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I can imagine the presentation.
"I present the Nia... um Knocker"
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FortWayne says
This is so crazy, do you think Trump is going to fire Muller now?

No but he is going to pluck each leg and wing off that little bug and just leaving him to flounder like the pathetic turd he is.
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The same with the "Green Energy Loans."

They tack the cost of the upgrades to your property taxes. Don't pay taxes you're out of there.
Pocahatas talking about the CFPB while Obama was dreaming up home losing scams left and right.

The Mortgage I got in 2010 was at a time they were making it look like they gave a fuck.
My terms make my house look practically free, compared to what coworkers are going through today buying a house.
$225 for MIP for the life of their loan.
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
I mention that because when the Cohen investigation reveals info beneficial to Trump and/or hurtful to the FBI/Swamp, the Media is going to "forget" who recommended the raid in the first place.

And yes, the whole thing is going to be flipped. That's Trumps style.

I told the office Liberal Prick who was beaming about the Cohen Raid.
I asked him what purpose did Cohen have to even entertain Stormy Daniels claims? He would have been in his right mind to remain silent and just communicate with her with Seize and desist letters from other 3rd party lawfirms. He was confused by that. So I said, I'm saying Trump and Cohen sent Stormy to the press, to attract Muellers crooked eye, and overstep his bounds. That's why Trump has renewed anger at Sessions, because there's no reason for Session to not intervien at this point.
I also reminded him that less than 24hours later Mueller was demanding what ever he didn't find at Cohen's office raid from Trump. Which just fell on laughing ears. What a putz.
Then Rosenstien his attitude changed so drastically because Muellers last ditch desperate hand he played didn't yield the results to keep them all Golden Untouchables.
Rod Rosenstien has ditched planned events, and has been as absent from the scene now, as McConnel, and Joe Biden after that book exposed their crooked Sons of bigger collusion with foriegn governments than anything Mueller has wagered to date.

This office Jerk Smirk just melted off his face the more I said.... I finally said... Don't forget to smile when this all goes down.
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FortWayne says
Media taken over sjw. Cinema on decline, they don’t realize that sane people can’t relate to their stupidity.

I went to bed early enough last night that I caught the local Channel 7 10 OClock news.
It took less than two commercial breaks before I remembered why I ripped the TV off the wall from my office/den and pitched it to the curb about 4 years ago.
I really haven't watched any TV other than YouTube clips of various news interviews since then.
The stupidity and the race baiting is tenfold compared to the day I pitched my television.
I found and Asian flick on Netflix that was pretty decent.
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Shut up (no one here particular but all Millennial pissheads in general)and put the God damn global dick back in your mouth, when the brains of this operation dies off.
You idiots are in the shitter for good.
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CBOEtrader says
Proof Trump will win in 2020

All of the Democrats I know are disgusted by the party and have no plans of voting for them again. They aren't pro Trump but they admit he's better than the Democrats.
Many I have spoken to plan on sitting it out until things change. The gay leaning, foreigners, immigrant not really Americans and secretly root for Ameirca's failure everytime We're in peril They are most definately voting for the Democrats. The Democrats have spent their moral Capitol on securing their votes, at the expense of the America loving base.

When Liberals berate America, those faggots have no idea they cutting away at Democrats that still Love America. Even if they don't like Trump towing that line(because he's the only one doing it.) But they die a little everytime some Idiot shits on the Flag and talks smack about America.

Keep up it California Libtards you're doing great.
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My Tax cut pays for my two lease vehicles every month.

As for people working. I just returned from Home Depot.
I don't ever remember so many employees there. Even if they mostly have auto checkout lines, they still have a person for each work station. The check out counter is just the scanner and payment system. No scale to tell you to start over or wait for assistance.
When I approached people to ask where stuff was, I actually got an answer. They didn't tell me they don't work this department. Then tell me to wait for someone else.
Home Depot was the worse. They had about two or three people working the whole store, that would assist customers. Everyone else was only out front because they were stocking. Now they have plenty of people on every isle.

Also I've noticed the Fastfood culture under Trump has it together more than the Obama part time Economy, where the stores only hired just a few people and could only work part time. It was miserable. Now there's plenty of people working on those places, orders flow a lot better, and the quality of the food has gone up. They must pay a lot better, because you don't see Ghetto queens with a 4 foot long hair weave mop dragging on their food prep surfaces like I saw a lot of during the Obama economy.

There's a sense of work pride and companies are back to hiring help to make the consumer experience better.

