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Newbie123 says
If you feel triggered by bitcoin news or don’t like seeing people cheering when adoption increases or the price keeps going up, feel free to ignore me.

No one here is triggered by bitcoin news, lol. You came into this thread with grand claims of a parabolic spike in a valueless thing with zero supporting evidence beside FOMO and videos that are actually mocking bitcoin. Great investment advice.

Not going back through all the comments (this thread or others), but not one person here has said you CAN'T make money with it. So not sure how we could be triggered or be bashers. This a logic/reasoning conversation. There's no argument here. It was worthless for 8 years or however long until a flash in the pan event made it skyrocket. Eventually the rocket runs out of fuel and comes crashing back to the ground. It's in a dead cat bounce in my opinion. Just make sure when you buy the dip, it wasn't actually the last peak.
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HeadSet says
Repairing a half burned house, just sprayed everywhere with water, could be more difficult to repair or more $$$ versus rebuilding off the existing foundation.

True, but putting out one house fire stops the spread to other houses.

For sure in urban environments, definitely correct on that. Most suburban and rural homes could burn to the ground and it wouldn't hurt the neighbors house at all though. And there's very rarely fires in those areas because most are post 1960's or so built with better wiring and HVAC systems (outside of human error, the two systems most likely to cause a random fire in a home).

A neighboring community by me has I think 18 full time firefighters and have had 3 house fires in the last decade. You're already paying insurance, then you're paying for the firefighters in the extremely rare, fluke event your house starts on fire. It's kind of silly. Also, if you're building new, most higher end homes have sprinkler systems in them now. On a bigger house the initial investment will pay for itself relatively quickly in insurance savings. But you're still paying the FD when you have an automated FD built into your home.

Big city fire departments do serve a purpose as there are more fires and frankly more stupid people that start them. Small to medium sized fire departments are just responding to accidents most of the time, opening up a crushed car and handing off the patients to the EMT's who actually save the life if they can. Half the time the fire department is called out because some neighbor is burning leafs and they have some dispute with each other and call the FD to get back at their neighbor.
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HeadSet says
That used to be called being a "Tom Boy" and was not uncommon.

I'm aware of the term. My sister was one too. The problem is some parents will embrace this phase in life and actually believe their child wants to be a boy. That's child abuse without a doubt. It's more harmful than physical and verbal abuse in my opinion. And I know it's a fraction of a percent probably, but it's just sick.
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FortWayneIndiana says
In CA government employees bitch about being underpaid while collecting 2 pensions that are higher than private sector salaries. Not really boomer specific.

You generally are a boomer or older if you're collecting a pension already.
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RC2006 says
Watched the video, he looks and sounds demonic, religion is the opium of the masses.

That was my take away. Either deranged, intoxicated or is a highly functional retard.
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FortWayneIndiana says
Not in CA. There’s some sweetheart deals here.

Sure, there always is. But as a percentage, most people collecting a pension in CA are probably 80-90% boomer aged or older. Young boomers are 55 right now. Statistically there are not that many people below the age of 55 already collecting a pension. Most of them will work the extra years to boost the pension so they get more sitting on their ass. And those last years are probably filled with vacations and paid time off they've collected while still doing the "job" so to speak.
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jazz_music says
Wealthy know that they deserve to be executed

Careful my friend. Your envy doesn't mean someone "deserves" to die dude. That's sick logic.

Do you not know anyone with money/wealth? Of course there are d-bags with money. There's also priests that rape kids. Gay couples that force their kid to be gay or a boy/girl or even molest their own kids. By your wealthy person logic, gays and priests should be executed. There's actually more of them than super wealthy people. How about we solve those problems first because those people are creating sick monsters that are fucked up mentally the rest of their lives and shoot up schools, etc.
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Newbie123 says
I can tell you the current value of one bitcoin (BTC): 7600 ish.

Why didn't you include the $ sign? I mean ultimately that's the currency you'll use and why you hope the "value" of crypto goes up.

CBOEtrader says
It? Ripple can exchange anything via their infrastructure. That's the point. Their exchange network is potentially a competitive advantage that can not be replicated.

Cool. It can't be replicated..... yet they're trying to do the same thing Visa does for credit cards. Hopefully Visa doesn't find out that someone is trying to do something that has been possible for a decade or so.... They probably couldn't replicate what ripple is doing at all... From their own website (which is a treasure trove of BS)...

