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Vigilante Sharia patrols assault or kill anyone who is openly gay, or threaten the family: kill your own son as per Islam, or the Sharia patrol will kill the whole family.

American military spending and disastrous mismanagement made all of this happen, starting in the W administration. Obama didn't fix it.

Only time will tell what Trump does, but he campaigned saying we should "take the oil." That is definitely true of the offshore gulf oil, which the USN can defend, and probably true of the land oil, which the Army, Air Force, and Marines can defend. Who controls the oil controls the money and thus the country. Right now, Muslims control everything, and the situation is mostly worse than when Christian Tariq Aziz was Prime Minister during the Hussein era. Trump knows that Islam hates us. If the Saudi-influenced MSM and DC swamp had not bogged him down in Russia non-stories, he could conceivably have taken control of the Iraqi and maybe Libyan oil, such that they would compete with KSA. That and TDS are why we keep hearing about Russia.
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marcus says
I would vastly prefer Pence. The truth is that I was shocked by Trumps success in the primaries....

Proof of TDS. There is now also a widespread diagnosis of Trump Anxiety Disorder. Sufferers are in a panic over their own hallucination. Risk factors include believing themselves to be smarter than they are, so they cannot accept having simply been wrong.

Whatever one might think of D vs R, Pence is in almost every way worse than Trump. Pence should not have been elected Governor, let alone VP. Democrats' embrace of Pence shows TDS, and inability to admit error, influence them more than their own interests or those of the country.

If you want a better President, then nominate a better candidate in 2020. Until then, make the best of the President you have. Instead of demonizing the POTUS, Democrats should be campaigning to make better deals than Republicans. TDS prevents that, and results in Republican rule by default.
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TwoScoopsOfWompWomp says
The Germans have found billions to accommodate the Rapefugees they unilaterally violated Dublin to invite.

This is the real problem. NATO countries should defend against foreign invaders, and count the cost of walls and ammunition as legitimate defense spending. Instead, Merkel invited and even subsidized invasion by precisely the people most likely to be on the other side in the next major war. We could forgive western Europeans for failing to keep up our side, but they have gone a bridge too far in giving aid and comfort to an opposing side.
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"The Islamic State group on Tuesday claimed responsibility for a car-and-knife attack on Western tourists cycling in Tajikistan that killed two Americans and two Europeans.
The four tourists were killed when a car rammed into a group of foreigners on bicycles south of the capital of Dushanbe, Tajik officials have said. The driver and the passengers then got out and attacked the cyclists with knives.

Two of the victims were American, one was Swiss and the fourth was from the Netherlands, foreign and Tajik officials said. The three people injured included a woman from Switzerland.

A video posted on an IS-linked website Tuesday shows five men sitting on a hill against the backdrop of a black-and-white IS flag and declaring allegiance to IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The men say they're from Tajikistan and pledge to slaughter disbelievers in the name of Allah. A note accompanying the video said the men took part in the weekend attack.

Tajikistan's Interior Ministry posted photos Tuesday of what it said were the bodies of four suspected attackers lying dead in a field. Three of the men resemble ones in the IS video.

It blamed the attack on the Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan, a local party banned several years ago for allegedly plotting to overthrow the government.

Tajikistan, an impoverished, predominantly Muslim nation of some 8 million people, was devastated by a 5-year civil war with Islamist-inspired rebel forces that ended in 1997.

Like most countries that have allowed themselves to become more than 20% Muslim, Tajikistan is more than 90% Muslim.

Also, it takes a serious case of denial about Islam to travel from America or Europe to Tajikistan in order to ride a bicycle. I don't like to speak ill of the dead, but the USA and Europe have many miles (or km if you prefer) of idyllic bicycling. I do acknowledge though, Muslims have done the same thing in the USA, e.g. in NYC:

"Eight people dead, 11 injured in 'terror attack'
The Uzbek national who plowed through a New York bicycle path, killing eight people, was associated with Islamic State but "radicalised domestically," the state's governor Andrew Cuomo has said.
The attacker struck just a few blocks from the site of the World Trade Center memorial, running over afternoon riders on the path before reaching a road and ploughing into a school bus.

See also this thread on Islamic attacks against "infidel" targets.
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LeonDurham says
So what does that have to do with liberals or Dems?

It has nothing to do with actual liberals, whom the left has betrayed for years, but Democrats put Islam literally front and center at the 2016 convention. See also the archived White House web page honoring "Champion" Linda Sarsour.

