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Booger says

And the DNC oroboros eating itself begins!

I predict that the prevailing Europhobia in the party results in White-shaming Sanders to the margins, all the while Bernie will continue to wave the flag of intersectionality as he exits stage alt-left.

Meanwhile, party apparatchiks will put the fix in for Harris, who will myopically run on a platform of TDS. Trump will run on a platform of vague promises to rebuild the middle class. Though lacking in substance and specifics, he'll win again because Harris and the Media won't be able to stop taking about Trump, while Trump will be the only one taking about the future.
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HeadSet says
Trump will run on a platform of vague promises to rebuild the middle class.

You do not think illegal immigration will be an issue? Quite a choice here, between Trump who wants to clamp down on illegal immigration, and those like Harris that want open borders and even assistance to encourage unfettered illegal immigration.

Yes, I think immigration will be an issue, however I predict by summer 2020 that economic issues will loom large. The pace of the erosion of the middle class by Globalist forces will accelerate and it won't just be Rust Belt middle classers demanding a plan. Trump will be there to offer platitudes, Harris will offer TDS. Trump will win again.
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*This is LOL country*

The FBI is working with the U.S. Postal Service to determine whether Empire actor Jussie Smollett sent himself a threatening letter in the days before the “hate crime” he is now under investigation for allegedly staging, two federal officials told ABC News Tuesday.

The two Nigerian brothers who told Chicago Police last week that Smollett paid them to stage a racially motivated attack on him have also told the authorities that Smollett sent himself the threatening letter that arrived on the Empire set on January 22, just seven days before they claim they conducted the hoax attack.

The brothers, one of whom worked as an extra on Empire, reportedly claimed that Smollett was motivated to stage the attack after his coworkers’ reaction to the letter did not live up to his expectations.

The letter, which was accompanied by crushed up aspirin, is now being analyzed at an FBI crime lab.
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1. Install NYC Subway-style full height turnstiles,
2. Require station agent to press buzzer to open latched wide auxiliary door for accessibility scenarios,
3. Watch crime in the paid areas and trains plummet as the low impulse control population goes elsewhere.
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I was texted by a Bernie 2020 volunteer yesterday asking if they could count on my support in his campaign. My response:

i supported Bernie in 2016, donated the maximum, phone banked. I was excited about his economic plan. Regarding his 2020 platform, I can't get behind him turning into yet another identity politics drone. also, the DNC is going to cut him out again because he's a White male.
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AD says
This could be resolved a lot by making affordable housing (i.e., working class apartments, condos, townhomes, etc.) more available.

I read that Governor Newsom is pushing ahead with bring more affordable housing to California.

Housing (i.e., rent or mortgage/taxes/insurance/HOA fee) should not be more than 1/3 of the monthly household net income. If the average working class wage is $15 an hour, then the monthly rent should be about $700. That is why two-income households are required to purchase a home or rent a nice home.

Wishing for a thing does not make it so. Rent is what it is because that's what it costs to provide that domicile once you've factored in the cost of originally securing the land, building and maintaining the structure, supplying utilities, paying for community needs such as transportation, fire safety, security, emergency services, education, miscellaneous support services, earmarks, and special interest group handouts. Not to mention the sort of stable environment that the aforementioned create in order to support enough economic opportunities to make the place worth living in to begin with.

All of that is why the land costs what it does, the taxes and leverage are what they are, and in result what the rent is.
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Booger says
Doesn't this happen all the time there?

Yes. At first, I thought this was an old thread because the same basic thing happened about 20 months ago:

The head of the crew said he was thrown up against a wall and that he and the other victims were forced to lay on the pavement, where the two robbers put guns to their heads and threatened them

Chris Burns, 37, an independent director of photography for the AwesomenessTV production “This Is Summer,” a reality show that follows eight 17-year-olds growing up in the Bay Area, said Wednesday the robbery “was really, really scary. It’s the most terrifying robbery I’ve ever been a part of.”

Burns, who lives in the Bay Area, said the robbery has prompted Awesomeness officials to decide they won’t film again in Oakland and that wherever they do film there will be either armed private security or police.
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heh.... oops!

from the looks of things, had no sense of boundaries at the tostada bar, either.
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Ceffer says
Not even elected, and she's pardoning herself already.

Shiv Of The Day.

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Are you 'in love' with your SMARTPHONE? 75% of women admit devices are ruining their relationships

I admit I sometimes wish I could install a device in my house that jams cellphone coverage to have more face-to-face time with my partner. Or at a minimum, just something to block reddit to stop the plague spread. Yes, she's a millennial, and i should've known what I was getting into, but... as you can see from this article, the smartphone virus is spreading to older generations, too.

