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Strategist says
If tax increases are progressive, tax cuts would naturally be regressive. However, when you eliminate a past tax increase, is the final result progressive or regressive?
Hint....It's neutral.

This guy is smart, if not yet rich.

MrMagic says
Ahhh, just how I expected you to respond, the typical Liberal response using "percentages".

Ahh, allergic to logic and reason. There's a reason average rep/cons have an image as not the sharpest knives in the drawer.
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It was a good speech.

Congress should approve some eye drops immediately before his right eye closes for good.

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MrMagic says
You didn't answer my question. Do you pay with "percentages" or "dollars" when you buy food at the grocery store?

Also, what extra "percentage" tax credit should that 44% of the population receive?

We pay in Dollars, but this is an irrelevant strawman.

If the GOP presented two tax plans, one that said we give everybody a $4000 tax cut, the other that said we give everybody a 3% cut - the rich would clearly prefer the %-age and not the Dollar amount. The fact that you buy milk in Dollars has nothing to do with it.

Ohh, and I'm not talking about those who pay 0 taxes. 100% of 0 is still 0. The graph I referenced shows the gap even for income earners at the 75% and 90%-iles, those earning between between $110k and $180k, that clearly do pay significant amounts of taxes. They got less of a cut than those in higher brackets.
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Huh, rep/cons that defended un-presidential douche-bag Trump for years, are now cheering that he did a great job by acting presidential and compassionate. Who woulda thunk it.

Let's see the scorecard after today and who is winning the game. What it looks like is there is agreement on much of the needed funding for border security other than the wall. That's why Trump put the wall last in his speech. The wall doesn't solve the migrant crisis America has on it's border, and really doesn't need to be part of the same funding bill or tied to opening the government.
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P N Dr Lo R says
Goran_K says
they know their side is direct beneficiaries of the open borders de facto policy.
I posted a YouTube of Stefan Molyneux's commentary on the speech in another thread and in the early part he responds to someone who said that immigration is bad for our country. He said not at all, it's very good for the Democratic party. If they thought all those illegal people coming across the border were going to join the Republican party, they'd build a wall that could be seen from outer space.

Illegals can't vote.
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Strategist says
Trump has his ego on the line with this wall thingy. He will never back down from a fight. Wether it's from negotiating with Nancy, or declaring an emergency, the wall will be built.

Negotiating for something would be a start. The coercion approach failed.
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Never ever give up. Don't give up. Don't allow it to happen. If there's a concrete wall in front of you, go through it, go over it, go around it. But get to the other side of that wall.
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Re: Title - It's called Tinder.
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This was a funny thread, yet the Trump defense force is out in force taking it seriously. Ask yourself who has TDS?

mell says
This is simple. Just think of it s a random person standing in front of your door every day demanding services. How many of you would let them in and give them what they need?
Yeah didn't think so. So why all the virtue signaling when it comes to the exact same situation with your country and the border?

That is why we already spend billions on border security including fences in strategic places, CBP, drones, and other technology to detect intrusion and apprehend illegal crossings. CBP experts are asking for more capacity to process asylum seekers as the most urgent needed action.

Further barriers should be discussed but are not an immediate response approach in any way.
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MrMagic says
Please explain how drones and technology actually physically apprehend illegals crossing the border.

Do these drones and video cameras have hands?

Do these kind of questions come from ignorance or just trolling?

Drones and other technology "detect intrusion" like I included. They don't apprehend illegals, and neither do walls, but they facilitate the capability of CBP to detect intrusion so they can go there and apprehend the illegals.

Walls & natural barriers slow down crossings, but ultimately technology is used to identify when someone is walking through open land, or cutting the wall, jumping over, or tunneling under.
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MrMagic says
Funny how you're 100% wrong. The existing barriers in CA and Arizona stop over 90% of people from crossing. Are you saying you know more than the border patrol agents on the ground in those areas? Or, is that just more kool-aid you're drinking from CNN?

As usual you're just quoting something out of context and making a straw man argument.

A wall will take years and decades to build, so is not an immediate response to the migrant crisis on our border right now. The requests from border security are pretty clear, more asylum adjudicators needed so that we can process and deny entry quickly instead of allow migrants to enter pending 1~2 years of adjudication backlog, by which time they can disappear in the country. This is happening right at legal entry points, a wall now or later, does not prevent us from taking these asylum seekers into the country.
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MrMagic says

Do see the operative word "include" in his statement? That means the wall is only part of what he's asked for. Get it yet?

Exactly, and he's not going to get the wall portion. Boo hoo.
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HeadSet says
"Conservatives tend to respond to fear more strongly than liberals do,"

??? Then why all the Dem fuss over Sarah Palin?

