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LastMan says
Once you've gone so far as to dehumanize the other side with a derisive term, violence becomes much easier.

You mean like:

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LastMan says
Your feels and interpretation are showing. Or do you have stats?

Liberal thought leader Josh Marshall - it's ethical to punch "Nazis", which is anybody to the Right of Hugo Chavez

Here's some more. A longstanding Democrat Congresswoman calls for "confrontation" with White House Officials anywhere and everywhere - Unprecedented.

Anybody who supports Kavanaugh in the face of ancient, unbacked accusations in "Complicit" in "Evil". He says there are "no bystanders"
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Says a woman who lets people piss on her.
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This couldn't come at a better time for the Republicans.
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Quigley says
Because when the media “point out his lies” they either:
1) nitpick the details offering differences in statistics from other data sources, then declare the statement a lie based on differing opinions
2) deny deny deny a truth Trump is pointing out, only to be quietly proven wrong six months later.
3) quibble over hyperbole where trump makes a slight exaggeration.

Another thing factcheckers do is claim "We don't have the time to factcheck everything"

So they take less controversial or more fungible statements from political candidates they support, contextualize them to the hilt, and declare them mostly true 25 of 30 times.
With the ones they don't like, they do the opposite, pick out the most controversial claims, take the literal meaning whenever, and don't contextualize them at all. False 25 of 30 times.
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tatupu70 says
Nope. It's apples and oranges.

Torturing and killing a journalist and then cutting him up with a bone saw in your Consulate after he came on the promise of getting papers so he could obtain a marriage license is simply nothing like your whataboutisms.

That's why there is outrage. It has nothing whatsoever to do with Trump. The outcry began before Trump even commented on it.

Bonk! Khashoggi was not a journalist or reporter in the mold of Edward Murrow. He was an "Accountability Journalist" aka Opinion Writer, and a Media Adviser for the Saudi Intel Chief in the 90s.

And just about every country in the world has turned the other way when Iran and Saudi Arabia has executed multiple gays and witches. CNN and WaPo hardly gave a fuck. The very rare report and even rarer op-ed on the need for "Reform" without any calls for a massive embargo or cancellation of any weapons deals, much less resignations of Leaders.

I know DC elites think one Islamist Shill is more than scores of gays, "Witches", and protesters, but I don't agree.

The attitude has shifted 180 degrees.
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tatupu70 says
lol--so are you the ultimate decider of who is and who isn't a journalist?

Yes. I am not letting the shills at the Washington Post and the Eye-rollers at CNN, who don't understand the world half as well as most people on this forum, tell me a shill is a journalist.

Khashoggi is more a shill for political Islam than Pilger is for Socialism or Dnesh D'Souza for Republicans. Pilger didn't work as Media Adviser for Fidel Castro for years, like Khashoggi did for Prince Turki the enabler of Wahabi Terror.

The day of granting some journalist automatic authority because they were raised on Martha's Vineyard or Setauket or the OC and have a bachelor's in IR or Journalism from Georgetown is over.
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curious2 says
That would really be horrible for the many Americans who are born intersex. It would probably be unconstitutional to define them out of existence.

There are legit hermaphrodites and such, but it's nowhere near 1.4M.

The "Over a million" claim comes from activist sites which include all kinds of hormonal issues and other things that are not properly included in intersex, and the vast majority of people with hormone issues clearly identify as their birth sex their genitalia matches.

As this journal points out, it includes people with Klinefelter syndrome. I've known two people with that issue, but neither doubted for a moment they were biologically male and classically Cishetero, they fapped to Penthouse Centerfolds like all the other Cishets. Very prevalent in very nerdy people!

Anne Fausto-Sterling s suggestion that the prevalence of intersex might be as high as 1.7% has attracted wide attention in both the scholarly press and the popular media. Many reviewers are not aware that this figure includes conditions which most clinicians do not recognize as intersex, such as Klinefelter syndrome, Turner syndrome, and late-onset adrenal hyperplasia. If the term intersex is to retain any meaning, the term should be restricted to those conditions in which chromosomal sex is inconsistent with phenotypic sex, or in which the phenotype is not classifiable as either male or female. Applying this more precise definition, the true prevalence of intersex is seen to be about 0.018%, almost 100 times lower than Fausto-Sterling s estimate of 1.7%.

