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Quigley says
Senate: GOP picks up 7 seats.
House: GOP picks up 15 seats.

Red wave baby

Man I want some of what you are smoking. Which are the 22 seats the R's are going to pick up?

I don't think there is going to be any blue wave. The big bucks dark money crowd that took 50 years getting control of all three branches of government and trumps butt bro putin aren't going to let dem's get control of the house and gain subpoena power. Dems will pick up some but not enough for a majority seats in the house after a deluge of big bucks 501 dark money spending and a russian led social media blitz against them for the next month..
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
Just checking.

Putin won't loan the donald back his dick and balls to have the contest.
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Fake news. There is no climate change, says so.
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Tenpoundbass says
Where there is smoke there's fire.

When will the trump illegal voting commission be releasing the findings of all of these illegal votes? Still waiting. Come on TPB when is it going to happen? Doesn't trump care about voter fraud? Is he unamerican? a commie?

Tenpoundbass says
But if they keep adding up they'll get there.

When? How many? Which election? Last research I saw put voter fraud at .0001%. Want to name all the races won by less than .0001%? Want to name all the races where votor fraud affected the outcome? Got anything beyond it's true because I believe it should be true. Anything at all? I'll be waiting. and waiting. and waiting.
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Strategist says
When you add a rotten climate to high prices and ridiculous taxes, you have a straw that breaks the camels back.

and the higher tax part of the state is gaining population how? They don't care about high prices and ridiculous taxes because the weather is so great in places like westchester and rockland counties? ROFLOL.
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clambo says

People are fleeing New York for Florida in droves.

and yet downstate gains population.

E pur si muove Galileo.
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CBOEtrader says
I haven't checked BUT when I do, you are saying the R's will have spent "Big bucks" compared to the dems? OR, will I find you are full of shit?

Save me the time and fess up.

dr6B says

I don't think this is completely true. Big bucks dark money crowd was for Clinton.They do not care about party as long as candidate tows their line.

No amount of money could have gotten hillary elected. I'm talking about the money prior to and outside of the fucking trump vs hillary which one sucks least joke election. Downstream from the presidential election outside groups spend 800 billion in 2016 on senate/house candidates 80% republican. Prior elections had the similar ratios including presidential candidates. The conservative organizations didn't support trump heavily but the damn sure put a lot of money into R candidates outspending the left wing anywhere form 2 to 4 to 1 for many years. It's running almost 3 to 1 so far this election cycle.

So the question stands, do you believe the dark money d business group and ultra rich libertarians are going to let their huge investment for the last 50 years to get where we are now go by the wayside and have the D's gain control of the house which would include subpoena power? Even trump is going to have a hard time fucking up that advantage, but it's not for lack of trying.
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dr6B says
The website you pointed me to shows 242M for D's and 328M for R's in 2016, which is not a huge difference. Less that difference between Trump and Hillary spending. In this election cycle, O'Rourke has out-raised Cruz by a large margin. I do not think this is as simple as big money wants R's only"

No one said it's simple. Pull out the presidential amounts and see what the differences are. Go back to earlier elections. Look at who the groups are and who they represent.

The big donors passed on trump. Dark money spending 2016 was down 1/3 from 2012 presidential election because of that. But spending on congressional races was up. Good thing trump was running against hillary who no amount of money could prop up. 2018 isn't a presidential election year, it's only congressional races.

The question still stands. Are the people who spent the last 50 years building the current libertarian republican party dominance going to let D's control the house without spending very dime they can throw at the races?
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says

Important Reminder: Hillary outraised Trump almost 2:1. 3:1 in outside money.

yawn. how many times does that make for the same meaningless point in only 1 thread. the money went downstream. there were candidates other than trump/hillary running in 2016. sorry you weren't aware of that.
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Ceffer says

It snowed in the rockies in October. Holy shit, that never happened before. Oh wait I had a foot and a half of snow when I lived in Denver 1972 or so. In the first week of September. But wait, Denver has only had 15 years WITHOUT Oct snowfall since records started in 1880. Five of those were in the last 10 years. NOT having snowfall in October is unusual.

It appears someone needs to figure out the difference between weather and climate.
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Tenpoundbass says
Remember the YEARS upon Years the Liberals has chastised us about the Koch Brothers to party shame everyone they disagreed with. Turns out the Koch Bros. were the Liberal's inside Man

Damn tpb you struck piss in your pants funny gold here. The koch bros like all rich republicans want cheap immigrant labor which makes them liberals. Shit that's really funny.

Hey I really like the part about 1.5 million new immigrant workers a year. Pretty neat trick when there are only 1 million people coming in a year. Lots of them children or people who aren't going to work like grandparents. Great journalism. ROFLOL.

I also notice bretibart left out the part about legal immigrants cannot get any benefits for 5 years. Whoops.