I want you to think of your grandparents and the love they had. It’s true that maybe your grandmother felt “stuck” with gramps, but for better or worse their relationship endured for some time and there was a golden period of at least a decade where they were completely dedicated to each other. Unless one of your grandmothers was a flight attendant on the first commercial jets and saw daily affections from new men, she was absolutely not cheating on grandpa.

Fast forward to today. What comes to your mind when I ask you to think about the concept of love in America? Did you laugh? Shake your head? When was the last time you ever heard a woman say “I love him,” even referring to her husband? The ability for women to love is being murdered, and the assassin is the smartphone.
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ThreeBays says
Patrick says
The left, and the left alone, created Trump and got him elected.

What else stupid will the right do, that's the lefts fault? Isn't the right supposed to be the party of self responsibility?

What's been lost is the moderate.

We're most of us moderates. 82% of the country hold moderate views and believe in dialogue or even compromise.

What is presented in popular media today is nothing but the fringe. We're exposed to nothing but the looney margins of political thought (if you can even call it thought): the foaming, myopic Trumpers, the hate-filled pussyhatters and antifas.

These bizarro characters are a laughably small minority, and yet they occupy the lions share of public media attention. Moderate voices don't get your ire up, and open dialogue isn't salacious enough to sell clicks, but it is imperative to the survival of our culture that we start paying more attention to the moderate middle, and stop wasting our attentions on the trash peddlers and tantrum throwers of the far right and left.
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5. Fuckin' killing it.

But I attribute it to working hard, being sincere, and treating everyone around me with respect. The current chair of the executive branch of the local federal governing body probably has little to do with any of it. Really, so long as the executive branch doesn't totally shit directly in our food, momentum is on the side of productive America.
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Tenpoundbass says

This makes me want to move out of San Francisco so, so very much.
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MisterLearnToCode says
The Fed has to be stopped. A little inflation - say 4-5%/year, has wonderful wealth building effects for most Americans, whose #1 obligation is a fixed mortgage payment. Not good for banks, though.

Yes! And not only do those in debt (mortgage, etc.) see some relief, those holding investment instruments like stocks or indexes tied to stocks tend to also see the raw dollar value increase to match inflation. Really, mild inflation only hoses debt issuers (usually banks, but...), and banks generally respond with higher interest rates on new debt issued. higher rates in turn slow the amount of leverage in the system, which conveniently slows inflation. So the whole thing is nicely balanced to prevent anything spiraling in any one direction for too long. That is, unless something like inflation comes on too fast and hard, or if the system is monkeyed with too much (by e.g. some central authority like the fed).
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Having spent some time in Western Europe and talked with many folks there, I think the gap in understanding is this:

The subset of those who are adherents to the refugee/economic migrant absorption plan tend to view the events that caused the migrations to be one-off, rather than ongoing, and generally they imagine that there are a finite supply of aspiring migrants seeking entry. This may have been true at one time.

What Europe, now lurching into its European Spring, (and the rest of the well managed West to a lesser extent) is now realizing is that the conditions that are spurring economic migration are not acute, but chronic (they are ongoing and continual). There is little the West can do to help (these places need time to evolve and advance on their own to achieve what the West has developed; it can't simply be "gifted" to them). And lastly, until these places develop sufficiently with (in particular womens') education, stable economic systems, and population growth management, there will continue to be an effectively infinite supply of migrants seeking the comforts and safety of the West.

Naively, it seems big-hearted and ethical to throw the doors wide and welcome the horde. In practice, mass migration delays the natural process of advancement of those source nations, as all their citizens with means, motivation, or moxie bleed off into already-developed nations. And this is to say nothing of the deleterious impact of such rapid demographic and cultural changes on the developed host countries. What is often forgotten is that there's a reason why the Western host countries are stable and developed and safe, and that reason has a lot to do with the values and culture of the people who built it. Disregard those values, or dilute that culture into irrelevancy or even non-existence, and you'll find those places quickly become less stable and less developed and less safe.

Footnote: the success of the American model for immigration (at least historically), is that she took on migrants who were already aligned with the culture and values here. New arrivals were usually the biggest fans and most ardent adherents to the Western plan we're running, and they couldn't wait to come aboard and start working on it. Alas, it still didn't do much for the advancement of the source nations, though.
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And smaller sites may simply stop doing business in EU. It just isn't worth the liability exposure or to nerf the product enough to be EU-compliant. Money is better spent making improvements for other national audiences.

