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Whether you have good form or not (or coaches), be careful on the knees with Crossfit. Of everyone I know that's done it 12 months or longer, they all end up with medium to major knee issues. One guy I know was on the leading edge of the whole Crossfit thing and is a coach himself. Ended up having knee surgery. Out of the 5 or so people I know that do it regularly (coupe times a week and for more than 12 months), probably 3 or 4 have had a surgery on their knees due to it.

This is exceptionally true for women. I don't know if any research has been done on it yet, but I'd guess 60-70% of women Crossfitters have destroyed their knees with 50% of them resulting in knee surgery.

Push yourself of course, but I assume you're not 22. So don't get caught up in the "rah, rah" meathead mentality of having to push it to the max every time. You'll end up hurt. It definitely is a good, full body work out that not much else competes with.
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joshuatrio says
What moves in particular would cause all this?

So far it's been nothing to extreme. I've done a lot of squats in the past and have never had issues.

I'm no doctor and haven't done cross fit myself. My understanding though is the time and intensity elements of it are the problem. You're doing intense things with the body and generally trying to get it completed in a certain frame or as fast as possible. Even the best form can get throw out the window when there's a time element added. Here's an excerpt from Crossfits own website:
CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. All CrossFit workouts are based on functional movements, and these movements reflect the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more. These are the core movements of life. They move the largest loads the longest distances, so they are ideal for maximizing the amount of work done in the shortest time. Intensity is essential for results and is measurable as work divided by time—or power. The more work you do in less time, or the higher the power output, the more intense the effort. By employing a constantly varied approach to training, functional movements and intensity lead to dramatic gains in fitness.

Bold tags added for emphasis by me. They don't sugar coat you're doing heavy, hard things as fast as possible. Hence why I think there are so many injuries.

I'm not dogging Crossfit at all so you know, but you have to be careful. Especially if you're 30 plus. That's why I mention don't get sucked into the meathead aspect of it. If someone is pushing you too much, tell them to fuck off, seriously. If they say no, ask them to sign a waiver saying they'll cover the deductible and out of pocket for your forthcoming knee surgery(ies).

It's the intensity along with the herd mentality that I think a lot of people hurt themselves and sometimes permanently. I'd suggest have fun with it, but don't treat it as a sport or competition. It's neither.

PS: Running an old MacBook and losing use of ghjkl on my keyboard, so sorry for typo's.
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TwoScoopsMcGee says
Missed this thread. Anybody got a synopsis?

My take. A lot of the usual you see on most threads here. LOTS of everyone trying to piss on each other. iwogs out, done it appears with the forum. I also take from some of the comments that Dan and iwog may communicate on the outside and Dan called it quits a while back or iwog guessed at that.

We also had some other idiots feeding the frenzy the other way. Literally people arguing over nothing. No one was going to win, yet that was the outcome everyone wanted, a win. You CAN'T win in an online argument. It's impossible. Unfortunately idiots and smart people alike cannot figure this out. Sad.

Just the usual overall though. A bunch of grown men (maybe women) acting like complete and utter fags. Hopefully most the men will reattach their dicks at some point. FYI - this is directed a pretty much all the comments on this thread outside maybe a few.
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It's been a while since I've looked at particular workout/lifting plans. Best success I've had was with low weight, lots of reps and about 3 sets. So lets say I could max 250lbs on a bench press one time. I'd set up at 120-30lbs and try to do 30 reps x 3. If you can't do at least 20 reps at this weight, you bump DOWN the weight. This won't make you look like Hulk, but if you apply this to all other parts of the body, I've found it to be best. Like I said it's been a while, but I think this is an endurance approach to lifting.

I don't think most women like Hulk type men. If you've got one that likes that, have fun. It's tough to sustain long term. The lifting I'm talking about above is much easier to step back into if you have a bad week or even month. This is also why I feel like Crossfit is tricky. You can do Crossfit for a year and life happens. You don't get to the gym for a month and then you try to do what you were previously doing. You get where I'm going. Your fucking arm is numb and limp because you just dislocated your shoulder doing activities that you could a month ago and now can't. That scenario is not happening benching 130lbs for most grown men.

