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TrumpingTits says
New York entrepreneur and Democratic 2020 candidate Andrew Yang wants to implement a system in which a government-run mobile app rewards Americans with “digital social credits” (DSCs) for good behavior.

It's like an episode of "Black Mirror" in which the main character goes around giving people a high 5 point rating then only receives a 4.5 or lower and she needs a 4.7 to rent the apartment she wants and in her desperation to attain the high dream score of 4.7 she keeps falling further behind and it is very sad as well as sickening that people would allow such a dehumanizing measure of man to run their lives.
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Elgatouno says

Some members of the special counsel Robert Mueller's team reportedly view their findings as more damaging to President Donald Trump than Attorney General William Barr

Your title is misleading and inaccurate. No one called "bullshit" and all this report amounts to is a pile of bullshit and more rumblings from Democrats, the deep state and NYT grumbling their whole Russia collusion delusion narrative fell apart and they are desperately trying to keep it on life support.
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Mexico is scrambling to comply with Trump's wishes to secure the border, afraid Trump will make good on his promise to shut the border down if the president of Mexico fails to stem the tide of refugees. Instead of attending to the northern border with the U.S., El Presidante is securing his southern border. Will Trump do it. Just do it!
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AD says
Yes, and the Democrats play Identity Politics which causes tax increases, reduction in quality of life,

No, by calling Trump and his supporters racists and white nationalists, Nazis and other unproductive ad hominem arguments that solve nothing, but keeps the fight going.
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WineHorror1 says
We have a right to bear arms (as stupid as that might be)

The right to bear arms is the second amendment for a reason, because right after being able to say what I want without being sent to a reeducation camp, like members of the radical left support, and the reason it is the second amendment is because it is the most important right after your freedom of speech, because if some asshole decides I should die because he thinks I'm a MAGA racist, for saying something he disagrees with, then I should have the right to defend myself with a gun, if necessary.

Go live in a gun free zone. I hear those spots are the favorite places to visit for mentally disturbed shooters.
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Ceffer says

Dunno, I think she had a big head start and just landed on the square.

I think she's brainwashed by our education system and the media. Instead of learning to think for her self, she was probably indoctrinated. I saw a clip somewhere, showing a teacher telling preschoolers, statistics show, women get paid less than men for the same work. That's not an education. That's an indoctrination because those statistics do not take into account the type of job a man does, and the longer hours a man works.
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A British anti-Israel activist has been jailed for six months after she launched an expletitive-laden racist attack against staff on an Air India flight.

Simone Burns from Hove, also known as Simone O’Broin, was videoed ranting drunkenly about her work as “an international criminal lawyer for the f***ing Palestinian people”, and spitting in the face of a member of the cabin crew.

Burns was sentenced at Isleworth Crown Court on Thursday. She pleaded guilty to both assault and being drunk on an aircraft at her trial at Uxbridge Magistrates Court.

SOURCE: https://www.breitbart.com/middle-east/2019/04/05/anti-israel-lawyer-jailed-after-racist-airline-rant-give-me-a-fing-glass-of-wine/
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She makes a good point, several of them, now put a hat on it and go home.
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Jeff Sessions and Biden: 3:00 min into video.
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They are overwhelming the system and they say the drug cartels control the southern border on the Mexican side and the president of Mexico won't even try andcontrol his northern, our southern border, blocking his southern border instead. As the situation heats up, it can only get worse.

The CIA is involved in human trafficking and that is one reason the Agency wants to keep the border open. Either a rouge element within the CIA or a part most people in the Agency are unaware of, use sex traffickers to supply them with children as well as adults to ensnare congressman and senators and judges anyone important in their blackmail net. It's called a honey trap and it's as old as the hills. This is how the CIA controls policy in this nation and you can read about it here: https://mojomorning.blogspot.com/2018/07/d-c-madam.html
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There are many articles on this story: Here's another one: http://www.uktamilnews.com/?p=25773

Muhammad Al-Wahabi, 33, suffers from chronic flatulence, “a rare medical condition” he argued in his self-defense, as no lawyer would take his case.