Keep on posting TPB. we need the laughs.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Easy. In 1987, Ayers knew that radical Saudis wanted to fund Islamic Education So asked his friend Khaled al-Mansour, a Black Nationalist Islamist who co-founded the Saudi African Bank, the United African Bank, and several other companies, who was a financial advisor to bin Talal, to help him send more Black Radicals to Harvard. One of the names to be sponsored was Barak Hussein Obama; bin Talal contributed funds. One of the go betweens was Percy Sutton, another activist Black Nationalist.

Holy shit. Most people (ok almost all people) would believe that with the right wing echo chamber going after Obama for 9 years some one would have found the letter written to harvard or evidence of paying for obama's tuition. I guess the letter and records of payments got taken by aliens with crooks in their arms. No wait it's the grassy knoll, it's always the grassy knoll.

An organizer for a catholic church community group in chicago is considered a "black radical". ROFLOL. and how pray tell did the name of this "black radical" catholic church community organizer who attended the Trinity United Church of Christ get from Chicago to NY so black nationalist islamists could send him to harvard law for an islamic education? Seriously this is some really funny shit. Tell us more, tell us more. How many other christian "black radical" community organizers did Talai send to harvard law for an islamic education?

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Strategist says
Saudis kill anyone who threatens their God Kingdom and lifestyle.

That can't be true.twoscoops has assured us the KSA is now one of the most civilized and genteel places on earth.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says

Bob, newsflash: "Community Organizer" - somebody who gets unemployed welfare hos together to badge a business or organization - is almost always a Left WIng Radical.

Prove it. Show the catholic church where obama worked and all the unemployed hos he got together.

TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says

Does anybody think my conflation of "Community Organizers" with the Left is "Tinfoil Hat"?

How many other christian community organizers did talai send to harvard law for islamic studies? I missed the answer to that somehow. .
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says

I see this a little differently, @Patrick.. Our CIA loved working with Islamist Radicals, has done so many times; Brennan is knee deep in that shit. A liberalizing Saudi Arabia is actually not good in their minds, and one that is working with Trump is definitely bad in their eyes.

So now it's a deep state false flag operation by the CIA to shut down liberalization in KSA? How did they manage to run the operation inside the KSA embassy? Oh wait, he actually came out with his elbow crooked and the cia set up mirrors so that the cameras didn't record him leaving. Then the CIA grabbed him. Of course, it's all so Damn these guys are good. Must be the same crew that took down the twin towers and faked the moon landings. .
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Patrick says

Yes, the Koch brothers agree with the liberal "open border" policy to make poor American citizens even poorer by driving down their wages. So that does put the Koch brothers on the liberal side of this issue.

What liberal open border policy is that? You seem confused by the difference between wanting to have people coming here vs wanting to treat them humanly once they are here. Want to show where "liberals" are advocating open borders? I'll be waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

“That’s a Koch brothers proposal, right-wing people in this country would love … an open-border policy. Bring in all kinds of people, work for $2 or $3 an hour, that would be great for them. I don’t believe in that. I think we have to raise wages in this country.” Bernie Sanders when asked about open borders.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Here's another program:

All that's missing from your endless rant is what percentage of immigrants are eligible. Want to get into that? I didn't think so.

So trump has had almost 2 years to eliminate these benefits. Not to mention go after employers to eliminate jobs for illegals. What happened? NADA, nothing, zippo. Trump must be an open border fanatic also.or he would have done something. Actions count.

I say lets stop chain immigration. Start by booting out Melana Trumps parents to show trump is serous about the issue. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.
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curious2 says
Deficits are the one thing both major parties appear to agree on. Two Presidents in a row, of ostensibly opposite parties, have each doubled the national debt. We have seen every possible combination of government (Republican Congress and White House, Democratic Congress and White House, and divisions), and the result is always more deficits.

There is just a teeny tiny little bit of difference between doubling the debt with tax cuts and war spending vs inheriting the second largest economic disaster in the history of the country.
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Pretty funny he boffed someone he calls "horseface".
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says

1. This kind of shit has been going on forever in the House of Saud, it's just the first time the US Establishment is reporting it, with belated, coincidental timing.

Really? Want to post all the times saudi's killed someone in their embassy in another country? Oh wait. allegedly killed. Actually he was abducted by aliens using special alien cloaking devices to take him out without cameras recording it. ROFLOL.

TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
2c. And Alaweed bin Talal

You never said how many community organizers Talal sent to harvard law for islamic studies other than obama.. ROFLOLx2

TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says

If you shot John Pilger or Ken Livingstone or Michael Moore, you're not killing a Journalist, you're killing a Shill

You forgot Hannity, Beck, and O'Reilly. on your shill list. RFLOLx3

Pretty impressive that Trump sent the sec of state to KSA to help them get their stories straight or at least come up with a story that the Trump could claim was plausible to try to preserve the fiction of the new and improved KSA. The entire world will be laughing their asses off of course, but at least it will be a cover story. .
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WookieMan says

Lol, just thought of this. I'm going to create a religion where it's required for only attractive women to give me a blowjob upon meeting me.