XRP consistently handles 1,500 transactions per second, 24x7, and can scale to handle the same throughput as Visa.*


Then there's this

My XRP was stolen. What do I do?


Just call/contact the FBI... LO fucking L. Like they'll give a flying fuck.

Newbie123 says
Exactly! Wookie has been wrong on so many levels/topics.

Name one. Then explain why it's wrong.
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I know some people do, but I really hope most people don't take reviews seriously from almost any of these sites (food specifically). People that leave reviews, at least from my experience, are fucked up people looking for attention. Positive or negative. Eat the food and move on with your day. If it's bad (service or food), people will just stop going naturally. And if you have a problem, grow a pair and discuss it like an adult with the manager or owner instead of running and typing up a shit review that maybe they could have remedied.
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Expat01 says
Anything in the name of Jesus. The same idiots who mock this guy are probably crying tears of joy as they listen to Trump speak or watch their football team win.

Jesus, WTF does this have to do with Trump? Parts of your comment are spot on and then you drag Trump into it? There are other things in life.
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marcus says
Mueller concluded that they could not prove

You should have just stopped there. I'm not a Trump fan boi, but my god, it's time to move on. He's not a perfect president and actions he takes have almost zero bearing with what goes on in your life besides emotions. Can you name just one decision he has made that has effected you personally?
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Newbie123 says
Interesting read. A former IBM executive believes Bitcoin will hit a 1mio dollar price per coin within the next decade. A member of PayPal’s board of director joins the prediction.


You should change your name to Dodge123. Better fit...
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CBOEtrader says
4)cryptos are the best thing we've invented so far to replace fiat dollars.

I actually agree with all this. The unfortunate problem is our fiat dollar is backed by the US government. They can and WILL have a say in the crypto market at some point. And I don't imagine any regulation put in will weaken our own dollar. This is one of the many problems with crypto in my opinion.

Not you, but people are running around thinking Trump is going to be a fucking dictator. It won't ever happen. The thought that any crypto will be a viable currency to overtake the dollar, with no US interference is laughable. It's a similar line of thought.

As I've said before in other threads on this topic. Gain massive wealth if you can from it. I'm a decent guy and have no interest in seeing people suffer or lose money. If I'm wrong about my opinion, I'll be the first to admit it. But I can almost promise you, at least with Bitcoin, that if my kids live to 80 years old, it won't exist. Most of them won't.

Make money while you can with it. Trust me, I wouldn't turn down a $2M a year job if it worked out, but if I had to bet a decent chunk of my savings, count me out. As an about to be 36 year old that doesn't have to work, I think I've made some decent decisions (no family wealth/inheritance).
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Quigley says
I mean my rather low IQ college age niece likes her a lot and is probably being influenced by her silly ideas, but the thinking people on the Left are likely embarrassed by her antics

Jesus bro, bus tossing the niece on patnet. lol for real.
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marcus says
IT would be treasonous in any case to have colluded with Russia to win, even if Russia got nothing more out of it than burning Hillary.

The problem with all this shit is the word collusion. The US president is a worldwide figure. Yes, we get to decide who that person is, but EVERY recent president has used foreign influence to help them get elected. Obama included. It's standard. There are sooooo many multi-national corporations, that you'd be shooting yourself in the foot if you didn't seek out foreign help to get elected. When did standard practice become such a problem? And a 2 year investigation found nothing on a NYC real estate developer? Let it go Elsa.
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Prior to this latest report, there were already more working age Americans without a job than at any point during the last recession, and now things just got even worse.

During '08 knew a ton a people without jobs. I literally don't know anyone capable of working right now that doesn't have a job. This is straight BS.
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Hugolas_Madurez says
Newbie123 says
You need a good strategy, discipline and patience. Nobody knows when we will see new ATH’s.

Show us your fucking strategy via screenshots of your trades and holdings.

Pretty sure it's a bit at this point. It's not trolling, as usually a good troll will come at you with some sort of fact or something even if it's wrong. That's not the case here. I'm not sure why I've wasted so much time on this thread... Oh well, mistakes happen. The red flag is when some moron says "to the moon" and then it's an exercise in retardation. He's dodged every single question asked of him.
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What are peoples thoughts on Trip Advisor reviews? That's one site where I do partially take the reviews into account and it hasn't failed me yet like yelp has. But that's a whole different animal compared to what Yelp was originally set up for, restaurant reviews, not vacations/hotels/excursions.
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“Hey, it’s John Doe, give me a call when you get a chance.”

