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Patrick says
"White supremacists" were invented by the left, a term desperately cobbled together from scattered evidence fringe of groups, as an excuse to harm working people by exporting their jobs and importing illegals to replace them.

It's the same with every genocide. Blame the victim, then feel justified in killing them for your own benef

I think you have lived a very sheltered life where there is no "white supremacist" or you are one yourself and thus are justifying yourself, I can understand that the opposition misusing "white supremacist" but to deny outright existence is wandering in Trumpland with your own alternative truth.

As stated earlier, this site has become a "Altrenative" Truth site and today you have left no doubt about it.
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Hassan_Rouhani says
Tell us about your experiences with "white supremacists", Timmy. Don't be shy.

Right after 9-11 , I was at a rural Georgia festival with my family when a white guy walks to me and says, this is our country and why don't you all go back to your country. Recently at our office, right after Trump election we had swastika graffiti all over the walkway ( only time when I saw swastika in my three decades at US). Come to Georgia and I can take you to a racist town just 50 miles from Atlanta ( corroborated by my white colleagues)

I am all for legal immigration only but rejecting non-whites ( as Trump wanted immigrants from Norway ) is racist. So Trump is nothing but a backlash of white racist guys who are ready to sacrifice the standing of US for keeping the white plurality in USA. Recent economic success notwithstanding, ( and so far he has had the advantage of Obama economics and a tax cut sugar rush) Trump's weird policy decision are going to come back and bite ( just as the Iraq war did in two years) back USA.
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TwoScoopsOfWompWomp says

"The New York Times Editorial Board is a fringe, anti-American extremist organization packed with Racists, Sexists, and Agists." And dismiss anything involving that group as tainted.

That argument is called Gaslighting .
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Actually the party banned by US government was communist party (extreme left) and I agree with it

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Isn't it sarcasm. That is what was supposed to happen. Instead this was where Russians got the green light to meddle with the election.
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Anyone that owns any Chinese imports is a TRAITOR to America & it's people.
Look at the bottom of your keyboard,monitor,speakers,tower America Haters.
Why do you have such a personal relationship with Communist products everyday,for hours at a time?
If you work for a company that purchases anything from China your are a closeted Communist or you could quit.
The 2nd Amendment is the only way to deal with traitors. Where are all the patriots? Typing on their Communist keyboards!

I believe 98% of America including me use Chinese goods . And effort to invoke 2nd amendment to deal with such people may constitute as internet bullying. Watch out
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Nope, best President ever. Not "managing a decline" like Obama or making the world safe for Globalists like Clinton-Bush.

Love how being tough on trade ended up with big concessions from Europe. Another thing the ever-wrong pundits were wrong about.

Just wait until the FISA scandal is finalized. Strzok is involved in everything from the shitty Iran Deal to entrapping Flynn to rigging the Election.

You Russian can keep om telling that. Traitor Trump is very near to impeachment
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lostand confused says
Chuck Todd from NBC openly calling for a coup-impeachment. I fear the left will drive us off a cliff of no return, where the police/military state rule with an iron fist and leaders who are controlled by the deep state are allowed. This is a test and if Trump breaks through the deep state hold-we may be saved-else we are doomed.

Just another fear mongering by Alt Right
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lostand confused says
If a leftwing coup succeeds, you think the right is going to sit around and take it.

So an impeachment of a morally , legally corrupt President is now being considered coup by Alt Right. Look, all his "best" hired people are turning against this corrupt President. He openly called Russia to interfere in the election and that is why he won.

The Alt right and KKK can go and fuck themselves as they are the one screwing the country.
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lostand confused says
he made a joke,

* Calling another country to interfere in the election is not a "JOKE". Next time you can joke with a assassin and ask him to kill your wife. Let us see what the police thinks if your wife is murdered
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lostand confused says
yet you totally ignore Hilalry was the one who actually colluded with the Russians to swing the elctions and worse the fBI used her research to spy on trump

And the tactics to call "Hillary" every time Trump is accused is to distract from a Trump issue. If you want to accuse Hillary start another thread
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All Trumpsters are Scumbags
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Trumpster ideology

- Guns are most important
- Be a bully
- Refuse to take responsibility. I am A+ everyone else is an F regardless of the result. Things bad are someone else's fault.
- Refuse to agree with the result if it is not in your favor ( If I lose election I will not accept , Deep state is the cause of my legal trouble, Comey is good when with me, bad when he refuses to do illegal stuff for me, Cohen is a scumbag but I hire the best people and I could go on and on ).
- if you lose threaten a revolution
- Race and winning is more important than country ( See call to Russia)
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Goran_K says
Tim Aurora says
Trumpster ideology

-If I lose election I will not accept

Isn’t this the entire platform of the Democrat party for the past 22 months? #resist

Also keep it on topic Tim. This is borderline trolling and I’d hate to have to zap your contributions.