Trump beat you to it.
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WookieMan says

Before it comes up and you guys wake up, I know you can search past comments and posts even if a user changes their name. I get that. There are users that have started an entirely different account though.

The hand full of true trolls will find ways to keep posting nonsense garbage no matter what is done. You can spot them in about 2 sentences. so what is the difference?
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Patrick says
Supreme Court Takes Case That Could End Internet Censorship

Very very unlikely the Roberts court is gong to issue a broad ruling . Have you ever listened to Roberts speak on his philosophy as chief justice? CSPAN has some of his forums in venues like law schools. He is very committed to narrow rulings and court consensus. Check some of them out some time. I recently listened to him speak at U Minn law school.

In the 1 in a million chance they do issue a broad ruling it will not be expanding the first amendment to force private social media companies to essentially adhere to a non existent fairness doctrine. The case already has 2 districts (6th and Columbia) that have ruled in favor the supreme court's existing state actors test. while the 2nd has ruled to ignore existing law and precedent. Nader completely fucked up the first amendment with his VA pharmacy ruling by a very liberal and activist supreme court. Which bit nader and the court activists in the ass for the next 30 years finally leading to citizens united. Be careful what you wish for you may get it.

But Roberts court is conservative, strict constitutionalist, and pro business. The supreme court has to take the case because there is a conflicting ruling between districts, but I think they will simply affirm the 6th and Columbia rulings leaving the 2nd overruled.

Of course I thought Kelso was a slam dunk protection for private property case. So you never know what any supreme court will do.
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marcus says
the kind the future Donald Trumps will want.

Tenpoundbass says
Trump is irrelevant now. Who we elect next to preserve his sensible cour

Can you guys at least once and a while try to get into a conversation more substantial than NAA NAA trump NAA NAA trump. You know the acting like an adult thing.

Never mind, forget I had such stupid idea. What was I thinking?
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marcus says

Fuck you bob. Just becasue you can't relate to my fear of a future fascist America, that's no reason to be even more of a prick than usual.

I guess you don't read my posts. I'm anti trump and have been posting about the coming fascist america since patnet started and far before that. I personally have gotten multiple citizenship's and establishing a life overseas because of my concern of coming fascist america going back to the start of the selling out of the republican party by rove and gingrich. I think that level of concern goes far beyond relating wouldn't you say?

That doesn't mean the only thing I can post is trump sucks nyaa nyaa. on every thread. I somehow missed your substantive discussion of Manhattan Community Access Corp. v. Halleck, before the supreme court. .
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Goran_K says
That’s different from the leftist democrats?

Partisanship can be ugly but let’s not pretend it’s only one side who engages in it. I remember Obama’s “Republicans sit in the back of the bus” comments.

Are you saying marcus is a rightist trump supporter some how? I called out both sides, when will you start doing that?
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socal2 says
bob2356 says
Really? Want to post all the times saudi's killed someone in their embassy in another country?

How about the 3,000 they killed in downtown New York Bob? Besides, I'd argue the Saudis killed this guy more carefully than Putin spreading radioactive poison all over Europe or even the US droning suspects from 20,000 feet.

You've been rightfully critical about the Saudi Wahabbi Islamist for years on this site. Why are you bent that Saudi Arabia took out a Wahabbi?

Where am I bent the saudi's took at a wahabbi? I'm bent the saudi apologists starting with two scoops up to and including trump are still trying to sell the new improved KSA bullshit when they just proved they are worse than ever. I don't think any country ever had the balls to brazenly kill someone inside one of their embassies before.

I notice the kinder gentler KSA hasn't stopped funding radical imans or madras schools (aka terrorist recruitment and training centers) all around the world. All the radical islamic terrorist attacks around the world lead right back to the KSA. So hey, let's goad our way into war with Iran because they are bad people. WTF?
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says

Saudi Arabia never assassinated anybody until now? ROTFL

Like who did they assassinate in their embassy over seas? Names are lacking. You don't think the first time any country has done something so bold and stupid is news worthy?

TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
bob2356 says
You never said how many community organizers Talal sent to harvard law for islamic studies other than obama.. ROFLOLx2


Like who? The names are lacking. You seem to be having trouble with this.
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WookieMan says
. But if you're petty enough to create a whole new account or even change your name, doesn't that signal some insecurity? Do people change their legal name when they get called out at work? Get their ass kicked? Lose an argument?

They would if it was as easy as it is to do here. There are many petty insecure people in the world. Why does it surprise you to find some on patnet?
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
I'm thinking what you said about when Islam begins to grow.

