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RC2006 says
A person is born male or female (and a infinitesimally tiny percentage of biological mutations, flukes like hermaphrodites ect.). What one does after that because of a defect or choice is a personal matter, but don't push make believe shit after the fact on the rest of humanity.

Sexual reproduction is a patriarchical myth bathed in Whiteness and Toxic Masculinity.
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Here's Mearsheimer's introduction to Liberal Hegemony, with lots of examples. Very easy listening, very direct, good for a commute if you convert to mp3

He's a Prof at U Chicago and the most prominent Realist in the US and possibly the Western World.

Heraclitusstudent says
You just have to ask which country has benefited most from the current system: the US or China? Is there any doubt? But let's keep at it, right?

Since 1989, we've engaged in the most diehard, foolish social engineering project in history. And it's been mostly a terrific failure.
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Heraclitusstudent says
And the blue is where you can't build.

"Open Space"
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Looking forward to all those accusers filing criminal charges against Moore. Certainly they will continue to press for "Justice"

No statute of limitations for sex crimes against teens in Alabama.

And Civil Suits for the rest.
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Heraclitusstudent says
What prevents them from doing it?

First, if they throttle you they have to tell you.
Second, there is still the FTC.
Third, it creates conflict between Content Provider Monopolies and Cable Monopolies; in the breach it'll likely be better for consumers.

Right now Amazon/Google/Facebook call all the shots. They need an opposing commercial force.

All that happened is we went back to pre 2015 Internet. Was Comcast charging $500 to check Facebook back then?
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According to (translated into English):
Sweden’s need for welfare increases faster than our revenues.
Then the Minister of Finance, Magdalena Andersson, raises the height of retirement age.
“Looking at those who start working at 30, there should be opportunities to work longer than 65,” says Magdalena Andersson to Dina Pengar.
Andersson also implied the elderly will just need to “suck it up” to help out migrants:
She believes that there must be an attitude change in the elderly in the labor market.
“Those who are high up in the ages will have the opportunity to work longer,” says the finance minister. (also translated into English) was even more frank with the news:
The minimum age for obtaining general pension will be increased gradually from 61 years, as it is today, to 64 years in 2026.
You should, therefore, be able to retire at the age of 64 at the earliest. In addition, employees must be entitled to work for 69 years.
“As we live longer, we also have to work longer if pensions can continue to grow. This agreement is an important step towards longer working life and thus higher pensions and more resources for welfare, “said the Alliance parties’ four representatives in the Pension Group in a statement.
But what it really is about is the big immigration to Sweden. This was reported Sweden’s municipalities and county councils (SKL) in its financial report earlier years.
B-b-b-but, didn't they say all those young migrants would SAVE retirement?

What you're seeing is Liberal Hegemony/Neoliberal Extremism in action; even when the policy produces the opposite results promised, they shamelessly preserver. It's an extremist ideology like Marxism or Randian Capitalism.
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Notice CNN, ABC, etc. refuse to detail HOW they and others were fooled by "Multiple Sources". Note it was multiple news agencies on the same day, all rushing to the microphone.

That's because the leakers are important Obama Holdovers and maybe even Schiff or his staff.
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They literally can't stop. Turning on themselves continues.

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Hutch says
Yes very soon as Moore ain't going to Washington he should have some free time on his hands. Being an x judge he should know the ropes as to filling the case. Surprised we haven't heard about it yet he's already had a couple days.

I do hope Gloria Aldred and the TruthOut/DailyKos Pussy Hat Crowd isn't going to let Moore get away with abusing teens. I await the criminal complaints.
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Quigley says
Have Europe’s leaders suddenly grown very stupid? Are they willfully blind to the destruction they’re visiting upon their nations?

Hey, if they can limit construction in one of the world's most desirable Commercial Locations to 40 feet, what else will landlords do to prevent a soft natural decline in population, and thus rental income?

