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Strategist says

Why are these animals still around? Nigeria can't even hunt down and kill them?

Most NIgerians are Muslim. In a country with a Muslim majority, it is very difficult to get people (e.g. Boko Haram and Islamic State) to stop doing what Islam says. Basically, it requires a non-Islamic force. Historically, the only successful examples have been either expressly anti-Islamic, e.g. Christian crusaders, or at least candid about Islamic persecution of non-Muslims, e.g. Sikhs. In the current political climate, where the MSM are heavily influenced by KSA (hello, Tony Podesta), NATO has become pro-Islamic. Thus, Islamic attacks on British girls were euphemized as "grooming", and Islamic attacks on Nigerian girls are essentially ignored because the only way to confront them would require criticizing Islam, i.e. blasphemy, which is a capital offense per Islam.
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Direct from the college website: Islamomisia (also called Islamophobia) is prejudice plus power; anyone with any religious beliefs can have/exhibit religion-based prejudice, but in North America (and throughout much of the western world), people who follow Christianity have the institutional power, therefore Islamomisia is a systematized discrimination or antagonism directed against Muslim people due to their religion, or perceived religious, national, or ethnic identity associated with Islam.
Islamomisic Microaggressions are commonplace verbal or behavioral indignities, whether intentional or unintentional, which communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative slights and insults in relation to the beliefs and religious practices of Muslims.
Note: The prefix "micro" is used because these are invocation of religious hierarchy at the individual level (person to person), whereas the "macro" level refers to aggression committed by structures as a whole (e.g. an organizational policy). "Micro" in no way minimalizes or otherwise evaluates the impact or seriousness of the aggressions.

Six Categories of Common Islamomisic Microaggressions (from Subtle and Overt Forms of Islamophobia: Microaggressions toward Muslim Americans)
Assumption of One's Own Religious Identity as the Norm: Comments or behaviors that convey people’s presumption that their religion is the standard and behaves accordingly (e.g., greeting someone “Merry Christmas” or saying “God bless you” after someone sneezes conveys one’s perception that everyone is Christian or believes in God).

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Feux Follets says
consequences of the unexpected not so good kind

TwoScoopsPlissken says
when the Islamists take over Sweden, the Feminist Party Members will be the first to be forcibly married to a Muslim and all the Gays will hang.

Two sides of the same dilemma: the advocates of spreading Islam have created a lose-lose situation.

Islam commands believers to kill apostates, blasphemers, and disbelievers. If the spreaders of Islam prevail, then Islam will do what it does everywhere it can. History provides a lesson: when the USSR replaced Tsarist Russia, the Bolsheviks banned the Mensheviks and then banned dissent within the Bolsheviks. Islam will do the same to both pseudo-"liberal" supporters and former adherents deemed insufficiently devout.

Most people remember the disastrous consequences of Nazi rule, but most NATO voters have been hypnotized to overlook the similarly disastrous consequences of Islam. The founding Nazis agreed with the leading Muslims of their time that the two doctrines had much in common, and 100k European Muslims joined the Nazi SS. Current western Europeans have forgotten these facts:

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drB6 says
Fighting opioids with prohibitions is a losing game, a fight with symptoms.

So is subsidizing them. Federal policy does both, because it is designed to maximize power (including in the form of revenue). The policies make no sense from a public health perspective, but they persist because they accomplish the deeper goal of consolidating power.
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CBOEtrader says
so I don't have to analyze for Adams apples

Chondrolaryngoplasty: problem solved.
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The French praise almost reflexively any sacricifice for Islam. After the attack on the Bataclan, the American band whose performance had been attacked by Muslims were prohibited from performing, and instead Sting sang "In sh'Allah," to wide acclaim.

The most recently murdered policeman had great courage, but I wish he had used it to persuade the French to stop supporting Islam. Instead, the French have surrendered permanent "emergency powers" to their government, to protect them from Islamic terror, while continuing to promote Islam. The result will eventually be an Islamic government equipped with all the powers bequeathed by the French.

