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Pay income taxes or GTFO.
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Quigley says
If you really believe humans are going to devastate the planet with CO2, best get to fucking work on cold fusion or some other source of limitless energy because people are not going to stop making fires. They’re just not.
And you really can’t make them.


Not Carbon Trading, which makes Wall Street slaver with the potential for greed and abuse.
Not Recycling Cardboard, which produces more CO2 from all the garbage scows going around collecting it.

4th Gen Nukes and hopefully Fusion is the solution.

I'm not opposed to spending billions annually on new nuclear plants.
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Fake commentary. He compared Trump's attack on the press to Stalin's attack on the press. He pointed out that Trump's words on that subject were exactly the same as Stalin's. He didn't make some overall comparison of Trump to Stalin regarding mass murder.

Stalin controlled the Press, Trump does not. The US Press is largely controlled by a handful of syndicates and individuals in bed with all the unquestionable Holy Cows, from the Military Industrial Complex, to Mexican Billionaires, to a certain Silly Con Valley CEO.

Trump is fat. He's either overweight or obese by both BMI and visual assessment.

The MD and Rear Admiral of the Naval Hospital gave him a clean bill of health. The President is 70 years old, 6'3" (NOOOOO he's 6'2", eye roll), 239lb, and has a problem-free medical history, not a single bypass or chronic condition of any kind. His full medical report was released. Contrast this with the complete write off of somebody who had suffered multiple falls, wore frennel lense sunglasses, and had a mysterious ailment that lasted for months, and responded to it all with a one-sided one-page statement from her personal physician. Shortly after she collapsed headfirst on 9/11 into a vehicle but instead of going to a hospital, drove to her daughter's house. It's clear to me she had some kind of recurring siezures or other neurological disorders that cause her frequent falls and possibly black outs. She had ANOTHER incident last year

Also contrast with another over 6' guy, who also isn't all lean muscle mass, who has had recent brain surgery, is many years older, and is now going around the Senate by wheelchair. The Media actually cheers his fortitude, rather than demanding his resignation, even though this person is on some of the most critical committees dealing with national security.

So the bias is very clear.

There is speculation on his mental health, rightly so, based on his actions. I heard that Reagan passed the same mental test that Trump just did despite early stages of Alzheimers.

The APA flatly rejects assessing political figures and speculating on their mental health by their TV appearances. So no, it's not rightful speculation when the professional association frowns upon the practice by Medical Professionals, much less journalists and pundits.

I believe that the media was claiming that it was impossible to hack voting machines.

No, we were told it's impossible to 'rig' national elections, period. The MSM endlessly reminded people of Obama's total rejection of the possibilty of hijacking any national election because it's DECENTRALIZED for many, many days right up until Election Day. Now, we're expected to believe a few thousand bucks on Facebook Ads pushing a pro-BLM website somehow was proof of meddling in the Election by Russia. Also, the Media greatly covered the endorsement by current and former Prime Ministers in Europe for Clinton, so by the US Media standard, they rigged the election.

Obama's flat rejection of the possibility of rigging national elections was put up on this forum several times.

The Week FAMOUSLY mocked Trump Supporters refusing to accept the results of a "98% Chance Hillary Victory", which has also been posted several times in this forum, before the election.

The Media gave breathless, sympathetic coverage to the Fake Women's March, which was really a gathering of Left Wing Forces. protesting Trump's Election.

The Media oozes and drips with smug, moralizing attitudes against everything the Trump admin has done. And all but ignores the amazing Economic news.

In fact, the media claimed that Russia did just that before the election

"Stop Whining" - Obama, endlessly and gloriously repeated by the MSM

President Barack Obama on Tuesday cast Donald Trump's claims of a rigged election as potentially corrosive to American democracy, insisting that the Republican presidential nominee was griping about an invented conspiracy.
"You start whining before the game's even over?"
Obama said during a news conference in the White House Rose Garden, adding that Trump's claim is "not based on facts."

Again, RT pushing BLM websites with Cartoon Characters and Facebook ads is not national election rigging in favor of Trump. In the Fall of 2016, the media was suggesting that Putin was backing Trump to the hilt, in order to connect Trump and Russia, and smear first conceived of by Podesta and Company sometime in the Spring of 2016.
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The fun is just beginning. They were employed for years by not just the DNC, but a multitude of current and former House Democrat Members.
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B-B--b-but, the BMI Index of a Senior Citizen!!! Six Foot TWO! Not Three!
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As somebody who has extensive experience from my Psychology 101 course I took twenty years ago when I was an undergrad in Georgetown, I diagnose with MEGALOMANIA!!!! 25th!!!! Must Impeach!!!
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We should start calling Democrats, "Underminers"

They hate the economic growth, they peddle rigged election claims that are potentially corrosive to American democracy, and gripe about invented conspiracies.
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What good does recycling cardboard in a fraction of the world going to do for CO2 emissions? Trees are renewable to begin with.