Chances are you've known somebody like this in your life.
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marcus says
So this is really a battle that Trump wants to pursue ? Making Kaitlyn legally a man ?

Other way around. This is a Leftoid flipping out that some Department under Trump is insisting on two sexes.

Determining sex by inspecting the genitals of an infant is one of the most accurate medical tests known to man, it matches over 99.90% of the time. No blood test or urine sample comes close.
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tatupu70 says
So, just curious--why isn't Saudi showing the world all this supposed evidence of Khashoggi's terrorism ties? Or even better, why didn't they arrest him and charge him like civilized countries do?

It is, it's all over the place. WaPo and Buzzfeed have been flipping out over "Saudi Bots" now.

No country is monochrome.

There are Islamist sympathizers among the highest reaches of Saudis with all kinds of variants, from replacing the Monarchy with a Theocratic Republic based on Shar'ia, to simply advancing "True Islam", to those who want the troublemakers to go away, spread Islam, and leave the Monarchy alone.

There are also liberalizers, who need to go really slow because about half the country wants MORE Islam, not less.

Every generation or two swings back and forth. To Khashoggi and bin Talal's generation, Political Islamism was the going thing.

Today, more and more young Saudis want liberalization. But a large chunk of those aged 50+ want more Islam. They want MbS Out, Out, Out.
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curious2 says
I have seen really narrow definitions used for political purposes, but even if we accept 0.018%, that would still be more than 50,000 Americans. They exist, and they have a right to continue to exist.

Yes, they do. There should be a category for Intersex/Other, but it should NOT be up to the individual to unilaterally decide. I want to identify and protect the 50,000 small minority that actually needs protection, not the 50 year old man who decides to leave his wife and his kids and dress up in diapers and pretend he's a 9-year old girl despite having all the normal male genitalia. That guy doesn't need special protections, and takes away from the safety/concerns of those who are legit intersex by accident of birth.
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The irritating thing about Schumer was that her whole schtick was based on being a drunken slut, but she gets mad if people make jokes about her being a drunken slut.

It's like Jack Benny getting mad that people make Jack Benny jokes about him being cheap.
Or Jackie Mason getting mad that people imitate his Heavy Jewish Accent.
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MisterLefty says
I attended an Art Institute because I wanted to major in art... because everyone told me it would be a very lucrative career choice. I didn't learn until after I graduated from AiP that the school was not only unaccredited (I think they became accredited shortly before I graduated), it's pretty much a diploma mill. Later on, I went to grad school because I figured getting a real art education and a master's degree would definitely put me on the right track for a career. Once again, everyone said I'd be so rich that I wouldn't even know what to do with the money I'd make.

Holy shit did everybody fuck with Elly's head. Art Institute lucrative?!
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tatupu70 says
I'm sure you'll provide evidence of this at the same time you show evidence of the folks who supposedly paid for Obama's education.

Like I said, I've been asking why Obama didn't put sanctions on Saudi Arabia and signed the Iran Deal despite years and years of the execution of scores of gays, "Witches", and teenage protesters. I've asked this long in advance of any questions about Obama's Harvard Law being paid by Foreign Donors. So I won't answer, until I receive a specific answer.

Surely so many of these most severe human rights penalties, often visited on those totally apolitical, merits punishment and certainly not handing back money long impounded.

Let's see if Tatupu and Bob will answer:
Please explain the logic of the Obama Administration and their many supporters in allowing those things to pass without any actual economic sanctions or other punishments.

Once I get an answer, I will provide my multitude of links showing how Saudis and MB affiliates provided cash to American students, including an US Black Nationalist leader testifying to a certain famous ex-President.
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tatupu70 says
Sucking up to Saudi Arabia is an odd way to accomplish this.

Did Hillary and the Clinton Foundation return their donations from Saudi Arabia after witches were murdered in 2011?

Again, what punishments did Obama visit upon Saudi Arabia and Iran for their multitude of executions and tortures against Gays, "Witches", and Protesters - some of them teenagers.

Executions of Gays hit 26 year highs mere weeks after the Iran Deal was implemented.

