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Known to police beforehand.

Consider the police are too busy beating cab and ambulance drivers in Paris.
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It's perfectly constitutional to turn away individuals based on their citizenship. Even Jimmuh Carter did it.

It's also possible to do so based on ideology, such as Anarchism and Communism - or Islamism.
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Nw Macron has to make an appearance. He's been totally AWOL last few days.

And this is further proof that the French Authorities, are focused on passing carbon gas taxes, while letting known Jihadis roam free.

I see this as more straw on the camel's back.
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Sheik 'Atiyya Muhammad Sa'id: "Allah Akbar. In the past century and in the century that has begun, we have sacrificed more than 100 martyrs for the sake of the da'wa.


"Oh Muslims, we will march on, for the sake of Allah."

Crowds: "Allah Akbar."

Sheik 'Atiyya Muhammad Sa'id: "We will wage jihad for the sake of Allah."

Crowds: "Allah Akbar."

Sheikh 'Atiyya Muhammad Sa'id: "We will establish the Islamic state."

Crowds: "Allah Akbar."

Sheik 'Atiyya Muhammad Sa'id: "By Allah, the state of Islam will be established upon the land, whether the infidels like it or not, whether the Jews like it or not, whether that apostate… What's his name… The one from America… Obama!

"Obama is a Muslim who has left the fold of Islam. Hence, Allah, the angels, and all the people curse him. He is a real apostate. Obama is an apostate. Obama is an apostate. He left the fold of Islam… "

Crowds: "The apostate must be executed.

"The apostate must be executed.

"The apostate must be executed.

"The apostate must be executed.

Sheikh 'Atiyya Muhammad Sa'id: "Oh Muslims, oh youth of Islam, the path of Osama bin Laden is our path."

Crowds: "Allah Akbar." […]
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Classic. Imagine if this came out today.

You need to find a butt naked Zebra Bitch to impregnate.

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At this point in the Obama Presidency, despite 24-7-365 fawning by almost every Media outlet, he had 46% approval.
At this point in the Trump Presidency, despite 24-7-365 negativity by almost every Media outlet, Trump has 49% approval.
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All tiny homes, refugees, and homeless shelters must be built where the average home price is $500k+

That way the Coastie voters can enjoy the diversity, and the "Equity" of reduced property values.
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MegaForce says
I think Section 8 should be allocated as per the same demographics fuckery where the average rent/mortgage payment of lower 48 states constitutes for what people pay for housing in order to hide the fact that true housing poverty in blue states like California skyrockets their total poverty rates while making red states like Mississippi look like 'the poorest states OFFICIALLY' instead.

Good observation.
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Quigley says
So no, no single unmarried women if they are Muslims!

I believe the Red Pill will trump Militant Islam most of the time. Just distribute them widely and to places where there are more males than females and few Muslims, where they have no support network.

Like parts of Alaska, small towns in the Great Plains, etc.

This would have been easier in earlier times without the internet to communicate with the Da'wa.

But yes, it's a risky strategy. However, there are Muslim women who do get Whig Pilled.
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Wow, Curious. I knew about the Arizona murder, I think I posted it.

I did not know about Wyoming or the San Ber relationship with the Grandmother. Like Trayvon being a burglar due to stolen property found in his locker (women's gold jewelry), that little nugget of info got "lost" by the media and never communicated.

Holy SHIT! Reading about "Hot Tamale Louis" right now. Thanks @Curious2
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Dear God, here is the Audio of the Police talking to Noor's Mother.

"She's in critical condition"
"Good, Good, She needs to leave this family."
"You're a sick individual".
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Rereading this story after several years. it was MALIK who was really the bloodthirsty one, shooting at the police repeatedly and throwing faked pipe bombs out the window.

CBOEtrader says
We can only Trump permanently kills PC idiocy allowing society to honestly discusses threats and how to address those threats

We've forgotten all the deadly attacks under the Obama administration. Being weak only encourages attacks.

Remember when Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza under their last Leftist Prime Minister, with 24 Hours Palestinians launched 300 rockets.

It's never "Wow, the kuffar is withdrawing. Maybe we can talk peace." It's always "The Kuffar is withdrawing/apologizing/weaking his border. ALLAH AKBAR!!! TRIPLE JIHAD!!!"
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My favorite:

The Ruling Class destroyed the Queer Tendencies of the Working Class and made Archie Bunker heteronormative !
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Rin says
As for birth rates, didn't it halve between the 1960s and today? I believe that a lot of ppl are quitting after 1 kid these days. The days of 2.x kids per household are over. And I believe in the past ten years, it's been trending down from even 1.8.

