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It's like tens of millions of voters suddenly took a retardation pill.

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Goran_K says
Her chief advisor, Saikat Chakrabarti, has been calling out all kind of DNC powerhouses like Pelosi, Schumer, etc and forcing them to defend themselves as “radical conservatives within the Democratic Party” for not supporting 70% taxes on millionaires, getting rid of planes and building train tracks to Hawaii.

...and Pelosi's guy got Grubered for telling insurance companies behind closed doors not to worry at all about the 'Medicare-For-All thing'. Someone got a hold of his slide show deck and gave it to the Intercept even.

Goran_K says
This fracturing of the Democrat party is exactly what the rest of the sane world needs to keep the DNC from the Oval Office.

In Game of Thrones terms, AOC is the Sparrow to all the crooked Cersei Lannisters in the Dem party who are nothing but globalist whores.

Dude...think of it! The high drama that is going to go down with this civil war will make Trump look like a Saint even on his worse Tweet Day by comparison! This is going to be awesome to watch! Fuckin' A-level Schadenfreude!
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Of course. This was the plan all along. To wreck health care even more so it could 'only be saved' by single-payer!
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He made a stupid mistake when he went to Morocco and expected it to be like America.

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for a secret deterrent is no deterrent at all.

Even worse: Declaring it is your government's policy to not use said weapons either, as the Total Libtard Controlled Democrats in Congress want to push.
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MrMagic says
The Dems could be allowing her to run wild and crazy, with her nut case Socialist ideas, to "prep the battlefield". Then next year, the Dems will come out with their 1/2 Socialist agenda, and when compared to this nut case, might sound "normal", in comparison.

I have been thinking that is exactly their plan.

But what happens to plans when they survive contact with the enemy? :)

THAT is where our entertainment is going to come from on the Schadenfreude cable channel.
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CovfefeButDeadly says
I swear its hilarious how much the left projects.

99% of Libtards engage in psychological projection, I swear.
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UK...mother of common law rights..does what AOC Stalincrats WISH they could impose on Americans.

(Almost as bad as being gang raped in Morocco)
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...and enslave all the doctors (single payer), too.
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Booger says

BOOGER! Where da fuck do you get this shit? :)
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Pelosi is Cersei Lannister dealing with a Sparrow problem in the form of AOC -- and so far she is doing it about as incompetently as Cersei did in Game Of Thrones, I might add.

Stock up on the popcorn, kiddies! Because the Schadenfreude Channel on cable TV is going to be showing this all season long!

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Love how they show the crappy ski-ramp carrier-wannabe in the photo.

Yes, that is a de facto ski ramp, kiddies. It is for planes, yes. But that is what it is called by those who are being honest in what a joke most carriers are vis a vis the US Navy's carriers.

No serious aircraft carrier has those.

MisterLearnToCode says
And of course, they'll need an AEGIS equivalent to defend those carriers

They already have that. Blatantly stolen from the US...along with the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer designs, which they have already built their own destroyers as per.

2035? Between now and then, the US will maintain an overwhelming carrier fleet both in number as well as quality:

Here are two of China's carriers next to each other....and next to a fucking medium-size cruise ship as well. Embarrassing to be a wu mau tasked with spinning this otherwise, eh?

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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
Really dumb. For $1000 you could buy four hobbyist drones and just deliver nerve gas quietly and invisibly to these things, wipe out the crew, wait a few days and then reflag it as a Carnival Cruise Lines party barge and start selling tickets.

Snarky as usual, Apoc-Fuck....BUT a large element of truth as well.

This is why I refer to aircraft carriers as 'future large-scale development projects for coral species to build upon". In less polite company, I also refer to them as 'future USS Arizona type tombs for 5,000+ bodies'.
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Tenpoundbass says
The Democrats in New York are actually redistricting her district. So she will only be a one time Loser.

There's nothing stopping her from moving, tho. She's a Millennial, after all.

So accordingly, she'll go backpacking for 6 months in South America, then come home where her team will have found some district candidates ripe for her to pull the same primary upset she did before and she'll set up residence there. New Mexico, Heavy Rent-controlled areas of SF, Boston...even other districts in NY city. Doesn't matter.

The Old Guard has zero clue in getting any of this than they do in getting the true 411 on Trump and the Deplorables.
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Patrick says
I am consistently amazed at the disregard for free speech in the UK.

Canadian case law has also been following in this path. Seems like they all forgot who Voltaire was. They have banned Ann Coulter and others from speaking in Canada and the courts have backed them up. And if you trigger someone with anti-Islamic statements, you can get busted like in the UK.
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theoakman says
Her run is over.

No. It is just beginning...for the Democrat primaries. Doesn't mean she'll GET the primary. But it doesn't mean she won't, either.

She will definitely cause her competitors to waste money/effort on attacks, etc. And in the end, she still might get the nomination out of compromise between the Corporate Globalist Whores (Establishment Democrats) and the AOC Batshit crazy commies.

Then the GOP/Trump will unleash on her and her sure-to-be-equally damaged running mate with attacks ads from all that free material (aka 'fecal mud') the Dems were throwing at each other for almost a year prior. :)

This strategy was quite evident in Trump's SOTU speech. Expect portrayals of Americans chasing down and eating zoo animals in the attack ads against the Dems.
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And lately I've been leading Left wing 'commentary' where they claim his ratings are in the 'low 40s' with REGISTERED voters.

Nobody but Gallup is conducting daily polls. So, um...where the fuck do they get their 'data'?

And registered voters are bullshit data points, as everyone knows. Especially against Likely Voters.

Which means these idiots are flat out lying to their own readers, period.
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The only thing I liked about him was his advocacy of the Fusion Torch.
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Patrick says
What did Ilhan Omar do exactly? If she only claimed that AIPAC pays off Congressmen to support Israel no matter what, well, that is pretty much what they do as I understand it.

Now if she would only point out how the Saudis also use their money the same way.

Marrying her brother so he could get a green card doesn't count?
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As long as the new, third party takes voters from the Democrats I think that his is a SWELL idea!
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MrMagic says
Wow, Trump really is amazing, isn't he? People borrowing less.

And only a Bat Shit Crazy Trump-hating Libtard would think that is bad.
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Patrick says
I'm banning politics from this thread.

Can't tell if that was a joke or not.
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Booger says

Already posted this on Twitter. Let's hope it goes viral.
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Now he's blaming AOC for Amazon bailing:

Cuomo slams Ocasio-Cortez, others, as Amazon ditches New York
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If this gets thrown out by SCOTUS then ALL the other states of emergencies going all the way back to Carter can be challenged. That means their funding goes with it.

So much for the one declared for California's wildfires last year, eh?
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Actually, Pelosi has caused the most damage with her actions and statements.

Namely, this one:

She just exposed that the Dems have been FLAT OUT LYING for 40+ years about not taking away guns from gun owning Americans (a lot of whom are Democrats, btw) while simultaneously destroying the leftwing lie that the NRA's & GOP's warnings that this was just the case was all a bunch of hooey, too.

I think this will have more devastating effect in the 2020 election and 2022 and 2024...and 20YY than anything AOC has done or said so far.

But what the hell do I know? I am just a Dumbass Deplorable, after all.
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