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47 per Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jennifer_Connelly

Have to find more recent images, but I think she's aged well. I'm younger and would still probably bang her. Need to find some photos now.
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Got lazy. Couldn't find much in like 20 seconds with no effort. Face still looks good though.
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Goran_K says
WookieMan says
This was in high school I thought? The accusation. Either way, I did the same as you in high school and college. It rocked as well.

I never got the home run in high school. I fingered one girl (sorta chubby), and another one gave me a really quick blow job (my fault for the quickness).

College was another story. I had 3 sexual partners, and engaged in one threesome. It was awesome. I still have pictures of the threesome.

I was 15 when I got the home run. Lol, I married her. Took a short break after high school and had some college fun before marriage. I missed out on the more adventurous stuff during that time. Fuck! Still hopeful a threesome can happen down the road, but I'm not gonna force the issue, although the wife's somewhat down with it. God I tell patnet too much.

Not our game, but legit got propositioned by our towns swingers last weekend. Small towns are hysterical man. Proposition declined. 35ish versus 48ish ain't a going thing for me. Nothing against the older(ish) crowd, but ladies generally don't hold up well once they hit 48 (some do).
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I don't think there's much debate, this is one of the positives of Trump. Stop the fucking filters. Just say what you want. Graham has finally done that.

I'd frankly like to hear it from Democrats as I'm basically down the middle if you look at my chart in the other post. I'm game for anyone to come in and make this place better. Make your point. I don't care if you kiss a fucking baby and say nice things. Let's get shit figured out and make it better.
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Why is this even still a thing? Let it go Elsa.
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Gary Anderson says
The most dangerous thing in the world is the trade war coupled with the emerging market meltdown.

Any proof of this? Not a fan of Trump, but please link some indicators that are showing a "meltdown" coming.

Also, not sure how it's a trade war. We're the largest consumers per capita. Why do we owe any other country a damn thing? They should be paying US to send their goods here or make their own economies better. This is one of the things I do like about Trump.
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Gary Anderson says
Stock market melted today. This may be the beginning.

It's always the beginning of something. And the end is always coming. I'm not sure what a 3% daily swing in the overall stock market indicates a beginning to anything. Isn't October typically a shit month for stocks anyway?

Forgot to ask this. And "what" exactly is beginning as well?
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Gary - Have you EVER personally talked with someone that lost a child at Sandy Hook? ACTUALLY researched it. It's probably not that hard to arrange something with many of the deceased children's parents. Airfare is cheap if you're not nearby and you could just pretend to be writing a book or something and interview them.

Until you have done this, you might want to STFU about it. It's rather disgusting to be honest.
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Under the plane I don't care. But never understood why it was even allowed in the first place by the airlines for passengers to have any animal with them. Give an inch and they'll take a mile. I don't have allergies, but know plenty of people that can't be around most dogs or cats without getting fucked up.

Even a short flight say from ORD to STL and you're still on the plane 1-1/2 hours including boarding and disembarkation. Time enough to have a reaction if you're sitting close enough. And who fuck here or anywhere knows if they're allergic to squirrels or some other "support" animal?

PS - I'm a dog owner, so I get pets. Unless it's a long term trip or relocation flight, keep the pet at home. That's why kennels were created. Your pet will be safe. With the internet now, any poorly run kennel would be shut down or have gone out of business if they didn't take good care of your animal. The good one's even have webcams where you can view your pet if it's that big a fucking deal to be without it.
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CBOEtrader says
Are you spamming the forum w your facebook posts?

I think it's starting to get there at this point. I haven't seen an interaction with other users on his posts in a while. I even gave some constructive criticism of his videos a couple times a month or so ago. Usually I'd get "shut up ass hole" or "thanks for the tip" from normal users. At least some kind of interaction.

@Patrick - What do you think? Not going to nuke this, but a lot of posts and no follow up on the content lately. Seems to be self serving and trying to link build. Logan does somewhat similar stuff, but he'll literally goes ape shit for 2 day posting and responding to comments at least talking about what he posted. Also doesn't post to a personal site or YouTube channel that I can recall. Could be wrong.

Even Tov bot will give a response here and there. And his articles aren't self made, usually just links to other sources, which is fine. He's clearly not trying to build a YouTube following.
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Onvacation says
WookieMan says
What do you think? Not going to nuke this, but a lot of posts and no follow up on the content lately

If you are going to censor posts with no content this will be a lonely board.

It can be good/bad content for all I care. But if you're trying to build a Youtube channel, dumping and running probably isn't the most effective way to do that. At least interact with people where you're posting. I think this post is the most comments he's had in a while and we're talking about whether the content is spam or not, and not the actual content.