How about you let me know what the fucking call is about and maybe when I call you back I can have the issue resolved or be prepared to discuss it. Cunt.
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zzyzzx says
WookieMan says
What are peoples thoughts on Trip Advisor reviews?

I love trip advisor. Often it's the bast place to go to get pictures posted by patrons that you don't see on the attractions website, and to date, censorship is minimal.

The photo part is awesome. Many times guest photos are superior to the paid photography the resorts put out. I dig nice bathrooms when traveling and most resort sites neglect the fucking bathroom altogether.
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just_dregalicious says
I always wondered where those anti_forum strings come from. Is that from a flag? There is a spam string too but I don't see a button for that.

It gets flagged by anyone that finds a comment bad, and if it's also deemed bad by the moderators (I think personal, anti-forum, spam and there might be another) they select that reason and it posts that string and removes the comment. I may be off as I haven't personally moderated a comment in kind of a long time, but that's generally how it works.
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socal2 says
Honestly, I don't want people voting who are too lazy or totally incapable of getting a photo ID.

Seriously, what percentage of people in the US (who are LEGAL residents) can function in society without some reasonable ID?

rdm - I didn’t see a response to this comment that was in response to yours. Can you respond to it? The ID law/voter “suppression” would almost certainly hurt rural “red” voters versus the public transportation utopia of “blue” states as d6rb points out. Someone in Chicago is at most 20-30 minutes train ride to a DMV or facility they can get an ID, for maybe $20.

It truly is pure laziness. Red voters are lazy too. This idea that someone in a major city can’t get an ID is absolutely retarded. The push for subsidized public transportation and the ones it is meant to benefit can’t fucking use it to get an ID? There’s no excuse. Stop making fucking excuses for lazy people that want handouts.
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marcus says
But about two thirds of the time not talking more than extremely brief pleasantries or no talking at all. The last one is my default for traveling on planes.

Take this as you will, but this explains a lot about you (and others). What's the big deal if you blow 3 hours on a flight talking to a complete fucking idiot? What's the harm? Some of you coastal guys live in a world that just doesn't exist for 90% of US citizens and 99.9999% of the rest of the world. Pinkies up!

Betty Sue taking a trip out to LA for fun from Birmingham, AL might be talkative and a complete idiot. You'd also look like a complete fucking idiot walking and talking around Birmingham, AL. The fact you find air travel and those participating in it with you to be a burden is not a good look. Just don't fly anymore and live in your bubble. It kind of explains a lot about some of your written opinions here. Closed off from the outside.
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Jesus. 44 comments on India as a topic. Did wet bulb get mentioned? How about Guam? Either way, I'm sure it's all Trump's fault.
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Newbie123 says


Reuters and Bloomberg are adding a crypto index. Main stream media is adopting crypto more and more.

One of the main reasons crypto exists is in spite of the main stream media, banks, government, etc. That was much of the point of its creation. Be careful what you wish for.

Also, why not link to those two media organizations and their reports on it? You consistently link to www.coin(somthing).com. Why is that?

I expect no answer and cannot believe I'm wasting my time, but I'm bored.
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Heraclitusstudent says
I agree with Marcus. Never talk to people on flights, especially long ones.

To each their own. If 9 out of 10 times the conversation sucks, I end up getting more in my life out of the 1 time it went well versus the negative. I'm not saying I seek out the conversation or am the starter of it. I'm an introvert and I'd guess almost everyone on this site is. There's a reason we're here.

The expectation of "recharging" on a flight is kind of ridiculous though. You're in a fucking tube packed full of people... great way to recharge. Throw in flight delays, security, parking, overpriced food/booze, etc. Have fun recharging. Extroverts don't like airports and planes either.
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@Patrick - I think @Ika is a bot.
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jazz_music says
Republicans are low life.