ROFLOL. The whole 1.3% muslim population in Ireland is going to institute sharia law?
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Blue says
If we shutdown immigration today, even at current 4 mil population (I just got it from Wikipedia) in 55 yr at 5% conservative growth, they can get to double digit.
100*(4*1.05**55)/(330*1.01**55) = 10.26%.

That assumes no group but musliims will have a positive birth the next 55 years. I find that to be pretty improbable. Where is the research on this amazing phenomena? Other than it's true because I believe it should be true.

If we don't shut down immigration muslims will lose ground. Only 6% of immigrants historically came from the middle east or north africa and trump shut most of them down. Close to 40% come from latin america and another 40% are asian. OMG all the mexican and chinese muslims pouring into the country. The horror, the horror.

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curious2 says
. Looking at history, the Vikings traveled the world and prospered mightily with Odin and Thor. Even

The Vikings prospered with revolutionary advances ships, tactics, espionage, and weapons. Especially the virtually unbreakable Ulfberht swords which used advanced metallurgy not discovered again for 800 more years. Most of the great dominant conquering societies did so by new advances warfare in some way from Alexander the great perfecting Phillips phalanx to mongols horse skills to the blitzkrieg. Either the people being attacked develop effective counter measures or the strong leader dies and no one can carry on or the conquest wealth corrupts the conquerors then the dominance disappears and the conquering society falls. . Religion rarely influences the fall. GIbbon's babbling excepted Christianity had very little to do with the fall of rome.
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doik says
The only difference is that religion, race, gender, and sexual orientation are protected classes because of the historic oppression of these classes whereas political orientation is not currently a protected class. Personally, I think political orientation needs to be a protected class given how divisive it has become.

Are you saying that social media is somehow forbidden to refuse offensive content involving religion, race, gender, and sexual orientation? When did that happen? Want to get into the details of how that works? Who is protecting them and how?

mell says
remove all discrimination laws. We'd be better off. Just protect free speech.

What discrimination laws do you think are forcing facebook to drop infowars?

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech. That is the only constitutional protection of free speech that exists. It says nothing about corporations.

There have been 240 years (with the exception of a couple very brief periods of liberal courts) starting with Dartmouth College v. Woodward of supreme court rulings expanding the rights of corporations. What exactly do you think will inspire one of the most conservative strict constitutionalist courts in history to force an entirely new set of requirements on corporations granting new and unprecedented free speech rights that have never existed before that are not mentioned in the constitution?

There is a great book out there called we the corporations detailing the history of the supreme court and corporations. Well worth a read if you actually want to know the history and facts.
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marcus says

Again. Fuck you bob.

Thank you. I really have appreciated your insightful thoughtful input into Manhattan Community Access Corp. v. Halleck, going before the supreme court.
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Tenpoundbass says

Pelosi ran out of town on a Pole. By Cubans that hate Commie Bastards as much as I do.

Amazing all the outrage here about some one being chased out of a restaurant for their political views. There were something like 10 threads of endless total outrage about cruz being chased out. Only one tthread about the same thing happening to pelosi and it says good that it happened.

Why are the far right wingers such fucking hypocrites. Is it lsome kind of requirement to get your super secret far right wingnut decoder ring?

Disclaimer, I despise pelosi and cruz.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says

Before I answer, can you explain why Iran was rewarded for executing gays and protesters with the Iran Deal?

Because you and tatupu seem to not want to explain this.

Why we need to have MbS - the only Saudi Ruler who has actually passed concrete liberal reforms - removed over a potential assassination, but we need to keep the Iran Deal with the Murderous Mullahs who imprison, torture, and execute countless people every year?

ROFLOL. Now that's really funny shit. Rewarded for killing gays and protesters? Like decapitation and subsequent public crucifixion of Ahmed bin ‘Adhaib bin ‘Askar al-Shamlani al-‘Anzi, for homosexuality? Oh shit that was in Riyadh, never mind. What a fucking joke. KSA gets rewarded every day by the USofA for executing gays and protesters using your "logic" .

I still waiting for the list of names. But I'm sure you will get it to me before the sun goes supernova. Maybe.
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socal2 says
‘We Misled You’: How the Saudis Are Coming Clean on Funding Terrorism"

I missed the part of the article that says what KSA DID about their sponsorship of terrorism around the world. Both officially as a government and private money. It's noticeably absent. So the saudi's now openly admit to fostering terrorism against the US and the rest of the west for decades. Nice. With friends like these who needs enemies? But hey they are now the new kindlier gentler KSA. They feel bad about it and some day they will consider doing something about it. Maybe.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
When I get an answer, I'll provide links to scholar funding provided by bin Talal. They're sitting in my Bookmarks.