Islam is a word that means submission. Islam and liberty are antonyms, more fundamentally opposed than communism and liberty.
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The case was botched from the start, first by Obama / Lynch FBI and then Trump / Sessions FBI and DoJ. It ended today in acquittal:

"Noor Salman Acquitted in Pulse Nightclub Shooting
Late Friday, the jury foreman said in a statement to The Orlando Sentinel that the verdict did not mean jurors thought Ms. Salman was unaware of Mr. Mateen’s plans.

“On the contrary, we were convinced she did know,” the foreman told The Sentinel, asking to remain anonymous and saying he was speaking on his own behalf. “She may not have known what day, or what location, but she knew. However, we were not tasked with deciding if she was aware of a potential attack. The charges were aiding and abetting and obstruction of justice.”

And on those charges, he said, the jury was presented with “no option” but to acquit.
In her supposed confession, Ms. Salman told F.B.I. agents that she and Mr. Mateen had scouted Pulse as a target for the June 12, 2016, attack, yet investigators apparently knew just days later that there was no evidence to corroborate that. That false statement in her confession called into question the rest of what she told law enforcement over more than 11 hours of questioning without a lawyer present. The F.B.I. made no audio or video recordings of the interview. The jury foreman told The Sentinel that he wished a recording had been available.

I have been following coverage of this attack since it happened, including Glenn Greenwald's delusional advocacy in The Intercept. Credit where it's due, Greenwald opined correctly that the government's case had fallen apart. I have linked sources elsewhere on PatNet, and I can tell you how I think it went wrong.

1) The Obama / Lynch DoJ wanted to present the attack as an episode of gun violence to support their gun control agenda. They downplayed evidence the perpetrator had a vanload of explosives which he could have used to cause similar carnage, and the fact that he was a licensed security guard including for government buildings and thus would not likely have been constrained by any gun control legislation they had proposed.

2) The Obama / Lynch DoJ and the Democratic President and Presidential nominee denied expressly the obviously Islamic connections, including motivation, even censoring the repeated references to Islamic State from the original 911 transcript. (Initial redacted and subsequent less redacted versions are both available via PatNet.) They avoided evidence of an Islamic family plan including the Afghan jihadi dad and the quitclaim deed transferring a $50k interest in a house to a sister and brother-in-law for 1% of its value. The Islamic connection would have drawn unwanted attention to why the government chose to import and employ an Afghan jihadi who supports the Taliban on YouTube and reportedly employ him as an FBI informer, and the latter fact might explain why the FBI did not arrest Omar after repeated warnings from coworkers that he was an Islamic terrorist. Seddique appeared also at a Hillary Clinton rally, featured standing right behind her holding up a sign quoting one of her supporters who had been acting DCI, all seen here on PatNet.

3) the Obama / Lynch DoJ and Islamic apologists downplayed evidence of an Islamic plan motivated by Dad Seddique's hateful Islamic anti-gay bias against his own son. The jihadi dad drove the son to jihad, and now the merry widow can raise her son to become a 3d generation jihadi born in the USA. A dozen witnesses reported seeing Omar Mateen at Pulse, several had talked with him more than once, some recounted they stopped talking to him after someone made a joke about religion and Omar pulled a knife. They described his behavior and some had interacted with him on Grindr. FBI claimed they could not substantiate that based on the phone they found on his corpse, but acknowledged he had more than one phone. He did in fact have more than one phone, and for someone trained in security as he was, it would be entirely possible and logical for him to use separate phones to maintain separate identities. Nevertheless, DoJ and Greenwald and others seized on the fact that FBI didn't find (or didn't admit finding) the Grindr phone to "prove" that Omar had been misidentified and never anywhere near Pulse. Greenwald's Intercept diatribe went on to imply Omar had never heard of Pulse and picked it as a result of it coming up as the #1 Google search result for night clubs, not mentioning specifically gay. Greenwald ignores conveniently Google search personalization, which meant Omar's #1 search result was based on which clubs he had visited or matched his interests according to Google algorithms. Greenwald stated on Democracy Now! that he has made spreading Islam his personal mission, even though he is a gay atheist of Jewish ethnicity, so Islam hates him even more than Islam hates everyone else. Somehow, in the mind of Greenwald, the FBI's botched investigation became evidence of innocence.

