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Banning Alex Jones From Facebook, YouTube, Apple, and Spotify, and now Twitter: Is It Justified?

A Balanced Analysis of the Left-Wing Press Justifying the Ban, While Defending John Brennan, Claiming Violation of his Civil Liberties,

While the ACLU Remains Strangely Mute on Jones,

But Is the Real Reason for the Ban Declining Viewership on the Major Networks?

And A Final Note on the Robert Spencer and Jihad Watch Banning

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Liberal comedian Bill Maher defended InfoWars host Alex Jones on Friday’s episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, arguing that self-described liberals should be in favor of free speech as it is a core American value.

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Liberal media outlet: Politico, in an article dated 11/21/2013 shows how Obama, who did the same thing Trump is doing now, revoking national security clearances for national security reasons, was not shamed by the press for doing so:

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Lies like these, we should all be impeached!
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I couldn't agree more.
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In the letter, obtained by NPR, Frotman unloads on Mulvaney and the Trump administration of undermining his ability to defend the millions of millennial loan borrowers struggling to stay afloat. There was no mention of explaining to said millions of millennials why taking out debt in the first place is a bad idea if there are no prospects of ever repaying it.

Frotman concludes the resignation letter with a warning that the “system is rigged to favor the most powerful financial interests.” He also mentioned millions of borrowers are "trapped in a broken student loan system", by which he meant one in which borrowers are expect to repay their lenders:

"For seven years, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau fought to ensure these families received a fair shake as they strived for the American Dream. Sadly, the damage you have done to the Bureau betrays these families and sacrifices the financial futures of millions of Americans in communities across the country.


A problem that has been around for years: Trump inherited this: What did Obama do? Nothing, now Trump is supposed to fix it in a day?
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ACLU has been controlled by the CIA for decades. I can't believe you ever gave money to that fascist organization that has nothing to do with protecting anyone's civil liberties, and everything to with presenting a false front for the easily deceived. They were quiet when Alex Jones was banned from Facebook, YouTube and Spotify.
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This is a two edged sword Dems.

Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-KY) wife, Kelley, wrote an open letter to Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) expressing her anguish over the harm done to her husband and the “horrifying” threats the family has faced, which she said Booker encouraged when he told President Trump’s detractors to use acts of intimidation against the president’s supporters.


Don't ask me to feel sorry for her the way the radical dems have been acting.
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"Kavanaugh supporters claim Blasey Ford must be in it for the attention."

I know Republicans who say she wanted this to remain anonymous and it was Feinstein who used her a political football and leaked her letter to the press and ruined her chances to keep this on the down low, or handled privately as Ford originally wanted. Blame the Dems for making her info public.
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The "stalling tactic" was instituted by her lawyers probably and not Ford herself who never wanted any of this. If anyone is to blame for her grief it's the Dems who had no regard for her privacy and only used her trauma to try and bring down Kavanaugh. It's a good thing for our country that such tactics didn't work and he will be confirmed.
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"Every time Blasey Ford's character and motives are called into question, she is victimized again. It's no wonder that Psychology Today cites "fear of consequences" as a reason that women don't report sexual harassment and assault."

So what you are saying is any woman who makes an unfounded, uncorroborated accusation, that would never stand up in a court of law, should be believed no matter what? What about a person's presumption of innocence? What if a man accuses a woman of assault? Should his story be believed without question?

I mean come on, get real.
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Jerry Brown?

What's good about his administration? You like open boarders, sanctuary state, where illegal immigrants have the right to vote? Do you Democrats have any self respect at all? What do you have to say about that?
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California Elections Official Does Not Know if Non-Citizens Have Voted


When illegal immigrants come into our country and take jobs away from those of us who were born here, it is like cutting in line. As immigrants become more technically knowledgeable they will go after jobs in every sector of the middle-class work-force and bring down wages for everyone who is not in the top of 1% of income earners. Imagine someone willing to do your $100 thousand-plus-a-year job for half that. Your value has just been devalued by half.

If this is what you want for your future, just keep supporting open boarders, no ICE agents, no WALL, and Gavin Newsom. If you want what is good for California, consider Cox.
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I'm on GAB: Real free speech on GAB.

They even let Robert Bowers, the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting suspect n their site.

Will Powers
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"twitter loser site! Free Speech! My Ass!
Has anyone there said:
Boycott your enemy! America is a Socialist Nation & pays it's self with HEYYOU's tax
increase., America has killed Millions? of innocents with their military adventures,how many were children?
Fuck the fools that can't state facts!

Doesn't the truth piss one off?

Have you tried saying that? I doubt you would be kicked off their site, but you might have a hard time attracting followers with your shit.
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You know you hurt your opponent when they resort to the flawed argument that is the premise of their current flawed argument: "Last week one of his supporters was arrested for sending IEDs to people POTUS constantly attacks on the stump, including CNN.” As if to say Trump was some how responsible for what a crazy person does. I mean that argument is crazy. Did any one blame Bernie Sanders, because a left-wing nut job shot Steve Scalise?
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jazz_music says
This is just a daily demonstration by trump of what a fucking retard wannabe dictator he is.

Yeah, he's so stupid he became president on his first try without holding a prior office in his life.

And may I remind you he is a duly elected leader and has not suspended elections or did anything to deserve being called a dictator. Move to China: then you can see what a real dictatorship is like. This is why the left has become unhinged, they take the most unbalanced outlook on TRump, the most extreme unsupportable opinions as truth.

You're infantile!

Will Powers
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I agree with the Right.Glad you do! It's alright for me to grab the pussies of your female family & friends?

