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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
This is something every other county in Florida has been able to do, including Miami-Dade and Orange County (Orlando).

This and the rest of the country! I'm not sure there's anything fishy going on, but after a few times of Broward having some pretty simple things become big problems, you start to wonder. Like I said, I'm not sure if fraud is going on, but at some point you can't just outright discount that it's not going on with or without proof. How many counties are in the US? This one seems to have a problem every major election cycle.

Broward needs to figure it out at some point or the vote tallies won't be trusted by anyone in the future and we'll deal with this BS every time.
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@Patrick - Not sure if this is a glitch. FortWayne quoted Malcolm here, but I'm not seeing his comments. Starts on comment 2 for me. Checked in another browser not logged in and it doesn't look like anyone has me on ignore. And my list of ignored doesn't include him.

If for some reason he is ignoring me and I'm looking at it wrong I apologize. I don't care if someone ignores me for reelz, but from what I can tell neither of us seem to be ignoring each other and I'm not seeing his comments. I also don't recall any negative exchanges with him in the past. Wasn't sure if there was a site issue or I'm missing something. Probably me, but wanted to point it out.
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HappyGilmore says
Get ready for Betomania--that's going to be Trump's opponent in 2020.

Sorry, nationally anyone that goes by Beto is going to get thrashed. I know it's not his actual name, but Beto cannot come close to getting elected on a national level. He got beat by a very unlikable Republican incumbent in Cruz. Even for TX. Trump already beat Cruz too, so technically he's already ahead of Beto by default.

Dems really need to shift out of the fringe issues and start getting a candidate groomed that wants to help a majority of people instead of these fraction of a percentage of the population issues.
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Patrick says
Did you say comment number 1 is missing for you even when you're logged out?

When logged in, Malcom’s comment is not there. Comment # 1, goes straight to #2.

When logged out, Malcom’s comment shows up as # 1. That’s why I checked ignore.

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Who cares? ZZ fucking Top? Who cares what hat some opening act wears either? They're the fucking OPENING act! God damn people are such pussies now.
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@Patrick - First screen shot is logged OUT, like a lurker. Second screen shot is logged IN.

This only seems to be an issue with Malcolm. And as you mentioned neither of us appear to be ignoring each other. The only ignores I added were back when there was some Chinese spam BS about 6-8 months ago or so. I haven't ignored any regular users here and from my recollection of his posts, I don't even think Malcolm would make the top 20 of who I'd even begin to think about ignoring (if I ignored anyone).
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jazz_music says
Maybe Billy Gibbons got ripped off by Trump “University”

Lol. Anyone that got ripped off by Trump University was a simple idiot out their mom's vag. They probably then signed up for Than Merrill's program on how to flip houses with OPM or the thousands of other blatantly obvious scams out there. Not unique to Trump. It's real estate after all....
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Since there's a minimum age limit to become president, I think there should be an age cap on the older end. Make it the age when you can get max social security roughly. 18-67 massively outnumbers those 67 and older. Why should we have a president that is very likely completely out of touch with a majority of the population? Goes for Trump too. Plus the fact they could drop dead at any moment.

Part of the Dems problems are that the younger, incoming politicians are pussy whipped by the "torch" bearers before them. Clinton, Sander, Warren, Pelosi, etc. They can't pave their own way so to speak, but they're also puppets for the old guard. Dems need a bull in a china shop like Trump was to the GOP. Not seeing it happening though. Got to make sure you pander to the 69 genders even though that's the most in your face position that there really is only 2 genders.
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jazz_music says
After all, aren’t a lot of celebs Scientologists?

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This might be the first time I've noticed a comment of mine was disliked (comment 6). Of all the comments I've made here, I'm not too sure why this specific one was disliked. I have plenty of others that would definitely be more dislikable compared to this. Oh well, given the baby years of this site we focused on real estate, I thought this comment would have been a slam dunk. Someone must be grumpy tonight.
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FortWayneIndiana says
It's a free country, she wants to run and make a joke of herself, her choice.