How are they any different than Democrats? Both rack up the debt like it's heroin. If it's because of social issues (that generally are single digit percentages of the population being affected - gays, transgender, white nationalist, etc) then both sides are stupid for buying into the faux hype. Both parties and beliefs will lube up and fuck you when it benefits them. The one you like may just use a little more lube so it doesn't hurt as much... doesn't mean you're not getting raped.
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Tenpoundbass says
That's called taking an underhanded pop shot at Trump at Trump's expense. He lost me as an audience member altogether.

Not that I watch TV anyway for this very reason.

I actually don't take it that way. Spade's comedy has alway been muh, not bad but not great. This was an underhanded shot at the other hosts that have their entire monologue bashing Trump. Kimmel especially is a hypocritical piece of human trash. Man show anyone? Now he's this softy fuck, crying and EVERY nights monologue is entirely dedicated to Trump.

Can't stand Colbert and his bit. It ran its course when he was with John Stewart. Fact he got a prime late night show is an utter fucking joke.

Overall Fallon is kind of a clown and does hit Trump every monologue, so that's annoying. I did catch a recent one though where he gave Biden a good dose of shit. Haven't seen that from the other hosts.

I'd actually watch Spade ONLY because he's not going to talk about Trump. These hosts (and their writers) can ACTUALLY TRY to be funny at some point. Comedy has gone to shit the last 4-5 years unfortunately. Not sure it can bounce back either with PC.
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Newbie123 says
Nobody tries to convince the retail market to buy crypto or bitcoin.

100% false. This is 100% the premise of bitcoin or any crypto. It was made for the "common person" to avoid banks & all the shit that goes along with that. The issue is any person or company can create a crypto "currency" out of thin air. If they can market it and get people to trade it, they take all your money. There's an infinite amount of "coins" that can be created. There will never be enough capital diverted to a non-producing "asset" class like crypto. Layer on all the other issues and it really is staggering you keep posting.

I'm being serious when I say I hope you don't lose money, but crypto is 100% a pump and dump scam manipulated by people holding large amounts. Don't get caught holding the bag when the floor drops out. You can post your silly videos and nonsensical rebuttals, but you've not countered anything that's been presented to you. Trade it all you want and make money, dead serious, just know it will go away at some point.
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mell says
Stewart is the only one with talent

I don't totally disagree as you elaborate on his change of tune as times changed. He seems like a smart guy and I have laughed at his stuff, but I'm just not a fan for some reason and it actually doesn't have to do with the politics and bashing Trump. It's like the Step Brothers movie with Will Ferrel and Rob (whatever his name is). I just want to punch him in the face though I don't have any particular reason why.
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Newbie123 says
It’s scarcity and the demand for it

There is no scarcity. Are you joking? Anyone can create a crypto "currency," anytime. In the grand scheme of time, bitcoin is nothing at ten years old. It will be nothing in 10 years from now. If you made some money up to this point, awesome, seriously. Don't be left holding the bag though.

Newbie123 says
Ever noticed how bitcoin has never had to spend money on advertisement?

That would be silly, who would spend US dollars on advertising the best thing since sliced bread? lol. You ever wonder why there's a reason there's no advertisement and it's people like you posting on internet forums, FB and other social media? But then you post links and videos that are blatant advertisements? You're posting in circles at this point.
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jazz_music says
US intelligence officials are purposely concealing details from President Donald Trump about a US cyber offensive against the Russian power grid, The New York Times reported.

This quote from your source Jazz is comical. Lol, they're really hiding that they are hiding something very well. This has to be a joke? They can't even hide that they are hiding something, jesus. Sorry, this is too rich. Someone's getting fired for telling the NYT this and it's probably the reporter that made it up.
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I've know quite a few people that have left IL. All I'll say is that the grass isn't always greener on the other side. A lot of people justify their move and throw out BS and then say they're happy in their new place, but it's all rubbish. IL is by far not a great state, but most people that are miserable here, generally end up miserable in their new home state. A lot of people can't just understand that they may be the problem, not the state they live in.

And yes, government has its problems. But most times, it's the person that's the problem and not their location. It of course has worked out for some, but if you've lived 20 years in IL and you think the 2 years you've lived in Montana/Texas/FL/etc. are great, give it another 18 and THEN compare it. New shiny things lose their luster.
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And yes, I do plan to move out of IL. Probably when my kids graduate high school. My move would be strictly weather based. But I'm planning to do short term leases with the lady when we retire and just live one place for 6 months or so and then try another. Not really settle down in one place as there's no point.
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Newbie123 says
Weird.... Facebook should have visited this blog before working on a cryptocurrency. Very smart people here could have told FB that a cryptocurrency is just 0’s and 1’s, that tulips are better and that crypto is just a scam/ ponzi and that it will go to zero.

