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willywonka says
Moderation frequently turns into censorship. A big mistake, IMHO.

Probably, but maybe a necessary mistake for the site to get better? The current path (prior to this moderation attempt) was not a good look. Will it get better? Who knows. Can't hurt to try something new.
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anon_7ebb1 says
We have more of a choice in selecting our favorite sports teams, not to mention our accomplishments.

How about beer? Can I pick the beer I like? Keep seeing all these Bud Light commercials and I feel like that's the only choice. Sarcasm end.
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Goran_K says
Patrick, zzyzzx, Wookie and myself. Doesn’t seem like anyone is debating that the deleted content has not been justly nuked.

I haven't deleted anything just so everyone knows. I can only do that in housing and will give warnings so everyone can see my moderation tactics, if I even use moderation. It's pretty dead over there in housing, nothing like politics, so we'll see. Site definitely has shifted from it's original purpose, as most of you already know. So my job is not too intensive at this point.
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HEY YOU says
We need to change #housing to #shacks.

How about @HEY YOU changed to @HACK ;) Don't mess with housing bro.
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Patrick says
Also @WookieMan

FYI, usually I get email notifications on these and I didn't on this one for some reason.

At this point I don't have much need for the feature as the limited #housing comments have been solid so far. We'll see in the future.
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I have Chicago MLS data only, but I can go back to 1980. Chicago as long as I've known has been a pretty vanilla market, so not sure what I have access to helps with what you're looking for. Maybe in the high end neighborhoods if you're looking for some correlation to the Bay area.
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Strategist says
#misc @patrick We all want some kind of a balance between uncivil posts and normal posts.
Suppose, the moderator, instead of making the post disappear, redirects it to a thread just for "insults and uncivil" posts. All responses to insults, which are inevitable, would simply end up in the "insults and uncivil" threads. This way, everyone gets what they want from the site, and no one gets discouraged from posting. If someone does not like the "insults and uncivil" thread, they never have to click it on. Those who want to read or respond, will have there say too.
A couple of refinements will be needed, but if the concept makes sense to you, lets work on it.

I don't think your idea is bad. The problem lies in the #politics topic itself. There's going to be a flaw with ANYONE on this site currently moderating that topic the current way or with your suggestion. I know we're past the Thunderdome era, but just let it be what it's going to be at this point. People can use ignore and it works in much the same way as moderation considering the types of attacks and insults.

The anons are a problem, but if @Patrick goes back to the random word user names (winehorror) being used in place of anon, then that might help. Although I think most users are jumping to different IP's relatively easy, so that may not work either.

It's been roughly 5 days on housing and I'm driving the Tesla of moderation. Mind you there haven't been many new threads, but I felt a duty to look through the more recent threads and even in the more commented one's it stays pretty civil. I think politics is a unique thing and to try and have that moderated is a fools errand. I'm not giving up on moderation, but it's clearly not working in politics. And I don't think it can. Whoever moderates anything in that topic is instantly biased against whoever they moderate. It's a lose lose proposition for whoever is moderating and it seems like that's what the topic shifts to. Who's moderating and not the actual topic at hand.
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Check this email out that I received through work related activities. Bold tags added back in from the original.

Remind your colleagues to take one minute today to ask Congress to protect homeowners while considering reforms to the U.S. tax code.


Under the current proposal, millions of homeowners will see a tax increase.
If the bill is enacted, we anticipate a 10% drop in home values.
Homeownership tax incentives will be beyond the reach of more than 90% of American families.
It will cost our children and grandchildren $1.5 trillion in new federal debt.
Homeowners in all 50 states would be double-taxed on the money they pay for state/local taxes.
If you buy a home and then have to move within 5 years, you could be hit with a big tax bill under this plan.

All this from a bill that is supposed to improve the current system. This is a clear and present danger to American homeownership.

