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Tenpoundbass says
I hope Williamson wins the Primaries, every single thing she says is coo coo looney.

Williamson is also the only candidate that has a spiritual dimension. That is unique in American politics. I don't think she will win, but better her that Biden. If she won, then that would be a unique race and very interesting. Voters would have a real choice.
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Here's something: mentally ill people

Divisive news services

Every time a mass shooting occurs, the media, no matter what the truth is blames white nationalists. A black person shoots white people, it's a case of white supremacy rising, as far as the media and Hollywood is concerned.
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
One dead Mexican creates 1000s of jobs for WHITE! AMERICA!ns.

Nothing racist about these FACTS!

What are you talking about? Be specific, rational, and use actual facts.
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Joe Scarborough on mass shootings: 3 minutes in. THIS, IF ANYTHING DRIVES PEOPLE TO ATTACK OTHERS:

TRUMP IGNORES WARNINGS From Scarborough and others to curb his rhetoric or at least tone it down. Even Ben Shapiro is saying this.

4:00 minutes in: Scarborough goes on to blame all Trump supporters for the violence. "They don't care about the white supremacy... despite his [Trump] white supremacy, despite his violent rhetoric..." The he goes on to misquote Trump after the "Charlottesville riot." He actually says the president was talking about Neo Nazis and white supremacist when he said, there were "very good people on both sides." Ben Shapiro is also very unforgiving of our neophyte president on this issue.

It is rhetoric like this that is dividing a nation and pissing off a lot of people. Is it possible that one crazed individual with a sick mind will go off and shoot someone? You take a million people, chances are one of them will go nuts and become a one man terrorist organization, giving more ammunition to the deranged left, who constantly use these attack for political reasons.

Gun control, speech control, mascarading as red flag laws. Whenever they say it's for your safety, beware, they are just about to take away your civil liberties. Because some nutcase went and killed some people, it will now be against the law to get angry and express that anger on line. If you do, you will be reported and the authorities will show up at your door and ask you if you own a gun?

More people die in automobile accidents than gun deaths, but mass shootings of course get more attention. Why? Not because they deserve more attention, but because they are more of a specacle and they can use these shoking event to probe the shooters mind, look for someone to blame and sway public opinion to their pet cause.
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Also he was banned from YouTube.
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Gays are already okay in society. Please don't lump them in together with pedos. Two different animals, Don't pretend there aren't hetro pedos, probably more common.

That aside, WATCH Amazing Polly talk about the Epstein case and his obsession with eugenics:
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Ceffer says
Wasn't that exactly the point. You allow criminals in your home providing a nucleus for their activities, and you get punished, too, by proxy. Harboring a criminal is BEING a criminal.

Except they weren't harboring a criminal, they were taking care of a youth in need of a home, probably out of some misguided effort to rehabilitate him.
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Joseph P. Farrell has a good high octane theory on why Chase is forgiving debt:
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I thought Chris was Fredo also. The truth hurts. Totally lost it! Low ratings @CNN https://t.co/yBpGjt4N1T

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 13, 2019

Hey @ChrisCuomo, take it from me, “Fredo” isn’t the N word for Italians, it just means you’re the dumb brother. 😉 https://t.co/sgg6yF7UDO

— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) August 13, 2019
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Fredo, Cuomo, Fredo, Cuomo "I'm smart and I want respect or “I’ll f*ckin ruin your shit."

Post your best memes! pic.twitter.com/SPhzL2UU6M

— GrrrGraphics Cartoons (@GrrrGraphics) August 13, 2019

More memes: https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2019/08/13/chris-cuomos-fredo-meltdown-breaks-the-internet-with-memes-galore/
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Some of you might remember Chris Cuomo in The Godfather before CNN.

#Fredo pic.twitter.com/TsQSV70kr5

— Cameron Grant (@coolercambackup) August 13, 2019

Don’t forget your boy #fredo pic.twitter.com/P2Kr4DjvSC

— Daniel Thomas (@RetroColossus) August 13, 2019
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Fredo was the weakest & stupidest of the family, so he was given an entertainment job. Any correlation to current events is purely coincidental.

