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Quigley says
So, moral of the story: if you want your party to win, you should cut taxes not raise them.

So what about the increasing deficit? It does not matter anymore?
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Strategist says
s. How can we not have have a shortage of skilled STEM professionals?

Because it only takes a few great people to produce amazing results in technology. Millions of Indian IT workers decrease productivity instead of increase it by complicating what can be done simply. That's why last year was huge for layoffs in India.
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Sniper says
Great works of Fiction usually do have great sales

Have you seen Bannon deny any of it? Bannon was the only smart and non greedy dude on his admin that wanted to raise taxes on the rich. All that Trump has left are greedy people that are looting the treasury.
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Tenpoundbass says
I almost guarantee at this point, this guy's book will play a pivotal role in Trump draining the swamp.

Really? How? He's got Goldman looting the treasury, did not repeal ObamaCare so health premiums are still going up 10% year, and he fired his best supporter Bannon. I bet the Republican establishment throws him under the bus this year now that they got their tax cut for their donors.
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Tenpoundbass says
Goldman looting the Treasury: Wasn't his first pick, and Your guys(The Resisters) rubber stamped him over all of Trump's first picks.

What? Since when? I don't think anyone on this board approved of it.

Tenpoundbass says
If you're stupid enough to go pay that extra 10% you should stop being a Retard you are doing that in spite.

Really, stop paying insurance and gamble with all of net worth because that's how much a serious accident can cost in a hospital?

Tenpoundbass says
As for Bannon getting fired. You remember Lord of the Rings, they had to split up and go their separate directions each with a specific task, where they all met at Mordor to return the ring? Bannon is building an Army of Hobbits and Trolls. While Sessions has been on an Elf hunt, Mueller has been building an Army of Orcs forged from accounting records of former associates.

Bannon was the only nationalist in Trump's cabinet, everyone else is a Swamp creature. Wow, your imagination runs deep.
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Bannon's interview in August:
It was really good and showed that Bannon was the only nationalist in Trump's admin. Basically the only MAGA guy. Everyone that's left is swamp.
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anon_08dee says
This happened to you TPB ?

I did not even bother reply. It's called out of pocket maximum. I am sure there a stories where insurance will not want to pay when there millions involved; that's where you fight.
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Tenpoundbass says
Then Obama allowed 80% of the houses that defaulted during the RE collapse to end up in Rental Investors So now as a result, a one room efficiency now rents for $1200 a month.

Completely agree. By bailing out banks and private equity first while everyone else was in credit jail, Obama made this a renter (aka serf) country especially in states like California and Florida. That's a valid criticism that most coastal liberals ignore.
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anon_961a0 says
Why does your health care pre 2013 have anything to do with Obama care?

Insurance companies front run Obama care effective date. Premiums went up fast every year. TPB has a point here.
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@TPB, agree with you on many Obama issues. How can you not see that Trump is doing the same or worse?
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SubOink says
How will that impact bonds

There is a lot of supply coming in the next two years. Fed reducing balance sheet and Trump tax cuts causing yuge deficits. Rich people will have more money so they might recycle it back into bonds.

I personally would hope for NAC to get down below 13 to really load up.
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iwog says
It might be cheaper but you cannot turn one cab ride into 100% more cab rides per rider. The demand is static

Does not make sense. If you have a cheap self driving car, the demand will go up. Older people will prefer this to paying for a car and insurance.
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iwog says
Now they are getting rid of the workers without increasing productivity,

The same can be true with software as service. More automated, no one has to install anything.
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HappyGilmore says
Trump folded like a cheap suit again... How soon til he announces he's leaving NAFTA as is?

Not gonna happen. Bannon is not there anymore.
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Strategist says
So Trump's worst achievements are same as Obama's best achievements. Wow

What? Trump run on those promises and is doing the opposite. Did he promise tax cuts to the rich when he was running, no.
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anon_bf07a says
everyone will be singing happy days are here again, and then the roof falls in after the election.

