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HeadSet says
An AR-15 is a semi-auto weapon, which is no more deadly than any other long gun. In fact, a pistol may be more deadly than an AR-15 in a school setting by being easier to smuggle and conceal. If you recall, the VA Tech shooter used pistols and killed 32 people in two separate attacks.

Nonsense. High capacity quickly changed clips, rifle or pistol, make killing large numbers of people possible. Name all the mass shootings done with a revolver or non clip rifle reloading one bullet at a time.

Still waiting for someone to come up with why they need multiple 30 (or more) round clips for hunting
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someone else says
Mandate repeal, tax reform, decline of ISIS, increase in US manufacturing, end of TPP, record stock market, letting ICE actually enforce US law (I personally know a guy who worked for them). Pretty consistently acted on what he said he would do.

LOL. Not the 1% the other 99%.
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Patrick says
It needs to be made mandatory.

I'm sure it's on the top of trumps and all of the corporate donor;s list of legislative priorities . I'm positive that trump properties requires e-verify for everyone working there, including sub contracters workers.

You do know there is no time limit on employers correcting ss number mismatches (aka fake numbers) don't you? The requirement is reasonable. Since ss has 120 days to respond to inquiry's that makes the minimum 120 days before an employer has to do anything at all. Plenty of time to come up with another fake number or for seasonal work to end. I'm sure fixing this and getting all those illegals out of good american jobs like processing meat/fish and picking fruit/veggies is also top of the trump/republican/corporate wish list.
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Another BOMBSHELL. Be still my beating heart. How can Americans manage to live their daily lives with BOMBSHELL after BOMBSHELL after BOMBSHELL coming at them?

Wow, this is really inimpeachable information, especially coming from such a well respected source. Just look there are pictures, affidavits, confessions, bank statements, emails, cancelled checks, the whole works. So with that kind of ironclad case it would appear that bill will be sharing a jail cell with hillary, and obama once the indictments come in for the BOMBSHELL memo. Or maybe not, looks like someone forgot to load the powder and primer into the bombshells. Whoops.

No mention of the grassy knoll or the mafia or pizza though. Very suspicious.

Thanks for the morning laugh TPB.
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Sniper says

Not these percentages again, some just haven't learned math.

In 1978 there were 73 million households, so 51% of 73 = 37 million were gun owners.

In 2016 there were 126 million households, so 36% of 126 = 45 million were gun owners.

Quick math question, which is larger, 37 million or 45 million?

What was that again about "right wing math"?

More households own guns NOW.

Quick math question. In any group of say 1 million people (assuming theoretical even distribution) are there more or less gun households at 36% now than at 51% then? Hint 510,000 is larger than 360,000. Right wing math strikes again.

So if a country A has a million people with a million gun owners and country B has 500 million people with 1 million and 1 gun owners that means you are more likely to get shot in country B because they have more gun owners. OF COURSE, how could I not have seen that?

Yes those troublesome (if you don't understand them) percentages do matter.
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Sniper says

The NRA has ALWAYS called for sensible background checks.

ROFLOL. The NRA defines sensible as any background check that would not prevent a gun sale. The NRA used to call for sensible background checks when it was actually a group of gun owners not gun manufacturers. Those days are long gone.
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Strategist says

If you replace dictators and Islam with democracy, you will see something that has never been seen in the Middle East.......PEACE.

Wow, you are saying there has never been a war when a country was a democracy. That's a very interesting interpretation of history.
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
The pressure is on. Here come the real wage gains, esp. for the bottom 20%, that we ought to have had for many years. No more gaming the labor market with illegals.

How many less illegals are here than when trump took office?

TwoScoopsPlissken says
Wages for small business employees reporting they are raising wages at the fastest rate since 2000

Unemployment is the lowest since 2000. Maybe there is a correlation some how? Na, that's just silly. Paying people more when competition for labor is tight. That has never happened before.
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Strategist says
anon_72630 says
"The U.S. Has Only Been At Peace For 21 Years Total Since Its Birth"

Only because of non democracies.

