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Onvacation says
The planet is not warming catastrophically in spite of our continued pollution, increased co2 levels, and continued alarmist propaganda.

Can't make it any clearer.

The article says the planet cooled .5 degrees based on a link to nasa that says 2017 was the second hottest year on record. Of course, that's perfectly clear. Ok it's not so clear to anyone capable of thinking.
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Reality says
LOL! Where was the government/military when the numerous standards were established in order for all the parts of your computer to work together? How can USB devices and HDMI displays ever connect to any computer without the heavy hand of government/military?

Do you think industry standards drive technology or technology drives industry standards? Is writing up "industry standards" now considered "technological innovation"?

Babble much? No one,no matter how many histrinonics you produce, believes that government should set standards for every minor technology. Who cares if there are multiple ways to connect an accessory to a computer. IEEE does that. There is a big difference between some simple connection vs doing research and setting standards that allow large scale implementation of technologies. Things like the electric grid, air traffic control, and the internet. Silly argument.

Reality says
Johnson's "touch screen" on a storage scope was in the 1960's! Where were your practical implementations of the technology all through the 60's and 70's? The two decades of non-use proved his approach was impractical.

You need to recheck your history. Touch screens started being used shortly after Johnson published in 1967. Air traffic controllers were the first use of capacitive. Resistive were used in the university systems all through the 70's in teaching kiosks. I'm not sure how first paper in 1967 to wide scale usage in the late 70's constitutes two decades. There is some time lag between invention and practical affordable implementation. The hard disk was invented in the mid 1950's but didn't become widely used by consumers until pc's in the 1980's. Does 3 decades of use limited to very large organizations prove the approach was impractical? .

Reality says
I will tell you the difference: iPhone was a device that could garner more revenue than the cost of engineering therefore more advanced versions of iPhones could be researched and developed.

So the first iPhone didn't have a touch screen. I never knew that.

Reality says
What the big-government-apologists are doing is like pointing at the ME-262 and V-2 rocket and claiming the world wouldn't have jet plane or space rockets if not for the Nazis

History deficits again. Rockets existed long before the nazi's and almost everyone, with one notable exception apparently, knows that. The first recorded use of rockets as weapons was indians against the british in the 1792 Siege of Seringapatam. German jet engines were based on Whittle's 1930 patent. If it wasn't for the utter stupidity and bureaucratic incompetence of the British military the allies could have entered WWII with jets and wiped out the german air force very quickly. Two more silly assertions. No one would make any such claim. No one would be foolish enough to claim NASA invented plastic either. Plastic was in wide use in WWII, NASA didn't even exist until 1958. It would seem however that there are people are silly enough to try to sell the narrative that "apologists for NASA" did said it.

Reality says

Find out for yourself what her husband does.

So your well documented thoughtful evaluation of the alleged inaccuracies of the book comes down to find out what her husband does. Very intellectual. ROFLOL.
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TwoScoopsOfDragonEnergy says
When you saw off a shotgun barrel, it becomes a rifled barrel that shoots bullets not shells. FACT!

The bullet is the part on the front of the shell that comes out the barrel. All guns shoot shells which is just another name for cartridge. The shell/cartridge is the casing, bullet, powder, and primer all together. Shotguns fire shotgun shells commonly called shotshells.
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Feux Follets says

Interior Department wants to lower royalties that offshore oil and companies pay.

Last week the Interior Department's Royalty Policy Committee issued a recommendation suggesting that Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke lower royalty rates for offshore oil and gas drilling on seabed owned by the US government. I

Not only cutting royalties but selling oil leases at fire sale prices. The art of the deal is apparently to sell as much as possible at the bottom of the market for huge discounts. . The art of the deal should be to hold leases off the market until demand is high again and companies pay top dollar. Is the deal for the oli companies or the citizens? No fair googling the answer.
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Quigley says
Bob is correct about shells.
That is all.

That puts me one up on a big chunk of patnet posters then.
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TwoScoopsOfDragonEnergy says
I'll also keep listening for the next time I hear somebody say "My rifle/pistol is out of shells" instead of "I need more rounds" or "I don't have more bullets".

Nothing like being pedantic over "wire taps", or "Shells vs. Rounds/Bullets".

