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Rin says
to solve problems w/o needing to get IT involved at every turn.

You are assuming that in most big corps IT knows how to code.
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That was a comprehensive description of how Medicare insurance works.
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mell says
No reason to be bearish.

2 year at 2.5% is one. It pays more than dividend yield on S&P. Corporate debt at all time high and a lot of it short term that has to be refinanced is two. Oh and someone has to buy all these extra treasuries that results from corporations getting a tax cut. I think that when the deficits will go through the roof, even Republicans might consider rolling back unfunded tax cut.s
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WarrenTheApe says
And the trade deficit always goes up when the economy is booming. Economics 101.

Trade usually goes up. Deficit does not have to. Germany is getting a bigger surplus. That's Econ 101 for you.
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Satoshi_Nakamoto says
helped Kim to make huge progress in his rocketry

You really think Russia could do that without China's knowledge?
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Quigley says
They aren’t buying in fucking Iowa! They’re buying in coastal California, and along the west coast. It’s not a myth when I’ve personally been outbid several times by Chinese with cash, and my friends have also experienced this. A Taiwanese friend said there were/are tour buses for prospective Chinese buyers to inspect areas and neighborhoods of interest.

So giving us a national average is exactly useless when most of the activity is local to where we live.

Sorry Bob, I have to agree with Quigley on this one. And it's only a big city coastal California - they are not buying in Sacramento.
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SFace says
They can just as easily move hq1

No they can't. What do you think would happen to the prices of houses that their employees own if they moved?
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Satoshi_Nakamoto says
Are they sure it's not these HFT guys?
Agree. When there were big drops in February - I could not even execute a trade for twenty minutes at a time.
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Run into some people from Vancouver. One of their young kids bought four houses.
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deepcgi says
Both parties to blame, everywhere in the first world.

I used to think that way too. Now after Trump's tax cuts and increased spending, I think the Republicans are worse.
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Patrick says
If you don't like someone, please just use the ignore link.

Patrick, realistically ignore is not a sufficient solution. Pointing out that a user usually posts stupid things or great things is a better way to keep the conversation going. For example, I don't trust 90% of TPB's posts whereas I trust 90% of Bob's posts. I still want to see TBPs posts and poke holes in his arguments.
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Funny shit. Oh, where is TwoScoops to tell how how this is all part of 12D chess?
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FortWayne says
This is what liberal behavior brings. Consequences.

No comment about ZTE?
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CBOEtrader says
Where were you when wikileaks revealed HRC's dozens of conflicts of interests

Here. I never supported Hillary, why bring her into this? This is about Trump now.
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Hassan_Rouhani says
My understanding that ZTE was used to demonstrate how easily US can bring to their knees even huge government-connected Chinese firms with just a flick of a finger.

And Trump could not even pull that off. What a wuss.
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bob2356 says
As much taxpayer dollars that go into corporate agriculture it damn well should come first. Especially with all those corporate farms crying give me, give me. I thought we were cleaning up the swamp? I guess that doesn't include big contributors to the republican party.

All that China had to do is target agriculture and Trump gave up. Sad.
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just_passing_through says
Thanks god China still can't make semiconductors.
And they still kicked Trump's ass in this negotiation. You would think them not being able to make semiconductors would give us an upper hand.
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Feux Follets says
Anyone still wondering why Potus and his administration is bowing to China to save ZTE ?

I don't think it's Indonesia project alone. Mnuchin is trying not to rock the corporate boat which has no real allegiance to US. Bottom line, Trump is a crappy negotiator and clearly not a billionaire if he needs small $10.5 million bribes.
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Hassan_Rouhani says
Interesting evolution of talking points: from "nothing can be done on trade because it's impossible" to "much more could've been done".
Who said that? Most people on this board on both sides have been saying that China is a problem. Trump is doing a disservice to the country by starting something he can't finish. It's worse than inaction because poor negotiation likes this makes China stronger.
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Hassan_Rouhani says
getting trade concessions
What trade concessions exactly did we get? I thought he wanted to reduce the trade deficit by something like $300B.
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Yes, this all makes sense. Gazprom is only worth 51B while doing 100B of revenue and paying 6% dividend. Chevron is worth 245B while doing 134B in revenue and paying 4% dividend. How are those companies different again besides being located in different countries?
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Oh yeah the difference is that Russian oligarchs steal all the profits and buy treasuries with them.
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TwoScoopsOfDragonEnergy says
and yet it has completely vanished.
What do you mean it vanished? It's still here. Trump has not repealed as promised it or fixed the huge price increases that we've had in healthcare.
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There goes the argument that China was helping Trump with North Korea.
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Toronto should crash - hopefully Chinese lose a bunch of money and stop distorting normal housing markets around the globe.
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alpo says
I am basically more closely tying my economic future to bay area's economic future and I think that is a good bet to make in the long term as bay area isn't about to become a Detroit any time soon.