Non democracy defined as anything we don't like?
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Quigley says
bob2356 says
How many less illegals are here than when trump took office?

How would you determine this? They aren’t exactly checking in. Maybe you missed the bit about them being “illegal.”

The way the number of illegals has been determined every time someone wants a political talking point. If enough had left to substantially affect the wage market it would be pretty obvious. Didn't happen. Less people have been deported under trump than obama. Only 80,000 people that were already living here were deported last year. Not all of them were working. Do you suppose that was enough to affect wages in a labor market of 125 million people?
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Hey, you guys keep claiming there is no such thing as an assault rifle, but want to use assault rifles in statistics. Sorry you can't have it both ways.
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Sniper says
There are like 4 - 5 million NRA members in the country but there are over 100 million gun owners in the country. Does that sound like the NRA has any type of leverage?

Putting up 54 million in NRA campaign contributions in 2016 might account for just a little bit of leverage.

Of course some people claim money doesn't affect elections or politicians votes. Even some right here on patnet.
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WineHorror says
anon_e144f says
WineHorror says
Either mandate the use of E-Verify for every single hire or fine the fuck out of any employer that doesn't use it and it turns out you hired an illegal.

Neither will ever happen. There is way too much corporate lobbying money being spent to prevent it. All on republicans that keep claiming they want to crack down on illegals. And their voter base actually believes them. Amazing.

Shit is fucked up and bullshit.

Can you say campaign contributions? Money talks.

Brainwashing works. Just read all the posts here from people who believe the republicans are actually going to do something about illegals.
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anon_cf6c6 says

There are even some here that claim gun ownership in homes is down the last few decades.

No there aren't. The percentage of households with guns is down 40%. The guns per household has doubled. Less of the population owns guns but the ones that do own a lot more of them. Numbers matter.

Nice try sniper.
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TwoScoopsPlissken says

Which organization represents a mass movement, and a democratic membership, and which one represents a steering committee financed from wealthy foundations ?

Yes tell us which is financed by wealthy corporations and foundations.
That was 5 years ago. It's even more now.
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You don't have to round up any illegals. You have to round up employers of illegals then put them in jail long enough to get the message out to get rid of illegals working for you. Trump properties would be great place to start.

You can round them up forever, as long as there are jobs they will be right back. I would think the experience of the last 96 years would have clued people into that simple fact. Obviously not.
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someone else says

It's true that leftist oligarchs who own the media did elect Trump, but not intentionally.

Care to name all the leftist oligarchs that own the media? Start with Murdoch.
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FortWayne says
There is nothing AR15 does that a handgun doesn't do. One trigger pull = one bullet. It's just more accurate at range if you aim well, at close range and considering crazies are usually bad shots anyway with every weapon since they just "point it"... it's all same.

The issue is how many times you can pull the trigger and how fast. How many mass shootings are there with bolt action rifles or revolvers where you have to stop after a few shots and put in bullets one at a time? You guys are just full of crap with this it's all the same garbage. The only use for high capacity fast reload mags is to shoot lots of bullets very fast. At people, not deer. Or to make up for some serious sexual inadequacy. Hey sweety come check out my mag.
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You are free to compete rather than complain next time.
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Which companies were those? Tenpoundbass says

What Obama did was gave out open ended Checks to Companies and the Execs that already intentionally ran those companies into the ground.

That would be the Obama bailout of banks and auto makers? Oh shit, that was the bush bailout. Never mind.

Pretty funny stuff TPB.
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drB6 says

Bush 5T was a problem. Obama 10T was a twice bigger problem. Trump $20T will be a four times bigger problem, which may finally be fatal to US economy. It is quite interesting to see that for D's, St.Obama deficit did not matter, while for R's neither Bush nor St. Trump deficits are important.