— David Reaboi (@davereaboi) August 13, 2019
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"Fredo" is not an "ethnic slur" against Italians.

But if you were to call me something like "Cuomo" — well, then we'd have a problem…

— Alana Mastrangelo (@ARmastrangelo) August 13, 2019
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Chris Cuomo recklessly calls Donald Trump a white supremacist every night and then has a meltdown when some stranger calls him 'Fredo' once??? #chriscoumo #CuomoMeltdown
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Chris Cuomo Fredo, the same pundit who excused left-wing violence against Republicans. He said it was alright to bully conservatives who support Trump. Cuomo is nothing but a bully. Now it's his turn to be bullied: Paybacks a bitch!

4 minutes in: After Cuomo spreads the false rumor Trump was talking about white nationalists and white supremacists when he said about the Charlottesville demonstration, "there were good people on both sides" when he condemned Neo Nazis totally in the same statement, but with some editing you would never know, after that Cuomo goes on to justify Antifa's violence against white supremacist at a rally where there were only twelve white supremacists. He equates all white supremacists with Trump voters:

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marcus says

Meanwhile, we have a sober Potus that intentionally tweets, embarrassing himself and most of our entire species even worse than that every other morning at 3 am.

Have you ever heard Trump threaten to throw someone down the stairs?

Gee, I guess his tweets are not equivalent to Cuomos' outburst.
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WookieMan says
Trump has said he'd punch people and shot people during rallies.

What liberals don't get about Trump rallies are they are all in fun. When he threatens to punch someone his fans know he is not serious. Cuomo was. That's the difference!
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More responses:

“I never thought about it, but like, I can see, like, I guess, like, why some students have a problem with it,” said one student. “I’ll totally sign that.”

“I haven’t really thought of it as a white guy, I just thought of it as the light is white,” noted another individual as he signed the fake petition.

“Oh, that’s so lit!” exclaimed a third student who agreed to sign.
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More responses:

“I never thought about it, but like, I can see, like, I guess, like, why some students have a problem with it,” said one student. “I’ll totally sign that.”

“I haven’t really thought of it as a white guy, I just thought of it as the light is white,” noted another individual as he signed the fake petition.

“Oh, that’s so lit!” exclaimed a third student who agreed to sign.
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This article on ZeroHedge gives the story credence: Did Epstein Own An 'Extremely Sexual' Portrait Of Bill Clinton In A Blue Dress?

As the Daily Mail reveals, the original painting is by Australian-American artist Petrina Ryan-Kleid, although it is unclear if Epstein bought the canvas or had a print mounted.

As for the "extremely sexual" portrait which obviously recalls Monica Lewinsky's infamous blue dress, the source of the photo said she was inside Epstein's home for around an hour and a half for a meeting, which had been arranged by the pedophile's then-assistant Lesley Groff.

Groff has been named as a possible accomplice in the New York case - AG William Barr has said the DoJ would prosecute alleged Epstein accomplices. She was granted immunity in Epstein's controversial plea deal in 2008.

SEE: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-08-14/did-epstein-have-extremely-sexual-portrait-bill-clinton-blue-dress
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Here is onee comment left on Breitbart:

Checkssc • 2 hours ago

So I'm an educated Trump supporter, 3 advanced degrees, and a retired military pilot. You have a useless business mis-administration degree and were a bar tender. And you have the gall to call me stupid? You're why the progressives will fail.
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Iranian_Oil_Burse says

Nahhhh. That never happens.

The true racist are the Democrats making a big deal out of institutional racism, which is just a war on white people. If you are white and Democrat then you belong to a party that hates you and no longer represents the American people and Democratic institutions. The whole point of the Democratic Party is to tear America down, destroy the economy and institute socialist or communist policy to further enslave the American people. If you want to be a slave, the Dems are for you.
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marcus says

It is a problem though. Too many young people listening to wacky anti-white voices on the left.

Thank you for that. There are traditional liberals I can have a rational discussion with. Obviously you are one of them. Dave Rubin is another, and he has practically been co opted by the right because he dared to criticize them for their extremist views, just as you are doing. You might find yourself in the same boat if you tell your fellow Dems their dogma is unfounded in reality.