Weird... smart people know how to make shitloads of money off you from data you supply for free. Your email, likes and photos of your cats. Now they're just going to TAKE your money AND your data for free and this is a win for bitcoin and crypto somehow? This is a big loser for bitty if it takes off, you know that, right? I won't name call, but I'll say your logic is not very sound.
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Newbie123 says
I am not reading through all your comments but it seemed like it triggered you well ;)

I'm not sure who you're talking about, but it's apparent you cannot read whether you choose to or not. Or more specifically, read, and then answer questions asked of you. You're a troll and my suggestion to anyone commenting on this thread is to stop wasting their time. Intelligence is a thing. Stop giving free troll food.
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jazz_music says
Do you not get around much?

Jesus, it's not about the news sites reporting it. The fact US INTELLIGENCE can't even hide what they're trying to hide from the president. Do you not understand the flawed logic on giving a reporter an anonymous tip/detail about the topic? The person with whatever department just made the president aware that they're hiding information. Now he knows. Boom, mission NOT accomplished...

You don't have to like Trump, I'm personally not a fan, but I view the POTUS in a different light versus a lot of other people that put the office on a pedestal. But you're being disingenuous when you act like you don't understand the issue with what you quoted and posted. I'm sure you've come across my other comments here, I'm not running around saying "fake news" and all that. But to act like this is a legitimate source or even real is completely naive.
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If 50% is derived from solar and wind by 2050, awesome.

The caveat being that the government doesn't mandate it and therefore making the citizens bear the cost of it. If there's money to be made in the field, smart people will figure it out. But the government forcing something that isn't profitable is scary. These companies will still make their 20% margins installing all this shit and maintaining it and if it's more expensive than coal/nuke they'll just raise rates, aka us paying for it. I'm not willing to sign onto that. I could handle the increase, but all it's going to do is make the poor more poor and some of the middle class into the poor bracket. This then causes more social problems.

And lets not go down the typical climate change thread rabbit hole here. The only solution IF you think it's man made is less humans. There is zero way to get back to pre-industrial age total carbon emissions with solar, wind, electric cars, nuclear, etc. I'm all for less pollution, but to think it's a solvable problem with technology just isn't realistic. We can lower it per capita all we want, but we're adding more people daily that will increase the total output of carbon emissions.
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WillPowers says
RafiMaas says
demonetized does not equal banned.

True. However, it is like sanctions. Sanctions are not a hot war, but they are a form of warfare and can lead to a hot war, as they did in WWII with Japan. In the same way, demonitization is a form of harssment which like sanctions, hurts both parties involved, YouTube and the user, but play at, 'This is going to hurt you more.'

I'd actually say demonetization is banning on services like youtube. Especially if they were actually making good money. There's no longer an incentive to create the content if you get shit and YouTube can still collect the ad revenue 100%. So the content creator will essentially ban themselves, because it's not worth it to post their content there. Or go elsewhere with the content.

You don't have to like or agree with the content, but some of the good stuff I've seen on youtube is not a cheap production. And even if it is a cheaper production value, there's still a lot of time that goes into it. Outside of podcasts (even some of those have different camera angles, etc) what you see from a youtube video is likely hours of shooting. And then hours of sifting through it and putting it all together. And then you put it on youtube, get a ton of traffic and some revenue that justifies the work. Then BOOM, checks stop showing up because someone's "feelings" were hurt.

I recently did some work with a band at a live show. 3 different camera angles, time-lapse shot, drone footage, board audio and room audio. Just ONE song editing the video into even an average production was 10 hours. That's not including the time traveling and time on site for the show or the $4k of equipment. There's a reason the credits are sooooo long at the end of shows and movies. It's a painstakingly long process and most you tubers are individuals and maybe a buddy putting it together. Maybe quit jobs once they started getting real revenue. So yeah, demonetizing is an absolute dick move.

Good luck telling Anthony Anderson his role in Blackish is racist (it is) and he will no longer receive a paycheck or royalties from reruns. What do people think will happen? It's okay for one but not the other. Scary stuff.
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