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Yeah because there were race riots the whole time Obama campaigned in 2028 right?

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I used to get excited upon news of the latest Box office movie.
Now like most I just groan. "Not these race baiting cork soakers again!"

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Booger says

Voat, the uncensored reddit

No he means after the Go Daddy's, Web Company(formerly Network Solutions) and all of the Net registrars, and network gate keepers ban content by virtue signalling for their Comrades.

At this point eventually DNS servers will be removing A Records.

I think when it progresses to that, nobody will deserve internet.

Didn't rednecks invent the rocket? I think they did.

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Yeah but did the insufferable Wobert Wi Li ever apologize?

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His daughter is with Trump.

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Patrick says

We need some kind of system where information can easily be found and distributed without vulnerability to any central authority.

I say we move the internet to Ruku type IOT boxes. That serve as your personal web server and your gateway.
Your data is always stored on your IOT box, Your Social network profiles and information is stored on your box and is only referenced though the service. unplug it and you're information is private again. If you've got the space you host videos and other content. If not stop feeding the Clowns in the Cloud with your personal data.

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Roidy says

So, what does this graphic actually mean and where did it come from?

It means while you talk your nonsense, China can't even see their ten fingers 10 inches in front of their face because industrial pollution and smog is so thick, you disingenuous fool!

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iwog says

Astoundingly this is what you call cleaning up a mess. Please don't vote next time.

Everybody knows Liberals are hindering progress. We're the Peaceful resistance not you rabid pestilence of liberals.
Resist more you're going great. If Soros can hire more people to bust some heads that would be great.

It's going to be so easy for the Republicans to campaign against the party of Terror in 2018 and 2020.

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Everything Obama did was exactly how it was supposed to go down.

Trump is the first President in over 30 years that chose Door number 1 over the same door the Democrats and Republicans have been running a contest to go through every 4 years. Both parties knew what was behind door number 2, they never said Jack Shit about them or the sort of things they were doing. I'm sure Bush's administrative hold overs were advising Obama to say everything was the mess he inherited from Bush.

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Patrick says

Do you mean Roku?

Yes Roku.
I just mean if we're all going the way of the Internet of things. Then why not decentralize our data and we be our own gate keepers. Through our own net appliance we can see who accessed our data. We can chose what we put on line or not.
Like for instance say I'm typing on The input I give in Threads are stored on my box and your site references a pointer to a heap on my box. not even classic URLs in the sense we're used to it.

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Probably less anonymity but more control of your digital life.
When you delete your Tweet so goes CNN's copy.

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Anything of the sort would be considered a Coup, and met with the appropriate response from the 4th branch of the Government.

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I've said Breitbart reports more news than the MSM. They even report news we're not thrilled with. But we welcome it so people can see first hand how fucking retarded the Left really are.

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Patrick says

Are you sure Roku boxes can host your own content easily? I just don't see it in the descriptions of the box:

No I'm describing a new concept. Of personal web content streaming. Your input to websites are stored. And all social media and website references to it, reference a pointer to the memory stream rather than kept in databases on their server. Data is retrieved by a IP address and a GUID.

This is purely hypothetical as an alternative to what we have now with SJW gatekeepers.

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Utah had the most Debbie DNC style of GOP shenanigans to block Trump's lawful win of the Primaries.
The seditious actors first played out locally in towns, then in the State's results pre GOP convention, then again on a National scale on weeks leading up to the convention.
After Trump won all of the other States. Remember Mitt Romney sticking his toes in the water?

At that time Utah assumed they could take the "Swappertunity" to just eject Trump from his voter base and just give them Mitt Romney instead. A man that didn't even run or campaign. Operation Dogs don't know it's not Bacon.

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There's no room for that kind of message in this country!

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Affordable housing with Liberals sounds more like Constituent storage.

All they have built in the last 9 years, is Government subsidized mostly free housing or habitat for Humanity type of houses.

People want to buy a house, they don't want to have to ride the bus through the Libby Framework to get a free house.

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It's not going to rain for a week. The dry air to the west behind it, is transferring all of the moisture out into the Western Atlantic.

The winds never got to 150mph yesterday either that was bull crap. Having been through 5 in South Florida myself.
At night even 75mph winds look like the world is going to end. The guy in the Car Wash said it was 150mph winds.
It would have taken that Tin Roof in the back along with his building and sent it sailing through the sky.

After Andrew in 92, nothing like car wash was left standing on US1 and 152nd Street.

The Storm produced a ton of Moisture but the weather bureau was not being honest about where all of the Moisture was going. The dry air to the West moving East, was sucking up the moisture out of the Gulf and conveying it to the Atlantic. It rained so hard here in South Florida that the flat roof over one of my additions sprung a leak.

The Surge was not as deep as reported either. Surges are not tidal water, or waves pilling up like NASA explains them. Surges are the Fresh water dumped on the ocean that is lighter than the salt water, is being pushed along the surface of the ocean. So the more rain the storm dumps the bigger the surge. This storm's moisture was being extracted from it, even as the winds were building up. It was being wound up like a spindle. As moisture fed into the Caribbean, the dry air was sucking the water back out into the Atlantic.
When this is all said and done it will be some Southern Atlantic states that get the most flooding. Georgia wont be able to absorb all of the Rain that is just miles off their coast right now.

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I do it's going to go North a bit then go right over the Southern states above the Florida line to the Atlantic Ocean.

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The Editors at Bloomberg aren't our Founding Fathers nor the Supreme interpreters of our Constitution.
Get a fucking grip!