4) Several commenters including Greenwald and popular press emphasized that the Mateens had also visited a Disney shopping center, implying that Disney had been their first choice target, in order to downplay any Islamic anti-gay motivation. Greenwald and the popular press seemed conveniently to forget the Mateens cased the Disney shopping center during Disney's annual 'gay days' event; there was no evidence of targeting Disney at any other time of year. Disney security reportedly observed the Mateens and alerted the FBI, and the Mateens dropped Disney as a target due to security, choosing Pulse instead.

5) The Trump DoJ arrested and prosecuted, but without correcting the obvious defects from the original investigation. That was incompetence. It reflects in my opinion Sessions' distraction with prosecuting the drug war, and the FBI distraction over Russia and the Trump campaign, rather than a focus on investigating terror attacks.

The bottom line result makes western justice look weak in the eyes of Islamic jihadis, whose Islamic conspiracies hide easily in the language of a religion that commands believers to wage jihad and strike terror into the enemies of Allah. The "Weak United States" (WUS) has a powerful DoJ, but much of the federal government remains captured by Petrodollars due to Nixon's disastrous deals with Saudi Arabia. They have prevented the President from draining that particular swamp, if he was ever serious about doing so. Due to a combination of distraction, incompetence, and arrogance, an Islamic family plan has now been allowed to succeed despite proof the merry widow knew about the plan. "We have met the enemy, and he is us."
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drB6 says
How can one be TRICKED to join ISIL? Husband chopping off heads and shooting infidels did not give anything away?

She claims he tricked her into crossing the border, and coerced her by taking their daughter with him, so she chose to keep the family together. She claims further that she had expected to cross back quickly with the children, but could not. In fact, she stayed until the local ISIL fighters were defeated and evacuated in a deal with the Syrian government, which has her in custody. As for where she belongs, consider her own words:

"When asked whether she felt guilty of enabling serial rape on the young girls, Sally said, “No, because it would have been so much worse with anybody else... And then she comes to you — comes to me — after crying and I hold her and tell her, 'It's going to be ok. Everything is going to be fine, just be patient.' I would never apologize for bringing those girls to my house... I was like their mother."

The CNN headline slants heavily towards sympathy for her, but other channels seem more circumspect. Like Noor Salman, she chose to enable her jihadi husband in his Islamic family plan.
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Jihadwatch has a well sourced article explaining how Islam condones and encourages precisely what the jihadi husband did. The article quotes the Koran and prominent Muslims from multiple countries. They describe the long history of this tradition from the Koran through centuries of wars by Muslim countries against infidels.
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someone else says
mental instability

That's a misquote. The text in the photo says "mental stability" and Clinton supporters with TDS did worry about that, so the text in the photo was accurate on that point.

BTW, will someone please inform a certain user who Ignores me and claims to be a public school teacher that (s)he failed to spot the misquote? Thanks.
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If you want a government run system, then copy one that works better (or less badly) than what we have, e.g. the UK NHS as noted in Bob's table above. BTW, Bob's table omits Japan, which has also a better (or less bad) system including hospital price controls. Japan leads the world in high tech medicine and life expectancy, while spending half as much per capita as the USA.

In the USA, Medicare is part of the problem. The cost disparity between the USA and the rest of the world began with Medicare. Other insurance follows mostly Medicare coverage on a somewhat higher fee-for-service basis. In 50 years of Medicare, costs have increased exponentially while life expectancy increased only 3 years among the covered cohort, mostly due to fewer people smoking. Since Obamneycare mandated insurance, costs have continued to increase, while life expectancy has fallen.

The biggest revenue recipient from both Medicare and Obamneycare is the American Hospital Association, based in Chicago. It would require willful ignorance to believe a Chicago politician would have no connection to that patronage network. There was real momentum towards change in 2008, but it got subverted in 2009 and 2010. Research got cut, protecting subsidies for entrenched revenue models against potentially disruptive innovation. American hospitals charge now more than 10 times what Japanese hospitals charge, and many of the Japanese hospitals have better technology and better results.