I know, I know, it's the third time. But I wouldn't discourage anyone from Crossfit, just get some advice from someone outside the gym before jumping in. And if you're 30+ your goal should just be to do the work out. Don't push weight or speed where you can. Odds are you're going to still end up healthier and in better shape then most work outs if you need the motivation from others. Remember though, fuck you is the phrase to push back at an overzealous coach or trainer. Health shouldn't result in injury.
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anon_bfe40 says
Don’t be ridiculous. This has been in the making a very long time for him and plenty of others, many of whom gave up long ago. But hey, well done. You’ve got a nice safe space where you can shout your inanities at one another without contradiction. You’ll be bored as shit in no time.

I could be wrong, but how you doing Dan? Throw a Wookie a bone if I'm right. If not, no biggie.

I personally have not had a problem with anyone here. If you come here and don't like an opinion, that's fine. The idiotic arguments back and forth are epic. Some of you can be 100% right yet you let a troll manipulate you and drag you into a dumpster fire. That makes me question your intelligence, even when you're right. Again, you CAN'T win an internet argument on a forum like this. Facts don't matter. It's only opinions. And I'm not kidding. You can find a MENSA forum somewhere and these same things will happen. The internet isn't real in a sense and some of you need to realize that.

A lot of these threads I'll read on the homepage, I'll glance at more so. And you know what I see? A hamster. A hamster just spinning on a wheel thinking they'll get somewhere. So I won't even click into them. I bet if you ban political threads here, this becomes a much more functional forum. Just my 2 cents.
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anon_03507 says
anon_bfe40 says
You have to laugh. Iwog and Dan have left, and CiC is back. Quite the momentum.

I say CIC/Ironman/Sniper/Piggy should moderate farm animals since he posts about them every day. Obviously he has an intimate knowledge. Of the subject matter I mean.

Thanks for the bone ;)
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Patrick says
Pretty sure it's less harmful than alcohol. Especially if you eat rather than smoke it.

100% sure it's less harmful than alcohol, regardless of the consumption method. Physically speaking.

Been to Red Rocks the last two summers for shows. CO and the shops are amazing. I'm way more of a drinker, but grabbed some edibles before the show one night and I only had 2 beers the entire night at the show. It was amazing. Light show helped of course. Without weed, I'd be easily 6 craft beers deep with doors at 7pm and show over at 11:30pm. Honesty, probably closer to 8 beers in that time.
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I've been part of some of the most creative bong and smoking device making sessions on the planet. That was the fun of it when I was younger. I so much more enjoy edibles now. Don't have them often or even smoke often, but it's still enjoyable for me.

I'm rather flummoxed by anyone that would be against weed. The stoner thing is a complete and utter stereotype that pegs 90% of people that smoke/use with the 10% that flaunt it and act like a stoner. I could walk into most situations completely stoned and most wouldn't even know it.
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Patrick says
Takes forever to kick in, up to 2 hours, and lasts a long time, so best done at night or on the weekend.

Yeah, edibles can be tricky. I'm a human drug dumpster though. Mushrooms, acid, and weed consumed via mouth I've had zero problems. I can eat/have any of it. Never been off my rocker and mushrooms specifically I've had large quantities in one sitting. You wouldn't know I was tripping.

I won't take a Tylenol or ANYTHING a doctor prescribes unless I'm on my deathbed. I do think pharmaceuticals and the opioid issue will make it much easier for weed to become legal in other places, hopefully. Pain sucks. Just not sure why doctors now prescribe something that most people don't have the physical capability of resisting after just one round of meds. It's going to get worse before it gets better unfortunately.
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anon_bfe40 says

You’re mixing up two entirely different posters.

I'm not, I know what I've read in the past here. Thanks for the bone though. I personally hope you come back and iwog does. You can look at my history, I don't think I have an adversarial relationship with anyone here, even though it's a short history. I'm being serious.

iwog did have a hypocritical moment with the political thread in investing. I don't necessarily blame him though. So there's that. Just a little disappointed that we're losing people here.

All I can say from my point of view is, you're not going to "fix" every user. Make them change their mind. Make them change their opinion. Make them believe fact. If that's what you're after, get off the internet for your own sanity. And maybe that's what is going on. More power to you if you can resist.
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I get it. Not sure what happened to the Hippocratic Oath though. I suppose Realtors have a code of ethics, so who am I kidding. Everyone is a whore at the right price. Right?
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anon_e5778 says
gave complete control of that thread to someone iwog hated.