Sweden gave money to Churches to help the homeless, but they are expressly instructed to give it to ex-European foreign migrants first, then Europoors, and last of all native Swedes. There are waiting lists for young, working class Swedish families to get housing, but man to they move like lightening to house the Rapefugees.
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Wow, we got a Senator, A Powerful Longstanding Congressman resigning, another one on Trial in New Jersey, and even a Female Candidate who was pushed out for Sexual Harassment among the Democrats.

Physician, heal thyself.
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Where were all the lefties complaining when the PA and Hamas declared JEWrusalem the capital of Trans-Jordan?
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See what happens when you replace native born citizens with rural Central Americans that can't understand the boss? Productivity goes down.

Seriously, 4% FREAKIN' GDP GROWTH. Amazing.

Not only were the Bears wrong, but the American't Neolibs too. This is just the beginning.
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anon_e144f says
vast majority of Jews and muslims in france are from north africa in the exodus from algeria in the 50's.

Exodus as in Expulsion. Just to be sure nobody thinks they all left voluntarily.

It's funny, the Algerians hated the French and wanted them out. Which is why they should be deported all to Algeria; if Algeria is for Algerians, then France is for the French.

As for the Church Article, I will find it. I usually document my sources but this time I did not.
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anon_e144f says
vast majority of Jews and muslims in france are from north africa in the exodus from algeria in the 50's.

Exodus as in Expulsion.

It's funny, the Algerians hated the French and wanted them out. Which is why they should be deported all to Algeria; if Algeria is for Algerians, then France is for the French.

As for the Church Article, I will find it. I usually document my sources but this time I did not.
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France has suffered the worst violence, but anti-Semitism is spiking across Europe, fuelled by the war in Gaza. In Britain, the Community Security Trust (CST) says there were around 100 anti-Semitic incidents in July, double the usual  number. The CST has issued a security alert for Jewish institutions. In Berlin a crowd of anti-Israel protesters had to be prevented from attacking a synagogue. In Liege, Belgium, a café owner put up a sign saying dogs were welcome, but Jews were not allowed.

Yet for many French and European Jews, the violence comes as no surprise. Seventy years after the Holocaust, from Amiens to Athens, the world’s oldest hatred flourishes anew. For some, opposition to Israeli policies is now a justification for open hatred of Jews – even though many Jews are strongly opposed to Israel’s rightward lurch, and support the establishment of a Palestinian state.
As Stephen Pollard, the editor of the Jewish Chronicle, argues: “These people were not attacked because they were showing their support for the Israeli government. They were attacked because they were Jews, going about their daily business.”
Somebody tell Newsweek there isn't a burst of Muslim-fed anti-Semitism in Europe.

A survey published in November 2013 by the Fundamental Rights Agency of the European Union found that 29% had considered emigrating as they did not feel safe. Jews across Europe, the survey noted, “face insults, discrimination and physical violence, which despite concerted efforts by both the EU and its member states, shows no signs of fading into the past”.
Two-thirds considered anti-Semitism to be a problem across the countries surveyed. Overall, 76% said that anti-Semitism had worsened over the past five years in their home countries, with the most marked deteriorations in France, Hungary and Belgium. The European Jewish Congress has now set up a website,, to give advice and contacts in the events of an attack.

Wow, two of those countries have the largest and/or most concentrated populations of _______ . (I think Chinese is the wrong answer)
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Jewish emmigration from Europe at highs:

Record numbers of Jews flee France:
Until Germany violated Dublin by unilateral inviting in Refugees, and then turned around and threatened Eastern Europe after the EU retroactively approved Germany's actions that they were in violation of Dublin, the most Muslim country in Europe was France (now they are roughly equal in population):
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While looking for the Church priority article:

Vile rough sleepers have been terrorising worshippers at the Heliga Trefaldighets Kyrka church in Kristianstad, Sweden.
Some unwanted visitors have reportedly been using the place of worship as a toilet.
And one vagrant attempted to snatch a baby from its mother during a christening, local newspaper STV reports.