And I gotta tell Ya, most are Black employees. It's amazing what the Trump economy expects out of them than the Obama economy did.
These employees look like people about to embark on the American dream and partake in the great middle Class America.
Presentable, professional, and they are with it. Under Obama it's like everyone was replaced by Snap recipients that had to work part time, while everyone else went uncounted on the unemployment numbers. How dare you folks rag on Trump the damage Obama did to this nation was reprehensible.
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Rosenstein has shut up he was beating his chest last Friday by Monday when the non redacted Memo came out, he shut the fuck up real quick.
he's missing from the MSNBC and CNN Mueller cheerleader squad. All of the disgusting fags and racist cunts now in Congress talking about they are going to fix the Constitution to protect the crooks and stop the elected President from doing his job. These people have no idea they are declaring war on our Democracy America will see them all in a Federal Prison Cemetery before we abide to what they think they can pull.
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bob2356 says
"In order to correct this, we must no longer see housing primarily as a financial instrument or investment vehicle, but as a basic human right."

and the solution is?

Tax the fuck out of SFH not owner occupied.

That includes Codos and Townhouses.

Apartment buildings meant solely for renting, set to a national average, go over that, you get hit with the Federal Investors Dwelling Property tax.
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Also in the 60's and 50's someone would develop a huge patch of land, and sprout up a whole town. Then a couple sharp entrepreneurs would come in and open up a Brake Pad shop, or a Garment plant.
There's literally thousands of Lawyers and Lobbyists in Washington fighting 24 hours a day to make sure nothing like that ever happens again. And fucking up the rigged economy they made for their district they represent and those business and political interests.

There's Loads that could be done to MAGA!
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You know everyone is laughing when all you have left in the "witch hunt" is who paid the hooker.
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Trump is 100% President and Comey and Hitlery is NOT!

I feel good about that.
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This of course comes the day after Biden said Republican's don't want Blacks to vote. Since they don't have a Republican around to use an example. Starbucks is happy to role play for this Liberal Arts installation.

All at our expense of course. Think Starbucks will be on the ballots in November. Liberals are dirty rotten Bastards.
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They couldn't even find a real Black person to perpetrate their fake outrage.
The Organizers are floor smooching ragheads.
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Ceffer says

Thas racis.

They are actually rug smooching ragheads.

I've come to terms being called a white devil and infidel. They can grow a pair and put on their big girl Mohammad Panties.
“We don’t want this Starbucks to make any money today. That’s our goal,” said Abdul-Aliy Muhammad, one of the protest’s organizers and co-founder of the Black and Brown Workers Collective.
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Thanks for the input AP!
I have a friend that says he's getting 1.5 on his checking saving from some online bank.
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Ceffer says
Whenever I go into a branch office of Wells Fargo, they are so courteous and sweet.

Yes but when they have to call Corporate they are treated to the same bullshit the customers are subjected to.
The same lame auto assistant and everything.
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Automan Empire says
You may have missed it, but identity theft and banking fraud are huge problems compared to 20 years ago. Last year there was a sea change of credit card and banking rules. Not sure what the problem is if she is a signer on the account in question.

Bank just needs your account number and match it with your SS#, your account get's hacked.
They ask you to create and use a personal Pin number. you account gets hacked again.
Bank says they need personal information about you to identify you better, peculiar they ask for great Lead Qualifier questions for the security question.
Your account gets hacked still. They ask you public information questions.
This last time told me about another layer of password nonsense. Sounds like to me, they are trying to qualify leads and conflate it with a security layer.
But then each time they sell all of your security as leads about you. Anyone that bought a lead from them can call them up and answer all of the security questions.
It's insane I don't abide by silly security rules.
The thing that troubles me to no end, is my wife is on my bank account. If she had an account set up and had to give a 50 personal questions to manage her account that would show her the same exact thing I see on my account anyway. Then there would just be two ways to hack our bank.
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bob2356 says
or who got a blow job in the oval office.

At least Bill was actually in the Oval office during the episode in question.
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Those south American barrio slums are powerful political mojo for Leftist whackos.
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Liberals are killing women with their wonky green shit.
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She can get a job with Comey Daniels.
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Yeah then it's just one entity to outsource.
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Anything short of a Federal Medical Army and adequate medical practicing facilities. Is just Government meddling to make other people rich. No system will ever be a baby bottom smooth ride. Might as well go by the most beneficial method. And perhaps fees could be income based as well.
Regardless the model, ailment shouldn't bankrupt any family regardless of socioeconomic standing.

A Government Ran Health Agency.
We're past insurance, we need actual help with the fucking bills and the service. We don't need more useless Shitbags working in multi layers of entrenchment eating the bulk our health care expenses. While we're still on the hook for what should be the honest price in the first place.
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I've never heard of such silly shit in all my life. Since when is it a crime to have a Lawyer any Lawyer?