I have some friends that are 30. They can't run in 2020 for president. How is that freedom? But some hag or geezer that's 70 can run when they're on deaths doorstep. Even the smartest 70 year old people I know are not all there anymore, yet it's cool for them to run the country? These age limits don't compute with the logical crowd.
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HeadSet says
That may happen. Remember that Obama and Trump both came out of nowhere and won.

Yes and no. Barack did do some time in State legislature and was an elected Senator. Trump did neither. I'll probably get pegged as a racist even though I voted for him the first time for '08, but everyone knows why Barack was elected. I don't even have to type what I'm thinking and everyone here knows what I'm talking about.

I don't think he was bad, but I very much think he was a going through the motions President and really didn't necessarily know WTF he was doing. Trump doesn't know what he's doing either, but I think a lot of American's were tired of the passive president and we then got Trump. This will be an unpopular statement for some here, but fact is Trump running businesses, even poorly, is better then the experience Barack had. Outside of higher education (law degree) Barack really had zero discernible skills to bring to the presidency. And it showed.

Dems need someone that is not on ANY radar. That won't cow-tow to the geriatric Dems that seem to think their 1980's ideas are still good for us. We'll see.
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I don't know, probably will come across as harsh. But if you're that concerned about prices when you go out, should you actually be going out? Most people know where the pricey spots are. They either go their because they're rich or it's a special occasion. Otherwise, 9 out of 10 times you're going to have a rough idea of what you're going to spend when you go out for a dinner and drinks on an average night.

I'm a beer drinker, so maybe wine or mixed drink prices can vary wildly between your average establishments. But my wife drinks both and when we go out for a night in our area we're looking at $90-$180 for a dinner. A $90 difference is like 45 minutes of work in one day between us. Pretty inconsequential. I'd say if you're concerned about dropping $30 extra on some drinks, you might need to stay home that night. And if the establishment has been around for a while without listing prices, then there's a reason they're still around. Something is good about the place.

I don't like the practice honestly, but I also don't really see it being a big deal. It's not like some dive bar is going to charge you $12 for a Bud Light because they didn't list the price. They'd be out of business in a week.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Is it legal?

I imagine in some states it isn't. I know in many states almost anything on display has to have a price sticker, even if the price is displayed on the shelf under the item.

At a grocery store, sure. Patrick seemed to be talking about bars/cafes. I really don't have too much of a problem with it. They have to flex prices (happy hour, ladies night, specials, etc). Sometimes not knowing the price works in your advantage. They might be having a sale on certain types of wine to get rid of some inventory that's been hanging around. They might not have sold it if there's a menu showing $10 for a glass, when they're actually selling it for $6. Can't rely on servers to accurately get the specials across either and it's not always efficient to change 100 menus to get rid of 8-10 bottles of wine.

Again, harsh opinion, but frankly don't go out if you're concerned about what something costs, especially food and drink. It's not a car purchase. Unless you're going to the 5 course, top of the line restaurant in your area, prices are generally reasonable anywhere I've been in my area and traveling. Food items also correlate very much with the booze pricing. A joint that has a $10 burger versus a $15 burger and you know you're going to be paying more for booze at the $15 a burger joint. It's not too tough to figure out.
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FortWayneIndiana says
At 30 you don't have life experience to understand it enough.

Wrong. Serious question. How many states and/or countries have you been to and how many times? If your experience is living in the LA area, I don't care if you're 90. It means dick. There is a thing such a good and bad experience. Age is not a factor.
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Being alive does not = experience. Get it?
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curious2 says
A fool and his money are soon parted. We live in an empire of debt, with deficit spending, and most people have little or no savings. It is very sad that a nation of investors and savers became a nation of borrowers and spenders. It is bizarre to see that misrepresented as some sort of virtue, as if life is only for borrowers and spenders. If you're saving and investing half your income, that's good, and I suppose you can waste the rest any way you like, but most Americans aren't saving or investing much at all.

