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I think you are very misinformed

TwoScoopsPlissken says
Ghandi was a weirdo religious fanatic who thought India should be an primitive agrarian country under his peculiar brand of Hinduism which was far out of the mainstream.

He was the one who saved Muslims from slaughter in Bengal

TwoScoopsPlissken says
He thought Dalits and others should know their place, not be uppity, and trust upper caste individuals like him and never organize or get saucy.

Totally wrong. He brought Dalits in the mainstream

TwoScoopsPlissken says
He was also a sex pervert who declared a vow of chasity but had an enema fetish, especially if administered by pretty young girls. Basically, a kind of pegging dude.

His sexual innuendo do not interest me.

Can you give some reference or all you have is some conspiracy theories.
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BlueSardine says
Better to be bankrupt and free, then rich and conquered...

Once you are bankcrupt, there will be nothing to defend. The trick is to stay rich and free and I do not think any country is ready to attack USA. We have enough nuclear warheads to end the human race.
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Weird decision, without consulting the military or the civilian leadership or the allies.
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Sniper says
Yep, Thanks Trump!!

It's still up over 25% since he won the election!!

I'll take it!!!

Twenty percent is simply related to the Corporate tax cut. ( from 35% to 22% - effectively increasing payout from 65% to 78%) . The rest can be attributed to the Obama recovery and Trump is left with a big goose egg.
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Rob Goldman jumped the gun. He has no idea what Russia is doing and this is his personal opinion.

On Sunday night, Joel Kaplan, the VP of Global Public Policy at Facebook, put out a statement saying “Nothing we found contradicts the Special Counsel’s indictments. Any suggestion otherwise is wrong.” Roughly translated, that meant, “We asked Rob Goldman to throw his phone in a river.”
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CBOEtrader says
OTOH, your entire point above was russia influencing the election via FB bots in favor of trump, which there so far is zero evidence for.

Both FB's and our own GOVT's assessment was that the election was in no way affected. FB VP went so far as to suggest the election could not possibly have been affected given the bipartisan nature and post election timing.

Rob Goldman jumped the gun. He has no idea what Russia is doing and this is his personal opinion.

On Sunday night, Joel Kaplan, the VP of Global Public Policy at Facebook, put out a statement saying “Nothing we found contradicts the Special Counsel’s indictments. Any suggestion otherwise is wrong.” Roughly translated, that meant, “We asked Rob Goldman to throw his phone in a river.”
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Patrick says
See, it's OK when we do it.

Just not when other countries do it.

So we attack Panama ( Reagan) it is OK but if Al Quieda attacks us ( 9-11) it is bad. Of course, like anything we rationalize ourselves and have a reason to do so, So once again, if we influence the election of another country ( and do not cross the limits) it is OK but if another country , specially an adversary and does it bluntly, we will retaliate.
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The article refers another article which refers another study which seems to have taken many assumption and the values which seem to be very dubious. It is an example of fitting the data to prove a predetermined result
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Tenpoundbass says
Mueller is digging his own shitbox.

The Establishment needs Trump to fire Mueller. They don't even have a 2018 campaign plan put together.
They are waiting on Trump to fire Mueller so they can ratchet up the "We go impeach da Devil, er I mean Trump!"

Trump just laughs at them as they rack up federal charges against themselves and cast a wider net on the Swamp.

I am not even sure what you are trying to say.
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lostand confused says
At this point Sessions is a waste. There is no point in keeping him. Fire him and get a pitbull in there.

And you need Senate to confirm him
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is was not just any search warrant; that the raid took place at a lawyer’s office further highlights the seriousness of the investigation. Searches of an attorney’s office are extremely rare and are not favored, due to their potential to impinge on the attorney-client relationship. Prosecutors must jump through multiple hoops to get such a warrant approved, both within their own office and at the criminal division of Main Justice. (Notably, this would likely have included approval by Trump’s own guy, the new interim U.S. attorney for the Southern District, Geoffrey S. Berman, who was just appointed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions this past January.)
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lostand confused says
This is what happens when Hillary paid the Russians through her lawyer, that dirt got used byt he FBI to get a secret spy warrant on Trump and now the FBI is trying to cover it up by going on the warpath and attempting a coup witht eh help of the democrats.