Obama was sure standing up for human rights and the LGBT community with those Iranians when he gave them their impounded money back.
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bob2356 says
How's it working out so far for you so far? Got a list of all those US friendly dictators and kings for us? Maybe you can add it to two scoops lists.

That reminds me, how many investor conferences did the NYT, Economist, WaPo and other Globalist Rags boycott when Erdogan made Turkey the #1 Jailer of Journalists in the World?

What penalties did Obama impose on Turkey?

I know I'm comparing and contrasting a lot today, wondering why when the previous President did nothing in the face of repeated and grave human rights offenses against multitudes of people, and the mass imprisonment of journalists and media shutdowns and confiscations, the silence was deafening.

Indeed, the Establishment pretended he was fantastic on Foreign Policy and everything he did was massive progress.

But when OrangeManBad is in the WH, he's expected to terminate relations and remand the resignation of the lone Saudi Government that has actually done some Liberalizing reforms, for the first time in decades, over one Osama bin Laden Buddy and Shill.
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tatupu70 says
Wow--the personal smear campaign is in full force. Obviously the Republican talking points are out there and being communicated heavily. Glad to see some of the folks have gotten them.

Telling the truth about Khashoggi isn't a smear campaign.

It's fact checking the News, rather then letting them create a "Democratic Activist" narrative that excludes his lifelong support for Political Islamism and his demand that Sharia be the Constitution of his "Democracy".
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tatupu70 says
If he actually WAS in favor of terrorism,

He was. He was in favor of suicide bombing, rocket attack on civilian launching, Hamas. That's terrorism,

Japan, Jordan, the EU, Canada, and of course the USA have Hamas as a terrorist group. As does Egypt, because Hamas supplies weapons to Al Qaeda in the Sinai, another Muslim Brotherhood offshoot.

He criticized MbS for supporting "Moderate Islam" and said that Muslim Brotherhood clerics - ones that support tough Sharia Law above Secular Laws - have the correct Moderate Islam.

Here is Khashoggi praising the Rockets and Explosives of terrorist organization, Hamas.

Writing in that vanguard of unbiased Journalism, the Middle East Monitor, which is, of course, tied to the Muslim Brotherhood.
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Here is Khashoggi praising Hamas, and winking at Muslim Brotherhood endorsed Egyptian president Morsi ("Hammer of the Christian Copts"), more than hinting he's responsible for making sure Hamas gets rockets and explosives. Those unguided rockets were launched directly at population centers, not military targets.

The Ramadan 1435 (2014 CE) War is a different type of war. It is a purely Palestinian war from start to finish. This is something we have not seen before. The
Arabs are standing completely aloof. In fact, most of them have shown displeasure and impatience. However, the Palestinian has been able to impose his decisions on all. This is how Hamas leaders Khaled Meshaal and Ismail Haniyeh appeared, taking pride as they spoke confidentially, spelling-out new conditions and describing a new reality. They have revived the Palestinian issue.

Everything in this war is new, including the weapons that entered Gaza; how did they enter despite the siege? Thousands of rockets entered a small country that is besieged from the land, sea and air. This fact alone is a miracle. Some people thought the tunnels were for bringing in rice, sugar and diesel as well as a few machine-guns and some explosives. They were closed, destroyed and filled with water. Yet, tons of explosives came through and so did hundreds of rockets. Smuggling 7 metre-long Grad rockets was a miracle. How did they pass through? Did they come through the tunnels or by sea? Hamas possesses hundreds of them; how did they do it? No one can believe that it benefited from the year that deposed President Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood were in power in Cairo. Is it possible that Egypt lowered its gaze during that time allowing the rockets to cross the border? Really? Everyone knows that Morsi did not have a free hand in terms of military and intelligence affairs. Israel and its intelligence must be busy trying to resolve the riddle in order to prevent it from recurring. However, if Hamas under siege was able to smuggle all these weapons, something that the late President Yasser Arafat was unable to do and was punished severely for merely trying despite heading an organisation with extensive international contacts and resources, then the movement can do it again.