Hillary's War in Libya expanded into Syria (including arming Sunni militias, including ultimately al Qaida), pumping Islam into NATO. Hillary campaigned on importing "Syrian" Sunnis here. Elevating Islam was part of the strategy to secure even more Saudi Petrodollars for the Clintons and the campaign, including registered foreign agent (KSA) Tony Podesta co-hosting a Clinton fundraiser with his brother John. The obsessive focus on Russia serves to distract from Bush/Clinton ties to KSA.
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From the comments:


"This may be the most adorable thing I've seen in my life. And I should know, because I hate adorable things."

This might sound terrible, but I laughed when the kid's head was about to fall on the concrete floor, and he landed instead on a pillowy puppy.
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Alucardjones says
black church was torched in Massachusetts.

"Michael Jacques, 27, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Michael A. Ponsor to 166 months in prison, to be followed by four years of supervised release. Jacques was also ordered to pay nearly $1.6 million in restitution, including $123,570 to the Macedonia Church of God in Christ.

On April 14, 2011, following a jury trial, Jacques was found guilty of conspiracy against civil rights, damage or destruction of religious property, and use of fire to commit a felony. Jacques’s co-conspirators, Benjamin Haskell and Thomas Gleason, pleaded guilty to the civil rights charges in June 2010. On Nov. 1, 2010 Haskell was sentenced to nine years in prison. Gleason is scheduled to be sentenced on Jan. 18, 2012.

According to evidence presented at Jacques’s trial, in the early morning hours of Nov. 5, 2008, within hours of President Barack Obama being elected, Jacques and his co-conspirators burned down the Macedonia Church of God in Christ’s newly constructed building where religious services were to be held for its predominantly African-American congregation.

There are many other examples, including homicides. Most violent hate crimes tend to be perpetrated by racist and/or anti-gay assailants. These are no longer usually endorsed by the "right," although we do see calls to obscure the data by no longer tracking such crimes or responding to them as a specific category.

A century ago, or even 50 years ago, hate crimes including homicides (e.g. lynching) in the southeastern USA committed by the "right" were often enabled or at least tolerated by local police and mayors, who may themselves have been members of the KKK. That has changed. Since 2015, in California, local police and mayors in San Jose and Berkeley have tolerated violence by AntiFa against Trump supporters. In 2015-17, arsons of black churches tended to be perpetrated by parishioners or ministers wanting the insurance money.
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Tim Aurora says
right after Trump election we had swastika graffiti all over the walkway

Who put that there, and why? There were many false flag events, for example:

"Jewish man arrested after spray painting swastikas on his own home in Upstate NY"

"Man charged with post-election vandalism in South Philly"

Tim Aurora says

Right after 9-11 , I was at a rural Georgia festival with my family when a white guy walks to me and says, this is our country and why don't you all go back to your country.

I am sorry that happened, although it sounds more like nativism than white supremacy. In the USA, nativism goes back at least to the 19th century, and targets included white Catholics from Ireland and Italy, and eastern Europeans. Other countries have their own nativists, regardless of color.
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TrumpCuck says
The pharmaceutical industry didn't give anyone breast cancer. However, they have invented and brought to the clinic many lifesaving cures for cancer. Why try to villainize them?

Drug companies have delivered some real progress, and I hope the new right to try law may accelerate the process of trying in people. The current standard of clinical trials adds a decade of delay between (a) the development of an evidence-based potential cure, and (b) its deployment to people who might benefit from it.

Drug companies have also lobbied to distort public policy towards infinite subsidies for whatever drugs are approved, even if they are only injurious (e.g. chemotherapy in many instances), and to prohibit competition (e.g. cannabis). The Rockefeller family invested in drug companies and "donated" to medical schools to distort curricula away from diet&exercise&osteopathy and towards allopathy, and the notorious Rockefeller Drug Laws ruined many lives. The Sackler family profited enormously from the Oxycontin fraud, which is a tragedy.

Drug companies have also distorted public research funding in the direction of their own revenue models, i.e. daily pills protected by patent.n Obamacare banned importation and increased border enforcement funding, as part of the initially secret deal between PhRMA and the White House. (The White House denied it, so Billy Tauzin went public with the terms and a demand that the White House acknowledge them, which the White House admitted then.) The "sequester" blocked research funding, preventing disruptive innovation and protecting PhRMA's infinite subsidies under Medicare D and Obamacare.

Meanwhile, "there is accumulating evidence that sugar consumption is associated with increased cancer risk, recurrence, and mortality. Specifically, high blood sugar levels lead to conditions such as high insulin levels and obesity, which both increase the risk for cancer."