Security guards have now been hired to deal with the menace following a series of bizarre incidents.
Bengt Alvland, who works at the church, said one man exposed himself to the congregation.
Speaking to local newspaper Kristianstadsbladet, he said: “One guy lay down and pulled his penis out. Even though a female police officer told him to stop it, he didn't.”
“The church has become the weakest link.”
Bengt Alvland
Alvladn also said intruders are breaking in and attempting to play the church's organs – but most of them can’t play and opt to loot the church’s silver instead, he added.
He said: “These people don't seem to have any sense of boundaries. Due to all of this, the staff feel very worried.”
Do you think all of a sudden 50-something Homeless Swedes are doing this, or Lithuanian Workers, or could it possibly be some "Other Group?" In fact, the lack if ethnic/racial identification is the new neoliberal admission it's "MENA" people. If it wasn't MENA people, they'd be shouting it from the rooftops and showing faces.

Do you think Sven Jonssen A) Whipped his dick out and B) Continued to do so after he was told to put it away or
Do you think it was Jamal Al-Jabarah who did so, and then laughed at the Swedish Policewoman who then refused to arrest the man because "Cultural Sensitivity"?

Have you ever heard about a Swede ripping a baby out of a mother's hands during Christening, or does that sound like something a Muslim Supremacist would do?
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Got it.

The other day, I reported about the Church of Sweden's strenuous efforts to appease Islam. Now comes the news that from December 15 to March 15, churches in the diocese of Gothenburg will be used at night as shelters for the homeless. Lovely idea. But there is a catch. The only homeless people who will be allowed in are foreigners -- either immigrants from elsewhere in the EU, who are by definition legal, or illegal immigrants from outside the EU. In other words, native Swedes need not apply, even though the initiative is being paid for by taxpayer money.

The actual word translates to "Paperless" in Swedish. Another euphemism for undocumented, as in "Fuck you, ATF, I'm not an illegal Gun Dealer or Liquor Store, I'm a paperless, undocumented human being! How DARE you violate my human rights and arrest me!"

Article goes on to prove yet again that Welfare States and Massive Immigration are incompatible policies because they rip apart the Social Compact:
The argument for this policy -- which represents an expansion and formalization of a practice that began two winters ago -- is that it is designed to help people who are not covered by the Swedish welfare system. But this argument does not hold up. One reason there are so many immigrants in Sweden, both legal and illegal, is that the country's welfare system is a bonanza for foreigners. Far from not being covered by the system, immigrants often enjoy preferential treatment. Last fall, for example, it was reported that several Swedish municipalities were passing over hardworking citizens who had waited several years to rent government-owned housing, and were giving the homes instead -- for free -- to unemployed, newly-arrived immigrants. Some Swedes actually stirred from their torpor and angrily criticized this policy, but the protest was to no avail: the Swedish Parliament had passed a law compelling local governments to put foreigners at the top of their waiting lists.
That the Swedish Parliament could pass such a law is, of course, a scathing indictment of its welfare system's priorities. So is the fact that there are, as it happens, a great many ethnic Swedes living and begging on the streets of its cities, and -- in the winter -- huddling in the doorways of stores and offices, wrapped in layers of blankets at night, in hope of keeping alive in the subfreezing cold. The same disgraceful situation can be observed in the major cities of Norway and Denmark.
These Swedes should not be on the streets. The Scandinavian welfare states were founded on a compact between the citizens and their government: the people would pay outrageously high taxes, and in return their government would guarantee them a magnificent safety net should they get sick or get fired. But ever since these countries chose to open their doors to mass Muslim immigration, that compact has been broken.
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And she did it all before the Civil Rights era, when there was little to no Welfare or EEC or anything else.
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Consider this piece:

STOCKHOLM — This past Saturday, a Hanukkah party at a synagogue in Goteborg, Sweden, was abruptly interrupted by Molotov cocktails. They were hurled by a gang of men in masks at the Jews, mostly teenagers, who had gathered to celebrate the holiday.
Two days later, two fire bombs were discovered outside the Jewish burial chapel in the southern Swedish city of Malmo.
Who knows what tomorrow may bring?
For Sweden’s 18,000 Jews, sadly, none of this comes as a surprise. They are by now used to anti-Semitic threats and attacks — especially during periods of unrest in the Middle East, which provide cover to those whose actual goal has little to do with Israel and much to do with harming Jews.
Both of these recent attacks followed days of incitement against Jews. Last Friday, 200 people protested in Malmo against President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The protesters called for an intifada and promised “we will shoot the Jews.” A day later, during a demonstration in Stockholm, a speaker called Jews “apes and pigs.” There were promises of martyrdom.
Malmo’s sole Hasidic rabbi has reported being the victim of more than 100 incidents of hostility ranging from hate speech to physical assault. In response to such attacks, the Simon Wiesenthal Center issued a travel warning in 2010 advising “extreme caution when visiting southern Sweden” because of officials’ failure to act against the “serial harassment” of Jews in Malmo.