The distinguished combat performance of its men and the huge network of tunnels that extends for miles under Gaza and the borders with Israel and Egypt were used brilliantly to inflict unprecedented losses on the enemy; they will be used and reused whenever the enemy invades. All of this proves that the movement wasted no time while ruling in Gaza. The Israelis acknowledge this performance and are apprehensive. This could be the biggest deterrent that will prevent Israel from invading the Strip and reoccupying it. Perhaps Hamas wants Israel to do just this in order to engage in a long war of liberation, a war that will inevitably spill over into the West Bank which is also boiling and might end up overturning everything established post-Oslo.
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Wahhh, MbS isn't being tough against Israel, looks like he is even considering normalizing relations! Watch out, MbS, Allah is angry with you! Wahhhh!

Wahhhh, my poor Muslim Brotherhood government, deposed. How will we help Hamas kill the Jew and finally make the Copts convert or Die?

Read his articles and tell me if this is journalism, or op-ed.
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Another example of Sharia spreading everywhere, even Ireland. The poor refugees and amazing immigrants who only want to integrate still perform FGM despite the Ban.

It is estimated that 5,790 girls and women living in Ireland have experienced FGM and some 2,639 girls here may be at risk of being subjected to it.

“It is happening here and girls are being taken out of Ireland to be cut,” she says, explaining that we are only likely to hear about it being done here if something goes wrong and it comes to the attention of health professionals, who must report it.
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tatupu70 says
lol--so MBS is the victim here? Amazing. He murders someone and now he's the victim.

I assure you if MBS ordered it, it wouldn't have happened in the Embassy.

tatupu70 says
Good, can you link to something then? And while you're at it, can you list the folks that paid for Obama's education?

After I get the answer (including from Bob) as to why Obama didn't sanction SA, allowed the Iran Deal, given their many multitudes of executions and tortures of Gays, "Witches", and teenage protesters. And why Turkey got no sanctions after Erdogan went on a Journalist Jailing crusade and became the #1 incarceration state for journalists.

The reason is I know You and Bob will continue to refuse to answer, but nitpick my answer and soak up all the oxygen. And no, that's not personal, just me explaining why y'all go first (on top of which I asked first).
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marcus says
You're cherry picking the best poll. There's another poll that has TRump at 42%. On average he's lower than Obama was.

I'm not Cherry Picking, Marcus, it's comparing the NBC/WSJ poll from late October 2010 with late October 2018. Same Pollster, different year.

Nor is the NBC/WSJ an outlier. NBC/WSJ has him -7, the average of this month's polls is -7.7.
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bob2356 says
So you don't have anything. No surprise.

You're not going to answer, eh?

bob2356 says
Sure right, I'm sure some where some one believes that. Maybe. You won't answer because you don't have an answer.

I think most people agree that if I answer your question - asked many days after I asked my questions - you'll nitpick my answer but continue to refuse to answer my questions.

The Ball is in your court. If you refuse to put it in play, it's on you.

For now, I take it as a concession that you're admitting it's GoldenChildGood, OrangeManBad.
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socal2 says
The political Left in the US sure like their Israel hating Islamists.

And Khashoggi loved Morsi, and cried regularly in the Middle East Monitor, an MB publication, about the fate of Hamas and Syrian Jihadis.

Funny, all of his pieces seem like op-eds, with very little reporting going on.
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I'm sure MbS is thinking about the Washington Post daily.

Arabs and Saudis in particular are not known for letting bygones be bygones.
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Crazy Theory:

Trump is using Inside Spies to encourage the Democrats to do these kind of things just before the Elections.

Stretch Crazy Theory:
Bannon is coordinating, hence the fallout and distancing of Bannon from Trump was "reality show" fakery. Because the AltLeft Press thinks Trump is retarded and Bannon a Nazi, they believe the acrimony is real and that Bannon can't possibly be working for Trump right now, even though Bannon just produced "Trump's War" documentary timed for the Midterms.
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tatupu70 says
I think you're confused. It's Trump that's sucking up to the Saudis.

It's the Media and the ex-State that wants tough action on Saudi Arabia just when they start liberalizing and warming up to Israel under MbS.

When Saudis were sending fundies abroad with money and telling them to cause mischief elsewhere, the Media and State Department seldom criticized them, and then only mildly, and never called for sanctions, arm sale cancellations, or resignations.