Real public health research would prioritize inexpensive cures and would let people try them without delay. Lemon socialism subsidizes corporate revenues and prohibits competition and disruptive innovation.
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Canada, which has been slavishly importing "Syrian" Muslims at Canadian expense, had recently the temerity to criticize the Saudi regime for arresting some of the women who had asked for some slight steps towards equal rights, e.g. being allowed to drive cars. KSA responded by cutting diplomatic ties, and a Saudi group with a Twitter following of more than 300,000 threatened an attack like 9/11, when 19 hijackers including 15 Saudis hijacked airliners and used them as missiles, murdering 3,000 people.

The lesson is clear: do not talk back to your Islamic superiors. Even the usually obedient Canadians are not allowed to voice the slightest criticism. Obey, submit, do not talk back. KSA proved they could get away with murdering infidels before, and there must be no doubt they can do it again.

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"A 27-year-old Modesto man was sentenced to 15 years in prison Monday after pleading guilty to terrorism-related charges in a plot to attack San Francisco’s Pier 39 over the holidays.
Jameson, who had converted to Islam, was snared by undercover FBI agents who were tipped off in September to suspicious posts on his Facebook page, where he liked pro-Islamic State and pro-terrorism posts and talked about launching his own terrorist attack.
“Jameson specifically named Pier 39 in San Francisco as a target location because he had been there before and knew that it was a heavily crowded area and that according to Jameson, no reconnaissance or site survey would be necessary,” FBI Agent Christopher McKinney wrote in a federal complaint.

Jameson, he said, planned to die in the attack.

[Other reports say his plan was to detonate explosives in order to drive crowds into a kill zone where he could shoot most efficiently.]

The FBI later raided Jameson’s home and found two rifles, a pistol, ammunition, fireworks and two letters containing a “last will and testament” and a confession that he had committed acts against non-Muslims, prosecutors said.

Jameson was previously discharged from the U.S. Marine Corps — where he earned a sharpshooter qualification in 2009 — for fraudulent enlistment after it was discovered he failed to disclose a latent asthma history.

YesYNot used to scoff at counting attacks that were thwarted by FBI, but I say this counts. The decision to import Islam, or even to tolerate it, carries an endless cost in terms of defense. As Hillary Clinton acknowledged, lethal terrorism "is clearly rooted in Islamic thinking." She used that as an argument for mass surveillance on everyone, to catch whoever is about to start doing what Islam commands. It is a better argument for banning Muslim immigration, and confronting and denouncing Islam instead of pretending to respect it.
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Patrick says
rewarded the Saudis for their attack

in many ways, including higher oil prices, continued protection, punishing their enemies in Iraq and Libya, etc. Bandar Bush did a great job keeping POTUS under control and loyal to KSA.

Since 9/11 worked out so well for KSA, of course Saudis would think of doing it again.
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CBOEtrader says
SA has its hooks in every POTUS, past and present.

Only since Nixon's disastrous, secret deals with KSA, taking the USD off the gold standard and putting it on the Petrodollar standard. KSA could charge as much as the market would bear for oil, and the USA would protect the Saudi regime, so long as KSA accepted payment only in dollars and reinvested enough of the $$$ in the USA. Ever since, Saudis have built up power and influence in both major parties. It started out clumsily, e.g. Abscam, but got slick, e.g. investing in W and the Clinton foundation. The end result is that Saudi terrorism funding is largely ignored, especially in the MSM, even when the Secretary of State acknowledged in her Wikileaked e-mails that her Saudi clients were funding terrorism around the world.
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FPBT says
April 2018
San Francisco, CA
A police officer was

Is that one of those silly email forwards or FB forwards that gullible people send each other? It reminds me of a guy who used to get those and use PatNet as his fact checkers, called everybody mutts, he was a big fan of Von Mises. It reminds me also of a thread about Muslim 'persecution' accusations that turned out to be complete hoaxes, I think 2scoops posted a whole bunch including the notorious NYC subway incident:

"Muslim college student made up Trump supporter subway attack story to avoid punishment for missing curfew"

Anyway, your copied and pasted SF accusation leaped out at me. You can't honestly consider SF 'right wing,' so that headline alone should have told you something was wrong. SFPD has gone out of its way to recruit Muslims, including the guy in your story. If you had bothered to check the facts, you would have found that he was fired by SFPD, and had previously been fired by OPD: "OPD would not disclose why but a source with knowledge of the dismissal says the officer was kicked out for quote "untruthfulness" in class assignments... [In addition,] Napa Police were so concerned after interviewing him, they issued the bulletin about their encounter to Bay Area law enforcement agencies." All of that was before SFPD hired him, which goes to show how desperate SFPD is to "diversify" including hiring Muslims.