The Left has gone totally off the rails.

Should Hanity disclose the car he drives every time he does a story about Tesla cars?

My Liberal friends that ribbed me pretty hard over the last year, are starting to realize the only thing the Left has is "Get Trump".
They have no agenda, no direction no leadership. Just bitching and moaning about Trump. That scares them them more than Trump and pro Trump candidates.
Because they are starting to realize what the status quo is so violently defending. The Liberal politicians just want to continue shitting on everyone.
They don't care about Stormy Cohen.
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bob2356 says
Its called the VA, which despite critics who are very interested in turning it over to their corporate donors to make big bucks on, does work pretty well.

I'm quite certain any failings of the VA is the result of special interests lobbying like hell to make it fail.
The VA has been undermined by our own government and pundits since the day it was founded. If there were honest failings in the VA you would think the incompetence, the bad management and the handling of the VA would have been investigated and fixed Years ago. But the talking heads make it sound like a systemic inherent problem with Government ran health care to protect their private health care interests. They aren't interested in a working efficient health care system ran by the Government it's a threat to everything they hold dear at the bank.
We would have had a Civic minded Healthcare system years ago if that were not the case.

They even managed to brainwash the most Patriot of the Patriots of Americans that honestly believes there's nothing America can't do if we set our minds to it. Into believing America can do anything but have a beneficial health care system ran by the government. There's just no "Can Do" spirit there, the brainwashing is too deep.
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No it's just been a year and a half.
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
Difference is, my claims are verifiable. McCabe DID Lie several times to internal investigators.

We're going to see rubber hit the road now. Americans have been patient because they have been led to believe that Session is doing his due diligence and when the opportunity to indict or act comes he will. He now has recommendation for serious criminal investigations. If he comes out like the flaccid cold limp Dick he's been the last year and half, and says he sees no reason to act. That will be the end of watching and waiting.

Trump wont matter anymore. It will be patriots plotting the counter revolution against the Soros/Obama funded illegal coup against the United States of America to Usurp American voting sovereignty. Play time will be over. Trump wont be America's spokes person anymore. Liberals will have to deal America directly.
Shit! Philly worried about a Riot if Trump fired Mueller. They didn't plan on what they'll see and get if Sessions sits on his Dick and acts like a pug punk sanctimonious bitch again. With his bitch ass smirk on his face. Say What again, SAY WHAT AGAIN! Motherfucker!
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LeonDurham says
Just be patient. It will all come out in due time.

Any Trump smoking gun would be televised more than that hole that was oozing Oil in the Gulf when Obama had his boot on BP Oil's neck.
There isn't a secret Trump video, memo, tape, no secret smoking guns. They stand up and yell "Hey We GOT ONE!" every time the left THINKS they have something even remotely interesting on Trump.

There is no There THERE!
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Remove health care from Employment.
It was a relic from the Shitty disastrous "New Deal" era policy.
Originally the New Deal policy was All Employees must make the same thing for a job regardless of the company.
It killed the labor market, the only way employeers could attract quality candidates was to offer benefits.
Then the benefits package was born, and they reversed the pay the same policy from the new deal.

As a result the free market retirement and health care options don't exist. We are at the mercy of the employer that MIGHT employ you.
If you don't get a good job and win the benefits lottery there. You're retirement and health care will be shit.
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yang yang yang yang yang yang yang yang yang yang yang yang yang yang yang yang yang yang
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Slavness level: 8.65 out of 10. Culinary tcheeki-briki.
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marcus says
Total horseshit, unless you're referring to union rules.

Now teacher go back and read up on the Blue Eagle and Work Progress Administration policies.
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WookieMan says
I don't know, maybe it's because I'm a picky eater admittedly, but that looks awful. Even the potatoes in the OP look like shit, which is kind of hard to do. I think my 7 year old might be able to present a hot dog and mac and cheese in a more appealing manner then this

You got to realize way up North Russia isn't a bastion of fine spices and herbs. Their cuisine for the common folks is very Simple. Even in our Society much of variety of foods and our huge pallet of culinary seasonings and spices was developed in the last Century. America was basically meat and potatoes seasoned with salt pepper and fatback in everything we cooked and ate. The USSR was isolated while the world was having a great gastric Renaissance in the last century. So boiled potatoes, and pickled herring without any bread even. Most all cultures have a common cultural bread. The Soviets didn't even have that. I'm not telling you this to make you feel sorry for them. Because I don't think they even miss that they missed out and don't give a shit themselves. But so you understand why that dish would be the shit for them.

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