“No lawyer is crazy enough to bet his career on this issue. If his client his condemned, as in this case, the lawyer would face prosecution and possibly the same faith as his client” admits legal expert Andrew Jones, a Middle Eastern law expert.
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The way in which this ethical and intellectual scholar and professor has been treated by the mainstream media and the universities is appalling and proves that Trump was right on signing an executive order to protect free speech on campuses was justified and necessary.
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Crappy music to go along with a crappy policy: how fitting.
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Here's another song for Dems attempt at keeping this dead beat story alive: Running on Empty by Jackson Brown:

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Kakistocracy says
But his arguments are riddled with ‘pseudo-facts’ and conspiracy theories

So is the Left-wing Guardian: For example: calling Peterson a right-winger when his philosophy has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with taking responsibility for your own life, something the left is against as their rise to socialism does not permit the individual to exist. You are now to be identified with a group.
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MisterLearnToCode says
I am barely into Jordan, I've only watched perhaps two videos of him

I think he over intellectualizes like people in academia tend to do, perhaps a little lost in his own head. Watched many videos of him and plenty are available since he is constantly being posted on You Tube. I find most interesting the idiotic conflicts he gets into with radical leftists, many of whom want to pigeon hole him and equate him with white nationalists. Amazing how people in college who are supposedly in college to consider all angles or arguments before arriving at a conclusion seem to be indoctrinated at an early stage in the learning process and suffer from the right man complex, or right woman complex, where in everyone who disagrees with them is wrong, or immoral and has an opinion that isn't even worth considering.
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MisterLearnToCode says
Trump is guilty in Xanadu

Beautiful: Trump is not guilty in reality and the Dems can have their fantasy.
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Other reasons Steyer thinks Trump should be impeached include: advising Cohen to lie before “Congress”, a story that has been debunked by ROBERT MUELLER, calling the story “inaccurate”.
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CBOEtrader says

It's probably a committee, I'd guess

GODZILLA is the intelligence community lead by deep state actors such as Brennen, and Comey working hand in hand with the Democrats and the mainstream media, which is mostly left leaning to undermine this presidency.
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Kakistocracy says

Why does the Trump support team embrace socialism when it benefits them directly but not so much when someone else benefits

You mean like illegal aliens who bring down wages and take some jobs away from American citizens?
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Kakistocracy says

The same type of illegals that were employed by the Trump organization

In Obama's day the media would have passed over this story. For example: the only time WaPo started counting the number of lies a president tells is when Trump became president. Here's a suggestion for the left wing media: Why don't you count the lies every president tells and then the public would know they all lie. Occupational hazard.
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jazz_music says
Everyone everywhere not only laughs at Trump and America for having Trump, but they laugh the most at those who CONTINUE to support Trump

Biden, Dems last chance to beat Trump in 2020 has just been flushed down the toilet.
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HonkpilledMaster says
Obama probably pressured OxFam and the Nobel Peace Committee to give the IRGC a Peace and Humanitarian prize.

I think that was a ploitical move, more as a slap in the face to Bush than a gift to Obama, who didn't deserve it obviously since he had done nothing to deserve it. It is doubtful they would have given him the peace prize after Libya.
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This from @Guardian reporter @ewenmacaskill is critical. Note Obama DOJ looked but found no evidence that Assange worked with Manning, but even if he had, journalists often work with sources. Still a huge threat to press freedom, as @dankennedy_nu argued https://t.co/QeIbnUQwdk https://t.co/m2fDZASppa

— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) April 11, 2019
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Important background for journalists covering the arrest of Julian #Assange by Ecuador: the United Nations formally ruled his detention to be arbitrary, a violation of human rights. They have repeatedly issued statements calling for him to walk free–including very recently. pic.twitter.com/fr12rYdWUF

— Edward Snowden (@Snowden) April 11, 2019
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Tenpoundbass says
We meant to say Wiki Leaks Collusion

You couldn't be more wrong. Wikileaks only receives info and publishes it from whistle blowers like Edward Snowden. They are going to try and prove Assange colluded with Snowden to get more info from US gov't. I don't think it will work if he gets a fair trial. The evidence is thin to say the least. Based on one sentence, not much of anything. and it could of meant something besides what the indictment says it did.

