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Ironman says

How's that vote for Obama (twice) working out for you?

Dunno about HydroCarbon, but good here. Plenty of entertainment watching GOP, especially the
Karl Rove meltdown when he couldn't believe Romney lost. The GOP has done a great imitation of
Harold Camping too, a man I adore. WORLD IS ENDING TOMORROW, wait postponed, yep it's
going to end next week for sure.

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13) Nehemiah Scudder

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Seems like majority of victims were listening to DEATH METAL when attacked. Hmmmm.....

Anyhow, terrific advantage for a massacre. Loud rock concert where if people heard anything at all, their first instinct would be it's pyrotechnics from the performance.

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Someone clue me in, why is ISIS intent on pissing off the Russians now?

Ignorant recruits can't do much without plentiful AK & RPG.

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You misunderstand the purpose of the TSA:


The airlines needed it it, so customers would have their illusion of safety.
Without it, all the legacies would have gone bankrupt after 9/11.
I flew the week after 9/11 and there were NG people with slung M-16's
every which way. Even empty rifles made people FEEL safer.

Replacing the hired help with different ones doing the same
pointless jobs, would achieve the same end result. And you're not going
to go back to the "good old days" the airlines wouldn't allow it.

It's an impossible task. Here's one X-ray image after another
floating rapidly past. Don't dare stop too many people over nothing and
bung up the lines all day, the airport authority/airlines will get pissed.
Try not to get bored and miss something.... ZZzzzzz

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HydroCabron says

A majority of Republicans nationally support establishing Christianity as the national religion, according to a new Public Policy Polling survey released Tuesday.

Ah but WHICH Christianity? Every splinter is sure the others are wrong and followers will burn in Hell.

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This article rings most true to me:

"While ISIS is, in fact, trying to build an Islamic State and is working to capture and govern territory, its ultimate vision is an apocalyptic one. A strategy that looks self-destructive is, in fact, destructive, but perhaps less baffling than it seems as first glance. As many scholars have noted, ISIS's long-range vision is of an end-of-days battle with the West -- what it calls "Rome." It is the ultimate suicide mission, one that sees the entire world involved in a grand final conflagration."

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Blurtman says

I believe this is unprecedented in US history.

Unprecedented you say?

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Americans have always had a streak of socialism in them, they've just been brainwashed about the label.

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Hush Puppies? Payless? No thanks!

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elliemae says

The article referred to fogel's "mild pedophilia."

Undergrad roomie, after a while I noticed when he did date they were girls that
that were stick figures, like young boys. I just thought it peculiar, we drifted apart.

Years later..... yep, you guessed it.

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The real threat:

Atlanta's hideous highways.

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Trump is not approved by GOP establishment. They are actively looking for weaknesses.
At some point he'll get a cut, and the piranha feeding frenzy will commence.

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Bristol Palin gets paid too. And Paris Hilton. So what?

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Libertarians are busy polishing their John Birch memorabilia.

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Ironman hates cops, if he were there they'd have all been incinerated.

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Ironman says

Not paying attention?

They've lobbed bomb after bomb at him, and he's sent them right back, TWICE as hard. The only thing left is to pull a "Robert Kennedy" on him.

Assassins only have to succeed ONCE.

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I'm a bit bothered by the continuing LOOONG articles about the dead cop and his entire life story.
The part where it mentions "...and 2 civilians" is what bothers me.

How about 3 CITIZENS died? And what were the other 2 names?
They seem almost entirely ignored.

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Ironman says

Obama has once again tried to turn a nutjob shooting people at a Planned Parenthood clinic into a call for "more gun control"

Clearly this is all Obama's fault, and nobody should act rashly based on isolated incidents.


We are told any incremental measures are "reasonable restrictions" when it comes to abortion.

Yet when you talk about imposing ANYTHING vaguely similar on firearms purchase or ownership OMG IT'S SLIPPERY SLOPE TO TYRANNY!

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Blurtman says

I am sure there are stats out there about single parent versus two parent raised kids.

A great many Icelandic kids are raised by single parents and turn out fine.

If you want to posit that Americans are so incompetent and dysfunctional that
they cannot handle single parenting, well that's not allowed. Because you know....

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Ironman says

San Bernadino suspects names : Syed Farooq, Susanna Ramos and Syed Moizullah.

You decide...

1 US-born American citizen, and 1 Saudi.

9/11, remember that? Saudis.

Instead of Afghanistan and Iraq, we should have invaded Saudi Arabia. Oh right, they were Bush allies.

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Strategist says

Those whores will be of no help when you are old, sick, need companionship, and when you can't get it up any more.