Not because she was a female. She was a dumbass not fit to be VP.
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Patrick says
Democrats have become the party of hate.

They hate Trump, and nothing else matters. Nothing at all.

You have this backwards. Trump is the president of hate, that's why we don't like him. We don't want his policies. We don't want such a crappy representative.
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Are we going to get a story every time there's a $5B+ project to compare to? Not worth the breath the author drew to write it.
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WillPowers says
steal industry

Russian bots would mistake steal for steel.
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Patrick says

And they say that the right rejects science. Lol.

Is your map partisan? Lol.

Not saying your conclusion is wrong, but a measure as shown in your diagram which doesn't account for multiple variables (i.e. a multivariate study) is not very scientific. The IQ by country seems highly related to modernization.

This is an interesting topic. Populations have been getting significantly more intelligent over time:

"The change in IQ scores has been approximately three IQ points per decade. One major implications of this trend is that an average individual alive today would have an IQ of 130 by the standards of 1910, making them more intelligent than 98% of the population at that time. Equivalently, an individual alive in 1910 would have an IQ of 70 by today’s standards, a score that would be low enough to be considered intellectually disabled in the modern world."

There are several explanations for the observed increases, namely education, exposure to technology and living in a more stimulating environment, nutrition and disease.

Trajectories of different countries are interesting. Japan & China ought to be close genetically, but here you can see how their trajectories have been very different. Japan rose rapidly as it modernized under US influence after WW2.

TL;DR if we looked at a map of global IQ scores 1950, the conclusion might have been that Asians have much lower intelligence than Whites.
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Patrick says
It's pretty interesting that the Left says they don't want religion in schools, only science, and yet all they do is demand conformity with their SJW religion, and deride science and scientists who question it.

Does science only have value to Rightists when it can be used to degrade people?

James Watson's contribution to discovery of DNA structure doesn't make him an expert in other domains. Are there scientific papers by James Watson on IQ and Race? If not, then we are just talking about an opinion, not science.

Scientists at Cold Spring Harbor study plant and animal genetics, cancer and other diseases. Dr. Stillman said they did not “engage in any research that could even form the basis of the statements attributed to Dr. Watson.

From the man himself: “I cannot understand how I could have said what I am quoted as having said. There is no scientific basis for such a belief.

Your narrative in this thread is flawed Patrick.
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Patrick says
I don't think so:

Patrick says
“all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours, whereas all the testing says, not really”

Yet James Watson himself stated “I cannot understand how I could have said what I am quoted as having said. There is no scientific basis for such a belief.”

Regardless, it's not the science that's objectionable, it's the conclusions. What's the implication of stating "all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours"? Should we be changing our social policies to degrade blacks? I reckon we should "nurture" our citizens, including and perhaps more so those that have the most to gain from an improved social environment.
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MrMagic says
Rocketmanjoe says
FACT – the reason why Americans have to worry about a government shutdown is because Trump refuses to pass a budget.

FACT, the president can't pass a budget unless it's been voted on and passed FIRST in the House and Senate.

Why do Liberals have such a hard time understanding policy and FACTS?

McConnell is refusing to hold a vote on a bill to fund the government that Trump would veto. This despite the fact the McConnell introduced a bill in December without wall funding which passed.

Those are the FACTS.
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MrMagic says
ThreeBays says
McConnell is refusing to hold a vote on a bill to fund the government that Trump would veto. This despite the fact the McConnell introduced a bill in December without wall funding which passed.

Did you actually read that link? Did you miss this part?

...."The legislation was passed by voice vote and will keep the government open until Feb. 8, provided the House will pass it. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said the Senate will remain in session on Thursday pending House action on the spending bill; on Wednesday evening conservatives in the House urged the rejection of the legislation because it shorts the bord...

Hahahaha, feeble. Thanks for confirming you have no real ground to stand on.
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MrMagic says
MrMagic says
MrMagic says
@ThreeBays what's your take on these hypocrites on your team? It was only 5 years ago they were FOR the same wall.


@ThreeBays, have you been able to find out the answer yet at CNN?

Calling on me directly now I see. I do in fact have work, and a life.

Democrats supported barrier building in the past. It got built, especially vehicle barriers rather than pedestrian barriers. There was also a lot of money spent on technology. Situation changed. Illegal immigration dropped.

Now we're in a different time and talking about "more barrier". Public opinion on illegals in border states is very different now than before. Does the answer have to be the same? No it doesn't.

The party has changed it's position because the people have changed their position. Isn't that what parties should do, represent the people?
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MrMagic says
ThreeBays says
Now we're in a different time and talking about "more barrier". Public opinion on illegals in border states is very different now than before. Does the answer have to be the same? No it doesn't.