The point is, Assange has only worked in one way from the beginning. He doesn't take sides, he only publishes the truth, verifiable info from reliable sources, always whistle blowers even in the Podesta emails. Assange can't say it, because his ethics prevent it and he never has directly revealed any of his sources, but in this case, a DNC staffer, known as Seth Rich died on the streets, assassinated because he revealed the Podesta emails and the other emails from the DNC which proved They favored Hillary over Bernie and made an effort to make sure she won.

You can choose to believe what you will. If it gives you comfort to believe a bunch of lies then go ahead, but if you want to be in the know, and stand with us who know the truth and accept the fact half the population lives in a delusional bubble and why? Because it's safe and eveything doesn't have to make sense. And it's ok if 2 +2 = 5, because big brother says it's so. Big brother = intelligence community.

However, if you would like to join us in the light and come out of the darkness:

SEE this YouTube video, a short interview with Assange in which he reveals as near as he can, the true source of the DNC emails:
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d6rB says
WillPowers says
“I know nothing about Wikileaks. It’s not my thing,” Trump said

WillPowers says
“WikiLeaks, I love WikiLeaks,” he said in October 2016 at a campaign rally.

This is typical t-RUMP

Maybe not typical, but definitely bad. The worst kind of hypocrisy I have ever seen out of him, when in my opinion, he has genuinely tried to live up to his campaign promises.
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Oh it's Okay for her to have a gun. It's just everyone else who should be defenseless, because she cares about the people.
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Article on Seth Rich, the investigation into his death, the strange circumstances surrounding it, the investigation that was squashed and more: https://mojomorning.blogspot.com/2017/05/solving-seth-rich-homocide.html
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In this video we compile past comments & analysis from experts that were interviewed on acTVism on the topic of Wikileaks & Julian Assange before Assange was arrested. They include in order: Edward Snowden, Yanis Varoufakis, Glenn Greenwald, Srećko Horvat & Noam Chomsky

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CBOEtrader says
Assange is labeling his own savior hosts as criminals.

He never labelled his host as criminals. He published material the Eucadorian gov't wasn't happy with. And that asshole trader and liar Moreno, who before he became president said he wouldn't throw Assange out and then afterwards changed his mind to improve US/Eucador relations.
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On Tucker Carlson Tonight, Tucker suggested Trump's idea to bus immigrants to the Sanctuary cities was a good one and just and he thought it was hypocritical of Democrats to call the idea as "dumping" immigrants as Pelosi put it, on other communities, and the Dems were racist for dehumanizing immigrants:

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FOR Once we agree, however, the article you linked to is lame.

Here's another one that doesn't center on he said/she said bullshit. The question is: was 911 an inside job or not? For that, turn to the 911 truth movement, because these are the people who care the most that the truth gets out there

SEE: http://911truth.org/americans-do-not-believe-official-911-story/

The media has NEVER EXAMINED the evidence or explained the analysis provided by scientists, architects, engineers, pilots, and the first responders who experienced the explosions of the World Trade Center twin towers. The media has never asked for the release of the multiple videos that recorded whatever struck the Pentagon. The media has never investigated whether cell phones worked in 2001 from the altitudes at which the official story claims calls were made.
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FROM: http://911truth.org/top-40-reasons-doubt-offical-story/

one of the top reasons: What caused the collapse of a third skyscraper, WTC 7, which was not hit by a plane? Were the Twin Towers and WTC 7 brought down by explosives?

8) What did officials know? How did they know it?
a. Multiple allied foreign agencies informed the US government of a coming attack in detail, including the manner and likely targets of the attack, the name of the operation (the “Big Wedding”), and the names of certain men later identified as being among the perpetrators.

10) A group of FBI officials in New York systematically suppressed field investigations of potential terrorists that might have uncovered the alleged hijackers

19) “No one could have imagined planes into buildings” – a transparent falsehood upheld repeatedly by Rice, Rumsfeld and Bush.

30) The Need for a “New Pearl Harbor”

And more. These articles only scratch the surface. This is a complicated issue that most people can't understand.

But you see, I am not a partisan hack. I care about the truth, whether the left lies or the right lies, what I care about are the lies, where ever they come from. That is my fight, a fight for the truth.
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