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Triply-redundant jeans buttons say, "she can' hold no more, cap'n! we're lookin' at a breach!"
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Strategist says
Booger says

This is why marriage is on the decline.


I'm in a healthy and stable relationship of many years, we live together and share our lives. I adore her and trust her and don't want for anything more or different from a partner.

However, I am not going to ask for marriage. Because..... why even take the risk? The stakes are way too high and the consequences are life-destroying. Statistically speaking, and especially in this state, if anything did go sour, the male is likely to get seriously boned.
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RecentCost says
It may be spreading and becoming more prevalent in certain liberal circles but most reasonable people are sick of this nonsense.

Just because the dumb people have megaphones doesn't mean reasonable people will accept their "ideas".

I agree. In fact, I think we're entering a post-PC era. People I talk to, unless they're totally steeped in the postmodernist / cultural marxism media flow, seem to be reaching a point of at least skepticism when it comes to SJW agitprop.
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She mentions the Orwellian aspect of the modern liberty of free speech being recast as a violent, hateful force by the "state". Though I think what she means by "state" is the censors. In this case, the FAANGs companies, whose power, reach, and wealth exceed that of many nations, as well as the willing "useful idiot" mobs who are all too willing to swallow and repeat the narrative.

The reason that the non-player character theme is so aggressively suppressed by FAANGs is because it strikes at the heart of the mechanism those companies use to exert control over their grievance mobs in the general public.

Perhaps, rather than railing against the SJW "useful idiots", we should endeavor to find the messaging that can disconnect them from the FAANGs matrix.
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this thread strikes me as "personal".

while it isn't technically ad hominem, it does seem counter to the goal of discussing topics, not each other.

just my 2 cents...
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There are two flavors of regret-hire, the Grievance Artist and the Non-Player Character.

You will accidentally hire many NPCs. Some will remain dormant forever, some will occasionally reveal their true masters with virtue signaling t-shirts or tut-tutting the latest news with mainstream media talking points, but they generally lack the independent thought to make any trouble.

If you hire one Grievance Artist, you will know. They will activate the sleeper cell of NPCs in the organization. They will sow discontent and manufacture crises. They will try to train up NPCs into being deputy Grievance Artists using the the playbook: first, Nihilism Lite; then on to concepts in Postmodernism; then Cultural Marxism as the cure; finally, Intersectional Victimology as the religion.

Try as you might to screen, you're gonna get some NPCs. You just have to make damn sure you never hire the Grievance Artist. Some warning signs: has a Twitter presence, has given or promoted talks on "equity", went to a SJW diploma mill like Evergreen or Oberlin, job history shows lots of sub-2-year stints, has the "dip a pet" bad faded dye job in wacky colors, has the nose "bull ring", has resting bitch face (RBF) or Soy Face, wants to introduce "codes of conduct" to an organization, ever casually uses any of the following words or phrases in an interview: "let's unpack that", "privilege", "hate speech", "marginalized", "underrepresented", "problematic", "diversity", "equity" (not "equality", and not equity in the financial sense).
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APHAman says

Be a Capitalist. Start your own business. Move to pretty much anywhere other than San Francisco.

I'd rather say: take San Francisco back. Neither Grievance Artists nor NPCs are a majority in SF, contrary to popular opinion. There are still a silent majority of moderates, Classical Liberals, and Libertarians here. The problem is that they're cowed and afraid to speak their true thoughts when confronted with this nonsense. I'm not afraid, I'll tell the truth. I don't care if I lose my job. We should hire people who aren't afraid to express themselves, especially in the face of the NPC frown chorus. Spread the word.
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This magazine is an unmitigated tidal wave of frass.

It is chock full of long discredited Marxist ideas, thinly wrapped in a cheese single of snazzy graphics so it will more readily slide down the gullet of youth with low critical thinking skills.
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Maybe this is a case of what's good for the goose is good for the gander. If you're going to allow male genital mutilation thousands of times per day in the birthing wards of US hospitals in the name of "religious tradition", there might not be much wiggle room from a legal precedent standpoint.

I'm no schmuck (yuk yuk), I understand that the female genital mutilation procedure is far more impactful on the child, but let us not forget that by excising the foreskin, male genital mutilation also robs the child of some aspects of future sexual pleasure because the glans gets desensitized.

Both practices are barbaric. Neither supporing religion should be able to hide behind their religious freedom on this issue. It isn't something people are doing to themselves, it is something they're doing to children before they're old enough to consent.

The same goes for the upstart looney religion that is trying to give sex changes and hormone therapy to preteens lately. It should all be illegal.