I do fine. Can spend what I like. Retirement on track 100%. I guess that was my point though. If you're concerned about pricing, you probably shouldn't be going out for drinks, coffee, a restaurant, etc. in the first place. Those types of expenses should only happen if you've hit all your savings goals prior or are at least on track to hit them. I understand everyone can't just not worry about the prices of stuff, but if you are worried, there's probably another problem going on and like you said it's probably debt and stupid spending (like going out).

I get being cost conscious about buying a car, house, a mower, redoing your driveway, etc. (3, 4, 5 figure items) If you can't handle prices varying on a roughly $100 restaurant bill, you probably shouldn't be going out. At that point it's not about seeing the price of a beer. You can stay at home and get a 6 pack for the cost of 1 beer and not be worried about it anymore. Grill up a burger for $2 and drink your $6 in beer. It's not hard to live frugally and still have a blast.

curious2 says
The American medical sector overcharges people on an even larger scale.

This I agree with and is 100% true. Had my first ambulance ride to the ER recently (been to the ER before - no ambulance). $12k billed to the insurance company for 4 staples in my head after a nasty fall (was rather nasty, knocked out for 15 min and wife found me in a pool of blood). This took 2-1/2 hours. The EMT's are paid by the local gov. Supplies, gas used probably $300 and that's probably high for the EMT's. ER was staples, numbing injection, blood tests, IV bag and some head and back scan. High end, $1k for this stuff I imagine. Give the ER doc and nurses $2k for my visit and I still don't see this being more than a $3-4k cost. Throw in profit and $6k would be completely reasonable. Yet it's $12k.
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marcus says
I found that really annoying in a restaurant once or twice that I've seen, many years ago. I thought that had actually gone out of vogue. Either that or it has been too far out of my price range in recent decades for me to run in to it.

They're basically telling you to assume the price is pretty much as high as you can possibly imagine. "our ambiance and customers are so cool that we deserve the extra 50% or whatever. We only want customers who think price is irrelevant."

Fuck that.

I run into it almost 90% of the time when it comes to drinks at a non-chain restaurant (no prices). At least in my area in IL. No prices for the booze. I don't even think twice about it though. Never really thought of it as an issue. This has to be some sort of regional thing now that I'm recognizing some of the users that take issue with it (this is not a knock, just an observation).

I go out expecting $5/beer domestic and $7-8/beer craft/import. If it's less, great. It's almost never higher unless at a concert to in some corporate or downtown uppity type bar/restaurant. Don't do wine or mixed drinks, but asked my wife and she says the same with her beverage of preference. Pricing is always kind of "known" even if it's not on the menu.

Food items is a different story. Don't think I've ever been to place that didn't have the pricing on a food item. Drinks though, very common here not to list price. Especially beer.
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Never got comics myself. Seemed pretty lame. That said, he seemed like a nice guy that created something that people liked a lot. RIP.
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just_dregalicious says
It's been years since I've read that content though so maybe it's changed?

No. No it hasn't. You're better off studying Guam politics in an effort to harness where the future of American is going.
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ThreeBays says
You guys still don't have nothing on AF's ignore count.

He's the champ there for sure. #winning
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Patrick says
WookieMan says
This only seems to be an issue with Malcolm.

@WookieMan sorry, I misspoke. Malcolm does have you on ignore.

If he did, fine by me. I just don't recall having any conflict with him ever. I suppose I can sometime come across as an asshole. Oh well, I didn't mind his content most the time.

dr6B says
Wokieman has ignore(0) next to his username, which I assume means that 0 persons ignore him.

This is where I'm still confused as well. Hence bringing it up in the first place as I really don't care if people want to ignore me. Thought it might be a glitch.
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Well, didn't figure it to go the way it did. But I guess that's why I'm not a billionaire I suppose. I'll have to work on that more I guess.
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Tim Aurora says
In essence Democrats lost only 1 seat ( as they picked up Alabama ) and it will be 53 - 47 ( assuming Republicans win Florida and Mississippi)

And? The Democrats have control of the house. Republicans keep the senate, with a majority that would require all Dems unite and 4 R's to flip their vote to get anything that gets the Democrat party base excited and happy (and the POTUS still needs to sign). Maybe there will be some crossing of the isle and working together, but these toddlers generally don't play nice in the sandbox.