Today, entering a synagogue anywhere in Sweden usually requires going through security checks, including airport-like questioning. At times of high alert, police officers with machine guns guard Jewish schools. Children at the Jewish kindergarten in Malmo play behind bulletproof glass. Not even funerals are safe from harassment.
Jewish schoolteachers have reported hiding their identity. A teacher who wouldn’t even share the city where she teaches for fear of her safety told a Swedish news outlet: “I hear students shouting in the hallway about killing Jews.” Henryk Grynfeld, a teacher at a high school in a mostly immigrant neighborhood in Malmo, was told by a student: “We’re going to kill all Jews.” He said other students yell “yahoud,” the Arabic word for Jew, at him.
A spokesman for Malmo’s Jewish community put the situation starkly. You “don’t want to display the Star of David around your neck,” he said. Or as spokesman for the Goteborg synagogue put it, “It’s a constant battle to live a normal life, and not to give in to the threats, but still be able to feel safe.”
The question that has dogged Jews throughout the centuries is now an urgent one for Sweden’s Jewish community. Is it time to leave?
Some are answering yes. One reason is the nature of the current threat.
Historically, anti-Semitism in Sweden could mainly be attributed to right-wing extremists. While this problem persists, a study from 2013 showed that 51 percent of anti-Semitic incidents in Sweden were attributed to Muslim extremists. Only 5 percent were carried out by right-wing extremists; 25 percent were perpetrated by left-wing extremists.
Swedish politicians have no problem condemning anti-Semitism carried out by right-wingers.
When neo-Nazis planned a march that would go past the Goteborg synagogue on Yom Kippur this September, for example, it stirred up outrage across the political spectrum. A court ruled that the demonstrators had to change their route.
There is, however, tremendous hesitation to speak out against hate crimes committed by members of another minority group in a country that prides itself on welcoming minorities and immigrants. In 2015, Sweden was second only to Germany in the number of Syrian refugees it welcomed. Yet the three men arrested in the Molotov cocktail attack were newly arrived immigrants, two Syrians and a Palestinian. 20-25 years ago, the #1 problem the synagogue probably had was drafty windows. Does anybody recall waves of firebombings and assaults on Jews in the Sweden of 1990 or 1995? Back went Nordic Death Metal that was virulently Pagan and hated Judeo-Christianity was at peak popularity?

As the article states, the problem is that Neoliberal Pro-Immigration Swedes do not want to face up to the fact that Rapefugees, not Neo-Nazis, are the primary engines of Anti-Semitism.
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bob2356 says
What happened to expressly instructed. I'm not finding it. Can you point it out?

Right here, the first bolded sentence in the quoted post.
It also goes on to talk how the Swedish Parliament passed a law that forced municipalities to have Migrants, many of whom have never been employed or paid any tax of any significance in Sweden, "Jump the Line" over working Swedes and their Families.
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bob2356 says
I don't know if you've ever considered this, but it's possible, very unlikely but possible, that not everything you read on the internet is true. Just a thought.

It's also possible that Mainstream Media, owned by powerful Oligarchs who profit directly from Immigration and are diehard Neoliberal Extremists, have an axe to grind.

"No-Go Zone" does not have an official definition. And YES, there was a British Undercover Documentary that showed that Shari'a law was being imposed in both Schools and in UK-taxpayer funded Religious Courts that handle matters like Marriage Counseling and Divorce. The women were instructed by Muslim Clerics that divorce was impossible, even in cases of abandonment and abuse, against all UK Law.
Here in the BBC's "Panorama" Investigative "Programme" on taxpayer funded Sharia Courts

So yes, there are localities where Muslims predominate where the system has been hijacked for Sharia Law.