Do I care for this "Trumpted forum". Zap me off. Every thread here and every other forum morphs into either libtrads and racists and people cannot distinguish between facts ( following Trump in an alternate cult zone) and spin ( which the Republicans and Democrats were earlier guilty of)
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If the Trumpsters are going to bring election time rhetoric from Democrats about McCain,to bring him down,, then I can fill up the pages with barbs , from Trump and his Republican opponents during the primary.
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How dare an athlete who is running on Adrenalin throw a tantrum. that is just reserved for the current POTUS
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FortWayne says
It works only if the newcomers integrate, not demand America changes to accommodate them

If that is the case we should all start wearing buckskin dresses ( like American Indians ) and live in Tipi. My snide remark aside, in essence while to some extent correct, it is hard to understand what is American values besides free speech and adherence to the constitutions ( which has been amended multiple times to accommodate the changes) . Is homosexuality and abortion non American . I don't think so. Is being an environmentalist not correct? Or in a nation of immigrants , being an immigrant is now a pariah.

America has the right to stop any new immigration or make it based on some criterion ( such as education ) as long as those are not based on race, religion or skin color. Some immigrant classes are more integrate-able and education is one of the valid criterion. Other than that unless you are Irish immigrant, the rest have all been vilified at some time or another.
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FortWayne says
This isn’t fight for or anti abortion. It’s a fight of men vs feminist bitches.

You can make out whatever you want but Real men do not force themselves on girls.
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FortWayne says
Real men aren’t liberal wimps either.

I am not sure what that means except "Unless you are a rapist Conservative that opposes everything a liberal women says, you are not a man" . I think conservatives, like Trump, have become very disturbed persons with very low self esteem.
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CovfefeButDeadly says
Tim Aurora says
FortWayne says
This isn’t fight for or anti abortion. It’s a fight of men vs feminist bitches.

You can make out whatever you want but Real men do not force themselves on girls.

Correct. And neither did Kavanaugh.

Goran_K says
Tim Aurora says
You can make out whatever you want but Real men do not force themselves on girls.

That only happens in Hollywood and Democrat make believe stories.

I guess the Trumper must now decide if Kavnaugh is a real man or not
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komputodo says
is a fanatic TRUMP HATER?

Trump haters are everywhere including in the Republican party , remember Never Trumpers
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Octoberfest, home brewed beer by my German friends
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Aphroman says
I don’t think we should be admitting people to this country who come from places we are at war with. So no more Chinks so long as we’re in Economic war with China. No more Saudi scum so long as the Conservative Religions are waging war against our Liberal Western Way of life, with a Government free of Religious influences just as the Founding Fathers demanded. Extend it to any people who our Great Veterans had to go to battle against as well, Gooks, Nips, Chinks, all those failed loser mongoloids, they have nothing to offer us but trouble. Keep their shitty people in their own shitty countries.

As a citizen of this country, I disagree with that. Immigration is not to be used as a tool to assert control over any other country ( Saudi Arabia cannot be shut out as it becomes a religious persecution) That said you are allowed to your opinion and let our representatives fight over that. And, it might not hold in court.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Farrow basically admits the Dems went fishing for harassment claims, and that the New Accuser was "consulting with her attorneys" before she decided her memories pointed to Kavanaugh. Dragging Hundred Dollar Bills through the Psychology Department.

And your point is ??
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Come to Atlanta Suburbs of Cobb or Rosewell. Johns Creek ( #4 city in US) , and Cumming are good too but farther away. Good jobs, Cheap and Big big houses. Lot of greenery. Near the mountains and not far from Sea ( 4 hours) Lot of restaurants nearby too and all sports teams too, if you care to follow sports.

If you want a smaller city , Raleigh is good too.
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FortWayne says
What pushes moderates to the right is left wing extremes.

Yesterday this Democrat woman called local radio and said she hates white men, and some cheered for her. Any moderate person switched to Republican at that point.

You are mistaken. Even in the last election , Hillary got 3 million more votes than Trump. This fall is going to be Brutal for GOP
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HeadSet says
I believe that if the Republicans hold fast on this Kavanaugh smearing issue and confirm the judge, they will win seats. It they give in, they will lose seats.

I am waiting for the testimony and make my judgement after that.
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Patrick says
They have become a far greater threat to our country than Russia.

A hyperbole on many levels that is incomprehensible .