Stop bringing Hillary to every discussion. With all three branches and all Trump appointees, Trump can investigate Hillary to the bone.

Also, since Trump did not know about the Stormy Daniels payment, Cohen was acting on his own and there was no "client" for the Stormy Daniels case. Without a client, there is no Attorney-Client privilege.
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lostand confused says
Hillary started this and the whole FBI is covering up their own role. You cannot delink, just becuase the one who did the collusion is on your side.

For one I do not think Hillary is guilty of any illegal activity and all that conspiracy theories are to pump up the rightwingers ( remember Pizzagate) But if Trump thinks oterwise, investigate Hillary to the bone. Trump promised to lock her up without any trial. Now that he has a chance he is not doing anything but crying wolf. Investigate her to the bone but stop bringing her as an excuse for all the Trump wrongdoings.
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
Do you know why Bharara was fired?

There is a long list of people fired or removed by Trump. He is still a very respected lawyer. What does that have to do with this opinion
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
He's talking out of his ass. He refused to take a phone call from the boss. Very unprofessional.

That is the decorum of that job. FBI chief do not talk to President, specially if the President is the subject in an investigation. Trump does not know how to do the job and thinks every "civil servant" is his servant and treats them accordingly.

Comey said. “I spoke alone with President Obama twice in person, and never on the phone. Once in 2015 to discuss law enforcement policy issues and a second time, briefly, for him to say goodbye in late 2016.
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BlueSardine says
Another libbie trying to suppress free speech.

You have free speech but this is a discussion. To be a part of discussion requires that I can ask the opposition to stay focused on the topic and not go astray. Something that is very difficult to teach the right-wingers.
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
In fact, when Comey was fired, many of those same Demcrats who were the most critical and even called for his resignation, like Nutty Maxine Waters, suddenly were all "President fires employee! What a dictator! Impeach!"

Obama did not fire Comey despite many democrats and repubs asking for it at different times.

Comey is not another employee. He was investigating very serious crimes against the President. President does not employ Comey, the US government does. Firing employees , even in private companies has to adhere to a rule and more so in the US Federal Government.
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
Not only Hillary, but the entire Obama establishment. Uranium One was a cesspit of corruption and concealed prosecutions and muzzled whistleblowers. At least 4 people associated with Uranium One went to prison for bribery and fraud.

Investigate Uranium one but quit giving it as an excuse for Trumps' wrongdoing
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
Straight up Sun-Tzu, luring your enemies into making mistakes.

Another Sun-Tzu tactic Trump regularly employs is "Feign Weakness".

Trump is nothing but an impulsive fool. For his every action, his supporters try to portray as a mater move with many deep explanation. Chill guys.
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Now, didn't Cohen said that he never visited Prague and that is why the Dossier was DOA. If he really was there, the Dossier will be back to haunt.
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Trump is innocent until proven guilty.
A jury will decide.

I wish you would have said that for Hillary who has not been proven guilty after many exhaustive investigations.
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Still waiting on Mexico. I want to see those greenbacks man.
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lostand confused says
. I am registering republican-have always been an independent and am going to fight the demoncrats with everything I have.

You will end up lost and confused
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lostand confused says
LOL -but been in the middle too long. Democrats are a danger to this nation and its very fabric with their SJW and using the FBI to spy on opposition. Trump may be a bit incompetent dealing with them-but he is going in the right direction. he needs help from us folks against the treasonous dems and the deep state attempting a coup.

I was an independent too but seeing that Trump is joke decided to register as a Democrat and I am fighting against Trump. I think he wil go down as the worst President ever.
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lostand confused says
If anything I would say trump is far too arrogant and overconfident to allow this kind of thing to happen. Things have to change or he is going down in flames and this country will erupt.