Not if interest rates back up. If you are a bond investor with long duration, you have to be concerned at least a little bit that the deficits are going to be yuge and we are not in deep recession as we were in 2008-2009. If 10 years get above 3% somehow, it will slow down some sectors of the economy.
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Sniper, way to ignore all the math that's been posted on here. Let's trust Munchin words, kind like trusting Obama that everyone would save 2500 on their health insurance.

Does your memory only hold the latest news item that does not make sense?
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Sniper says
Please repost for our reading pleasure!

No, common sense math.
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What is the total tax benefit that Walmart is getting? What percentage of it goes to workers? Thank you.
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Sniper says
Southwest also announced plans to purchase 40 Boeing 737 Max 8 planes that it held options for, with 15 aircraft to be delivered in 2019 and 25 in 2020.

Southwest had plans for those planes for a long time. West Coast - Hawaii flights. They sure could not afford them without a tax cut.
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Where is my $1000 bonus? why do I have to pay for this tax cut?
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Sniper says
More than they are getting now.

Another stupid ass answer to a valid question.
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Strategist says
this is how you run a country. The Trump way.

By borrowing money that you don't have to give tax cuts mostly to corporations which pass small percentage of it to workers?
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anon_13ce6 says
And Walmart closes 63 sams clubs without warning leaving 11,000 US workers unemployed.

Sniper must have read that as well -- he chose to post only the part that's supposed to support his narrative.
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Patrick says
I admit it was mostly luck, but also fit my criteria of a reasonable p/e, paying a dividend, and providing a service I personally know.

The tax cut must be a bigger factor than the rising oil price. You would think that with oil back in the 60s, airline stocks would take a hit.
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According to Goldman "the deficit will hit $750 billion in 2018, $900 billion in 2019 and $1.025 trillion in 2020."

Do you not have a problem with this?
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Just the extra increase of 275B in deficit from 2018 to 2020, you could give $1000 to every person in this country - not just a few select companies that are ripping the biggest benefits
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TwoScoopsPlissken says

How is this related to the discussion?
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Strategist says
Obama borrowed a lot more that he didn't have, and gave nothing to the corporations

So he did not bail out the banks or create ObamaCare as a gift to healthcare industry?
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Sniper says
That didn't seem to bother yo-u the last 8 years. Why is it important now?

Read my posts on this site. It did bother me and my posts reflect it. This is probably the third time I am telling you this.
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Sniper says
Thanks for the link to that data, info and charts, very informative...

Here you go: Will you read it?

My stance on deficits has been consistent during Obama's and Trump's presidencies as my comments are proof. You flipped.
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Sniper says
Can you please link the thread where this was stated during the Obama administration time period?

All of my posts are public.Sniper says
Now, which one is it??? Goldman or CBO??

Does it matter? I was trying to prove a point that you would not even read my link which was pointed to the wrong data.
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Strategist says
A booming economy
Falling unemployment
401K's at record highs

2007 was the same characteristics thanks to Bush blowing up the deficits for war spending and unfunded tax cuts.
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Sniper says
Guess what, you're busted...

You missed my point. Obviously you can read the url. Did you actually click on the PDF?
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Strategist says
Who should I hire next time?

Depends on how much your time is worth. If I have to take a day off work to babysit Pedro then Mike would be my choice. If I don't have anything else to do, I can manage Pedro.
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Strategist says
It's not important. What others get is irrelevant to what you get.

Of course it does, when we are borrowing money to pay for it.
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Sniper says
That's because they pay the bulk of the taxes now..

Funny how that math works out.

No they don't. Payroll tax paid by the middle class is the biggest contributor to Fed revenues.
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Sniper says
Source??? (I know, I'll wait a long time for that)
Payroll tax is 34% is of total contributions and 98% of it paid by people making less than 100K.
federal income tax is 47% and and top 1% pays about 50% of it = 23%

33%>23% Is this clear enough for you?
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@Sniper Oh an here is another Goldman warning about deficits:
Seriously please try to refute my posts. Middle class paying the most tax is not my opinion -- it's a hard cold fact. Yet top 1% are getting the most of the tax cut. Maybe even more concentrated in top 0.1%. I would like to see trickle up vs trickle down as Bannon wanted. Bannon wanted a tax cut for middle class and 41% rate for the rich. He knows that trickle down BS does not work.