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Heraclitusstudent says
You would think US manufacturers that design the computers, and have them assembled in China, would verify that everything is exactly as per their specs.

You would only think that if you had never spent much time working inside a large company. One hand doesn't usually know what the others are doing, and things don't always go the way one might hope.
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Automan Empire says
Pretty shocked the ACLU of all organizations is taking this stand.

Abandoning the presumption of innocence is a really surprising position for the ACLU. They might privately imagine they have an opportunity maybe conceivably to get a more favorable nominee next year, if Democrats regain the Senate, but the stated rationale does not match their record.

Then again, their record has changed a lot lately, as they have chosen to promote Islamic Hijrah. (Islamic Hijrah has a totally different meaning from the seemingly similar Hindu word Hijra, which I could imagine the ACLU reasonably supporting. Islamic Hijrah results in killing Hindu Hijras.)
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Two Presidents in a row have advocated more military spending by other countries, including Germany and Japan. That went badly in the past. I would rather see them spend less. Ideally, I would like to see them pay the USA for American protection instead of building up their own military budgets.
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TrumpingTits says
Next best thing for the GOP than a 6-3 majority is a 5-3 one. What I mean is: The GOP doesn't have to offer a nominee at all and the court can just keep on a truckin'

You're using logic. That's not allowed.

Also, the President might really prefer to have another of his own appointees. He would likely trust his older sister, who is a federal appellate judge, to recommend someone.
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HeadSet says
curious2 says
Two Presidents in a row have advocated more military spending by other countries, including Germany and Japan. That went badly in the past. I would rather see them spend less. Ideally, I would like to see them pay the USA for American protection instead of building up their own military budgets.

Except that they do not pay, they get US protection for free.

Therein lies an opportunity to negotiate a better deal. If the merchants of war have their way, the USA will demand other countries increase their military (procurement) spending. That would mean encouraging Germany and Japan to re-arm, as if history had nothing to say about what could possibly go wrong. Better to negotiate for more control over their foreign policy and defense, even if they pay only a fraction.

Consider what will happen when France and Belgium become 20% Muslim, which will happen in a generation. I would rather see them disarm instead of turning over a huge arsenal to Islamic control. The KSA plan seems to be to hijack NATO countries from inside, pumping Sunnis into NATO countries. I would like to see the USA thwart that plan.
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Evan F. says
Okay then why did you bring Islam up, when I was talking about Alex Jones fans?

The OP meme was about a W administration program called "Access Islam." IDK why you brought up Alex Jones.
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The main reason people condemn Churchill is because he wrote honestly about Islam.
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What Muslims do when following Islam: kill Americans, apostates, blasphemers, disbelievers, and Jews.

What Muslims do when translating taqiyya into action: make a public show of raising funds to repair the graves.

I'd rather live.
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Heraclitusstudent says
postgame remarks about the officiating crew: “We had a chance late, with 16 down, and they rape us...."

If he had stood by the accusation instead of apologizing, he could have turned to the #BelieveSurvivors movement to have the entire officiating crew arrested, prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced.
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Firefox, StartPage (formerly ixquick).

If anyone develops a phone OS not dependent on JavaScript, please let me know.
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CBOEtrader says
I have clients who bring multiple discount programs in and ask the pharmacist which will result in the lowest price.

Nor sure why this bill is needed

In some states, the pharmacist can be fired for answering honestly, because an honest answer would violate the gag deal between the pharmacy and the insurer/PBM. With this law, the pharmacist can answer honestly without risking retaliation.
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NuttBoxer says
France should take a chapter from their former colonial nation, Senegal. Majority Muslim population, none of the nonsense.


Like most countries with Muslim majorities, most Muslims in Senegal demand Sharia. So, if you were to say something like, "Christianity is just as good as Islam," you would become a criminal just for saying that. The Sharia punishment is the death penalty, although Senegal suspended capital punishment some years ago (probably as part of a French aid package). As long as the French continue enabling the current government with "aid", they would send you to prison instead of killing you.

Also, if France became a copy of Senegal (and France is moving in that direction), the French might look forward to other typical Muslim numbers. Life expectancy is around 60. Literacy is below 60%. Poverty is also widespread, leaving Senegal dependent on French "aid".