If nothing gets done over the next two years, I'm not sure who's going to take the brunt of the voter's wrath. If the economy keeps going well into 2020, I don't see how Dems don't get spanked in that election. You can't keep saying it's Obama's economy in 2019 & 2020 anymore going into that election.

I think the biggest thing to watch near term is as the dust settles after the 2019 tax filing season (2018 tax year) giving us preliminary results on the tax cuts. If tax revenue falls precipitously and people don't get as big a tax return as they thought or have in the past, it's going to leave a bad taste in a lot of voters mouths. I'm talking red states here mainly. The high SALT states are generally all blue and many will likely get a smaller tax return or if they withhold the correct amount, may owe in 2019. They were going to stay blue anyway though.
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Tenpoundbass says
Mental note made, I'll never shop at retail spaces owned by the Mall of America or Simon Property Group.

Who still goes to a mall anyway? Unless you absolutely "need" something today, there's zero reason to ever go to a mall anymore.
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Evan F. says
You'd think that'd be the conventional wisdom (and I agree, I hate going to malls) but so, so many people still think a good time means going to malls and fighting crowds in the pursuit of a 'good deal' or 'finding the right item' or whatever.

Lol, I hate people. Airport is about the only place you'll see me in a crowded spot and that's usually to travel to a place with less people and warm weather. I also don't get the mentality that you'll get a good deal at a mall when they're paying property taxes, insurance and leases before even selling a product on the shelf. My mind still gets blown every time I go into a friends house (family of 4) and they make 3,000 square feet look like it's not enough space for one person.
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BayArea says
Sham of the century

Maybe ever? You know something is BS when people can't even explain what it is and they're "invested" in it. lol.
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+1 for prime rib. Smoked turkey is solid though with a good and fresh bird. Although smoke prime rib probably wins the day above all.
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MrMagic says
WookieMan says
$3 to $6 in a months time. Heck less then that. Glad I didn't eject.....

And back down again...

Haven't lost a dime on anything I've put into a few of the cannabis tickers. Have done rather well. Glad you're selectively quoting things as usual. On one play alone I sold my original investment and let the rest ride. I'm still up significantly, since I sold over half my shares when it was up 80%. I literally cannot lose money on any cannabis stocks if they all went to zero.

How did your picks do? Crickets.....
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Strategist says
socal2 says
I heard the brakes last forever since most people use the regeneration to slow the car down.

They do. The 2011 Prius that my son now uses, had it's first brake job at 115,000 miles.
The benefits of hybrids and e-cars is stunning. The lack of information people have on them is shocking.

What do you all pay for brakes out there in CA? 180k miles on a Versa with 2 brake jobs on a 2009 for $600-700 total. I agree electric cars are the future, but saying brake jobs are a significant difference is not helping the argument. You're maybe talking $300 over a decade. That's less than a dime a day. I'd guess most people could find a dime on the ground daily, but it's probably not worth the time and probably not worth pointing out the difference between gas and EV.

I assume in CA or NY or heavily populated East Coast states, the charging network is more robust (but not comparable to gas). Not so much in the midwest. You can also pull into a gas station anywhere without even thinking about it with a gasser, but with a straight EV you have to account for charging stations if you're doing any above average driving. And that's why I won't touch it yet. Need 400 miles a charge roughly and don't want to have to pull out my phone to find a place to get "fuel" which doesn't exist in the gas world. And "fuel" up in 5 minutes or less for 400 miles. Until that happens, widespread adaptation is going to be difficult for awhile. Mind you, it will happen, not saying that it won't. Need more straight EV manufacturers to challenge the market. Tesla is fine, but need more to create legit competition.
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Probably going to show my ass here and come across as hypocritical since I've probably bitched about something here, but why do we keep getting these threads? It's the god damn internet! Everyone is free to make their own site like this. Really not that hard if you're a functioning adult with even three quarters of a brain. Hell Patrick has offered the keys to start a site.