I'm in agreement with the state and local property tax line. This messes with the high income renter as well in some cases. Indifferent about the cap gains ramifications as that stinks of the typical realtor "prices always go up" shit. You ain't getting hit with a big tax bill if your values went down. Everything else is a little hysterical.

I don't get realtors. People want to own their own homes. I don't think it's necessarily a logical decision about tax consequences. They just want a fucking house they can do what they want to it. Hell many people that own a home don't even itemize, yet hype to all their buddies all the tax benefits to owning a home. I've heard it from a few good friends and then I just plant my face in my hand and walk away. Need better education about this shit in high school in my opinion.
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rpanic01 says
LOL wow over 700 posts on this thread and 100 on the Goran shouldn't be a mod thread in just 100 day, might be your most popular posts ever Patrick.

There are other big ones, but this might be the fastest to 700+ I've seen since I've been here. It's somewhat humorous, yet somewhat sad.
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HowdyThere says
And the bestest post ever was lost that I drafted as anon_62240. Grrr.

You gonna redo the post? Always copy and paste your post before hitting submit in some other app or program. Patrick can be making changes at any time and you'll lose what you typed if you started before the change and hit submit after it. Has happened to me on about 3-4 occasions. Not his fault, life just sometime prevents me from typing something up for more than 3 minutes and I have to come back to it 40 minutes later after a site change was made.
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Is there any chance these ladies get charged with a crime? I'm not sure if and what it would be, but this is getting ridiculous at this point. They're now claiming the Taiwanese fishing vessel was trying to ram them and kill them, which was never party of the story originally. It's pretty obvious they're lying at this point. Obviously I doubt lying is criminal in this case, but this is utter nonsense and the media is still sucking this shit up.

I think they do their media tour for the next couple of weeks. In 12 months they've got a self authored book and are selling the rights to it. And I bet in about 3-5 years there's a fucking movie about this. This seems like an orchestrated con to me.

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Did they get to the part about fighting off an armed SHARKNADO! with boat poles launched from their tweetees?

Not yet. The way it's going with these two con artists, I wouldn't be surprised if this is the next revelation of their ordeal. I'm sure the media would believe it and they'd be on the morning news shows for a 2nd round of BS.
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errc says
@Patrick, in an attempt to help you reach your goal of cleaning up the site, I tried to mark posts 5,7,8 as uncivil as they are aimed at attacking a person rather than an idea, and can be deemed uncivil as their intent is to be inflammatory, but the uncivil button is gone. What gives?

I don't have a dog in the fight @Patrick but @errc is right on these comments if we're going to take the rules as stated. I actually found Strat's post pretty funny on this thread, so I don't personally mind them, but we're on a slippery slop here. Can there be a humor element to it? Probably not. I don't interpret this as Strat "attacking" Dan or Jazz, and I think they would admit that. But when taking the comments at their face value, it could be considered an attack by an outsider that hasn't read this forum.

We're fully engulfed in the dark underbelly of moderation. I'm not sure what the other side looks like, but these comments are a perfect example of a gray area.
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YesYNot says
What I don't understand is the right's infatuation with the topic. From my perspective, it sure seems like the religious leaders are using it to show how godless, inferior, and lacking of morals the non-religious and liberal crowd is. That solidifies their (church leaders) position as the one true light that the sheep should follow.

I'm not sure I would categorize this as a religious or non-religious topic. People (not you) that deny genders exist as a basic M or F fact, in 99% of the population, are complete and utter morons. I don't disagree religious leaders may use it as propaganda, but who the hell wouldn't? It's easier then taking candy from a baby.

There are anomalies in all data sets. The people with deformities or strange genitalia mutations are just that, anomalies. While they should be treated as equals and not hurt because of their differences, they by no means should get to dictate that there are more than 2 genders. That's just not logical.
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Sniper says
If we just had some additional gun laws, this Felon wouldn't have obtained his weapons, wouldn't have stabbed that women, stolen a truck, shot people as he drove along the street.