In 5 years, the Democrats went from "illegals bad", to "illegals good"? The only thing changed was the President. Chuck and Nancy are in the same positions.


How does that happen? has a lot of polling data shown over time. Almost all views on immigration, including illegal immigration, have softened over time.

Plus public opinion on border security has changed, thanks to Trump!

Chuck & Pelosi were on the side of The People when they voted for border security in 2013, and they're on the side of The People to oppose the wall today.

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The average of polls is 48.4% to 40.8%.

Trump having worse ratings than all 12 past presidents at this point in time is an accomplishment for you to be proud of.

Imagine where Obama would be if he wasn't a black guy, with Fox (the only news outlet that matters to Repubs) hounding his ass an a daily basis?
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Damn, if people bought fewer guns they could have more to put in their savings accounts.
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Patrick says
Another point my wife brought up: how would I feel if it came out that the Irish were not as smart as the English. I said that testing does seem to show the Irish are a couple of IQ points lower than the English on average, and that even though I don't like it, I would not fire anyone for pointing it out.

I'm inherently gloomy about the prospect of the Irish. All our social policies are based on the fact that Irish intelligence is the same as the English, but all studies show that this isn't true. I think it must be the drinking. ;-)
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The deal is bad, and no deal is worse. Brexit needs to be aborted.
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LoL. It would be disastrous for them to be discovered doing what you suggest, so they won't. It's more dangerous to give your CC data to your water or garbage company, than to worry about this stupidity.
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CBOEtrader says
that wasnt insufferable at all

Probably she needed to dumb it down a lot for Trumpists to understand.

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Thanks for nothing IRS for telling us the threshold for 2018 withholding, in 2019.
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It's true hombres.

You know, the Mexicans didn't have great IQs on Patrick's world map. Sure hope it's not DNA related.
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* Make up alternative truths.
* Make up straw-men and then knock them down.
* Avoid the topic by stating a whole load of nothing.
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They're aggainst holding government hostage over a disagreement with Congress.
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The UK like the US is a representative democracy for good reason. Referendums of the unwashed masses don't lead to well informed decisions. Both the original referendum, which was intended by Cameron only to bolster his own political position and de-legitimize Euroscheptics in parliament (only thing he didn't plan for was losing), and a re-run of the referendum are inherently undemocratic.
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HeadSet says
ThreeBays says
They're aggainst holding government hostage over a disagreement with Congress.

Then why are the Dems holding the government hostage?

I'm sure your partisanship won't let you agree, but they're not. Trump is because he's the one that made re-opening the government contingent on an appropriation for the wall.

Funding the government and funding the wall are separate decisions. Under normal democratic process Congress gets to vote and the President gets a veto on each decision.

Hostage taking occurs when one actor makes a negative contingency like "give me your money or you'll never see your son again". I wouldn't give you any money if you didn't take a hostage. Here, Trump couldn't get money for his wall so he's holding the government hostage.

You need to be asking why did Trump wait until Democrats got control of the House to do this?
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Patrick says
(sarcasm on)

That's right, such stupid ordinary people should rely on the elite to make their decisions for them.

In fact, why do we let the unwashed masses vote at all? They do silly things like voting to keep their national borders intact.

(sarcasm off)

We both know there are many reasons the founders picked a representative democracy. Voting, division of power, plus checks and balances, are why your sarcastic bullshit doesn't apply.

If we had to vote on everything, then there would also be presidential sized campaigns to inform (or rather dis-inform) the public on every issue.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
That's right, but Cameron explicitly turned over EU Membership as a Refendum to the People, and there was a People's Vote, and despite 90% of the Media and many times the spending, Brexit won.

And if the decision was handed to the People again three years later and wiser?

Brexit has issues like the Northern Ireland border that are un-resolvable. Can't make 1 + 1 = 3 just because you voted so.
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MrMagic says
It doesn't get more clearer than looking at this poll. The only thing that changed was the president, from Obama to Trump. This is a repost from the other thread:

ThreeBays says

The people wanted more done under Obama, but now say it's too tough.

Never under estimate the power of koolaid being served by the Liberal media.

Never underestimate the value of leadership that unites, and the opposition to being a divisive demagogue turd.
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d6rB says
ThreeBays says
Brexit has issues like the Northern Ireland border that are un-resolvable.

Meaning that what people want does not matter. Voting not required, lets just have a few oligarchs deciding everything for our own good.

It's not that voting is not required, just that the people were given false choices.

The Leave campaign argued how much money UK would save, which turned out mostly false, and didn't mention a thing about what Leave really means: Full Brexit causes a crisis in Northern Ireland and quite possibly an eventual break up of the union. Soft Brexit is basically like being in the EU with no say.

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