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That's why it would bind by the network ID GUID that never changes.
Even when you change providers. In one way it would be less transparent. In another way it would legally prohibit anyone using your content out of context.
It would not be public it would be private. The only way to share it would be to take a screenshot. Unless it was intentionally created by the creator as downloadable content.
Screen captures could be considered IP infringement. This would be 2A at its purest form. Don't like the person you could block him and never see him again in any social media platform ever again. Same user could be blocked across email aliases social monikers.
You could just block everyone bitching about you, from even streaming your content.

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TwoScoopsMcGee says

Even Barak Obama said rigging elections nationally was impossible and Trump shouldn't destabilize our country.

They were convinced the number in the few Blue States and towns they nurtured in the Primaries was going to Telegarph through every district in America.
They were over confident in Blue market saturation, and thought it was a popular vote contest.

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Without Mary and Jesus, it's just youth sex camp.

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Bull crap power be on by Monday.

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White Heritage/Privilege means so much to different people.
Nordics are White, so are Slavs, they have different heritage than White Americans. We have many Whites in America that are proud of their Italian, Irish, German and other Whites that have a different heritage than British Descendants in this country.

It's the British heritage in this country that severed ties with their homeland heritage. You don't see many White Americans flying the Union Jack or attending British festivals. It's an American Pride thing.
We don't have heritage we have Pop Culture we do what ever the rags tell us.

We have pride and swagger as Americans, backed bay a solid History of American values. the Liberal media is trying like hell to beat it out of us.
But the Flag is still there!
White heritage in this country.
Is Defeating the British and winning America's independence.
This whole proud of your heritage thing, should be less about the color of our skin. Because after 1776, everyone else got to go back to being (X)American, but exBrits.

I'm proud to be American and make no apologies to no one for it, nor do I have to defend or embellish my biological existence.
I just come from a long line of Tyranny Ass Kickers and this too shall pass!

And for those of you who's ancestors came after we fought and won our independence from the British Empire Tyranny.
I hope they came for the great opportunity and a future for their ancestors. That's what their Granddad's died for in the Great War and WWII. To leave them a legacy of America not to preserve their heritage way down upon the Swanee River.

Now piss off you Commie Cunts!

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Kaint Lynch the KKK if and in you can't find 'em!
Darn It now why aren't there any Fass on demand?

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Folks my Spidey Homeowner senses are starting to tingle.
The news coming in is starting to stink. This storm has not been as destructive as they are saying. From what I can see.
Most damage is Hurricane rated sub par structures. that has been damaged the most. Like that laundry mat in this video. A car bumping into it would have collapsed that whole building.
The flimsy sheet aluminum and frame roof structure at Jeff's car wash. Where he was did not fall apart. Just the shoddy sheet metal structure in the back. it acted like a wind foil and ripped itself apart. Even the little blue shack didn't sustain much damage. There is damage there don't get me wrong and I'm not trying to diminish it. But we pay a crapload of insurance money to insure our houses. Insurance companies deny us coverage charge us 3X the going rage and make a sign a waiver for any subpar structures they don't want to risk.
The Insurance repair businesses are going to rake up. The insurance industry feeds on the Fraud they so desperately need to justify their insane Premium markups 13 years in a row without one single major hurricane hitting the US. They hype them like hell and hope they hit but they don't.

Homeowners we need to get in there and watchdog the Fuck out of this Shit and don't let them create 28 billion of damage out of tens of millions of actual bonded liability on these shoddy structures.

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In American people are given a fair trail.

At least give us Trump supporters the right to unmask these cocksuckers that the State Police from blue states keep escorting in and out for optimal optics.

He who smelt it delt it, and you Liberals are dealing in some major Scumbag shit that is backfiring Bigly.

I had a discussion with my extended family last night. While some are anti Trump and one is a 20 something Antifa wannabe.
They all agreed that the KKK are Spooks from the Leftist camp. They recognize Leftist thug politics anywhere. Peru does shit like this every time, and everyone just pretends they didn't notice that it's left wing people on the payroll.
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Don't be a hack Jazz

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Conservative Voters will replace the Retarded left.

In 30 years, the majority of the homeless destitute people will be today's most successful Local Liberals.

Enjoy your History. When this is all over, Liberalism will join its rightful place in history along side Nazism, Communism, and Fascism.
People will not tolerate it in the future for one minute.

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Tim Aurora says

We can find refuge in Canada.

If you think you'll fuck this country up and evade justice you're mistaken. Treduea has found out first hand what Commie Marxist Sadistic motherfuckers the American left really are and has reversed his open invitation. Only Muslims countries want you. You should seek refuge there.

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Before this year is over. The Liberal education will be teaching kids, Trump owned all of the Slaves in the south before Obama freed them.

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This is all you shameful racebaiting mother fuckers got is identity politics.
Tore down the Confederate statues, the Republicans didn't say Shit.
Then you bastards started talking about statues that has nothing to do with Confederate any American heritage statue had to go.

This is all race bait shit you Shitbirds dragged out in the open, and now this Democrat shit bird wants to come out and denounce the racism that the Liberals have created because Hillary lost and Trump won.

Fuck Robert E. Lee and his faggity ass great great grandson the race baiting pole smoker.

Now get me an Asian Guy to string up and fire.

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Poland is the only Alpha Male left in Europe. Hey Libtards, please please please fuck with those people.

This could be the straw that breaks the EU back lets all pray for this Ya'll. The Liberals have had their day, but like all Childish things we have to put them away, when the times call for Men.

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No the Left is very malleable and stupid, they lack basic critical thinking skills. So my guess is the Republicans will continue to manipulate them into voting how they tell them to.
Since Liberals are so fucking stupid, to control them alls you gotta do is just draw a line on the other side of the street.

And presto whammo alakazam That fucking Idiot will vote how ever in the hell you tell him too no questions asked. This Gerrymandering is some serious shit, it's why Democrats never get elected. I mean Fucking EVER!

Tech is no match for the mere mass stupidity of the Filthy Left.