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Doesn't even merit a reply, just open laughing scorn.
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9th Circuit Court of Appeals places injunction of President's SCOTUS pick pending review of Presidential Powers.
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TrumpingTits says
Yeah. TREATIES. Not Congressional-Executive Agreements. Those are just like domestic laws that stay on the books until Congress says otherwise.

Nope. The President has foreign policy power, and only the Senate (not the House) can approve foreign agreements as a check on the near absolute power of the Presidency in this area.

SCOTUS has already stood aside while similar agreements were nixed by Presidents, including McKinley and Carter. SCOTUS has historically been extremely shy of restricting the Foreign Policy powers of the President.

So the Congress may have passed enabling legislation for NAFTA, but the President can abrogate participation in it.

The Constitution is strangely specific by explicitly mentioning treaties have to be approved by the Senate, but says nothing of their abrogation. Historically, Presidents have unilaterally done so, and such actions took effect immediately, even if the Senate huffed and puffed before "approving" it (not that their approval is needed).
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TrumpingTits says
Yeah. TREATIES. Not Congressional-Executive Agreements. Those are just like domestic laws that stay on the books until Congress says otherwise.

If one President makes an agreement with Congress , another President may nix. Just like every other Executive Agreement.

If Somehow Obama made the Iran Deal some kind of Congressional-Executive agreement, Trump could have withdrawn from it.

Almost every expert, even Globalists from the Roosevelt Institute, agree that Trump can pull out of NAFTA. Neither the Senate, and certainly not the House, has the authority to impose an international agreement without the President.

This could be the SCOTUS issue of Trump's Presidency, but I'm very confident that SCOTUS will not take away the President's historically interpreted as near-total foreign policy powers. By historically, I mean since the birth of the Republic.
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Calling ICE a terrorist group and calling for it's abolition is now a cornerstone policy of the Democrat Base

Pure genius. Trump has caused such a flip out, that he got the Opposition Party's leading candidate for Governor in one of America's Biggest States, to call a Law Enforcement organization a Terrorist Group.
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There shouldn't be student loans.

There should be a free ride for the top 5% of all students, and colleges/unis must admit them based on only academic merit. Not their race, gender, or being on the Martha's Vineyards Rowing Team.

Everybody else pays cash or gets a private loan. Go to community college and rack up half your credits first.
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Patrick says
A lot of students are unaware of these basic facts.

At many colleges, they are deliberately misled to fill the seats. At some, they are deliberately misled to upsell a Master's or PhD later.
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clambo says
Do the readers realize that Volvo automtive is owned by a Chinese car company? (Geely).

Yep, they better start expanding that manufacturing! The Tariff on Chinese will only go up, up, up unless China engages in Free Trade.

But maybe they can't compete without Turd World Wages.
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Sexual Reproduction is an Colonialist White Supremacist Cisgendered Myth used to oppress POCs, Transgenders, and Sexual Minorities.
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Some places are having record temps, big deal.

Thank goodness it's warming rather than cooling. Given the location of most of the Arable land in the Northern Hemisphere, it would be a disaster.

Buy up Canadian Arctic and Siberian property today! The Taiga is retreating. What does that equal? Mo' Agra, Mo' Timber, Mo' land for dwelling. In Alberta, Saskatchewan, North Dakota, Idaho, longer growing seasons Imagine how even more productive these lands will become. Yippie!

Central Asia and the Sahara (which used to be better than California) is already Dry as Fuck, and there ain't much between North and South America. The reason the Interamerican Highway has never been built is that eastern Panama is a wet hot hellhole and has been since recorded history (as the Scots at Darien discovered).

So wonderful huge tracts might be inhabitable.
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Obamacare complications? The Exchanges that never worked? All that complexity? No problem.

But we can't have Real ID because of some hiccups. I guess we'll just have to let illegals have a driver's license. Gee Wilikers.
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Seen the ones where the nappy headed hos are laughing that the 3-year old is getting her hair pulled for having normal hair?

Nothing makes a black female nastier than encountering a black female with non-nappy hair.

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Trump is doing great - he's basically taunting them with spending billions on Russian Energy (the Germans pretend it all comes from Wind Power) but not spending anything on NATO.

Exactly what needs to be done.
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Bullshit. It was the TDS flipouts that caused the ad hom ban, and THAT was literally given as the reason by TDSers that it was no longer "Free Speech" unless you could call everybody a retarded Trumptard scumbag five times in a post.
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Lefties celebrate mask bans when it effects KKK and Nazi types.

But when it effects Anarchists vandalizing and assaulting people, all of a sudden it's "MUH FREEDOM".

Imagine if Trump treated CAIR militants the way the Bundys were treated by Obama.
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Patrick says
112 genders and yet everyone has exactly two parents, one male and one female.

Sexual Reproduction is a sexist, white supremacist lie to spread oppression of POCs and Minorities.
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mell says
Rooting for Eastern Europe here as the East are today's European patriots while Western Europe sells out.

I'm glad England lost to Croatia and not an EU or Turd World country.

Across the world, Lefties were hating on England the whole way through, especially after they beat Columbia.