It will lead to less variety and choice in the EU. EU citizens will work around the blockage by installing VPN software to get the full internet experience. That puts them in the workaround club with Iran and China and Egypt.
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Tim Aurora says
Ceffer says
Canada could be conquered in a couple of days by USA or any of it's civil war splinter

And why would anyone or USA want to conquer Canada. It maybe easy to conquer but difficult to retain countries or regions.

To bolster our Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve, of course. If shit gets crazy, do you want to be eating dry pancakes???
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FortWayneIndiana says
Buy AAPL and fucking don’t sell.

or... Sell mid-last year.

I wouldn't hold AAPL now. Bag of tricks is running low. When they hide things like units sold from stockholders to confuse them about the returns on gaming the pricing curve... be worried.

Not saying AAPL is going away or even down. Just don't expect growth.
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Patrick says

And she is pretty damn hot actually.

Way hotter in the mugshot, ironically, than in the other photo with her husband with all the makeup spackled on.
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Onvacation says
The patnet standard is to link to an article, quote a small piece of it, and then write YOUR ideas.

Don't Cut and paste it.

Just my opinion. I am getting tired of scrolling through long copies of someone elses ideas.

Or intersperse your reactions throughout the quoted text, as that's a reasonable format to read linearly.
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Buzzfeed: Is American Pollen Racist?
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Delicious. Identity politics is intellectualy lazy, cynical, and a dead end. Its adherents will ultimately eat themselves. Let's hand them forks and knives. Better yet, let's stop voting for, hiring, or buying from anyone peddling identity politics tripe.
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theoakman says
side note: In the past 10 years, the internet has becoming a big pile of trash. I want to look up info on my phone and the first 5 results are ads related to my search and all the video links are stupid vloggers staring into the camera talking about it.

i recommend:
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it's pretty straightforward: the US Republican and Democrat parties have both abandoned Labor. And by Labor, I mean workers. This isn't a new effect, it is something which began with the dilution of the labor force with massive amounts of new workers to drive down labor costs for the big corporations. The infection point of this trend took place 1965-1975, roughly, and precipitated a major decline in average effective pay in this country. It also initiated a tide of inflation in subsequent 3-5 years. We're still on this trajectory, possibly now this decade realizing its denouement.

The surplus labor injected to dilute wages and standards 50 years ago was not the underpaid foreign variety, but the domestic sort. They were formerly the workers creating our homes and neighborhoods, our cultural stability, our children's rich futures. To wit: our mothers. What ensued in the following half century is 2.5 generations of latchkey children, decreased nutrition standards, broken homes and marriages, and, most ironically, a precipitous decline in the average happiness of American women, who now feel socially compelled to live a life out of tune with most of their biological imperatives.

The knock-on effects include men, once proud providers, now bent low by diminished wage opportunities, cultural emasculation, and misplaced recriminations for their role in selling out the American Family and the American Future.

We stare down the barrel of the 21st century, where interloping cultures who haven't forgotten these key tenets of biological and sociological reality will eat our lunch and use the hard won infrastructure of our grandfathers' and grandmothers' creation to launch their own societies, notably absent in all the liberties our progenitors died to create.
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Meanwhile, this dilutes the merit of having a degree in many cases. When I'm sifting through CVs, I don't generally give a toss if the applicant has an undergrad degree, unless it is in an extremely technical field or has resulted in the candidate taking and passing an advanced exam (LSAT, MCAT, GRE, etc.). If the candidate has a degree in $whatever Studies, pass. If the candidate went to an automatic brainwash like Evergreen or Oberlin or Sarah Lawrence, pass. If the candidate proudly touts their school involvement in some kind of diversity racket leg up program, even as a tutor, pass.

Best hiring results trend for me so far: don't hire millennials. Seriously, the last N hires I scored are so fucking money, they think critically, and they require zero HR kindergartening.
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I saw this in a movie somewhere....

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The cult of Foucault, de Beauvoir, gender as a social construct, implicit bias, culturally relativistic postmodern zzzzzzzzz.

Do you take requests? Can your band play any other songs.

These are.... dated.
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... meanwhile, the march of empirical study continues unabated, bringing further irrelevancy to the pap excreted in de Beauvoir's The Second Sex:
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Okay, I've read his screed in full, watched the video. I'm not impressed.

So you're concerned about regional demographic replacement of people of European stock? Then put down your gun and pick up a rose. The future of European stock is in the wombs of White women. Plant deep the seeds of love, for the fruit will yield year after year. Don't salt the earth with hate.
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