Only 1 party has been screaming for the last 9 years how bad deficits are. The one that just sent them through the roof.
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FortWayne says
Mass shootings, usually gun or a rifle. No one uses bolt action since Kennedy assassination. We can't go back in time Bob, this is what world is today. Cops use modern weapons, soldiers use modern weapons, and yes criminals have access to all of them too. Only regular law abiding folks will fall under any new regulation, which makes any new regulation useless.

Criminals are doing mass shootings all around the country? Last time I checked most mass shooters bought perfectly legally. There is no reason whatsoever any civilian needs high capacity quick change clips. I hunted just fine for many years with a bolt action model 70 chambered for 30-06. If you are such a shit shot you need multiple high capacity clips then you shouldn't be hunting at all.

FortWayne says
You are gullible if you think any law will stop someone who set their mind on committing a murder.

No one ever said that, nice straw man. What could be done is make sending back round information mandatory, updating and modernizing the database, and requiring a back round check for all gun sales. Criminals can only get guns if some where along the line some legitimate gun owner sold a gun to some one who could not pass a back round check. Either through a private sale or straw buyer.
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zzyzzx says
Defending yourself with a handgun, take a lot of practice. People don't want to do that. It's simply much easier to defend yourself with a gun that can spray bullets indiscriminately everywhere.

Bullshit. If you want to defend yourself nothing beats a short barrel 12 gauge. Cheap too.
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anon_08dee says
Wait are you actually blaming Americans not doing better in the Olympics on liberals ?

There are people in this world who live in very dark and strange realities.
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drB6 says
Not necessarily true, although R's are more vocal about deficits.

By about 1000 to 1.

Here is Mitch McConnel going on and on about Obama deficit in 2010 after bush destroyed the economy. Mitch says the deficit is like nothing that has ever been seen and threatens our livelihood, our children, and our national security, Can he give this speech again soon?

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Tenpoundbass says
bob2356 says
Pretty funny stuff TPB.

You laughed at my Obamacare assessment while everyone was sucking his dick for a healthcare plan that had not been realized what I reported it would be a year before.

You are so far behind the curve, we're turning the corner and you're losing sight of it all.

What obamacare assessment was that and when? I don't see how I could have laughed since I was always totally opposed to the ACA. Post that one back for me. It's certainly philanthropic that you don't use your amazing predictive analytical skills to build a large fortune rather than just regaling us on patnet with your prescient predictions.

You skipped the question. Which companies?
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Patrick says
But our government has failed us. They let the foxes run the henhouse, over and over.

Democracy american style. Oligarchs rule.
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drB6 says
somehow deficit just went up.

Like a giant tax cut for the 1% and increasing spending. Seems to be a repeating theme for one of the parties.
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Malcolm says
Quigley says
There’s just no reason to cry havoc, which means there’s no reason for a sustained drop.

Do any of you actually understand how to put a value on a stock based on earnings and other fundamentals?

That kind of rationality is frequently missing in the stock market. The big elephant in the room is the tax cut. A lot of money is going to be looking for a home.starting pretty much right now. Lot's of stock buybacks, lots of dividends. It's got to go somewhere.
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drB6 says
I have looked at these diversity studies, and they seem convincing. On the other hand, if we do not go by today's BS diversity definition, then US was pretty diverse in late 1800's - German immigrants were quite different culturally from English, both were different from French or Irish, and somehow they managed to build a prosperous country together.

You have your history mixed up. German/Irish migration was mostly mid to late 1800's. The first wave wasn't even German since Germany didn't exist until 1871. There was serious prejudice and anti immigration backlash. The American Party (also called the Know Nothing Party) was formed to promote anti immigrant anti catholic agenda. They did quite well and worked to get anti immigrant/german laws passed. There was a considerable amount of violence including "bloody monday" in Louisville KY . Irish need not apply was common. It wasn't until the turn of the century both groups worked up out of the lowest rungs of society and started gaining social respect and political power. At which point they started persecuting the Chinese. Workingmen’s Party leader Denis Kearney, for example, closed his speeches to American laborers with “Whatever happens, the Chinese must go.”