Apparently in CA, convicted felons can own firearms and shoot them like crazy in the backyard without the police investigating.

Don't actually have a problem with your gun stance here. I'll be honest though, you've made two comments to your original post. Are you arguing with yourself or just trying to make a point? It's not quite right to me.
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Heraclitusstudent says
Suppose A knows B is doing this research.
If you are A, what do you do?

If I'm A, I nuke 'em. Fuck collateral damage. Whether I know about their research or not, I simply destroy them. This is why I'm not president. Same with N. Korea. I would have wang whipped them by now.
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errc says
Do you think it was wrong for the sponsors to bail?

Why would any business advertise on any media outlet for the most part? It's all garbage. You can rag on fox all you want, but NBC gave these dykes 5+ minutes of on air time for an utter fabrication (link below). NBC thought it was newsworthy. Their story is such an obvious and blatant lie. What's the difference between Fox, NBC, CNN, etc? It's all shit. Feel free to call Fox the diarrhea of shit, but it's still shit just like the others.

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KimJongUn says
electronic warfare capabilities

This. This is why nukes are king shit of fuck mountain. You're not getting those electronic flies, once they're found out, close to anything that matters. They'll do well taking out a trailer park or even a yuppie subdivision, but that's about it.
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PCGyver says
I'm out, late. You win @patrick

I don't like seeing people leave the forum. With that said.... What the fuck is with these epic, mic drop type exit statements? Just make your last comment and go. I like patnet, but if this is the only forum you're active in, then you might need to reassess your life. I've got at least half a dozen side bitches I like to hang with if you know what I'm saying. If you don't like this one anymore, goodbye.
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WookieMan says
slippery slop

Ha! Dumb ass wookie.
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rando says
I honestly wish I could have Hitler and Mohammed on here. They would probably have a lot of interesting points. I think they'd get along, too.

As a quasi attorney (I'm not really an attorney ;), I'd advise you to delete this post. While I don't disagree with your sentiment here, this might not be something you want stamped in the internet history logs. At least the Hitler part. Mohammed is beloved here in America apparently. So you're good there.
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Any chance you can add how many people are on the site, regardless if they are registered or not? I like how you have the users that are online, but how about "guests" like a lot of other forums do? I don't know if there are only 3 "guests" or anons viewing the site at anytime or 300, but usually it shows something like 3-8 registered users online. That's not a good look.

I'm thinking a lot of people that could become active may be turned off by the low numbers that are clearly visible at the top of the page. Even if there are only 3-5 registered members online, but another 30 anons viewing the page, that might be motivation for someone to become active or post. I think I may have posted this in another thread (or even this one) but it would be nice to know the audience size a new post might be able to reach.
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Patrick says
Yes, good idea. I should have "and 24 lurkers" or whatever it is.

Or "69 pussies that won't register and put a username behind their words." Just kidding ;)
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Ceffer says
If this doesn't make Dan come out of anonymity, nothing will.

I know he was a fan, she just has too much of a white trash look to her. I don't get it. I'm trolling you Dan, come defend your lady ;)
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WildMind says
So the real point is to get big breaks for corporations to enable growth and jobs and it will all trickle down. But why do this when unemployment is 4%, the stock market is at all time highs, and interest rates are at all time lows?

What happens when the next recession hits

There's not a real good reason in my book. Takes away money in either variation from the people that do and will spend the most in the economy.

What happens when the next recession hits you ask. We all die is my best guess.
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HowdyThere says
Is Hutch going to join Patnet too?

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Not saying the map you posted is not true, but the headline to the map is completely misleading. Unless you're homeless, 100% of people live at "home." Is there a link to who made this map? I have a hard time believing the data with such an idiotic headline.
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YesYNot says
Should have let it die with an exploded bladder and stones lodged in its urethra?