* These companies are NOT biased. They have a business to run and they run it professionally and as unbiased as it is possible. Some take sides ( Coke is a right wing and Nike recently turned left wing but they are private companies) . Newspapers are allowed to be right or left leaning ( Fox is way Right to the point of being a right wing mouthpiece) and if one side does not like them too bad.
* These are close to Trillion dollar companies that pay massive taxes and hire millions
* They are the engine of growth ( which means that over many years they will keep on generating revenues and jobs)
* They could move their operations overseas very easily ( and many of them now have satellite offices in Canada due to Trump's immigration policies)
* There are many internal issues with our democracy ( including big business donation and small state weighted influence ). By any standards comparing them to Russia ( an adversary ) who helped your party is putting party, race and religion over the country and joining force with the enemy.
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Patrick says

Oh man, going to laugh for days about that one. I live here, I know this shit. They are as biased as it is possible to be. Off the freaking charts. Like intergalactic-level biased both within the company and in what they display to the public.

When one is so much to the extreme right,even to the extent of liking Russia everyone else look like to be on their left. Personally to me you are extreme right ( see your comments , even the earlier ones on Russia) so excuse me if I cannot take your or the other Russian supporter's perspective as an absolute truth. Refusing a platform to a lunatic ( Alex Jones) who almost got people killed in a pizzagate scandal is also not an evidence.

It is possible that California being liberal and Progressive, the people are biased but these are private companies and as a company if they run biased software their customer's will leave them ( unless of course they consciously cater to that segment).
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curious2 says
Tim Aurora says
putting party, race and religion over the country and joining force with the enemy.

That is precisely what Democrats did in 2016 by nominating Hillary Clinton, whose long service to her Saudi clients at American expense showed what KSA had bought with their investment in her and her family and their foundation. Hillary's War in Libya, which she expanded into Syria, drove millions of Sunnis into NATO, and she campaigned on making Americans pay to import many thousands more to the USA. Facebook reportedly collaborated with the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to put FB users on death row for blasphemy against Islam, because the hapless FB users had identified themselves as atheist (thus denying

This is just some blabbering and Whataboutism . If you want to discuss Hillary, start a new thread about Hillary
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Your links are to your owns posts ( or guy with pro Republican posts). That is called circular logic

curious2 says
Some of us have supported those points with links.

You were taking about Hillary issues and that is "Whataboutism" and "Blabbering". As I said this is not related to the current debate. Stick to the topic and stop moving all over the map.

curious2 says
Tim Aurora says
Tim Aurora says
This is just some blabbering and Whataboutism . If you want to discuss Hillary, start a new thread about Hillary
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Jesus, we have memos and even video of the Google Founders talking about how they could have done more to stop Trump, complete with executives tearing up.


At this point, to maintain that Social Media isn't biased, is laughable.

I saw the article. Nowhere it says that the google product should be made biased.
And so the Google employee are not happy with Trump. Big deal.

* The are private citizens and Trump banning Muslims mean a lot of their employees cannot come to work due to their Muslim ban
* Trump is racist and many employees are Asians. Of course they hate Trump.
* Google is private company. Even if had a political bias, big deal.

The only question is, does the Google search have a political bias. Otherwise the Federal government does not have any business poking their nose in Google.
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CovfefeButDeadly says
If we had a mainstream media that was honest and fair, this would already be the narrative.

WE need Faux to tell us what to do and think.
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Patrick says
First, America always does the right thing…but only after exhausting every other option.

I think that's a leap. It is a Pyrrhic victory for the Republicans and Trump and a defeat for Democrats. I believe this will widen the gap between the Democrats and Republican and will hasten the calls for more senate seats for big states. There are more Democrats than Republicans but they have no Power due to small state weightage and gerrymandering. In addition the Democratic states are much richer and pay much more taxes. So the next thing maybe "No taxation without representation"
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Patrick says
There was a time when those of us of differing political beliefs and opinions could have a civil conversation, but now many of us don’t even attempt to understand one another. I challenge you to have a cup of coffee with someone who sees things differently than you see them, and seek to understand where he or she is coming from. A little empathy and a little respect will go a long way.

Hate begets hate . Now that Republicans have all the Judges using simple majority or colluded with Russia to elect a racist president, what do you expect from the other side. This division has started from the top by Trump ( and people following him) and Mitch . Go look at his Trump tweets and Mitch misdeeds then look at the mirror. We will not forget.
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“The brand of America as the land of the free and the place of opportunity has really taken a hit,” Tippett said. “It’s no longer the default go-to place for people who have world-class talent.”
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Quigley says
Senate: GOP picks up 7 seats.
House: GOP picks up 15 seats.

Red wave baby.

Do you want to play over/under for some wager on that.

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