Draining the Medicare and Obamneycare patronage swamp would require a leader independent of it and willing to endure the slings and arrows of outrageous media misrepresentation. When the current President proposed ending subsidies for essentially disproved mental "health" modalities that have a 90%+ failure rate, the revenue recipients diagnosed him as crazy, and millions afflicted with TDS believed them. Commercial media depend on patronage including DTC ads from PhRMA and insurance and now even hospital corporations advertise on TV; the networks stoke TDS to prevent anyone disrupting their subsidies.
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FortWayne says
There isn't one that works well....

I updated to rephrase: "one that works better (or less badly) than what we have." You may call one glass half full or half empty, but when you compare several different glasses with clearly different levels, some are clearly more or less full than the others.
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Patrick says
James Damore simply could not make a polite and well reasoned argument....

Damore made an argument, but to match that description would have required using better communication skills and more attention to the quality of evidence. His points about demographics and engineering failed to persuade partly because of those issues; his memo functioned more as a rallying cry for people who agreed already with him (and disagreed with his employer). He was more polite and used better reasoning than Charlie Sheen, but both failed to acknowledge that they needed the skills and efforts of others on their teams, and how to communicate effectively with team leadership. I respect James Damore and I love Charlie Sheen, but they could have done better.

Randa Jarrar presents an interesting test: her publc comments are neither polite nor well reasoned, and they reflect the divide and conquer deception strategy typical of her Muslim doctrine, but they are speech. Islam commands her to go to Mecca. I think it would be reasonable to offer her a free ticket, on condition she must never return. If she refuses, then she exposes herself as a hypocrite in addition to being a racist. The issues are (a) whether tenure will protect her, and (b) whether her employer will find even the courage to denounce her hypocrisy, racism, poor or deceptive "reasoning," and rudeness.

BTW, parts of the Bible prohibit blasphemy, and the OT 10 commandments prohibit taking the lord's name in vain, so it takes a really selective reading (wishful projection) to imagine it endorsing free speech. In the OT, the Israelites kill each other over forgetting the sabbath and worshipping a golden calf, for example. The Bill of Rights (10 Amendments) broke that Biblical tradition, with the First Amendment saying basically the opposite of the first 5 OT commandments.
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Quigley says
It sounds like what you’re saying is that an expressed opinion should be executed with an appropriate level of skill in communications(or perhaps it’s not worthy of protections?).

I was trying to say that the way they expressed their opinions may have affected their employers' response. Wielding a machete on a rooftop while drinking "tiger blood," or telling senior managers that they "need" to do what a subordinate says, can distract from the opinion expressed. As for protections in the private sector, it will be interesting to see how James Damore fares vs Google.

Neither example got arrested or decapitated, as might have happened if they had disagreed with Islam in a Muslim country, no matter how polite and well reasoned their argument. That is literally policing opinion, and typically Islamic: in most countries with Muslim majorities, most Muslims demand it.
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someone else says
And the French government still claims that Islamic attacks have nothing to do with Islam.

Serge Dassault and others in France are highly paid in Petrodollars (via arms deals with KSA) to keep saying that.

It reminds me of the tobacco companies denying any link between smoking and cancer. Just because 80% of lung cancer cases in the USA are linked to smoking, doesn't mean - oh wait, yes it does.
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Meanwhile, "Pakistan Passes Historic Transgender Rights Bill" and "Pakistan's first school for transgender students opens." How does Canada manage to import Muslims who are more Islamic than the Islamic Republic of Pakistan? Where do the Canadians find these Muslims, and why import them?
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"At the Heart of Indonesia Terror Attacks, a Well-Liked Family...Famela, 8, excelled at math and martial arts. Her sister, Fadhila, 12, was good at drawing. Firman, 15, was on the student council at the liberal Muslim experimental school they attended, and he had a soft spot for Taylor Swift. Yusuf, 17, liked to make videos and take care of his little sisters.
Famela, Fadhila, Firman and Yusuf blew themselves up in the attacks, as did their parents, killing 12 bystanders and wounding at least 40 others.