Islam causes Islamic dysfunction. There is nothing else like it. Once you have an Islamic majority, you can no longer have a real democracy in the sense that western secular liberals understand that term. Once they prohibit blasphemy, they cannot handle free speech, nor even a cartoon. If the government does not execute you for blasphemy, vigilante Sharia patrols form to do the job, murdering blasphemers in broad daylight with no consequences. Senegal is already beginning to see that dynamic forming, including recent convictions of Senegalese jihadists reaching out to Boko Haram.

You can dislike me for proving you wrong again, but I encourage you to visit Senegal and tell the locals that Christianity is just as good (or bad) as Islam. Please bring your pit bull as a "support animal", especially if you plan on showing them a cartoon. As an added bonus, you won't need to buy a return ticket.

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@zzyzzx you might want to correct the OP headline to show that Marseille is 20% Muslim, not 40%.

curious2 says
The article says 40% "of those under 18 were of foreign descent." Marseille is ~20% Muslim.

20% Muslim is actually critical mass for Islam. Once the Muslim population of a jurisdiction exceeds 20%, the situation deteriorates and there is no way of stopping it without force.
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NuttBoxer says
The Muslims in Senegal are Sunni, a minority in most Muslim countries.

Your ignorance continues to astound. 80% of Muslims are Sunni. Most Muslims are Sunni in all Muslim countries other than Iran and Iraq.

NuttBoxer says
that fuels it's balanced view

Please learn the difference between its and it's, after you learn the distribution of Sunni Islam.

NuttBoxer says
How do you reconcile that with the Sharia [data] from PEW?

If you want to have any credibility, you might also learn to stop using profanity, but I can see you are angry. Perhaps IRL, when you are angry being proven wrong, you use profanity and your pit bull to 'persuade' people not to argue further. It doesn't work here. Try learning. Make fewer mistakes, and you will not suffer so much cognitive dissonance. If you insist on a flat earth, and people prove you wrong, you have a choice: (a) learn that the earth is round and the pain of cognitive dissonance goes away, or (b) curse and shout and get a pit bull so that people don't dare prove you wrong. The latter is basically the Islamic way, prohibiting blasphemy as a capital offense. I can see why you prefer it, since you pride yourself on being a "nuttboxer", but it is a mistake. Sooner or later you get to a forum where your obviously wrong opinions and misstatements of fact can be disproved, and thus you end up boxing yourself.

NuttBoxer says
You're reply....

Please learn the difference between your and you're, after you learn the difference between its and it's.

NuttBoxer says
rather than examine the facts.

You are obviously the one who has failed to examine facts, or even grammar. You sound increasingly angry, and your proliferating errors are only further embarrassing you. If only your pit bull could lunge through a computer screen, you might have your usual chance of "winning" by silencing the disproof of your obviously wrong opinions and misstatements of fact. Of course, if you were in Senegal, you could be silenced from claiming that Christianity is just as good as Islam. Would that make you believe in the superiority of Islam?

NuttBoxer says
If this was the 50's you'd fit right in the red wave of fear.

Again you resort to the fallacy of associating unrelated things. Without digressing into the issues behind the cold war, I will at least encourage you to read John Walker. And here is a cartoon:

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Reality says
is the reason

No, the decisions to import Muslims and to tolerate Islam are the reasons. France survived for centuries with a smaller French population than it has now, and without getting taken over by Muslims. France survived plague without getting taken over by Muslims. A slowly falling population does not in itself pose any threat. Japan and China are not being taken over by Muslims.
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Reality says

The decision to import Muslims was the direct result of declining/insufficient French population.

No, the decision was de Gaulle's way of ending the war in Algeria. He turned over Algeria to terrorists and imported a huge number of Muslims, hoping to ingratiate France with Muslim countries that sell petroleum. It backfired of course.

Recent decisions to import even more Muslims result from Petrodollar corruption of NATO governments and media, e.g. via the Dassault Group and Islamic Cultural Center and its associated committees and councils.

The French could have imported Poles, Indian Hindus, or Latin American Christians, but France chose Muslims.