Just kidding. If the surgery results in the dog having a long and healthy life I have no problem with it. I just thought it was funny it was labeled as a "sex change." This is a classic case of how fucked up the media is to get clicks. It doesn't matter the topic, sensationalize and ask questions later.
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rpanic01 says
When I was looking for a kitten

So you're a cat guy, oooooookkkkaaaaayyyyy... Just kidding. I personally hate cats, but if you dig them, cool, just keep them away from me ;)

Been doing a lot of winking lately, sorry about that ;)
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FP says
Sucks to be stupid, eh?

What are you getting at? Sucks to support Trump or the tax plan? Don't care either way, just looking for clarification.
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Strategist says
The Mid West is a horrible place to buy a home long term.

Disagree. I HATE Chicagoland area. I live here, so I can say that. In 30-50 years, it will be one of the most popular areas in the country and maybe world. Water is a thing and even though I'd choose Cali over my current location today, can't survive without water. It's a problem and will continue to be one everywhere and Cali usually has a problem with fresh water.

Unless Cali pumps massive amounts of money into de-sal plants, fresh water is going to be a problem with the current population. Add more people and it gets worse. Chicago and the great lakes hold wealth that is completely unrealized and untapped at this point. You Cali folks got lucky with a historic winter last year. Lake Michigan is always here. And Superior, Erie, Huron and Ontario. We have 25% of the Worlds above ground fresh water sitting right here in the midwest. I'm a homer, but Chicago has some very good decades coming in my opinion.
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Strategist says
This plan will be taking at least about $500 per month out of my net income. Cost of part time pre-school for one kid? $500.

Anyone else got their assholes puckered yet?

Please explain. Not everyone has read the proposed tax changes in detail.

I'm confused by this as well. $500/mo NET income? So it's costing you $6,000 in NET income a year? I don't know your tax bracket, but suppose it's 25%, you're saying the tax plan will cost you $24,000 gross. That's what the math comes out to if you're saying $500/mo. The tax plan hurts me, but I'm not sure the scenario where it wipes out $24k in gross income.
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Not their best. Light show rocks though.
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@ Patrick - Was out for a few days and missed most of this rubbish. In hindsight, not sure why this one is a #housing topic though. The OP title is about the tax plan. Yes MID has to do with housing and the cap gains proposed changes, but outside of that, this tax plan conversation is mainly political. It's a tax plan and not a housing plan.

The responses here are generally why I tend to stay out of the politics topic, which is where this post probably belongs IMO. There's cross over for sure, but this is tax policy, applied to housing. Tax policy is 100% political.
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I'd venture to guess that women in the US are sometimes (many times) financially not able to have kids. Times have changed when it comes to the cost of at giving birth to a child, at least from an insurance perspective (those not poor enough for any assistance). I'm mid 30's and have spoken with my mom about having kids. She paid something like $25-$50 for me (to the hospital/insurance). My wife's insurance plan I would categorize as average. Not super high deductible, but okay. $3,500 out of pocket for my first kid, 7 years ago.

It's anecdotal, but just had a friend get pregnant with their 2nd child after waiting 4 years. Their main concern was child care because they both work, but the deductible was a consideration. $3k-$4k for out of pocket expenses and then 6 weeks later you're paying $800/mo minimum for child care if you have both spouses working. And that's a cheap rate in most places worth living for daycare. Raising non-school aged kids is getting close to owning 2nd homes at this point. Once they're in school it gets better, but damn, depending on how quickly you have them, those first 5-7 years in a two kid family are rough.

Kids have always been expensive, but just the act of getting them out of your lady's body has increased exponentially in just about 25-30 years for the average family. I don't think the amount of increase has an equal when comparing other industries and products you pay for.
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zzyzzx says
For reasons I don't understand, you can't even beat your kids when they misbehave.

I assume there was a little/lot sarcasm here. Parenting for sure has gotten wickedly soft when I observe my peers (that actually have kids - very few). But beating a kid doesn't really teach them much. You can be strict and even harsh, but you need to make a kid think and not just "beat" them into thinking.

