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Stefan Halper? Sanford, Oxford, Cambridge, Big HW Bush Buddy, son in law of Ray Cline, CIA bigwig during Cuban missile crisis.
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Winter 2016-2017:
"Deep States gonna get Trumpler, Deep State's gonna get Trumpler, he's gonna be removed and there's nothing you can do abooooouuut it, nyah nyah"
Spring 2018:
"Who tried to use the Deep State to get the Trump-a-ler? Not me, couldn't be!"
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Now the NYT is running a story admitting there was FBI/DOJ directed spying on the Trump Campaign, but it was for Muh Russia.

Note that Halper (if it's him) was MOST interested in finding out if Trump had the Hillary Emails.

Notice also how quick the NYT and WaPo have been on defending and "explaining" the FBI's "Interest". Amazing how much they learned in just a few hours, heh.
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PS Asha Rangappa, the author of the WaPo "Justification" article in the OP... former Special Agent of the FBI, specifically counter-intelligence, now teaches at Yale.

The "Protection" idea is laughable... especially in light of what we know now about what the Establishment/Deep State thought of him. They'd have loved for him to be caught colluding with Russia. If they really wanted to "Protect" (GAG me), why not go to Trump himself or his inner circle with a warning?

Stzrok (remember, deputy director of Counter-intelligence for the entire FBI), Page, and company with their 1000s and 1000s of derogatory, anti-Trump texts were just trying to protect Trump by leaking any derogatory information they could find to the press like a sieve. Now they want us to believe they used this academic to interview the 'Poulos and Carter Page to help defend Trump from Russian Dirty Tricks? You have to be an imbecile to buy that.
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Germany spends only about half the minimum required on Defense as a NATO Member. Yet, they shower Billions of Euros on refugees.

The money Germany saves on defense, they use on R&D, Infrastructure, as well as Refugee Love. Germany also allows the US to take all the blame, while reaping all the benefits.

Merckel's remark about "Europe not being enough is disingenuous. Remember which country fought two World Wars just by itself? The EU contains 2 other G-8 countries besides Germany and the Brexiting UK - France and Italy. The reason the Germans don't want Europe to do their own Defense, much less get involved elsewhere, is because the US is paying for it and they don't have to.

This must end.
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Feux Follets says
Today's mass shooting was caused by _______________ (insert excuse of your choice from the list below or add one of your own) !

Mental Illness the Hard Left cut funding for in the 70s because the Civil Rights of Schzoids were being violated. Now they roam freely, drinking and drugging, running in front of cars, dying in allies, enjoying their Freedom! People aren't crazy, society is crazy.

There were plenty of red flags with this kid, but none of the $100k+ Admins could be arsed to find out more about this kid who was wearing a trenchcoat every day.
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Patrick says
Has the whole charade collapsed?I haven't heard the now clearly fake "Russia collusion" news mentioned in the mainstream press for quite a while now.

There was never anything there, they were only hoping to find a botched real estate deal or misplaced transactions so they could pre-sell that as a baloney narrative.

Now they are trying to sell the idea that using an informant to spy on the Trump Campaign was ... to protect Trump. LOL!

Anybody think Clinton got such protection? Hahahahah
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The North Koreans haven't cancelled Singapore meeting, despite the hope of Lefties who want Trump to fail more than they want Peace and Denuclearization.

The North Koreans whinged, Trump pulled out a B-52 out of the 100s of aircraft in an exercise as a goodwill gesture. Everything is headed towards Singapore in June.
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Feux Follets says

Does the South Korean government really believe that Trump’s “maximum pressure” policy is the force driving North Korea to consider bargaining away its nuclear weapons? As South Korean officials handle the heavy lifting through constant rounds of shuttle diplomacy, do they really think it is all thanks to Trump?

Among academics and experts there are still conflicting answers to this question.

Nice smear. Not one quote or interview or other point of evidence is provided. Rather, South Korea officials have warmly thanked Trump for his moves with North Korea.
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This is a roller coaster.

First, don't you dare assault the FBI.
Then, there was a little incompetence, no big deal
And yet, we have Dems insisting there be LESS oversight by Congress of the FBI for the first time in History.
Now it's, don't reveal the name of those who interfered in a Political Campaign, because National Security.

All Halper was worried about was Hillary's Emails, Emails, Emails. Note, the FBI never read the "lost" Hillary Emails just before the election, they were just scrambling to find a legal reason to pass over it. In the few days when the Emails were rediscovered, they were working on "process" excuses as Stzronk's Emails make clear.
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Feux Follets says
Took a peek down the barrel of my "Defender" (Winchester) and the inside of that barrel is as smooth as a baby's bottom from one end to the other.

No Shit. Go back and read my post.

Maybe you can explain how a shotgun becomes an assault rifle after you saw off a chunk of the barrel.

bob2356 says
The bullet is the part on the front of the shell that comes out the barrel. All guns shoot shells which is just another name for cartridge. The shell/cartridge is the casing, bullet, powder, and primer all together. Shotguns fire shotgun shells commonly called shotshells.