You go ahead and do that and see where it gets you. You think Trump supporters voted for him because he said he grabbed some pussy? You obviously don't get it. And I'm not going to try and explain to someone who is so deluded he thinks that is the reason people voted for Trump. Why did women vote for him then? Get a clue.
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I've relied on Dumb/Stupid. I seems more accurate.

If you're a Dem you already belong to the dumb stupid party. Obviously you don't see what's going on because you're brain dead. There is no hope for you.
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What an atheistic materialist trap. I pity his poor soul when Cuomo realizes the end result of all words and opinions and his end will no doubt be one of great suffering. I say this as an observer and for someone to say what he said must be bereft of a soul.

I wish Cuomo no harm and hope he finds some peace of mind, cause I'd hate to live in that death trap he no doubt thinks is a fine mind.

Will Powers
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Michael Avenatti has been arrested on felony domestic violence charges, TMZ reported Wednesday afternoon. The LA lawyer, who's best known for representing porn actress Stormy Daniels and discredited Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick, was picked up after his estranged wife filed a domestic violence police report. TMZ's source said her face was swollen and bruised when she arrived at the station.

Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha................
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WWI, the Arch Duke of Ferdinand killed by Serbian nationalist began a war in a time when it took months to mobilize an army and by time they did it was too late to turn back and by the end of the war, everyone knew what a waste of life it was.

Furthermore, I don't know how many journalist have died and no one blinked an eye:

Here's a list on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_journalists_killed_in_the_United_States

"While friends and admirers mourn the loss of investigative journalist Jen Moore — who was found dead in a suburban D.C. hotel room Monday — a haunting final interview has surfaced where Moore details the Clinton case she was working on at the time of her suspicious death.

"Moore, an advocate who investigated abused and trafficked children, had been in the process of investigating allegations by a 26-year-old man that — as a young boy — he was sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton and pimped out at private sex parties attended by other D.C. elites."

Quote FROM: http://www.theeventchronicle.com/cabal-exposed/haunting-final-interview-surfaces-of-dead-journalist-jen-moore-her-chilling-details-of-abuse-of-alleged-clinton-rape-victim/

Did anyone call for making an international incident, or even appointing a special council to investigate in the deaths of these journalist. Was there a CIA report on the death of Jen Moore?

There are so many stories about dead journalists, some of whom stood up to the Washington corrupt establishment, who ended up dead, or completely marginalized and forgotten, the unsung heroes of the press: read: "Into the Buzzsaw"; while people are ready to start an international incident, even talk about WWI in relation to this incident and what happened, what has happened a million times before, to a person who entered a dangerous profession, Khashoggi died.

In time this incident will be forgotten and it will be business as usual.

As for "the collapse of the US-British Middle East foreign" alliance with AKA over this incident is preposterous, since the French and the Canadians said they were going to do nothing about this and the US is doing nothing. If Trump decided to make an international incident out of this, then you would have a problem with the delicate balance in the worn torn region known as the middle east.

And congress, they are going to be too busy going after Trump to worry about a dead reporter, who worked for the CIA, I mean the Washington Post.

Here is the deep state sending out another message to the cowed masses through their outlets the NYT and WaPo: We need an enemy and since We really don't want to fight the Chinese because we made them too big and strong and they stole all our technological secrets, or Hillary gave them away to fatten up her slush fund, the corrupt Clinton Foundation, and since the Russians are beginning to look like our friends again, maybe we could go to war with Saudi Arabia at least.

The last paragraph was speculative humor and not meant to be taken too seriously.

Will Powers
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rocketjoe79 says
You should be asking what's happening in NC-9. The only place in the country where ACTUAL voter fraud took place.

And it was Republicans, of course. Like it always is

In the article I talk about both Republican and Democratic voter fraud. For you to say it's only the Republicans who cheat is flawed. It cuts both ways. The Republicans steal elections because the Democrats do and to think the Democrats just want to count every vote is feeble minded. Where did these votes come from? How did they get them after election night? This is legal election thievery. That you don't want to see that is Democrats blind side. Keep your eyes on the road Democrat. Don't look to the side, you might actually see something.
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Tim Aurora says
Any other President ( and that includes Republican Presidents ) would have been impeached evan for saying things that Trump has said. Yet, we live in a new Normal where a President can call on Russia to interfere and then claim it was a joke. You do not joke with National security and democracy, you dotard.

You are clearly the most ill informed person I have ever heard expressing his opinion. Where do you get your news? CNN? The leader of the fake news outlets?
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Herdingcats says

Funny, never heard a republican admit to that

I was appalled when the Republicans with the Ken Starr investigation went after Clinton for his sex crimes, I was appalled and I'm a Republican. Clinton was guilty of far worse crimes, but apparently Starr couldn't get Clinton on his murderous drug activity.

Will Powers
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curious2 says

This is your source? "A senior U.S. counterterrorism official, speaking on condition of anonymity"? Bullshit.
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Another good reason never to have kids: you can't even raise them your won way anymore.
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MegaForce says
maybe even a future Dem POTUS will be forced to play that card at re-election time, albeit more behind the scenes

Dems are for more border security, even a wall. They jjust don't want to give this president any wins. That's what this is about.

Will Powers
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krc says
If illegal immigration had truly mattered and folks wanted it stopped, then the Republicans would have kept the house instead of losing it outright.

You mean Dems stole the House: https://mojomorning.blogspot.com/2018/12/election-fraud.html

The Housing Trap
You're being set up to spend your life paying off a debt you don't need to take on, for a house that costs far more than it should. The conspirators are all around you, smiling to lure you in, carefully choosing their words and watching your reactions as they push your buttons, anxiously waiting for the moment when you sign the papers that will trap you and guarantee their payoff. Don't be just another victim of the housing market. Use this book to defend your freedom and defeat their schemes. You can win the game, but first you have to learn how to play it.
115 pages, $12.50

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