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NuttBoxer says

Do terrorists consider a Health and Public Services building a high profile target? Doubtful.

I think it's likely entree of disgruntled nutjob, with a side of radical terrrorism.

Like the Oklahoma beheading last year. Sure the guy spouted a bunch of religious crap, but he was also being fired from his job at the food processing plant. Coworkers were killed, not random citizens.

So Mr. Numbskull is all wrapped up in his minor work complaints. Maybe someone says MERRRY CHRISTMAS HERE'S SOME BACON HAR HAR or whatever and that fiinally pushes him over the edge. So he and Princess of Arabia get dolled up and hose down the room.

If he were a pure terrorist, he'd have posted the Princess at the entrance to Walmart to prevent escape, and gone hunting for shoppers trapped inside. Or opened up on the line of people waiting for Santa at the mall. His choice of target is way personal.

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thunderlips11 says

Wife Malik participated, firing Assault Rifle. What does this mean for Syrian Refugees? Hopefully a stop to it.


she wasn't Syrian!

My money is on HER as being the goading influence here.

And to your point somewhat:

Weapons used definitely not AK-47 smuggled over in anyone's luggage.

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Heraclitusstudent says

All these billions spend, all this mega spying infrastructure setup, all these privacy violated and they can't find that?

Yeah exactly! But do not ever question "bang for the buck" when it comes to defense & intelligence spending!!!

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Children are walking into the US on their own?


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Decades of GOP talking up this "Christian Nation", and recent years of campaigning against the Sekret Muslim in Office......

But now suddenly the GOP wants to warmly welcome Muslim immigrants.

Strange time my friends!

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I SPIT UPON THEE, for cruelly misleading headlines.

And Ironman deserves to have his eyes gouged out for his even greater offense.

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lostand confused says

She also said focus on Syria's Assad, is diverting focus away from fighting ISIS.

Sadly, this is true.

Assad, much like Sadam Hussein, is not a nice man.

However, the region was much safer for American interests when we weren't toppling despots.

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I'll disagree with many here.

I had Windows 7 since it came out. Finally my install became very creaky and unstable. I wiped it and installed Windows 10 and I couldn't be happier. Even on my 2007-era desktop it performs just fine.

I also have Macbook and iPhone, but sometimes I need Windows.

I have also warmed to Office 365. There are risks of course, but I can get a lot of Office type basics done anywhere I have a web browser now. Physical hardware dies, it's not the end of ability to work any more.

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thunderlips11 says

The VR Sex shit was in that crappy Stallone movie

Stallone? Why you bring up that shit??!!!!

The classic VR scene is in Brainstorm (1983). Dude stays plugged into orgasm playback too long....

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The Donor Class, also needs that information. They can find out who is polling best from common media forever.

But they want their MONEY to go where all the other money is going. Because in a chaotic environment, the only thing they know to do is assume Richie Rich wins.

  Vicente   ignore (0)   2016 Feb 29, 1:29pm   ↑ like (2)   ↓ dislike (1)     quote      

I always find it funny when my relatives call Hollywood "librul".

The people who run studios, it's firstly about MONEY, then secondly about MONEY, and thirdly....

They have no imagination and want to produce Star Tek and Indiana Jones reboots for as long as
you folks will keep handing them money. The day that a SuperFly reboot tops box office records
is the day I will expect a demographic shift in actor hiring.

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My sister WOKE ME UP this morning sending the family pictures by text of herself at a Rubio rally.
Her family drove themselves, no bus involved.

And of course other family cheered her on, and contributed pithy Ugly Hillary pics
contrasted to Jeanette.

Republicanism apparently removes your ability to do timezone computations
such that you think it's OK to send dozen+ texts to someone at O-dark-thirty.
Ordinarily my ringer is off at night, but this my on-call week so it's on 24x7.
I can't just ignore my phone because it could be work.

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My spouse gets up before I do, goes to bed often after I do, and usually creates more
order and organization than I do. The producers picked the most sloth-like group
of women I could imagine. Funny though.

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DieBankOfAmericaPhukkingDie says

Most of the show would be about beach orgies.

I believe you are thinking of this classic nature documentary:

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YesYNot says

Can I suggest a user option for turning off pictures on the front page?


There's another site I frequent which is NSFW, which has a "safe browsing" toggle
which disables the images.

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Hello friends!

I pretty much dropped off of, based on increasing nimrod dominance.

I see this has only gotten worse, had to go back 3 pages to find this post with sane content.

Anyhow, good to see there are still a few old-timers tilting at the windmills.

Til next time.