It's better explained by three things:

1. Some have no kids.
2. Some wait to long and have to struggle to have one kid, then too old/infertile to have another.
3. Normal, Functional People, the robust and successful "Bourgeois Society" Rubes, still have 2-3 kids. That includes Gays adopting.
4. Immigrants receiving abundant welfare have tons of kids, which helps make babies unaffordable to native born Americans who pay the taxes and compete for affordable housing.
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NuttBoxer says
When was the last time?

1972. I believe we landed 3 or 4 times in total. Moon Hoaxers have to prove all 3 or 4 landings were fake.

Additionally, there have been rovers and soft landings on the moon by probes from both the US, USSR, China, and either India or Japan. If you can soft land an automatic rover 3 days away, you can soft land people, 3 days away.

We will be going back to the moon within the next few years, I believe.
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CBOEtrader says
This is fun propaganda though. [1]start w a claim to authority , [2]state there is no room left for discussion [3]righteously label all who dont automatically agree w every word as uneducated knuckledraggers [4]for a bonus add in a jab at conspiracy theorists.

This happened before. it's how we stopped forcible incarceration of the Mentally Ill.

ALL of the experts were POSITIVE that schizophrenia was from 'bad family dynamics'. There is no room for debate! Society is crazy, people are fine! 1968 is the current year!!! NOBODY believes in inherited mental illness anymore, bigoted ignoramus! Your attempt to delay these laws will HURT PEOPLE, you conservative terrorist!

RD Laing and the other scientists are right, denier! It's settled!

And of course, just a few years later there was no doubt that Schizophrenia was wholly Genetic, which is why it was found through generations.
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Heraclitusstudent says
This being said, I agree that universities should be forced to publish how much their graduates earn on average by majors.

Yep. For 1000 randomly sampled students, not just the ones who are really happy and lined up the job before graduation, so they sent in the response card, which inflates the results. But also the Psych and English majors serving tea or "making bracelets on Etsy."
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d6rB says

D6rB, can you recommend some good online Chem Courses? I'm on a crusade to rectify my hormone riddled failure to pass HS Chemistry. I actually find it fascinating.

In Chemistry Class I was too busy playing air guitar and tickling girls.

This is just for shits and giggles, not a career change.
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Tenpoundbass says
The panel claimed so dishonestly there is no political bias in Google's search result.

It's bullshit. We have the founders on goddamn Audio after the Election talking about how to make sure somebody like Trump being Elected never happens again.

We also have other Google Executives on company time and dime discussing how to get out votes against Trump by manipulating search results for Hispanics in the Southwest.
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Am hearing that Weekly Standard writers have been advised to learn how to code

— Michael Tracey (@mtracey) December 14, 2018

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Quigley says
Even if you’re on the blue team!

But you gotta be White, maybe Black. If you're Central American, whack away because that would be Oppression of Cultural Norms if California intervened.mell says
The biggest joke is that leftoids think they need to punish a parent with up to a year in jail for a slap on the butt but think it's ok to drug elementary school kids - possibly for the rest of their life - with ADD/ODD/ADHD pills. Then the fucking gall to claim moral high ground lol.

BUT, paying coyotes to drag your kid across the Desert and die of Dehydration means you're a poor oppressed person who should not only not be charged, but given huge amounts of taxpayer money, instant citizenship, and maybe file a civil suit for much more!
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LastMan says
You need to rethink this. Sick workers don't work. A society that doesn't care about the health of its workers is uncompetitive compared to ones that do. Workers that know that health care is covered feel more empowered to take on entrepreneurial endeavors.

Okay, now let's do Welfare Hos.

A Welfare ho, daughter of a welfare ho that didn't work, has her 3rd child by 22 and has never worked nor has a GED.

Does she have the infinite right to keep having children, or does society have the right to protect itself from future payouts and more ruined lives (since it's almost guaranteed at least one of her children will be a criminal menace, and the more she has...) by forcing her to be sterilized in order to keep receiving benefits?