It is also false to call a smaller population "insufficient" when it proved plenty in the past. Japan and China are not exactly in "depression." Net increase in GDP is not a real measure of wealth. It matters only to the extent that pension obligations might depend on larger generations paying into a Ponzi scheme: the solution is to control spending and to avoid Ponzi schemes. Landlords tend to want a rising population to increase housing demand, but it isn't necessary for the country.

Muslim countries prove that population increase can correlate with poverty, and the transition from Christianity to Islam can result in actual depression and civil war (e.g. Lebanon).
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Heraclitusstudent says
How many examples of economies do we have that have stagnated without becoming conformist, sclerotic and eventually dying? How many organisms in nature stop growing and continue to do well for long?

Prior to birth control, populations grew until reduced by natural disaster (e.g. plague), famine, or war. Since birth control, population growth has become optional.

Trees don't grow to the sky; if they grew too tall, they would fall over and die. Trees in a forest don't multiply infinitely: they reach a balance with environmental constraints, e.g. the tree line on mountains. Evolution teaches them their limits.

Patrick says
Or if you're really paranoid (an maybe I am) you might see the mass import of distinctly foreign people as a way to break the solidarity of the population and thus make them easier to rule. Divide and conquer.

Hillary Clinton acknowledged that lethal terrorism is "clearly rooted in Islamic thinking," but she campaigned on importing more Muslims, and used Islamic terrorism as an argument to increase mass surveillance on everyone in order to detect who is about to commit Islamic terrorism. I watched her say it on CNN, and linked the transcript in the Islam thread. Recent changes to PatNet have broken the links and I can't edit old comments to fix them, and the Islam thread is too long to search efficiently, but old links to the original comment are still on PatNet.

Paranoia can result from loss of memory, which the Internet experiences as broken links. When people lose their memories, they can't distinguish between threats that they remember actually versus threats that are purely imaginary. If you follow that link and figure out how to fix it, you will see that she said what she said. Some clinically paranoid people imagine the government has put microchips in their heads; if Hillary had imported enough Muslims, there is no telling how much "surveillance" everyone would end up needing.
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In brief response to comments 42&43 about Islam and Senegal: Senegal prohibits blasphemy nationwide, as per Sharia, as per Islam. As in most countries that have Muslim majorities, most Muslims in Senegal demand Sharia, as per Islam. The population of Senegal exceeds 15 million, so no one person could ever meet a representative sample. Comments here show much of what "NuttBoxer" says about Islam is demonstrably wrong. When proven wrong, a willfully ignorant person (for example one who refuses to learn the difference between anecdotes and statistics), gets angry and tries to retaliate instead of learning. Examples include making false allegations including especially racism, and using profanity and name-calling:

NuttBoxer says
curious2 says
Of course, if you were in Senegal, you could be silenced from claiming that Christianity is just as good as Islam. Would that make you believe in the superiority of Islam?

Out of that entire post, this is the only point that you seem to have against my original post that Senegal gives us a view into how Islam doesn't automatically mean radicalism. And it's wrong. You don't understand the culture there, obviously, or you would never make such blanket, racist statements.

I'm not a Muslim apologist by any means, but I will react against the bullshit of you and others who seek to label an entire populace without ever knowing a Muslim yourself. You've never been to Senegal, and you don't know dick about Islam except that you hate it. If I don't bow to your brown fear I think independent, rational people will understand.

And it doesn't matter if it's McCarthyism, Terrorism, The War on Us, or Global Warming. You fear-mongers are all the same. Extreme in your view, without the slightest pause to understand your subject matter other than to hate and fear it, and everyone who doesn't cow-tow to your racist, elitist, superfluous bullshit.

NuttBoxer says
The fact that you try to pull in completely unrelated arguments from other threads, shows you don't have shit. You wanna cry about my whipping your ass over your bulldog fallacies, do it in the right thread, bitch.
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A recent comment reminded me of this thread. I had quoted empirical data proving that pit bull dogs are much more likely to kill or maim people, especially children, than any other type of dog. A pit bull lover reacted in his usual way, with profanity and falsely alleging racism. The data speak for themselves, and appear above as well as being linked in the comment below.

curious2 says
NuttBoxer says
Hitler.... you espouse eugenics....