I generally like it here. When I don't anymore, I'll go somewhere else. It's life. Fuck, I don't know what my 2nd grade best friends name even is anymore yet we were friends at that time. If you're 40 now, you likely won't remember Patrick.net when you're 80 (that's not a diss Patrick, just reality). Unknot the undies my fellow Patriots.
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socal2 says
If I had to rely on outside charging networks or needed a car for long road trips, I wouldn't be getting one right now. I just need a commuter for my daily 50 mile roundtrip and tooling around my town on the weekends and can charge it in my garage at night. I can also hook up a charger at the office if I need it.

I hear ya. It's tough to break the people that "want" a car, yet use public transportation to get to work. Naperville, IL (which I think most have heard of) you can take the train and the small penis dude is still going to want his Ford 150 to haul three 2x4's a year that he doesn't even know how to cut for his gay cat's litter box.

I'm 100% onboard for EV's. Cool with early adaptors. I just think we're literally looking at a recreation of the auto industry like it's creation in the 1900's. It's going to take awhile. My target is 400 miles a charge with 5 minute charging anywhere in the country without thinking about it (except in the mountain west) and you got me buying. Towing is also big for me, but we have one "big" vehicle and one sedan, so we could at least get one EV eventually. It will take time.
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Weird one. I don't sail, but fell into this channel, Sail SV Delos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvLc83k5o11EIF1lEo0VmuQ

Cool intro song. If you go to the channel, Jesus drones and some cameras can make some great footage for unexperienced people.

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WookieMan says
How did your picks do? Crickets.....
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Patrick says
the one thing that really messes with that is personal flaming.

Going to just start deleting any comment or post which personally attacks another user, the moderators, or the site. Makes me happy to delete that stuff.

Stop being a dick Patrick #endsarcasm

I actually think everyone here would be civil enough on most topics. Politics being the exception. Unfortunately politics is up the butt every day, everywhere. Not sure if this will be playable within the site, but Chicago politics are at least gayer than ever: https://soundcloud.com/89-wls/ald-tom-tunney-will-be-up-your
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In the last photo of the OP, has tech not come far enough with wireless mic technology? For fucks sake, looks like she's got a shoebox under the back of her shirt/dress.
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Got any links to some of the stuff you were looking at? Trying to get a better picture of what you're trying to get. Way too many variables with the price range given. I'm a speaker guy and tend to notice that more and that's where I'd tend to sink the bigger chunk of $$$$$ into. Amps matter, but to me it's just clean power that matters as my ears need more volume from being a drummer and not wearing plugs for a decade (I know, dumb). Give me speakers that can handle the power, sound good, undistorted and I have a hard time discerning the difference in amps or any other shit you swap in and out.

Good topic by the way. Keep it up ;)
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Tenpoundbass says
Behringer is shit.

Yes and no. When it comes to an equalizer the job is pretty simple for the average user. Most the shit in all brands is coming from China anyway so it's more of a manufacturing issue if there's a problem with the equipment and how they're putting it together. I've recently been tracking 12 or so channels of drums on Behringer (UMC1820 w/ ADA 8200) and it's clean as can be. I've recorded two albums in the past and my tracks are as clean if not cleaner than a $1k/hr studio comparing the raw audio. I obviously don't have studio quality rack equipment, compressors, etc, but I'm getting great sound from Behringer.
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Tenpoundbass says
Like Mackie Speakers and Mackie Mixers against Behringer you'll really see the difference.

Agreed, there for sure is a difference in long term quality. I do feel Behringer has gotten better though over the last few years though. Depends your need/use for the equipment. I've had luck, some haven't which isn't good for a brand, but I'll take my luck and the sound for 1/2 the price if not cheaper.

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