You support nuclear power as the only way to currently handle the replacement of fossil fuel burning power generation that is actually demonstrated to produce in quantities both at scale and all-day-long, yes?
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You'd be shocked. There was decent snowfall of a few inches in the Willamette Valley once and 90% of the people were trying to drive normally and sliding all over the place. It was insane. They literally had no clue how to drive in snow.
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Speaking of garbage scows, anybody remember this story from a while ago, that seemed to 'prove' we were running out of space for landfills?
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Alex is doing his Cenk Uyghur imitation right now, LOL.
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Good catch by Greenwald: Trump is so much a Stalinist Figure, yesterday Flake voted to give re-authorize and even expand his Domestic Spying powers.

Oh wait, Greenwald is now an unperson among Liberals except for a few HA Goodman type Democrats.
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errc says
Why do you say Democrats hate economic growth?

Nope, we had a very slow recovery, and then it pretty much flat lined. Obama was the only President in US History without a single year of 3% annual growth.

Charts on this is in another recent thread. Meanwhile, in the past year, thanks to the confidence that Trump inspired (Small Biz confidence at all time highs), the economy shot up like a rocket.
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Actually, the Media was mocking Trump's attempt to reform Obamneycare. I think it was the 3rd or 4th covered story last year, with the MSM pretending that Corporate Socialist Insurance Companies somehow represented progress that shouldn't be overturned.
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Heraclitusstudent says
You are not TPB. You know full well that the entire human civilization took place after the ice age in a period of very stable climate.

The examples you give of climatic changes are all disastrous COOLINGS. The Minoan Warm Period, the Roman Warm Period, and the Medieval Warm Period ending is what caused trouble, not warming.

I also know that the Cenozoic Era hasn't been stable, and that once homo sapiens (not Lucy from 4 mya) walked across the North Sea and/or Channel without getting their feet wet and other humans walked across the Bering Strait when it was above water. Did the erection of monoliths make the oceans rise hundreds of feet?

The climate changes that ruined societies generally happened when they were at their maximum population load relative to their pre-science production. For example, the end of the Medieval Warm period was already at the tail-end of years of rural expansion and then-maximal drainage and deforestation when the NAO got all messed up.

We've been oscillating back and forth between an Ice World and a Temperate One for many millions of years now, multiple times. Why should we have expected it to have stopped? What percentage of Global Warming is or isn't anthropogenic? Given the tendency to ice-ball hood over the past few million, maybe pumping up the temps a few degrees permanently is a good idea.

Even an 8C change in global temperatures isn't going to destroy human civilization at this point. It wouldn't kill off all the humans even if we weren't post-scientific.
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This is hilarious. We were told questioning Hillary's repeated coughing bouts, frennel lens glasses, electric blue seizure sunglasses, regular falls and slips, etc. was "beyond the pale" and then she collapsed into a vehicle head first on 9/11.

Now we're told that the exact same doctor who examined Obama gave Trump a sterling bill of health is part of some conspiracy.

Complete Medical Report: Insufficient!
Two Paragraphs without the least specifics: Sufficient, conspiracy theorists. SPLAT!

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lostand confused says
Liberals have gone batshit crazy.

Left: Uses "Passion" when they mean "Spastic"
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Anybody who wants to put up 4 posts to argue with me can get a username.
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errc says
Aren’t we still in the same channel, along the same trend lines, that we’ve experienced over the last eight years under a Democratic President?

No, as I said before, there was a weak recovery and then a near-flat line trajectory. for several years. Under Trump it began to shoot upwards.

Obama already got 4 years of blaming Bush, as he was doing as late as 2012. He doesn't get to ride on Trump's injection of Confidence into the Economy.
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Heraclitusstudent says
Sure it didn't bother humans too much back then. But imagine the same thousands of meters thick glaciers over north America and Europe. This is what severe climate change means and I'm not sure you can count on the opposite warming to be beneficial. At the very least it won't be for everyone.

The beneficiaries will most likely be those who don't dwell at the equator. Most of those folks are already pretty unhappy.

Looking forward to two crops in Svalbard.

Heraclitusstudent says
And you wouldn't say we are there at 7 billions going toward 9 billions in the next 30 yrs? With most of the increase in the warmest areas?

Build the wall and toughen the USCG and immigration laws, now.