Your bizarre exercise in projection, including invoking Hitler three times in one thread, shows cognitive dissonance on your part. You are the only one who defends a product of eugenics in this thread. You are the only one who invokes Hitler in this thread. You call yourself a "nuttboxer", but it is your own progeny who are endangered by your embrace of eugenics, and your efforts at trolling with your Hitler comments (three so far) only make you look worse. Your feeble attempt to point your eugenicist's finger at me shows only poor reasoning skills on your part, when the evidence is clear: you are the only one practicing eugenics, which you have literally bought and brought into your home.

curious2 says
NuttBoxer says
I guess you only need arguments that are skin deep.

The wounds on the hundreds of people mauled to death by pit bulls were much deeper than the skin. You espouse a product of eugenics that kills children and adults. The blood is on your hands, not mine. Your "arguments" are merely trolling, crying "Hitler" over and over again, and appealing to anecdotes and conjecture as if they could refute peer reviewed empirical data.
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"Four years after his daughter was mauled, father also bitten in pit bull attack
The father of a Delaware girl who nearly lost her arm in a 2014 pit bull attack was bitten by two pit bulls himself on Saturday and is undergoing a series of rabies shots.

"I just turned around, and they just were on me," Todd Ruckle said in a video recorded from the hospital and posted on Facebook. "One was on my leg, and the other one came up to my face and got my lip, but that's not bad. My leg's the really bad one."

His daughter Emily Ruckle was mauled by a pit bull named Frank while at the family's home in Newark. It was four years ago, this month. At the time, she was 8 years old.
In the first 12 hours after the attack, Emily essentially bled out four times. She underwent more than two years of surgeries and rehab to restore function to her arm. After a final surgery in 2016, she regained some of the function in her right hand.
After his daughter was attacked in 2014, Ruckle advocated for stronger animal control laws such as mandatory insurance for dog owners. The family received letters from pit bull advocates, wife Maria told The News Journal. One wrote that her daughter should have been shot instead of the dog.
In March, Wilmington resident Diane Olin White also had a run in with a pit bull. She was walking her two dogs – Stella, a brown 50-pound boxer mix, and Darcy, a white 17-pound poodle and Jack Russell mix, when they were attacked by a stray.

Stella suffered puncture wounds and survived, but it was too late for Darcy.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
find a $30k+ job for each and everyone within 90 days of their award."

The cynicism of academe is boundless: law schools have begun hiring new grads for temporary jobs in order to say that all new grads are employed within x days of graduation. After that number of days, the "job" ends.

The only solution is for government to stop subsidizing and guaranteeing student loans, with the possible exception of a few specific fields that are in peak demand (e.g. nursing, software engineering). Even in those fields, repayment should be limited to a % of income for a specific period of years. Obama tried to reduce the problem but the for-profit "universities" beat him, and besides the "non-profits" are often no better. There should never be any subsidy or loan guarantee to get a degree that is already in surplus, e.g. film studies. If a school can't collect its loans from the earnings of the graduates/victims, then let it go out of business.

Government and parents have bid up the price of university education to such an extent that it is almost as overpriced as the medical sector. No one insists on any tangible value.
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Deficits are the one thing both major parties appear to agree on. Two Presidents in a row, of ostensibly opposite parties, have each doubled the national debt. We have seen every possible combination of government (Republican Congress and White House, Democratic Congress and White House, and divisions), and the result is always more deficits.

Trade deficits function similarly. People want stuff built cheaply, but they don't want to build cheaply. So, they import, expecting someone will pay, eventually.

The republic careens towards bankruptcy. The current president has not solved the problem. He campaigned on paying off the debt "at a discount," i.e. monetizing, but I think that would be a bad idea.

The function of TDS is to prevent people from discussing the merits of different policies. Most can't separate the policy itself from the person proposing it. Monetizing debt goes back thousands of years. It isn't a new idea, it isn't a good idea, and its merits have nothing to do with who happens to propose it at each generation. There is always someone. The policy itself creates similar problems regardless of who proposes it.
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curious2 says
People want stuff, but they don't want to build it.

You sure people don't want these (now offshored) jobs?

You're right, I should phrase more precisely: people want cheaply built stuff, but they don't want to build cheaply. They choose a TV based on advertising, appearance, features, specifications, and cost. That latter variable, cost, depends partly on how much the factory workers are paid. If you want the low cost, you end up buying the TV made with low wages, and if market buyers choose overwhelmingly to do the same thing, then Curtis Mathes goes BK.
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tatupu70 says
Following the rules is everyone's business!

