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Patrick says
there are exactly two necessity their own parents are exactly two, one male and one female. As is the case for every single human being ever. And every mammal. And every bird. Etc.

anon_20dcf says
3: XX, XY, and other

Others have tried showing facts to @Patrick on this point, but they don't dent his bubble. The PatNet formula for profiting from the Internets reminds me of the South Park underpants gnomes:

1) tell some % of people that they don't exist
2) count on SIWOTI to generate comments and page views
3) ??????
4) profit.

Trolling your own site with obvious falsehoods hurts your credibility and goodwill, and seems unlikely actually to result in any profits.
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anon_3b28c says
Actually there are lots of cities banning aggressive breeds of dogs:

Thanks! That site links to an opposing site that lists several states that ban local bans, including California and New York. In other words, in places like SF, Diane Whipple's neighbors were allowed to keep the obviously dangerous dogs that killed her, but she was not allowed to carry a gun to defend herself. I can't help noticing a self-defeating pattern, i.e. the same people who ban guns insist on allowing dangerous dogs.
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Why wasn't the dead chick armed?

At the very least, she should have had a sword and dagger, to make soup of her assailants.
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Patrick says
I did not say....

Patrick says
every single human being ever.

Sorry if I misunderstood somehow.
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anon_4480e says

No, HIV is a virus that spread mostly by heterosexual transmission in Africa. You and Fortwhine can meet at the Reseda truck stop and engage in monogamous sodomy every day for decades, and if neither of you got HIV from someone else, then neither of you will "cause" it, no matter how many times you might try.
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anon_3b28c says
Not sure why this would be related to politics or gun control.

Laws governing dog ownership and gun ownership are public policy, i.e. politics. If people view "politics" as only a bipartisan horse race, red team vs blue team, then I suppose they could lose sight of the actual policies involved because neither of those teams is issuing talking points memos comparing these issues. Both do talk about safety though, and these policies make the difference between life and death for many people.
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Muslims will continue to murder innocent people in the name of Islam. The perpetrators will come from multiple countries, in multiple colors and ethnicities, all motivated by the same hateful fraud fabricated by the dead charlatan Mohamed. Some will kill themselves in order to murder others, thus compounding the Islamic bloodshed of which the sadistic charlatan Mohamed would be very proud.
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Patrick says
Please explain how you could possibly misunderstand.

Perhaps I did understand correctly, and you have simply changed your story, backpedaling in the face of evidence. Compare your two statements below:

Patrick says
every single human being ever. And every mammal. And every bird. Etc.

Patrick says
(barring the XXY folks and similar severe genetic malformations).

So, now, you're beginning to acknowledge exceptions, which you call "severe." You seem to underestimate the number of people who differ from your "theory" (some might say dogma), and to overestimate the severity of such departures. You're talking about ~1% of the population, i.e more than a million Americans, including some who have impressive achievements. Were you ever an Olympic medal winner like Jenner? No, you were not. Were you ever a Navy SEAL like Kristin Beck? No, you were not. Perhaps because some of these people have more status than you, you feel a need to tear them down or assert that you know their lives better than they do. It would be better to let other people live their lives as best they can, and be thankful that you don't have the difficulties that you don't understand.
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@Patrick, when using Chrome to view PatNet in recent days, Malwarebytes blocked attempts to load several adware/malware sites. I have added them to my hosts file, with zeroes:

The behavior seems specific to PatNet, and seems blocked by blocking scripts on the site and zeroing the domains in the hosts file. Repeated ADWCleaner and Malwarebytes scans of my system have found nothing on my machine.

In addition, the e-mail disclosure issue persists:

curious2 says
just_passing_through says
if I search my email address on it takes me directly to my patnet profile:

@Patrick, I get the same result searching my e-mail address via Google. DuckDuckGo returns a bunch of pages that don't have my e-mail address.
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Patrick says
I said every human, mammal, bird ever has exactly two parents. That remains true.

I'm not backpedalling in the least.