The Italian migration was from the turn of the century until the 1920's. Same anti immigrant anti catholic backlash. Most people don't know the KKK was pretty much non existent by 1915. Membership went from almost nothing to over 4 million between 1915 and 1920 as an anti Catholic organization.

It was far from groups living nicely together and building a prosperous nation.
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Patrick says
I do think we fail to have a true market for health care because prices are well hidden from the public, and variable depending on who you are. To have a real market to drive down prices, we need all providers to publish their prices, to present non-emergency bills in advance of treatment, and to charge the same prices no matter who you are or what insurance you may or may not have. Not sure how Kaiser would fit into that plan though.

You keep chanting this time and time again like it came down from the mount as the 11th commandment. . My question still stands with you dodging it time after time. How on a nuts and bolts level is posting prices going to make anything more than a token impact on the system as it exists now?

Curiosity totally overwhelms me as to how someone can present a bill until you determine what is wrong and what needs to be done to fix it. Do you go to a garage and say present me with a bill then check what's wrong with my brakes?
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says

Why to you hate capitalism so much? Banks must be freed of all restrictions and we will return to the garden of eden. Goldman Sachs says so.
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Strategist says

That kind of rationality does not work. If it did, all those Harvard trained money managers would be beating the S&P 500, but 95% of them can't.
Stock picking is more of an art than a science.

The word you are looking for is gamble, not art.
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anon_e401a says
Skills, experience and ability to perform the job should take precedence over age, race, gender, religion, family status or disability". How does it compare with the situation in US? Which country is more rational? Third, I am not suggesting quotas for housing in US which you imply. I am suggesting, however, that rational attitude prevail.

Hope that next time you can comprehend a little better.

I comprehend just fine. Singapore's rationalism is the result of an all pervasive nanny state government. Housing quotas are just one part. It works but there is a heavy cost of living under one of the more authoritarian governments. Which at the moment is relatively benevolent, but could radically change very quickly. Let the economy really tank in Singapore and race based conflicts will explode no matter what the government says or does.

Comparing a small island of 5 million people to a vast country of 330 million people isn't very realistic. A country that is 60 years old filled with people who were already living side by side more or less socially equal isn't a a very valid comparison with a country of ongoing waves of immigrants that had 100 years of slavery followed by 100 years of legal state sponsored racism and then another 50 years of not at all subtle racism that wasn't state sponsored that is still going on.

Affirmative action is to level the playing field to provide equal opportunity to pursue positions, not to provide preferences. The laws are specific about that. Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, you cannot base a hiring decision, in whole or in part, on a person's race or gender. It is illegal and can be prosecuted if someone feels they are more qualified but passed over for race reasons. There is nothing irrational about that.

Does it all work perfectly, of course not. Does Singapore work perfectly, of course not.
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anon_e401a says
There are some ethnic groups which can not learn English for three generations, do not integrate, and demand special treatment nowadays.

What groups are those? I lived in the RIo Grande Valley for years. The parents speak Spanish and the kids answer back in English. I know a bunch of third generation that don't speak Spanish at all. The whole not learn English for 3 generations is pure race baiting bullshit.
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CBOEtrader says

I sell medical/life/supplemental insurance. People ask about prices ALL THE TIME. It would help A TON to know how much a doctor would charge for a procedure. Most clients w preexisting conditions know exactly what they need done. A large portion even know the medical code for the procedure they need.

CBOEtrader says
Also try this next time you are at a doctors office... tell them you have insurance but would like to instead pay in cash, then ask them how much they could discount the bill. Watch as 40% of the bill evaporates before your eyes. This also works with dentists.