I'm not going to bother wading through the whole pile of anonymous accusations that you copied and pasted as if true. Do your own fact checking instead of wasting others' time.
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@Patrick, a change in PatNet code appears to have produced formatting errors in this post. I tried to edit, but another change in PatNet code appears to preclude that. How to fix?
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FPBT says
Can't wait for the first female Muslim to be sworn in to Congress.

Previously, you alleged "anti-muslime violence," citing mainly unsubstantiated accusations of alleged blasphemy. Now, you "can't wait" for the first female Muslim in Congress - not because of any particular policy position or even party affiliation, but simply because she is a "muslime".

The combination implies that you support the agenda of the "New America Muslim Diaspora Initiative," to promote hijrah, spreading Islam. That is a tragic mistake, which Democrats appear to be making, and a reason why Democrats have been mostly separated from power. Your "muslime" representatives (there are already others) will be sworn into Congress, but be careful what you wish for. In most countries where Muslims have enough power to make law, they enact Sharia.
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FPBT says
anti-muslime violence

@FPBT, I meant to reply earlier to this comment, where you alleged "345 acts of anti-muslime violence" on the basis of mostly unsubstantiated accusations of blasphemy. I wondered how, in your mind, you could conflate violence with blasphemy. Then I remembered a cartoon from

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tovarichpeter says
We should back Canada over Saudi Arabia

That's unfortunately difficult when Canadian PM Trudeau backs Islam over Canada.
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FPBT says

Christianity just isn't doing it for me anymore I'm going for the underdog. Number 2 or is it #2

Islam is full of #2, but swallowing it is unhealthy and very similar to joining the Nazis. During WWII, the founding Nazis agreed with the leading Muslims of their day that their doctrines were very similar. 100k European Muslims joined the Nazi SS, where they got a reputation for particularly brutal murder of Jews. If you want to join the underdog, then you must convert to Judaism.

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FPBT says
first amendment right

Muslims/Nazis have a first amendment right to their beliefs, but not to censor blasphemy.

dr6B says
Example of anti-muslim violence from

June 4, 2018
Irmo, SC
Mayor Hardy King shared a photo on his Facebook account that blamed Muslims for a series of attacks, including the San Bernardino and Orlando shootings. It was the second anti-Muslim post he made on his account in a one month period.

Muslims/Nazis do not have a right to make false accusations against Mayor King, e.g. accusing him of violence when in fact he was merely telling the truth. The San Bernardino and Orlando attacks were committed by Muslims in the name of the Islamic State, to which they had sworn allegiance, and which claimed credit for the murders, as per Islam. That doctrine is a hateful fraud perpetrated by a dead charlatan, and should have been buried with Mohamadman and Hitler.
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FPBT says
your belifes do not constitute facts

Neither do yours. Worse, when people post actual facts, you persist in counterfactual beliefs. (Please note the correct spelling of beliefs.)

FPBT says
big hippocrates

If you are referring to Hippocrates of Kos, he died 2,400 years ago, at a time when humans were generally shorter than they are now. I have never heard him called "Hippocrates the Big," but I suppose "big" can seem relative, depending on the size of the observer.

FPBT says

Are you calling Muslims slime? Perhaps you should be reported for racist wrongspeak.

FortWayne says
just trolling

FP used to post similarly trollish comments, but could at least spell.

FPBT, if FPBT=FP, then I hope you're ok. Loss of spelling can be a bad sign. Maybe a stroke?
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FPBT says
[i]s it not a contradiction to Islam to say, in effect, to a Christian, I love Allah but I will kill you"?

If you had read the Koran, you would know the answer to your question is no, it is no contradiction at all. Time and again, Islam commands Muslims to kill disbelievers and blasphemers. As an atheist, you are both a disbeliever and a blasphemer, because you assert Islam is false.

FPBT says
When did I dispute actual facts?

It is an actual fact that if you state your atheist beliefs in an officially Islamic country, e.g. KSA or the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, you risk being legally executed for blasphemy. Even in an ostensibly secular country such as Bangladesh, it is an actual fact that you risk being murdered by Muslims volunteering in a vigilante Sharia patrol, killing blasphemers as per Islam. Even here, you could wind up on an Islamic State kill list, so the Muslims you want to import would be commanded to kill you. You persist in denying those facts, and denying the threat that Islam poses to you, because in your ivory tower the only Muslims you interact with are constrained by their need for your approval. Try spending some time in one of their countries, and you might learn, or literally lose your head.
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FortWayne says

I miss Dan, who did acknowledge honestly the current differences in behavior between different religions.

FP/FPBT does not.

Also, Dan could spell, unlike FPBT:

FPBT says
a qoute?