If you are going to make a pentantic nit pick about terminology rather than content then you should at least get the terminology correct yourself. Just a thought.
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
School shootings are a sacrament sent by GOD! to remind AMERICA! that everyone should be armed and ready to rock and roll at ALL! TIMES!

How the fuck could no one have a gun to shoot back in santa fe texas?
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TwoScoopsOfDragonEnergy says
Petantic, is that a musical scale?

autofill is a pain in the ass sometimes if you don't watch carefully. But thanks for pointing out that computer generated typo.

TwoScoopsOfDragonEnergy says
Sure, a shotgun turns into an assault rifle by virtue of sawing off the barrel

A shotgun is a much more deadly weapon after sawing off the barrel. Which is the point they were trying to make. But hey this is trumptard newspeak fox news America where the meaning has no meaning only the delivery matters. . Obedience is freedom . War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.
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Sniper says
No, it's not. Not even close.

There is very little difference in spread of the pellets from a standard barrel.

That would depend on how much the cut down is wouldn't it? Ever see the pattern on a really short barrel? You lose knockdown with less concentrated pattern, but would inflict more wide spread damage. Some loss of muzzle velocity also.

Sniper says
bob2356 says
Ignorance is strength.

Yep (in some people's world).

I will defer to much higher expertise on the subject of ignorance.
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someone else says
Wow, if Trump can actually make a dent in our lopsided trade with China

How will that happen? There isn't much capacity out there, right now. If exports to china actually ramp up they will have to come from exports that were going somewhere else, zero sum game. Not that I expect the increase to actually happen, lots of talk and promises followed by much inaction The chinese are experts at it.
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Tenpoundbass says

Hopefully Trump wont let the ghost inventory be manipulated to keep the market artificially inflated. Like a certain So & So did the last time.

Maybe instead he should pass a bill hat gives big tax breaks to re investors encouraging even more buying of re for investment. Plus reduce the corporate tax rate so stock buybacks give stock holders lots of cash that is going to flow into the re market because the stock market is overvalued. That way that way the already tight housing inventory will totally dry up and prices will go through the roof. Even better the federal government should borrow the money to do it.

Oh wait, he did that already. Never mind.
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CBOEtrader says
Remember, the parroting of CNN talking points on this forum is proof that propaganda works.

Sorry to disappoint you but the concerns about simply shifting the trade deficit around without accomplishing anything other than political circus came from the WSJ (aka the republican daily cheerleader) not cnn. But hey you could have let us know where the capacity for another 200 billion in exports will come from. Or then again you could just whine about TDS and CNN.
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Onvacation says
2015 was the second warmest year EVER according to manipulated NASA data. 2016 was 4/100 of one degree hotter, THE HOTTEST YEAR EVER! according to the alarmists.

Since then it has been getting colder.

OMG one year deviation. The horror, the horror.
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CBOEtrader says
Perhaps you meant vastly improve the finances of the federal govt?

There is always a budget surplus in april. Duh. Did you read the article? I mean past the headline? Nah, that would spoil all the fun.

“But really, this is not due to a major economic change,” he said about higher government revenue. “Every April is going to show an even bigger bump just because of inflation and wage growth.”

Overall, the deficit for the first seven months of the fiscal year widened to $385 billion, from $344 billion a year earlier, according to Treasury.

An extra 40 billion in debt for the year SO FAR in a booming economy is vast improvement? HaHaHaHa.
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Who said

“Those who come hither are generally of the most ignorant Stupid Sort of their own Nation.”

“Not being used to Liberty, they know not how to make a modest use of it.”

" a Colony of Aliens, who will never adopt our Language or Customs, any more than they can acquire our Complexion.”

Ben Franklin about Germains in Pennsylvania.
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CBOEtrader says
I can't read minds. Neither can you. Your argument is that this historic change of publicly stated economic intent, the exact change we needed, wont happen cause you say so.

You heard it here first gentlemen. Trump and Xi have obligated themselves to work towards lowering the US trade deficit, but Bob from says veto!

Not me economists say so. Conservative economists at that. They say there isn't capacity.