Sure right, I'm sure someone somewhere actually believes that. Would that be Including the receipts from where he paid for Obama's tuition for islamic studies at Harvard law? Too goddam funny.

I didn't get a list of all the saudi executions in their embassies prior to this one either. The ones the press ignored because those executions in their embassies wouldn't derail saudi liberalization. ROFLOL. You really can't make this shit up.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
bob2356 says
ROFLOL. The whole 1.3% muslim population in Ireland is going to institute sharia law?

Ah, that's really stretching a point to dismiss it.

Stretching a point? You mean like this

TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Shar'ia in Ireland
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Strategist says
Think about it. If Muslims have the highest birth rates, and all other religions face declining birth rates, it's just a matter of time before Muslims are the only group with a positive birth rate. It's not just probable, but very likely.

If? Probable? Likely?

Blue says

Not true, you missed that I did add one percent rate to the rest, currently its less than 1.7 though as per us censers and falling.

Nothing like well researched and documented information. What exactly is the muslim birth rate in the US? How about compared to other groups? The other groups that you generously took 40% off of their birth rates. Don't let facts screw you up but birth rates of all groups including muslims drops through the floor when they move from a poor country to a first world country.

Even majority muslim countries have falling birth rates. The fertility rate across all 49 Muslim-majority countries fell from 4.3 children per woman in 1990-95 to about 2.9 in 2010-15. This was still higher than the global fertility rate in 2015, but it’s a strikingly fast drop given the fact that it took some Western European countries nearly a century to transition from six children per woman to three.

But hey it's true because I believe it should be true is still the gold standard of proof on patnet.
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Quigley says

So... it seems like the government pulled a fast one with social security savings.

No, a whole bunch of people didn't bother to hold their political leaders accountable. The information has been out there all along.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Multiple people in the thread had to repeat that fact, then he complained that the numbers disproving his conception of reality were being posted by multiple users.

TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says

Hey Bob, did you read the instructions?

Did you figure out the numbers for the non presidential races yet? But hey, multiple people posted the same numbers totally irrelevant to the point. I guess they are still working on figuring out 2018 isn't a presidential election year.
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dr6B says
bob2356 says
The question still stands. Are the people who spent the last 50 years building the current libertarian republican party dominance going to let D's control the house without spending very dime they can throw at the races?

First, most R's (with exception of Paul who was redistricted out by his colleagues) are not libertarian. Second, I do not believe that "big money" cares which party is in power, so they will support "useful idiots" from either party.

Most R's have made a deal with the devil and if they don't dance to the libertarian tune they will see their funding disappear and face a strong heavily funded primary challenge from some one who will. Big money? Who's big money? Big money on both sides very much cares which party is in power. Only big money on the R side has a long term coordinated plan they have been executing for 40 years.

So the question still stands, after reaching pretty much the pinnacle of their long term goals are the big boys on the right going to roll over and let the D's take back the house? Hint, the koch bro's libertarian network is planning to spend 60% more on republican congressional races in 2018 than 2016 at 400 million. Which is 150 million more than the RNC can come up with. I would say that is a pretty impressive concentration of money and power in one single group that all R politicians have to respect.
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
Actually, it would not be surprising if one of MSBs buddies held out the phone for Trump to run over his speakerphone for Ivanka and the kids to listen to the libby hack being sawed to death.

When are the turks going to post on youtube?
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Goran_K says

Guantanamo Bay and water boarding experts disagree.

People who have actually served and have been there and done that like our sec of defense disagree with you and people who are 5 time draft dodgers. What in your long and distinguished military experience leads you to believe torture works? Especially since the wmd intelligence that convinced congress authorize war in Iraq was false information by Ibn al-Shaykh al-Libi provided under torture. That worked out well.
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tatupu70 says

None of those things show he supported terrorism.

It's true because I say it's true. That's the way it works.

Hey two scooops. Still working on the list of people saiddi's killed in their embassies and taleil sent to harvard law for islmic studies. ROFLOL. Your arguments have long since become a joke. MBS stepped on his dick big time and showed the whole world who he really was doing it. Give it up.
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clambo says

Saudi Arabia is no threat in any way to the USA;

9/11 would seem to disagree with you. The threat is there every single day of the next one. I haven't heard of the new kinder gentler KSA taking any steps (as in actually doing anything not talking about doing something. Form a committee is the oldest do nothing dodge in history) to rein in support of terrorism around the world coming from KSA. The new kinder gentler KSA is actively funding and using Al-Qaida in Yemen as we speak. Which makes the US and Al-Qaida very ironic and unwilling allies in Yemen. I wonder what projects this branch of Al-Qaida will be working on after the Yemen war?

clambo says
Mexico on the other hand is.

Are the mexicans planning to take back texas? I'm pretty sure they don't want it back if it includes ted cruz.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
Awww, poor 3H Club.