FP could spell too, which makes me wonder what has happened.
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FPBT says
How many Indonesians do we see

Hmm, just from recent memory, we saw whole Muslim families, including children, commit suicide for the sole purpose of murdering Christians, and before that there were multiple Bali bombings, probably more that I can't think of at the moment. Also, former Governor Ahok was imprisoned for blasphemy amid the rise of Islamic identity politics in Indonesia. If you are serious about equating Islam and other doctrines, you should really bring that to a Muslim country, and see what happens to you: even equating Islam with other religions is in itself blasphemy according to Islam.

Your comments comparing current Islam to other doctrines in the dark ages merely illustrate the point: Islam traps people in the dark ages.

Your comments sound like a tobacco company apologist claiming most smokers don't die from smoking. Smoking remains terrible. Here you are rooting for another smoker to get sworn into Congress, maybe protect tobacco companies from liability or even subsidize tobacco.

FPBT says
Christianity just isn't doing it for me anymore I'm going for the underdog.

If you want to become a Muslm/Nazi/smoker, I can't stop you. Maybe there is some gap that only Islamic/Nazi hatred or nicotine and tar can fill.
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zzyzzx says
A poll of men in the United States found fewer of them...received payment for sex than in decades past.

Did Fred Garvin retire?
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"to save on energy costs, the light at the end of the tunnel will be turned off."
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Patrick says
How many potatoes does it take to kill an Irishman? None.


Did you hear about the new German microwave oven?

It seats six.
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René Descartes walks into his favorite bar. The bartender asks, "The usual?" Descartes begins to answer, "I think not..." and disappears.
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Automan Empire says
WHAT pause in global warming are you referencing?

It was a major topic in 2015, when NOAA and others revised measurement methods. Many referred to a hiatus 1998-2013. The OP references a 2015 article by David Evans, who has been accused of climate mythmaking.

Something tells me though that PatNet stands on the brink of another pointless, partisan exchange of slogans. In the USA, both major parties talk about the weather, but neither proposes doing anything about it.

Democrats propose increasing taxes to send $$$ to corrupt and backwards kleptocracies (and by extension the Clinton Foundation), but no serious scientist expects that to manage the climate. Democrats panic and get really overwrought on this topic, and in alarmist desperation PatNet saw a user pretend to be a math teacher while lying about the rules governing significant figures in order to assert a level of precision that does not exist. Ignorance and dishonesty exist in both major parties, but Democrats have a worse time with it because their pride in being smarter prevents them from seeing when they're wrong.

Most Republicans deny the existence of a warming trend, and many argue that nothing should be done about it. That is at least a cheaper position, and it works electorally because faith-based voters tend to agree that "god's in charge."

Very rarely, we see articles about research into developing effective means of managing the climate, e.g.with mirror arrays or calcium. It is important to understand why neither major party proposes funding such research: both prefer to exploit the issue, each for their own reasons, rather than addressing it. In that regard, both Democrats and Republicans deserve blame, though Democrats deny it while Republicans ignore it.
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PBS Frontline has a new episode, "Our Man In Tehran." It presents a nuanced portrayal of Iran and Iranians, but I find most interesting the contrast between the politically correct PBS description and what the Iranians are actually saying.

One huge difference: the Iranians tend to be 100% certain of Islam. A father says repeatedly he feels happy that a son was killed fighting "for Islam" in the war with Iraq. The reporter asks multiple times, in multiple ways, and every time the father looks and sounds 100% sure, with no trace of ambivalence or uncertainty. Others have similar certitude. I doubt whether many irreligious westerners can even comprehend the certitude these Muslims show. Even the ones who criticize their government and want to emigrate to America do not express any doubt about Islam.

Paradoxically, many or most Iranians blame America for all their troubles. You might expect such religious people to attribute everything to the will of Allah. After all, who is the stronger, the USA or an omnipotent Allah? Surely, if the USA is stronger, then the Muslims should renounce Allah and worship Donald Trump. They don't, however. They persist in believing all good things come from Allah, and all bad things come from the Great Satan.

That is common among religious people. Even if they call their deity omnipotent, most do not accept things they dislike as being part of the will of the supposedly omnipotent deity. Instead, they see such things as the work of the devil, or tests or challenges that they must pass by editing the observable world to fit their own pre-existing belief, e.g. by suicide bombings or repressive laws.

When you combine religious certitude with Islamic doctrine, you get a result that cannot long coexist with anything contrary to Islam. That explains why most countries that have allowed themselves to become more than 20% Muslim are now more than 90% Muslim. Once you cross the 20% line, Islamic violence crushes liberty, and eventually everyone who does not want to submit to Islam must either flee or die.

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