So where is your supporting information laying out how this is all possible? Oh I forgot it's true because trump says it's true. Life in tact free america. You just have to believe. It only takes faith. Obedience is freedom

I wonder who is really playing 9d chess here. NK is now recognized as being a real threat and important enough on the world stage for direct negations with the US. The great leader sucks trump into committing to a summit with dreams of sugar plum faries and nobel prized in his head. Then NK backs out, panicking trump into promising a fig leaf trade deal to china that lets china be able to do nothing, hey the US couldn't deliver our orders not my fault, while costing china nothing. I wonder how long Kim and Xi worked on their good cop bad cop routine to pull this off.
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Strategist says
GDP growth, industrial production, low unemployment, inability to find skilled labor, all point to a much higher capacity utilization rate. This is the time for corporations to start increasing the use of robots to expand capacity and increase productivity. No one has to tell them what to do. Trust me, it's already happening.

and which industries will be making a 200b jump in production? will we be making more farmland while we are at it? Sorry, I agree with bloomberg. It's mathematically impossible to come anywhere near those numbers.

Where are all the numbers from people who say it's possible? It's true because I believe it should be true. All you need.
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Patrick says
It's almost all stock instead.

You should read the report instead of the summary Public holdings 42%, private holdings 32%, cash 22%. RE is third largest business but only 3% of wealth. Sounds just a little off some how. How much RE is held through corperations/llc's instead of directly? Almost anyone with any net worth holds their RE though a corporation of some kind. How much RE do you think trump owns in his own name? I sure use a corporate structure and I'm not anywhere close to billionaire. Sounds like the 3% is their homes and vacation homes to me.
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Patrick says
in large U.S. cities

The 15 largest cities. Move to the second tier cities away from the coastal madness and the yields are a lot higher than 9%.

If you stay out of frothy markets houses don't have a black friday either. The houses I held onto after I pruned in 2006/2007 dropped in value less than 5% and rents kept rising.

If you want to own stocks then knock yourself out. No one is holding a gun to your head saying buy rental houses. I'm making more in rentals than anyone I know does in stocks. But I do my homework.

Patrick says
you have to suffer dealing with tenants.

Stocks never call you because the toilet is not working.

That's what a property manager is for.
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maya_ says
Her home is worth $350k and she pays $10k in property taxes each year (there is no golf course). I'm suprised no one talks about Texas's property taxes??

That's why I left the tx market. Property taxes doubled 2001-2009. Insurance tripled after a couple hurricanes even with being 300 miles south of the storm damage, in an area with very low probability of hurricanes, and being 30 miles inland. Having a rental property with 800 a month nut in taxes alone is insane. That's why I would never even consider owning a rental property where I live in New England. Plus having laws that let tenants drag out eviction for 6 months without paying. At least in Tx you could have them on the curb in less than a month.

I had 40's and 50's ranches on slab in tx. Maintenance was no problem at all. Not sure how a house that was kept up properly would have issues. Rule of thumb is 2% which I find to be more than adequate.

Where did the 9% return on stocks come from anyway? Inflation adjusted it's 7% gross. How come no one talks about the fees on stocks, which comes right off of the return. I never averaged more than 7% out of stocks in my IRA once the fees came out of the account.

Whatever floats your boat. If you think you can match wits with goldman sachs super computers and legions of phd quants then go for it If you think owning an index fund is your key to happiness then bon appetite. Once I was out of the company I rolled my IRA to self directed and moved it into rentals. Much happier watching the money roll in month after month than I ever was dicking around in stocks. But I'm also old enough to have owned stocks through black monday 1987, the 89/90 crash, and the tech bubble collapse. I was thrilled to ride out the 2007 crash in cash and properties that didn't drop in value more than a couple percent.
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HeadSet says
Puzzling why he would say Germans cannot acquire English complexion.

Another ben franklin qoute from his writings.

“[T]he Spaniards, Italians, French, Russians and Swedes, are generally of what we call a swarthy Complexion; as are the Germans also, the Saxons only excepted.”
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Strategist says
Hello? A $200 billion jump in production is merely 1% of the GDP. It's not possible to achieve that, but very likely in the next few quarters.
By the way, you should know economists are always wrong.

You know GDP is gross domestic product, not gross domestic production right? Goods and Services. and government spending. and net exports.