I hear a lot of right winger threaten us with that. Everybody including Trump has to follow the law and with Republican controlling the Government and all the top post, I am not sure what is their beef. That said, I am not scared. If it does errupt so be it. I cannot live with Trump anyways and he is gutting the country.
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Now I hear the environmental reports are being scrubbed.
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bob2356 says
t trump is a shitty manager and always has been

So far he has been unable to hire good people. Most are there not because of him but because being a true patriot, they do not want him to ruin America, Mattis, Kelly and Rosenstein come to mind
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Embattled attorney Michael Cohen has dropped a pair of much-touted libel suits against BuzzFeed and the private investigation firm Fusion GPS over publication of the so-called dossier detailing alleged ties between President Donald Trump and Russia.
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
Wrong. There was a FISA Warrant, enabling wiretaps, by the Obama Administration DOJ on Carter Page and his associates

And the FISA Warrant was reaffirmed by the Trump administration. Does that mean Trump/Obama authorized it ?
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
Wrong. Carter Page was affiliated with the Trump Campaign.

If you hire or befriend a a crook, be ready for the consequences . No matter where is a crook is employed makes no difference. Otherwise I will join a political party to avoid being surveillanced upon
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
They are being sued for defamation by Cohen and others.

Well Cohen just withdrew the case.
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
bob2356 says
ROFLOL Yes but it was THE evidence. Like hillary was one of 14 people who voted on uranium 1, but damn it was THE vote. You can' t make this shit up.

LOL. Millons were given to the Clintons and Clinton Controlled Foundations by a host of Uranium One players. I'm sure that had nothing to do with any approval.

Did you read the article. It says

"As PolitiFact has laid out in great detail, there is no direct evidence of a quid pro quo among Clinton, the State Department, Rosatom and the Clinton Foundation donors with ties to Uranium "
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LeonDurham says
It's amazing that some people have yet to realize that Trump IS the swamp.

Actually he is turd
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Quigley says
Trump is the most attacked POTUS in the history of the USA.

Republicans have attacked Clintons for years so call me after a few years and we will compare notes

Also, he is the one who brings himself because : -

* Trump has a nasty habit of getting into fights for stupid reasons. Remember Hamilton, Meyrel Streep, Cuban, Rosie and many others.
* He also has a habit of lying to your face. Example Russia did not hack elections, 4 million illegal voters and cannot back those up.
* He has no respect for anybody or any institution, FBI, Judges, Congress and even Military
* He has no idea how to govern, Just look at the churn
* Highly egoistical. Does not get along with anyone who criticizes him.

And I can add many other shortcoming but a few will suffice.
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The fact is that Silicon Valley and NY Banking are the two main drivers of US economy and employ more immigrants than any other industry. By taking the H1-B out, you are throttling them.

As flawed as H1-B is, and it has some serious flaws, it allows US to import very highly skilled set of families (people and their high performing children). I for one support it as the future is science and technology and these folks are hard working , tax paying and in many cases creators of great companies such as SUN, Google, Hotmail . And as racist it may sound, I welcome them to our gene-pool.

The results of reducing H1-B may show after a few years when the companies will start moving jobs or companies to other countries such as Canada, India and China.
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WarrenTheApe says
The IG just nailed McCAbe. Now he's going after Comey. It is all crashing down for the Democrats.

Neither McCabe or Comey are relevant to democrats. If they broke the law , they should be punished just like Cohen, Trump, Flynn and Manafort. Personally I think it is good for McCabe as it allows him to fight is wrongful termination case.
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It is the same claim which got John Edwards fired, Using campaign money ( yes it is if Cohen donated it to Trump) not reported and used for personal gains,
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lostand confused says
Then why did they change it from global warming to climate change?

Because of people like you who do not understand global warming. The average sea temperature over the year is increasing causing a different "climate" if you will . Things such as local weather will change and maybe dramatically causing many long living species not enough time to adapt.

The government study regarding the temperature

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