And if that user moderated poorly, it would have been obvious. We never got the chance. Instead, all the BS was hashed out in this thread and nothing was accomplished either way. If Goran is/was a bad moderator we'd know very quickly. There are enough users here that I think Patrick respects, that he would have known it was a failed experiment with moderation or with that user moderating just by feedback.

I'd like to see this experiment get to 5 moderators and see if it works instead of starting a shit show before any moderation can even start. I am of the opinion moderation with this sized forum won't work well, but I'm willing to give it a shot.

@Patrick - I got hashtag StarWars when it becomes a topic. Every comment will be deleted. Just because. Those are my rules.
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Strategist says
WookieMan says
I get it. Not sure what happened to the Hippocratic Oath though. I suppose Realtors have a code of ethics, so who am I kidding. Everyone is a whore at the right price. Right?


Boom! Digital high 5! I need to create the digital high 5 crypto currency. I hope I didn't just give away a billion dollar idea.
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@Patrick - Uhhhhggg. On a more serious note, I'll give housing a shot if there are no takers. It's my industry (and I won't give away details regarding what I do) so I should have the ability to spot BS better then most. I will say daily moderation could be difficult, but I should be here 6 days a week in some capacity or another. Unless I get busy in the high flying real estate world. Or getting high ;)
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Fucking White Male says
WookieMan says
anon_03507 says
anon_bfe40 says
You have to laugh. Iwog and Dan have left, and CiC is back. Quite the momentum.

I say CIC/Ironman/Sniper/Piggy should moderate farm animals since he posts about them every day. Obviously he has an intimate knowledge. Of the subject matter I mean.

Thanks for the bone ;)

You do realize what a bad context that statement could be taken in, right?

I actually didn't. LOL. After you pointed it out, Jesus that was bad on my part. The accidental funny or gross post. The fucking wink smiley I did too. Oh well, I'm mostly sure one of those anon users is Dan. I know most don't like him here, but I think he should just come back. Same with iwog if he was serious about leaving.
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Patrick says

@WookieMan OK, you are now officially the housing moderator!

Got it. I'll do my best for #housing

I don't plan on deleting much. If I quote you, specifically the part I'm not digging, you'll get one of these: WOOKIEWARNING

I'm not sure how many I'll give out before taking action (deleting a post for now), but I'm thinking 2-3.

It will likely take a lot to even get a warning from me, but we'll see how fast housing threads degrade.
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Patrick says
but definitely gets way angrier than he should be

I don't know that I would call it anger necessarily. The fact is he was generally correct in most his arguments. He had a few predictions that didn't totally hit, but most of those were even correct. I'd say frustration.

The problem is others would keep coming back and not necessarily backing up claims. He would much of the time or at least explain his position. Where I think he failed is getting down in the gutter with some users over and over. If you know you're right, move on. Your point/argument is out there for everyone to see. Let the people judge. Don't be stubborn. But he would continually get down in the gutter having already satisfactorily made his point. I never really understood why.

And that's the thing, I'm not even sure if it was trolling by others here after a while. By engaging the trolls, I ultimately think he may have unknowingly picked up trolling abilities himself. And then when Trump came around and won, it became pretty obvious that he was trying to troll the trolls with some of his threads, even though what he was posting may have been factually correct. He knew what the end result was going to be when he started those threads. So I do think it's a touch disingenuous to say the trolls took everything over when he was baiting them during and after the election time after time. This is why you'll see very little activity from me in political threads unless it's about actual meat and potato issues. Outside of those it just becomes too much personal opinion and you're never going to change people on that, especially in an online forum like this.

I know Dan would argue me on this, but iwog has no right, to be right on the internet, even if he is actually right. Not sure if that makes sense, but to me it does. And that's where I think iwog jumped the shark. You're right, move on. Unfortunately other people have a right to be wrong, and you're not going to change that on patnet or anywhere on the internet. You can't see someone's face turn red when you called them out on their BS. Or their eyes dart all over as their trying to cover their tracks. The internet doesn't and probably never will lend itself to logical discourse. And sometimes that just needs to be accepted.

With that said, I hope iwog comes back along with Dan and let's bring some new users along. This forum is better with more users not less, whether you like said users or not. And even if they don't come back, there's another Dan and iwog out there that will stumble upon this site as long as Patrick keeps it running.
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anon_7a66f says
In one quote the problem with the approach to moderating on this website. The guidelines for what to censor or not shouldn’t be down to the whims of individual moderators, most especially given the posting history of many on here

This is the problem in my opinion. Many users have given this ZERO chance of working BEFORE it's even been tried. The iwog's and snipers of patnet included. You don't even know what I consider uncivil. I may never warn a person on this site ever, yet you jump to conclusions. It's amazing the human race has gotten how far it has with so many god damn pessimists out there. You can have a problem with Goran, but now it appears every moderator is bad?