Show where the Bloomberg (and many other peoples) numbers are wrong. Simple enough. Start with how much of GDP is exportable products. As usual lots of dancing around but no numbers from the trump/tea party/libertarian/faith based crowd. It's true because I believe it should be true.
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CBOEtrader says

Considering Obama and his ilk admitted the ACA was a mere stepping stone towards single payer, these "problems" appears to all be by design. No one w any wits could look at the ACA and not see how prices would explode, breaking the system. It happened in less than 8 years.

and trump did nothing since taking office that would have caused aca premiums to rise? Nothing at all? Be interesting to see who is actually honest here.
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Goran_K says

You do know the deficit is already up 50 billion ytd from last year and climbing don't you? April always has a surplus, It's when people pay their taxes
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CBOEtrader says
The global warming debate is specifically about the MODELING of the results. It's the model we question. No one is doubting that carbon dioxide is having an effect. The question is HOW MUCH? The decisions to fix the problem are all based ON HOW MUCH is man made vs natural fluctuations. It's not a yes or no question. It's a question of degree. (Literally and figuratively.)

What is your backup plan if man made co2 is the problem and spirals out of control? At the least would be the eliminating 100+ years of fossil fuel industry written self serving policies/regulations and the elimination of outright subsidies of fossil fuels would be reasonable. Don't worry though, there is no danger of that as long as the republican party is simply a front for big corporate money.
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TwoScoopsOfDragonEnergy says
Huge Obama subsidies in the form of half a billion dollars in loan guarantees for a Solar Company that ended up bankrupt mere months after receipt- YAY!
Huge Obama and California subsidies for Tesla - YAY!
Huge Obama and Dem Congress subsidies and bailouts for Auto Manufacturers, to be used as they wish, no requirement to keep open US Factories - YAY
Some Subsidies to get one of the world's largest electronics plants open in Wisconsin, a proven business that makes money with actual demand - NOOOOO!

Good imigination. Didn't happen, but good imigination.
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NuttBoxer says
I've had a strong interest in moving to New Zealand for some time

If you are over 55 you are toast. They don't do residence visa's over 55 unless you plan on writing a 7 figure plus check.

Since I lived there for many years and only recently moved back to the US (temporarilly thank god). I can give some answers.

First, don't believe any press coming out on NZ. It's a country of 4 million where 1/3 lives in Auckland and the rest are scattered along 1200 miles. There is almost no news. Cows getting hit in the road will make all 3 national papers. If some kid drowns you will learn what his favorite toy was, what he had for breakfast, how he kissed and said I love you to gran before going to the beach, etc., etc., etc.. They also recycle stories all the time. You will read a huge long story about a horrendious murder than get to the end to find out it happened 20 years ago and there is a parole hearing being scheduled. The NZ press does way over the top sensationlism without feeling the need to be constrained by any pesky facts. Think brit fleet st tabloids or fox news on steroids. The NZ press thrives on the motto never let the facts get in the way of a good story.

Everything is very expensive in NZ. It's 2 sparcely populated islands thousands of miles from anywhere with very little manufacturing. Think the city of philly scattered from boston to miami. Towns are 5-25k people 25-150 miles apart with nothing in between. Everything gets imported in small quantities from a long way away and distributed in very small quantities over long distances. Driving slowly over mountanious 2 lane roads through small towns. If you average 45mph for a long trip you are doing great. There is only 15 miles of divided highway in the entire country. So instead of shipping container ships with 20k containers each of say plumbing supplies to port los angels you get half a dozen containers into auckland that then gets distributed for 1200 miles a couple dozen cases per town. The south island is worse since it costs 5k to ship a container over the cook straght. Economy of scale plays big.

Real estate is very affected by this. Materials are expensive. Labor is expensive, salaries are relativly high and there are no illegals working cheaply. Prices are even more affected by urban boundries. Land has to be fully infilled before expanding the urban boundry, driving up land prices. Which is why there is nothing between towns, building has to be within the urban boundry. No sprawl, but at a price. Also district councils front load the cost of increasing services with fees for new developments. I paid 40k to the council to subdivide a lot for the future cost of added services for the addtitional population of the new house.

The other big factor driving housing prices is what I call kiwi clever. NZ was totally socialist for many years and allowed almost no imports. So people literally got by with bailing wire and string. Now there is a national obsession on everything being clever and unique ( the kiwi "Number 8 Wire" problem Functional is not part of the plan in case you were wondering. Especially houses. Almost all houses are one offs designed from scratch. Odd shapes, complex roofs, flat out stupid designs are the norm. The rule of thumb in building is corners cost money and NZ houses have lots and lots of corners. I once asked a builder why he didn't just use plans over instead of pay 20k+ for a new design for each house. The horror. You would have thought I asked why he didn't shoot his children.