Some of the intersex/nonbinary persons can become biological parents. So, even if you were referring only to the parents being of exactly two genders (sexes, technically), then that statement was incorrect from the start.

Also, with current technology, some people have three biological parents. Turtledove worked in assisted reproduction, and three biological parents are a common result in that field. I wish that she were around to explain further, but the relevant possibilities include nuclear and mitochondrial DNA in surrogacy, for example, where the surrogate mother provides mitochondrial DNA in addition to the two primary parents' nuclear DNA. In theory, nothing precludes increasing the number of biological parents that a person can have, and it is likely that the number may increase in future.

As for nuclear DNA, around 10% of current human DNA consists of retroviruses that infected our ancestors. Viral mutations may have accelerated evolution.

Respectfully, your "theory" seems to start with a dogmatic assumption and then to impose that upon a much more complex and nuanced world. People are complicated. Nature is a mad scientist, constantly reshuffling the deck, and does not care at all about anyone's theories. If a particular genetic combination (geneplex) survives and reproduces, then it carries forward to the next generation. Caitlin Jenner has 6 children. If you want to call Jenner female, intersex/nonbinary, or male with OCD, nature does not care. That geneplex survived and reproduced, so it worked and can recur.
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You could clearly tie this back to Obamacare and over-prescribing if you want.

I tie it to that and the "sequestration" of research funding, the diversion of resources, and the larger conceptual problem of pretending that it was a "public health" policy.

As Whole Foods founder Mackey said, if you want to promote public health, give everyone vouchers for healthy food. I would add free vaccines for everyone willing to get vaccinated. Instead, we tax vaccines and subsidize the most unhealthy foods, e.g. corn-fed CAFO beef. The public are reduced to CAFO cattle, fattened for the most lucrative slaughter: the meaning and purpose of your life is to empower (including enriching) the patronage networks that wrote the policy.

This is not government "for the people," although it is of and by the people. It divides and misrules in order to distract the people from their own interests. It dismayed me that we cut research at precisely the time when it has the best chance of improving public health, but that is the point: entrenched industry players protected themselves from disruptive innovation and international competition, in order to raise prices on the same old things rather than competing globally on price and innovating to improve results.

Heraclitusstudent says
a person I know was prescribed opioids FOR A COLD. "it will make you feel better and you will sleep better" the doctor said.

Purdue and the Sacklers made billions of $ from the Oxycontin fraud, despite (a) executives admitting fraud, (b) research finding Oxycontin less effective than cheaper competitors. Morphine tablets cost less than $0.10 each and can last longer than the "12 hours" falsely claimed by Purdue, but Oxy gets prescribed and even possessing morphine is a federal crime. That's the patronage power model: use government to subsidize infinitely whatever junk you're selling, and to incarcerate your competitors.
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marcus says
gay marriage

If that had been the only issue on the ballot, the Democrats' position would have won by a landslide.

Instead, Democrats insisted on terribly self-destructive policies and decried any criticism as racism and/or sexism. The pattern is obvious on PatNet, including your own comments. The Democrats nominated a former Secretary of State who campaigned on a disastrous foreign policy record, including horrifying wars on behalf of her corporate and Saudi clients and TPP which she called the "gold standard" on behalf of her corporate clients. In debate against the Republican nominee, she denied calling TPP the gold standard, but anyone with a search engine could find she did call it exactly that.

Islam is a hateful fraud perpetrated by a dead charlatan, and it says to kill or enslave us. When people try to point out the actual history of the Barbary Wars, you claim to be the only "truthful" one by denying the facts. When followers of the dead charlatan Mohamad kill non-Muslims as per Islam, voters notice. The Democrats put hijabs literally on center stage in prime time and elsewhere throughout the convention. The Republican nominee called attention to the hijab, showing the Democrats' priorities. Oh, they lost a son, who was killed by their fellow Muslims? Tell that to the families of the soldiers murdered by Muslims at Fort Hood and elsewhere in the name of Islam.
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Patrick says
Do you know which pages triggered the blocks?