You can't have it both ways. Either doctors offices can tell you how much or they can't. Of course they can tell you how much. So why would I put my cash out of pocket, do all the work of submitting a superbill to the insurance company and then struggle to get paid for it when I can just let the doctor bill the insurance company? How much becomes the insurance companies problem not mine. Does it affect my deductible, not at all. Will it be less than my copay. No way. So why do it? That's the whole problem.

You guys keep saying post prices, post prices. But why is anyone going to ;bother to look at them if the insurance company pays anyway? Crickets chirping every time I ask that.

Patrick says

Do you go to a garage and say "Charge me whatever you want" or do you get an estimate after the initial diagnosis?

See above. If an insurance company was paying for it no way I would ask anything. I'd just say do it. Ever wreck a car? You go to a body shop your friends recommend and let the shop haggle it out with insurance, you don't shop around for the best deal for the insurance company. That's the whole problem with this idea that posting prices will matter. You keep saying it will. How? Crickets chirping.
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Patrick says
bob2356 says
The Italian migration was from the turn of the century until the 1920's. Same anti immigrant anti catholic backlash. Most people don't know the KKK was pretty much non existent by 1915. Membership went from almost nothing to over 4 million between 1915 and 1920 as an anti Catholic organization.

It was far from groups living nicely together and building a prosperous nation.

And yet, the dominant ethos was that we should all assimilate into a common culture - the melting pot. And it worked damn well. Immigrants tried hard to be "American" and that meant learning English, playing baseball, eating American food (at least in public). They were rewarded with acceptance and we all benefitted from the feeling of unity as Americans.

That is not what happened in real life. Germans, Irish, Italians all took 50-70 years to really assimilate even though they were white christians. I notice they still didn't become Protestants yet like real Americans. Looking at some NJ and NY area's I've spent time in I'm not sure the Italians have assimilated to this day.
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anon_4480e says
Patrick says
That's the whole problem with this idea that posting prices will matter. You keep saying it will. How?

A lot of consumers either don't use insurance, or are within their deductible and therefore they WANT to shop around for a better price. Posting prices would help a lot.

Feel free to quantify "a lot". What percentage of people don't use insurance and strictly pay cash for medical care? That aren't getting their care in the ER that is.

Deductibles rarely apply to routine visits, prescription drugs, or preventative treatment. How does the accounting work that being within the deductible makes it desirable to pay cash? If you pay cash then it doesn't go against the deductible. You would not only have to go shopping for prices but calculate if your total cash payments will exceed your deductible or not. Probably over multiple years. Which means you need to know exactly the course and length of your treatment would be, something that frequently only god knows Pretty complex stuff. How many people do you suppose will be doing this while being sick enough to go outside of routine visits? If they are that sophisticated then they are sophisticated enough to call doctors right now and ask prices.

I keep asking for nuts and bolts details of how this will save money. How many people, who they are, how the accounting would work, how much savings would actually be involved, etc., etc., etc... All I get is either platitudes or crickets chirping. But guaranteed that the next discussion of health care it will be posted again like some moony mantra chanted endlessly.

Posting prices will make the right wing the free market will fix everything think tanks happy, but it won't save any substantial money in the real world.
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drB6 says
I did not mention race anywhere, so this can not be race-baiting in any way, shape, or form. And yes, it is Spanish-speaking people which sometimes do not learn English and form enclaves with interesting traditions.

Feel free to present examples of third generation Hispanics that don't speak English. I'll be waiting. and waiting, and waiting.

Try reading The Integration of Immigrants into American Society from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. Which utterly debunks this immigrants don't integrate nonsense. But hey it's tough when facts interfere with a good rant.
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
Here's one way for the Dems to show they're tough on spending: Require states to confirm welfare recipients are US Nationals or lose Medicaid/AFDC funding for the ones they don't verify. Will save billions a year.

Any proof of this? You have to provide a lot of documentation to apply. Want to document how many manage to provide fake documents for all of the requirements? I'll wait, and wait, and wait.

Maybe dems should go after the really big welfare bucks. Defence and agriculture departments.