(Houthi, Hamas, and Hezbollah are all Iranian backed terrorist groups).

Terrorist group. Any militia that doesn't do what the US wants done.

Freedom fighters. Any militia that does do what the US wants done.

See how simple it is.
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Strategist says
When I'm with a woman, I tell her what I want to do with her body, and do it. I always get thanked spanked.

You made a typo. I fixed if for you.
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curious2 says

Your link says, "The study confirms the perception that Muslim women have more children than non-Muslims in Western Europe, but shows that the gap is not as large as many believe." The study compares populations within the Netherlands.

The article talks about a number of countries and factors. Read the words instead of looking at the pictures.
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curious2 says

In the UK:

How do you always manage to find such nonsense. If, possibly, could, assumes, might, suggests, estimated, concluded, likely, according to, etc. etc. Hint, when you see something the contains those words in every paragraph it's either a bunch of meaningless speculation, sell newspapers sensationalism, or ideological nonsense.

The paper suggests that if migration continues at the same rate but refugee movement stops, the UK will have the highest overall population of Muslims in the EU, at 13m, making up 16.7 per cent of the population.

The report "supposes" migrants from the middle east will continue at a record influx of asylum seekers fleeing conflicts in Syria and other predominantly Muslim countries levels for the next 32 years? . Totally contradictory but interesting.thought. I can see why you like it since you frequently argue contradictory positions. On the same subject. "Overall, an estimated 43 per cent of all migrants to the UK between mid-2010 and mid-2016 were Muslims,". . Pretty odd how they picked those dates. Just happened to be the peak of the syrian war crises. What a totally unexpected coincidence. Sort of like the sun rising in the east.
Top ten countries of origin by country of birth and nationality, UK 2017
1 Poland 922,000 9.8
2 India 829,000 8.8
3 Pakistan 522,000 5.6
4 Ireland 390,000 4.1
5 Romania 390,000 4.1
6 Germany 318,000 3.4
7 Bangladesh 263,000 2.8
8 Italy 232,000 2.5
9 South Africa 228,000 2.4
10 China 216,000 2.3

Very strange how mulsim countries are only 7% of immigrants while 43% of the immigration. Do you suppose researchers at oxford doesn't know how to do math?

The whole thing is just silly. nonsense of patching unrelated bits and cherry picked facts together but it sells newspapers.
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Strategist says

No country is a serious threat to us. Islam is a very serious threat to us, and a very serious threat to the rest of the world. Islam must and will be brought to it's knees.

Still waiting to hear your plan to bring 25% of the world to it's knees.
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Goran_K says
Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown facing allegations of sexual assault in the 1980s

What fucking pussies these democrats are. A real republican man would molest young boys.
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Strategist says
The plan is simple:
Install USA friendly dictators and Kings in power.
Give them arms to go after Islamic countries not friendly to us.
Install friendly dictators in weakened Islamic countries.
Execute radicals, control their education, clamp down on sharia laws.
Fully expose the Muslim world to democracy and western values.
Eliminate madrassas completely.
Islam will be brought to its knees.

How's it working out so far for you so far? Got a list of all those US friendly dictators and kings for us? Maybe you can add it to two scoops lists.
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I'm sure it had nothing at all to do with trump's own actions. No not a thing. If you tell everyone they are assholes then they usually don't have nice things to say. DUH.
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Strategist says
It's working out pretty well since Trump became President. We have lots of Islamic puppets.
Saudi Crown Prince
Jordan King Abdulla

ROFLOL. That's the funniest shit on patnet in years.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
bob2356 says
How's it working out so far for you so far? Got a list of all those US friendly dictators and kings for us? Maybe you can add it to two scoops lists.

That reminds me, how many investor conferences did the NYT, Economist, WaPo and other Globalist Rags boycott when Erdogan made Turkey the #1 Jailer of Journalists in the World?

What penalties did Obama impose on Turkey?

So you don't have anything. No surprise.
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Today's quiz.

Did KSA give ttrump the rogue elements story to test drive for them or did trump come up with it and KSA couldn't come up with anything better so they ran with it?

But wait, he got his tie caught in the ceiling fan and strangled before anyone could turn it toff.
No wait, he went into the basement and walked into a clothes line and no one heard him calling for help.
No wait, he was doing an after lunch floss that somehow wound around his neck and .choked him to death.
No wait, he was showing the 15 saudi tourists that just happened to fly in that morning with a bone saw how to skip rope and tangled it around his neck.
No wait, he was walking the embassy dog and the leash tangled around his neck.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
. So I won't answer, until I receive a specific answer.

Sure right, I'm sure some where some one believes that. Maybe. You won't answer because you don't have an answer.
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But But But the wall the wall.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says

However, we finally have a Prince running things who is under 40, has removed the power of the Committee for Vice/Virtue to make arrests on multiple issues, got women driving, and attending events without male chaperones.