Either way, the insurance company got about $7k from my family for 2 kids. My folks are well off enough and even they are astonished about the costs of evacuating a baby out of a lady. Insurance is probably our countries biggest issue right now in my estimation. It completely drains middle class families and small business owners that use it to attract talent. Between premiums and deductibles you could buy a really solid used car or even cheap new car every 2-3 years cash with those payments.
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You have to remember that as self driving cars become a thing, cars will be completely redesigned. Safety of the driver and occupants can be completely be re-engineered if you take out the concerns over a human driving the car and the requirements of said human need to see 360 degrees around them and operate the vehicle.

While fatal rear end accidents occur, most fatal accidents likely occur with forward moving or front end collisions. Shifting passengers towards the rear, without have to worry about a driver would be the next logical step. As a "passenger" in a self driving car, you no longer need good sight lines as a "driver" would. Columns and other safety features can be completely redesigned allowing for a safer ride. So even if the car chooses you to crash, it's very likely you'll be in a much better scenario then current vehicles and driving methods.

Outside of random health issues, driving a car is the most likely way you'll die unexpectedly (I don't have a link, but my back of the napkin estimation makes sense to me). Unfortunately for the human race, I'm of the opinion a computer and sensors can probably be programed to drive better then 80-90% of drivers on the road now. I'm not sexist, but I'd venture to guess 90% of women drivers wouldn't pass a driving test if it needed to meet my personal parameters of getting in a car with them. Same goes for a good chunk of dudes that don't know how to drive either.
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jvolstad says
If it's too old it will break down any moment. I heard Costco has an Acer laptop for $199.

My 'puter is going on five-years-old and still going strong.

I'm going on year 7 and I'm pretty sure my computer could beat your computer up. Just saying ;)
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Sniper says
Waiting for the Imminent Sexual Harassment Claim in 5, 4, 3, ...

Male or female sexual harassment? This dude has seemed queer for quite a while as an IL observer IMO. His choice of course to swing that way, I don't take issue with that. But he's married to a woman, and well, that's not a good look. Married to a women and verbally or even physically trying to fuck a dude against their will? All speculation on my end admittedly. At least he's recommended "Chewy" Garcia as his Latino back up when he leaves the house. Wookie approved, name wise (and I know it's Chuy or so I believe).

This then brings me to my next discovery that I've never looked into. Non-IL residents are going to have to trust me on this. I've heard constantly about gerrymandering districts. This map is the definition of that if you know these towns and Chicago neighborhoods encompassing his district. Regardless if you know the areas, anyone with a working brain knows what this is just by looking at the boundaries. Chicago has the classic grid system for streets. Why the fuck is this district drawn like this? Just make is a god damn square or rectangle. And I know, this goes both ways (R or D) in different states and areas. Really needs to stop though.

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Patrick says
I think increased moderation has been great, thanks for helping, @WookieMan

Unfortunately I've been mega busy lately. I signed on for housing but honestly haven't moderated a thing due to not having time. There was one thread in housing that got a little messy by the looks of it, but I didn't have any influence in cleaning it up. I did make a comment that it technically wasn't really a housing topic in the first place. More politics regarding the tax plan IMO. Just wanting to be honest that I haven't done anything if you think I have.

Topic shift. I'll read political threads, but politics is not logical in my opinion. While there are facts regarding many/most things in politics, politics is too god damn emotional for my liking. Therefore I don't really feel the need to suppress (moderate) peoples emotions in that realm. Think and feel the way you want. It most likely doesn't matter as the candidates you get to choose from are very likely chosen by the oligarchy. Very few "Robin Hood" types make it through and I'd guess the ones that do are also chosen by the oligarchy.

So while I'll make a comment here and there in politics, I'm not a fan of moderating political type threads at all. If it gets completely out of line in other topics I'm game to help, but you (and I think Goran) are on your own there in the political realm. I'm not certain with politics, emotions, that you can moderate that in the end.

The Housing Trap
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