Now I'm rooting for Croatia to whoop some French ass.
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FortWayne says
It’s odd that all media avoids mentioning race.

Some articles were so bad, it avoided all mention of race and gender, and instead said "Trump's America" and other buzzwords implying White Males.
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Is this about Soft Brexit that basically keeps the UK in the EU's grip?

IMPORTANT: The Irish were neutral in WW2, send a condolence letter to the Third Reich when Hitler killed himself, and were never in NATO or assisted in any anti-Stalin activities. Like Sweden, they think this gives them some special moral insight, for some bizarre reason. But, they are great on harassing Israel.

Today is an amazing day where the tyrant James II was defeated at the Boyne and replaced by a thoroughly Whiggish King, William of Orange.
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Basically, if we don't have wide open borders and unlimited immigration, we're a Nazi, says resident of WW2 neutral country that had no problem with Tyrants conquering all of Europe.
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Like Bill Clinton?
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Wow, that's really bad for China.
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I've been saying this for almost two years: The Dems haven't allowed or asked or were served papers for any official investigation into the server in question.

I think Rosenstein is playing the distraction game as Trump prepares to meet Putin.

By indicting 12 "GRU" members, it takes the wind out of the media's sail that Trump is going to get his instructions from Putin or whatever bullshit the nutjobs (who think you're nuts for not buying their nuttery which in their hearts they know is mostly bullshit). come up with. I wonder how many are within reach, anyway.

This all being said, can't we get McAuliffe, Podesta, etc. under investigation already?
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Tim Aurora says
You do know that Emergency care in US is mandatory ( if not entirely free) , which means that uninsured normally ended up in Emergency costing the Govt

But the uninsured didn't have $1000 / month for a $5000 deductible shitty ass plan, either.
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Too skinny for me.

I'm more Angela White.
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MrMagic says
Rosenstein just closed the book on the Trump campaign/Russian collusion narrative too! After TWO YEARS of investigation, here's what Rod said today:

That's an idea as well.

Strzok has to be made an example of, big league, as a message to Deep State.
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They were targeting Sikhs again the other day, I didn't save the article.
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Strategist says
Why Hindus, Sikhs, and Christians would want to live in an Islamic shit hole like Pakistan is perplexing. If you live in hell, you will experience hell. I would just move.
Even Shiites and Sunnis can't live side by side.

If you want to see real Dhimmitude, Subservience, and Hamstering, some of the Palestinian and Lebanese Christian Arabs are totally fucking nuts.

They think if they can get everyone behind Pan-Arabism or Communism (or both), the past 1500 years of Muslim oppression will vanish.

They believe this as Muslim men harass their daughters daily and threaten them with colluding with Israel, or not paying Hezbollah/Fatah protection money.
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Tenpoundbass says

That is one Creepy Dude.

Somebody rip up the floorboards on his house, stat.
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No, the democrats literally hate working class White America.
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curious2 says
If you read the OP Twitter account, the author says he suffers from several mental illnesses. His comments about "sky rockets" and "mortars" refer to July 4 fireworks. Having lived with his parents for the last 40 years, he is cashing in on their California real estate gains.

He didn't live with his parents. He's lived in Japan and other places; he was a writer for Bass Guitar magazine for years and years.
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komputodo says
And you have every right to do that. Nobody is stopping you.

I guarantee the several experts employed at building those watches, and all the tools, machines, and precision computers they use to develop and build those watches, would not be happy if wealthy people stopped buying Omegas and Patek Phillipes.
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Child Abuse. She should have been arrested.
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Tim Aurora says
Except that he has not got anything from them except some talking points for his followers

If we don't, it's time to enter the punitive phase.

Not the Clinton-Bush-Obama, "Take advantage of us indefinately, we'll seldom complain and never do anything about it." Policy.
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Yes, please endorse socialism. DNC is already on the side of murderers like Asshatta Shakur, refuses to condemn Farrakhan's racism who is connected to several Democratic party officers and elected officials, is opposed to any and all Economic fixes for unfair trade, etc.
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Because Israel is westernized and turd worlders aren't.

Malaysia discriminates against Chinese, hence a reason why Singapore exists

But Malaysia is Muslim so no criticism

What happened to bethelehem Christians? Were more than 50% just 20 years ago. Now barely 15% due to organized harassment and terror to control tourism money.

Nevermind kashmir where pashtu bigots have terrorized the sikhs and Hindus into leaving.
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Goran_K says
That's what happens when you go on a vegan diet and refuse to eat animals, absolutely no physical strength.

There's actually video of vegans bench pressing less weight than an untrained girl, like 50 lb and bragging about it like they're so strong. 😁

The Housing Trap
You're being set up to spend your life paying off a debt you don't need to take on, for a house that costs far more than it should. The conspirators are all around you, smiling to lure you in, carefully choosing their words and watching your reactions as they push your buttons, anxiously waiting for the moment when you sign the papers that will trap you and guarantee their payoff. Don't be just another victim of the housing market. Use this book to defend your freedom and defeat their schemes. You can win the game, but first you have to learn how to play it.
115 pages, $12.50

Kindle version available

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