Farming is for export. It's the economy. It's more profitable to export than to sell locally. Farmers can ship to terminals in bulk and load in bulk rather than packing in small amounts and distributing around the country. I can buy NZ lamb in the US cheaper than in NZ. Also NZ wine for that matter even when I lived in the Marlborough winery region and bicycled to lunch at the wineries.

The local food thing is somewhat overated if you don't have any other sources. You get a month or 2 of a product and then nothing the rest of the year. So you end up eating aparagus or strawberries or whatever every meal for 6 weeks straight then are done for the year.

If you want to go to NZ then you need to have a NZ lifestyle. That's the whole point of living in another country. You won't have the US consumer lifestyle even if you are very wealthy enough to afford it. It's not possible since American style shopping simply doesn't exist even in Auckland. Most places have a small supermarket (usually pak & save) , the warehouse ( think 50% scale kmart), maybe a bunnings (25% scale home depot), and small stores. Living in NZ is about outdoor lifestye. Hiking, biking, surfing, sailing, long lunches looking over the ocean, camping, tennis, squash (not outdoor but a national obsession, any town of more than 4 buildings has squash courts) etc., etc. If that's not your thing then NZ probably isn't a good choice.

The average wage is also skewed. Shorter work weeks, a lot more paid vacation, public health, cheap university, much lower property taxes make a big difference. I pay less total taxes in socialist NZ than in US and got a lot more services for it.

No the data isn't skewed by the cities. There aren't really any cites other than Auckland. Wellington is something like 400k and CC is 300k or so. Big towns more than cities.
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MisterLefty says
Don't the native Maori there live off the fucking land in hobbit like villages?

Now they're homeless? WTF!

Bloody savages, eh wot?

Some live in a traditional marae. The problem is they boot the troublemakers out who then go to live in town and become petty criminals/homeless.
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NuttBoxer says
That's what I suspected. The expat sites I've read say the same thing about consumerism, and outdoors. Funny thing about me is I'm an American who likes making his purchases last, doesn't see the point in clothes for fashion, and loves the outdoors. New Zealand kind of lines up perfect for me. Sad to hear they don't understand the value of being able to feed themselves with local food though.

Read again. They understand the value fine and feed themselves just fine locally. Farms are a business. Food is a commodity, the commodity price is the selling price for everyone. NZ distributors pay the same price as export buyers. Then they have to pay the cost to package and distrubute in small quantities over large distances. Which is expensive compared to the scales of operation in US or Europe.

There certainly are local markets and butchers dealing with very small local suppliers. They are always more expensive or are the seconds rejected by bigger operators. Economies of scale favor larger farm operations and the national chains. Why would it be any different in NZ than anywhere else?

There is a lot to the word food. Some crops make no sense locally. Fruits and veggies plus meat obviously do well. Grain makes very little sense to grow. There is little climate or land suited to cultivating grain and what is has better value as pasture for sheeip or cows. So the idea of local food depends on what can be produced locally.
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NuttBoxer says
The expat sites I've read say the same thing about consumerism, and outdoors

Take expat sites with a big grain of salt. They tend to attract the unhappy no matter where they live whiners in large numbers. People who are happy have better things to do. I never hang out with American expats. Luckiliy there are very very few. They tend to attach themselves like leaches and insist you listen to them complain ad infinitum. No matter where you are it seems American expats always want to sit around and complain that if this place was just like America it would be great.
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TwoScoopsOfDragonEnergy says

I agree. The first thing we need to do is get the DNC Servers off to the FBI/NSA for hacking analysis so we can track those Ruskies.

Yes of course. The only place russians touched were the DNC servers. Not a single other intrustion of any kind by the Russians anywhere in America other than the DNC servers. Nothing. NADA, Zippo. Zero.

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socal2 says
Obama spent the last 8 years abandoning our traditional allies, vilifying Israel and sucking up to Iran and Russia - only to watch the entire Middle East explode into violence, genocide and frequent use of chemical weapons along with one of the biggest refugee crisis we've seen since WWII.

wow, good thing there was no violence genocide or use of chemical weapons in the middle east before Obama became president. or that there was no total cluster fuck invasion that had taken place. The middle east was a land of 3 millennia of peace and harmony then obama became president and it went all to shit.