I notice stopping funding for terrorism isn't on the list. Nor will it ever be; All MBS is doing with his "liberalizations" is trying to delay the fall of the house of saud. With 80% of saudi's under 25, that have a degree in islmaic studies, lacking any quantifications/skills to make a living at all that are totally dependent on oil money welfare to live the oil money drying up day of reckoning is in sight for the royal family. . Like putin brutal internal political repression and playing up external enemies boogeymen is the only option to survive.
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Goran_K says
Nothing would be better than Saudi and Turkey shooting at each other, with a little ISIS and Syria sprinkled on top. It's about time they spent their money killing each other than killing Americans.

Maybe you should look at a map some time. There is the small matter of Iraq and Syria being between them. The saudi's have a handful of DF3 chinese cruise missiles that can't hit the broad side of a continent that could reach turkey, but when they are gone that's it. Neither have enough bomber capacity to do shit even if they could overfly syria and iraq. What would they be shooting?

Then there is the small matter of turkey being a Nato country that the US is treaty bound to defend from attacks.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says

The good news is that the militant Muslim Princes that financed 9/11 are also MbS' enemies, so he will torture them anyway, and use bonesaws on those responsible while they are still alive.I say let MbS flay their skin with 100 lashes until they pass out, wait for them to regain consciousness and do it again and again for weeks on end until they die. That's much more effective and just than..

and who are these militant princes that financed 9/11 and are mbs's enemies? another non existent list we will never see.
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richwicks says

First of all, the story makes no sense - murdering him would have been trivial to do undetected.

Murdering a political enemy in another country isn't trivial at all and usually blows up in peoples faces. Which is why it is so rarely attempted. The russians keep stepping on their dicks with this. Countries are very touchy about other countries murdering people inside their borders.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
MbS is the first Saudi in decades to actually liberalize Saudi Arabian laws. What happens if he is forced to resign? Anybody think his replacement will be another daring liberal? Or a member of the "Safe Old Guard" that wants to return to exporting Wahabi fanatics and restoring the now-reduced powers of the Religious Police?

When did MBS stop exporting wahabi fanatics? ROFLOL.

Tell me about MBS's humanitarian peace mission in yemen. to help his fellow muslims lead a better life. through starvation and being blown apart. Oh right the saudi/US backed militia's spreading death and terrorism are called freedom fighters It's the other militias that are called terrorists. What a total joke.
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WillPowers says
He claimed that they would find MS-13 gang members as well as Middle Eastern citizens trying to enter the United States.

Why doesnt' trump just show us his proof they exist? ROFLOL. Does he know that MS-13 is a US gang that spread to central america, not the other way around?
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Quigley says
bob2356 says
Does he know that MS-13 is a US gang that spread to central america, not the other way around?

What does that matter if it’s made up of all Salvadorans? How are it’s victims any less injured or dead? Dishonest bob strikes again

Nothing dishonest other than your reply. We aren't being invaded by ms-13, they started here and have plenty of us members whether anyone comes from anywhere else or not. Not that it matters. There are 10,000 ms-13 in the US out of the 1.5 million gang members. If trump actually wanted to do something about gang violence other than run his mouth (not very likely) he would start with the big gangs that account for most of the gang crime and violence. Where is your concern about victims the big gangs? Curiously missing.

Super simple problem to fix. Put employers in jail until no one will hire illegals. No jobs no illegals. Why after 18 months hasn't anything been done other than talk, talk,talk? Obama prosecuted more employers than trump.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says

Did you tell us what Sanctions Obama imposed on Saudi Arabia for executing all those gays and witches yet? And why he rewarded Iran for torturing and executing ditto with the Iran Deal?

Please please stop embarrassing yourself with this. When a government arrests someone, has a trial, then executes them it's called a legal system. It may be a bad legal system. It may be a legal system many people disagree with. But it's accepted internationally as a normal function of government. When a country sends 15 goons to another country to kill someone it's called murder. In case you haven't looked at the news in a long time murder is always news worthy no matter where it happens.

This is basic government 101 stuff.

TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
You're great at demanding answers, bad at providing any.

I;m not the one that keeps claiming to have non existent lists of names. .You made the claims, you back them up.
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Evan F. says
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I see barely any mention in any of those statements of actually moving production lines or offices back to the US? Just that they're moving out of China.

But but but trump said companies would move production back to the states. Seriously, no one in the entire administration has ever heard of Vietnam manufacturing?
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Malcolm says
Ah, more unreported climate change news. More ice than normal in Greenland.

and the rest of the planet also? The magic words are trend line not this year. What happens in a year or two in a place or two is called weather not climate.

Flora and fauna all over the planet keeps moving toward the poles steadily year after year. Do you suppose that means anything?
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Strategist says

Only this murder is newsworthy. Thousands of murders the world over every single day, and only this one gets the front page news day after day.