Heraclitusstudent says
We will get 8C eventually if we don't stop burning fossil fuels. And I don't see where this number came from. The episodes I mentioned before were much more mild and still had huge impacts.

In 2016, Germany increased the percentage of wind farms (I believe by 11%) and solar by several percentage points, yet overall had reduced electrical output from both. Germany's average KW/cost is dramatically higher than France. Just because the sunny days were reduced, didn't mean it got windier.

What I'm saying is, the path to getting off fossil fuels is Nuclear power. Instead of billions for solar, we should be rapidly building Gen 3+ and Gen 4 Test Reactors left and right. And of course, the car must go, because batteries are far, far, far from being viable and we can't both go to renewables/zero CO2 emissions while switching to electric vehicles, not to mention the horrific pollution from refining rare earth metals.
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Heraclitusstudent says
Arguing about the solution means accepting that there is a problem.

Well yeah, fossil fuels are eventually going to become very expensive, even if there was no Greenhouse Problem. Nuclear and hopefully Fusion is the way forward, only way to reliably generate electricity, esp. in the absence of batteries.

California has 23 minutes of electricity storage at normal use rates, IF you chain every car and truck and marine battery together and nobody drives.
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Heraclitusstudent says
Solar and wind power are poised to become the cheapest forms of new electricity across large swaths of the globe.

And they give off reliable power, with no need for very expensive and environmentally hazardous-to-produce batteries?

I know in advance that three days from now that I will have X input that will produce Y output at 7PM?
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So exciting. Now we can devote resources to the wall, coke, and heroin.

A lot of LEO groups would be livid if this passes. No more $$$ for impounds and police/sheriff's auctions from pulling over hippies.
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CGI Puke and yet another Superhero with overpriced beverages and snacks. I'll pass.
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Flake was so sure that Trump was Stalin, he voted to re-authorize a bill giving Trump extensive domestic surveillance powers literally hours before he speech.

Or, he's a bloviating failed politician who likes the swampy status quo.
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No foreign NGO should be allowed to influence politics or propagandize students.
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And this is utterly illegal.

The state’s top cop issued a warning to California employers Thursday that businesses face legal repercussions, including fines up to $10,000, if they assist federal immigration authorities with a potential widespread immigration crackdown.

“It’s important, given these rumors that are out there, to let people know – more specifically today, employers – that if they voluntarily start giving up information about their employees or access to their employees in ways that contradict our new California laws, they subject themselves to actions by my office,” state Attorney General Xavier Becerra said at a news conference. “We will prosecute those who violate the law.”
It's illegal to knowingly hire illegals. California is going to try to arrest employers who help Federal Employees make sure there are no illegals?

So many similarities with the Civil War South. "How dare you prevent us from having slaves! "
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On the right hand side is all the links to his Armageddon speculation pieces.
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Hahaha, yeah, release the FISA memo.

What "private contractor" got access to the FISA 720 query system while it was compiling a "Dossier"?
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Shocker: Politicized Government Employees and Private Contractors abused FISA to go after opponents.

Media: "Oh, that's not really a big deal"
Cliinton: "We distance ourselves from Fusion GPS"
Fusion GPS: "We did it all on the orders of Clinton"
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I think many #TDS sufferers have no idea what we're even talking about. Because they've been in the MSM/Alternet bubble.

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Bump because of #Girtherism

This thread was just a few days before Hillary collapsed at the 9/11 memorial.
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"Trump is a step away from a heart attack because he gets no exercise. Also, he spends too much time golfing."
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At that point you gotta give up the head, the drama ain't worth the alternative. Hell hath no fury, so hold the nose, and remember the mouthwash.
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WookieMan says
Nothing to do with the OP. But what the fuck is Valarie Jarret or whatever her name is? That thing is fucked up. No one can tell me with a straight face that's a normal human.

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CNN's twitter feed is all Girtherism and Chris Cillizza bitching about Stormy Daniels not getting enough attention.

NOTHING about multiple Rep House Members demanding the Memo be released. #ReleasetheMemo doesn't autofill like it did this morning and was removed from Trending. Jack has the fix in.
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We live in a country that has transspecific bathrooms, but no parking for pregnant mothers or people with young children.
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anon_8f378 says
Dreamers is widely popular with the general public. It's only the Trupcucks that think otherwise.

Nope. 5% of the US population identifies illegal immigration as the top problem facing the country, and a huge chunk of those are those trying to get the illegal immigration laws enforced.

16% of Republicans: Immigration a top Problem. Only 4% of Democrats.
A shutdown in FAVOR of illegals is worse for Democrats.

Please, please Schumer, shutdown the government.
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Success breeds jealousy.