Good thing we don't have another president sucking up to Russia either. .
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For just once in his life rudy should show a smidgin of dignity and class by going away.
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HowdyThere says
Goran_K says
justme says
Buying company shares in the stock market does not constitute investing in a company. You are investing in future value increases of the shares, and not in the company. The company gets zero benefit from your stock purchase.

This is totally, completely, and fundamentally wrong.

The company doesn't receive the money unless it's an IPO. Please explain justme's error.

Crickets chirping.
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RafiMaas says
What if they sell MORE stock? Doesn't have to only be at the time of IPO.

The benefit is, if the stock is in high demand the price goes up increasing the companies market capital.

The statement was buying shares, not new issue or IPO. Additional stock issues dilutes existing stockholders values.

RafiMaas says
The benefit is, if the stock is in high demand the price goes up increasing the companies market capital.

Which benefits the shareholders, not the corporation. There is zero effect on the corporation itself. It doesn't change the financial statement at all. That was the original statement.
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Strategist says
You did not mention safety, health care, social programs, and taxes. Would like your input.

Sure why not? Killington doesn't open till friday , it's raining way to hard to bike or climb. Maybe someone will show up for lunch squash.

Sefety is somewhat schizoprenic. There are no lawsuits. The idea of pain and suffering doesn't exist legally. Lawyers do business, criminal, divorces and there aren't many of them. You are free to do whatever you want and if you bust your ass oh well, you'll know better next time. Playgrounds are awesome with ziplines, structures to climb 20+ feet tall, huge swings and slides. Parents accept that kids can get hurt and deal with it if it happens. We had the rere rock slide close to where I lived which was propular. Rere is a football field size rock tilted at a steep angle with a creek running over it. Slippery as shit covered in moss. Rere was flat out dangerous sliding down this huge bumpy rock totally out of control at high speeds into a big pool. Kids as young as 5 went down, including mine. In the US it would have had armed guards around it to keep people out. In NZ it was open to the public and I believe actually on private land. The local joke was that you should bring an air mattress to be comfortable for the ride to the hospital. The sky tower building in auckland has a bungee jump, actually a free fall. Can you imagine asking the sears tower people about opening a jump off of their building? Mount Ruapehu is an active volcano with 3 ski area's on it. There are signs all over what to do if the volcano erupts while you are skiing. Ski area on an active volcano in the US? I don't think so.

There are no lawsuits for 2 reasons. Public health care so you don't have to sue for medical expenses and acc (accident compensation commission). If you have an accident the the acc compensates you for lost wages and expenses. Acc is funded by a levy on anything that requires a government permit/registration/license/etc.. The risk is calculated and fees charged based on risk. You pay acc levy on car registration for example. Sports cars have a higher levy than economy cars and motorcycles are very expensive. LIke 1000 a year for big bikes. Roofers pay a lot more than accountants. Acc also sets rules for safety which can be something of a nanny thing. Roofers have to use scaffolding and safety harnesses, not ladders for example. Insurance is cheap and not required for most things including your car. Nice of you want to open a kitesurfing school.
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Don't believe for a second the America is the best health care bullshit. The doctors/hospitals use the same procedures, equipment, training, etc, etc. etc. all around the world. The only advantage to the US is if you need some super specilized cutting edge or experimental procedure because there are more research programs here.

Health care is very good. There aren't death panels or years long wating lists despite the propoganda from people with a huge financial interest in perpetrating the US medical system. NZ is a very good example of the Beveridge Model. Primary care is by capitation, specialists are health board employees. Which means there is no built in conflct of interest of fee for service. There is no huge expensive Infrastructure needed for billing either. You go into a doctors office and the staff is a receptionist and nurse. There isn't a backroom full of billing people eating up 25% of the money. There isn't a front end of insurance companies collecting the money to pay for health care while eating up huge amounts of money in adminstration/profits/lobbying/marketing/etc. yet providing zero patient care. DHB budgets come from the general revenue so there is zero cost of collecting it.

Hospitals aren't businesses that need to market themselves (or lobby, advertise, pay profit,etc.). So there is no need to buy the latest expensive toys or staff some specilized expensive unit to be able to advertise they are keeping up with the hospital down the street. Which leads to both hospitals with underutilized and money losing bragging rights. Expensive things are done on a regional basis calculated by need. Invasive cardiology is in Hamilton for example. When I needed a cardiac mapping and ablation for a heart arrhythmia that was getting worse I needed to travel. The dhb provided airline tickets, accomidations, meals, and even airport parking. I had to wait a couple months, but since I had arrhythmia for 40 years already it wasn't a problem. Waiting for non urget procedures isn't unusual in the US either. If you really need something you get it.

