there is a mandate at their Human Resources department to never hire a White Conservative male over 40 like me. I don't give a fuck if those foriegn interlopers like MY president or Not. Immigration is the Detriment to REAL AMEIRCAN'S Success.
And those Shit Asses at Vox Knows that damn well. They can shove an over sided migrant dick up their ass until they hemorrhage to death for all care. And Vox TOO!
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Strategist says
The strategy always was to bring democracy to the Islamic world. Very foolish strategy,

All of their strategies ended in dismal failure, Trump's success rate has been damn near 100%, so Trump get's 100% of the Trust. Globalists get Squat, Zilch they don't get Jack Shit when it comes to Trust. The EU as a whole is suspect for every Murder the Kim tied murders, the Putin tied Murders and now the house of Saud murders.
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georgeliberte says
Tenpoundbass what did the Hitler family do to you for you to associate them with the likes of Hillary Clinton?

He was a Socialists too!
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They did before Fagots convinced everyone they are Victims of life.
Women always said they want a man that takes charge, and they totally meant in that way.

Back when people were cool and Fags were Fags Guys used to fuck the shit out of Girls they just met 10 minutes ago.
The only way you could tell if She was down, was grabbing her pussy.

If She wasn't down with it, she would slap the shit out of you. What you did next defined what just happened.
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Putin dindu nuffin!

Speaking of a Dindu I look forward to Obama doing the perp walk.
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Obama didn't build no Roads... uh-uh-uh You know? Trump did! Trump is building roads that You and I can use to create commerce and jobs.
You're Welcome!
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I ain't dead bitches!


Roseanne Barr reacted to the premiere of “The Conners” — the spinoff of her canceled “Roseanne” reboot — by saying ABC made a grave mistake by killing off the main character, Roseanne Conner, over an errant tweet she sent in July 2018.

Shortly after “The Conners” premiered, Barr defiantly tweeted: “I ain’t dead, b*tches!”

Hours later, Roseanne followed up with a lengthy Facebook statement rebuking ABC for squandering an opportunity to send a larger message about forgiveness and redemption.
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Not so Great Nate
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Yeah and they've got audio recording of it too. Who records murders? It's a play out of the Bolshevik play book of Commie Bastards starting wars to get their way Vol. III

You're just going to have to go tell them their old Commie Shit don't work on Americans anymore. We're all stocked up on Crazy.
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The Fuckers in the EU are high on their unelected Power and will do anything to Keep it.
Even Murder Kim Jong-un's brother, Russian Diplomats, and Saudi Journo's
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I miss CaptainShuddap back in 2012, now there's a guy that saw Trump coming.

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tatupu70 says
The Saudis didn't record it-Turkey did.

Exactly isn't Turkey in the EU?
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WookieMan says
Tenpoundbass says
I miss CaptainShuddap back in 2012, now there's a guy that saw Trump coming.

You've at least kept this username for a good while now. Thank you.

This was my original name. Captain Shuddap was for educational purposes. To show the world how to deal with Smug Condescending Liberals who's antics saw no ends.
I was at war in 2012,

Basically what we see now on the streets how the Liberals shut down discourse they don't agree with. Was exactly how they were treating people here that weren't sucking Obama's balls with a finger up his asshole.
What I had 2112, Hussein, Liar Liar pants on fire, all three I tracked down to Tampa Bay Times. a whole slew of them doing the Internet version of "Hey hey, no facist nazis no KKK!" in every thread I posted.
Obama was elected twice because the Left successful intimidation on line, on the job, and in public. People were afraid if they didn't vote for Obama they would get fired.
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This is by far the best chart I've seen on Patnet. And everyone knows I'm not a fan of Charts and the first one to poo poo them.

What is telling about this chart, is how such a large portion of the population people under 35 are being brainwashed to hate and loathe a small portion of the population those over 60. By a very super tiny portion of those over 60 who happen to be spectacularly filthy stinking rich. Those Boomers are Manipulating those under 35 set to hate all Boomers(but not THEM) because they have all the money. When the truth is, a far larger of the Boomer population is living in assisted living facility ran by Liberals fleecing them for every last red cent they have. In fact, the facilities are smart enough to know those Boomers have family. So they fleece them too. We're seeing Boomers beeing charged as much as $1800 a month for a shared bedroom(Not even a medical facility Old Folks home like you used to would assume these places are) They are just normal suburban ranch style houses with the bedrooms being rented out. If not for this scheme they would be lucky to get $200 a month each out of them. So here are these Greedy Bastards taking every last penny of those Boomers, Social Security Check, their Pension then they call up their Children and other relatives and demand an additional $500 to $800 out of them.
These places are owned by the very rich old bastards that then turn around and tell Melinials the Boomers got all your money.
This is happening to my Family it is happening to my black friend Tim's brother in law. His wife has siblings far better off than them two. And they wont give a dime to help the guy out. Tim is on the hook for an extra $600 a month. He can't afford that. But the guy can't live with him.

Such a small portion of the population and the Democrats want you to believe they rule over you and are gobbling up all of the money you should be making. Liberals are hostages to nonsense.
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Trump is irrelevant now. Who we elect next to preserve his sensible court. Will be far more important than anything Trump will do next.
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If the EC is ever abolished I would actually sit and cheer on Kremlin invading the Coastal blue cities. Less we want NYC, LA and Dade County Florida, Seditious interlopers posing as Americans decide every Presidential election from now on out.
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LOL at my own insight before Trump was even a TDS Name.

The Housing Trap
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