I'll also keep listening for the next time I hear somebody say "My rifle/pistol is out of shells" instead of "I need more rounds" or "I don't have more bullets".

Nothing like being pedantic over "wire taps", or "Shells vs. Rounds/Bullets".
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Grooves to spin the bullet, aka Rifling.

A shotgun has a smooth bore.

So sawing off a shotgun won't turn it into a Rifle.

Let me REPOST this Liberal Expert's tweet just so you understand what I'm referring to.
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Feux Follets says
You have vetted this person's identity and politics with Alex Jones, The Gateway Fuckwit, Dark Mice or some other reliable source of bullshit ?

I think it's a pretty good guess. Especially given the people who watch those sites are pro-gun and wouldn't make such an elementary mistake.

Donna should have told the world how she likes "Chewing Tabacky and bitterly clinging to mah Bible!"
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bob2356 says
If you are going to make a pentantic nit pick about terminology rather than content then you should at least get the terminology correct yourself. Just a thought.

Petantic, is that a musical scale? I think most metal songs are built along the Petantic scale.

Sure, a shotgun turns into an assault rifle by virtue of sawing off the barrel is just a "Pedantic Nit Pick". The same way a pickup truck is an SUV if you put on a camper shell.
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bob2356 says
A shotgun is a much more deadly weapon after sawing off the barrel. Which is the point they were trying to make. But hey this is trumptard newspeak fox news America where the meaning has no meaning only the delivery matters. . Obedience is freedom . War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

A sawed off shotgun still isn't an assault rifle. And it's not pedantic since anybody with elementary knowledge of firearms would know it isn't. This is not an argument over the Oxford Comma.

Yep. Just like sending informants to spy on a political candidate is "Protecting Him", even though the informant seemingly only wanted to know if Trump had Hillary's Emails. I wonder how many informants the FBI/DOJ sent to the Hillary camp to protect her?
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PrivilegedtobeWhite says
So let's commit federal crimes because we think he's stupid? Fucking brilliant.

I love the 1984 references the Left uses on Trump, when it's clear the 2016 Obama Regime was abusing it's powers to find dirt on the Opposition Candidate.

AND the MSM bragged, positively bragged, about the Deep State making Trump's life hell and possibly finding dirt either stop the inauguration or impeach him soon after. Now the same Legacy Media wants the public to believe, after months and months of the former, that the Deep State was just trying to "Protect" his Candidacy - as more and more evidence comes to light about their interference and surveillance.

Nothing says Trust than Powerful Surveillance Institutions spying on a Candidate.

Thank God for Admiral Rogers, I think Clapper tried to can him twice, being unsure (correctly) of his "Loyalty" (to the Deep State).

It's actually more funny than scary.
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marcus says
Look, Trump had me convinced long ago that he's an idiot. If Trump didn't want everyone including law enforcement people to think he was as stupid as he portrayed himself to be, then he shouldn't have behaved so stupidly.

And yet he beat a world famous Democrat, a former Sec of State and Senator, who raised almost double the money he did. And despite 24-7-365 attacks since November 9th, 2016, has a 50% approval rating among Likely Voters. Whereas the Golden Negro got nothing but unctuous praise from the vast majority of Media outlets, and even an unmerited Nobel Prize.
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Stefan Halper worked with 3 Republican Administrations, teaches International Affairs, and his father in law was a top CIA official.

If the Russians, Chinese, Albanians, Latvians, Sinn Fein, and the Pansexual Peace Party's intelligence services haven't fingered this guy for a US Intel operator decades ago, they're retarded.
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Hey Lady, I'm Not a Peeping Tom!

I was looking into your window to make sure there wasn't a burglar sneaking up on you as you undressed!

I climbed this tree with a great view of your bedroom to protect you!

By outing me, you're endangering Neighborhood Security because I climb trees with these binoculars outside your windows to monitor the whole Block to make sure creeps don't come around to be Peep in Women's Windows!
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Yep, it's a bit hard. Previous Admins would just put Rustbelt Americans out on the street without a second thought.

Trump has to balance many issues. Not to worry though, the Chinese and US just had a joint announcement about buying more US Stuff, because it's not just about us buying less from them, but about them buying more from us.
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If this was a Christian, it would be 100:1 odds the Canadians would rule the Christian Woman an offender against Human Rights.

But Islam, that's tough.
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WarrenTheApe says
FDR and Truman, who where the last presidents to really put the Germans in their place.

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Strategist says

We even paid for their economic recovery after WW2, and even today we pay for their security.
Wow. No wonder we are the greatest country ever known to mankind.

No Good Deed goes unpunished.
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Another Shotgun converted into an Assault Rifle!
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alpo says
I thought private businesses have the right to refuse service. Just because I am running a business doesn't mean I have to be forced to take on every single customer who comes knocking.