Come on dude. Are you the guy calling the Wright brother fucking idiots? Not an equal comparison, but who cares. Let's see if moderation works on Patnet. I bet it takes all of a week or two and we'll know.
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WineHorror says
Who made you King?

I'm not. Volunteered to be a moderator. The fiefdom is yours to take. My goal is just just avoid personal attacks and keep the conversation on housing. I really have no intention of deleting anything unless it gets really bad, but will shoot out a warning if I think the conversation is going off the rails. If someone can't be adult enough to at least attempt to get the conversation back where it needs to be AFTER a warning, then I might delete. Let's see how this plays out. I'm new to this. I'm not a dick and will let most stuff go honestly.
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anon_7a66f says
I’m not particularly bothered about you as you seem more reasonable than most on here. The point is that it shouldn’t be down to chance... the hope that a moderator will be reasonable. Well what evidence is there of that with the likes of Goran and now zzyzzx for that matter? The answer is none, which is precisely the reason why there needs to be a set of rules rather than leave it to an individual’s whims.

Hey, I don't necessarily disagree with your points on this. I'm just saying give it a shot. I'll call out any moderator that I think is trying to censor one side over the other. Or let's their preferred troll go crazy. If I do a shitty job, call me out on it. In two weeks most of us will know, oh we will know.

There's a lot of garbage comments here, so this is at least an attempt to pick up the garbage. If it fails, back to the drawing board I suppose. Or go somewhere else.
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@Patrick - Will I get an email notification when a new housing thread is started? What about comments? There hasn't been a ton on housing, so I don't think comment notifications would be too bad. Or am I going to have to just check the housing tag/category whenever I can? No biggie either way.
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anon_7a66f says
He’s already had pretty much everyone on the more liberal side of the spectrum clearly state that they don’t want Goran moderating what will be the main topic. And what has Patrick said or done? Nothing.

I agree with this sentiment. There clearly has been much push back. But has Goran deleted anything yet? Has there been any signs of unfair moderation in his limited time in power? I'm seriously asking as I don't like politics for the most part. But I feel like if there was moderation abuse, those threads would have made their way to the homepage. I'm not saying it can't or won't start happening, just give it a chance.

I like iwog, but let's be honest here, the only moderation abuse so far was iwog posting inaccurate topics so he could control it. I actually found it to be humorous that he did that, but you have to admit it flew in the face of the stated goal by Patrick. This could totally crumble in 24 hours and I know I'm beating a dead horse at this point, but just give it a chance. I'll be the first to join you if I see this isn't working and I'm dead serious.
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Goran, this is my issue with lots of people here. Everyone trolls here to some extent or another. On this thread, I'd say just give it up. There's nothing of consequence being discussed. No one is going to "win" this back and forth on either side. You're only doing a disservice to yourself as a newly minted moderator. Just move on from this thread and let's see how you do moderating #politics. Instead of getting in the mud here, prove your doubters wrong by moderating #politics in a fair manner.

I'm not saying as a moderator you can't or shouldn't post, I'd personally just give this individual thread a rest at this point. Got to be able to move on from the pettiness or you're going to get dragged into it as a moderator.
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Patrick says
I'm getting very aggro about deleting personal attacks on sight, and encourage Goran and WookieMan to do the same. (Mostly looking at you, Sniper.)

I don't want more control beyond housing, but just so other users know, I can only delete in #housing threads (comments) Outside of that realm, it wasn't me and I can't delete it.
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errc says
Dragged in lol now that’s funny! It’s almost as if you’re operating without context.
What are you talking about? I was basically stating he's in the mud in this thread and he's not looking good. If he wants any semblance of being seen as objective as a moderator, get off this thread and stop acting a fool. What context am I operating without?

I've seen his history of comments here and I get what you're implying about his past behavior if that's the context you speak of. If he fucks up as a moderator I'll be the first one on the bandwagon. I'm not a cheerleader for anyone here. But moderator is a new role and too many are just saying, "ah fuck it, it won't work and that guy is an ass." Which I'm sure can be backed up by quoting comments of him being an ass.