Comment in a thread about the rules, or the flag feature. This thread is about the deficit, not your LeonDurham/tatupu70/JoeyJoeJoeJr trolling (five comments already, none of them about the OP).

As for the debate occurring regarding the deficit, i.e. the topic that is getting buried, this would be a good time to point out Warren Buffett's parable of Thriftville vs Squanderville. Deficit spending by whatever name ("stimulus" seems popular lately) produces deficits in Squanderville (where things are consumed) and surplus in Thriftville (where things are made).

The W and Trump tax shifts (mislabeled "cuts," but they were not really cuts because that would require cutting spending) had the effect of increasing the net income of people who had already high net incomes. Prospective Corvette buyers bought Ferraris. Prospective Cadillac buyers bought Bentleys. GM went BK.
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"We can't find janitors to work for $15+ an hour with benefits because no janitor can afford to live within a 1-2 hour commute of our building," said Kennedy, the owner of Panoramic Interests, a real estate firm that builds affordable housing options in the Bay Area.

The Bay Area's tech boom famously created an influx of companies, workers and jobs, but in 2012, it ignited a housing crisis that's made it difficult for many people, especially those in minimum wage or entry-level jobs, to live nearby.

The article is wrong. The zoning and planning restrictions that prevent the construction of sufficient housing are hurting the economy. Tech gets blamed, but the restrictions go back decades, long before FB and GOOG were even founded. The solution is to build more housing. If you could somehow get rid of tech, that would really hurt the economy, and it would not even solve the housing problem.
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Quigley says
A LOT of the “Trump supporter hate crimes” were committed by their “victims.”

The most numerous were the 2017 anti-semitism hoaxes. Democrats had built up a whole hallucination of Trump as nuclear Hitler. A wave of anti-semitism hoaxes began around the time he took office. MSM blamed him for the alleged rise in anti-semitism, and demanded to know what he was going to do about it. He said, accurately, that a lot of it was false flag fake news. MSM went berserk, accusing him of denialism, etc. Investigations and convictions proved him right.

Another example:

"Andrew King, 54, appeared in City Court and pleaded guilty to misdemeanor falsely reporting an incident in connection with the Feb. 10 incident at King's Chiswell Road home.

He admitted he spray-painted swastikas on his own home and then falsely reported to city police that an unknown person painted the offensive symbols there, Schenectady County District Attorney's Office officials said.

In return for his plea, King is to receive three years of probation. He earlier spent about nine days in custody, held on $500 bail.

"A falsely reported hate crime is, in one sense, as bad as a real crime," Schenectady County District Attorney Robert Carney said in a prepared statement. "It stigmatizes a group of people, increases fear and tensions and could encourage real copycat crimes.

"Mr. King put our community on edge in perpetrating this hoax, and we hope that this disposition will provide him some needed supervision and assistance," Carney said.

IRL, I have friends who are really suffering from TDS. It is a chronic paranoia. They see a false report and it stokes their fear. By the time that false report gets disproved, they have already found something else to maintain their fear. They are suffering terrible stress, because of the hallucination.

It reminds me of Islam and the Pakistani obsession with blasphemers. Millions of Pakistanis are terribly afraid that the dead charlatan Mohamad and his mythical Allah will punish them if they don't execute blasphemers as per Sharia. Fear and loathing go together: they loathe blasphemers, partly for making them feel afraid, and partly for reasons Dan explained. Delusion does terrible things to people, with too often lethal consequences.
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Patrick says
WillPowers says
They were quiet when Alex Jones was banned from Facebook, YouTube and Spotify.

Exactly. Where was the ACLU then?

He wasn't censored by government, so he's outside the ACLU focus on censorship by government.