It happened when loading the home page in Firefox just a minute ago. Malwarebytes doesn't expressly connect the malware domains to this site, but when I load PatNet, Malwarebytes pops up repeatedly saying it blocked one site after another. It doesn't seem to happen elsewhere, at least not nearly so often.

I've been zeroing each in my hosts file, though one ( was already there:

I keep scanning my machine with ADWcleaner and Malwarebytes but they find nothing.
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BorderPatrol says
The reason for Muslim violence against the West is

Islam. Read about the Barbary Wars and the history that led up to them. A Barbary State ambassador told Thomas Jefferson specifically that Islam commanded Muslims to kill and enslave non-Muslims. That's a large part of why the USA got a federal Constitution instead of the original Articles of Confederation. When Jefferson became President, he launched the first Barbary War, which was the first transatlantic crossing by the U.S. Navy, "to the shores of Tripoli," where he ordered five separate bombardments. Americans should really know more about American history. The Revolution freed the colonies from Britain, but Islam is Constitutional America's founding enemy
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"Signals of jihad in Australia have been building for years
most of the hatred, thuggery and racism at Cronulla in December, 2005, came from Muslims. The demonstration and fracas at Cronulla beach, on December 11, was sparked by hundreds of incidents of harassment and violence by young Lebanese-Australian men, mainly directed at young women in bikinis or short skirts. I conducted dozens of interviews after the event and they can be summed up by a teacher at Cronulla High School:

"I have felt afraid for the safety of my family for the last 10 years [from] gangs of men of Middle Eastern appearance who have taunted, bullied or assaulted groups or individuals. My daughter has been taunted consistently when she goes to the beach… Women in swimming costumes… are often intimidated or taunted with 'sluts' and 'filth' and told they are 'asking for it'."

On December 12, on the night after the fracas, dozens of cars congregated at Punchbowl Park in south-west Sydney. Most of the men had armed themselves with a variety of weapons. Some left messages written on the street: "AUSSI TO DIE". "INTIFADA". "IT'S WAR". "WE FEAR NO OZY DOGS".

Two convoys of cars then headed off to the eastern beaches. For the next several hours an estimated 200 men, predominantly Lebanese Muslims, engaged in a show of force, smashing hundreds of cars and windows, stabbing or bashing several people and threatening women with rape.

Rape was a key issue. In the years leading up to the Cronulla explosion, dozens of young Muslim men had participated in a series of gang rapes in Sydney which terrorised young non-Muslim women. This fuelled the build-up of tensions, which the police at Cronulla had preferred not to confront, lest they be accused of racism.

Six weeks ago, at the height of the latest Gaza-Israel conflict, another convoy of cars drove through south-west Sydney. This time, some occupants brandished the black flag of Islamic State. I saw the images posted on YouTube (later removed) and heard this chant from demonstrators: "Jew and Christian will not stand. You can never stop Islam.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.
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Quigley says
twenty years.

@Quigley, I respect you, but you've overlooked the enormous progress that occurred from 1998-2015. In 1998, Texas prosecuted sodomy, but only if the couple were gay. The military had the Clintonian "don't ask, don't tell" policy, which got Americans killed in Iraq because qualified translators were replaced with local contractors who lied in order to call in military strikes against their tribal enemies. Gay couples didn't get the equal protection of the laws until 2015.

As for the baker, he claimed to get personally involved in every wedding he bakes a cake for. He did not offer to sell the couple a generic wedding cake. He did offer other pastries, but not a wedding cake. One possible result would be for SCOTUS to say the couple could ask for a cake just like some other wedding cake that he's already sold, or one already on display, except without the lettering. IOW, if he writes usually something like "Happy Wedding Adam and Eve," they could get a generic cake without lettering or even maybe "Happy Wedding," but they'd have to write in their own names.