Also, 40+ minute videos are the quickest way how to NOT get subscribers (along with ignoring commenters on a site you posted a video to). Unless your content is super compelling, 20 minutes is usually the max I'd sit down and watch. 10-15 minutes is the sweet spot. Especially on the topic of gold, silver and these new fake currencies of no value.

Fact remains, you probably won't get a response to this in this thread:

Onvacation says
It still baffles me that the market cap of crypto is worth more fiat than all the worlds silver.
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Quigley says
It indicates a major hurricane hit Florida.

I presume China made the hurricane to get back at Trump?

Gary Anderson says
It is dangerous and we could very well see the end of civilization

Hurricane warfare? Or as my son likes to say Hurrcano (Hurricane and Volcano combined - scary shit there).
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@4:20ish. Someone paint that fucking wall. Embarrassing.
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Also, serious question here. How does Project Veritas record video and audio without the other parties consent? Is that illegal? Thought it was. That camera work indicates it was hidden to me.
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I assume it's not yours, but the house in that photo is atrocious. Cool rocket photos though. Can't get those in Chicagoland.
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dr6B says
Gary Anderson says
I can't help if you are retarded and stupid. I can't stop it and I can't do a thing about it.

Thank you. That is a real, well-thought out argument.

I'd usually nuke something like what Gary said here, but I'm a more "liberal" moderator. This shows the true colors of the person, their post and objective in keeping a hoax's hoax going. Please keep it more civil Gary. I've found dr6B to be one of the more balanced commenters here and there wasn't much reason to comment how you did.
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Strategist says
WookieMan says
I'd usually nuke something like what Gary said here

Don't nuke it. It's Gary. No harm done.

I won't. Just a little harsh, even for Gary. And I know from comment history dr6B is fine. Jokes are jokes, but Gary could have come back with a touch more decorum. Retard is somewhat equal to the N word for me. I'm okay seeing or hearing both, just usually not necessary to use either (unless you're a retarded black rapper).
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Aphroman says
God smited the USA for the sins of the Republicans

And Democrats. God does not discriminate against political parties. Only Allah does that.

Obama should have gotten pot legalized in the first 2 years of his term with Dem control. It will eventually happen. I have no doubt Trump would sign a legalization bill either. He does what's popular. Most American's at minimum have no problems with pot and most have used it. Problem is your/our congress critters.

The pot lobby is coming though. It's been there for sure, but with money starting to really flow, it's only a matter of time. For fucks sake you can take morning glory seeds and trip off your ass after a quick trip to the home depot. Those haven't been outlawed yet.
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Heraclitusstudent says
Keep in mind: in case of war, people from gen Z will be manning the trenches to defend the country.
One wonders: will they take their pet squirrels with them?

"Emotional support": this is not just a sign of emotional inadequacy: This country is failing to reproduce, failing to educate, and in the end failing to produce competent human beings.

The support animal thing is almost exclusively with girls. It's annoying for sure, but I don't want them fighting for me anyway in WWII era or now. I also don't believe trench warfare is much of a thing anymore. I could be wrong.

Reproduction is coming. It's just delayed 5-10 years compared to boomers and those older than that. I can't stand it, as I want to enjoy my late 40's without kids and retire, which I will. I also think it's lead to the uptick in autistic kids and kids with other ailments. Naturally girls should be having children MUCH younger than 30-35. Immunizations are not the problem. Pop those damn babies out quick, when your body is built for it, and those stats will change.

dr6B says
That's why I suggest emotional support rattlesnakes or scorpions.

Lol, at least you know you're gonna have a reaction with those two. I'd hate to find out that I'm allergic to a damn squirrel..... on a fucking airplane.
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CBOEtrader says
dr6B says
CBOEtrader says
David Ickes lizard people control the queen is a far more interesting theory. Abductions are so 1990's X-files.

Sorry, I am not up to date in conspiracy knowledge!

For pure entertainment purposes: ANCIENT TREES ARE Mountains :)

Lol. In the first minute he literally just describes the process of how it got there. Entertainment for sure. Jesus, 290k Youtube followers? That's scary to be honest.
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MockingbirdKiller says
If you want to worry about something, worry about the poor Millennial bastards on that guy's staff who fucked up by telling someone shit they that made very clear shouldn't have been told to that someone but they did anyway.

I'm not too worried about any of it. The staffers had their opinions and spoke them. I actually appreciate that. Could have just said, "yes, Kavanaugh is great and a yes vote is great." (and yes, I know he was talking about "how" he would vote if in office)

Not everyone, in any type of organization is going to agree with leadership all the time. Hell, sometimes the confrontation can cause good things to happen as long as it's not toxic. That said, his organization/people don't like what he did, so he didn't communicate well with them. So yes, he's going to lose votes for sure because of this.