Universities get public funding, which brings them within the ACLU focus. The issue of 'free speech' vs 'hostile environment' on campus goes to the balance between the 1st Amendment and the 14th. ACLU used to side resolutely with the 1st Amendment. The culture has shifted, so now the balance has shifted. Smart people have disagreed sincerely because they have different priorities. The ACLU seems unfortunately to have gone in the opposite direction from what history would suggest. Back when certain minorities were facing actual persecution and legal discrimination, 'hate speech' seemed part of that action, closely connected to actual crimes, and yet the ACLU defended it. People needed help, and sought help, and the ACLU was perceived as not helping. Now, when the actual persecution and legal discrimination have ended, ACLU seems to be shifting its position and offering the requested help only now that that help is no longer needed. It is ironic, probably an error, but I think it helps to understand the history and sincerity of smart people on all sides.

I think the most blatant error by the ACLU is the recent commitment to spreading Islamic Hijrah via IRAP, which is a catastrophe.
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tovarichpeter says
Millions of Americans are hostage to their....

captors in the revenue maximizing medical industrial complex, and have developed Stockholm syndrome to such an extent that they can only demand more subsidies for the entrenched industry players that victimize them. The same administration that signed Obamneycare, promising infinite subsidies ("no lifetime caps!"), signed "sequestration" to reduce medical research, thus thwarting potentially disruptive innovation that might have freed the hostages. As long as you can be chronically monetized, whole careers depend on ensuring there will be no cure for whatever ails you.
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WookieMan says
No interest in calling out users here since it's against the rules....

PatNet used to have an "alias" identifier that could show some instances of the same user deploying multiple names. Different users change their names for different reasons, so I don't assume listing those names would necessarily be "against the rules" because you aren't really saying anything about them other than they are the same person.

For example, thunderlips11 = 2scoops (variations include McGee, SpaceForce), changes names apparently as a topical joke, refreshing the social media presence to keep up with the news. There is always only one name at any given time. Life would be simpler if each user stuck to one name, but whatever.

LeonDurham = JoeyJoeJoeJr = tatupu70

marcus = "humanity"

I have an opinion about why the latter two users deploy multiple screen names at the same time, but I will refrain from discussing it.
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Candidate Donald Trump said, "I would take the oil — and stop this baby stuff...I’m only interested in Libya if we take the oil. If we don’t take the oil, I’m not interested." He said of Iraq, "we take the oil.

We can see in this thread what the Saudis would do to us if we had something they wanted and they had the weapons. Why do we send them money? Western notions of property rights (which they would not respect if the roles were reversed) and Petrodollar hypnosis via NATO MSM and weapons contracts. It is not rational for us to send money to people who hate us and plot our murder.

Winston Churchill wrote: "But the Mahommedan religion increases, instead of lessening, the fury of intolerance. It was originally propagated by the sword, and ever since its votaries have been subject, above the people of all other creeds, to this form of madness. In a moment the fruits of patient toil, the prospects of material prosperity, the fear of death itself, are flung aside. The more emotional Pathans are powerless to resist. All rational considerations are forgotten. Seizing their weapons, they become Ghazis—as danger­ous and as sensible as mad dogs: fit only to be treated as such. While the more generous spirits among the tribesmen become convulsed in an ecstasy of religious blood­thirstiness, poorer and more material souls derive additional impulses from the influence of others, the hopes of plunder and the joy of fighting. Thus whole nations are roused to arms. Thus the Turks repel their enemies, the Arabs of the Soudan break the British squares, and the rising on the Indian frontier spreads far and wide. In each case civilisation is confronted with militant Mahommedanism. The forces of progress clash with those of reaction. The religion of blood and war is face to face with that of peace. Luckily the religion of peace is usually the better armed.
—The Story of the Malakand Field Force (1898)"

If you doubt Churchill, look how Muslims react to a cartoon: murders, mass riots in support of the murderers, and the whole country of Niger had to place all French people under essentially house arrest for their own protection from marauding Muslims who would otherwise murder them. This is no joke. The cartoons are funny, but Islam gives license (even command) to violent murder. In the resulting culture, life is cheap, and torture becomes common because ordinary execution would be too mundane.

The Housing Trap
You're being set up to spend your life paying off a debt you don't need to take on, for a house that costs far more than it should. The conspirators are all around you, smiling to lure you in, carefully choosing their words and watching your reactions as they push your buttons, anxiously waiting for the moment when you sign the papers that will trap you and guarantee their payoff. Don't be just another victim of the housing market. Use this book to defend your freedom and defeat their schemes. You can win the game, but first you have to learn how to play it.
115 pages, $12.50

Kindle version available

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