To the end, the children were dutiful. Mr. Oepriarto set off a bomb in their family Toyota at the Surabaya Center Pentecostal Church. Around the same time, the teenage boys rode together on a motorcycle to the Roman Catholic Santa Maria Church, where they set off their explosives. The father massacred seven people; his boys killed five others.
Famela and Fadhila detonated their explosives at the Indonesia Christian Church, one by one, before Ms. Kuswati triggered her own bomb.
Adding to the horror, by Monday two other families had set off bombs....How could the conspirators have done this to their own children?
The only explanation, it seemed, was that they believed martyrdom would unite them again in the afterlife.
The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the assaults through its Amaq News Agency, describing them as a “martyrdom operation.”
On Sunday evening in a working-class suburb of Surabaya, security forces rushed to the scene of a large but mysterious explosion. In a shabby apartment complex, they discovered Anton Ferdiantono, a father of four, holding the detonator for a bomb that had killed his wife and one of their daughters. Counterterrorism forces shot him dead.

The police said Mr. Ferdiantono had mistakenly triggered the bomb, which was meant for a future attack in Surabaya and was composed of a highly volatile compound, TATP. That explosive has been widely used in Islamic State-supported terrorist plots....
Then on Monday morning, a family of five squeezed onto two motorcycles and drove toward the police headquarters in Surabaya. In front of the police station — a symbol of the secular Indonesian state — they activated two bombs. The parents, Tri Murtiono and Tri Ernawati, died, along with their two sons.
But camouflage was the point, especially for Mr. Oepriarto [the ringleader dad who perpetrated in the first attack], who hid his leadership of Jamaah Ansharut Daulah from neighbors, childhood friends and business associates. He and his wife constructed a model of modern existence in Indonesia: the ethnically mixed neighborhood in which they lived, the private school their children attended that stressed racial harmony, the friendship with people who believed in other gods.

“We always chatted when we bought vegetables or when the family rode their bicycles around the block,” said Melly Tahalele, a Protestant neighbor in the quiet cul-de-sac where Mr. Oepriarto and his family lived for the past seven years. “They didn’t match any stereotype of terrorists. They were the complete opposite of that.”
“The covert ideology that was taught said you should never show that you’re a fundamentalist: wear normal clothes and even do things that are un-Islamic as a cover,” [a former schoolmate] said.
[His] family was from aristocratic Javanese stock...his wife’s relatives, prosperous factory owners....
Eight years ago, Arnoldus Jondo, a Catholic neighbor, helped the community construct a Muslim prayer hall because, he said, that is what good Christians do in Indonesia.

“Dita said he envied my having a neutral life in which a Catholic could build a mosque,” Mr. Jondo said. “I remember wondering what kind of burdens he had that made him jealous of my life.”

Two days before the church assault, Mr. Jondo was walking by the prayer hall when he saw Mr. Oepriarto sitting on the veranda.... “He smiled at me,” said Mr. Jondo, “ but even though I waved and spoke to him he said nothing in return.”
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CBOEtrader says
Or is hypocrisy that thick?

Attention and enforcement seem highly selective. If people want to investigate foreign involvement in the 2016 elections, OK, that investigation should encompass all the foreign players and prioritize them in order of the scale of involvement. That would make KSA priority #1 (see also here), and Russia a distant second or third.
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TwoScoopsOfDragonEnergy says
The Persians

...were much better off before their ancestors surrendered to the followers of the dead charlatan Mohamed. Today's Persians would be much better off if they stopped worshipping a dead Arab. Meanwhile, according to the Department of State:

"Security forces harassed, arrested, and detained individuals they suspected of being gay or transgender. In some cases security forces raided houses and monitored internet sites for information on LGBTI persons. Those accused of “sodomy” often faced summary trials, and evidentiary standards were not always met.
The government censored all materials related to LGBTI issues. Authorities particularly blocked websites or content within sites that discussed LGBTI issues, including the censorship of Wikipedia pages defining LGBTI and other related topics.
The law requires all male citizens over age 18 to serve in the military but exempts gay and transgender women, who are classified as having mental disorders.
The government provided transgender persons financial assistance in the form of grants of up to 45 million rials$1,240 and loans up to 55 million rials $1,500 to undergo gender reassignment surgery. Additionally, the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor, and Social Welfare required health insurers to cover the cost of such surgery. Individuals who undergo gender reassignment surgery may petition a court for new identity documents with corrected gender data, which the government reportedly provided efficiently and transparently. NGOs reported that authorities pressured LGBTI persons to undergo gender reassignment surgery.
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someone else says
Islam is arguably the worst thing that has ever happened to humanity and has resulted in the most deaths, far more than the Holocaust.

