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What's worse, some of these codes of conduct, like the github code of conduct, explicitly state that discrimination against males, whites, etc is A-OK. It isn't about equality or respect, it is about power and manipulation.

There is a group called the Ada Initiative that has been trying to bring university-style SJW hate mobs and kangaroo courts into the working world, starting with the tech sector. Beware. Don't hire these people. Listen for words like "intersectionality", "problematic", or "privelege". These are clues you may be dealing with a Cultural Marxist whose aim is to infiltrate your organization and level claims of sexism, racism, etc at your staff in effort to hector them into yielding to an SJW invasion. When the invasion has metastasized, you see "codes of conduct", "sensitivity/bias training", etc...

But fear not, there are great places to work that haven't been infected. We need to keep them that way.
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It is important for young boys to have venues to play with other young boys without girls around to learn how to relate to each other absent the influence of certain biological imperatives.

It is important for young girls to have venues to play with other young girls without boys around to learn how to relate to each other absent the influence of certain biological imperatives.

For the girls, the Girl Scouts are one of those venues.

For the boys of the future... The only thing I see on offer lately is shame. And this is a shame, because getting in touch with productive expressions of masculinity is as important to boys and society as a whole as it is for girls to have opportunities to get in touch with productive expressions of their femininity.
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That is my perception as well. I see violence, open air drug dealing in broad daylight. I see the same crowd of fellas hanging out day after day on the same corners, throwing trash around, creating tension, blasting crime music, posturing aggressively to passers-by. I feel sad for tourists who stray beyond 5th Street on Market and run into this unsettling scene.

Hopefully, the spurt of new housing development brings a more balanced approach to that neighborhood, but I'm not holding my breath. This is District 6, currently Jane Kim's district, and the approach so far seems to have been one of coddling the felons. There is a child running to replace Kim, Sonja Trauss, who will be even worse. When speaking to her recently in person, she doesn't think that violence, out-of-control drug use, or other quality of life crimes are an important factor to constituents of the 6th. She does not think San Francisco needs more police protection, and went on to suggest that we should have a heart for the felons and respect their fear of policing.

This, my friends, is how you become South Chicago, or Baltimore, or Detroit.
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In just four years, see how far the UK Guardian's standards of journalistic quality have fallen.

They won the Pulitzer (along with the Washington Post and Der Spiegel) in 2014 for the release of the Snowden NSA revelations.

In 2018, all claims of objectivity are off the table, Guardian are full blown shills for the "intersectionality" crowd. The air conditioner is sexist, women crying is racist, and kindness is a new kind of hate.
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I'm not sure if the Obama Team was directly responsible for what happened to the DNC or not. What I am fairly certain of is that the DNC has neglected, and in some cases shunned, the Classical Liberals who at one point constituted the bulk of its membership. To replace this constituency, they seem to be pushing an identity-politics-and-victimhood grievance culture as a platform. I believe this is not only intellectually cynical, as it alienates most rational thinkers in their ranks, but also doomed for failure statistically, as there really aren't the numbers in the adherents to this culture to form a sizeable bloc. This was evident in the low voter turnout during the 2016 election.

Disappointingly, most apparatchiks of the DNC have not realized this failure, or are not talking about it. Worse, they're doubling down on the original victimhood narrative with more appeal-to-identity fallacies like the notion that Trump is the president because voters are sexist or racist.

No, Trump is president because the DNC's cynical identity politics platform failed to inspire their base. Classical Liberals did not show up to vote. Correspondingly, Classical Conservatives did not show up, either, for the RNC's "populist" candidate. Perhaps both parties need to soul search about who their base really is and would probably be advised to offer a platform with a little more intellectual meat.
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Kunstler nails it again.
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This thread has so many truths scratched but so much hyperbole!

On Trump: This guy is the circus clown. The polity that is worked into a foaming frenzy in either fear or reverence of the clown are missing the other three rings of the circus, where the real action is going on. The tax bill? That was the work of the elephants in ring two. Financial, environmental, labor regulations being scrapped? That show was going on well before the clown rode in on his unicycle. And to suggest that Trump is the new JFK? Intellectually, I don't think Trump can reach the steering wheel, let alone the pedals, so I wouldn't worry about it either way. Bush Jr. only reached the wheel sometimes because Cheney let him sit on his lap while he drove. In other words, I don't think our current executive branch commands a lot of power at present. Look to the other branches and especially forces outside the federal government for the big stories of change happening today.

On the Authoritarian Left: Even though there are occasional shocking stories of Postmodernist Social Marxists running amok on some university campuses, or workplaces where overzealous human resources departments have infantilized ordinary working adults and instituted Newspeak policies, the real threat of the Authoritarian Left is its cannibalism of the Left itself.

This threat can be experienced, for example, at a dinner party with liberal or left-leaning guests. Ten years ago, topics discussed around this dinner table would cover a wide range, and many varied opinions would be proffered and discussed. This same crowd having the same dinner party today would cover just as many topics, but only one opinion would be acceptable for each. Any opinions, even liberal ones, outside of this new, shrunken Overton Window would be met with silence, dirty looks, or worse by the other participants.

Maybe you're pleased that many women are speaking out about past sexual abuse lately, but worry that many of the claims are baseless or are made by grievance artists seeking to make a buck or even that it smells a bit like McCarthyism sometimes. Mention this subtlety of opinion around the dinner table? Silence and dirty looks.

Maybe you're appalled by children shooting each other in schools or religious yahoos shooting gay people in a nightclub and think that maybe the community or the law ought to be paying more attention, but worry that suggestions to outright scrap the 2nd Amendment perhaps set a dangerous precedent and ought to be reconsidered. Mention this around the dinner table? Heresy! Child murderer!

Maybe you look at Europe, where you enjoyed travels in the past, and feel sadness that London now has a higher murder rate than NYC, and Sweden has a rape rate on par with South Africa, and opine that maybe the European Union needs to make some adjustments to how it is handling immigration and integration lately. You are basically Hitler!

These are subtle, left-leaning viewpoints that are now completely off the table of the Left. So, you see, the Authoritarian Left's biggest accomplishment so far is to reduce the feast of ideas for liberals of all stripes to the most narrow and paltry options possible. This is why so many free-thinking liberals are entertaining the idea of trying some different dinner parties these days. This is the Left's loss, because those are the smartest people who were the source of dynamic ideas for decades.
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Newspeak decoder:

inclusion = exclusion of some
diversity = lowered standards
vibrant = dangerous
problematic = incongruent with my worldview
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F10 M5 (2013)

meep meep.
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Also, if any of you are on bitchute, I'd love to hear your recommendations for other stuff to watch. Thanks!
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All this makes met think that the Left and the Right have a lot more in common than do the Triabliasts (Identity Politics adherents) and the Individualists (judge a man by the content of his character).

Maybe there's hope for a future not of American divisiveness, but of a reacknowledgement and celebration of the Individualist majority.
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always #1,
rise to the challenge of #2 any time you're lucky enough to find it and it looks sensible,
put your heart and spare time into #3, even if it doesn't pay, it adds meaning to your life experience.

no matter what, a life well-lived.
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...that it is a trashy article in what used to be a sober newspaper, and that the source was a troll doing it for the lulz?

seems pretty embarrassing... not for the San Francisco Chronicle, or the Toledo Bugler, but definitely for an outfit like NYT that is ostensibly vanguard-class.

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