What is Welfare Ho's duty to society that can be compelled by force if necessary?
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Democrats, pre 20016: Big Business has too much influence, especially the Media which must be broken up in order to protect Free Speech and Diversity.
Democrats, post 2016: Big Businesses have unlimited power of speech and must never be broken up or regulated, so long as they censor "Hate Speech" which is anything not 100% on board with the SJW Diversity and INclusion program.
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This is the day Trump supporters whose Twitter bios reference their love of Jesus come out to rejoice that the Weekly Standard’s employees are out of jobs right before Christmas because they didn’t like Jesu…errrr…Trump.— Erick Erickson (@EWErickson) December 14, 2018


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No 302 Report can be located for Strzok's interview of General Flynn.

Only a 302 Report for Strzok being interviewed about the interview.
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Ceffer says
The cruelty of Mueller's office knows no bounds. They also erased all his porn subscriptions.

And the nude selfies from Lisa Page.
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... and I'm asking what is the responsibility imposed on people to prevent them from hurting society with their irresponsibility?

If there is compulsion to pay individuals, where is the compulsion to limit individuals on their pay out?

Are we going to cap payouts to legitimately ill individuals but not Bastard Factories?
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BREAKING: Lawyers in France (Rouen) throw their law books on the floor. Lawyers don't acknowledge the corrupt pro-EU system anymore.#GiletsJaunes #YellowVests #GeleHesjes #Macron #QAnon #WWG1WGA #Rouen

— Abraham Ekris 🇳🇱 ❌ (@AbrahamEkris) December 14, 2018

Spreading to the France's Rustbelt - in Normandy (Rouen, Caen)...
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Heraclitusstudent says
Followed 130 yrs of religious wars across Europe.

And the destruction of English language after all the presses in England were destroyed.

The French speakers in Calais spelled it like French, bureau.
The Dutch speakers in Holland spelled it like Dutch, borough.

Because abroad was the only place you could get shit in English printed.

With as many double conssonnantts and voweles necessary since they got paid by the line.
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Heraclitusstudent says
So the hope is we will get only 13 yrs of civil war.

It'll be 13 days, maybe 13 hours. The difference in gun ownership and experience is overwhelming.
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LastMan says
If you want to propose some kind of forced sterilization program for Bastard Factories, you go ahead. I'm suggesting that there be some kind of official basic health care standard for workers to minimize missed work days, and a safety net that encourages entrepreneurialism. I'm sorry if these ideas to increase competitiveness make you uncomfortable.

And what's to stop Bastard Factories from having 7 kids that all get basic insurance? $100k just for all those births, pre-natal, and infant care, minimum.

My duties are unlimited and compulsary, their irresponsibility is unlimited but their duty in maintaining the system is entirely voluntarily

If there is no contravening, compulsary control on not overburdening the system, I say no. No carrots without sticks, and not just on me, but on the unproductive as well.
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The Slavs are the most realistic.

09 May 1987 LOT Polish Airlines 5055 Goodnight, Goodbye, We Perish!
04 Jul 2001 Vladivostokavia 352 That’s all guys! Fuck!
CVR 10 Apr 2010 Polish Air Force 1549 F*ckkkkkk

Indians polite to the last.
17 Jul 2000 Indian/Alliance Airlines 7412 Would like to do one 360 due to high on approach Sir.
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Looks like every other Male Hardgainer at the Gym, if you ask me.
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Patrick says
Yes, this is ancient. The Catholic Church has always maintained that suicide is a mortal sin. It's hardly news.

"Unprecedented! Priest communicates Catholic Teachings! People demand Church change 2000+ year old Stance to assuage feelings and apologize"

Professors have been fired for merely communicating Catholic Teachings on Homosexuality at Catholic Colleges.
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Tim Aurora says
Trump went on Twitter Saturday to put forward a story line that is clearly misleading, pushing an argument that makes a software error sound like a grand anti-Trump conspiracy theory.

"Software Error" that made Strzok's bullshit when he was working for Mueller POOF disappear.

How conveeeeenient.

Did you know Strzok never asked Clinton how the server was set up, how she paid for it, etc.?

"Mrs. Honored Ex-Secretary, did you intend to violate the law?"
"No I did not."
"Thank you for your time."
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B.A.C.A.H. says
Even if not a single person immigrated into Europe from now on, it won't change the inevitability of The Islamic Republic of Europe.

I don't think so. I think a West with 1/3 the current population could still beat any Islamic Invasion.,
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I think I saw "Deadnaming" on there too.

That's when you call Laura by her birth name, Larry.

Should be called "Birthnaming", but it doesn't sound "Cruel" enough so it's hysterically (in both senses of the word) changed.

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