Plenty of murders make front page news day after day. The russian poisoning of Litvinenko was front page in the news around the world for weeks without 3 countries and leaders making the story bigger and bigger every day. Do you suppose the press reported russia poisoning Litvinenko on the front page because they were upset with MBS making KSA liberal ? ROFLOL.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says

So it's okay to torture and execute Gays and Witches, so long as there is a Trial in an Authoritarian Country like SA and Iran. It doesn't merit any pressure or sanctions.

Nice job with that strawman. Keep on making shit up and claiming I said it.. The lengths you go to to create strawmen and misdirection are impressive.

I said It isn't front page news, I made no comment on condoning or condemning. Governments around the world torture and/or kill people all the time for all kinds of reasons under the cloak of their legal systems. Including the USA. Where is your outrage at the USA scooping up people (including innocent people that could have easily been checked out but weren't) then sending them to be tortured or killed in places like egypt and jordan. That was without a trial of any kind. People have been held in Gitmo for 16 years now without a trial. What pressure and sanctions should be put on the USA for doing this? By the standards of many countries this is barbarism. I guess you never heard the one about glass houses and throwing stones.

The lengths you go to find a means to excuse the different standards being applied is pretty embarrassing. I'm blushing on your behalf
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says

So it's okay to torture and execute Gays and Witches, so long as there is a Trial in an Authoritarian Country like SA and Iran

or the USA and UK. You do remember that sodomy was a felony in the USA until the last law was struck down in 1962 don't you?. With it being a capital crime until south carolina being the last state to do away with the death penalty for sodomy in 1873. So yea it was ok to torture and execute gays in the good old USA for a long time. The UK had the same laws (the USA took them from the UK) The last execution for sodomy in the UK took place on 27 November 1835 when James Pratt and John Smith were hanged at Newgate.

The lengths you go to find a means to excuse the different standards being applied is pretty embarrassing. I'm blushing on your behalf
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and Reagan was an actor who's biggest part was playing a supporting role to a monkey. Who cares?
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want to post your account and password so everyone else can read the article?
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Strategist says

Yes, it WAS OK in the good old days, until secular beliefs civilized the religious beliefs. Guess that makes it OK for Islamic countries to continue with their barbaric practices in todays world.

So that is 1 vote in favor of the USA torturing and executing gays/witches.. Secular beliefs civilized religious beliefs since the Iraq war where the US shipped people off to be tortured and murdered? Damn want to post some links about that, I missed it in the news. So I take it you approve of this.

Try to follow the conversation. The question is if a country following it's laws for whatever purpose is front page newsworthy or not.

Strategist says

Good thinking, Bob. I hereby nominate you for the Patnet Peace Prize.

Another poster who can't figure out that there was neither approval nor condemnation.
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Strategist says

This Kashoggi guy was not murdered in a foreign country by his government as in the case of Russia. He was murdered on Saudi soil.
An embassy is considered foreign soil.

ROFLOL. You guys are going to amazing lengths to avoid admitting that the fair hair boy MBS fucked up big time and managed to show .the new boss is the same as the old boss. They tried and convicted him right there in the embassy? Damn that is amazing. When did you learn this? Want to post some links to the story, I can't find it.

Still waiting for all the MBS cheerleaders to talk about all the radical madras and mosques MBS has shut down. Or the new restrictions on money going out to terrorists. As in none, zero, zippo.
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CBOEtrader says
1835 is the same as 2018. Thanks bob

Vote 2 in favor of the US torturing and executing gays/witches. Also in favor of people being shipped off for torture and murder by the US as in the 2000's I assume.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
bob2356 says
Nice job with that strawman. Keep on making shit up and claiming I said it.. The lengths you go to to create strawmen and misdirection are impressive.

Bob, it's not a strawman, nor is it Whataboutery. It's a direct regurgitation of your own words:

It's okay to execute Gays and Witches - and apparently unmarried Princesses for adultery - if you have a Trial based on Shari'a Law and Islamism. But not Muslim Brotherhood shills who are trying to pick up paperwork to divorce their wife in Saudi Arabia - so they only have to pay 130 days support.

My direct words were it's not front page news when someone is tried and executed according to a nations laws. The rest of the shit you just keep making up. Show one single place where I said anything was "ok" or not "ok" since obviously my statement I'm not offering my opinion on whether I condone or condemn was outside of you comprehension. .

Regurgitate is when you chew a bunch of stuff up, mix it up in your stomach. then throw it up all in a jumbled mess. So you are correct that you regurgitated.

Did you catch KSA's story of the day today? Well we sort of, kind of, may have, maybe planned it. But it was an accident that we planned it. It's like listening to a 5 year old explaining how the lamp got knocked off the table and broken. ROFLOL.

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