Remind me not to move to TN though. Too lazy to look it up, but in a non-governmental building in IL, I'm pretty sure it's illegal to record the audio without the other parties consent. Or at least record and then post publicly for a non-criminal investigation. The journalist I'm pretty sure would have to notify here in IL if they're recording audio. As you've said, they have lawyers for it and I presume it was done legally in TN and not IL. Still seems a bit shady, but I really don't care one way or the other.
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dr6B says

I won't beat it, but maybe this stuff from a nearby town to me of Batavia, IL where Fermilab is located? (FYI, didn't read the link) Fermi was THE place prior to the LHC, so maybe they're throwing shit.

We'd take field trips there throughout my school years. Actually a really cool place as a non-scientist.
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Patrick says
No, not my house. Looks nice enough to me in any case.

Sorry, bad architecture in my opinion (which you didn't ask for). I'm a MCM guy myself. I'd make sure there's no one in it to keep everyone safe, but I'd love to drive a semi or tank through that house... multiple times until it's all gone.
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Onvacation says
Patrick says
I'll block him from posting

That sounds like censorship.

I assume smaulgold is pushin metal or something. I too have never watched his videos but his taglines are often thought provoking. What could it hurt to let him TRY to promote whatever he is trying to promote? We are free to ignore they.

Think I'll start a new post related to this topic.

Sounds like someone trying to get free subscribers, link credit to search engines from an existing site (Patnet), etc. Why should Patrick run a free site for the gain of others? I'm not complaining about the content necessarily. Like the new content. Just don't dump and run and keep doing it every other day. Contribute to the conversation.

I could start a thread calling Harley riders fags and come up with a 40 minute video about why I think so. When someone agrees or disagrees with my sentiment, I just turtle and don't respond? Not a cool way to go about promotion. I've also given legit tips that work in the past on his threads and it doesn't appear he cares. The videos could be massively better and shorter slash less boring. No one here is watching much more than 5 minutes of these things. Probably 50 seconds at best.

Sometimes criticism can be harsh. Not trying to be a dick. His videos need work and his interaction, at least on this site needs to improve if he wants to convert Patnetters into subscribers to his channel. Seems like simple link building on a trafficked site that has a long history. SEO 101 stuff.
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Shitty spot for a hurricane to hit for my interests. Usually do spring break at St. George island (barrier island for Appalachicola). Although upon searching, the damage there doesn't seem "that" bad. Looks like places to the West got the worst of it.

Here's some St. George photos/video: https://www.tallahassee.com/story/news/2018/10/11/hurricane-michael-aftermath-st-george-island-damage-first-look/1599051002/
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Tenpoundbass says
Chronic smoking without a break is damaging our youth's brains.

Someone that smokes daily/frequently was going to get a hold of it either way. Not sure what you're getting at. As I've said in the past, 20 times a year roughly I'll consume. I can get a pound tomorrow if I wanted. I don't want that or need it, but it's available rather easily and this is coming from a father of two that's never really been into that scene.

Besides skimming my pre tax dollars to pay cash for it, what did the local, state or federal government get from that transaction if I buy a pound? $0. What did Visa get from the potential credit card transaction? $0. What did the logistics company get for transporting it to a dispensary? $0. It won't erase deficits by any means, but the money paid for pot now, generally goes down the toilet.

I'm not a fan of taxation. But I'm also not a fan of illegal Julio making 6 figures every year because it's illegal. I'd rather have Bill or Tina (this is a hot Tina), your neighbor, go work at a dispensary making $15-20/hr and I can relax on my time off and smoke a joint I buy from their dispensary. Sales tax for the local community instead of Julio is an added bonus.

As with almost anything in life, moderation and control is necessary. Beer, prescription drugs, soda, food, the list goes on and on. It's a controversial topic, but I tend to lean towards the side that addiction is an illness. Set aside 10% of the sales tax revenue to help people. Not popular for sure, money will get wasted, but it's cheaper compared to imprisoning someone.
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WineHorror1 says
CovfefeButDeadly says
Notice that lily white Taylor Swift is brave and courageous for opposing a Republican while Kanye is mentally ill, an Uncle Tom, and a house negro for supporting a Republican.

Again, which side is racist?

Hmm, very astute comment. The media never misses a chance to skew things towards liberals are right and conservatives are wrong.

