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bob2356 says
The ones that have stories like women gives birth to circus elephant that was lost in the Bermuda triangle.

She Turned up in a Barbuda bait shack hosing down fishermen on the wharf. What of it?
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They should just be happy he didn't look up at the Sun.
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He converted to Islam grew a beard, beat his wife for not wearing traditional dress. Beat his son and fractured his skull.
His last FB post was a AntiFa post, he was wearing a black skull mask when he did the shooting.
When it's important to lead the narrative and call everything fake news, that's how you know you're losing at every fucking thing.

Stupid dumb fucks.
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And for bonus fuck Liberals!

In most places, citizens would get arrested for chasing down a suspect. Not in Texas.
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Well not now his FB has been scrubbed.
If not taken down, who you gonna believe me or Jack Dorsey?
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PCGyver says
Looks more like skull and bones than Antifa.

Alqeda... Taliban same diff.
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Pepe laying down the LAW!
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Liberals have dementia, the guy was the biggest piranha on Earth when he left office. But by after 8 years of Obama they are hugging him and making him guest of honor at TDS festivals.
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anon_9f674 says
Yet had you actually read it the ad was for Charlotte which is the large North Carolina city, NOT Charlottesville, the small Virginia city where the rally took place.

The cops were called to wrong building at the Vegas Shooting, oh well it never happened then.

You silly dink!
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Pols are meant to sway public opinion not reflect them.
80% of Trump voters wont give Polsters the time of day let alone our political opinion.
We're all under the full understanding that it would just be manipulated so we don't participate.
When you say we're at 20% we know that means 60%.
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zzyzzx says
People complain about that all the time around here after storms take out tons of trees here. The thing is that there are just no mills for this stuff anywhere near here.

LOL to this and my reply. There was so much good Oak and Mohagany wood by the roads. I kept saying it would be a lucrative endevor to get it.
1)Fat Chunks could be cut to Tables
2)Fireplace and Chimenia wood is like $5 for wood already split but if you were to put it together. It would be about 2 6 inch diameter logs 18 inches long.
3)Charcoal out of irregular shaped chunks and thinner branches and limbs.
4)Mulch what ever is left.

If I didn't already had a job I was going to as I passed by it. That's exactly what I would have been doing.

Every old growth hardwood that was knocked down was a few grand at least.
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I understand now why my dad was Democrat.
He was on a fixed income and had been in the SIU since the 30's.
The Democrats had him convinced Regan was going to take it away from him. But instead he made his money stretch further.
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BorderPatrol says
even if name is the same, how do they know it's your profile?

I applied for a Guitar Center Credit card earlier and it prompted me for 1 of 4 phone numbers my family has with Metro PCS to send the approval code to. Even though I gave it only the cell phone I use.
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Strangely the "It's OK to be White" neighborhood Luther notices.
Quit Yesterday before the polls closed. Before they was a new one being posted in a neighborhood and photographed and posted on the Internet one every 30 minutes on average.
Coincidence? I think not!
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TwoScoopsMcGee says
but I doubt they mean anything.

No please let them go on. NPR said this morning.
"They won on a Anti Trump message. Should the Democrats reinforce that message in the 2018 elections?"

To which I say God Yes! Please!
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iwog says
Speak up. Don't be shy.

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Don't worry Jeff Sessions isn't coming for your weed.
He's coming for the weeds though.
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Patrick says
Messes with short term memory, but that effect is transient.

Use CBD Oil to bounce back. Like if you have an interview tomorrow and need to be sharp. Using CBD one day before clears any mental grogginess you may have.

I can't do edibles, they make my stomach turn somersaults.
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The Saudis cut off their funding.
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The "It's OK To be White" campaign are a group of Socialist that admit they want to bring Trump down.
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Yes I knew our tech writers were centuries ahead of our capabilities.
We've had nanotube since 1999. By they way they made is sound the future was going to be made of unbreakable materials, and tiny robots that can do targeted medical procedures by now. Still to this day the only practical application is using it as a coating or surface in single layers. Still no complex lattice structures like they said we would have.
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If they did that then they would admit that much of it is pseudo science so they could then move to protect their IP.
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Everyone knows the LARPtards came from the Evil Left that will stop at nothing or stoop to any level to ruin this nation and thwart the correction of Obama's tailspin.

They come over to Gab with their "It's OK to be White" and Nazi shit, every time I call them Liberal asshole lickers and confused Liberal cunts, they crawl out of the wood work to attack me. I've gotten them to admit on many occasions. They don't want Trump to succeed.

After I called them out that know free thinking conservative or Trump voter thinks we'll sweep the next two elections by running an Obama Racial division campaign that's all Liberals running their shit.

It's absolutely stunningly amazing how much hatred Liberals have for Jews and Israel. How upset they get over mixed races.
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That's far from a joke, that's more Liberal Dunk Tank Clowns, Maggots, Larpers trying to drag the Patriot movement into the Racial gutter they wallow in.

Get back on the Liberal plantation you white Honkeys, git on back! Go ON! Git!

They have lots of bricks they holding over their heads running about threatening to bash people in the head if they don't get back on the Liberal plantation where races are divided and Elite While Liberals are never challenged. They hold pure White Male courts while they force selective diversity on others.
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I talked to my brother for the first time in months. Last Thanksgiving he was full bore Libtard under the impression that Hillary was still a saint, and Trump was going to crash the economy.

Today he was telling the economy is so well he just bought a 60K 24ft fishing boat. He was calling Trump "The President".

He was complaining about his tax load and his premium prices, when I told him Trump is working on fixing that. He didn't lodge a bunch of Leftard defeatist bullshit at me like he did that last time we spoke about politics.
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I'm not the anon Idiot.
And thanks for the compliment, I'm glad you consider my mental wedgies I dole out on you Fucksticks professional grade.
I really do try.
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That look on his face when he was in the Forbidden City when he looked at Melania it was like.

"Oh honey let's tell the Patriots fuck the Liberals I found cooler pace with even better people. Let's blow this Liberal Freak show!"
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Let me know when Trump paints his portrait.
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Bones don't lie, it's a shame they quit teaching Biology in School.
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I came for the Socialists but stayed for the Idiots.
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You couldn't give me the Bills that comes with that, free and outright clear with no mortgage.
Electric (Utilities),
The yearly maintenance on all of those separate flat roofs.
The General upkeep
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Every time I see Clinton frowning and bitting his lip.
I think what a good student of politics he is. But then I wonder what he would be saying if he wasn't biting his lip?