Freedom of religion doesn't mean you get to force others to do it. Even your own children.
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IQ test is the most accurate predictor we have to date of success at performing complex tasks. IQ reliably measures intelligence including short-term memory, analytical thinking, mathematical ability and spatial recognition. It does not attempt to measure the amount of information you have learned but rather your capacity to learn. It is not a measure of empathy or any other skillset not related to memory, analasys, or thesis. IQ is a great predictor of academic success, and therefore a good predictor of income, but there's much more to life than being smart- working well with others, being able to work hard, being self-motivated, using your time efficiently.
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Portland... I used to love visiting years ago. It is now a strong "pass".

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FortWayneIndiana says
Down for most people.

What I love is the misdirection.

If one makes $315,000 - 24%.
Make an extra dollar $315,001 - 32%.
Republicans are stealing 8% more of that dollar.
Look at every bracket.

This is not quite how it works.

If you make $315,001, your income is taxed in brackets thusly:

the first $9,525 at 10%,
the amount between $9,526 and $38,700 ($29,174) at 12%,
... at 22%,
... at 24%,
and only that remaining top $1 at 32%.

so you add up the totals in each bracket, and that's your total tax liability.
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mell says
This will be an interesting test and indicator for who is more oppressed on the sjw oppression ladder du jour. If it were a fucking (again no pun intended) white male it would be easy but this is a fucking black male. So it's the mad pussyhatter gynocracy vs the black Dem plantation oppression. Place your bets les jeux sont fait! If ndgt gets fired from his contracts the pussyhatter gynocrats once again gained the upper hand over the slaves.

He may be black, but he doesn't speak ebonically, so not on the oppression ladder. :p
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Predicting: Canada extradites her to the US. Trump administration makes a deal to release her to China in return for positive statements or trade concessions. Just in time for Christmas. SPY up 10%.
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oh no, forced to move to western countries. boo hoo. ouch, the high standard of living. zoinks, sanitation and healthcare. woe is me, economic opportunity. clean drinking water, oof that smarts!
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I love the Peterson + Rubin combo. That's a level-headed power team.
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Police officers per 10k citizens:

San Francisco = 26.4
Chicago = 43.9
New York = 42.3
Washington = 56.9
Atlanta = 38.3
Boston = 32.2
Los Angeles = 24.6

Draw your own conclusions.
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there's a pretty good film with exactly this plot called "Shattered Glass"
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Okay, the boss-eyed miss piggy is undeniably hilarious.
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Maintenance is the real cost on something like this. Sell magazine subscriptions?
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The thing about my's that it's located at my
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Aaaand this is why I don't take BART or visit Oakland anymore if I can avoid it. This happened in broad daylight, smack in the middle of Friday morning commute time.
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Definitely more police presence needed in SF:

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It sure is a chillingly prescient concern.

"Unable to distinguish between what feels good and what is true."

a. k. a. the Muh Feelz Philosophy

Fear not, there is an antidote. A proud and empowered country that makes things again. Open and vigorous public debate. And most important of all, the unimpeded dissemination of empirical facts.

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My prediction: US markets are nervous about how crazy a Pelosi house will be later in January. If nothing batshit crazy happens before 15 Feb, I'd expect markets to level out and decrease in volatility. If MAGA charges on in spite of the House, with more taxation trade policy reforms that benefit corporate bottom lines, expect a swift recovery. If the House is successful at putting a straitjacket on the executive and stirring up FUD, expect another precipitous equities slide.

My bets: June strangle contracts on SPY, etc (expect volatility at least through the first couple months of 2019, may as well profit on that). Buy more gold and crypto whenever equities have a strong up day; incrementally buy stock index funds on equity slide days... gradually reduce cost basis on all of the above and HODL.
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MrMagic says
Patrick says
This has been my general strategy. I trust stocks that pay a dividend much more than other stocks.

By a bucket of dividend stocks, or even better, a ETF filled with dividend stocks paying 4%, and you can retire on that million bucks, and never worry about the actual stock prices.

That is, unless your dividend stocks lose 4% (or even 3% (or even 2.5%)) of their inflation-adjusted face value per year while you're drawing that dividend.

You can buy stocks that pay 10% 12% even 15% dividend, but that's because they're winding down in face value and basically being sold for parts. The trick is to find the sweet spot between good dividends and strong fundamentals that portend stability or even growth in the actual value. If the face value of the stock isn't averaging +2% per year, your stock isn't even beating inflation.
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E-e-excuse me...
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If you live in SF district 9, VOTE RONEN OUT next time.

Also remember, our new mayor Breed is on side with these Calle 24 nutters.
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... eh. You can blame the pot, but all that it is doing to the people complaining in this article is making them feel okay about being bored.

Feeling okay about being bored too often might be counterproductive if you're in a place where you need to be getting your life together, for example if you're a teenager or unemployed.

If you have your life together, you realize that moments of boredom are a lovely, tranquil gift and a nice break from the business of Getting Shit Done most of the day. That's where pot is a nice seasoning to enhance the enjoyment of that downtime.

Pot isn't causing depression for these people, lack of meaning and the satisfaction of accomplishment is. Take out the trash, do something useful for someone else, plan for the future. Then, reward yourself with a joint and a hot bath.
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Comedy is back in 2019!