Beware the temptation of political charlatans who offer to protect your religion from government interference. Islam says to kill you, and you will probably want your government to interfere with devout Muslims following what Islam commands. The KKK is also a religious organization, and exempting their beliefs from civil rights laws would have left segregated lunch counters and other businesses across the southeastern USA.
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mell says
selectively enforce

Selective enforcement is unconstitutional. The phrase "protected class" can cause confusion; in reality, there are prohibited classifications, e.g. race or color. For example, you can sue for race discrimination in employment regardless of whether you are white, black, or any other color. If Chobani says the CEO's Muslim religion requires him to discriminate against disbelievers, please get that in writing or otherwise on record. Alas, since Hobby Lobby, even large and seemingly secular corporations can impose the managers' religious beliefs and claim exemption from laws of general application, so Chobani yogurt could conceivably claim the CEO has a right to kill disbelievers or at least subordinate them.
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"Bombing Attack Kills 41 In Kabul, [ISIL/Daesh] Claims Responsibility
Explosions caused what Afghan President Ashraf Ghani's office calls "a massacre" in a Shiite area in Kabul on Thursday. The attack targeted civilians at a cultural center and affected a nearby news agency. At least 41 people died, and dozens more are wounded.

"Local media reported there were two suicide bombers," NPR's Diaa Hadid reports from Islamabad. "One of them detonated his explosives at the gate of a Shiite cultural center — the blast also damaged an Iranian-owned news agency."

I can understand why people would want to get out of Islamic countries, but if they intend to bring Islam with them wherever they go, then they should find a somewhat less terrible Islamic country. Nixon's disastrous deals with KSA enabled Saudi Petrodollars to hypnotize NATO into doing the KSA's dirty work, so now some blame the USA, but Islamic carnage and oppression go back centuries before the USA was founded.
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NoYes says
Say What?

What. When you learn something from a Post, please feel free to use the up arrow near the top left corner.
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anonymous says
Evidence from a national survey experiment.

Interesting survey, though it asked only about photography, not cakes. It found a huge disparity between Evangelical "Christians" vs the population as a whole:

Sometimes majorities of Evangelicals say things that make me question if they are really Christian:

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"German police union chief slams NYE ‘safe zone’ for women
The comments by Rainer Wendt, who heads the right-leaning DpolG union, come amid an ongoing debate in Germany about how to tackle an increase in sexual assaults.

Wendt told the Neue Osnabruecker Zeitung daily in an interview published Saturday that establishing such a safe zone sends a “devastating message.”

“By doing so one is saying there are safe zones and unsafe zones” for women that could result in “the end of equality, freedom of movement and self-determination,” the newspaper quoted him as saying.

Wendt said the move appeared to ignore the “political dimension” in Germany, two years after hundreds of women reported being assaulted or robbed during New Year’s Eve celebrations in Cologne. The suspects in most of those assaults were migrants.

The number of rapes and sexual assaults recorded in Germany last year rose 12.8 percent compared to 2015, to 7,919 cases, an increase blamed on an influx of asylum-seekers, many young and male.
Other security measures in Berlin include concrete blocks to prevent vehicle attacks and bag searches at entrances to the party area.

This reminds me of @Patrick's comments about migration, including the idea of an instinctive test. Some people appear to have underestimated the danger:

"Afghan teen in custody over fatal stabbing of German girl
A 15-year-old Afghan refugee was in police custody on suspicion of manslaughter in Ludwigshafen on Thursday after allegedly stabbing his ex-girlfriend to death in the southwestern German town of Kandel, in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.
While the boy is currently being held on allegations of manslaughter, investigators will examine whether his actions constitute murder. The maximum penalty for both manslaughter and murder under German juvenile law is 10 years.

At the Thursday press conference, deputy chief of police Eberhard Weber said the girl's parents had filed a criminal complaint about the boy on December 15, after he threatened their daughter for breaking up with him.
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
IVR just for this purpose. It basically sends solicitation phone calls into a never ending loop.