Funny, Turkey is #1 in incarceration of Journalists, and the Media's won criticism has been muted. That's how I know it's not because Khashoggi was a "Journalist".

Maybe that the WaPo is poaching Journalists from the Middle East Monitor, it will poach some from ISIS Magazine next.
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Somebody must be encouraging this kind of behavior.

Either the Leftoids behind it are really tone deaf (high likelihood) or somebody is telling them this is a good PR visual when they know it isn't.

Or both.
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But I was told for years by the SJWs that Sex was biological sex, and Gender was something else, they were not the same thing.

In fact, I still think that is still Social Justice Dogma.

The definition of Sex is being returned to what applies to 99%+ of all humanity. The rest are unfortunate birth defects, and are covered under discrimination for medically handicapped.

curious2 says
In my opinion, trans activism has gone a bit far with changing birth certificates. If you were born John Doe, and want to change your name to Jane Roe, then do a legal change of name and leave the historical record alone. With a legal change of name, you can use your new name for everything including your driver's license and passport. I see gender the same way. There can be rules about who is eligible for what, e.g. anatomical and whether people need surgery, but there are always people who don't fit neatly into male or female, so having a non-binary category is a good idea.

Yes, Gender is gender, Sex is sex.

Gender also seems to be spreading to general sexual preferences, also. It's no longer a male sexed individual who thinks he's a woman, or a female sex organ possessor who isn't really sure if she's a boy or a girl.

Pretty soon, we're gonna hear: "I'm a Legosexual, I like Legs." or "I'm a ballonoqueer, I get off to the sound of popping balloons".

In any case, I agree - Gender is up for the individual to decide, but Sex has many useful applications, including medical or criminal. (IE the rape suspect identifies as Female but is of the Male Sex). To use an extreme example, this person:
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Silverman could have been a great anti-PC crusader, but then she got older and stupider. Something in Hollywood where common sense actually declines with fame and age.
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"Migrants" tell CNN that Donald Trump is the anti-Christ, but for some reason they want to migrate into the territory whose day-to-day government is that of the Anti-Christ.

Also, that they are "Workers and Fighters". I wonder where I've heard those two combined before? ☭

Angry military-aged caravan migrant says Donald Trump is the "Anti-Christ" and is "going to hell." Says "we are not criminals" but "fighters."— Chris Menahan 🔹 (@infolibnews) October 22, 2018

Oh, and 80% of the crowd is males under 35.
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Man shot trying to forcibly enter DC Fox Affiliate, had made repeated threats. "Mental Illness" to blame.

Nevermind the perp's long history with the police.
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You can certainly be weak and violent. In fact, they very often go together. Mental Illness and Violence often go together as well, despite what Official Psykologie says.

Whether the weak and violent can prevail over the strong and well-armed and well versed in arms, is another story.
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MegaForce says

Eventually...either the Dems reform into a new party as you say or some other third party will rise to take over and they go the way of the Whigs.

But for now, I am definitely going to enjoy watching them go straight to hell. These idiot contenders are just the ticket for accomplishing that.

I think this is the likely outcome.

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Suggestion: GIlding posts with a donation to Patnet.
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tatupu70 says
By giving them cover on their ridiculous cover stories. (you lose)

CBOEtrader says
Considering the entire world is reporting this guy was murdered by Saudi agents, Trump must be terrible at providing cover.

Considering that the first announcement was awaiting investigations (Turkey, SA, our own) to complete, I fail to see the cover.

Hey, @Tatupu70, I guess Obama and Bush were providing cover when SA and Iran executed and tortured hundreds of other people.

But I guess a Muslim Brotherhood shill is worth scores of teenagers, homosexuals, and "Witches".
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richwicks says
Governments murder people all the time, Saudi Arabia is murdering plenty of people in Yemen right now, but this one man - he's suddenly really important, because of human rights? What? We you all born yesterday?

As I said in the other thread, nobody gave a shit - least of all the Media or Former/Current State officials - when SA and Iran tortured and executed countless Gays, Protesters, and "Witches".

All of a sudden one Muslim Brotherhood shill and everything has to change.

That and almost all the sources are from Erdogan's Turkey, which has more journalists in prison than any country in the world - including China which has multiple times the population.,

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