I hope he tours here, I'll be first in line for tickets.
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In a functional multiparty democracy, all this would be an opportunity for compromise.

Single-payer healthcare and Universal Basic Income and other safety nets become rapidly unsustainable when unfettered immigration opens the doors to ~5B people who didn't build the society but want the freebies.

So build legislation that creates the safety nets and closes the open doors and binds the two together as a requirement. Entitlement programs with built-in caps on population influx. Both sides get something they want and, most importantly, the outcome makes sense economically.
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That's the thing with adherents to identity politics, hand 'em a fork and three times out of ten they'll try to eat themselves.
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As fun as it is to call this a "train to nowhere", it would actually be considered an unconroversially sensible infrastructure project in just about any developed country.

The worst you could say about it factually is that the price tag and completion date are both about 3x over what is reasonable. There's probably no getting around this in the pressure cooker of letigiousness that is California. Lawsuits galore, union requirements, contractor pork (and probably kickbacks) run up the costs, but so does not cutting safety corners China-style.

I would go further and suggest that we should be building toward a national mesh of high capacity and high speed rail infrastructure that is owned by the people and leased to private operators at a profit sufficient to cover its maintenance and expansion.

This is a necessary facility to stay a competitive country for business, industry, and commerce in the 21st century. Imagine an America that never funded the Eisenhower Interstate Highway System Project or never funded DARPANet.
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It’s been 50 years since Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot to death on a motel balcony in Memphis, Tennessee, and over the decades he has become one of the most revered figures in American history. There is an impressive memorial to him in Washington, DC, and a museum celebrating his life in Atlanta, Georgia. Countless schools and boulevards have been named after him, and a national holiday is dedicated to his memory.

How is it, then, that so much of his legacy—what he hoped to pass on to the future—has been lost?

King wanted equality under the law and said, famously, that people ought to judge one another based on character, not skin color. But he also believed that blacks had an important role to play in their own advancement.

The black civil rights battles in America are now over, and King’s side won. The best indication of that may be that King has had no real successor. If black Americans were still faced with legitimate threats to civil rights—such as legal discrimination or voter disenfranchisement—it’s likely that leaders of King’s caliber would have emerged to carry on the fight. Instead, what we have today are pretenders who have turned the civil rights movement into an industry, if not a racket.

And what have these racketeers accomplished? A lot for themselves, and very little for their constituents. Racial gaps in income, education, and home ownership were narrowing in the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s. But after King was replaced as the spokesman for black America by the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and others, these gaps began to widen in the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s.

This suggests that the racial disparities that continue today aren’t driven by whatever racism that still exists, despite all the claims to the contrary from progressives and their allies in the media. It also suggests that black culture—attitudes toward marriage, education, work and the rule of law—plays a much larger role than the left wants to acknowledge.

More marches won’t address fatherless homes. More sit-ins won’t lower black crime rates or narrow the school achievement gap. Electing more black politicians and appointing more black government officials can’t compensate for these cultural deficiencies, either. Black mayors, congressmen, senators, police chiefs and school superintendents have become commonplace since the 1970s. Even the election of a black president—twice—failed to close the racial divide in many key measures. Black-white differences in poverty, home ownership, and incomes all grew wider under President Obama.

Discussion of antisocial behavior in poor black communities, let alone the possibility that it plays a significant role in racial inequality, has become another casualty of the post-’60s era.

King and other black leaders at the time spoke openly about the need for more responsible behavior. After remarking on the disproportionately high inner-city crime rates, King told a black congregation in St. Louis that “We’ve got to do something about our moral standards. We know that there are many things wrong in the white world,” he said, “but there are many things wrong in the black world, too. We can’t keep on blaming the white man. There are things we must do for ourselves.”

The pretenders to King’s legacy mostly ignore this advice, preferring instead to keep the onus on whites. Where King tried to instill the importance of personal responsibility and self-determination, his counterparts today spend more time making excuses for counterproductive behavior and dismissing any criticism of it as racist.

Activists who long ago abandoned King’s colorblind standard, which was the basis for the landmark civil-rights laws enacted in the 1960s, tell young black Americans today that they are victims, first and foremost. White society is against you, they say, even if you have no clear examples of discrimination to point to. They are told that fire hoses and poll taxes have been replaced by unconscious racism, white privilege and microaggressions.

A generation of blacks who have more opportunity than any previous generation are being taught that America offers them little more than bigoted teachers, biased employers and trigger-happy cops. It’s not only a lie, but as King understood, it’s also self-destructive.

Black activists and white progressives stress racism because it serves their own interests, not because it actually improves the station of blacks. But this neglect of the role that blacks must themselves play in righting their own lives can only make matters worse.

A half-century after King’s death, plenty of people are paying him lip service. Far too few are following his example.

The Housing Trap
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