Next thing you'll be telling me is that Politfact and Snopes are unbiased.
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anon_fe1ba says
3 errors in 7 years? CNN has exceeded that in a single day.

Not bad for a think tank with a point of view. They certainly didn't rush to craft a story based an email "read to them" by sources, plural. Then refused to name the obviously tainted source, it's really unheard of for the Media not to punish a Source that gives deliberately bad information, which this certainly the case here. There's no way two sources read an email over the phone, and nobody checks but just runs with it. It's UVa level bad journalism.
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bob2356 says
8000 out of half a million. Yea that's an exodus all right. Virtually a tidal wave. Do you read your articles at all?TwoScoopsMcGee says

It's still record numbers. Jews are maybe 1% of the French population but receive half of all hate crimes; consider Muslims are 7% of the population, several times more numerous. And it's not Jews gunning down people at rock concerts.

Reported anti-Semitic hate crimes in France have more than doubled from 423 in 2014 to 851 in 2015, according to numbers cited in the report “Breaking the Cycle of Violence: Countering Antisemitism and Extremism in France” released Jan. 7 by the group Human Rights First and authored by Corke.
“These incidents are increasingly violent,” the report stated.
Jews only comprise 1 percent of France’s population, but over half of the reported hate crimes in France were anti-Semitic in 2014. And anti-Semitism was almost exclusively responsible for the 30 percent increase in “racist acts” between 2013 and 2014, according to numbers cited in the report from the French Ministry of the Interior.
Sometimes facts are facts, even when they oppose your narrative. The 30% increase in "racist attacks" being mostly anti-Semitic in origin are Ministry of the Interior numbers, not guesstimations from a think tank.
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Iranian Military advisors withdrawn fleeing Yemen

Word is Hezbollah is returning to Lebanon "to fight Israel". BS, they're there to try to prevent Lebanon's Government from disarming them with help from the Gulf States.

BorderPatrol says
McGee will come in soon and accuse me of being anti semi without facing the facts.

What facts? We got nukes, I see what is happening in France and Sweden, you can't take up arms against your neighbor, lose the fight, and then demand to return to your home. Tough shit for the Paleban. There's plenty of Oil money and jobs in Dubai.
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I think almost 90% of China's population are Han Chinese. That's accounting for all the Turkic Muslims, Hill Tribes, etc.. It's less diverse than 1950s USA.

That country has made great strides. Just like we did during the Mercury-Apollo Programs, not a non-White face to be seen at Mission Control, IBM, Grumman, etc. No Indians, No Asians, No Hispanic faces, and yet, we went from not having a man in space to landing on the moon in little more than a decade.

Diversity: Oversold.

PS Sorry, Han Chinese are 92% of China's population:
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Good idea. I wouldn't want my computer to get Hypochondria Fibromyassgia.
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Patrick says

No, "I meant Whiteness as a Social Construct" when DNA is in the headline.

Racist pig. Must eliminate funding.
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anon_b5ceb says
China is composed of many ethnic backgrounds, but I guess they all look alike to you, and that's all that matters.

Again, 92% of Chinese are Han People.
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"Hey, Asshole, look what your ancestors did to the Native Americans."
"Horrible, what have you learned from all this?"
"Don't allow mass numbers of people from another continent to migrate"
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Another thing Koch Brothers are opposed to: Fixing ObamneyCare.

When Donald Trump was running for president, billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch made it brutally obvious just how much they despised him. After spending hundreds of millions of dollars reshaping the G.O.P. in their image over the past decade, the brothers chose to keep their checkbooks closed during the 2016 election, with Charles likening the choice between the former reality-TV-show host and Hillary Clinton to choosing between a heart attack or cancer. Both brothers have condemned Trump’s travel ban, and in April, Charles wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post criticizing the administration’s “counterproductive” actions.
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anon_01022 says
You do realize that this only means they are descendants of people who lived in the Han dynasty, an empire that conquered countless ethnic groups. It's like saying that 92% of the people in the United States are Americans.