But what does it have to do with him being a moderator? Could he fuck it up? Sure. Will he fuck it up? I don't know and I'm not certain you do either. If all he does is remove NSFW photos from the OP because they show on the front page and nothing else, what would be the problem? If he starts deleting all the comments on one side of an argument, without citing a reason, then like I said, give me a pitch fork and torch and we'll bring him down.

The maturity level of many here is astounding, especially among many I believe to be really fucking smart people. I'm really starting to think this might be a forum full of women. I've seen less bickering in a fucking middle school. For god's sake, there's a fucking ignore feature if you don't like someone as well. They gone. I hate all caps. but, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO CHANE ANYONE'S MIND HERE!
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willywonka says
Moderation frequently turns into censorship. A big mistake, IMHO.

Probably, but maybe a necessary mistake for the site to get better? The current path (prior to this moderation attempt) was not a good look. Will it get better? Who knows. Can't hurt to try something new.
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anon_7ebb1 says
We have more of a choice in selecting our favorite sports teams, not to mention our accomplishments.

How about beer? Can I pick the beer I like? Keep seeing all these Bud Light commercials and I feel like that's the only choice. Sarcasm end.
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Goran_K says
Patrick, zzyzzx, Wookie and myself. Doesn’t seem like anyone is debating that the deleted content has not been justly nuked.

I haven't deleted anything just so everyone knows. I can only do that in housing and will give warnings so everyone can see my moderation tactics, if I even use moderation. It's pretty dead over there in housing, nothing like politics, so we'll see. Site definitely has shifted from it's original purpose, as most of you already know. So my job is not too intensive at this point.
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HEY YOU says
We need to change #housing to #shacks.

How about @HEY YOU changed to @HACK ;) Don't mess with housing bro.
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Patrick says
Also @WookieMan

FYI, usually I get email notifications on these and I didn't on this one for some reason.

At this point I don't have much need for the feature as the limited #housing comments have been solid so far. We'll see in the future.
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I have Chicago MLS data only, but I can go back to 1980. Chicago as long as I've known has been a pretty vanilla market, so not sure what I have access to helps with what you're looking for. Maybe in the high end neighborhoods if you're looking for some correlation to the Bay area.
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Strategist says
#misc @patrick We all want some kind of a balance between uncivil posts and normal posts.
Suppose, the moderator, instead of making the post disappear, redirects it to a thread just for "insults and uncivil" posts. All responses to insults, which are inevitable, would simply end up in the "insults and uncivil" threads. This way, everyone gets what they want from the site, and no one gets discouraged from posting. If someone does not like the "insults and uncivil" thread, they never have to click it on. Those who want to read or respond, will have there say too.
A couple of refinements will be needed, but if the concept makes sense to you, lets work on it.

I don't think your idea is bad. The problem lies in the #politics topic itself. There's going to be a flaw with ANYONE on this site currently moderating that topic the current way or with your suggestion. I know we're past the Thunderdome era, but just let it be what it's going to be at this point. People can use ignore and it works in much the same way as moderation considering the types of attacks and insults.

The anons are a problem, but if @Patrick goes back to the random word user names (winehorror) being used in place of anon, then that might help. Although I think most users are jumping to different IP's relatively easy, so that may not work either.

It's been roughly 5 days on housing and I'm driving the Tesla of moderation. Mind you there haven't been many new threads, but I felt a duty to look through the more recent threads and even in the more commented one's it stays pretty civil. I think politics is a unique thing and to try and have that moderated is a fools errand. I'm not giving up on moderation, but it's clearly not working in politics. And I don't think it can. Whoever moderates anything in that topic is instantly biased against whoever they moderate. It's a lose lose proposition for whoever is moderating and it seems like that's what the topic shifts to. Who's moderating and not the actual topic at hand.
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Check this email out that I received through work related activities. Bold tags added back in from the original.

Remind your colleagues to take one minute today to ask Congress to protect homeowners while considering reforms to the U.S. tax code.


Under the current proposal, millions of homeowners will see a tax increase.
If the bill is enacted, we anticipate a 10% drop in home values.
Homeownership tax incentives will be beyond the reach of more than 90% of American families.
It will cost our children and grandchildren $1.5 trillion in new federal debt.
Homeowners in all 50 states would be double-taxed on the money they pay for state/local taxes.
If you buy a home and then have to move within 5 years, you could be hit with a big tax bill under this plan.