White privilege is a myth. The truth is we all have obstacles in life to overcome. It's how you handle adversity that makes the man. To put responsibility outside yourself is sad, because then you give over responsibility for your life to someone else.
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WineHorror1 says

Sorry to tell you this but racism is human nature. You're racist even. Bet I could prove it even. YOU CANNOT CHANGE HUMAN NATURE. But the left will kill hundreds of millions trying to do just that. Thank you leftists.

Under that definition we are all racist and by extension, none of us are, because every individual is self concerned and concerned about his and her family group etc. first and foremost. That's natural. I agree.
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Ceffer says
I still think there is at least a 25 percent chance that he is still alive

Possibly, although he would still be a huge liability if they were to let him live. I can't be sure someone didn't touch up the photos to make it look like it wasn't Epstein to spread a conspiracy theory. The last CIA asset that was used to blackmail congressman and senators was Craig Spence and he definitely committed suicide, like a good solider.

More about Craig Spence: https://mojomorning.blogspot.com/2018/07/d-c-madam.html
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marcus says

Meanwhile, we have a sober Potus that intentionally tweets, embarrassing himself and most of our entire species even worse than that every other morning at 3 am.

That's one interpretation that you share with Ben Shapiro. I happen to like his tweets. They are more honest than the mainstream media.
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How many black people claim they are oppressed to capitalize on that minority credit of unfair persecution, when they actually led privledged lives: Cory Booker, who went to Yale and had a privileged upbringing complains about how hard he had it and how he was suppressed by the white man.

SEE: https://blavity.com/senator-cory-booker-opens-up-about-his-childhood-success-and-paths-forward-in-special-podcast-episode

Jussie Smollett staged a fake attack to show how oppressed he was so he could capitalize on that to get a better acting gig.
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Quigley says
The robots are coming for the truck drivers now!

I was surprised to see the drivers were still in the truck, sitting around like a couple of useless dicks.
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Ron Paul on Larry King: RT

Published on Aug 15, 2019
Former congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) discusses his support for Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard, and tells Larry King why he thinks some D.C. factions are against her White House run. Plus, his take on the U.S.-China trade war.

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Ceffer says
Psychotropic drugs are witches oils, applied in an almost experimental manner on a case by case basis by shrinks, with spectacular results both on the good side as well as the bad side. This is why monitoring is so important.

On the one hand you call these drugs "witches oils" and on the other hand you think they have good effects. If the good effects are controlling the behavior of kids instead of allowing them to be kids and deal with their natural energy, then I guess you have a point, but dulling the senses for classroom control is a problem for me. I don't think they should be giving the kids drugs, especially not their manufactured drugs for deadening the populace to make them more pliable.
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Ceffer says
It's a complex social problem, and it's not as simple as saying bad things happen sometimes, therefore all meds are bad and only bad people prescribe them.

ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY WITHOUT QUESTION Very Bad! Stupid! Things were so much better in the 1960'2 and 70's when real drugs that were fun were available, drugs that expanded consciousness instead of deadening it. Your friend sounds like a zombie. That's what these prescription drugs do: zombiefy you. Just to be normal? My God, please preserve me from that, anything but. I see so many people walking around brain dead. It's like T.S. Eliot said, "A crowd flowed over London Bridge, I had not thought death had undone so many."

It's sad that the younger generation thinks things are better now with less choices, less possibilities. When I was growing up in the 60's no one had to work two jobs to get by. You could live cheap and you had plenty of time to go to all the rock concerts you wanted and play with your friends for hours. Back then life was exciting and interesting and you didn't have school shootings and students weren't given a bunch of pharmaceuticals. No, you got those from the local drug dealer and you got fun drugs that made you want to live and shout.

Oh but we can't have that now can we? We all must sit still and be NORMAL.