And did you know that the Germans are actually a combination of various ethnic groups and that under a few centuries ago, there were at least 3 major versions of German?

This is dancing around the point. 92% of Chinese are Han Chinese, consider themselves Han Chinese, have a unified culture, offical language, values, et/c.

anon_01022 says
China in a huge area, far bigger than Europe. and even bigger than the US when comparing land area. It's population is ancient and most of its history is from times when people simply could not move around a lot and were very isolated. Common sense alone would say that their population would be genetically diverse.

Much of it some of the most inhospitable terrain in the world, like the Qaidam Basin or Aksai Chin. The vast, vast majority of Chinese live within a few hundred miles of the Pacific; much of the rest of China is sparsely inhabited.

The point is that China and Japan are amazingly non-diverse. So was the USA in the 50s compared to today, yet the US of the 50s and 60s was no less - possibly more - dynamic than today.

Therefore, diversity is not necessarily the magic potion it's advertised to be.
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anon_01022 says
That may be your point, but it is not supported by a genetic argument. My point is that their gene pool is diverse, at least as far as human gene pools are, and for obvious reasons.

When did I ever say that the diversity being spoken of is anything but the typical use of diversity, which is "Different Cultures"?

Indeed I thought I made that clear when I referred to common culture and language.

Today I also pointed out that proclaiming "DNA" in a headline about Whites makes an article specifically about racism, to the point the author cannot dodge that he merely meant "Whiteness" as some kind of Cultural/Social trait.

anon_01022 says
True, but neither is the tribalism and racial bonds advertised by the right. Nonetheless, I'll take a society with a free market of ideas over a homogeneous one any day.

It only works if the academics agree to a free market of ideas. How many in the "Gender Studies" Department disbelieve in Patriarchy? Do you think somebody opposed to notions of Patriarchy and "Whiteness" would ever get tenure at such a Department (or in any Department, even if it had little to do with Social Science)?
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bob2356 says
You are becoming a bit of a joke. The gatestone institute says it's true which is proved by the gatestone institute saying it's true. It's called circular logic.

Not only did I provide a link, but the article goes on to describe how the Swedish Parliament instructed municipalities to prioritize Migrants, even if it ended up that they jumped the list of native born, taxpaying Swedes. Furthermore, there is a link which leads back to a Swedish article, I have taken the trouble to translate on your behalf:
The article states the funding is coming from the taxpayer, that the Churches are instructed to primarily serve Migrants and "paperless people". Now if you are being instructed to prioritize certain Migrants and Paperless People, it is therefore not prioritized towards native homeless nor as simple first-come-first-serve, and therefore privileges foreigners over Swedes.
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bob2356 says
What narrative do you somehow think I have espoused? I said very clearly Jews are getting caught up in the muslim backlash in France. Which has nothing to do with refugees, it's been building for 60 years. Some jews, a small number, are even leaving. Your narrative is that Jews were being driven out of Europe en masse by refugees attacks on them. No one else can find the exodus. Britain, which has 300k jews, only had 700 leave last year, less than 1/10 the number of France. Why would that be? Facts are facts even when they oppose your narrative

You obviously didn't read the article. The most violent attacks on Jews in France have been from Muslims, not Observant Catholics, in a country where Observant Catholics have been dwindling rapidly for a century, and yet were the most closely tied to non-Muslim based anti-Semitism. Why the massive increase now? What changed?

It's the same conundrum Neoliberal Apologists can't explain in Sweden. Why is an increasingly secular, modern population becoming anti-Semitic when for decades the reverse was true? What is different about the Sweden or France of 1985 and the Sweden or France of 2015?

It should be obvious what the main change in demographic trends has been: An element that was of little account 30 years ago, exponentially increasing.
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Wasn't some lady killed by Chimps not too long ago?
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хихи хихи

;) 8)
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Awan update: Reports that Awan Brothers telecommuted to House Dem Servers from Pakistan.

If true, Holy Shit.