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Evan F. says
A 2.4/10 rating is fucking great in today's TV environment.

I was told the bullshit that GDP growth rates below 3% per year is the new normal, too.

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curious2 says
Let TDS do the rest: OrangeManBad praised Islam? Islam must be bad!

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How many people have died at the synagogue that Trump-hater shot up? 11 so far?

Way to go MSNBC!
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Looks like there is going to be a lot more Realtor porn in the making:
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The article misspells "(D-WI)"
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CovfefeButDeadly says
And the first thing you do is vote in Democrats that want to implement a state income tax, gun control, and a full time legislature. Fucking brilliant. the Pollutians in Bill Peet's "The Wump World"

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tatupu70 says
lol @ all the Trump supporters celebrating already and cherry picking data to try to convince themselves that everything is OK.

I can't wait until next week.

What data are they cherry picking? How the Blue Wave has already lost any chance of retaking the Senate and even Democrats are admitting to that?
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Cars also last longer. I have a 08 Corolla and an 09 Accord. About 50k and 60k miles on them, respectively.

I don't plan on replacing them for at least another 6 years.
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FortWayneIndiana says
shouldn't there be jail time for those who make false acusations? There are costs by everyone who is on the receiving end of false accusations.

Yes, there should be.

But I doubt there will be in this case. GOP DoJ doesn't have the balls, see.
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Good luck with that.

The Left doesn't care about truth or even making sense. They care about pushing away the cognitive dissonance as much as they can, even if that means creating more sources of cognitive dissonance along the way. These are not rational people who definitely put the -tard in Libtard.
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Doggystyle is the only safe way of doing her. Gotta keep those choppers away from Mr Seeder as much as possible.
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lostand confused says
Believe it or not there are a fair number of us who can vote dem if they skip the batshit lane.

Shhh! Don't reveal that. Especially to Heracle's Clit!
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FortWayneIndiana says
Dems will get my vote when they stop their full retard mode with identity politics, feminists, lgbtqpabcxyz groups and start focusing on fucking economy.

Then guess what? They won't ever be getting your vote. At least not in your lifetime.
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LastMan says
You are clearly entrenched. The right equivalent of an SJW. There is nothing anyone can say that will sway you even slightly. Trying to convince the entrenched of anything, be they left or right, is as worthwhile as convincing a stone to grow wings and fly.

Translation: you have nothing to say that would convince anyone to vote Dem, then.
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LastMan says
Show me one post where someone convinced someone on the other side of something. One time where the right or left admitted the other side had a point.

You are now avoiding the issue entirely. Thanks for proving my point.
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MisterLefty says
Powell said he is raising rates to keep the economy from overheating.

Taylor Rule Keynesiantard bullshit. Rates should raise by themselves according to what the market wants. Period.
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Patrick says
the rate at which new job-creating businesses have formed in the United States has been halved since 2004, according to the census

Yeah. Most of that happened as a direct result of Obamanomics. Now the rate has skyrocketed ever since Trump's tax & regulatory cuts came into effect.

Sunnyvale94087 says
"Apple dominates smartphones and laptop computers."

Hahahaha....Reich's idea of 'empirical data' seems to be 'whatever my libtard bubble I live in seems to be'.
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Tenpoundbass says
Even Freedom Watch confirmed this.

How can one confirm 'alleged' conversations?
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Closest big mall to me now has an empty Sears store and lots of shops have moved out because the mall was charging a lot.

Yet, people still go. Even more so now. We have an AMC that moved into where the Target store was and some restaurants.
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Icelandic/Chinese Mix:

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Then then are the Triggered Trolls. Those who troll based upon being 'triggered' or 'victims' while what they are really engaging in attacks against others.

Herdingcats & Heraclitusstudent please feel free to refute my opinion that the above resembles you.
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Millennials vs Economics:
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At the end of 20th century, national governments of the world collapsed due to the failure of "unlimited democracies", civil unrest and social workers and child psychologists, a "pre-scientific pseudo-professional class", banning corporal punishment, resulting in crime reaching endemic proportions. - "Starship Troopers", Robert A Heinlein

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Evan F. says
For a well heeled tech bro in the Bay area I imagine $10k is less than 2 weeks' take home, and this proposal would be met with a hard pass..

Close. More like $8k/2 weeks. But, either way, you are right: hard pass
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This is how they became rich.

The problem isn't them. The problem is the jackasses who make this 'brilliant' programs and then react with band-aids or, failing that, coercion when reality as people do things happens.
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Who would want that job? Just asking to become Mehserle 2.0.
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WillPowers says
The arrest of a top Chinese technology executive by Canadian authorities acting at the behest of the United States is threatening to upend the Trump administration’s efforts to sustain a trade truce with China.

Hahahaha! Who the hell believes that Trump is interested in sustaining any 'trade truce' with China?

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Here it is in just one word: Nothingburger
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Evan F. says
Inhofe is a moron.

No he isn't. This is brilliant politics.The Pelosi-wreck of a House of Representatives will not only vote it down, but probably will also pass some resolution calling for gas chambers for the Deplorables on top of that just to deal with the rage of their base over this bill. PERFECT for 2020!
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Patrick says
This is excellent news. Less dependence on terrorist-funding Saudis, more reliance on ourselves.

Also cuts down on imports, which is good for the trade deficit.

And the next time the ME blows up, China, India and Europe will have to send THEIR little darlings over to die in that sandbox. We have no reason to do anything but sit back and sell surplus oil at skyrocketing prices. :)
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The researchers estimate... means "we are PRing this for more grant money, forget about this being commercializable"

Sorry @Patrick but that is how all these articles translate into.
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MisterLefty says
"In the barrio, we'd kneecap such a pendejo, for not paying up. And that's just for starters."

Gotta figure out how to incorporate that into a meme!

...and that wasn't in the article. You just made that up, @MisterLefty?

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