We got to stop watching most media, if not all of it. 90% of it almost always has a political leaning and 100% has a bias of some form or other. Their JOB is to get you to talk about it, view it, click to the site, etc. Stop watching and the revenue goes away. There's zero incentive to be truthful. Massive incentive to mislead... $$$.
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Tenpoundbass says
WookieMan says
Someone that smokes daily/frequently was going to get a hold of it either way. Not sure what you're getting at.

We don't have dry spells anymore perhaps you're too young to know what I mean.
But then again that's why my Generation as a whole looks like the Mensa Society compared to the Valedictorians of this generation.

I literally just said I consume 20 times a year roughly. I think I'm fully aware of what a "dry" spell is if we're on the same wavelength. I'm mid 30's, so not sure if that's young for you. Almost all my peers, even the one's that smoked daily in high school, college, and even now, are all respectable people that have no problem performing high level jobs. Maybe I run with a good circle of people, but pot isn't holding any of them back. Out of a core group of 30-40 friends, 2 have one DIU each and none have any arrests or fines for pot. I'd say 20% of them still smoke on an every other day basis. It's not the drug, it's the person.

Valedictorians of todays generation are light years ahead of the smartest people from the 60's, 70's & 80's. This is indisputable. Is the current bottom 20% dumber than those in the same years I list, maybe/probably? It doesn't really matter though. They are not the one's driving the economy and innovation. My dad's mid 60's, attorney (got Bachelors in 3 years and law in 2), most younger attorney's now could run circles around him even coming from the same school he did.

I think you may be hanging out with too many idiots from the younger generation or older folks with dumb kids. You can't really blame a generation for who you decide to hang out with or interact with. The brightest young people are going to make massive changes to the way this world works. WWII and Vietnam are long gone and so is that nostalgia. Time to move on.
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As usual a bunch of dead air at the start of a 1:33:00 video that no one will watch. @clambo - You're not going to get a response to your comment either. Dump and run spam trying to get Youtube subscribers and linking for SEO. He used to respond here, but doesn't anymore for some reason. Use and abuse I guess is the approach.
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Goran_K says

The GOP (who Aphroman hates yet is giving him what he wants) is going through a Trump originated Renaissance. GOP 2.0 is far more "liberal" in the classical sense than the Democrats have been for decades.

GOP won't/can't pass a thing like pot reform without some Democrat help though. Religious right GOP won't go for it, so across the aisle votes are needed. Both parties have their flaws, but going to need bipartisan cooperation on this one. It would be nice to see it for once. Seems like it's been a while, at least on major issues.

More a general statement here and not direct at you Goran:

We've banned a plant that has no identifiable major health risk, that most people have used at some point in their life. It does have painkilling effects. I like beer, seriously, but it's far worse then smoking a joint daily for the body. Hard liquor? That shit is destructive.

I've yet to ever hear a valid argument why pot is not legal outside of potentially the pharmaceutical industry and alcohol industry getting pissed. It literally has nothing to do with protection of citizens hurting/harming themselves. Nothing. Vodka and Oxy are FAR more dangerous to citizens, yet they're essentially freely available with a quick liquor store stop or lazy doctor visit.
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Tenpoundbass says
Yeah that's right! How many USA Rockets on loan to Elon Musk have they blown up on Launch or landing now?

What are you talking about? I know he wasn't born in America, but the dude is practically 50 years old. He's closer to a boomer age wise versus a millennial. So you kind of shot your "older is better" argument in the foot on that one in your first 4 sentences.

As I said, you might want to hang out with smarter young people or get new adult friends that don't have dumb kids. You're clearly not dealing with or in circles with young adults that are brilliant.
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That's why his ass is going on ignore list today. As of now.

Lol. Don't mind the content, change of subject from the typical politics, but you have to interact in my opinion at some level. Logan at least goes ape shit with his stuff, will respond and argue/debate with you on a topic of his. Don't like to use ignore, because even a broken clock is right twice a day, but I'm getting close to your sentiment. Ignore is coming with another day or two of posting massively long, poorly edited videos.
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Aphroman says
By dry spell and you not being old enough to remember, what he means is that it used to be pretty hard to get smoke able grass from June-October, because the supply chain is/was seasonable.

Didn't figure 10# to be 70 plus. If you couldn't get mostly fresh pot in the late 70's to 90's during June-October, you probably lived in a pretty rural area. Hemispheres and growing seasons are real. George Jung was not the first person to smuggle pot to the states.

The mom of my best man in my wedding is an EXTREME pot smoker. I've chatted with her for hours about this subject and she's not reserved about it. She had no problem getting good, smokable pot in the 70's during the "off" season and she's now just about 70. I guess it depended on where you lived. I guess Chicagoland was getting shipments from South America? Not sure. She also had money, so maybe that helped.