Try not baking a lesbian couple's wedding cake.
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She also lied to her fiance about her whereabouts and was grinding on the dude for a while in front of dozens.
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Feux Follets says
Do we have the right to believe whatever we want to believe?

Yes, it's called Freedom of Conscience.

Feux Follets says
Beliefs can be false, unwarranted by evidence or reasoned consideration.

Like 32 Genders, Organic Veggies are better for you, the Police are Racist, the problem with the Peace Process is Israel, Hijabs are a symbol of Freedom, and Sawed Off Shotguns become Assault Rifles.
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The Persians aren't so bad about Transgender, but that's because they force gay men to become female because homosex is bad
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1. The Deep State is gonna make Trump's Presidency very short. Insurance policy, heh.
2. The Deep State Didndu Nuttin' Wrong
2a. Nobody Spied on the Trump Campaign
2b. Okay, maybe this Halpern dude, but that was "information provision", not spying.
2c. And he was trying to Protect Trump from Russia by not warning him or his senior advisors.
2c1. Instead Halpern was REALLY interested in whether Trump had Hillary's Emails.
2c1aa. And Asked TWO Trump Associates about them.
2c1bb. And offered cash for a research paper as a means of having an excuse to chat them up.
2c1cc. And used a honeypot, a young gal working for him
2c2. Hillary's emails were totally innocuous anyway,
2c3. Even though they were stored on a poorly secured private server and we think the Ruskies (and everybody else, most likely) got 'em
2d. Nevermind the FBI Counter-Intelligence campaign was run by the Director and Dpty Director,
2d1. The director hated Trump and the former had ties to McAuliffe and the Clintons.
2d2. And wrote the absolution memo on Hillary, Comey just signed it but McCabe authored it.
2d3. While Strzonk and his Lovergirl at DOJ Lisa Page were texting thousands of times about hating on Trump and protecting McCabe.
2d4. And leaking to the Media.

This is worse and more far reaching than Watergate.

By the way, Kudos to the Daily Caller which broke this story almost two months ago

Papadopoulos now questions Halper’s motivation for contacting him, according to a source familiar with Papadopoulos’s thinking. That’s not just because of the randomness of the initial inquiry but because of questions Halper is said to have asked during their face-to-face meetings in London.

According to a source with knowledge of the meeting, Halper asked Papadopoulos: “George, you know about hacking the emails from Russia, right?”
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Kakistocracy says
Four decades ago, Halper was responsible for a long-forgotten spying scandal involving the 1980 election, in which the Reagan campaign – using CIA officials managed by Halper, reportedly under the direction of former CIA Director and then-Vice-Presidential candidate George H.W. Bush – got caught running a spying operation from inside the Carter administration. The plot involved CIA operatives passing classified information about Carter’s foreign policy to Reagan campaign officials in order to ensure the Reagan campaign knew of any foreign policy decisions that Carter was considering.

So Halpern has done this type of shit before.
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Don't forget the Irish almost got us into a war with the UK over the Fenian Raids into Canada, to force Britain to release Ireland by seizing the province. Entirely Irish Immigrants.

Of course, the vast majority became workers - as well as cops, firefighters, and clerks during the first wave of Progressive (real Progressive, ie Middle Class people wanting to clean up crime, fix the sewers, get traffic under control, get kids out of mines, Americanized and literate, etc.) Reform.
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Not what I thought this thread was about.
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Revolting against the Polish Landlords.

In Ukraine, Poles have a reputation for being underhanded, tricky dealers and unscruptulous landlords against the Good, Everyday Folks.
In Poland, Ukrainians are regarded as semi-retarded rubes, the butt of "Dumb Khokol" jokes, with of course the Jews being the underhanded, tricky dealers and unscrupulous landlords against the Good, Everyday Poles...
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Dear Heavens Almighty, are you guys being facetious or did the animal really eat the Trans Fat while the Gay Jew peddled away?

Tragedy, but there's a joke in here somewhere.
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Longshoremen aren't angels, but the demonization campaign is from importers in order to transfer Port Jobs to Mexico, and thus the Trucker Jobs as well when the containers are unloaded from ships and then loaded onto Mexican Trucks driven by Mexican Truckers.

Imagine tens of thousands more Mexican Trucks driving around US Highways, with their highly inspected brake pads and tires. You know a Federale Vehicle Inspector never took a $20 to pass a worn tire. The cost will be dead American Families and of course, jobs.
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"One bitten, twice shy"
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Masked Gunmen with AKs in Marseilles, France. Firing on the general crowd so probably not Mafia.

#Ramadan #ReligionOfPeace
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He sure did.

This Fake Yapper segment on Fake News and "Spying on the President" didn't age well.

Well, this didn't age well. #ObamaGate

— Noah Ring (@TheNoahRing) May 20, 2018

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