I agree with all of that but regarding the Holocaust, Islam was part of that too. 100k Eurpean Muslims joined the Nazi SS because of the similarity of their beliefs. Turkey betrayed France and supplied materiel to the Nazis when no one else would. Without Islam, the Holocaust could never have killed so many nor continued for so long.

someone else says
It can be stopped only by telling the truth about it.

I wonder if even that will work. Perhaps due to the backfire effect of Internet "debate," certain users' comments have intensified over the years (TPB, FW), and some consider stubbornness a virtue:

FortWayne says
You do have to give it to Islamic believers. They do not give up their believes [sic]
As a person of faith, I respect their conviction.

They seem to consider disproof as a test of faith, like the trials of Job or Nero's persecution of the early Christians, with the only virtuous response being an intensification of the original belief. As the cognitive dissonance increases, they tend to choose self-destruction (Waco Davidians, Islamic jihadis, that Catholic historian who blew his brains out on tha altar of Notre Dame de Paris) rather than admit they had been fooled into sacrificing so much for so long, all for a lie. Especially as they age and approach the inevitability of death, they cling to religion with more fervor than to life itself, because imagined immortality is their only answer to the problem of actual mortality.

“The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion […] but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact; non-Westerners never do.” The Barbary Wars were violent wars, not mere discussions. I suspect KSA is trying to hijack NATO from the inside, deceiving/hypnotizing NATO voters into spreading Islam into NATO countries, in order to prevent NATO from reacting militarily to the threat until too late.
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
I still chuckle when my T-Mobile account announces, "Welcome Mustafa!" after I log in.

I thought your name would be Commander AF, or Lord and Savior AF, or some similar appellation.
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""Connecticut OKs Bill Pledging Electoral Votes To National Popular-Vote Winner...The bill adopts an interstate compact that's officially called "The Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote." All of the states that have so far committed to the pact are also states whose electoral votes went to Clinton in 2016.

Democrats have led the recent push to change the way the Electoral College works.

Note that the NPVIC itself has not changed. There remains no protection against fraud, including hacking, no matter how obvious. The easily hacked, proprietary, paperless ballot machines in Ohio could literally award a trillion votes to the CEO of Diebold (or now PES), and Connecticut voters would have no say in the matter. It is practically an invitation to any skilled hacker, including state actors, including CIA/NSA, to hack American Presidential elections and control the Presidency.

The "National Popular Vote organization" does not disclose its donors on its website, although that information might be available somewhere. For example, the About page says, "Scott Drexel is the Managing Director of NMA Partners. A longtime advisor to some of the country's most active Democratic donors, activists, and business leaders, he serves on finance committees for several national Democratic committees, and has been active in the campaigns of numerous presidential, gubernatorial, U.S. Senate, and U.S. House candidates." I wonder who those "most active Democratic donors" might be, and how much they have paid into this misguided effort.
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Feux Follets says
Steve Jobs was a Republican

Actually, all of his political donations were to Democrats, and Apple employees tend to favor Democrats by a huge margin:
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someone else says
I hope the Persians revert to Zoroastrianism one day. Could possibly happen, because it's interwoven with their national pride.

That might point to a better approach. People are moved more deeply by emotional identity, not rational argument. Persians should not bow down 5x/day to a dead Arab charlatan. It's bad enough their ancestors got beaten and had to surrender, that's over now, the Persians can throw off the Arab humiliation and discard the Arab nationalist fraud of Islam. Why should Persians pay to go to Mecca, of all places, when they could stay home and eat pistachios and pistachio ice cream?

The Housing Trap
You're being set up to spend your life paying off a debt you don't need to take on, for a house that costs far more than it should. The conspirators are all around you, smiling to lure you in, carefully choosing their words and watching your reactions as they push your buttons, anxiously waiting for the moment when you sign the papers that will trap you and guarantee their payoff. Don't be just another victim of the housing market. Use this book to defend your freedom and defeat their schemes. You can win the game, but first you have to learn how to play it.
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