All this from a bill that is supposed to improve the current system. This is a clear and present danger to American homeownership.

I'm in agreement with the state and local property tax line. This messes with the high income renter as well in some cases. Indifferent about the cap gains ramifications as that stinks of the typical realtor "prices always go up" shit. You ain't getting hit with a big tax bill if your values went down. Everything else is a little hysterical.

I don't get realtors. People want to own their own homes. I don't think it's necessarily a logical decision about tax consequences. They just want a fucking house they can do what they want to it. Hell many people that own a home don't even itemize, yet hype to all their buddies all the tax benefits to owning a home. I've heard it from a few good friends and then I just plant my face in my hand and walk away. Need better education about this shit in high school in my opinion.
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rpanic01 says
LOL wow over 700 posts on this thread and 100 on the Goran shouldn't be a mod thread in just 100 day, might be your most popular posts ever Patrick.

There are other big ones, but this might be the fastest to 700+ I've seen since I've been here. It's somewhat humorous, yet somewhat sad.
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HowdyThere says
And the bestest post ever was lost that I drafted as anon_62240. Grrr.

You gonna redo the post? Always copy and paste your post before hitting submit in some other app or program. Patrick can be making changes at any time and you'll lose what you typed if you started before the change and hit submit after it. Has happened to me on about 3-4 occasions. Not his fault, life just sometime prevents me from typing something up for more than 3 minutes and I have to come back to it 40 minutes later after a site change was made.
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Is there any chance these ladies get charged with a crime? I'm not sure if and what it would be, but this is getting ridiculous at this point. They're now claiming the Taiwanese fishing vessel was trying to ram them and kill them, which was never party of the story originally. It's pretty obvious they're lying at this point. Obviously I doubt lying is criminal in this case, but this is utter nonsense and the media is still sucking this shit up.

I think they do their media tour for the next couple of weeks. In 12 months they've got a self authored book and are selling the rights to it. And I bet in about 3-5 years there's a fucking movie about this. This seems like an orchestrated con to me.
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Did they get to the part about fighting off an armed SHARKNADO! with boat poles launched from their tweetees?

Not yet. The way it's going with these two con artists, I wouldn't be surprised if this is the next revelation of their ordeal. I'm sure the media would believe it and they'd be on the morning news shows for a 2nd round of BS.
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errc says
@Patrick, in an attempt to help you reach your goal of cleaning up the site, I tried to mark posts 5,7,8 as uncivil as they are aimed at attacking a person rather than an idea, and can be deemed uncivil as their intent is to be inflammatory, but the uncivil button is gone. What gives?

I don't have a dog in the fight @Patrick but @errc is right on these comments if we're going to take the rules as stated. I actually found Strat's post pretty funny on this thread, so I don't personally mind them, but we're on a slippery slop here. Can there be a humor element to it? Probably not. I don't interpret this as Strat "attacking" Dan or Jazz, and I think they would admit that. But when taking the comments at their face value, it could be considered an attack by an outsider that hasn't read this forum.

We're fully engulfed in the dark underbelly of moderation. I'm not sure what the other side looks like, but these comments are a perfect example of a gray area.
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YesYNot says
What I don't understand is the right's infatuation with the topic. From my perspective, it sure seems like the religious leaders are using it to show how godless, inferior, and lacking of morals the non-religious and liberal crowd is. That solidifies their (church leaders) position as the one true light that the sheep should follow.

I'm not sure I would categorize this as a religious or non-religious topic. People (not you) that deny genders exist as a basic M or F fact, in 99% of the population, are complete and utter morons. I don't disagree religious leaders may use it as propaganda, but who the hell wouldn't? It's easier then taking candy from a baby.

There are anomalies in all data sets. The people with deformities or strange genitalia mutations are just that, anomalies. While they should be treated as equals and not hurt because of their differences, they by no means should get to dictate that there are more than 2 genders. That's just not logical.
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Sniper says
If we just had some additional gun laws, this Felon wouldn't have obtained his weapons, wouldn't have stabbed that women, stolen a truck, shot people as he drove along the street.

Apparently in CA, convicted felons can own firearms and shoot them like crazy in the backyard without the police investigating.

Don't actually have a problem with your gun stance here. I'll be honest though, you've made two comments to your original post. Are you arguing with yourself or just trying to make a point? It's not quite right to me.