And yes, she's high functioning. Her husband and her sold their business about 10 years ago for 8 figures. Not sure if it ended up that way after Mr. Tax Man got his cut. But very wealthy and successful people. Retired, no boss, so no reason to make shit up. Those are the people I like.
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Aphroman says
Pot Stocks are WHITE HOT again on this lovely Monday Morning. CGC flirting with new All time highs, potentially poised for another breakout and next leg up. $$$$

Still doing good on CVSI. While I haven't researched the market much, big anecdotal concern came up for me yesterday. My sister, an anti-anything attorney (drugs/alcohol), talked about purchasing pot stocks. I was rather shocked to be honest she would ever even bring it up. Never really talks about investment stuff with me, let alone purchasing cannabis corp stock. She's a straight index fund type.

I'm convinced there will be winners long term for sure (think AALP mid 80's to today). It will be legal in more states and eventually nationally. But this is starting to have a touch of the crypto stink to me. I just play around with money I can lose (which I've done well with CVSI) but not sure the run isn't going to hit the ceiling soon. We'll see, as admittedly this isn't my game. It's going to go higher, but when it peaks, I think it will come down hard. (talking 6 months time frame. 10 years from now, companies that stay in the game will most certainly be winners)

I think we're hitting FOMO territory and it will drive it higher short term. Maybe through the holidays. But people are going to start taking their gains soon I think. So play safe. As usual, I'll probably be wrong otherwise I'd be a multi-millionaire by now. I'm holding CVSI for now, but might sell it out before X-mas (sell 90% of my remaining shares) and leave a small portion of house money on it as a long term play. Either way, I've won on this one and can't/won't lose a $ at this point.
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zzyzzx says

Deep dish sucks. Most native Chicagoan's don't like it. I believe it was a marketing ploy by a bigger Chicago pizza place to make deep dish, "the" Chicago pizza.

Also, you don't need the pizza to hear the gunshots....
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What I find appalling is that anyone here is defending or attacking ANY politician. Hate the game, not the player. They're just doing what they have to (R or D) and what anyone here would have to do if they liked an easy job where you're constantly being wined and dined.

Go make some more money and you surely could buy off Liz Warren. It's a game guys. If you have the tokens, you'll at some point win the game. Just got to keep feeding the machine.

And yes, she straight up lied. It really doesn't matter though. Although any benefits she received should be paid back in full, including any salary she benefited from after the fact of the lie (especially government pay or any future pension plan). And again, yes she lied, there really isn't a discussion to be had on this. Surprised we're 3 figures deep comment wise on this topic.
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just_dregalicious says
True... You can look at google maps of Asian countries like Indonesia and see literal rivers of plastic flowing out into the ocean.

Just watch a few YouTube channels of people that are sailing around Asia/Indonesia as well. Some channels point it out and others you can just see the trash even though they try to avoid it.

And yes, removing trash from an island probably isn't a cheap endeavor, but some of these beautiful places are absolutely trashed. While we're not perfect, America generally does do a decent job with trash and keeping our natural treasures clean (for the most part).
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Goran_K says
No. I would personally not lie about my race to get illicit compensation to put food on the table.

I like to be able to sleep at night and I've done very well being honest and upfront with people, not lying to get ahead.

You're not a politician..... Specifically someone in Congress. There is NO honestly in politics. You're not saying this, but there is not one honest politician starting probably from the state level upward. Most people in the real world HAVE to be honest or they'd get fucked over at some point and caught in a web of lies.

And yes, of course there are liars on the private side, for sure. The unfortunate news is that most liars sleep well at night too. That and everyone on this planet has 100% lied before in some way or another in their life. Usually it's something mundane, but everyone has lied at some point.

And again, I think Warren is an idiot. But we all know there are Republicans, Dems, Libertarians, Independents, etc that have all had to lie at one point or another to get where they are. Good luck getting to some of these positions of power with being 100% honest. Won't happen.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
What really should happen is no ethnicity questions should ever be asked by an employer, the government,

THIS. Don't care so much about the census though. I check the box for Native American and what's going to happen? Is an employer going to have me take a test to determine if I'm actually Native American? They do that, they'll get sued immediately.

And frankly, who gives a flying fuck if you're "Native American" in 2018.... 2018.... 2018 for christ's sake. Learn from your history, but move the fuck on. Stop feeling bad about what people did generations ago and then making those people feel important that had harm done to them. Life can suck. Deal with it.
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Evan F. says
Tenpoundbass says
Back when people were cool and Fags were Fags Guys used to fuck the shit out of Girls they just met 10 minutes ago.

What in the actual fuck

Gonna agree with Evan here. What in the actual F was just written here?

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