I agree that bay area is strong and is essentially high beta on world economy. In my opinion here are the factors that drive it
- financialization of software - switching to sas and cloud subscriptions
- sacrifice of privacy to drive better advertising returns
- machine learning

Those could all run their course. All bay area companies are prices as if revenue growth will continue double digit forever. Their customers are not lucky enough to have the same revenue growth. I know of many cities running deficits that are still buying too much cloud software. There are many marketing directors that don't truly understand their spend on Google or Facebook. And machine learning may have solved the easy 20% of problems and the rest might be more difficult.

That said, the rest of the world can't handle high interest rates and that's the best thing for bay area. If interest rates get high enough and put the rest of economy in the recession, then bay area will follow harder.
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Strategist says
Folks, home prices in NY, Miami, Seattle, and California are not dependent on incomes, but assets that people have (foreigners included) With rising real estate prices, and a record high stock market,
Wow it's seems like you just discovered correlation between all asset prices being in a bubble. If the Fed does not chicken out and keeps raising rates, asset prices will come down eventually.
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Wow, Canada is screwed. So how much of this is going on in bay area, Seattle, and LA?
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Hassan_Rouhani says
It's obvious that Russian fucks were caught by surprize when it turned out the guy is not dead and the whole plot is uncovered.

You are giving way to much credit to Ukrainians here.

Here is a short history of Ukraine in the last 15 years:
1. 2003 - credit bubble starts
2. 2007-2008- the top of credit bubble. Currency is at 4.5 to 1 dollar
3. 2010-2012 - Currency at about 8-10 to 1 dollar after credit bubble deflated. People were looking to Europe or Russia to save them. Of course both of those had their own issues.
4. 2014-2015 - Currency got to 40 to 1 dollar
5. Today - economy still sucks.
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Tenpoundbass says
Bullshit, I'm seeing 125 to 145K a year for what I do.

TBP, you must be a contractor. You know that you always get a huge bump at the end of the cycle and then you make about half of that in the recession. Enjoy it and save it.
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anotheraccount says
Thank libs and there minimum wage increases for that not to mention automating fast food was always going to happen

Except they are laying off highly paid corporate jobs. Thanks Republicans for giving corporations free money that the rest of us have to pay back.
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They are laying off $500 Million worth of jobs (annual cost). At 100K a year, that's 5000 jobs. Do you think that it's easy to find 100K job for 5000 people?
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Sniper says
Interesting, not a single word about Trump's tax cut in the article..... Hmmm.

exactly, the tax cut was supposed to create more jobs, right?
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Sniper says
McDonalds has 440,000 employees, so they're laying off 1%...

Is that a big issue?

They have 440,000 employees - 400,000 of whom make 20K a year. We are talking about people making 100K a year. They are laying off 12% of their highly paid employees.
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Strategist says
So what? You want them to be unprofitable, and lay everyone off?

MCD was already very profitable before the tax cut and before the layoffs. The point is that they did not need the tax cut and are not raising wages or creating new jobs with it.
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Sniper says
Ever hear of the 80/20 Rule in business regarding employees?

What does this have to do with MCD getting a fat check from the government and then laying people off?
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Strategist says
My message to Trump.....Slow down dude, you have 6.5 years to go.

So increasing federal spending by 7% and decreasing federal revenue by a lot more than that is the definition of a Republican president now - definitely not a fiscal conservative. The sugar high will wear off soon - it seems that he is repeating Bush's formula on a larger scale.
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Strategist says
I doubt if revenues are slowing down.

California did not have a tax cut. You are right, federal revenues this calendar year Jan - April are running above last year's level by 4% (due to huge April). Outlays are running at 6% higher than last year. Source - page 2:
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Nothing like partying on a credit card. Sure, that's real change, kind like Bush in 2000s.
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Feux Follets says
Putin's envoy in Singapore saluting a 3 star Korean General
Is this for real?
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