Paper work is zero. You pay your gp a office fee and that's it. Go to the hospital, give your name and that's it.

Doctors are a lot less aggressive with end of life care. They really try to balance quality of life with health care. They won't do advanced procedures on someone terminal. Hospice is common. It's a societal thing also. There isn't the save granny no matter what mind set you see in the US.

There is private health insurance if you don't want to use the public system. It's not terribly expensive either since it's backstopped by the public system. Which brings us to the myth that US doctors are the most highly paid. They are if you compare US salaries with the public system salaries in other countries. But the same doctors work public and private. The numbers coming up in the surveys are only the public and usually doesn't even include the call allowence. What doctors earn in their private practice isn't available. I worked for 5 years as a liason for an international medical recruiter in NZ/Australia. I personally knew (as in went sailing/surfing/out to dinner) Australian ob/s and surgeons knocking down 750k+ between public and private. Even if you only look at public, American doctors work twice as many hours with 1/3 or less of the paid vacation time. Or 15k for cme vs 2k. or 1 year paid sabbatical after 20 years. Big differences.

Enough, going out to the gym. Maybe do some more tommorrow or later in the week.
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zzyzzx says
I also think it's nuts to be an absentee landlord. If you are going to be a landlord, make it something super convenient.

Why is that? Then you are stuck in your local market. Moving from opportunity to oppotunity is how you make money. FInd blood on the street and buy buy buy.

clambo says
Stocks are better to own but those who like being landlords will not be convinced. Some like the feeling of being owners. I know a man who just loves it and he spends his time running around dealing with his various rentals, it's fun for him. I prefer other hobbies.

I've done both over a very long period of time and I'm out of stocks.

I don't run around and deal with anything. Long, long past needing to do that. I don't even know what many of my properties look like at this point. Never saw them. If there is a problem I get an email and move my mouse to deal with it.

If you like stocks than knock yourself out. Most people should own stocks. Most people should own low fee index funds and nothing else. But don't tell me they are better investments no matter what.. If you do the work and keep upgrading your investments then you can do very well in real estate rentals.

clambo says
The capital appreciation in my Roth IRA has been great and when I convert it someday to a fixed annuity I will be paid a steady tax-free automatic never-ending 6.5%-7% (depending on the age I start payments).

I always love hearing from stock bulls at the end of a long run up how great they did. No one was posting how great they did in 2009 or 2001. How good would your annuity return have been in 2009? Don't count your chickens before they hatch.
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NuttBoxer says
bob2356 says
Read again. They understand the value fine and feed themselves just fine locally.

I'm talking about CSA's, direct to consumer sales by local farms. Doesn't sound like that happens enough.

Nah, no CSA's. More in the order of farm stands. You have to realize most places aren't conducive to growing truck crops. There is very little flat ariable well watered land. NZ is mostly big hills or mountains, a most of it somewhat to very dry scrub grass land. Ideal for sheep, pretty good for wine grapes in places, not good for vegies. These are really young mountains still growing. Steep and very prone to slides. Also earthquakes, lots of earthquakes.

The northwest of the north island Auckland to New Plymouth over to Taupo and Rotorua is really the only suitable place for most veggies. Even then a lot of that is too steep. Most of the south island is too dry, pretty much semi arid rain shadowed by the mountains. . Think eastern Oregon to as dry as Nevada in places. The tiny strip west of the southern alps is simply rain forest. The east and south of the north island is pretty dry also. Onions and carrots will grow around Christchurch and Hawkes bay. Some grain right around Christchurch, but not much. Northland across Bay of Plenty down to Poverty Bay (basically the strip along the top of the north island) grows citrus but not much veggies.

So it's not like there are truck farms everywhere that just needs to get their stuff out to the people. It's driven by geography.
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NuttBoxer says
. I don't know how much longer I'll be in the US, but hoping to make the move before I'm 45.

Sooner the better if you are serious. Age really counts against you in the residence visa lottery. Residence in Australia is easier.

I'm hoping to finish up here and be back next year. or the south of france, my second favorite place.

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