Sad, just sad.
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The hoax James Lindsay and professor Peter Boghossian pulled in June of last year, when their first bogus paper was published, “The Conceptual Penis is a Social Construct” Professor Boghossian said in an off-hand manner, “and we argued, among other things, penises are responsible for climate change. …And that paper came under considerable criticism. And so we took a look at the criticism and we said, ‘okay, lets see if we can replicate this on a grand scale.”

SEE: https://mojomorning.blogspot.com/2019/02/a-brilliant-hoax.html
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EBGuy says
Well, you have to admit, their critics do make some good points

These leftist freaks barely have a brain to make a point and all they know how to do is react, because the have a reactive mind. Look at the point at which they went off in protest: after the speaker said, there a biological differences between men and women. This is a problem for them? They are deranged leftist.
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A quote from the article from Aero magazine:

Left-wing liberals typically disagree with them about this because we are motivated by values which are left-wing. Being liberal rather than socialist, we largely support the freedom of markets but there is also a strong focus on supporting the most vulnerable in society. For this reason, we also want some regulation in there to prevent exploitation of the poorest people with the fewest options. This focus on supporting the most vulnerable in society is a primary one and has historically been for the benefit of the working class but also, when warranted, for women and for racial and sexual minorities.

Will Power reaction:

Socialism can succeed in a strong capitalist economy, with a limited number citizens, in homogeneous society, where there is a great deal of trust and good will, as in Denmark. Although I wouldn't want to live there or in any socialist nightmare, it works there because, I hate to say it... but most everyone is Danish. Here in the States, there is a lot less trust between the races, that tend not to mix with each other. We also have a lot of infighting and an immigration problem. This is an imperfect world and while there are a lot of good people of all races in society, there isn't a great deal of trust between the races, which is different from prejudice. As we all know, it doesn't take too many bad apples to ruin the whole bunch, and then what do you have? A rotten society and all socialist parasites perish with the apples.
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SunnyvaleCA says
Do you suppose he'll only be taking bribes from verified US citizens?

He's supposed to, but these people are expatriates who hate America.

Ceffer says
If you like your cartel, you can keep your cartel.

More guns and ammo, no problem. Be sure to take out a few Republicans.
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Patrick says
A Merced County judge said the two men showed no remorse throughout the trial.

There's a pair of eyes you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley on a cold night in winter.
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California gang members laugh in court as they receive life sentences for attempted murder of cop

The gang members' attorney said he would appeal their convictions. 

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce vs. America
If you are a business owner who believes your country should strictly and consistently enforce its borders and deport illegal immigrants who violate the terms of their visas, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce doesn’t represent you.
UNLESS: the business owners are using illegal immigrants to improve the bottom line.

The Chamber is one of the staunchest promoters of mass illegal immigration, and it joined with the AFL-CIO and American Civil Liberties Union to oppose immigration-enforcement measures.

The globalist are entrenched in the deep state bureaucracies, including the CIA, especially the FBI, and globalist seem to have taken over the Chamber of Commerce…

FROM: https://www.uschamber.com/about/about-the-us-chamber

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the world’s largest business organization representing the interests of more than 3 million businesses of all sizes, sectors, and regions. Our members range from mom-and-pop shops and local chambers to leading industry associations and large corporations. They all share one thing—they count on the Chamber to be their voice in Washington, D.C.

…is a lobbying organization and if they want mass immigration it is because it benefits their donors, otherwise it wouldn’t be so.

The workers, employees are alone on this front. You can’t count on big business, or corporations to bail us out. Our concerns are not theirs. And unions are the only way to do it.

Typically, unions are not favored by conservatives, but if you are a conservative like myself who wants a strong economy and believes corporations and businesses deserve to profit from the risk they take on setting up a business, AND if you are an employee, then it would benefit your position, one with no leverage if you are on your own, to belong to a union.

I understand unions have a sordid history of corruption, but not all unions are that way. In fact unions today are hurting. Laws making it more difficult to collect dues have shrunk their power of influence, making them weak and anemic.
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Bitching & moaning while their elected ilk destroy Americans' freedom.

Unlike your fine self, heckling and trolling on small conservative social media sites, spreading hate and anger at every opportunity and saying things with little or no basis in fact.
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