FCC should offer that. You get a robo-call saying press 1 to speak with a representative, you press 1 and conference the FCC, let them handle it.
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Patrick says
maybe you can remind me what was about.

Several people have referred to the idea, including IIRC one of your screen names. Here is an example. If you haven't called it a test or similar, then I'm sorry for misattributing it.
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Patrick says
tries to sell...

shoes and the picture cuts off at the knees so you can't even see the shoes. Double-fail. They might as well have been trying to sell space heaters, or hot chocolate.
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FP says
The people susceptible to terrorism....

vary depending on religion. Among Muslims, wealth and education increase the risk of terrorism.

@FP, you make a too common mistake, failing to recognize that different people want different things. Wealth and education give people more opportunities to do what they want to do. In Islam, the sole guaranteed path to paradise is to die fighting for Islam. Osama bin Laden was only one example of a larger pattern proved by empirical research. By his 20s, Osama had million$ and a university education, but his dad was more successful financially than Osama could realistically hope to be. So, how could Osama distinguish himself among 60+ siblings and outdo his dad? Islam answered that question, for Osama and too many others. You seem to try to empathize by putting yourself in the shoes of someone who shares your goals and motivations but is poor with no prospects; you fail to realize that other people have different motivations and goals.

Similarly, among Muslims who migrate to the west, the next generation (born in the west) are actually more lethal than their parents. Orlando and San Bernardino illustrate that pattern, also confirmed by empirical research.

The Saudi-sponsored Clintonian policies of subsidizing and empowering Islam and importing Muslims are precisely wrong for the west, designed deliberately by KSA to spread Islam.
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FP says
curious2 says
vary depending on religion

This is beyond the point, george. We are not comparing different religions (in this thread), but the same(!) people - wealthier in one point of time and poorer in another.

Actually, Patrick, Quigley, and I provided empirical data, illustrative examples, and cogent analysis addressing precisely the point: among Muslims, wealth and education are risk factors for terrorism. If you can find another religion where the same pattern applies, please link data.

You don't, however, link data. Instead, you deny what's on the screen in front of you, and call me a monkey, i.e. Curious George, in a juvenile attempt to bully me by making fun of my screen name. It doesn't work, but it does make me wonder what FP stands for.

Based on the fact you seem to expect to fool people, but end up fooling only yourself, I might guess FP = Foolish Person. That doesn't quite cover it though, because you have a sharp sense of your own short-term self-interest in spreading Islam, i.e. you know who butters your bread. You have already more than enough bread and butter, however, so the motivation for unpaid overtime on PatNet suggests more to the story. I wonder what might make you want to spread a religion that is associated with obesity, but that prohibits eating pork. Perhaps FP = Fat Pig. That would also explain the juvenile name-calling, since juvenile bullies tend to be fat, and to remain fat throughout life.

So, in the holiday spirit of doing unto others as you would have done unto you, I invite you to keep calling me a curious monkey, so long as I can call you a Fat Pig. For example, consider the following sentence: in every exchange so far between the Curious Monkey and the Fat Pig, the monkey seems more clever, while the Fat Pig seems merely objectionable.

Happy New Year.
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FP says
Georgie, don't get a heart attack now.

Thanks Fatty, but do you have anything substantive to add to the discussion at hand, or are you merely trying to drag the site down to your level by trolling? I do wish you and obese Muslims luck in losing weight next year, but maybe 'fat and prosperous' was the look you were going for, consistent with the OP, "Things are good...."

On that point, I think the President's tweets and SCOTUS upholding the President's travel bans sent a clear message to the sponsors of Islamic terrorism: when Muslims attack the west in the name of Islam, the President can and will respond directly against Islam itself, as he should.

Similarly, the President and his critics have sent a doubly persuasive message to North Korea. Former JCS chair Admiral Mullen echoed the President's UN address, thus amplifying the message.

If you want to find fault with the OP, you might look rather in the areas of deficits and the judiciary, if you can lift yourself up from calling people names.